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Subject Day/date I.

: English : Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Name : _______________ Grade : 6 grade

Choose the best answer by crossing a, b, c or d! 1. I have an apple. ...apple is red. a. your c. my b. our d. their 2. Anton : Where will you go? Dian : I will go to England. Anton : How do you go to there? Dian : I go there by plane. Anton : Good bye Dian. Dian : ...., Anton. a. see you b. good bye 3. Tono : Are there ...books on that table? Tini : Yes, there are. a. much b. some 4. Look at the picture! Father is ....than mother. a. shorter b. thinner c. taller d. more handsome These are a. tomat b. tomato c. tomatos d. tomatoes

c. good day d. be careful

c. any d. more


6. The color of our blood is a. blue b. yellow 7.

c. black d. red

This place is for Moslems worship, Its name is . a. Church b. Temple c. Mosque d. pagoda This is Nia, her face is . a. Round b. Oval


c. square d. globular


Dona : What time is it? Toto : It is . a. half past ten b. half past six

c. half pas nine d. half past eleven


This is Mr. Roni, he is not fat. He is man. a. thin b. fat c. slim d. chubby I go to school by .. a. motorcycle b. bicycle c. pedicab d. taxi


12. We taste the food with our.. a. skin b. hand 13.

c. teeth d. tongue

Father is .daughter and wife. a. beside b. between c. behind d. under This sign means a. you may not enter b. you may park here c. you may not park here d. you may cross here


15. I can bring goods with my a. hand b. mouth

c. legs d. eyes

16. This fruit is yellow and long, Its flesh is sweet and contains vitamin C. This fruit is ... a. apple c. banana b. grapes d. avocado 17. The suitable superlative is .
Positive degree pretty comparative Prettier than superlative

a. As pretty as b. M ore prettier 18. We can borrow the books in the . a. book store b. library 19. Sinta : What are you doing? Diana : .. a. I read a book b. I am reading a book.

c. the prettiest d, pretty than

c. hospital d. museum

c. I will read a book d. I was reading a book.

20. This place is good for save the antique things. a. police office b. bus station 21. The boy is hiding .the door a. in front of b. behind 22. The sun rises in the . a. South b. West 23. Whats the weather like today? It is . a. cold b. summer c. spring d. rainy

c. school d. museum

c. beside d. under

c. East d. North

24. 1000 550 = a. Four hundred and sixty b. Four hundred and forty 25. Does Mr. Prapto go to Surabaya by train? Yes, a. She does b. I do II. Fill in the blanks with the correct answer! 26. My fathers mother is my .. 27. This sign means

c. four hundred and fifty d. four hundred and twenty

c. He does d. They do

28. Five hundred minus four hundred and fifty is . 29. This sign means .


Deny : What time is it? Sonia : It is a .past one.

31. We can see with our . 32. All of students SD Widuri Jaya study at . 33. Does your mother cook chicken soup at the kitchen? Yes, . 34. This vegetable is red. The taste of this vegetable is spicy. Generally, This vegetable is made for hot sauce. This vegetable is . 35. We are not tailors, .? (The form of tag question is.) 36. The colour of ripe banana is . 37. Are you watching TV News now? Yes, . 38. What is this? It is a .


It is number .


Nita Dian

: Where is a toy? : A toy is ....the table.

41. She has a teddy bear. .....taddy bear is funny. 42. This month is April. Last month was .... Look at the flight schedule below and answer the question number 43 45!
Flight schedule of Tuesday, April 1, 2012 FLIGHT NUMBER DEPARTURE ARRIVAL DESTINATION

GIA 212 GIA 213

07.00 10.00

09.00 12.30


43. The arrival time of GIA 212 from Jakarta to Surabaya at . 44. The derature of GIA 213 from Soekarno Hatta Airport at .... 45. We need ....hours from Jakarta to Surabaya. III. Answer correctly! 46. Arrange these jumble words into good a sentence! Father grandfather Mr.Sunarys my is. 47. Arrange these jumbled dialogue into good dialogue! Rani : Good morning, Den. Rani : How are you? Rani : I go to school by car. Deny : I am fine thank, How about you? Denny : I go to school on foot. And how about you? Rani : I am fine, too. How do you go to school? Deny : Good morning, Ran. 48. Mention seven days in a week! 49. Write the meaning for the signs below!

50. Rewrite this text and write into right order! I ..(be) getting up at 5 oclock. I am (take) a bath now. My mother .(be) cooking at the kitchen. And my father is .(watch) TV now. We .(be) having breakfast. And we are .(leave) our house at six oclock.

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