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Muslim States urged to stand with Pakistan. Lahore, Dec.

5 (APP) : The chief of the Jammat-e-Islami, Maulana Syed Abul Aala Maudoodi, has appealed to the heads of 21 Muslim states to stand with Pakistan in this hour of great trial while fighting naked Indian aggression on East and West Pakistan borders. In a telegram sent to the Muslim leaders the Maulana accused some world powers for not exerting influence to make India see reason. The Maulana also condemned Russia, Israel and the world Jewry for siding with India in her aggression on Pakistan. Maulana Maudoodi said India has been attacking East Pakistan in essantly since 22nd November, Pakistan tried her best to avoid war and waited international comity of nations in general and world powers particularly in the interest of peace. But none exerted its influence. To made India see reason. Now she has shamelessly attacked West Pakistan also and Pakistan had no choice but to declare war on her. `I appeal in the name of Islam and Justice to your Majesty, Excellency to stand with Pakistan in this hour of great trial. India is a big power a population of 550 million and huge military strength. Further, she is being helped by Russia, Israel and world Jewry. Pakistan is a bulwark for the whole world of Islam against this rising Hindu imperialism. Strengthening this balwark is really the protection of' all Muslim countries. Mian Tufil Muhammad, acting chief. Jamaate- Islami Pakistan, has sent the following telegram to President Yahya Khan, general Abdul Hamid, Chief' of Pakistan Army, Air Marshal A. Rahim, chief of Pakistan Air Force, Muzaffar Hassan, Vice-Admiral, Pakistan Navy. `Entire nation is highly proud of the magnificent performance of our armed forces and I congratulate you and the valiant troops under you able command. `We assure you that the whole nation stands behind you like a solid rock and will Inshallah spare no sacrifice in extending fullest cooperation to our galant soldiers, sailors and airmen in meting out a final and crushing defeat to our arch enemy of Islam. Allah is with us.