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PE 1827 All day - PRACTICAL Drama 5DR03 All day Music: 5MU03 1h30 French: (Reading) 46552H/F 50m/30m Biology: BLY2H/F 45m Resit Biology: BLY3H/F 45m English Literature 1: 47101H/F 1h30 (Prose)

X2 days during W/B Mon 30 Apr Fri 4 May Mon 14 May Tue 15 May Wed 16 May Thur 17 May Fri 18 May Mon 21 May Tue 22 May Wed 23 May Thur 24 May Fri 25 May Mon 28 May Tue 29 May Wed 30 May Thur 31 May Fri 1 June

PM 1:00pm
PE 1827 All day - PRACTICAL Drama 5DR03 All day French: (Listening) 46551H/F 45m/35m R.S: (Pers on World Rel) B589 1h R.S: (Ethics) B603 1h Design Tech: FOOD 45451 2h Spanish: (Listening) 46951H/F 45m/35m P.E: 5PE01 1h30 Turkish: A844 (Writing) 1h Persian: A824 (Writing) 1h English Literature 2: 47102H/F 1h15 (Poetry) Spanish: (Reading) 46952H/F 50m/30m Dance: 42301 1h Bengali: 46351 (Listening) 45m Physics: PHY2H/F 45m Triple Physics: PHY3H/F 45m Add Applied Science: AASC2H/F 1h R.S: (Islam 1) B577 1h R.S: (Islam 2) B578 1h Bengali: 46352/4 (Reading & Writing) 1h50

Chemistry: CHY2H/F 45m Resit Triple Chemistry: CHY3H/F 45m Turkish: A841(Listening) 50m Persian: A821 (Listening) 50m Italian: 46301 (Listening) 45m English Language: ENG1H/F 2h15 (Non-fiction) Turkish: A843(Reading) 1h Persian: A823 (Reading) 1h Italian: 46302 (Reading) 50m

Y10 Biology: BL1FPH/F 1h (also BLY1F/H resit) Resit Mathematics: 5MB2H/F 1h15 (non-calc) Geography: 5GB1H/F 1h (Dynamic Planet) History: 5HB01/1A 1h15 (Medicine & Treatment) Geography: 5GB2H/F 1h (People & Planet) Sociology: B671 1h Sociology: B672 1h30 Greek 5GK03 (Writing) 1h Y10 Physics: PH1FPH/F 1h (also PHY1F/H resit) Geography: 5GB3H/F 1h (Geographical Decisions) Sociology: B673 1h

Mon 11 June Tue 12 June Wed 13 June Thur 14 June Fri 15 June Mon 18 June Tue 19 June Wed 20 June Thur 21 June Fri 22 June Mon 25 June Tue 26 June Wed 27 June

Y10 Mathematics: 5MB1H/F 1h15 (calc) History: 5HB03/3A 1h15 (surgery) Greek: 5GK01/2 (Listening & Reading) 1h45 Y10 Chemistry: CH1FPH/F 1h (also CHY1F/H resit) Mathematics: 5MB3H/F 1h45/1h30 (calc)

History: 5HB02/2C 1h15 (Life in Germany) Design Tech: TEXTILES 45701 2h

Art Exam: Mon 26th March up to and including Thur 29th March 2012 Kjdsf Language Orals: TBA with your language teacher

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