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Alberto S. Florentino is the author and playwright of the famed " The World is an Apple".

The themes that he usually tackles about deals with everyday scenarios of a commoner's life. He usually portrays the struggles of Filipinos. He was born on July 28, 1931. Florentino had his first taste probably during the time when his father, a teacher, was active on school activities such as directing plays, opted to get assistance from his son to do copies of the plays that he is directing. It is said that Florentino got his technique in playwrighting with the experiences he got due to the fact that while typing multiple copies of his father's plays, he needed to read the manuscript over and over again. As for his education, he attended U.S. Information Service and then at the University of the East. He also attended the University of the Philippines and the Far Eastern University. Alberto Florentino was 23 when, as an accounting student at the University of the East, he won a Palanca award for his play, "The World is an Apple." This success at his first serious attempt at playwriting made him abandon his accounting studies to become a writer. He has since written more than 50 plays for stage and more than 100 for television, besides having published seven collections of his own plays and more than 70 titles by other Filipino authors. He is today considered one of the foremost Filipino playwrights in English.