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Pyle-Fields 1 Wendi Pyle-Fields Mr. Neuburger Eng.

Comp 101-130 18 March 2012 350+ Word Response A Film Unfinished What was the most visually striking to me about the film was the expression in the Jewish peoples eyes as they looked at the camera. In the crowded streets as they walked by, one would often stop to glare at the camera in an almost taunting but disgusted way. Others would simply walk past, ignoring what was going on. The ones where they would film a person up close, or when they would pan a group of people standing next to each other, every time the camera lingered on them and the person stared back, you could see the contempt, the revulsion, and the fear these people had in their eyes. You could tell they were a bit confused and scared; they didnt know what was going on but knew on a grander scale it was terrible. The starvation these people had to endure was deplorable, there were children, elderly, and middle aged that was begging on the sides of the streets. You could see their bones jutting from the skin; it almost looked like a bone would pop out from their flesh. When a person died, most families had to drag their corpses from their homes and leave them on the streets for the Germans to come and haul the corpses away. The Germans would then take them to a place where they would await for burial in a mass grave. They filmed the streets where garbage was piled high. There were often people that would scour through the mounds of trash to find any bit of scrap so they could take home to their families to eat. They showed several houses where some of the poorer people lived. Their floors

Pyle-Fields 2 were dirty and crowded. Most of the time the people, especially the children, didnt seem to be clothed properly. The clothing was threadbare in most places and tattered. I noticed that even the young girls seemed to have their heads shaved or the hair kept very short. I think they probably did this because there was probably an infestation of lice. The conditions the Jewish people had to endure were awful. No human being should of ever had to gone through that. Its despicable what the human race does to each other.