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Volume 16 • December 2008

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Happy Holidays!

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contents start your new
1 now

start your new year
year now
I don’t know how you guys feel about New Year’s Resolutions; personally, I’ve
3 cellular energy had mixed success with them. If it’s a change that I want to make – or know that I
need to make – resolutions can provide support and help reinforce my goals. But
if the resolution is also tasked with convincing a person to do what needs to be
4 hot off the done, success is not only unlikely, it’s practically impossible. (For proof, simply ask
(digital) presses anyone who loves to smoke, but still tries to quit every New Year – it almost never
works. Most people won’t stop smoking until they get sick of – and stop loving – Stay prepared
their cigarettes.) this holiday season with the
8 powerpeople maGift Card! Redeemable
As 2008 draws to a close, rather than make an array of resolutions that may or
for thousands of exclusive
may not be heeded, I would instead invite every Market American to reflect on his
or her own efforts – as I do, every year – and commitment to building his or her ma products and at
UnFranchise® Business. While it may not be a totally pleasant experience, making an Premier Partner sites on
your Portal, the maGift
powerline honest assessment of our accomplishments and shortcomings is a vital component
of the process. Card is
a terrific, all-purpose
Did you achieve the goals you set for 2008? If not, why not? Goal-setting can
Brandon Keel be a tricky scenario because some people tend to confuse their dreams – crowd pleaser.
editor/copywriter manager which can never be too big nor set too high – with their goals, which need to
be realistic, measurable and progressive. Setting unattainable goals will result in Keeping a few extra
Andrew Coleman disappointment, while setting them too low will create a false sense of maGift Cards on hand for
copy editor accomplishment. Neither will help grow your business. neighbors and coworkers
will help protect against
William Treadwell Luckily, there is a secret weapon. And it is already in your hands: Market America’s
Getting Started Guide and Action Plan for Success. Even if you immediately read those embarrassing
senior art director
every page when you first got in the business, this is the kind of roadmap that never "But-I-didn't-get-you-
Chris Koenig goes out of date. I re-read it every January, and recommend that you do, too. From anything" moments this
art director the very first page, our Getting Started Guide is packed with tasks you’ll need to holiday season.
accomplish, from short-term daily goals to long-term over-arching plans. Although
every step is important, I cannot stress enough the need to create your personal
Billy Layton Don't be caught
goal statement and read it out loud. Every. Single. Day. Twice, actually. This 50- to
graphic designer 100-word statement holds far more power than people initially realize – but you’ll be empty-handed!
amazed at what happens after a little repetition and recitation! Some authors have
Jonathan Kalbaugh recently even made their fortunes from publicizing this “Secret!"
graphic designer
Market America is a serious business; it’s neither a hobby nor a game. We
have invested years of effort to perfect our entrepreneurial model of wealth creation.
There is a proven pathway to success here; one must simply follow the plan to
succeed. You can’t do it half-heartedly, and you can’t pick and choose which steps
tell us what you think to follow. So do as I do, and re-familiarize yourself with the recommendations made
tellus@marketamerica.com within the Getting Started Guide. Download those new audios; make sure you’ve
I love finding new ways to use our products! I've got your Two-Minute Commercial down cold. Plug yourself deeper into the NMTSS
been trying different coffee sweeteners for a long and attend new trainings. Most importantly, get your tickets to upcoming events and
time now; I went from sugar to Splenda to honey, participate! The maWorld Conference is just around the corner; have you gotten
simply trying to keep a good taste with a healthy your tickets yet? The connections you will make and information you will receive
balance. One day I put a spoonful of MochaTonix® alongside other likeminded entrepreneurs simply cannot be acquired anywhere else.
in my coffee and I have not gone back to anything You have already made the decision to put yourself on the right track for success,
else since. The rich, creamy vanilla flavor of and I commend you for it. Now, you must simply follow the path.
MochaTonix is the best!
Heartfelt best wishes for the New Year; may health and happiness find you in
- Mindy abundance in 2009.
Temecula, CA

JR Ridinger
Powerline is published by Market America, Inc., 1302 Pleasant Ridge Road, Greensboro, N.C. 27409-9326, USA. Basic subscription rates: one year U.S. and Canada $99.95 USD.
POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Powerline, Market America, Attention: Mail Processing, P.O. Box 35364, Greensboro, N.C. 27409-9326. Publication contents copyright
2008, Market America, Inc. All rights reserved.
President & CEO marketamerica.com
Motives Milestones ®

Latina Features Motives by Loren Ridinger Cosmetics
The December issue of Latina magazine highlights one of the hottest holiday looks
with Motives by Loren Ridinger Pink Pearl Mineral Eye Shadow –
exposing this exciting new line of cosmetics to
the Latin American market.
CoQ10: Turning the key for cellular energy
Motives in by Brooks Leigh, Scientific Affairs
Everyday with Rachael Ray
With a circulation of more than 1.6 million,

Everyday with Rachael Ray has a spotlight Cellular energy is a term found in textbooks, scientific articles, can help. CoQ10 has received much scientific attention since
story, “Ginormous Gift-Away,” in the and on the Internet to describe the way our body utilizes its discovery in the late 1950s. Studies have supported its
December/January edition of the energy. It has been linked to molecules such as CoQ10 role in promoting cardiovascular health, combating aging,
magazine that features the Motives (coenzyme Q10) and ATP (adenosine triphosphate). It is a supporting healthy blood glucose levels and providing
Silver Makeup Makeover Trunks. process that our body must be very efficient in to sustain life. antioxidant activity (1,2). Since the mitochondria generate 90
In this two-part series on cellular energy, we will examine what percent of the oxygen radicals formed in cells, it is no surprise
exactly cellular energy is, and what role CoQ10 and ATP play. that coenzyme
Q10 serves a dual
You’ve seen the word “You’ve seen the word function and can
(A) “calories” listed on the
'calories' listed on neutralize these

Ethereal Girl Cristae

packages of many
Intermembrane space foods, but have you

ever wondered what

it means? Calories
the packages of many
foods, but have you ever
free radicals as well
as help to create
ATP. A recent study
published by Cooke

Outer membrane
are not a measure of
how fattening a food
wondered what it means?” et al. in the Journal
of the International
Inner membrane
is, but are rather a Society of Sports
unit of energy, and Nutrition found that
in particular, heat in just 14 days of
energy. Food contains calories predominantly in the form supplementation, CoQ10 levels in the blood were significantly
The Starlet look is classic, feminine and worldly. of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Here is where cellular increased compared to a control group. The researchers
• Pink Pearl Mineral Eye Shadow • Color Quad All Over Color - energy comes into play — what “cellular energy” is referring to also found that CoQ10 supplementation increased maximal
• Black Liquid Eyeliner - Sex in the City
Edge of Night • Mineral Silk Lipstick -
is the process by which chemical bonds of organic molecules oxygen consumption and time to exhaustion during aerobic
• Lash Longer Divalicious (food) are broken, and the energy released is stored as ATP. exercise (3). These results, along with previous studies,
• Tinted Eyebrow Finish - Walnut • Lip Shine - Snap Dragon This complex process occurs inside the mitochondria (Fig. A) suggest that CoQ10 supplementation can have many benefits
in nearly every cell in our body and requires many components for the human body.
such as proteins, enzymes and coenzymes. One coenzyme

RockStar is known as ubiquinone, or coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) (Fig.

B). CoQ10 is a unique vitamin-like, fat-soluble coenzyme
present in the highest concentrations in tissues that do the
In part two of this series, we will discuss the role of ATP in
cellular energy and discuss what it is about ATP that gives us
energy to move our muscles, digest food and fight off a cold.
most work, such as the heart and the liver. It concentrates
in mitochondrial membranes and acts as a critical link in the
electron transport chain for ATP production (Fig. C).
(C) 2H+ 4H+ 2H+ 3H+

The Ethereal Girl

look is flirty, radiant and heavenly.
Although coenzyme Q10 is synthesized in nearly every tissue Complex
CoQ Complex
C Complex Complex Inner
• Green Eyed Envy Eye Shadow Palette in our body, our natural ability to produce CoQ10 declines with Mitochondrial
I III IV V Membrane

• Gel Eyeliner - Martini age. When CoQ10 levels are insufficient, cellular energy and Complex
• Mascara - Black Plum II
ATP production suffer. This is where dietary supplementation NADH NAD+ 1/2 O2 H20
• Color Quad Highlighter -
2H+ 2H+
You Glow Girl H+
Succinate Fumarate
• Mineral Blush - Pure Silk O
• Mineral Silk Lipstick - Pink Diamond (B) ADP + P 1 ATP + H 0

• Lip Shine - Sweet Pea O
O CoQ10 is an essential component of the electron transport chain within the mitochondria.

1. Littarru, G. and Tiano, L. Bioenergetic and antioxidant properties of coenzyme Q10: recent developments. Molecular
The Rock Star look is vixen, Biotechnology. 37(1): 31-37, 2007.
edgy and fearless.
2. H
 odgson, J., et al. Coenzyme Q10 improves blood pressure and glycaemic control: a controlled trial in subjects with type
• Glam Mineral Eye • Eye Shadows - Dark Denim, • Color Quad Highlighter -
Shadow Palette Aluminum & Mirage You Glow Girl 2 diabetes. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 56(11): 1137-1142, 2002.
• Gel Eyeliner - Rock Star • Tinted Eyebrow Finish - • Mineral Silk Lipstick - 3. C
 ooke, M., et al. Effects of acute and 14-day coenzyme Q10 supplementation on exercise performance in both trained
• Black Tubular Mascara Chestnut Pink Diamond and untrained individuals. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. 5: 8, 2008.
• Lip Gel - Pink Mimosa
ma powerline | december 08 3
hot off the Be
(digital) presses
Market America has always been a forward-looking (and forward-
thinking) company, partnering with other innovative companies who
share our vision of the future. This

Today, our latest breakthrough comes in the new The maNewsstand appeals to all kinds of people,
field of digital publishing: our partnership with iMirus from tech enthusiasts who love to play with the latest
allows you to subscribe to – and read online – digital gadgetry to the environmentally conscious, who
editions of top periodicals. We're calling it the appreciate getting their information without killing
maNewsstand, and the beta version of our digital trees. Most importantly, every Market American
publishing initiative is already live on your Portal. will benefit from using the digitized Powerline as
a marketing and business-building tool. All of
Our current slate of titles includes Haute Living, Giant, the content is clickable and interactive, creating a
Business Traveler and (of course!) Market America's compelling, dynamic and personalized presentation
Powerline, with plenty more to come – including print with each and every use. Check it out today – only
subscriptions and online books – in 2009! at marketamerica.com!

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S ften 9.25 Sna ncen 9.95 ™
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62 62 62 62 62

4 ma powerline | december 08
t u f f
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s to
the r belly.
y o u
Transitions™ On the Go Bars
are not only a tasty and
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6442 ~ Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (Box of 12)

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*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

6 ma powerline | december 08
powerpeople $18,000 in four weeks
Director powerpeople $10,000 in four weeks
National Supervising Coordinator

Michelle Yao Sandy Cheng Yu Shan, Yajun Wu & Donald Wu

• • •
Mountain, CA San Francisco, CA Toronto, ON
After climbing the corporate ladder for 16 years (and being
promoted four times!), I was finally assigned to the United
States from Shanghai to grow the business. Unfortunately, I
soon fell ill and was diagnosed with pemphigus. In a strange,
new country with only a few friends and failing health, I
became disabled, stressed and eventually depressed!

This was the moment that Market America came into my

life. I first was a user of the products and, having been
convinced of their efficacy, became an UnFranchise®
Business Owner – despite the fact that I was still disabled at
the time! So if I can make it happen, anyone can.

I am so blessed to have found Market America’s products

and business opportunity. The products are great, and
the ongoing income has helped me to retire and live
comfortably. I am so proud to be part of the UnFranchise
Business System since it creates an opportunity for the
average person to succeed. Believe in yourself, believe in Market America transformed my life. It raised my self- After 28 years in a successful career back in China, I
the products, and believe in the company to change the esteem and confidence, while improving my interpersonal immigrated to Canada with my husband and son in
face of business. You can make it happen too. relationships. The products support the health of my 2000. I was blessed to meet Jane He who presented the
friends, family and customers. Best of all, I can actually UnFranchise® Business opportunity. Leadership School
With this business, I can help other people achieve their help others succeed. Thank you Market America for 2001 was my “magic moment;” after three days of training
goals and dreams, and that gives me personal satisfaction. offering me the best opportunity in my life, and thank you I saw the “big picture” and began to both believe and
Here is my tip: no matter how long you’ve been in to my team! achieve. I could even see myself on stage! Thanks to all
the business, no matter what your situations are, just my partners!
remember the effort you put into this business will benefit
you for your entire life! Thank you, Market America and Xi Zhe Wang & Lingyi Su Jesse Ming-Chien Yang
nutraMetrix®! Thanks to all of my powerful teammates! See • •
you at the top! Richmond, CA Fresh Meadows, NY

JR has a vision of a new economy, one that will enable Ever since Leadership School 2006, I had no doubt I would
ordinary people to change their destinies and become be successful with Market America. All that is needed is
financially independent. To become personally wealthy is hard work and I have that in abundance! As long as you
NOT my life’s goal; what I strive for is the fulfillment of my follow the system and are coachable, there’s no doubt that
own team members’ dreams. If we make a collective effort this business will work for you. Work harder and smarter,
The examples of income shown for each of the Distributors featured in powerpeople are not intended to be representative of the earnings of any specific class of Market America Distributors, nor are they intended to
represent that any given Independent Distributor will earn income in that amount. Rather, the income figures testify to the results which have been accomplished by Independent Distributors who have devoted time, talent, to follow the UnFranchise® System, success will be ours and you too will be a success!
hard work, and a willingness to follow the UnFranchise® proven business plan in building their Market America businesses. The success of any Market America Distributor will depend upon the amount of hard work, talent for sure. Never give up – take action now!
and dedication which he or she devotes to the building of his or her Market America business.

8 ma powerline | december 08 ma powerline | december 08 9

powerpeople $7,500 in four weeks
Supervising Coordinator
Your favorite friends deserve gifts, too!
Shenqi Fu & Liping Li Cheung Lee When you’re going over your list of who’s been naughty and
• • who’s been nice, don’t forget about the furry friends in your household!
Elmhurst, NY Fresh Meadows, NY

Market America is truly a gift from God. If you are willing Thank you to JR for creating such a powerful business
to believe in the system and implement the business plan! By following it, getting committed, staying focused,
plan, you will truly achieve health, wealth, freedom and and being persistent, we can change our future together.
friendship. We love every aspect of Market America. The Thanks to the executive team for setting great examples
most important part is that we achieved personal growth and leading us to success. Thanks to my team, I am so
and success, along with our business partners. God bless fortunate and proud to work with all of you!
Market America!

Sam Lin
Two Links You •
Brooklyn, NY
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America’s World Headquarters — only on maBlog. Read
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When I found Market America, I saw an opportunity that

could guide me to success and have since put my time and
effort into it. In order to be successful with Market America,
all you need is belief: in the company, the products, your
team and yourself. Thanks Market America for making my
life so beautiful!

ma powerline | december 08 11
powerpeople $4,500 in four weeks

Tis the
the season
season to
Professional Coordinator

Michelle Chan

Kevin & Jenney Grundstrom

Flushing, NY Hudson, WI

Let your skin shimmer and sparkle this holiday

season! Our Diva Mineral Collection combines our
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Since the age of 15, I had always worked job to job and We are given one body, one mind and one life to live
lived paycheck to paycheck. I once thought the J.O.B. however we choose. But most people neglect their bodies,
would be my only way until I was introduced to Market sell their minds and live out the choices that others make
America. Thank you, because now I dare to dream that I for them. Market America has provided us with a way
will achieve. Thanks to my precious partners: for me alone to keep our bodies healthy, our minds sharp and the
it’s impossible, but with you all anything is possible! Market opportunity to live the lifestyle others can only dream of. It by loren ridinger
America is a beautiful journey – enjoy it! is only with the support of our amazing team that all of this
is possible. Thank you!

Lai-Man & Yu-Chiu Leung Ge Li

• •
North York, ON North Potomac, MD

3380 Diva Mineral Collection $99.95 dream goddess

Three lessons that Market America has taught us: I became an Independent Customer Manager with Market
to maintain a positive drive, seize opportunities as America because of the products – OPC-3® in particular
they arise, and (most importantly) to recognize the pleasure – but I never thought I could own a business since that’s
and satisfaction from helping others! Our eternal gratitude not my background. But after attending International
goes to Gloria and Jimmy Kuo who introduced the Convention and other trainings through NMTSS, I began
opportunity to us, and to our partners, team and family to realize the power of this revolutionary business model.
who have been supportive throughout. Let us grow and Thanks to Market America and my precious partners; with 0022 Gold Dust $25.00
dess Palette $3
succeed together! a great team, anything is possible! 3372 Dream God
12 ma powerline | december 08
powerpeople $4,500 in four weeks
Professional Coordinator
In excess of $2,100 (including Management Bonus)

Master Coordinator

Zhouming Long Jie Wu

• •
Bellemead, NJ Baltimore, MD

Rui Zhi Chen & Chang Jun Li

Hui Ting Liang Chicago, IL
Brooklyn, NY

Burn It Off!
Most people overeat during the holiday season and then
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Burn, After-Burn and Hydrate Replenishing drinks can
When I first immigrated to the United States, I was a stay- I already owned several businesses when I first started help you make the most of a healthy workout. Get
at-home housewife who didn’t know many people. But my UnFranchise® Business, but wanted to become an your new year off to a
Market America opened a great door for me: not only did Independent Distributor for Market America because I
it provide me with a path toward financial independence, knew that none of my other businesses would give me the great start with Torch
it also has brought me friends and a larger family. Looking ongoing income and leverage I was looking for. Market Sports Nutrition!*
back, the dramatic change in my life during the last few America has become my vehicle to help others achieve
years is truly beyond my imagination. Thank you to my success while I create my own. Thank you, Market Kimberly Mastropietro Qin Riley
team and my great Market America family! America! Thank you, JR! Thanks to all my team members! Norwalk, CT Pearland, TX

Torch After-Burn
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NMTSS is the lifeline that unites all the teams and

individuals together, turning a “Me” mindset into “We” Torch Hydrate
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14 ma powerline | december 08
New Year,
Welcome to New You
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