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 Henri Nestl established Nestl in 1867 in Switzerland (Vevey )  Nestl is a Swiss-German word which means Little Nest which is its trademark  Nestl is the worlds number one food company  5th largest company of the world according to its turn over  2 million 31 thousand people employed from all over the world  Present in 81 countries of the globe having 522 factories  Over 700 products renovated or innovated in the past five years, with wellness in mind

Nestle Milkpak Ltd.

 The Milkpak Sheikhupura factory had commenced operations in 1981 as a producer of UHT milk  By 1988, it had expanded its operation and was also producing butter, cream, Desi ghee all under the brand name of MILKPAK and juice drinks under the brand name FROST  As a consequence of joint venture arrangement between Nestle S.A. of Switzerland and Milkpak Ltd. In 1988, the existing production facility of Milkpak in Sheikhupura became a part of Nestle Milkpak

     Cerelac UHT milk  Nescafe Butter Milk pak cream  Maggi etc. Desi ghee

 Milk  Plastic  Bottels

Supply chain

Step 4

Supply chain

Farmer s milks buffallo

Nestle village milk centre (500)

Milk poured in aluminium churns

Milk reception and cooling center (27)

Milk reception and cooling center (1308)

Nestle sheikhpura factory

Nestle kabirwala factory

Nestle factory

Nestle warehouse

Nestle wholesalers and Retailers

Nestle milkpak customer