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Group Work with Kennings A kenning is a literary device popular in the Anglo-Saxon Old English poetry tradition.

Read the definitions below and prepare to try this metaphorical way of speaking, writing, and thinking. While reading Beowulf you will be discovering kennings on your own. Four types of kennings: Open Kenning (adjective noun format) wakeful sleeper walking dead Hyphenated Kenning (noun-noun format) heaven-god man-slayer Possessive Kenning ('s or s' format) heavens darkness bird's road Prepositional Kenning (add any preposition) giver of salvation door of doom If you call a cafeteria an eaters paradise, then you have created a kenning. If you tell your friends that your parents are the house keepers, then you have created a kenning. In Beowulf the whales way is a kenning for the ocean. Assignment: Carefully consider how you could creatively rename each of the following through the use of the kenning technique. Write your kenning next to each noun. 1. a teacher2. a bus driver3. firemen4. television-5. a farm 6. police-

7. a truck8. music9. love10. computer-