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Captiv8 SM

Optimize your offshore captive in India

Captiv8 (or Captivate) is a service offering for clients who want to establish
their own captive center in India OR have already invested in their own
offshore facility in India. Such facilities constantly face challenges of Services for New Captives:
resource management, process & methodology, cultural management and
cost management. • B OTPl us m odel -
F rom s et t i ng up
Collabor has a very strong management experience and resource pool in ent i t y t o event ual
India and can design, build and deploy your own captive operation in India. t rans fer
We can also co-locate either managed skilled resources or managed teams
into your facility to solve your challenges. Services for Existing
Collabor becomes responsible for the deliverables and/or the team
composition. Pricing is designed to be more attractive than outsourcing • M an aged R es our ces
within India. • M an aged Team s
• C apt i ve Turna round
Technology Areas include: SAP, Oracle, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Documentum,
IBM etc and the following platforms - J2EE, Microsoft.NET, Linux & Open Key Features:
Source • O ffs hor e Dev el opm ent
• R eus abi l i t y Dri ven
We have operations in India in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Managed teams
can be co-located across India.
• B es t P ract i c es of
• S ix Si gm a &
• IS O 9001

Collabor Inc
One Apple Hill Drive, #316
Natick, MA 01760 USA
Contact us for more information info@collabor.com