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Module 23: A prolonged and disturbed emotional state is known as a(n):

a. conversion disorder. 1 b. agoraphobia.

c. mood disorder.

d. somatization disorder. correct: c After being rejected by all the medical schools she applied to, Melanie developed a sad and dejected mood. She had difficulty sleeping, ate much less than normal, no longer took interest in the hobbies and activities that once gave her pleasure, and felt that she was worthless. Melanie would be diagnosed as suffering from:

a. mania. 2 b. dissociative disorder.

c. depression.

d. bipolar I disorder. correct: c What disorder consists of fluctuations between episodes of depression and mania?

a. bipolar I disorder

b. dysthymia

c. histrionic personality disorder

d. major depression correct: a 4 Derek has complained that he is "down in the dumps." Which of the following is Derek most likely to suffer


a. major depressive disorder

b. bipolar I disorder

c. dysthymic disorder

d. somatization disorder correct: c The proper name for the technique known as "shock treatment" is ________ therapy.

a. catecholamine elevation

b. electroconvulsive

c. lithium

d. tricyclic antidepressant correct: b A disorder characterized by maladaptiveness, inflexibility, and impaired functioning is called:

a. mood disorder.

b. schizophrenic disorder.

c. anxiety disorder.

d. personality disorder. correct: d If you visit Laura, you will find a very clean organized house. Everything has its place and if you move an object, Laura will be distressed. She is rigid and tries to control everything. Of the following personality disorders, which one best describes Laura? a. obsessive-compulsive personality disorder

b. dependent personality disorder

c. histrionic personality disorder

d. schizotypal personality disorder correct: a On the surface, Chuck is a charming, intelligent, good looking individual. Yet he constantly lies, has no sense of responsibility, is reckless, feels no guilt when his actions harm others, and never learns from his mistakes. If Chuck's behavior is considered abnormal, he would most likely be diagnosed as having a(n):

a. dissociative disorder. 8 b. schizoid disorder.

c. narcissistic personality.

d. antisocial personality. correct: d Delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, disorganized behavior, and decreased emotional expression characterize:

a. schizophrenia. 9

b. somatoform disorders.

c. generalized anxiety disorder.

d. depression. correct: a Of the following patients with schizophrenia, who has the best chance of recovery?


a. Michael--he suffers from hallucinations and delusions.

b. Chuck--he displays dulled emotions.

c. Steven--he has negative symptoms.

d. Darin--he experiences intellectual impairment. correct: a A woman on a typical neuroleptic for schizophrenia for a long period of time is likely to experience:

a. tardive dyskinesia.


b. skin irritation in the sun.

c. grogginess.

d. lower blood pressure. correct: a The disorder that involves an inability to recall personal information or events is called:

a. dissociative amnesia.


b. obsessive-compulsive disorder.

c. dissociative memory.

d. dissociative fugue. correct: a Which of the following cases is most typical of dissociative identity disorder?

a. Harvey--he was sentenced to life for first-degree murder. 13

b. DeeDee--she has a history of generalized anxiety disorder.

c. Ralph--the father of three children. Hope--she has had a number of chronic psychiatric problems before the diagnosis and a history of d. being abused as a child.

correct: d Toni has been in a bad mood for two weeks, having no interest in anything, problems with sleep, and difficulty with concentrating. Toni also doesn't like doing activities that she used to find fun. Toni most likely has:

a. cyclothymic disorder. 14 b. seasonal affective disorder.

c. dysthymic disorder.

d. major depression disorder. correct: d A therapist tells a mildly depressed individual to work on identifying her negative, maladaptive thoughts if she wishes to feel better. This therapist's approach is most associated with:

a. Rogers' client-centered therapy. 15

b. Freud's psychoanalysis.

c. Beck's cognitive theory of depression.

d. the medical approach. correct: c

Monoamines are neurotransmitters involved in mood disorders.

16 True False correct: true

Personality disorders are very responsive to treatment.

17 True False correct: false

People with antisocial personality disorder shows no signs of remorse.

18 True False correct: true

Type I schizophrenia includes having negative symptoms.

19 True False correct: false

There is a strong genetic basis to schizophrenia.

20 True False correct: true

Schizophrenia is associated with large ventricle size.

21 True False correct: true

The dissociative disorders involve hallucinations and delusions.

22 True False correct: false

A common factor in many cases of dissociative identity disorder is childhood abuse.

23 True False correct: true

Culture has little influence on mental disorders.

24 True False

correct: false

People with psychopathy, like Jeffrey Dahmer and Dennis Rader, are incapable of loving their family members.
25 True False correct: false