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Generator Control and Paralleling System

Incorporating Woodward easYgen 3000 Series Controller

Systems Insight is a generator systems specialist, with extensive experience in design and manufacture of custom built generator control packages. Systems Insight has designed a range of standard generator control systems that are suitable for use in a variety of applications, incorporating an extensive range of features. A key product in our range is our generator paralleling control panel, incorporating the Woodward easYgen 3000 controller. The Woodward easYgen 3000 is a self contained, microprocessor operated generator paralleling and load controller. The easYgen 3000 is packaged as an all-in-one, multifunction device with a dynamic multifunction LCD display. The easYgen is available in four models, 3100, 3200, 3400 and 3500. Its key features include generator start / stop control, generator set paralleling with isochronous load sharing and soft loading & unloading. The unit incorporates comprehensive electrical protection and metering. The all-in-one design enables integration to a compact powder coated sheet steel enclosure. The pre-wired enclosure is supplied in readiness for quick installation and easy interfacing to a standard diesel or gas engine generator set. The package may be used with

generators from all the major manufacturers and is easily integrated to most basic engine generator sets. (With or without a manufacturers standard proprietary control panel) The system is primarily designed for use in standby/ emergency power applications where multiple paralleled generators operate in mains-isolated operation. The control system may also be used for single unit utility-parallel operation or networked group-parallel operation with the utility mains, including soft load transfer to (and from) the utility without interruption to supply. Woodward LS5 synchronizing controllers may be linked with easYgen 3500 controllers via CAN Bus for synchronizing control of remote circuit breakers and transfer switches, such as may be employed in closed transition power transfer systems. When used for multiple generator installations, the easYgen 3000 is networked to automatically control and sequence up to 32 paralleled generator sets according to load demand. The controller utilizes a wide range DC supply, which may be sourced from the generator engine start batteries. Alternatively, Systems Insight can supply a dedicated 24VDC controls power supply as an add-on option.

Main Features
Local manual or automatic (remote) stop / start control Automatic utility mains failure operation Load / VAR sharing for up to 32 paralleled generators Load dependent start / stop Large multi-function dynamic LCD display Event recorder with real time clock Counters for engine starts, maintenance call, and operating hours Generator and utility mains circuit breaker / contactor control Ten programmable digital inputs and twelve discrete outputs (Expandable to additional 16 I/O by addition of Woodward IKD1 extension board) Three analogue inputs with display and limit monitoring (user configurable) Two analogue outputs (Configurable to +/- 10V, 0-20mA, PWM) Proprietary Woodward Toolkit software for remote visualization, control & parameterization CAN Bus protocol for inter-unit networking, engine level communications and communications to remote LS5 synchronizing controllers J-1939 CAN Interface to engine ECU for remote control & local parameterization of engine data. (Suits compatible electronic engine controllers only) Special Scania S6, MTU ADEC, Volvo EMS2 & EDC4, Deutz EMR2, MAN MFR/EDC7, SISU EEM and Woodward EGS02 ECU support Remote monitoring available via Modbus RTU RS-485 serial communications Multiple level passwords for secure access to critical parameters multi-language selection Approvals UL / cUL, LR marine approval, CE marked. PC configurable using proprietary Woodward Toolkit software (free issue)

Detailed Features
Engine Control & Management Automatic generator start on utility mains failure Local manual and / or remote automatic control of engine stop / start Engine speed monitoring Battery voltage monitoring Monitoring & alarming of engine oil pressure and engine coolant temperature (4-20mA Sensors provided) Protection and alarming for: - Engine manufacturers control panel common warning / alarm (VFC Input). - Engine manufacturers control panel common fault / shutdown (VFC Input) - Emergency stop Synchronising & Metering Extensive electrical metering, viewable via the local LCD display True RMS voltage and current sensing Selectable open or closed transition, with operation of one mains and one generator paralleling circuit breaker (or contactor) Sync check function & safe Dead Bus closing logic Digital signal processing Synchronizing with phase matching and slip frequency Synchronisation of up to 32 generators in CAN Bus networked connection Adjustable phase & voltage windows and dwell times Synchronisation of generator(s) with mains utility supply (Only where required and permitted by local mains supply authority)

Real kW Load Control Analogue biasing signal for engine speed control Soft load / unload of generators with adjustable ramping rates Automated base load control / peak shaving Import/export control in mains utility parallel operation Soft load/unload transfer to utility Reactive kVAR Control VAR sharing between up to 32 generators in isolation or in parallel with mains Analogue voltage biasing signal to generator manufacturers voltage regulator Power factor controller Generator Sequencing Automatic start / stop of equally sized generators according to load demand Configurable start / stop demand levels and run timers based on spinning reserve Configurable engine priority sequencing Protection Generator over / under voltage (59/27) Generator over / under frequency (81O/81U) Reverse/reduced power (32/32R/32F) Failed to sync. / sync. timeout Load imbalance (46) Engine overspeed (12) Over current (50-Instantaneous) Over current (51-Time delayed) Ground fault (50G-Measured ground current) Phase shift monitoring (78-Mains decoupling) Mains voltage / frequence (59/27/81O/81U) Phase rotation Battery voltage monitoring Communications RS-485 serial communications using Modbus RTU protocol. CAN Bus network communications between all easYgen units. RS-232 PC interface cable with proprietary Woodward Toolkit software for configuration, calibration and trending

Other Features

Each system is supplied with Woodward Toolkit configuration and setup software on CD-ROM and a PC interface cable Note: Additional costs would apply where the local supply authority requires supplementary electrical protection in excess of the standard allowance. Exclusions The following items are normally excluded from our standard package and are available as add-on options:

Event recorder with real time clock Language manager for display texts Counter, configurable for kWh, maintenance call, engine starts, etc. Generator Operating Mode Selector Switch: - Stop / off (Generator offline & disabled) - Auto (Gen. Started remotely or on utility mains failure) - Run offline (Gen. started with sync. C/B open) - Run online (Gen. Started with sync. & close C/B) Emergency stop button on control panel door User specific alarm inputs (eg.: Low fuel, circuit breaker trip, etc) LED indicators to control panel door - Emergency stop - Generator fault / shutdown - Generator warning / alarm - Generator running - Generator online - Generator controls Off Auto Synchronising circuit breaker / contactor open & close control interposing relays User defined remote indication via volt free contacts, including the following pre-programmed outputs: - Generator fault / shutdown (Common) - Generator warning / alarm (Common) - Generator Available in Auto - Generator running - Generator online (Running with circuit breaker / contactor closed) - Utility mains failed / available Notes Each control package includes one manufactured control panel, for operation of a single generator set Each package includes pre-programming of the easYgen 3000 using standard parameters, according to the known specifications of the customers installation

Engine speed controller & voltage regulator (Normally by generator supplier) Freight of supplied equipment to the customer or project site Installation and connection of equipment to the generator set (May be arranged on request) Provision of additional engine mounted sensors and alarm switches (Other than included engine oil pressure and coolant temperature sensors) Testing and commissioning Supply and setup of load banks for generator load testing Engine start batteries Engine start battery charger DC Controls power supplies Diesel fuel level sensing devices Diesel fuel transfer controls

Systems Insight has a range of integrated generator control packages, designed to provide ready-made adaptable solutions to suit a variety of generator control applications. On request, our systems can be further customised to meet your specifications. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The easYgen trademark is used with permission of the Woodward Governor Company. Copyright 1998 - 2010 Woodward Governor Company, All rights reserved.

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