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12/8/2008 Multiple Intelligences - 8 Ways of bein…

Eight Ways of Being Smart

Intelligence Area Is strong in: Likes to: Learns best through:

Verbal-Linguistic reading, writing, telling read, write, talk, reading, hearing and
stories, memorizing memorize, work at seeing words,
dates, thinking in puzzles. speaking, writing,
words. discussing and
Math-Logic math, reasoning, logic, solve problems, working with patterns
problem-solving, question, work with and relationships,
patterns. numbers, experiment. classifying,
categorizing, working
with the abstract.
Spatial reading, maps, charts, design, draw, build, working with pic tures
drawing, mazes, c reate, daydream, look and colors, visualizing,
puzzles, imaging at pictures. drawing.
things, visualization.
Bodily- Kinesthetic athletic s, dancing, move around, touch touching, moving,
ac ting, crafts, using and talk, body processing knowledge
tools. language. through bodily
Musical singing, picking up sing, hum, play an rhythm, melody,
sounds, remembering instrument, listen to singing, listening to
melodies, rhythms. music. music and melodies.
Interpersonal understanding people, have friends, talk to sharing, c omparing,
leading, organizing, people, join groups. relating, interviewing,
communicating, cooperating.
resolving c onflicts,
Intrapersonal, understanding self, work alone, reflect, working alone, doing
recognizing strengths pursue interests. self-paced projects,
and weaknesses, having spac e,
setting goals. reflec ting.
Naturalist understanding nature, be involved with working in nature,
making distinctions, nature, make exploring things,
identifying flora and distinc tions. learning about plants
fauna. and natural events.

W ha t type of Bloom s Le sson Lesson P la ns Bla nk le sson Pla ns Stude nt

lea rne r a re you? Ta xonom y Asse ssm e nt Q ue stionnaire
Le a rning Ce nte r Le a rning Ce nte r R efle ction She et Project P are nt
Rules Activitie s Assessm ent Form Q uestionna ire

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12/8/2008 Multiple Intelligences - 8 Ways of bein…
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