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By Ahmad Z. Al Khatib 201080033

Reflection Essay Ch:1 Version 2 Human Development and Individual Differences Dr. Yaser Natour

United Arab Emirates University April, 2012


2012 Ahmad Z. Al Khatib ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Abstract This essay is a reflection on chapter one in Ormords (2011) Educational Psychology. It reviews and reflect on the topics presented in this chapter.


Introduction In one way or another; teachers are researchers, they are also learners (Ormord, 2011). Many teachers believe in long life learning and in the concept of teacher as learners, however, they have a vague idea about teacher as a researcher concept. Educational psychology as a branch of science has revealed significant finding that could help teachers become better teachers and students become better learners. Knowledge about the subject matter is highly important to any educator, but lack of knowledge about human learning and motivation, developmental trends, individual and group differences, and effective instruction and assessment practices are topics of even greater significance.

Ormords Own psychological Survey (OOPS) Many teachers would have to say oops, because they will get most of the answers wrong on OOPS. Not knowing enough even about left and right parts of the brain that would affect teaching practices meant storming literary branch students who scored very low on the high school exam (Tawjihi) in Jordan, with agonizing grammar rules and syntactic equations on their left side brains without linking these meaningfully to their right side brains. Another misconception that views girls as much better learners than boys is quite dominant among teachers and parents alike. When it comes to remembering things by repetitions, we can see evidences from schools where students are never able to memorize the multiplication tables no matter how hard they try. Taking notes during a lecture would help students focus, but some go too far trying to summarize everything which has proven to be a very time consuming endeavor especially for university students. The conception that when you teach something to others, you tend to know more about it, is a technique proven to be a commonly adopted teaching practice.


Assessment is a different story, training teachers about formative and summative assessment is of high importance that would reflect positively on their testing practices and students grades.

Understanding Research Descriptive studies are the mother of all researches because they operate as a reference material, a scaffold, an idea about the status quo, despite the fact that we cant rely on them alone. Increasing the size of the sample in descriptive analysis would yield much more valid interpretation on such analysis. Correlational studies are a step higher than descriptive; still they are not that strong. Correlational studies give an indication about a relationship or what we can call a prediction. Experimental studies are the most powerful since they show a cause and effect relationship. In Education the quasi-experimental studies are very strong tools, still we need to choose the dependent variable meticulously. Some studies require qualitative research in order to explore the complex nature of human behavior in social contexts. The Importance of Theory A theory is an integrated set of concepts and principles that explain a particular phenomenon. There is a lack in the scientific knowledge about the theories of education like those of Piagets, Vigotsky, Bruner and other giants among teachers. Some language teachers believe that the purpose of language is communication that can be built through constant practice and exposure. This being part of a behaviorist of theory is rarely realized. Many still do not know that constructivist theory is a favorable approach among many educators nowadays.


The Importance of Assessment Assessment involves more than taking a quiz or a test. A baseline data is required as a first step so when conducting post tests, improvement would clearly appear even if the scores were low. Assessment should be a means to an end not an end itself. It should take other forms than the conventional methods. The most important aspect of assessment is formative assessment because it provides teachers with feedback on their teaching practices and allows them to identify gaps and offer remedial actions. Action research is of major importance to teachers when confronted with a problem that needs a solution in class.

Developing as a Teacher Professional development is an essential part of teacher training. Continuing taking courses in teacher education, learning as much as possible about the subject matter, and increasing teachers pedagogical content knowledge should be an essential aspect on any professional development program in any school. Teachers also need to constantly reflect and critically examine their own beliefs. This happens as teachers become more experienced and when they believe that they can make a difference in the lives of their students. Teachers touch the lives of hundreds of students and can make a difference.


References Ormrod, J. E. (2011). Educational Psychology: Developing Learners, 6/E, Pearson: Prentice Hall.