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| | ~ FRTNG THERES TOGETHER : = t Ve 2 et WOMB. TO © ? np . 2s ~ THENEW MANAGED ECONOMY ucation7Health / Labor ANITA HOGE ANITA HOGE DOCUMENTS... THE SCHOOL OF TOMORROW : "Womb to Tomb" A New Managed Economy A "PRESCRIPTION FOR AMERICA" LINKING EDUCATION AND NATIONAL HEALTH CARE REFORM TO THE NEW WORKFORCE OF THE FUTURE. A Question and Answer Format / Presenting Documents as Evidence Gives new definition for family Highlights how government will use the schools to create human capital Focuses on why OBE was needed to identify individuals for tracking purposes Exposes the use of technology to monitor, track, and remediate children toward political correctness Focuses on the electronic portfolio which will include entire medical histories as well as psychological dossiers Relates the "players" in the telecommunications business merging data between education, hospitals, employers, and emergency management systems Presents the link to National Health Care reform-medicaid for all not meeting OBE outcomes Aligns cradle to grave plans in community based health care centers that used to be neighborhood schools To Order with Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or Discover, Call 1-800-886-8852 $15.95 + $3.00 shipping & handling, Send Check Or Money To: SRSA, Inc. 143 Passage Way, Easley, SC 29642 yyy rVVY Pov rOD VD yO VI. VI. VL IX. XL XII. WOMB TO TOMB "THE MANAGED ECONOMY" TABLE OF CONTENTS How will the government measure the attitudes and values of its citizens? The point of origination... Pennsylvania. page 1 California uses Pennsylvania Goals as a blueprint...A planned society through management by objectives... page 18 Oregon uses Pennsylvania assessment frameworks... page 24 Why is the government collecting personal and sensitive information on its citizens?... ..-page 32 How will the global workforce be achieve: page 43 How will data be reported?...... page 49 How does technology fit into this national agenda?...... page 60 How will personal development of individual children be changed by computer?. : page 86 Must every child be placed on the computer and be identified?... page 94 When did this technology of tracking individuals begin? page 104 How will the government monitor and track individuals to see if they are meeting the national goals?.. ..page 115 Which states are in the forefront ee the ExPRESS (electronic portfolios)?........- oe pane 131