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Logan Christiansen English 102-106 Mr.

Neuburger 7 March 2012 Response to A Film Unfinished Right to Life In A Film Unfinished the aspect that most stuck out to me was the way the Jews no longer had a right to live under the Nazis reign. Everyone, no matter their race or religion, has the right to enjoy their life and try to live it to the fullest. When the Jews initially get to the ghettos they try to live life normally but it is apparent that it is virtually impossible under the conditions they are given. Hunger and starvation are the norm. Until one knows true hunger, one cannot know the true debilitating affect it has on its victims. In A Film Unfinished children walk around as if they are old men. And old men lie on the sidewalk waiting for death. These are not human conditions. The Jewish people, in general, thought the ghettos were a temporary situation. It became clear that it was not after the Final Solution was decided upon. The Nazis never had any intention of letting them out of these cramped and inhuman spaces alive. Their lives to them were less than nothing. Although it became clear they were not going to come out of the Ghettos, the Germans on the outside were starting to wonder where all the Jews had gone. This is why A Film Unfinished was started. It showed that the Jews were safely tucked away in their own living communities. They were living just as they had always been.

The propaganda showed rich people enjoying every aspect of their life, still, and children who could not get up. The Jews, according to this film, were still as greedy as ever. They showed this by letting their own starve in front of their eyes. In reality, very few could afford any meat at all, much less enough to feed every starving victim they came upon. The Nazis were determined to ruin the Jews in every way. They took away their dignity, respect, and finally their lives.