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Yakshini Sadhna

Hereby is the conversation detail of Lord Shiva and Mahamuni Duttatreye. Shiva said-"Mahamuni Duttatreye!Listen care fully the procedure of yakshini sadhna, by performing mere simple chanting and process all desires of human being are fulfilled". Time: when Brihaspati (Jupiter) and Shukra (Venus) are not astha as per panchang one could see. And it's a poornima of Ashada masa . when moon is powerfull one can start from Pratipada till completion of one month. Place: Complete silence and on or below Bilva vriksha tree. Prior to sadhna: Pacify and make lord shiva happy by performing 5000 japas of Mahamrityunjaya Mantras. Than do the request invitation of Lord Kubera as well. Rudra Puja by shodashopchar before mrityunjaya mantra chanting. Yaksharaj Kuber Nivedana Puja: "OM YAKSHRAJ NAMASTUBHYAM SHANKAR PRIYAH BANDHAVAH EKAM ME VASHMAM NITYAM YAKSHINIM KURUTE NAMAH" Kuber Prayog: "ITHI MANTRAM KUBERASYA JAPED..ASHTOTTARAM SHATAM BRIHMACHARYEN MOUNEN HAVISHYASHI BHAVEDDIVA" Means: lord kubera, just give a yakshini for me. I worship you and chant your mantra. 108 kubera mantra chanting as above. Total brihmmacharya and satvik food during total sadhna period of 1 month. Now comes the time of Yakshini Puja Keep different types of food as per your need of a particular character yakshini. Start chanting 30 malas per night , of following yakshini mantra: "OM HREEM KLEEMg AIMg SHREEM MAHAYAKSHINYEYE SARVESHWAR PRADATREYE NAMAH"

During sadhana time of one month sadhak should offer food to three virgin girl children. Yakshini on being invited in form of SurSundari Same procedure as above. Dhoop should be of guggle and always keep water solution of sandal powder with you.Chanting should be done in all three vital sandhyas. And total mantras to be chanted during sadhna are 1000. Mentionable: If a sadhak starts his sadhna with an assumption of acceptance of yakshini as sister, she will give you some extra utilities clothing..if as mother some vital dravya she gives and if as a wife than she fulfills all your desires of wealth, pleasure etc. But one must strictly remain away from intercourse and even such ideas for any other female. There all other yakshini sadhnas too but above are more possible sadhnas for a sadhak into materialistic world of today. For more details one can contact Dhyanshree shailesh for complete guidance.