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Phn 2: S dng phn mm ABB DOC Pro thit k cung cp in


DOCPRO l phn mn thit k, tnh ton mng in trung v h p ca hng Mc tiu: -Ti u ha vic thit k, tnh ton mng in -Gip k s thit k, tnh ton nhanh vi chnh xc cao trong vic la chn dy dn,cp c xt n phng php lp t trong thc t ca h thng. Chc nng chnh ca DOCPRO: -V s n tuyn -V s nguyn l -Tnh ton dng in v st p -Tnh ton dng ngn mch ln nht v nh nht -nh c cho cp trung v h p -La chn thit b ng ct v bo v linh kin -Tnh ton qu nhit trn t iu khin theo tiu chun Hoa K -Ci t v phi hp bo v linh kin -Kim tra bo v cp -In s v s liu bng thit k di dng file pdf hay file autocad, c bit l file excel. Chng trnh c th tnh ton cc mng in c cc c im: Trung p: Vn 36kV 50/60Hz Ch : trung tnh cch ly H p: Vn 1kV 50/60Hz B ngun: ba pha vi dy trung tnh, hai pha va mt pha

Mng in: TT, TN-S, TN-C,IT Cc nguyn tc tnh ton c bn ca Doc PRO: Phng php tnh ton da trn php tnh lp Newton- Rapson Da trn c tnh ca ti c bo v nh: loi ti, dng in ti,cng sut ti yu cu la chn thit b ph hp nht cho ti . -Xc nh tit din dy v chiu di cp tnh ton dng ngn mch ln nht v nh nht -Kim tra gi tr cc thng s nhp vo -Thng bo tt c cc sai st cho ngui s dng bit v chnh sa cc thng s. ----------------------------------------------------


I. Ci t 1. Ci t ABB software desktop -Vo folder: "<Drive>:\DOC & CAT" - Nhp p vo file Set up.exe

Nhp vo DOC hay CAT , ABB software desktop s c t ng ci. 2. Nhp vo CAT ci t ABB CAT Software.

3. Nhp vo DOC ci ABB DOC Software

II. Cp nht update ABB software DOC v CAT ta thc hin nh sau Chy ABB software desktop- Nhp vo Software Upgrade- Nhn OK ng. Update offline: Chn Look for updates locally" Click: "Browse..." button. Chn Folder: "<Drive>:\DOC&CAT\ABBSoftwareUpgrade\LocalShare"

Update online

Nhn Sign up ng k ti khon c update min ph

Chn look for update on internet Nhn Save downloaded upgratedes to coputer to share them on local network lu file update.