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Josh Jurin Mr.

Neuburger Eng Comp 102-102 26 March 2012 A Film Un-finished This film was very insightful in my opinion. Over many years of being in various history classes and being in a Jewish temple for 8 years I had never been informed of the ghettos. I was amazed to see the various points in the film, such as daily life, rich life, and poverty life. I was surprised to see such calmness in the daily life portrayed in the film. I would have originally thought people would have been much more frightened and more confined. To see such space allowed to the Jewish population was different from everything I had heard. It was also my belief that it was Hitlers decision to kill the Jews and I thought right away they were simply killed on sight. The rich surprised me the most. I always had the impression that when moved, the Jews were stripped of all their possessions. To see some Jews still with their items and some without annoyed me. Who were the Nazis to decide who kept their wealth while others suffered? And on top of that I couldnt believe in such times people would just be left to die and no one cared. The poverty was the worst thing I witnessed. I was sickened to see how the poor were treated. Being from a family who is not rich, just barely able to get by made me realize, if I had gone through that I quite possibly would have been on the streets with nothing, dying from starvation because my family would not have the money to buy food. Seeing this film makes me glad I live in the 21st century and that we are mostly past all of this.

To reap my response to this film, I was shocked to see the available space, disgusted at the rich, and more or less horrified at the poor.