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Mel Bay Presents Fingerstyle Jazz a 7 Mel Bay Presents Lenny Breau Fingerstyle Jazz COVER PHOTO BY FRAN TAYLOR © 1985 BY MEL BAY PUBLICATIONS, INC., PACIFIC, MO. INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT SECURED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. PRINTED IN USA, CONTENTS SEMINAR BUILDIN’ THE BLUES...........-..0.00 ec ee eee 1 4 THREE AGAINST TWO... 1.2... eee e eee eee 19 HARMONICS AT WORK ......... eee rerere - 23 SOLOS FIVE O’CLOCK BELLS .........0 000s e cece eee eee SL LITTLE BLUES..... Sue eae eee seen 36 FREIGHT TRAIN... DISCOGRAPHY, etc... 2249 I have been wanting to write a guitar book for six or seven years. I was always discouraged because I never ran into anyone who could really help me do it. Then I figured . . . well, maybe John Knowles and I could put out a good book. The more we talked about it, it felt real right. ‘The most important thing about this book is the information, It’s not exactly the notes. I mean you can get the notes but it’s understanding the philosophy behind the notes that’s important, This could lead a person to their own style of playing. I’m not trying to make you play the way 1 play. I want to lead you to yourself. Pve included some of the exercises that I went through to develop my own playing. If you feel discouraged at first, it’s because they are hard to play . . . that’s all, Keep playing them and after a while they will start to feel natural and you can add your own variations. A lot of people helped me along the way. Of course there’s Chet Atkins. I love Chet. If it hadn’t been for him, I wouldn’t have started playing . . . seriously. Without Bill Evans, I might have quit playing years ago. When I heard Bill play piano, it was a lifetime of inspira- tion. He made me realize that I really don’t know what’s happening because music keeps on changing. oe