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You're way too sexy. Get out of here. No really... go! Let me see you flirt. Wow, now that was terrible. It actually made me go gay for a second. I’m not just a slab of Easy there, hardcore. hot young beefcake. I'm dainty. Be gentle. : Ooooh, Look! Bad Girl... The Next Go to My Room! American Idol You're off the island You’re such a dork. You would look so cute... with a Mowhawk! You guys are bad girls. I have to watch out for you. You look familiar. Have we had sex? ¢ I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but I’m sort of a big deal around here. I'm giving you a ticket OK, Brainiac Come here. I’ll let you stand next to me for a minute. You’re bad. You’re making me think impure thoughts. You’re a republican, aren’t you? You're getting me all emotional. I promised my friends I wouldn’t go home with anyone tonight.