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Male Occupation(a) Student (c) Businessman (e) Professional/self employed Total familys income (per month)(a) Below 8000 (c) 16000-24000 (b) 20-30 years (d) Above 40 years (b) Female (b) Housewife/Retired (d) Service (b) 8000-16000 (d) Above 24000

1. Do you prefer packed food products to loose items for the following product categories? Always a) Fast food b) Grocery c) Cooking oils d) Medicines e) Dairy products f) Health drinks Often Sometimes Rarely Never

2. Why do you buy packed food for the following product categories? Better quality Hygiene Reliable Producer a) Grocery b) Dairy products c) Health drinks d) Cooking oils e) Toiletries f) Beverages

3. What features do you look for most in packaging of the following? (Tick only one feature for product) Quality Safet Easy Convenienc identificati y Economical to use e -on a) Dairy product b) Cosmetics c) Beverages d) Toiletries e) Grocery f) Cooking oils g) Medicines

Storag e se


4. What type of packaging do you prefer most for the following product categories? Tetra pack Cardboard Polypacks Tin Glass Pouches box box bottles a) Fast food b) Groceries c) Cooking oils d) Dairy products e) Beverages f) Toiletries g) Non-veg food items 5. What size do you prefer most to buy for the following? (Indicate one for each) Small Medium Large a) Groceries b) Cooking oils c) Beverages d) Toiletries e) Cosmetics f) Washing/cleaning items 6. What packaging material would you prefer for the given product categories? (Tick only one) Tetra Aluminium Pouch VegSynthetic Metallic pack foil paper parchment a) Dairy products b) Sauces c) Health drinks d) Fast food e) Non-veg items

f) Soft drinks 7. What mainly indicates the quality of the product out of the following mentioned in the label of the product? G Moderate Poor Very Best ood poor indicator indicator a) Brand name b) Companys name c) Packaging d) Price e) Design & look f) Printed information on label

8. How important is the packaging design for the following products? Most important Important Just OK Less important a) Beverages b) Dairy product c) Cosmetics d) Toiletries f) Medicines g) Groceries

Not important at all

9. What information about the food you feel is essential to be available on the label of it? Very high High Average Low Very low a) Product/expiry date b) Producers address c) Ingredients d) Instruction to use e) Price f) Details of preservatives used g) Energy/calories h) Weight/content i) Quality mark 10. What factors influence you the most to buy any brand of the following product categories? Brand name Price Quality Value Variety a) Groceries b) Dairy product c) Toiletries d) Medicines e) Cosmetics f) Beverages

11. Are you willing to pay an extra amount for good packaging? (a) Certainly (b) Probably (c) Not sure (d) Probably not (e) Never