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Sakura Anderson Mr. Neuburger English Comp.

101-130 March 26, 2012 Video Summary A Film Unfinished In the video we watched in class it showed many reporters and camera men going into the Warsaw ghetto. The Warsaw ghetto was one of the largest ghettos the Germans had control over. The reporters and film makers were told to film very specific thing inside of the ghetto that was supposed to be used for German propaganda, though the filmmakers at the time had no idea why they were filming what they were told to film. The film showed the difference in the contrast of the wealthy Jews and the poor Jews. They even went to the extent of staging scenes of wealthy Jews eating rich foods, wearing makeup, having a nice apartment, and cigars to smoke. Keep in mind this never really occurred in real ghetto life. Families in the ghetto were only given one room in an apartment to live in and another family would take up another room in the same apartment. Food consisted of mainly potatoes, bread, stolen fruits, and very expensive horse meat. The majority of the families lost the luxuries they had in their old home. Another shot they staged was with the wealthy Jews was when the police would round up the fairly healthy looking Jews and shoot a staged shot in a diner. They would order the owners of the diner to feed the Jews and cook the most expensive foods. I think this was shown to illustrate to German civilians that Jews were living a good life in the ghettos. They also ordered the well-dressed waitresses to ignore the staged beggars whenever they put their hands out for

food. This made the Jews looked separated among themselves, uncaring, and selfish. These ruthless people had no place in society and the Germans wanted to show the people that they did everyone a favor my extracting them from society.