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Turbanology - Sikhs Unwrapped

Turbanology Team Director Jay Singh-Sohal Curator @SumOfAllForms Photography Jastinder Singh Kudhail, Jaskirt Dhaliwal Design TVS Media Graphics Amit Patel Online Forward Slash Designs Publicist Sukhmani Kaur Archive Pictures Courtesy of: GNNSJ, Birmingham National Army Museum Peter Bance, Coronet House Sandhurst Collection UK MoD/Crown Copyright 2012 Dot Hyphen Productions 2012 The Turbanology name brand and concept are solely the intellectual property of Jagjeet Singh Sohal.


The Turbanology exhibition explores why the right to wear a turban is central to the Sikh faith, at a time when there are many growing misunderstandings and misrepresentations about them. Turbanology dispels these myths and unravels the real heritage that is wound into every Sikh's turban.


Material Witnesses - There are eight lengths of fabric hanging in the gallery; each one unravelling a fascinating aspect of the story of Sikhs and their turbans. These stories will be added to as the show tours the UK. Crowned Heads - There are four plinths arranged around the gallery space, all with mounted mannequin heads. Each head is modelling a distinct variant style of Sikh turban. Each style has its own unique history which can be read from the label. Being Framed - These present images of Sikhs proudly wearing their turbans in their daily lives. There are many different contexts. Some may be people you recognise. Digital Dastaars - A snapshot of Sikhs and their Turbans in Britain today. New still photographs captured at events in Birmingham in 2011 and London 2012. Categorised as - Traditional Turbans, Modern Turbans and Ladies Turbans. #MyTurban - Prominent British Sikhs talk openly about their Turban identity. Contributors include comedian Hardeep Kohli, business tycoon Peter Singh Virdee and Punjabi folk singer Jassi Sidhu. Why not send your video reply? Record using your phone and email us, telling us what Sikh Turban identity means to you.

y.info www.facebook.co.uk/Turbano logy.Sikhs.Unwrapped.Exhibit ion Twitter: @Turbanology For information on hiring or touring Turbanology contact: turbanology@dothyphen.co.u k or 07908 22 6667