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NAME------------------------------------------------------- GRADE------------------ DATE---------------------VERB TO BE

1. She ______ from France. am is are 2. ______ you happy? Am Is Are 3. ______ Mr. Jones a teacher? Am Is Are 4. You ______ not in my class. am is are 5. The dogs ______ in the yard. am is are 6. ______ I in your seat? Am Is Are

7. Dave and Jane ______ in the kitchen. am is are 8. Who ______ in the living room? am is are 9. How many people ______ in your class? am is are 10. Amir and I ______ in the same class. am is are 11. You and Tomas ______ right. am is are 12. Where ______ I? am is are 13. This ______ an Apple. am is are

14. These ______ apples. am is are 15. The baby ______ cute! am is are

are you? I

seven years old. old?

Is your friend seven How old

, he isn't. He

six years old

your mother? She is 35 years , I am. is.

you seven years old?

Is Sally four years old? Yes,

old is Brian?

is ten years old.

Put am/is/are: 1. I

a student. beautiful. they teachers?

2. She 4.

5. The cat 6. Ann 7. 8.

my pet. my best friend. he late?

they sisters. friends. it raining. writing.

9. We 10. 11. I

12. My mother 13.

a doctor.

you John?

14. My grandfather 14. My dog

sleeping. playing.

15. Monika and Ann 16. We 17. He


at school. singing.

18. The monkey 19.


you happy?

20. The boys