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Sikkim Manipal University

Directorate of Distance Education

Authorized learning centre (code 1537) College for professional studies Kathmandu, Nepal

An Internship Report
Submitted by: Bijaya Kumar Shah Roll no: 561015288

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the MBA course of Sikkim Manipal University, Manipal DDE INDIA

Sikkim Maniple University Directorate of Distance Education Manipal, India

Dec 2011


Personal Profile (Details of Student) Name : BIJAYA KUMAR SHAH Registration Number : 561015288 Address : Kapan-3, Kathmandu Tel :Fax :Email : Yuvrajshah@gmail.com Training Outline : Nepal Telecom, Chhauni

I have chosen Nepal telecom as I am particularly related to technical and now as well as management student. Now concerning with this department I am working with it Access network planning department.

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Record of Training Progress Date to Start Training: Oct 12; 2011 Department I: Starting date: Oct 12; 2011 Ending date: Nov 30th; 2011

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I Bijaya Kumar Shah, hereby declare that the Training Report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the MBA course of Sikkim Maniple University, India, is my original work and not submitted for the award of any other degree, diploma, fellowship, or for any publications.

Place: Chhauni, Ktm Date: 12 Dec 2011

Name of Student Bijaya Kumar Shah Reg. No: 561015288

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Pro-forma for Certification by the Examiner The Internship report of Bijaya Kumar Shah on Access Network Planning is approved and is acceptable in quality and form.

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Pro-forma for Certification by the Learning Centre Faculty/Head

This is to certify that the Training Report has been submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the MBA of Sikkim Maniple University, Bijaya Kumar Shah with enrolment number 561015288 and has performed the Internship under my supervision and guidance and that no part of this report has been submitted for the award of any other Degree, Diploma, or Fellowship and that the work has not been published in any Journal or Magazine.


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i) GROOMING Dress Up Immaculate Appearance, Clean uniform, Well groomed hair, clean nails & hands Smart appearance, Crisp uniform, acceptable hair, clean nails and hands Well presented, clean uniform, acceptable hair, clean nails and hand Untidy hair, creased ill kept uniform, hands not clean at all times Dirty/ disheveled, long unkempt hair, dirty hands and long hair ii) ATTENDANCE /PUNCTUALITY (_______days present out of_______day) On time, well prepared, ready to commence task, attendance 100% On time, Lacks some preparation but copes well, attendance between 99-90% On time, some organized aspects just copes, attendance between 89-80% Occasionally late, disorganized approach, attendance between 79-69% Frequently late, not prepared, frequently absent without excuse iii) COMMUNICATION SKILLS Very confident, demonstrates outstanding confidence & ability both spoken/written Confident, delivers information Communicates adequately, but lacks depth and confidence Hesitant, lacks confidence in spoken/written communication Very inanimate, unable to express in spoken or written word. iv) ATTITUDE TO CUSTOMERS/COLLEAGUES Outstanding rapport with Customers/cilents and colleagues Polite, considerate and firm, well liked Gets on well with most colleagues, handles cilients/customer well Slow to mix, weak manners, is distant, is insensitive to customer needs Does not mix and relate well with customer and colleagues v) ATTITUDE TO SUPERVISION Very co-operative, acts on constructive criticism Readily accepts criticism and is noticeably willing to assist others Accepts criticism, but does not necessarily act on it Takes criticism very personally, broods on it Persistently disregards criticism and does own way

vi) INITIATIVE & MOTIVATION Very effective in analyzing situations and resourceful in solving problems. Demonstrates ambition to achieve progressively Shows ready appreciation and willingness to tackle problems. Positively seeks to improve knowledge and performance Usually grasps points correctly. Shows interest in all work undertaken Slow on the uptake. Is interested only in areas of work preferred Rarely grasps points correctly. Lacks drive and commitment vii) RELIABILITY & COMPREHENSION Is totally trust worthy in any working situation. Understands in detail, why and how the job is done Can be depended upon to identify work requirements and willing to complete them. Readily appreciates, how and why the job is done Gets on with the job in hand. Comprehends, but doesnt fully understand work in hand Cannot be relied upon to work without supervision Comprehends only after constant explanation Requires constant supervision. Lacks any comprehension. viii) RESPONSIBILITY Actively seeks responsibility at all times Very willing to accept responsibility Accepts responsibility as it comes Inclined to refer matters upwards rather than make own decision Avoids taking responsibility ix) QUALITY OF WORK Exceptionally good, accurate in work, very through-usually unaided Maintains a high standard of quality Generally good quality with some assistance Performance is uneven Inaccurate and slow at work x) QUANTITY OF WORK Outstanding in output of work Gets through a great deal Output satisfactory Does rather less than expected Output regularly insufficient TOTAL Name of Appraiser_____________________ Designation of Appraiser:_______________ Signature of Student:____________________

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This internship report has been prepared as per the course requirement of the MBA during the third semester. This report has highly helped to expand my knowledge regarding telecom and how the work goes on. I am grateful to Lord Buddha Education Foundation, department of Management for providing with the opportunity to the work on a 3rd semester internship report as the part of the course. I express my gratitude to respected teachers for their guidance and valuable comments on the contents of this report.

During the preparation of this report I have been receiving continuous help of many people without valuable support of them I would not have been able to complete my report. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. G.J. Shah; M.J.poudel; N.kafle, R. Sharma and S.Khan and all our team who supported me.

I have also indebted to the staffs of Nepal Telecom, Chhauni branch for cooperating and guiding me during my internship and for making available the valuable material required for the completion of my report.


S. NO. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. DESCRIPTIONS Introduction Structure Mission, vision and goal Profile of department Tools and equipments and operation Advantages of PSTN Connection diagram GIS and CAD software Figure CAD SWOT Analysis Conclusion Miscellaneous PAGE NOS. 13 15 16 17 18 19 21 23 24 25 27


PSTN GIS FEA CAD: IP : Public Switched Telephone Network : Geographic Information System : Finite Element Analysis : Computer Aided Design : Internet Protocol


"Human resource management is a distinctive approach to people management, which seeks to achieve competitive advantage of organizations through the strategic deployment of a committed and capable workforce, using an integrated array of cultural, structural and personnel techniques." Major jobs of HRM Department:

Strategic Human Resource Planning HR Auditing and Needs Assessments Workforce Planning Change Management Performance Management Total Compensation, Benefits & Rewards Industrial & employee Relation services

Types of Departments:
General Introduction: Recruitment Secretariat
Concern for overall design and accomplishment of personnel recruitment policy and criterion.

Personnel Admin Section

Concern for personnel selection, retention, promotion, termination and disciplinary action.


Planning & Record Section:

Concern to upkeep and update personnel record with strict confidence and manpower planning for forthcoming telecom project

Training & Vehicle Section

Concern for periodic education and training management. It is also concern for vehicle operation, maintenance and distribution.

Mgmt Department& General Admin Section

Concern to deal staff benefit, trade union activity, building upkeep and sanitation.

Performance Appraisal Section

Concern for maintaining the record of personnel performance appraisal

Legal Section
Concern for all legal issues of the company and perform the legal advisory role and advocacy.




Mission, Vision & Goal

Mission Without the unwavering focus on mission and vision its much too easy to get mired in the day to day routine which businesses are chock full of. Without mission and vision, businesses are boring. For MISSION think: managing with greatness and untamed strength, improving everything daily. MISSION will feed into the confidence of your organization by feeding this ever-present self-talk: We can do this, and we are the ones ordained to do this, for we are the best at it. Mission will churn out revolutionary ideas about the mundane, banishing mediocrity. "Nepal Telecom as a progressive, customer spirited and consumer responsive Entity is committed to provide nation-wide reliable telecommunication service to serve as an impetus to the social, political and economic development of the Country". Vision For VISION think: leading with inspiration and courage, obsessed with future possibility, in a love affair with change. VISION creates that momentum of growing anticipation about the future, where change is embraced as a step closer to that very compelling picture of whats coming next. The excitement about the future trumps any apprehension about the uncertain change is recognized as the catalytic converter it is. "Vision of Nepal Telecom is to remain a dominant player in telecommunication sector in the Country while also extending reliable and cost effective services to all" Goal Goals and objectives are essential ("If you don't know where you are going, you could wind up anywhere!"), but vision, values, role definitions, and systems of tracking results all serve as the "container" for effective growth and development, and must be first put in place. "Goal of Nepal Telecom is to provide cost effective telecommunication services to every nook and corner of country"







I have joined Nepal telecom central office at chhauni on 12th October 2011. Onward that I was working under access network planning department which is one of the major department which works for PSTN (landline services) among four of them, its main aim is to distribute lines as per consumer demands. Supply should matches demand is object of this department. First a pal as per the information received from head office located at singha Darbar, it is received by the manager and is forwarded to concern section. Then we discuss about the location and sites detail information. As it is a team work certain team is assigned for survey about the location and understand its situation whether it is actually required or the fake information. Than as per the information received data from the measurement and instrument department is collected then as per that rough layout is plotted indicating poles and their locations. Sometimes required number of connection may be less but due to some reasons or political pressure it's not necessary to go there and distribute lines. Distribution box consists about 500; 1000 connection in one package so depending upon the area and location these boxes is installed. Firstly underground from the main point then Arial roots to the customer.

This is the secondary thing before this our job is to roughly plot the map. Then move to the computer software mane cable CAD. Free hand drawing is plotted in computer if manager says ok the the final drawing is plotted using proper dimension, tools and equipments, position of the poles and Distribution boxes installation. This department basically works for GIS; Plan tracking, estimation and costing concerned with PSTN LINE. Depending upon the location one may have to visit Tarai region as well as hilly areas almost all the control is from our central office. PSTN Services In the field of Telecommunications, Nepal Telecom has been the trusted partner of the people of Nepal since 2032. In order to make life of a Nepali easier, Nepal Telecom makes continuous effort to introduce the latest technology of communications. As always, Nepal Telecom is devoted towards our customer satisfaction and national development with all communicational prospect and technologies. Always striving to bring in the latest technologies and services to its users. Engaged in reaching communication facilities to the every corner of the country Guided more by a national cause of serving people than earning profit. Below are the basic telephone services provided by Nepal Telecom. PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) Local Calls Domestic Telex Local Leased Lines National Trunk Calls International Trunk Calls Operator-Assisted Int'l Telephone Internet Service Packet Switching Data Communication Activating/ Deactivating Phone Locks


ADVANTAGES OF PSTN: The public switch telephone network (PSTN) is the network of devices that make up the world's circuit switched phone service. The PSTN consists of fiber optic cables, telephone lines, cellular networks, communication satellites and microwave transmitters, which are all connected by switches located in centers around the world. VOIP telephony is an internet communications technology that provides a new way to make phone calls and is a challenge to the established PSTN. The PSTN does still possess some advantages. Established Technology The PSTN began in 1876 with the formation of American Bell, which later became AT&T. The technology used by the PSTN in the beginning changed by leaps and bounds and provides a high quality, automated switching communications network. The technology used today by the PSTN has proven effective in providing clear call quality for consumers over many years. Reliability The PSTN became more reliable throughout its existence. The PSTN is noted as an extremely reliable form of voice communication used by millions of people around the world every day. As the PSTN network grew, and underwater telecommunications cables, satellite links and the use fiber optics became more pervasive, the reliability of the PSTN increased and provided consumers with the ability to place calls around the world that remain consistently clear and reliable.


Circuit Switched The PSTN uses circuit switched technology that sets up a dedicated circuit between two callers exclusively established for that call. The circuit is used only for voice traffic between the two calling parties, as opposed to VOIP telephony, which utilizes the same network bandwidth for VOIP calls, data transfer, video transmissions and Internet traffic. The circuit switch technology used by the PSTN provides consistent high quality voice calls, while VOIP callers can experience problems with voice delay, robotic voice, one way audio and overall poor voice quality. No Extra Equipment To be hooked up to the PSTN users only need a line connected to their home from the PSTN. Most homes already have this connection. The user plugs a phone into their telephone jack. VOIP telephony users need to rent or purchase an additional VOIP modem to connect their phone to make and receive calls. No Extra Services The PSTN is provided to consumers by the local phone company as residential or business telephone service. Most phone users already have this service. VOIP telephony requires the purchase of VOIP service from the local cable company, or requires a high-speed Internet connection to utilize VOIP services provided by numerous Internet providers. Users of the PSTN don't need Internet service connections to place telephone calls.




What is GIS?
A geographic information system (GIS) integrates hardware, software, and data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information. GIS allows us to view, understand, question, interpret, and visualize data in many ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends in the form of maps, globes, reports, and charts. A GIS helps you answer questions and solve problems by looking at your data in a way that is quickly understood and easily shared. GIS technology can be integrated into any enterprise information system framework.

Cable CAD software:

Cable CAD brings computer-aided design (CAD) and finite element analysis (FEA) to the cable, wire rope and flexible pipe industries. Running under Microsoft Windows, Cable CAD is specialized design software for laying out cable geometry and performing structural analysis to assess cable performance. It is difficult to model complex helical structures using general purpose CAD and FEA software. Cable CAD simplifies this task by building models using standard cable components and terminology. Finite element mesh generation is automatic. Models of cable, wire rope and flexible pipe can be created and analyzed quickly and easily. The speed and versatility of this unique cable design software is sure to reduce your design time and lower your design costs.


As we all work in a group as a team for performing certain tasks it helps in sharing ideas and knowledge as well as feeling of help and cooperation between team members. One gets to know about different cultures and gets chance to different in working in group and as an individual. Concerned with the technology as it is the oldest mean of communication has its one identity and value. People do relies in the technology which is reliable rather than adopting new on it depends upon the nature and types of services people wants to use. Noise interference is less as compared to other devices as it is a landline service.

Concerning with the management point of view decision given by the top management is final and other have to follow them. Lack of understanding between peers and supervisor. as it is planning job one have to go to the remote areas as well as Terai belts some of the staff were willing to go but other doesnt wants to go but their name is selected for the job. This is the difficult faced by staff. Regarding the task we are assigned for maintenance problem for the PSTN cable is difficulty and in places where fault arises are replaced by optical fiber cables as the cost of copper cable is high and is not easily available.

One need to go to field and have to survey whether the requirement is as per the specification or not. Got to face real life problem and difficult and generate ideas how to tackle them. Its a challenging task to do so drawing and measurement task also helps in improving technical skills. Working in group also boosts up moral of employee.

THREATS There is a threat with the competitor as new technology are being developed and experimented daily. As being the old technology peoples likes to experiment with the newer ones which may benefit them. Other threat is the political instability due to the unstable government flow of work is not completed as per the schedule. Threats from the IP based technology, use of latest ones.


I am very glad to work under this department as it is concerned with paper work as well as field work. It gives ideas about how to be in team and teaches you to work as one unit, understand each feeling and nature of help and cooperation. On the other hand teaches you about paper work computer related drawing and measurements, estimating and costing which will be useful for your entire life in any field. Its main objective is to distribute landline services to consumer home.