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FACULTY OF ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA SARAWAK 94300 Kota Samarahan, Sarawak EBQ2054: Research Methodology for

Economics and Business Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Venus Khim-Sen Liew Teaching Assistance: Miss Hiew Lee Chea / Mr. Thien Fung Thai TUTORIAL 4 INSTRUCTION TO STUDENTS Please submit your solutions to your Teaching Assistance before the class start.


SECTION A (MULTIPLE CHOICE) 1. Which of the following refers to the extent that all information collected in a questionnaire addresses a research question that will help the decision maker address the current business problem? a. relevant b. accuracy c. frequency d. counterbalanced 2. Can you name five brands of tires?" is an example of what type of question? a. fixed-alternative b. pivot c. open-ended response d. filter

3. "What is your gender? _____ M a. loaded b. leading c. fixed-alternative d. filter

_____ F" is an example of what type of question?

4. All of the following are disadvantages of open-ended response questions EXCEPT: a. cost b. interviewer bias c. the information provided by responses is not useful to decision makers d. articulate individuals give a large share of the responses but they may not be representative of the entire population


"Do you own a cell phone? _____ Yes a. leading b. simple-dichotomy c. loaded d. open-ended response

_____ No" is an example of what type of question?


What type of question is the following? What time of day did you watch that movie at the Multiplex? _____ Matinee _____ Evening _____ Rush-hour special a. b. c. d. filter pivot open-ended response determinant-choice


What type of question is the following? Which of the following services of the United Missouri Bank, besides your personal checking account, do you currently use? (check all that apply) ______ Savings account ______ Car loan ______ Home mortgage loan a. b. c. d. pivot question filter question checklist question counterbalancing question

8. All of the following are guidelines that help prevent the most common mistakes in designing questions EXCEPT: a. avoid personal questions b. avoid complexity c. avoid leading questions d. avoid double-barreled questions

9. "In light of the current economic crisis, do you agree or disagree that the President of the United States is doing a good job of managing the economy?" is an example of what type of question? a. counterbalancing b. order bias c. double-barreled d. loaded

10. "Do you agree or disagree with the statement: The Federal Reserve Bank and the large U.S. banks are responsible for the high foreclosures on home mortgages" is an example of what type of question? a. counterbiasing b. open-ended response c. counterbalancing d. double-barreled

11. Asking respondents to remember something without providing any clue is called: a. unaided recall b. aided recall c. recognition d. cognitive retrieval

12. Which of the following occurs when respondents believe that past events happened more recently than they actually did? a. telescoping b. squishing c. myopic remembering d. zooming

13. When respondents think that recent events took place longer ago than they really did, this is called: a. telescoping b. squishing c. faltering d. misredemption

14. Which technique recommends asking general questions before specific questions in order to obtain unbiased responses? a. skip logic technique b. telescoping c. squishing d. funnel technique

15. When a respondent in a personal interview is asked questions about shopping at a specific department store in the shopping mall, and then is asked general questions about shopping at that mall, what type of mistake has been made in questionnaire design? a. filter effect b. order bias c. double-barreled effect d. loaded effect

16. A filter question used to determine which version of a second question that will be asked is called a(n): a. anchoring question b. pivot question c. funneling question d. piping question

17. Which Internet questionnaire layout presents the entire questionnaire on one page? a. paging layout b. scrolling layout c. continuous layout d. perpetual layout

18. A bar at the top of the page in an Internet survey that indicates how much of the survey still needs to be completed is known as what type of bar? a. drop-down b. radio c. push d. Status

19. Which of the following allows variables, such as answers from previous questions, to be inserted into unfolding questions on Internet surveys? a. variable piping software b. interactive software c. error trapping software d. funneling software

20. When "Out of sight, out of mind" was translated into a foreign language, and then was translated back into English by a language expert in that language to become: "Invisible things are insane," this was an example of: a. the linguistic effect b. a loaded question c. back translation d. a counterbiasing statement

SECTION B (COMPLETION) 1. A question in which the respondent is given a list of possible responses and is asked to choose one of them is an example of a(n) ____________________ question. 2. A fixed-alternative question in which the respondent is asked to check either _____ Yes or _____ No is an example of a(n) ____________________ question.

3. A type of fixed-alternative question in which a respondent is asked to select the category that best represents his gross income for the previous year is an example of a(n) ____________________ question.

4. A fixed-alternative question which lists ten possible services that could be provided by a local bank and asks respondents to check as many as apply to the question: Which of the following banking services do you currently use for First City Bank? is an example of a(n) ____________________ question.

5. Questions that suggest or imply a certain answer are called ____________________ questions.

6. A question that is written in such a way that it really asks two questions at the same time (e.g. two separate ideas separated by "and") is called a(n) ____________________ question.

7. In a personal interview, asking general questions before asking specific questions in order to create less bias in the responses is known as the ____________________ technique.

8. A question that "screens out" respondents because they do not qualify to answer a subsequent question (e.g. "Do you own a DVD player?") is called a(n) ____________________ question.

9. In an Internet questionnaire, boxes where respondents can type in their own answers to questions are called ____________________.

10. The process of taking a questionnaire that has previously been translated from one language to another and having it translated back again by a second, independent translator is called ____________________.



1. Name and define the primary types of fixed-alternative questions.

2. Discuss factors to consider when determining the order of questions on a questionnaire.