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Process Paper After contemplating our options, our group decided to base our research and topic around

the effects of the Communist Manifesto on the 1917 Russian Revolution. We were mainly looking for a subject that would have influence over many nations and powers. We focused on revolutions and revolts began by the working class, or the common people, and the Russian Revolution seemed the most attractive amongst the others. After looking into the history of the event, we decided that a more specific and relevant topic would be the Communist Manifesto, which had effectively inspired most of the ideals set in place by Lenin after the revolution. The group decided that this subject would be very interesting to write about and to research on. Once we decided on our subject, our group met several times at a local library where we read several books to help us understand the topic fully and be able to write about it an educated fashion. After some brief research, we decided which subjects we would focus and write on. Our group searched the Internet for credible sources that could be used when writing about these events and people that we had previously decided to include in our website. Although there were many authors eager to analyze the revolution, the majority of the primary sources related to the event are located in Russia. This made it implausible for us to be able to draw from such resources, so we made the best of what we had. Kiwon also worked on making the banners as interesting and complementary to the writing as he could and included several pictures that he found by using Google search engine. When we first formed our group, it became obvious which category was best suited for us. Marc and Denny had both made it to the County level in the website division, and Marc had been named as the alternate for the state competition. Kiwon had experience with flash, which could be used to give life to our writing and make it a immersing and intriguing way of delivering our information. We all unanimously decided on the idea of using a website in presenting our project which would allow us to combine our ideas and innovations into one clean and vibrant website. Our project, based on the Communist Manifesto, is relevant to this year s NHD theme because it invoked revolutionary ideas, based on its theoretical Utopia it hoped to reach. Radically different from many other philosophies followed by other countries at the time, these axioms on which Communism was based upon incited many poorly treated commoners. This led to violent reactions by the people, such as the Russian Revolution, which overthrew Czar Nicholas and set the Bolshevik Party on his throne. The Soviet Union put these theories into practice, reforming their current government to fit the necessary conditions to cultivate the society dreamed of by Marx and Engels.