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Anthony Hopkins is considered as one of the greatest living actors, and in my opinion the most emblematic figure of the

film industry for many decades. With more than 25 awards for the best actor, he manages to become a personification of this profession, turning it into a second nature. Even though he poses indeed as a charismatic, intelligent and respectable person, as a scholar he wasnt very bright actually he was quite soft-minded, he preferred to watch TV instead of learning, he even took his time until he decided to choose a college. But he showed great potential in art, after graduating Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art , he became a member of the Royal National Theatre. But his greatest recognition comes from his role as Hannibal Lecter from The silence of the lambs taking in account the fact that he only appears in the movie for almost 16 minutes, less than 10% from the entire movie, which brought him an Oscar. Also distinctively for him is his technique for learning the lines, he sometimes goes over the lines up to 200 times, until they come naturally until he does it without thinking as he states. What is odd and truly impressive is the fact that after he finishes with a scene he doesnt remember the lines later on, like most actors do even years later. A man gifted with great intelligence and mimic he manages to perform a wide variety of roles from a familist, a priest to a serial killer playing in over 100 movies, tv shows and screen plays. Characterized by an aristocratic modesty, I think he is the embodiment of the motto or phrase ,,less is more. A great lover of art, he plays piano, paints, draws, but he has his downfalls , at some point in his life he used to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, but he stopped drinking since 1975 he once stated that ,,Some days I don't know if I believe in God or Santa Claus or Tinkerbell Also a philanthropist and a vegetarian, through his work and attitude he manages show that all things tend to have their own way, and in the end by personal means you can achieve great things.