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Paritala Ravindra was one of the most adored lord of Rayalaseema region in Andhra Pradesh. He was elected as M.L.

A for five times from Penukonda constituency in Anantapur district. He was slain by his political rivals in 2005 because of a vandetta. He was one of the most controversial persons in the history of Andhra Pradesh politics. A 1998 report prepared by the Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee on Paritala Ravi, a former naxalite, says: "The entire district kneels down before him. Everyone is afraid of him. From 1994, even the political scenario (in Anantapur district) has undergone a change".

FAMILY BACKGROUND: Ravi's Father Paritala SriRamulu: Paritala Ravindra was born on 30-8-1957 in Venkatapuram village of Nasanakota panchayati (Ramagiri mandal, Penukonda constituency, Anantapur district).His father was SriRamulu (12-4-1935 to 29-05-1975). Even though his father was a landlord of 300 acres, he was inspired by the Marxist ideology. He donated most of his land to the poor. He also lead the poor and the oppressed (Boya, Kuruba, Eediga castes) in fighting for their rights over the land (sivaijaama Bhoomulu) occupied by landlords of kanaganapalli and chennekothapalli, namely Gangula Narayana Reddy and Sane Chenna Reddy. He managed to distr ibute around 600 acres of land belonging to these landlords and their supporters among the poor. He joined C.P.I(M.L) party in 1971. He became top most leader of the Naxal movement in Andhra Pradesh. He didnt kill anyone.(Refer to Eenadu News Paper(Anantap ur edition) dated 25-12005 and Sunday magazine of Eenadu newspaper dated 6-2-2005 for more information about beginning of vandetta and the land struggle). This land struggle turned into a vandetta and caste struggle when he was killed on 29-5-1975 by his own follower. This follower took money from Gangula and Sane. He was going to attend a marriage in Baksampalli. The bus stopped near Baksampalli cross. He stepped down from the bus and immediately he was killed by that person. Gangula Narayana Reddy and Sane Chenna Reddy were the conspirators. Ravi's younger brother Paritala Hari:Paritala Hari was younger brother of Paritala Ravi. He was born on 10-7-1960. After his father was killed by Gangula, he lead poor and oppressed. He joined Naxal movement in 1979. He managed to distribute some land ocupied by the

same landlords. He became a powerful Naxalite. He lead the Naxals in killng Saayanna. They (Naxals) never killed any children or women. On 28-11-1982 Hari was killed by the police inspector named Kabir in a fake encounter. Hari was there in his house in Venkatapuram. Police came to know this. They immediately went to Venkatapuram. Hari was not able to escape from the police, so he was hiding in the house all the doors closed. Police caught his sister and threatened Hari that they would rape his sister if he didnt come out of the house. So Hari finally came out of the house. He was taken to Nasanakota village which is 2 Km away from Venkatapuram. There he was shot by inspector Kabir infront of hundreds of villagers. Again Gangula Narayana Reddy, Gangula Narsanna, Sane Chenna Reddy were the conspirators. Early life of Ravi: As he lost his father and brother in the vandetta, he wanted to take safe shelter to protect his life from his family rivals. His family rivals were after him after killing his brother. Paritala Ravi once said that he walked barefoot for somedays during those days when he was trying to save his life from his rivals. He went to his mother's brother, Kondaiah, in SeerpiKottaala village of Uravakonda constituency to take shelter. Their he married Paritala Suneetha, his cousin in 1986. He took up cultivation at that time. He never was a naxalite. Many P.W.G leaders, Maoist party leaders, Virasam leader VaraVara Rao, Gaddar said this many times. He participated in the faction politics from 1991 and not before that. It is Congress propaganda that he was the conspirator in killing Gangula Narayana Reddy, Narsanna and Yaadi Reddy during 1982-83. On the contrary it was not he but it was Naxalites who killed them. This is again said by many Naxal leaders. Naxals who were fed up of the attrocities committed by Gangula Narayana Reddy, his followers Chenna Reddy, Narsanna, Yaadi Reddy wanted to kill them. They also wanted to take revenge of the killings of their party leaders SriRamulu and Hari. First persons to be killed were Narsanna and Yaadi Reddy. They never killed women and kids even that time. Then it was Narayana Reddy's turn in 1983. Narayana Reddy was in Anantapur in a lodge on 1-6-1983. He was brutally hacked down by the P.W.G. Naxals escaped from there immediately. Naturally everyone's fingers pointed to Ravindra. But he was not at all involved in the murder. He was not even a conspirator. Later P.W.G leaders said this.

Ravi's entry in to factionism: After Narayana Reddy was killed, Ramachandra Reddy of Telugu desam party became M.L.A from Penukonda in 1983 and 1985. Even though he became M.L.A Penukonda was never peaceful. Chenna Reddy, his sons Ramana Reddy and Obul Reddy, Gangula Surya Narayana Reddy (son of Narayana Reddy) and many of their thugs committed many attrocities. Surya Narayana Reddy and Obul Reddy raped many women in their own houses infront of the parents of the women. Some T.D.P activists were killed during that time. In 1989 election, congress formed the govt in the state. Sane Chenna Reddy became M.L.A of Penukonda by defeating Ramachandra Reddy of T.D.P. From there on attrocities committed by his sons Ramana Reddy and Obul Reddy, Gangula Surya Narayana Reddy incresed. There was a womens college near the house of Chenna Reddy. It is said that during the time of 1989 to 1993 the strength of the womens college came down to ground levels, a stage in which the college had to be closed down. Women were afraid to come out of their houses in Dharmavaram because of the fear that they would be raped by Obul Reddy. Obul Reddy raped many women and school going girls. Women includes married women of age 45 or less. For instance, he once raped wife of an engineer in Dharmavaram which became an issue. He raped two women from Tamil Nadu who came to Dharmavaram for livelyhood. He even raped wives of his followers also. He once raped daughter of Dr. Kullayappa who was congress member.

Re-organising Committee (R.O.C): P.W.G expelled Kondapalli Seetha Ramaiah from the party. He split P.W.G in to two. One is P.W KS group. Potula Suresh who shot Chenna Reddy was an active member of this group. After T.V bomb blast, this group was agian split in to two. One was Redstar and other was Re-Organising committee (ROC). Potula Suresh was head of ROC and Sudarshan was head of Redstar. Redstar was pro to Chenna Reddy sons and Surya Narayana Reddy. ROC worked for Paritala Ravindra. There was gangwar between these two groups. ROC killed around 16 people, kidnapped around 13 people belonging to Obul Reddy or Surya Narayana Reddy. Congress spread propaganda that Paritala Ravindra was accused in 57 cases. Even DGP said this.But When challenged to show the police records which proves their claim, they failed to show any records. When Paritala Ravindra was killed, only 5 police cases were there in which his name was mentioned. Paritala Ravindra's faction and political career: ROC acted as Ravi's pocket organisation. Potula Suresh, Chaman, Prabhakar, Madhusudhan Reddy etc became henchmen of Paritala Ravindra.

As mentioned above, Chenna Reddy was killed by P.W.G. Paritala Ravindra was the conspirator. After this ROC was formed and every thing is done by ROC on behalf of Ravindra. In 1993, ROC planted a bomb in a Television of Surya Narayana Reddy to kill him as soon as that is switched on. But the attempt failed. The explosion that resulted brought down the house, and killed four persons including his mother and two brothers, his sister and injured four others. Paritala Ravi was named Accused No.1 in the case. Surya Narayana Reddy escaped and took shelter in Karnataka. There he married Bhanumati. Paritala came out of underground in 1993. He got TDP ticket from penukonda. Ramana Reddy fought on congress ticket. one TDP activist was killed and large scale rigging was done by Ramana Reddy. But he lost to Paritala. Ravindra became labour minister in NTR's govt in 1994. He resigned as the minister and M.L.A as he didnt like the involvement of Lakshmi Parvathi in the case of J.C.Prabhakar Reddy. J.C.Prabhakar Reddy, brother of J.C.Diwakar Reddy wanted to join TDP. But Ravindra didnt like this. Prabhakar Reddy had the blessings of Lakshmi Parvathi wife of NTR which was against the wish of Anantapur district's TDP leaders. NTR later realising that Paritala had not done any mistake, gave ticket to him to fight from Penukonda again in 1995. He won as M.L.A. He was on NTR's side during the coup in TDP in 1995. He resigned from the NTR TDP after the death of NTR and joined TDP. He fought elections in 1996 on TDP ticket from Penukonda on Ramana Reddy. Large scale rigging was done by Paritala Ravindra's henchmen. No person was killed or kidnapped during the elcetions. ROC now eyed on Obul Reddy. In 1996 when Obul Reddy along with his three henchmen

was in a lodge in Hyderabad with a prostitute, he was attacked by ROC. He was taking bath. That prostitute was sent away from the room and the henchmen were hacked down. Then they brought Obul Reddy outside from bathroom. His throat was slit almost completely and his genitals were cut down brutally. They escaped from there immediately. Paritala Ravindra was the prime accused. Suri tried to take vengeance by triggering off a remote-controlled car bomb in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, in 1997 but missed his target, Paritala Ravi, who was then producing a movie called Sriramulaiah based on his father's struggle against landlords. 26 persons including Etv crew were killed and 32 were injured in the bomb blast. This blast was first of it's kind in India and 2nd in the world. Bhanukota Kishtappa, P.Lakshma Reddy, two engineering graduates from Jonnala Kotha palli, Kuntimaddi Sri Ramulu, Konda Reddy, Perugu Venkatesulu and many more were involved in this case. All these were close associates of Surya Narayana Reddy. Surya Narayana Reddy was later caught in Karnataka and was put in Charlapalli jail. ROC killed those two from Jonnala Kotha Palli in a hotel in Hyderabad. Bhanukota Kishtappa eludes the police even now. Kuntimaddi Sri Ramulu was killed by ROC. Venkatesulu was also killed. Konda Reddy who killed Boya Naagaraju escaped narrowly in two attacks on him. Ramana Reddy brother of Obul Reddy was killed in 1999 in Hyderabad in a house. He was invited to a party by one of his friends. There ROC group entered in the house and shot Ramana Reddy. During 1999 elections, a weak candidate contested on congress ticket and Paritala on TDP ticket. From jail, Soori contested on general ricket. He won with huge majority. Soori didnt even get his deposits back. No person was killed or kidnapped during the elcetions. Paritala used to participate in land settlements in Bangalore and Hyderabad. He used to acquire most of the big contracts on his name. ROC helped in all these things. Most of the opponents used to fear to submit schedules in tenders without his assent. Many persons even though they didnt know Paritala Ravindra personally, used the name of Paritala Ravindra to get many contracts on their names. After 2000, not much of quarrels were there. Once Soori planned to blow up Ravindra's house in Anantapur with the help of Y.S Jagan. But the attempt failed. A case was registered by the police on Y.S Jagan and Soori. Three henchmen of Paritala were killed by Soori's gang while they were travelling in a car to Venkatapuram to attend Mass Marriages conducted by Paritala Ravindra. Many of Surya Narayana Reddy supporters and Obul Reddy supporters left their villages as they were afraid of Ravindra and ROC. In 2002 ROC's chief Potula Suresh came out of underground. Only settlements and fraud in contracts took place during this time. In 2004 general elections Soori's wife Bhanumati contested on congress ticket. Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy supported her. Paritala Ravindra was threatened by Naxals not to campaign for the elections. His rivals were also planning to kill him during campaigning. He therefore had not even come out of his village Venkatapuram. Campaigning was done by his wife Suneetha and women from the constituency. His henchmen like Suresh and Chaman were arrested under Preventive detention act to prevent rigging. On the polling day he and his men kidnapped and shot one of the congress activist. He didnt die. This became huge issue and even discussed in Assembly. After that incident he was house arrested for that whole day. Except that incident that day was peaceful with absolutely no rigging. Paritala Ravi won with 24,000 votes majority.

After 2004 elections, till his death: TDP lost power and congress formed govt in the state. From the day three of forming the govt, i.e from May 14th onwards killing of TDP activists started in the Anantapur district. Paritala Ravindra's life was in danger. His security was decreased to 2+2 gunmen. He asked for more security which govt refused. He went to high court on this issue. Court issued orders to govt to provide 5+5 security. Govt did that but provided gunmen who were of age more than 40 years and gave them very old and damaged guns. Paritala was not allowed to go in a large convoy. Only a group of 2 vehicles was allowed showing the reasons that it becomes difficult for the people to go on roads. His houses in Anantapur and Venkatapuram were frequently raided by the police. * Paritala Ravi's follower and counsellor, Basha, was killed in Dharmavaram by Soori's gang in June 2004. * Another of Ravi's follower Adi Narayana, who was Z.P.T.C member of Somandepalli, was killed. * Tagarakunta Prabhakar was also killed by Soori's gang which consisted of Julakanti Sreenivasa Reddy, Damodar Reddy, Bhaskar Reddy etc. Tagarakunta Konda Reddy and Soori were the conspirators. Prabhakar who was entering his Sumo after having a shave was shot in the car by Sreenivas Reddy. They escaped immediately after that. Prabhakar died immediately. * RK who was a follower of Paritala Ravindra was killed in Bellary by the same men when he came out of house for a morning walk. * They planned to kill Ravi if he comes to compaign in Byelections of Somandepalli Z.P.T.C. But Ravindra didnt campaign. * Anantapur DSP Narasimha Reddy was accused to be involved in the murders of Pavurala Krishna and his brother in Anantapur. DSP called them to police station. When they were on the way to police station they were killed. * Soori was allowed to use cellphones in the Charlapalli jail. He used to operate everything from the jail itself. He met Joolakanti Sreenivas Reddy and other prime accused in the jail itself through Mulakhaath. All the records of Milakhath were manipulated by the Jail Superintendent. Y.S Jagan allegedly met him in the jail with fake identities, with the help of

Charlapalli Jail Superintendent. * Paritala Ravindra once accused Y.S Jagan that Jagan was trying to kill him. Jagan filed a case in court of Pulivendula. Paritala wanted to go there in a large convoy. But only 2 vehicles were allowed. * On 24-1-2005, after the party meeting in the TDP office in Anantapur, when he was coming out of the office he was shot by Joolakanti Sreenivasa Reddy, Narayana Reddy, Rekhamayyah. Vadde Seena and some others also participated in the shooting. Paritala died instantaneously. His gunman Habib and Ravi's follower were also killed. Remaining gunmen who were aged above 40 dropped guns on the shooters orders. Gangula Surya Narayana Reddy alias Soori, Tagarakunta Konda Reddy were conspirators. Ravi is survived by his wife, two sons and one daughter. After his death: TDP activists were very angry and they burnt many buses and caused damage to many buses. APSRTC was incurred a heavy loss of around Rs 60 crore. When Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga was killed in 1989 in Vijayawada congress activists caused a loss of Rs 300 crore to APSRTC (refer Frontline magazine dated Feb. 12 - 25, 2005). Many cases were filed on TDP workers and many were put in jail. The shooters took shelter in bank employee Rammohan Reddy. Rekhamayyah surfaced before Mahaboobnagar police after three days of murder. Few days later five persons who participated and helped in attack surfaced in lawyer Adi Sesha Reddy house infront of media. They were Narayana Reddy, Obi Reddy, Vadde Seena, Ranga nayakulu, Konda. This case was given to Central Bureau of Investigation. Police and C.B.I were not able to catch even one person of the accused. Everyone came out of their hideouts by themselves. First Damodar Reddy was caught because of an accident. Joolakanti Sreenivas Reddy went to Coambattore via Cudapah and from there he went to Delhi and lived there with his family for sometime. He gave an interview to a TV channel saying that he would surface himself before police after killing Suresh and Chaman. He was CBI's most wa nted criminal ny that time. He was in a lodge in Hyderabad when a blast took place because of which police caught him. CBI interrogated the case and dug out practically nothing. Soori was brought back to Anantapur central jail for interrogation. The case is still going on in the district magistrate court of Anantapur. Congress made Bhanumati a scapegoat by not giving a ticket to her in the byelections. They asked TDP not to give ticket to Paritala family so that they can stop factionism. Congress left out it's so called ideals during the period 1975 to 2004 and suddenly they realised the ideals after Ravi was killed. Congress gave ticket to Boya Sree Ramulu of Gutturu village. On the nomination day of Suneetha, six TDP activists were killed in police firing. A police was also killed. Cases were filed on more than 2000 TDP activists. Bindovers were carried over. J.C Diwakar Reddy who is minister carried on campaigning for Sri Ramulu. TV channels telecasted how he threatened TDP activists not to campaign for S uneetha. He threatened that they will be put in jail in the cases filed on them on nomination day. Some congress workers were caught distributing money and liquor to the voters. These were also telecasted by the channels. Many congress workers who left their villages in Ravi's time came back to participate in elections. Sudhakar a TDP activist was killed in Dharmavaram before one month of elections. Two days before elections Kuruba Aanjineyulu was killed by congress activists. Large number of police were employed as security on polling day as everyone's

eyes were on the elections. Elections went on very peacefully. Suneetha won with huge majority of 19,000 votes. Development and Social service in Penukonda: (Refer to Eenadu News Paper,print edition,(Anantap ur edition) dated 25-1-2005). * Ravi's family supply rice, wheat and barley to around nine villages of Nasanakota Panchayati. The villagers are entirely dependent on Ravi's family. * Anantapur district is famous for continuous droughts. Poor farmers canno t afford to marry their daughters because of dowry and high marriage expenditure. So Ravi's family took up the responsibilities of their marriages. Around 360 marriages were conducted. * He rebuilt the temple of Venkateswara in Nasanakota panchayati. He b uilt community halls which can be used by poor. Road construction was carried out by him on his own money in two villages. He spent around 4 crores to build temple and others. * As the area has dearth of drinking water, water supplying scheme was introduc ed by him in 44 villages of his constituency. 11 crores was granted by the govt and 3 crores was spent from his pocket. Total of 14 crores was spent to supply drinking water. * Patolla Govardhana reddy (he was also accused in the case, Sreenivas Reddy was in his gang) also accepted that Paritala and his Family is Pro-Poor. Former district collector of Anantapur, Somesh Kumar once said that he once visited Penukonda in 1991 during his training days. He said that Penukonda was very under developed during that time. He said that lot of development took place during Paritala Ravi's time. * Govt Jr college was built in Roddam mandal during his time. * Primary hospitals in more than 3 villages were built during his time. * M.R.O office in Roddam was built in his time. * Road network was expanded to almost all villages during his time Source:Kamma Yuva Seva Samithi(KYSS) He was a sadist. He once killed a person by throwing him on the railway track under a moving train. He killed Muskeen, a T.D.P activist, by cutting a kilogram of muscle from his body everyday. He once drilled bore (Rigs) in the stomach of a person. There are many other instances in which he raped many. To sum up these are only few cases. * On the other had Surya Narayana Reddy raped some women. He once raped a women belonging to Kuruba (Kurava) caste infront of her father and mother in Maddelacheruvu. He raped a goverment employee in Maddelacheruvu. * In 1990 Chenna Reddy and Surya Narayana Reddy gangs killed Paathapaalyam village committee leader, Boya Venkata Ramudu who was close to Paritala Ravindra's family. They also killed Vepakunta village secretary, Vaaraadappa. After killing them they burnt their bodies with diesel. * Chenna Reddy and Surya Narayana Reddy abducted Nemalivaram village sarpanch, Subbaraayudu and killed him in Kanagaanapalli and thrown him into thorn bushes and burnt

him. * In 1994 they killed Narayanappa in Rayadurgam who was a close associate of Nanji Reddy. Nanji Reddy was close associate of Paritala Ravindra. * Boya Naagaraju, Tagarakunta village sarpanch and close associate of Ravindra, was killed in a bomb blast on Republic day, when he was unfurling the flag. This was done by Surya Narayana Reddy for the sake of Tagarakunta Konda Reddy, a close associate of him. * As mentioned above Muskeen of Dharmavaram was also killed. These are only some examples. Paritala Ravindra wanted to take revenge of his father's and brother's death. He awaited right time. He joined hands with Naxals in 1991. Even Naxals wanted to help Ravi as his father and brother were their party leaders. Sane Chenna Reddy who was conspirator in his father's and brother's death was killed in his house in Dharmavaram in 1991. Chenna Reddy was sitting on a chair, reading news paper.Three naxals wearing police uniform came to him, saluted and shot him. Byelections were conducted. Ramana Reddy, son of Chenna Reddy got congress ticket and Gaade Lingappa got TDP ticket. Heavy rigging took place in favour of Ramana Reddy. Four TDP activists were killed by Ramana Reddy and Obul Reddy's thugs. Gaade Lingappa was defeated and Ramana Reddy became M.L.A in 1991. After he became M.L.A, their attrocities increased two fold.