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Book Number \S Page Number Tite Staff Student Relations Adopied By Board guly 27, 2001 a Staff members shall maintain professional relationships with suidents at all times and develop wholesome end constructive relationships with them. Staff members shall be ‘pected to regard each student ae an individual and‘ accord each student the rights and respect tht is due, ‘Staff members stall promote a lesming environment that encourages fuléilment of each ‘student's potential in regard to hisher program, consistent with diswict goals and with ptimal oppormnities for students, This goal may be reacked by adapting fastraction to individual needs by: |. Insising om easonsble standards of scholastic accomplishment forall students; 2. Cresting a positive atmosphere in and out of the classroom; 3. Extending courtesy and retpect to students; and 4, Trosing all students with consistent fiaess,! Staff members shall use good judgment in their relationships with students beyond their ‘work responsibilities and/or outside the school seting and shall avoid excessive informal ad social involvement with individual stadents. Any appearance of impropriety shall be ‘voided, Sexual relationships between emplovess and staderts-shall be prohibited?