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Step 10 Communicating Conclusions

Welcome A. Ravono.

Explain the results of the investigation and link them with the existing body of knowledge Studys real contribution cannot be judged unless conclusions are communicated

Culmination of the research process

Communicating the conclusions Interpreting the real meaning of findings Interpreting the implications of the findings Recognizing the studys possible limitations Suggesting direction for future lines of inquiry

1. Function communication with the audience

2. Points in writing reports:

- What the audience wants to know about the research - How information can be best presented

3. Format:
- Title & Authors name - Introduction- Information relating to: i. Statement of the problem ii. Purpose & Objectives of the study iii. Operational definitions of used terms iv. Significance of the problem v. Review of the literature

4. Methodology
- Specific approach - Tools/ Technique - Sample population - Selection, size, description - Place where data was collected

- Findings: i. Presentation of facts ( tables/graphs) ii. Presentation of similarities/differences

- Discussion:
i. Interpretation of data ii. Speculation of appropriate -

Summary/ Recommendation for:

i. Practice ii. Education iii. Future research/ studies