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I: STRATEGY AND TACTICS OF THE PROLETARIAN REVOLUTION STRATEGY AND TACTICS OF THE PROLETARIAN REVOLUTION Wihent Preyoek ® INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHERS NEW YORK NOTE This volume is one of a series of “Readings in Leninism.” Each book consists of a collection of articles and extracts— taken almost exclusively from the works of Marx, Engels, Tenin and Stalin—dealing with a basic question of Leninist eory. The key passages included in these volumes are not designed to serve as a substitute for reading the fundamental works of Marxism-Leninism in their entirety. The purpose of the series is to assemble, within the covers of a single book, pertinent ex- cerpts dealing with a specific problem of primary importance, such as the theory of the proletarian revolution, the dictator- ship of the proletariat, strategy and tactics of the proletarian revolution, the national and agrarian questions, etc. Systematically compiled and arranged by V. Bystryansky and M. Mishin, this material should be extremely helpful as a guide to individual or group study of the fundamental prin- ciples of Leninism. The present volume analyzes the nature of Bolshevik strategy and tactics and contrasts it with the program and measures of reformist leadership. Copyright, 1996 INTERNATIONAL PusuisHeERS Co., Inc. Printed in the U.S.A. Union labor throughout