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GPS Reflection 1. Please provide a detailed summary describing the artifact and its purpose The This I Believe essay was an essay were we had to write an essay on what we believe. The purpose of this project was to be able to express your feelings on what you believe on. I wrote my essay on why I believe to always have faith in your parents. We had to upload our essay on the internet, and upload my This I believe project on the this I believe website. While I was doing my project I knew what I had to write. With my experiences my This I Believe project was easy for me. 2. Identify the list the GLPO(s) that were satisfied in completing this artifact. In addition please explain how these GLPO(s) were met by specifically referring to the examples or evidence from the artifact? The GLPOs that were satisfied in the This I Believe project were that we Communicated Ideas. We communicated ideas by sharing our ideas to our English teacher. We also communicated ideas by sharing ideas with my fellow classmates. We connected with each other by sharing our This I Believe project with each other, and helping with a few corrections. We collaborated across boundaries by sharing our essay over the internet. I collaborated across boundaries with my classmates by asking them for help on my This I Believe essay. The first day it was assigned I was already thinking of ways on how to make a good essay. 3. What skills and concepts were learned in completing this artifact and how have these affected your future? The skills I learned while working on my This I Believe project were that I learned how to express my writing in an essay. I also learned how to share my essay on the This I Believe essay website, and sharing my essay with different people from around the world. I even learned how to use Microsoft Word even more, and what I can use in Word to make my essay better. This will affect my future because I will know a lot of things on the computer, and it will be useful for college and finding jobs. This project will help me in the future by making me a better writer. It will also help me by being a better researcher. This project will also change my future by making me a better student. One concept I learned while completing my This I Believe essay is to express my ideas through my writing. 4. Looking back on the completion of this artifact what might you do differently if you were able to recreate or revise the final product?

David Espinoza Advisory Ms. Burnett

The things I would do differently to make my project better, is to revise it a lot of times until I know its good. I would check for spelling errors on my essay. I would ask a friend to revise my essay and give me some suggestions on how I can make my essay better. I would read more This I Believe essays on the internet to maybe get some ideas. I would ask my teacher for help. I would also try to make my essay longer.