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Company Analysis

1. Company Overview a. Industry/ Sector(s) b. Company history: When it started, By whom, Promoters c. Company milestone: Major acquisitions, Policy Changes d. Vision and Mission e. Organization Structure f. Management team/Key Employees g. Geographies h. Subsidiaries i. Key facts and figures: No of employees, Quarterly Performance 2. Products and Services a. Revenue Summary by Geographical Distribution b. Revenue Summary by Business Division 3. Financials: Revenue, Gross Profit, P/E Ratio, Share Value, Operating Profit a. Revenue/Sales turnover b. Operating profit c. Net profit d. Liquidity Position or Profitability of the company i. Current Ratio = Current Assets/Current Liabilities. ii. Quick Ratio = Current Assets Inventory / Current Liabilities e. Debt Equity Ratio = Total liabilities / Shareholders Equity f. Earnings Per Share g. Market Capitalization 4. CSR initiatives 5. Key Competitors: a. Market scenario b. Top five competitors 6. SWOT Analysis

7. Recent Developments 8. Company Outlook: Future Plans, Vision(Short Term)(From Annual Report)