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A Science Journal article is a type of news story that focuses on a scientific concept and its effects, the results

of a science experiment, and/or an investigation into natural phenomenon. The goal is to educate the audience about the subject matter, often with the intent to increase awareness in the process and its effects. Science Journal Articles may describe and interpret a data set from a science experiment including conclusions on how the results help us determine the effects of certain activities, and/or describe and explain a natural process. Requirements: Introduction & Conclusion Clear focus of article Quotes from texts Paragraphs Picture with caption/Diagrams with labels Works Cited Font size 11-13 Title 4-8 pages in length (typed)

Instructions 1. Introductory Information Choose a creative title for your report that also describes what your experiment or process is about. For example, for an experiment testing which battery lasts the longest, you could have a title such as "The Energizer Bunny: Does it really keep going and going?" Write a paragraph to introduce your project and its purpose. This paragraph should explain some background information about your project, including why you chose to complete the experiment or the natural process and what you hoped to learn from it. State your hypothesis to clearly explain what you predicted would happen as a result of the experiment or describe how the natural phenomenon is observed in our lives. Include a list of materials you used for your experiment and explain any procedures you used during the experiment. In this section, you can also include a picture of the materials set up for the experiment. Use diagrams to illustrate the process being investigated. 2. Closing Information After you complete your experiment or investigation, you should include whatever data you gathered during the experiment and research. These can be in the form of a paragraph, graphs or charts. In this section, you should also include results you gathered from the data. For example, if you studied average battery times and battery type A lasted 10 minutes the first time and 12 minutes the second time, your results would be that battery type A lasts for an average of 11 minutes. Finish your report with a paragraph explaining if your hypothesis was correct or not. In this paragraph you should also explain what you learned from the experiment and how you will use the information you gained. If you have completed an investigation summarize the results of your research and what the research implies. Include a bibliography of any resources you used during your experiment or investigation. If you conducted any research before your experiment, you should include those sources here as well.