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Tamika Joi Roland

27286 Pyeatt Lane Conroe, Texas 77385 (832) 561-4937 (cell) tamikaroland01@gmail.com OBJECTIVE: TO WORK WITH A WORLD CLASS INNOVATIVE PROJECT MANAGEMENT TEAM My career objective is to use the skills I have acquired in information technology & project management to enhance the overall effectiveness of any organization. I will apply the nine knowledge areas of project management to bring success to my team on all projects that I am placed on. I have documented my growth in Project Management on my web page at www.TamikaRoland.com for all to view. SKILLS and BEST TRAIT: PROBLEM SOLVING AND GROUP DYNAMICS I enjoy working in a cross-functional team environment to ensure the success of my projects. My specialized skill set will allow me to help others with their computer and networking issues. I have a natural ability to recognize recurring problems and I actively promote people into participating in groups to find solutions. My personality naturally draws others into the process and often I become a vital team asset that brings people together. I think out of the box. EDUCATION

March 2010 Completed my Associate of Applied Science Degree with Honors March 2012 Completed my Bachelors of Science Degree ITT School of Technology 2008 to 2010 SKILLS LAN WAN technology and service integration. Linux system administration, Structured Cabling Computer Network Systems, Database development Information Technology Assembly - computers, components, memory, motherboards, rams etc. All Microsoft desktop operating system ITT School of Technology 2010 to Present SKILLS Project Integration Management Project Scope Management Project Time Management

Project Cost Management Project Documentation Management Virtual Team Management

Project Risk Management Project Quality Management Project Human Resources


Degree received 1998 Graduated #2 in class of over 100.

EXPERIENCE 2003 to Present While working at home doing odd tasks, I focused on being the primary educator to home school a Special Needs Learning Disabled Child. I taught this child how to read, write, accomplish basic math, and how to interact with other children. This child at age nine was performing at an age four level. After years of one-on-one tutoring he is now mainstreamed in public school and performs at his current age level of 18 in the majority of his classes. Additionally he had autistic tendencies and with my personality has helped him come out of his shell and he now successfully interacts with his classmates. My ability to manage the frustrations of dealing with a learning disabled child has helped me develop very good communication skills and an appreciation that not everyone learns in the same way or at the same rate. That will be a much-needed skill when working with others to resolve their particular problems. 2000 to 2003 Worked as a receptionist/office manager at KKW a commercial collection agency Help set a positive first impression of the company Implement schedules Social network to help find new clients Handle office finances

1998 to 2000 Various Jobs:

In my late teenage years and during my early twenties I had several jobs where I:

Served as a warehouse salesman at a garden supply store Worked as a receptionist, several restaurant positions, hostess, bar tender, waitress etc. Worked as a nanny for families with multiple children Served as a document runner for real estate companies