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The WrightMatch A


fter retiring from the civil service, lifetime aviation enthusiast Richard Dedham decided he wanted a companion. He contacted the APA (Animal Protective Association) to inquire about adopting a mature Applehead Siamese. They wrote back that they had two brothers named Orville and Wilbur; Richard knew this pair was meant for him. They were very shy when I got them. I brought them in and they immediately went under the bed, says Richard. But through tender patience and feeding them super premium food, Richard claims they are now big, healthy cats that love to play all the time. After a year of playing together, Richard noticed that he and his little Wright brothers had a shared aviation interest. I have a little den where Ive got quite a few airplane models, and theyve never knocked a thing over, he laughs. They do like to walk around the planes though. To Richard, sharing his passion with his cats is more than he expected, but the companionship is exactly what he was hoping for. Its just the three of us here; theyre my little companions. I love them both.

Richard Dedham and Orville and Wilbur, Applehead Siamese


Richard gives us the freedom to be ourselves


Richard + Orville + Wilbur

Richard, Orville, and I are like airplane model pieceswe just fit

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