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THE MARVIN LECTURES Ne Issued by The Educational Committee of the American Coalition INTRODUCTION This series of lectures was prepared by Mr. Fred R. Marvin and originally delivered to a group of New York City women under the auspices of Mrs. Finley J. Shepard, at the Army and Navy Club during the winter of 1929-30; later to a group of men un- der the auspices of a local Chapter of the National Sojourners at the McAlpin Hotel. As each lecture was printed in mimeograph form, the series was supplied to a number of citizens residing in different parts of the United States. ‘As members of both groups urged a system be devised to extend the information therein contained, The American Coalition estab- lished an Educational Committee with Mrs. Finley J. Shepard, of New York City, Chairman, and Judge Josiah A. Van Orsdel, Associate Justice District Court of Appeals, Washington, D. C., Vice-Chairman. To the original number of twelve lectures, three have been added. All have been revised and brought up to date by Mr. Marvin and then submitted, for correction and approval, to the members of the Editorial Board of this Committee. These lectures—or lessons, since they are now being put out in a correspondence form through Study Clubs—are designed to ex- pose the economic, social and political fallacies of Socialism which are commonly designated under a variety of names such as “Communism,” ‘Liberalism,’ “Internationalism,” “Pacifism,” “Atheism,” etc. These lectures do not pretend to exhaustively cover the subject but instead are designed to furnish a basis for additional study and reading, or for quick reference for writers and speakers. 1 In presenting these lectures to Study Clubs, the Educational Committee of The American Coalition believes it is doing a service to every loyal American citizen, and it asks the hearty and whole- souled co-operation of all who join such clubs. The American people are sound and still intensely loyal. That they have been, and are being, deceived by alien agencies and forces there is no doubt. By knowledge only can we, as a people, destroy these agencies and forces. These lectures, we believe, will materially aid in making clear certain essential facts. This Committee operates on the assumption that every person joining a Study Club and subscribing to these lectures, is animated by a spirit of national loyalty and patriotism as we understand and interpret those terms. The lectures are for the individual use of members in their efforts to develop in others the same spirit of national loyalty and patriotism which is the sole foundation of national safety. When so used citations may be made with or with- out credit but any persons obtaining possession of these lectures for any other purpose, and using them in pursuance of a different end than that for which they have been written, will be subject to all the penalties of the laws governing copyright. Educational Committee: Chairman, Mrs. Finley J. Shepard, New York City; Vice Chairman, Hon. Josiah A. Van Orsdel, Associate Justice District Court of Appeals, Washington, D. C. Members Editorial Board: Mrs. Frank D. Callan, State President (New York) United States Daughters of 1812; 2