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My OJT Experience It was the 8th day of November year 2011, when I started my on the Job training at Planters

Development Bank Batangas Branch. It was located at #3 P. Burgos Street, Batangas City. I stayed at the office of the assistant and senior assistant manager and it serve as my main training grounds. All of the employees in this branch were regular employee that may help me in my learning experience. In some other times we met reserved officers and staff due to some reasons. My first day wasnt that good for me its because Im not familiar with the employee and in the kind of work they may given to me. Filling of important files and daily reports was very easy task, but in my first days its been very hard for me to file bundles of reports. Before filing documents, I have to sort the different kinds of reports. My training supervisor thought me how to print the daily reports, file deposit slips properly, making deposit slips, swiping and clearing checks electronically and the proper way of answering the telephone. At first, my supervisor give me the instruction for the work they were given, but when I already get familiar to these she let me do it with myself. I was train at Planters Development Bank Batangas for almost four months and observed the daily activities and practices of the employees inside the office, as well as the rules and regulation that all staffs and officers must fulfill with, and of course as trainees, we must wear corporate attire from Monday to Friday, open shoes was not allowed, who will not follow this rules will be given a disciplinary action and punishment. As a trainee, I have to be at the bank on or before 8:00 am. Absences are recorded at our DTR and we have to ask the officers before we leave the bank premises. We have to give valuable reasons for leaving. I participated in the normal operation of the office by doing the tasks that is assigned to me. During my training I learned to interact and get socialized with other people. I know that people have different individuality and attitudes, however making friends with my co-trainee and in the staffs and officers doesnt make difficult. They dont treat me like others. And as a trainee, I dont feel tight working with them, later I

learned to work with patience, working at the bank was very stressful because of the clients you have to welcome and interact with. I also learned from my co-trainee experience and mistakes, as well as my mistake and apply it whenever I needed. Though we worked together for a very short time, we had built a friendship that is very special. At break time, we ate together and share everything about our own lives. And of course we had shared also the knowledge we had learned from experience and school. Sometimes I interact with clients who are not that good, of course I am not perfect and I can make mistakes. Oftentimes, I answer the phone and we have to be nice to every person were talking with. When there are clients asking for their bank statements and reports, I let the officers to talk to them because every bank records is very much private. In every kind of work I must be nice to all people that I may encountered to prevent problem. Challenges are always there, its a trial of ones ability or resources in demanding. In some times, Im doing the callback which is to balance the transaction of every teller. That tasks was assigned to me by the assistant manager and she is responsible in checking what I had done. In my four months training in Planters Development Bank, I can say that I had contribute to them, I help them to minimize their work and finished it for a short period of time. The training inside in the company is learning experienced each day. I learned to appreciate the lessons studied in school and realize the important of it. I understand that was thought in school can be a tool that can be used in future career. As a trainee I become a careful person. I also learned to follow instruction as what the superior said and accept the opinion theyre suggested and follow the rules and regulation of the company. On the job training is not just a subject/requirement to be pass/complete but it is an opportunity to show what skills, talents, knowledge , techniques and most specially the ability as a person and an individual who will enter the world of business at the right time. This is also an application of what we had learn. Its serve as a stepping stone to a real life as an employee. Learning is a lifetime commitment that continues even though I have a job. Training inspired me to enhance my ability and knowledge in my chosen field. And of course we have to

treasure every person we become socialize even for a very short period of time. Now I am more interested and excited to enter the world of business. It was a enormous and wonderful experience.

Prepared by: Rosie A. Doce

Making deposit slips

Filing Documents and Reports

Swiping and Clearing Checks Electronically

Doing Computer Works

Printing Daily Reports

Updating Customer Signature Card

Moments with the Staffs, Officers and Manager