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J. BangfadeshAgril. Univ.

2(2): 361-370,2004

lssN 1810-3030

Consumptionpattern and consumer behaviour of fish in Dhakacity

M. SalauddinPalashand S.A.Sabur
Mymensingh Agricultural University, and Bangladesh of Department Co-operation N,4arketing,

and buyingbehavior to the level,incomeelasticities The studywas conducted investigale consumption 2004 primary duringN,larch from 75 households data were collected iish in Dhakacity.The required oi typesof per of sampling method.l\,4onthly capitaconsumption ditferent n Dhakacity throughpurposive more increased The amountof fish consumplion with the increase monthlyincome. of i shes Increased than two times from lower incomegroup to higherincomegroup exceptkechki (Corca soborna)and mola).These typesof fisheswere more consumedby lower incomegroup mola\Ambtapharyngodon percentage decreased with the increaseof monlhlyincome For this, monthlyper capita expenditure item. Shole (Channa of exceptabove types of fishes.l\,4ost the fisheswere found as a normal/luxury mola) werc found as inferiorfish items. sfrialus),lati (Channapunctatus) and mola lAmblapharyngodon preferred buy fish in the early morning,32 percentin the late to Fiftv s x percentof the households and 5 percentat noon.The generallaw mofnng, 13 percentin the evening,I 1 percentin the atternoon in of demandwas applicable lhe studyarea;that meanswhen the priceof fish rose or fell, consumers the consumption fish. Freshness of and taste were found the most important reducedor increased the fish rarelyconsidered fish. The households the studiedarea for purchasing in factorfor purchasrng 'a:tcr cholesterollevel. lllish (Hilsha i isha) was found highly preferableand shrimp was found - : t ' a l e . , 0 , e f e r a b lies hf o r b o t hm a l ea n df e m a l e r o u p s . g l pa F K e w v o r d s : C o n s L . l m p l r o n t t e r n .C o n s u m e rb e h a v i o u r , i s h