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1 (Construction of a Two-Storey OfficeBuilding for the DBM Procurement Service) This Addendum No.1 dated May 19, 2010 is issued to clarify, modify or amend items in the Bidding Documents. Accordingly, this shall form an integral part of said Documents. ISSUES Instructions to Bidders Item 12.1(a) (iv) 12.1 Unless otherwise indicated in the BDS, the first envelope shall contain the following eligibility and technical documents: (a) Eligibility Documentsxxx xxx xxx (iv) Unless otherwise provided in the BDS, valid Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) license and registration for the type and cost of the contract for this Project; Bid Data Sheet Item 8.1 Subcontracting of any kind is not allowed. Item 12.1 The following shall be submitted and For emphasis included in the first envelope:


Only a valid PCAB license shall be considered as compliant with the requirements of this Project. Thus, an official receipt and/or application form is patently insufficient and will, thus, be considered as "failed".

For emphasis




3.) Statement of Compliance with the Drawings and Building Specifications of the Project: 3.1 Statement of Specific Compliance of each Drawing and each Section of the Building Specifications; and 3.2 Statement of Generic Compliance with the Drawings and Building Specifications of the Project; For item 3.1, the statement of specific compliance of each drawing must be done by affixing the signature and initials of the bidder's authorized representative in each drawing. Said signature and initial signifies compliance of the bidder to abide by the specifications in the drawings. The same must be submitted together with the "original" first envelope. Copies of said drawings are not required to be submitted together with "copy 1" and "copy 2" of the first envelope. xxx xxx xxx

6.) Notarized Affidavit of 'Site Inspection In order to comply with the notarized affidavit (See sample form under Section IX. of site inspection, all bidders are required to Bidding Forms). conduct a site inspection for this particular bidding. Item 12.1 (a) (iii) Statement of all ongoing construction contracts should include all ongoing construction contracts, whether or not similar to the Project, within ten (10) years from the date of submission and receipt of bids, while Statement of completed construction contracts should only consist of all construction contracts similar to the Project, including the Single Largest Contract, within ten (10) years from the date of submission and receipt of bids. See sample forms under Section IX. Bidding Forms. The supporting documents for each ongoing proiect are notices of award, notices to

proceed, if applicable, and certificates of accomplishment signed by the Owner or Project Engineer. In case the project was just awarded or still in the mobilization stage, a certification to that effect, in lieu of a certificate of accomplishment, signed by the Owner or Project Engineer, should be submitted. The supporting documents for only three (3) completed proiects . which must include the Single Largest Contract, are notices of award or equivalent, notices to proceed, if applicable, and CPES rating sheets which must have a satisfactory rating or certificates of satisfactory completion and owner's acceptance of the project, as the case may be.
Bill of Quantities

In case a bidder has less than three (3) completed projects, supporting documents for one (1) or two (2) completed projects are enough to comply with the requirements of the Project, provided that said completed project/s is or includes the Single Largest Contract.

Attached herewith is the Revised Pages 12, 13 and 19 of the Bill of Quantities, which contains the following: 1. Item XIX Fence/Guardhouse - plastering works for CHB#6 should be included under this Item. 2. Item XVII Roofing/Insulation (Skylights) the item "8 sets 2-6mm laminated glass 1.0m x 2.0m with qty of 55.22 and unit of sq.m." refers to roof skylight.

3. Item XXII. Fire Protection Works - the

items for fire protection works include both new and revised items and quantity. It is also clarified that for CHB Layout 100mm thk and CHB Layout 150mm thk under Item VIII Masonry works, steel reinforcements on said items are already included under Item VI Reinforcing Steel Bars. Moreover, it shall be understood that the size of PPR pipes under Item XXI Plumbing Works refers to. inside diameter and should comply with PN 16. The bidders, in formulating their bid prices, should take into consideration the items of works in the Bill of Quantities, as revised, and the relevant details and specifications in the Drawings and Building Specifications.

Other matters: ~ Late bids shall not be accepted. The deadline for submission and receipt of bids is May 26, 2010 at 9:00 a.m.

~ The "No Contact Rule" is strictly observed. Bidders are not allowed to call or talk to any member of the Bids and Awards Committee, its Technical Working Group and Secretariat, and its Architectural and Engineering Consultants effective May 26, 2010 right after the opening of bids. For guidance and information of all concerned.

ASEC. VERBO S. BONILLA Chairperson, DBM Bid and Awards Committee


ITEMS sch 40x2"dia AngleBar C-Purlins Plainroundbar 16mmx6m Plainroundbar 12mmx6m BI PIPESch60 75mmx 6m MS Plate16mmx1220x2440m
Anchor bolts 16mmx200mm

Bolts& Nuts12mmx38mm Tumbuckles 16mm WeldingRod

Cylinders oxygen

CylinderLPG RedOxidePrimer PaintThinner e. cistern cover f. cistern ladder g. 2"x6" tubular steel trellis h. canopy Structural Steel Columns W14x43 g. canopy Structural Steel Beams W12x40 h. canopy Structural Steel Beam W6x25

Unit Qtv DCS 3 446 DCS DCS 378 74 DCS 72 DCS 20 DCS 2 DCS 151 OCS 560 DCS 24 DCS bxs 16 28 cvl 5 cvl 60 Qals 20 qals set 1 set 1 1m 65 1m 7.65 1m 29.9 1m 6 Material Cost Labor/EauipmentfTools Direct Cost Indirect Cost VAT

Unit Cost I


SUBTOTAL XVII. ROOFING/INSULATION (REVISED) 1. main roof, canopy & guard house a. Twin ribbed metal roofing b. insulation (12mm thk, double foil, double bubble) c. flashing/ridgeroll ga 26 stainless steel sheet 2. Skylight Roof Skylight 8 sets 2-6mm thk laminated glass 1m x 2m Office Skylight 6 sets 2-6mm thk laminated glass 1m x 2m

1585 1585 145 55.22 12

sa.m. sa.m. 1m sa.m sa.m

Material Cost Labor/EauipmentfTools Direct Cost Indirect Cost VAT SUBTOTAL

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ITEMS XVIII. PAINTING WORKS a. Interior Wall b. Exterior Wall c. Ceiling Area d. Cabinets e. Doors (wood) f. Doors (steel) g. Steel Grille h. Steel Louver i. Baseboard '. Fire exit ladder k. Fire exit cover



Unit Cost


4434 sq.m. 2370 sq.m. 2800 sq.m. 275 sq.m. 31 sets 2 sets 448 sq.m. 68 sq.m. 1m 1180 18 sq.m. 4 sq.m. Material Cost Labor/Eauipmentrr ools Direct Cost Indirect Cost VAT

SUBTOTAL XIX. FENCE/GUARDHOUSE Fence Excavation Backfill Concrete Rebars Formworks CHB #6 (Iincluding plastering) GIWire Guardhouse Excavation Backfill Concrete Rebars Formworks CHB#6 (including plastering) G.I.Wire PVC Door (REVISED) 12.54 8.25 17.02 476.42 14.4 24.65 12 m3 m3 m3 kg m2 m2 kg

m3 2.95 2.05 m3 m3 2.1 155.86 kg 12 m2 m2 24.65 6 kg 1 set Material Cost Labor/Eauipmentrr ools Direct Cost Indirect Cost VAT

SUBTOTAL XX.MISCELLANEOUS a. 25mm granite slab countertop b. 2"x6" aluminum tubular sunbreaker c. 2"x4" aluminum tubular sunbreaker

88.4 33.4 18.9

1m 1m 1m

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ITEMS XXII. FIRE PROTECTION WORKS (REVISED) 100 mm dia B.I. Pipe 75 mm dia B.I. Pipe 65 mm dia B.I. Pipe 40 mm dia B.I. Pipe 100 mm dia x 100 Tee (Welded) x 65 Tee reducer 75 mm dia x 65 Tee 65 mm dia 100 mm dia x 90 Bend 75 mm dia x 90 Bend 65 mmdia x 40mm dia 90 Bend reducer 100 mm dia Blind Flange 100 mm dia x 75 reducer 100 mm dia Flange 75 mm dia Flange 65 mm dia Flange 65 mm dia Fire Hose Gate Valve w/ cap and chain Fire Hose Cabinet Fire Department Connection 100 mm dia Check Valve 100 mm dia Gate Valve 50 mm dia Check Valve 50 mm dia Gate Valve 75 mm dia Pressure Relief Valve Cap Screw with nut and washer 5/8 x 4

Qty 15 160 36 6 4 8 8 12 12 8 2 2 12 26 16 8 8 1 2 1 1 1 2 264

Unit 1m 1m 1m 1m DCS. pCS. DCS. pCS. DCS. DCS. pCS. pCS. DCS. pCS. pCS. pCS. DCS. pc. pCS. pCS. DCS. pCS. pCS. pCS.

Unit Cost


Miscellaneous Items
Teflon tape Welding Rod Oxygen/Acetylene Gasket Maker Rubber Gasket Pipe Hanger/Supports Painting 30 rolls 6 kilos 1 set 2 tubes rolls 1 L 0 0 L Material Cost Labor/EQuiDment/T ools Direct Cost Indirect Cost VAT


SUB-TOTAL Pumps Fire Pump and Jockey Pump Accessories With Controllers and Others

L 0 L 0 Material Cost Labor/Equipment/T ools Direct Cost Indirect Cost VAT



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