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seid MY HEART AT THY DEAR VOICE MON CCBUR S’OUVRE A TA VOIX English Version by (From“Samson et Dalila”) ‘Serge Conger CAMILLE SAINT. Satins Andantino. P My heart Mon coeur Simile, ny dvar voice ‘Wakes with joy, like the flowy. ate voix com-me vox - vrent les — fleurs. At the suns brunt e-tum—- ing! Aus ba = er teeafawre | ral my ddar-est one, mon bien ai md, 682-0 Copyright MOMX, by The University Soclety Ine Medium 969 ——— dim ‘That grief maylose its Say ‘tis. mine, ‘our micus: sicher mes Que ta voir thy hearts yearn - ing! Marlen co rh espress here at my sidet Prom-ise eer thoult qed Daw ti. ta ure viens pour rinf ‘Once more those vows $0 lov Re - dis a mate ares, 2882-8 970 _strin. hear from thy heart! Breathe that mine still thou monts dan-tre - fois, ces ser-ments — que_fai- string. ‘ Un poco piu lento Ss Ant al ree Un poco piu lento Loves ca ress cdns na—__— ten soul ex - press- - es! | Re-spond to my ca- cise! RE- ponds ma ten verse moi li ~ ores - 8-682-8