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Meningitis Newborn: S. agalactiae, E coli, Listeria (tumbling motility) Infant: h.

: h. influenzae if never vaccinated Young adults: neisseria meningitidis Elderly: strep neumo, listeria

Necrotizing tracheitis: group A strep Epitheloid cells are the characteristic of granulomas in tb Cd4 <50: MAC, si no, tuberculosis Mycobacterium tb makes nyacin, the others not. Aslo cord factor. Skunk bite is the most common cause of rabies, second is bat Dynein transports the rabies virus to CNS Kartagener syndrome has a genetic mutation in dynein Difference from candida and hairy leucoplaquia: la candida se puede raspar EBV causes hairy leucoplaquia Psammoma bodies: carcinoma papilar de tiroides y meningioma, papilary cistoid ovarian AML and papilary carcinoma radiation Renin decreased in the other kidney when u have renal artery stenosis Emphysema + liver disease: def alpha 1 antitrypsin baronerocks@mac.com www.baronerocks.com