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Think About It
First the critics voted Genesis 2009 North American Car of the Year, and now after a surwy of over 80,000 new vehicle
owners, J. D. Power and Associates has named Genesis, "The Most Appealing MidsIze Premium Car." But awards
arent our motivation for bui lding quali ty vehicles. The reason we put so much focus on innovalion, design, safety,
handling, driver satIsfaction and value is because it's Ihe right thing to do, You see, we don't just want to make your
next ca.r a Hyundai, we also want 10 make your car after that a Hyundai as well Find out more at HyundlliGenesis.com.
... nc ... w ..... ,..., .. ___ .. _____ "" .. _",,,"Ir}.'JO ..... _ .......
__ 14l ______ ,.".,.....,..., .. ___ .... _,, ___ ,., ... """_ .. F--,-Mtyl!l1il'l Ii.w __ ...,. 1w.'-ro..F _ __ ..
_.-.......c .. <t .... _""' __ ,._ .. ..".. ' .1 H_ u..,.. .... _oJ __ -......IIlI..,...,.,_.CIt,-_-..".,
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Tile HyulIlla; Genesis - 2009 Nortll America" Car of tile Year
"Most Appea/illg Midsize Premium Car"- J.D. Power and Associates
(/3) HYUnDl=I1
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Pump a little adrenafine into your life with the Impreza WAX. 265-horsepower
provides the thrust. Symmetrical A I-\NheeI drive prO\lides the gip. Combined.
they deliver a 0 to 60 IJme of Just 4.7 seconds,' and a shock 10 your heart fNefY
bme you hit the accelerator, Love. It' s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.
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Go earth-friendly with these gasoline- electrics.
There's nothing hotter than going topless.
Two-doors from $12,500 to S1.9 million.
Speedy or sensible, there's a sedan for everyone.
Because some folks carry more junk in their trunks.
Haul stuff, tow stuff, ferry the family, and hit the trails.
The ultimate workhorses.
Carrying 15 people or 15 washing machines? Plan on a van.
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Car-Dealer Tricks to Watch For. ............... . .. ... ...... 17
Now Might Be the Right Time to Buy a Car ............. 33
What to Know Before Going to the Dealer .............. 54
How to Test-Drive a Car. ............................... 130
What's the Right New Vehicle for Me? .... . . . ...... . . 138
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Susan Mathews
Dana Barton
Adam Feinberg
Charley M. Ladd
Tom Drew
CARandORWER.(om 3
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Fi nd mor e magazi nes at www. magazi nesdownl oad. com
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Fi nd mor e magazi nes at www. magazi nesdownl oad. com
INDEX 2010
RL 58 Fows
GraOO MJr\luis .1' ACURA Sa"I:IIlID (201 1) 1>1
R .. .58 FOOJS sed30 .. .. 66 Milan . ..
"OX .
102 Sport3ge .. . .... 117
1SX 58
.66 Milan tr,trid 13 ROX 102 LAND ROVER
Fusioo hybrid 13 MINI AUDI l R2 .. .. 117
ALfAAOMED Mustangr3l1eiby GTSOO . .. 44 IAmi Coopej . .. 49 OS . 102 l R4 .. .. 118
BCSpljer 20 fAustiV1\l/SlleIby GTSOO Mmi Cooper C1ubman
01 lro Range R(IIIII' 118
ASTON MARTIN OOt'Ml!1itlle .. 25 Mini Cooper .. 29 BMW Rooge Rmer S\IU1 ..... 118
DBS .36 TauruslSHO .. .. 67 MITSUBISHI .o.w.el/)o1lrid X6. . 10 UXUS
OOS_ 20 HONDA fditlse
lro GX460 119
089 .36
.. WllSE Spyder .30 X51X5/A. lro LX570 119
D89Vwnle, . .20 AI;(:ooj sedan . o. 67 Galoot.
X61X6 IA. RX350 .. 11 9
Orla-77 36 CMl;hytn L 13 llInr;erlRaliartlE'lollllioo .00 BUICK RX45flh hybrid IS
Raplj e . .S' CMcISi OOlJpe. .. 44 lanoor S\MllOOck . .. 94 Endave. UNCOLN
V8 Vanl81l8 37 CMrJSi setm .67 NISSAN CADILLAC

V-S Vant81l8 GOOVertilllf:l 21

EscaiadeJESV 18KX 120
AUDI Insigtrthytlrid . 13 Mirna tr,UiIj, . 16 Escalade EXT m NavigiltcwlL . . . . 120
HYUNDAI Altima se(foo .. .. 00 Escalade hybrid 10 MAZDA
A41S4 S. .l.(;(;entsefl an .68
.. SAX lOS 121
MAvanl .
Accent J1loor, .. WI. .. CHEVROLET ex9 . . .... 121
A5JS500111'ertitje 21 Azera .. 68 Man . .. M Avalanclle m Iroore ..... 101
.68 SeIltralSE-RlSER Spl)!; V .81
m TritJule hytriI 12
A6 A,ant .. Elantra loo nll'l .. Ve!5a .. 81 lOS S. ..... 144
A61S6 S. Genesis 'S
Ve!5a W:Ijl on .% ElIlre5S "0
AS . .60 Genesis Seflan .69 3roZ . 12 G-tlaS$. 121
.. . 31 SOl\ata . .. 69 370Z COI1>'eiWe, . .. 30 SOlvelaOOlSiMiiado HD . GLclaS$ .. .. 122
rrms 38 INFINlTI PORSCHE ","roo" lOS GLK-&i.JS$ 122
rrmsCOJr\'trtibie . . 21 OOS , ... .30 Talme .

BENTlEY G31C(1(1V1!rtible . .. 26
SI Toooe hytriI . . 12 Ml450 BkieH)1lOO 15
",.r 22 'S
P:I1amera .% Traverse 100 RcIass . 123
8Jll(lkiaOOs 38 G37 .69 911 CooamfT3J1la SI CHRYSLER MERCURY
Conooental Ftfng Spll .. .60 M351lM5. .. 70 911 CalreialliltJo Cabriolet .. 31 TCM'Il & Country
Manne! . .. 101
Conli1ental Gl 38 JAGUAR 911 Gl JIGl 3 RS SI DODGE Marile!tr,iJrili 12
Conooental GTe . . 22 XflXfR .. .. 70 911 Tllbo. S2 .. Moootainee! . .. ... IM
60 M . . .. 70 ROLLS-ROYCE Gr:l1 d Caravan
BMW ..
81 .Joomey 100 EndJ)ilVllJ 123
AdMltfyOOj 7 .. . 10 .. .. 26 I'IIilnlom .. .. Nitru 101 . .. 123
Z4, . .22 KIA I'Ilaniom Coul* 52 Ram 1500 . NISSAN
Iseries GOJI'VIlrtible 23 Forte Koop .. PMnIom Dropllead Coupe 31 Ram 250013500 HD
13' -,
Iseri es GOlJIlIl . .39 Forte sellan . ... 71 SAAB FORD Frontiel . ..... 137
3seriesIM3 OOI1I'ertKile . .23 . .. 71 9-3OO1wertible .. 31 Edge . 107 MUlano .. ..... 124
39 .. II 93 sedill 101 PatnfirldJ:II 12<
3seriesIM3 sedoo . . 61 ROS .. 93 93 SportCombi wagooJ Escaoe h)tIid . . 12 ROOJue .. 125
3series waQon .. R"', 93X .% E-series.
"0 T." m
5series 6T 00 SOO SCION ElIlerkliooJEl 100 12S
5seriesIM5 . 61 LAMBORGHINI < S2 ..... 108 PORSCHE
5series waQon .. Ga1l8rdo LP560-4/LP5502. ..

Explore! Sport Trae 13< 12S
6seriesIM600111'ertibie 23 Galtardo lP56/H Sp')'rler .26 ill 10. SUBARU
6seriesIM6 coope . .39 Murcii'Mgo lPWI coovertitlle 21 SMART F1SO/SVT Ra ptor .. 13S Forester . .. 126
7series 61 MurCli'Mgo lPWII f ... .. 53 13S Tribeca 126
BUGATTI lP6704 SV . 1 f(rtwo OOI1I'ertibli:l RaJllj6r 13S SUZUKI
Veyron 16,4 .0 LEXUS SUBARU Troosit C()lIIec\, 1<1 Equator . . .... 131
Yeyron 16.4 Grand Sport 2< ES360
SportMW OMe Grand Yllara 126
BUICK GS35O/GS460 I. 511 wagon,. . 109 TOYOTA
l>Crow. . 52 GS4SlMl
sedan . .. C.1O)'on . m FJ Wser. .. 121
62 flS250h hybrid
legacy sedan .83
s.= "0
CADILLAC 1S25O/1S.J5011S F . .. 74 OulbJli wagllO, .. 97 SiMa hytriI . . 12 trybrid 16
CTSlCT5-V . . 62 . 27 SUZUKI SienalSrena HO WI DUser .. . .... 121
CTS Sporl WaQCKl 00 "'601l
Kil"asli .83 Terrain 109
"'V< 12'
LS6O(JJl hybrid
SX4 nati1li);J1i
. '1 Yukoo . SeqtlOia
m. 5000 . 27 SX4 seflan .. 83 M .. """, . 12
.. 144
Aveo seflan,

... 75 Roailster .. ... 32 HONDA TlIIdra ..... 136
00 MKl, .. 75 TOYOTA Acl;J)'\I CrossiOlf. 109 VeJUa

1_" ro A,alon .. IlIY. 11 0 4RuJ\JIJlf 129
cooait sedill, . LOT1JS CMoy. .. 84
.. .. 28
CMoy ""'"
16 0_ 1<1 Rootan .. 144
Cor'/etteIGmnd Sport r;oovertibli:l 24 E:!ige S . 1
11 0 Tiguan. 129
CorvetteIG!and SpIlt coupe . 41 MASERATI .. 97 136 Tooaffill . ..... 129
CrJr><etta ZRl
Qanlurismo C(I(IVI!rtible . .. 28 .. 11 HUMMER VOLVO
Corvette ZOO <I Gr.mTurismolS . 1 YOO! sellan. .85 H2 III 130
HHAISS . 91 CiJattroporte . .. 76 Va ...s 3door . .. 53 H2 SUI. 136 ..... 130
M MAYBACH Yitis 5-door H3 111
Malibu . ro VOLKSWAGEN H3i. 136
CHRYSlER 57162, . 11 CC .. 85 HYUNOAI
PI Cruiser. 91 MAZDA E.
.6S MX5 Miata . 28 GdllGTl 3door .S3 Tucsoo . 112
sebnng coovertibIe. 2< RX< .. GoII1GT15,000r , .. VeraCIIJz 112
300I3OOCISRT8. 6S 31Mall1aSl)lled 3 waQon .. .85 INFINIn
DODGE 3 sedan 11 Jett.1 SporM'agen FX351FX5O 112
Al'eJlgel. .6S 6. 11 New 8eeUe .. .. 54 113
" ..
91 MERCEDES-BENZ New Beelle .33 JEEP
DIalefl'derlSRTa . . 42 Cdass . ... 78 p"" .. 113
D1aJllerISflT8 66 ct.class . .. 48 Passat wagoo. ..
SRT10 OOIIVertitJle 2S 1l.S,,"" .26 VOLVO 6rood Oler!iee (2011).
'" SRT10 . 42 E-c1as8 coope. , " .. 48 CJO , " ..... , ..... ". 54 l ibilrty . " .... , ...... , " 114
FERRARI &class ... 78 C70 . .. 33 Patriot . 116
Califorria 2S Sdass .19 116
ltaha . . 42 Slclass . .. 29 SM . .. KIA
5W1ll B flOlalO . SI.K-dass .. 29 '60 . .. 8mego, 116
612ScagUetti 5400 BIue!Jri d IS V701XC70 ....
Fi nd mor e magazi nes at www. magazi nesdownl oad. com
int .. ior volume turning
,eo fuellflnk.. f,ontl .eII. I etl Ig 0, drele, length/width/height, curb weight,
buoprico dtylhwympg 1iI.llonl cubic'''" 'nt Incho, pounds
BMW X6 $80,000' 17/19 22.S 54144/60" 42.0 192.0f78.1f66.8 5600
BMWX6/X6 $57,125- $89,725 12- 15/17- 20 22.5 S4/NA/44/60 42.0 19l.0m.l/66.H6.S 5050- 5350
BMW ActiveHybrid 7 $105,OO(U 110,000' 16- 17f21- 22* 21.1 S7- 58/S0- S7!1l 41.1H2.7 199.8- 205. 3/7 4 .9/58.4- sa.5 4800-4850
BMW 7-serles $82,280-$140,425 13- 15/18- 22" 21.7 57- 58/49- 57/14 4O.1}-4].7 199.8- 205.1/74.9/58.1 4600- 5000
Cadillac Escalade hybrid $74,375- $SS,675 20/21 (2WD) 24.5 61{57fHl109 39.0 2<l2.5n9.0n4J 6050-6350
Cadillac [ualadl' $63,445- $85,075 12119 26.0-31.0 63-64/57/33- 46/ 39.0- 43.0 2025- m.Sfi9.0- 79.1/ 5701Hil$O
11>9- 137 74.3- 75.4
Chevrolet Sitverado hybrid $39,000-$42,500' wn 25.9 64il<! 40.4' 130.1180.0/73.8- 74.0 5650- 5900
Chevrolet SiIYefado $21,845- $42,770 12- 15119- 22 26.0-34.0 64-65160 39.7- 51.2 205.6-249.2179.9/716-73.9 4600- 5550
Chevrolel Tahoe hybrid $51,SOO-- $54,500' 21/22 24.5 64/59/33/109 39.0 202.0fi9.0/76.9- 77.0 5650- 5850
Chevrolel Tahoe 13- 15120- 21 26.0 64157- 58133/109 39.0 202.0fi9.0/75.9- 77.0 5300- 5850
Ford Erupf hybrid $25,995- $34,735 30- 34/27- 31 15.0 54-55/42-44/M 36.7 174.7- 175.1171.1/67.7- 70.0 3700- 3850
Ford ES(ape $21,240-$27,745 18- 22/23- 28 16.5 54-55INAI42- 44/M 36.7 174.7- 175.1171.1/67.8- 70.2 3350- 3650
Ford Fusion hybrid $27,995 41/36 17.0 54/45112 375 190.6ml/56.9 3800
Ford Fusion $20,345- $28,755 17- 23124-34 16.5- 17.5 54146117 37.5 189.0- 190.6172.2156.9 3300- 3850
GMC Sierra hybrid $39,500-$42,500' 21122 25.9 64il<! 4{lA' 230.1180.0173.8- 74.0 5650- 5900
GMC Sierra $21,845- $47,430 12- 15119- 22 26.0-34.0 64-65160 39.7- 51.2 205.6-249.2179.9/716-73.9 4600- 5550
GMCYukon hybrid $52,00-$62,00' 211n 24.5 64/59fHl109 39.0 202.0fi9.0/76.9- 77.0 5650- 5850
GMCYukon $38,970-$5M45 13- 15120- 21 26.0 64/57- 581331109 39.0 202.0fi9.0/75.9- 77.0 5300- 5850
Honda Civic $24,510 4{l/45 12.3 52/39/10
177.3/69.0/56.3 2900
Honda Civic! IVic 5i $16,365- $26,050 21-26129- 36 8.0- 13.2 50- Sl/39/6-12 34.8- 35.4 177.3/69.0/56.5 2650- 3000
Honda Insigllt $20,510- $22,010 4{l/43 10.6 50/35/32 36.1 172.3IM.9/56.2 2700- 2750
$57,425 2VB 17.2 54/43111 36.7 190.0171.7/56.1 4200
LeluS GS3SOlliS46O $45,000- S53,470 17- 19/24- 26 18.8 54/43/B 34.1- 35.4 190.0171.7/56.1- 56.5 3800- 3950
Lexus HS250h m,075 35/34 14.5 50f4{l112 37.4 184.8nO.3/593 3700- 3800
Lexus LS600hL $110,000' 201n 22.2 55/52112 39.4 202.8173.8/58.1 5050
lexus LS460!L $64,680-$73,750 16/23- 24 22.2 55/50- 52/16-18 35.4- 38.8 198.0- 202.8173.8/57.7- $8.1 4350-4950
Lexus RX4S0h S42,535- $44,125 30-32128 17.2 57f46180 37.4 18ram.2/M3 4550-4700
lexus RX350 $37,675- $39,075 18/24- 25 19.2 57/NAl46/80 40.0 187.8/74.2/66.1 4200-4350
Mazda Tribute hybrid $29,925- $34,195 30- 34/27- 31 15.0 54-55142-44/M 36.7 174.7- 175.1171.1/67.7- 70.0 3700- 3850
Maida Tributf $20,840- $29,150 18- 22/23- 28 16.5 54-551NA/42- 44/66 36.7 174.7- 175.1/71.1/67.8- 70.2 3350- 3650
Mercedes-Benz Ml450 BlueHybrid $58,000' 17m' 25.1 58155n2 37.9 1885176.3/71.5' 5200
Mercedes-Benz M-das5/ML63 $46,575- $91,925 11- 18/15- 25 25.1 58/NAl55/72 37.9 1881- 189.4/76.3- 77.8/ 4900- 5200
71.5- 713
Mercedes-Benz 5400 $88,825 19/26 23.8 54/55120 40.0 206.5173.7/58.0
Mercedes-Benz 5dass/563 S6S $92,475-$205,025 11-15/17- 23 23.8 54155f20 40.0 206.5173.7/58.0 4500- 5100
Mercury Mariner hybrid $30,720-$32,470 30- 34/27- 31 15.0 54-55142-44/66 36.7 174.7- 175.1/71.1/67.7- 70.0 3700- 3850
Mercury Mariner $23,760-$27,580 18- llI23- 28 16.5 54- 55INAI42- 44/M 36.7 174.7- 175.1/71.1/67.8- 70.2 3350- 3650
Mercury Milan hybrid S31,3OO 41/36 17.0 54/45/12 375 190.6ml/S6.9 3800
Mercury Milan $22,260-$28,880 17- Bl24-34 16.5- 17.5 54146117 37.5 189.0-190.6172.2156.9 3300- 3850
Nissan lltlma hybrid m.$oo 35/33 20.0 58/42110 36.1 190.7/70.7/58.1 3500
Nissan Altima $20,620-$25,220 20- 23/27- 32 20.0 58142115 36.1-37.4 190.7/70.7/57.9- 58.0 3200- 3400
Toyola Camry hybrid $26,900 Bl34 17.2 53- 54/47- 48111 36.1 l89.Inn/57.5 3650
Toyola (amry $20,145- $29,795 19- 22/28- 33 18.5 53- 54/47-48/15 36.1 189.2/71.7157.9 3300- 3550
Toyola Highlander hybrid $35,500-$41,820 27125 17.2 59- 61152132194 39.0 188.4/75.2169.1 4550- 4650
Toyola Highlander $26,505- $35,320 17- 20/B- 27 19.2 59----61153/32{95 38.7 188.4/75.2/68.1-69.3 3850-4350
To laPrius 22750-$28 020 51/48 11.9 52142122 34.2- 36.0 175.6/68.7/58.7 3050- 3200
*eslimated heat area as applicable
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The All-New Nissan Z Roadster
Starting at $36,970. Few things thrill like the full-sensory experience of 332-hp,
top-down driving. And thanks to class-exclusIVe seats- that provide direct heating and
cooling comfort, you can enjoy thaI experience often. In spite of what the temperature
outside says. look Closer, Nlssan Delivers. For more mformation, visit Nis$anUSA.com. SHIFT_tho woy you movo
M lhown, "'45,170, 3'/OZ: w!h Spor1 f'ad<age .".,. EIIad< Cheny !'aMI. f'rICetI ... MSH" 8d.0Cl"'9 I.l<. 1lIIo.1Ioer'IM and Mr.maIlOn chatge. Deale< _ ..::tUlI pnce
' w...dIAuto.COII"I l,Ioddll Sp.e .. ty Se!!menI, 2010 371lZ Fbadst..- 'IS. 371lZ Roado,-, iW...w. !NI.SepIembw 20011. n.. Naan Z tt. booesI AUfl"lberof problems
ptf' lOO plern ....... ICNIfIYCft .. tile Po_and A.aoc:N_ 200II Ir,flMOwl1yStudr St...". ................... "'11
245 'IIOd*aIId __ QljnllMlo11f1f 90 dIIyI aI CWl*ShlJl ,....... .. t.ed on G'p.neft';. and perafII.",. of ownerI ......,ed .. '2009. 'IbJ ... _ may
"'Y AIwap _row_boll, aM pie-. and ....... <'2OO$N....., Narto'>Anwor..a,
Fi nd mor e magazi nes at www. magazi nesdownl oad. com
BMW ActiveHybrid X6
Showing where its priorities lie, BMW has paired its
twin-turbo V-8 with a two-mode hybrid system co-devel-
oped by itself, GM, and the old DaimlerChrysler. The re-
sult: "The most powerful hybrid vehicle in the world." llle
rest is run-of-the-mill X6, whi ch is to say anything but.
BMW ActiveHybrid 7
Nothing except frugality was overlooked with the new
ActiveHybrid 7, which offers space, luxury, and speed-
plus decent fuel economy- at a stee p price. The engine is
shared with the 750i, but it makes more power here; adding
an electric motor means 60 mph in less than five seconds.
Cadillac Escalade
Cadillac's hybrid luxury SUV is mechanically the sameas
{he hybrid versions ofthe Chevy Tahoe and the GMCYukon.
The 6.0-liter V-8 gets E85 fl ex-fuel capability, furthering
the vehicl e' s green-ness. Fuel mileage is be tter than the
regular Escalade's, but the price premium is pretty high.
10 CARaoxlDRIVER,(om
Hi,hs: Performance near that
of the nonhybrid V-S X6, runs
electric-only up to 37 mph.
Lows: Green slatus and a force-
fe\l eight-cyli nder don', really
mix; powerful, yes, but it's
expensive. too.
wbt's new: Introduced for 2010.
ae"tnd tIt whtd: The hybrid
X6 promises a more rewarding
driving experience than. say, the
Ca dillac Escalade hybrid with
which it shares the two-mode

Hi,hs: Exquisite and roomy
interior, d0e5 without a mooing
(VT, the best hybrid for burnouts.
Lows: Huge price premium over
non hybrid 1'5 for a minor mM
bump, tiny trunk for a huge car.
wilt's nrw: Introduced for 2010.
aekind Ib whtd: Hybrid
operation in this electrified
7-series is mostly unobtrusive,
Road-blurnng acceleration this
ain't your fathers hybrid-leads
to high-speed serenity, although
wind noise is a bit high.
Hi,hs: Seamless integration of
hybrid system, retains impressive
towing ca(Mcity, acceleration,
Lows: Expensive, consumes
slighdy less fuel.
Wl,t'suw: Introduced for 2009;
flex-fuel E85 ca(Mbility and USB
connect ivity are newthis year
Bfl ind tb whtll: Drive'S much
like the regular Slade. Take off
from a >top gently, and it wil l
briefly use only electric power.
Takes a soft touch 10 get decent
fuel economy.
N,:'00 2010
Base pri(e: S80,OOO (est)
Vehide type: front-engine, 4-lI1leel-drive; 5-door 4-p.1SSengtf
Interior I'Olume, FIR (cu It),
GJ rgovolume, >eaBup/mal:imum (eu ft ).
Whffl lJa>e ..
... 54/44
26/6(J (est)
. 115.5 in
Lengthlwidthlh<i ght
ClIIbweight ..
EPA Cityihighway mpg
Fuel-tank capocity /range
192,0/78, 1f66,8 in
. ...... 5600 Ib
.. . 17/19
22.5 (}l1/J83ml
twin-turlxxha rged and intercooled 4.4-liter DOHC 32-valve V-8,
400 hp, 450 Ib-It + 177- hp elf'CtriC motor (CGmbined po'M' r
rating, 480 hpl ; continuously variable auto with 7 fi xed ratios
F, . ind, unequal- length control coM <,pri ngs. ant i-rol l bar
R ind, air springs. anti-roll bar
!\rakes. r IR. . . .... .. vemed disc/vented diS(
ABS standard
Stabili ty/tracuoo cootrol ..... ..... standam/standard
JeStra intl . . ,driller and possenger front side, and
curtain aiJbags: tear curta in aimags
N,:'" 201 0
Bast' pritt': $105,000 (est); l, $1 10,000 (est)
type: Iront-engioe, rear-drive: 4-door 5-posseoger
Interior vo lume, F /RJeargo (cu It) . 57 58/50 57/13
.199,8-205.3174,9/58,4-58.5 in
Whef"l1Ja>e ..
Lengt h/Width/hei ght
luming cirde

ruel -tank (apocity/range ,
41.Q-4U ft
4800- 4850Ib
...... 21. 1 gcl l/33S-359mi(est)
twin-turlxxha rged and intercool ed 4.4-liter DOff( 32-valV!'
v-a, 440 hp, 480 Ib-It + lO-hp. 155- lb-ft electric motoc assist
(combi ned PO'M' r rating. 455 hp. 515 Ib-ft ); 8-sp auto with
maoumatic shift ing
ind, mullili nk, coil or air <,pri ngs. ant iroI l bar
ind, multilink, coil or air springs. anti-rol l bar
!\rakes, r IR. . . .... .. vented disc/vented diS(
ABS standam
Stabili ty/tractioo cootrol ..... ..... stardam/standard
p.,JjV rest ra ints. ,dri ver clnd passenger froot, Side, knee. and
curtain aimags: rear curta in aimags
$74,375; 4wd, $76,925; Platinum, $86, 175; 4m!
Platinum, $88.675
Vehide type: front-engioe. rear- ()( rear /4- wheel-o-iV!'; 5-dOOI
8-passenger wagon
Interior vo lume, F/M/R (eu ft ) ,63/57/B
GJ rgovolume, seaBup/maximum (cu ft). . .171109
Whef"l oo >e.. . 116.0in
Lengthlwidthlhl'ight Xl2.5f79.0f74J in
Tuming cirde. .. J9,Oft
ClIIbweight .. .60S0-63S0 Ib
[PA Cityihighwaympg 20/21 (2WD only)
Fuel-tank capocily/range .14.5 g<l1/4'XJ ml (2WD only)
6.i)..liter pushrGd 16-valV!' V-8, m hp. 367 1tr-ft +80-hp. 236- lb-ft
elfflri( motor asSist (combined fXlwer rating. m hpj; COIl tinuousiy
variable auto with 4 fi xed ratiOS
F, . ind, unequal- length co ntrol coD <,pri ngs. ant irol l bar
R ... Ji gid springs. antiroIl bar
!\rakes. FIR.. vented diSddisc
ABS standam
Stabili ty/trclCtioo COOlrol stardam/standard
restraints . . . ..... rover and possengerlront and
curtain airbags. middle and tear curta in aimags
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There's only one motor oil thai Porsche considers worthy 01 ils extraordinary new Panamera sports sedan:
Mobil 1. Offering excep1ional performance and protection, as proven on both the track and the road, Mobil 1
technology is the perfect choice to keep thi s incredible vehicfe safe at every turn. Learn more al mobill.com.
Mobii D
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Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra
GM extended its sophisticated two-mode hybrid system
to the Silverado and Sierra for 2009, giving its full- size
pickups the same market exclusivity as its big SUVs. The
hybrid trucks claim a gain of up to 40 percent in city fuel
economy, with little loss in terms of payloads and towing.
Chevrolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon
GM pioneered the full+si ze hybrid SUV in 2008 and is
the only company currently offering a hybrid in this class.
These big trucks combine a 6.0-liter V-8 with two electric
motors and a CVT, improving overall mpg by as much as
25 percent. Get the dealer to remove the ridiculous decals.
Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner/
Mazda Tribute
Identical in all but cosmetic detail, this trio of hybrid
SUVs delivers best-in-class fuel efficiency. A new, more
powerful 2.S-liter four was added last yem, and brief
electric+only operation is possible, but performance is still
tepid. Like other hybrids, there' s a hefty price premium.
12 CARaoxlDRIVER,( om
Hi,hs: Still tows up to three tons,
cruises in electric mode up to 30
mph, lo\s of GM truck goodness.
near-transparent hybrid fu nction.
Lows: More fuel efficient isn't
the same as fuel effi Cient, big
"HYBRI D" decals are overdone, big
hybrid price premium.
Wiat'sntw: Introduced for 2009;
E85 caJ)<lbility for 2010.
Bekind titwhttl: They drive big
but are competent, smooth, and
Quiet. aside from low-level (VT
noise duri ng Jccelerat ion.
Hi,hs: Rugged chassis, refined
inside and attract ive styl ing,
seamless hybrid operation
Lows: Hefty at the scales, hefty
hybrid price premium, snug third-
row seating. stil l thirsty.
Wilt's nrw: Introduced for 2008;
no changes for this year.
ae.ind tb whtel: Exploit ing the
hybtid capabi lities requires some
practice, and spongy brake feel
isn't welcome in a vehicle this
size. But interior noise levels are
low, and ride quality is nice.
HI,hs: Cl ass-l eading fuel
e<onomy, attract iw and roomy
interior, lots of safety features.
Lows: Sl uggish acceleration off
the li ne, heavy at the scales,
typical hybrid price premium.
Wbt'sntw: RedeSigned for 2008;
new automatic park system and
rearview camera Op\loos'
Be.ind tb whttl: like Toyota's
Prius, these SUVs can run on
ele<uic power only, but it's a
challenge. They're economical but
not very enjoyable to drive.
Base price: Sil verado, S39,(XXl (est); 4wd; S42,5OO (est)/Siwa,
$39,500 (est ); 4wj , $42,500 (est)
Vehlde type: fro nt-etlgifl, rear- I)I' reJr/4-wheel-(hl'l'; 4-door
5- or 6- pas\ellgl'r rrock
Interior I'Olume, FIR (cu It),
Cl rgo bed, letlgth/widlh/depth
WheellJase ..
.. . 64/60
,693/5O,6/21 ,8in
. 143.5 in
230. 1/80,0173.8-74,0 in
. .. 40.4 It (est)
.56So-5'XJO Ib
Length twidthfhl'i gh t
Tuming drde ..

Fuel-tank capocity /range
6.l)..liter pusll rGd m hp, 367 1tJ-1t +80-hp, 236- lb-1t
electric motor assiSl (wml)ned power ratill9. m hpj; cootinuously
auto with 4 fi xed ratiOS
F ioo, uneqllill- Il'rlgth control cOil sprill9s, antiroIl bar
R . ligid axle, leafsprill9s, ant i-roll bat
!\rakes. r fR. . vented diS(fdisc
ABS standard
Stability/tracuoo cootrol .......... stl ooard/standard
JeSlraintl. .. . .. rover afld passengl'r ful nt iII1d
curtain airbags, rear curta in aimags
Base price: Tahoe, $51,500 (est); 4wd, $54,500 (est)!Yukoo,
$52,lXXl (est); 4wd, $55,000 (est); Deflilli, $59,500; Denair 4wd,
$62,lXXl {esll
Vehide type: front- f'Ilgi fM', rear- 1)1' reJr/4-wheel-lii'll'; 5-door
7 8-pa\\eJlget wagon
Interior I'OllJI1le, F /M/R (cu It)
GJ rgovolume, >l'atsup/maximum (cu It).
WI\teI base ..
. ...... 17/109
. ..... 116.0in
Tumin g cilde.

Fuel -tank capacity/raflge , .
:!o2.0179.0/76.'1-77.0 in
. .. 59,01t
.S6SQ-5850 Ib
6Mter pulhroo m hp, 367 1b-1t +80-hp, 236-1b-1t
electric motor assiSl (wml)ned power ratill9. m hpj; cootinuously
variable auto with 4 fixed r,xios
r, . ioo, uneqllill-I etlgth control cod sprill9s, ant i-roll bar
R rigid axle, cOil spriflgs, antiroIl bar
!\rakes. r fR. . vented diSc/disc
ABS st.3ndard
Stabili ty/tracuoo cootrol ......... . Itl ooard/stlndard
PasJjV reSl raints. .rover afld possenger fro nt iII1d
cu rtain airba gs, middle and rear curtain aimags
Baseprice: Escape, m,m $34,735; Tribute, $29,925 $34, 195;
Malinl'r, $30,721).. $31,470
Vehide type: fulnt -engine. fronr- or 4-wheel-dri V; 5-door
5-passenger wagon
Interiorl'OlumdlR(cult) , 54 55/42 44
Cl rgo l'Olume, seaBup/maximum (eu It). 28 31/66
Whl'l'ibase.. . ... 103,1 in
Length/Width/htoight . 174.7-175,1/71 ,1167.7-70,0 in
Tuming cirde 36.7 It
Curbwdght 3700-3850 Ib
ruel-tankCap.l City/raJ\ge , .......... 15.0g<ltf450-510mi
2.5-liter DOOC 16-valve inli nH, 153 hp, 136 1b-1t + 94-hp electric
motor asSist (combined power rating, 177 hpj ; contin oousiy
!\r.3kes, FIR.
ABS ..
Stabili ty/traction control
Passive reSlraints.
,ioo, struts. coB <,prings, anti -rol l bar
. ind, multilin k, coil springs, anti-roll bar
'/CfIted disc/m
. .. stlndard
............. stl ooard/standard
dril't'f and possenger from, side, and
cumin almags; rear curtain atmags
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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan
Ford's updated hybrid powertrain, first seen in the Es-
cape and Mariner SUVs, is really well-matched to the up-
dated-for-20 10 Fusion and Milan. So well, in fact, that the
Fusion hybrid finished first in a comparison test, with 34
mpg overall, and was named to our IOBest Cars list.
Honda Civic
Though it's eclipsed by Honda's new Insight hybrid, this
Civic still represents a good way to achieve 40-mpg fuel
efficiency at a reasonable cost. Refreshed las.t year with
new lights and bumpers, the Civic hybrid offers a range of
options from bare bones to leather and navigation.
Honda Insight
Eager to secure some Toyota Prius- like success, Honda
revived the Insight name for this new-for-2010 five-door.
Its hybrid technology and mileage ratings can't match
those of the Prius, but the price is a couple grand cheaper
and it 's much more satisfying to drive.
... Winner
lOBes! Winner

Hiyhs: Refined powenrain,
excellent gas mileage, fun to
clewr man-machine
Lows: Transmission surges on the
highway. intrusive engine noise.
Wh,t'sJleW: Introduced for 2010.
leJriJ.d linie!): A hybrid that
requires linle sacrifice and can
tie fun to hustle, thanks to good
steering and a supple chassis.
The customizable high-res gauge
cluster makes tracking your fuel
economy fun.
Hiyhs: Slick Civic styl ing, long list
of features, quiet at all speeds,
si mple hybrid technology, high
fuel -economy ratings.
Lows: Pricey compared with other
Civics, electric motor assist has
limited duration,
whifsJleW: Redesigned for 2006;
no changes for 2010.
'elriad liewieeJ: It delivers the
same eager feel that distinguishes
other (ivies, and the electric
motor assist works wel l, but it's
not the right ride if you're in haste.
Hiyhs: Ta ut handing, impressive
mpg, great front seats, hushed
intetior, plenty of dashboard
graphics to follow, nice price.
Lows: Not as sophist icated as
Ihe Prius, tiny back seat, limited
rear view.
WhafsleW: Introduced for 2010.
'elriad liewieeJ: Useslhe
l.3-liter powerlrain from the
Civic hybrid. Thankfully, il still
dri ves like a Honda, with tight
suspension motions and well -
connected steering.
prlte: $27,995: Milan, $31,300
Vehide type; front-engi ne, fronr-drive; 4-door 5-passenger
Inrl'fior lUIume, F/R/wgo (eu It).
Wheelbase ..
length/wic!t h/heiljlt
Tu rningcircle
Curb wetghl.
EPA Cityfhighway mfXj ..
r lIEl-ta n! CJPacity/rang ..
. ..... 54/45/11
. ...... 107.4 in
,190.6/72.2156,9 in
........ ,37.Str
...... . J800 lb
. ............. 41136
IS-l iter DOff( 16-vJlve inline-4, 156 136 Ib-It + l06-hp
dectnc motor as;iSt (combned 1Xlwr"r rat ing, 191 hpj;
vari able auto
ind, eOlltroi anm, coi l ami-roll ba r
. .... ind, multil irt, coi l \jlI ings, anti- re ll ba r
IR, vented tisc/disc
ASS. Slandard
Sta bility/tracnon eontrel . standard/standard
Passive restraint>. . . ... dri'll"r and Side, !nee
ldnver only), and curtain el irbags; rear curtain el irbJgs
prlte: $24,510
V@hid@ type: from-engi ne, front-drive; 4-door 5-passenger
Iml'fior lUIu me, F/Rlwgo (eu It).
Wheelbase ..
len g!h/widt h/heiljlt
lu rningcircle
EPA Cityfhighway mfXj ..
r lIEl-ta n! capacity/rang ..
. ..... 51139/10
. .......... 106J in
,1 77.3/69.0/56,3 in
........ :1900 Ib
. ......... 40/45
11,3 gell/4g] mi
1.3-lner SOOC 8-valve inline-4, 93 hp, 89 lb-1t + lO-hp, 76- lb -ft
deane motor as>ist (eombned 1Xlwr"r rati ng, 110 hpj;

. .... ind, struts, coi l ami- re ll bo r
. .ind, muttil irt, roi l ami- re ll bo r
Arak(1,f IR , ,vented disc/chi m
ASS. standard
Sta bdi ty/tractlon (ontrel . standard/standard
PasSiI' . .. dri'll"r and passenger froot Side, and
curtelin el irbogs; reelr curtain el irbJgs
COmpilnSOn Test
... Winnn
Bast! prite: LX, Sl{),510; tx, Sn010
Vehid@ type: front-engi ne, fro nt- drive; 5-door 5-passenger
Interior lUIu me, f /R
Glr90 volume, seats up/maxi mum (cuft)
Wheelbase ..
. ...... 100.4 in
lrn gth/width/heiljlt
Tu rningcircle
FlIEl-tan! capacitylrang ..
, 172J/fJJ.7/SfJ ,2 in
........ ,36,ltr
......... 40/43
. ... lQ,6gal/424mi
SOOC inline-4. 88 hp, 8S Ib-ft + 13-hp, 58-l b-tr
deane motor assist (combined power rati ng. 9S hpj;
vari aole auto, vari able auto ....ith manumatk shiftin g
.ind, SlrutS, coi l ami-re ll bo r
. ......... ind, trailing arms, coil springs
,vented diIC/lium
ASS .. . . ...... Slandard
Stabdi ty/t ractiOIl control ..... .... ,stJndard (select modEls)/
Slelnd.Jrd (select mooel, )
. .. driver and paS'it'flger front Side, and
curtain airbogs; rear curtain ilirbags
CARandORIVER.com 13
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Lexus GS4S0h
Novel, expensive, and sure to be rare, the gasoline-
electric hybrid GS450h is al so heavy, insulated, and not as
smooth or sporting as the all-gasoli ne GS. Fuel efficiency is
commendably improved, but it functions best as a hightech
and luxurious conversation starter at the country club.
Lexus HS2S0h
The first hybrid-only lUXUry car, the HS250h is a com-
pact fi ve-seater using the powenrain from the Camry hybrid.
With a 2A-liter four-cy li nder and a Prius-style transmis-
sion, it' s opulent but not quick or particularly fun to drive.
Think Prius with a Lexus badge and a $5000 premium.
Lexus LS600hL
A mild styling change for 2010 puts a fresh face on this
low-volume, high-tech limo. At more than 5000 pounds,
this 43S-hp, all-wheel-drive gas-electric hybrid is rated at
20 mpg (city) and can hit 60 mph in 5.4 seconds. It' s a V-8
freeway boli de with V- 12 power and a si x-digit price.
14 CARaoxlDRI VER,(om
Hi'Jhs: Lexu> quality, luxurious
interior, a highway inhaler with
class-beating fuel ewnomy.
Lows: Numb steering. hybrid
operation is herky-jerky, price\! for
people who don', ask the pr ice.
wilt's new: Introduced for 2007;
it has a new grille for 2010.
ae"tnd tIt whtd: A great
technology lab, the GS is also
saddled with hundreds of extra
pounds aimed by dead steering.
Serenity is lost to the hybrid
system's endless cycl ing.
HI,hs: Best mpg of any luxury
car, opulent interior with loads of
features, lexus dealer experience.
Lows: Way, way heavier than a
Prius; numb and dumb on the
road; a budget car underneath.
Wiat'snew: Introduced for 2010.
Ifiind tit wheel: lexus hybrids
are not heart -rate raisers, and
this one is no exception. Robotic
steering and brakes make it a
snooze 10 drive. The HS is strict ly
for folks who Just have 10 have
the lexus of Priuses.
Hi'Jhs: smooth and
hushed ride, five -star interior,
high-tech hybrid powertrain.
Lows: 2.5 tons of non-fu n,
suspension and steering not
tuned for passionate drivers.
Will's new: Introduced in 2008;
receives a mild restyle for 2010_
Beiind tie wheel: The loudest
sound is the tic king of your Patek
Philippe as the lS600hL wafts
forwa rd_It lips in a straight line
but is too soft for curvy-road fu n,
A 21st-century airport limo.
Base pri(e: $57,425
Vehide type: fronH'ngifle. rear-dri ve; 4- door 5-p.1SSngtf
Intenorl'Olume, FlRJcargo (cu h). .54/43/11
190.0171 .7/56.1 in
. .. 36.7 1'1
.4lQO lb
....... . 22125
Whl'eI oo\e ..
Length /Width/ht'i ght
Tuming Circle ..
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel -taok Cap.1city/Jange .
17.2 g.al/378mi
15-li ter DOHC V-6, 19l hp, 167 1b-h + 197-hp, :!03-I b-ft
electric motor assist (wmbioed power rating, 34{) hpj; cootinuousiy
variabl e auto
F . ind, unl'qIJaI-l ength control cod ant i-rol l bar
R . in d, multil ink, coft bar
Brakes. FIR. . . . . . . ....... vented dis(/VI'Ilted diS(
ABS. . standard
Stability/traction cOIltroi stl ooard/stamlard
Pas>ive restra ints. dril'!' r and passenger !root, side, knee,
Base pri(e: $35,075
aod curtain airbag;; rea r side iII1d
curta in aimags
',:''' Z010
Vehide type: fro nt-engfle, front -oove; 4-tblr S- passenger
Interior I'Olume, F fR/cargo (cu 1'1) . . . . 50/40/12
11)j3 in
184,81703/593 in
.3700-3&10 Ib
14.5 gal/50S ml
Wlu'eloo\e _
Length /Width/hl'i gh t
Tuming Circle.
Curb weight .
EPA city/highway mpg
Fuel-tank cdp.lcitY/JilJlge ,
2.4-liter DOHC inli ne-4. 147 hp, 138 Ib-ft + 141-hp, 199-
Ib-ft electric (coml::i ned power rat ing. 187 hpj; cootinuousiy
variabl e auto
,ind, cod springs. .nt i-roI l bar
,i nd. tJail ing springs. ant i-rol l bar
Brakes, FIR.. vented dtcJdisc
ABS.. . .. standard
St.Oili ty/traction ..... ..... sta ooard/standard
Ptl)sive restra ints _ ,dri l't'f dnd p.lSsenger front, side, knee, iII1d
curta in alJbilgs; rear side and curtain almags
Base pri(e: S 110,(00 (est)
Vehide type: front -engine. 4-vmeel-drive; 4-door 4-5-
p.1SSnger sediln
Interior I'Olume, F IRJcargo (cu h) .
Whl'eI OO\e ..
. 121.7in
Length /Widthlhf'i ght
Tunt ing Circle ..
EPA cityihighway mpg
Fuel -taok Cap.1citY/Jange ,
. .. 39,41'1
_5050 Ib
... 20m
22.2 g.at/444 mi
S_O-- li ter OOHC V-8, 389 hp, 385 Ib-ft + nl-hp electric
rootor assist (combi ned rating. 438 hpj ; cOlltinoously
f ind, mult ili nk, air ant i-rol l bar
ind, mult ili nk, air bar R
Brakes, FIR. . . . . . . ....... vented dis(/'II'Ilted diS(
ABS.. standard
Stabili ty/traction cOlltroi stl ooard/standard
Ptl)sive restra ints _ driver and passenger !root, lide, knee,
and curtain allb3gs; fear (opt)
and curta in aimags
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Lexus RX4S0h
The original hybrid luxury SUV is redesigned for 2010,
and fuel economy is up despite a massive weight gain and
more power. New interior and exterior styling update the
look, butthe RX remains instantly recognizable. Powertrain
improvements make this hybrid better to dri ve.
Mercedes-Benz ML4S0 BlueHybrid
The ML450 utilizes the hybrid system co-developed by
GM, BMW, and the old DaimlerChrysler. A gas V-6 and
two electric motors combine to put out a V-S- like 335
horsepower, and Mercedes claims a fuel-economy improve-
ment of 30 percent compared with the V+8 ML550.
Mercedes-Benz S400 BlueHybrid
The S400 BlueHybrid is a mild hybrid, so its small ,
electric Illotor and lithium-ion batteries are called upon
only for accelerative punch and to run the accessories . Hy-
brid operation is largely transparent, and, unusual for a gas-
electric, it' s the least-expensive car in the S-class lineup.
Hl,hs: Cushy ride, good fuel
mileage, polished look inside and
out, improved power del ivery.
lows: Pricey, driving experience is
a snoozefest.
What'suw: Redesigned for 2010.
.ehitd linief); This gas-
electric is fa r better to drive than
before The jumpy thrott le and
gra bby brakes of the last model
are gone in favor of cont rols that
feel more conventional. lmerplay
I:tetween gas and electric power is
great ly smoothed out, too.
Hi,hs: Improved fuel economy,
littl e to no loss in performance,
as refined to drive and luxurious
inside as other MLs,
lows: Price, the diesel ML offers
superiorfuel economy.
Whit'sHew: Introduced for 2010.
'thitd lie wite): The gas
engine shuts off al stoplighls,
and the ML4S0can creep away
from a stop using only the electric
motors. The gas engine and the
electric mOlors worK togelher in
a seamless manner,
Hi,hs: Seventeen-percent more
economical than an SSSO, as
luxurious as any ol her S-dass,
seamless stop/start funct ion.
lows:(an' t run on elect ric ity
alone,lypical hybrid-y brake feel,
slower Ihan the SSSO.
What'snw: Introduced for 2010.
.ehitd linief): It's an
S-class through and through,
albeit a slower one, which
means a supple ride, sybaritic
appointments, and lots of
gad gels and safety technology,
",:''' l010
Base price: $42,535; 4wd, $44,125
Vehide typt!: froot-engine, Iroot- 1)1" 4--Ml l'E' I-dri \'e; 5-door
5-paslenger wogoo
Interior '/OIume, FIR (cu ft) ..
cargo \eatsup/maximum (cuft)
Wneelb.J\e .
............. .57/46
........... . 40/80
107.9 in
187.8/74.1/663 in
............ .37.4ft
....... 4550-4700 lb
1n gaI/516-550 mi

Turning Circl e
Cu m weight. .....
EPA eitylhigliway mM
filet-to nk cop<l(ity/range
i s-liter DOlI( V-6, 245 hp, 134 Ib -ft + 167 -hp and 67-hp
(f.WD only) eit'CtriC motor (ccmbi ned power rat ing, 295 hp) ;
eootinuous/y variable alJlO
r ..
..... ind, Slrut" COi l anti-roll b.J r
.. ind, mullilirt, COi l >j)' ings, anti-roll b.J r
FIR Vl'IltOO dsc/disc
ABS.. . ... Slaoda rd
Stability/traction cootrol . . standard/Slaoda rd
restraint> , dri \'et cl nd pdlSffifj r froot , Side, knee,
aoo curtain airruqs; [('clr curtain aimago;
",:''' l010
Base price:
Vehide type: froot-l'flglne, 4-II'heeI-drivt; S- door 5-passtnget
Imerurmume, fi R (eu h)
Cargovolume, IM, up/maximum (eu h)
Wheelbase ,
Turni ng Circle .
(urb wel(j ht
EPA mpg ..
Foo lankcap.3eity/ratlqt ,
. 114.7 in
188.51763/71.5 in
.. .37.9 fi
.5200 Ib

25.1901/427 mi
3.S li ter DOHC 24-vall' V6, 268 hp ((,51), 258 lb-h (es1) + 80 hp
(est), 236-- Ib-/t (est) elearle motor a,';Ilt (eomblJloo power ming,
335 hp); variabl e auto with 7 fixed ratios
F. . . ... ,i lld, unequa l-length anm, air ,pri ng), anli-roIl ba r
R .ind, multillnl, air ,pri ngs, anti-roll ba r
r IR , . ..... .. vented di>C!venled disc 1)1" di)(
ASS. Slaoda rd
Sta bility/traction (ootrol standardfSlaoda rd
PasSive restraint; , . . . . driver and pdS>enfj r Side, knee,
cl od curtclin cl irrugo;; fecl r curlain aimago;
Base price: S88,825
Vehide type: front-engine, taf-drive; 4-door 5-passenger
Imeriorvolume, f/Rlwgo (eu h) .54/55flO
. ...... 124.6in
. ,"&6.5173.7/58,0 in
......... 4O,Oft
.4lJ50 Ib
......... 19/26
. ... 23.8ga1/452 mi
Wneelb.Jse ..
Ll'flgthl .... .
Tu rningcircle
Cu mw ght
EPA eitylhighway mM
FlM' I-ta nk capacitylrange ..
J 5-liter DOHC 24-vatve Hi, 275 hp, 258 Ib-h + 2{)- hp, 118-lb-/t
elecu;c motor a,'iist (combined power rating. 195 hp) ; 7-sp auto
....ith manu matic shift ing
F. .ind, multilirt, COi l ami-roll rur
.ind, multilirt, coi l ami-ro ll rur R
Blakes, FIR , ,vented disc/vented di)(
ASS. Slanda rd
Sta bni ty/tr<l(Uon (ootrol standardfSlanda rd
PasSiI' restraint; ........ dw and pdS>t'llgl Side, and
curtain airbags; rear aod curtain aimags
CARandORIVER.com 15
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Nissa n Alti rna
This is Nissan's first hybrid, but it's offered only in the
nine states that have California emissions standards. It uses
Toyota's hybrid system under license, with a 2.5-1iter, four-
cylinder gas engine and an electric motor. The motor also
serves as a generator to recharge the system batteries.
Toyota (arnry
In the Camry hybrid, a 2.4-liter four-cylinder mates
to a continuously variable transmission with two electric
motors. A smaller trunk and a roughly $3000 premium are
the only trade-oils. We saw fuel economy in the low- 30s
but achieved hi gher numbers with the Ford Fusion hybrid.
Toyota Highlander
Restyled for '08, thi s hybrid carries over it s gasoline-
electric powertrain- and everything else- unchanged.
Outside of the hybrid bits and badges, this is just a high-
end Hi ghlander, which means interior versatility, carlike
refinement, and a spacious cabin, albeit at extra cost.
16 CARaoxlDRIVER.(om
Hi,hs: Fuel economy, e>:Celien!
(VT manumatic function. the way
it doesn't offend anyone.
Lows: Bland, slow. reduced trunk
wact', hybrid price premium,
limite\! avai lability.
Wilt's new: Introduced for 2007;
no major changes for 2010.
ae"tnd tIt whtd: Shuts off the
engine at stoplights and can
drive on electric -only power.
Unlike most hybrids, it acts pretty
normal and is sl ightly
sporty compared with rivals.
Hi,hs: DriVl's like a regular car,
550 milf'5 on a tank of gas, easy
to wheel alDund, comfo rtable.
Lows: bpensive, smal ler trunk.
Wiat's ntw: Introduced for 2007;
2010 models gel refresherl st0ing
and minor interior tweaks.
ae"ind Ib whtd: A different
instrument cluster gives
instantaneous mileage. Figure
low-30s for regular drMng.
Regularly mat the throttle-this
car is quite quick-and mileage
plummets into the 20s.
Hi,hs: Beuer mpg, comfort
and convenience ofl he regular

Lows: Heavy, a $5650 premi um,
only the sharp-eyed notice that
it's a hybrid.
Wilt'S ntw: Redes igned for 2008;
unchanged in 2010
Bflind tbwhttl: The hybrid
system works diligent ly and
efficiently as it hums down the
road. Not many thrills except the
jOy from passing gas stat ions.
Standard four-wheel drive a
Base pri(e: S27,SOO
Vehide type: Wo nt-t'Ilglle. froot-O' il'{'; 4- cIoo r 5-p.1SSengtf
Imenorl'Olume, F/RJcargo (cu h). .58/42/10
. 101.3 in
. .. 36.11'1
.3500 Ib
........ l5IH
Whl'eI OOIe ..
Length /Width/ht'i ght
Tuming Circle ..
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel -tank capacity/lange.
2O.0 g.a1{700mi
2.5-li ter OOHC inhne-4, 158 hp, 162 Ib-ft + 141-hp,
motor (combi ned pO' .... et" riJtin9, 198 hpj;
cootin uOlJs/y variable auto
ind, cod anti-rol l oor
. in d, mul tilink, coft anti -roH bar
!\rak6. r /R. . vented diS<"/diS(
ABS standard
Stability/tracuoo cootrol ..... ..... stlndaJd/standard
restraints . . . dri l'et" and passenger Iroot side, iII1d
curtain airbags: rear curtain aimags
Base prite: $26,900
type: fro nt-en9ine, Iroot-oo'/('; 4-cIoor 5-p.lssen9l'1"
Interior I'Olume, F /RJcargo (cu 1'1) . 53 54/47 48/11
. . . . 109.3 in
189.2171 .7/57.5 in
.. 3650 Ib
... ... 13/l4
W"heeI OO Ie ..
Lengt h/Width/hei ght
luming cirde

Cclp.l(iry/rcl nge .
H-Iner DOHC 16-va lve inline- 4, 147 hp, 138 Ib -ft + 141-hp.
199-lb -fi ell'Ctric motor (combined !Xlwer rating. 187 hpj;
cootin UOlJs/y variable auto
ind, cod anti -rol l bar
. in d, mul tilink. coa anti -rol l bar
!\rakes. F/R.. vented disddil(
ABS . . standaJd
Stobilityltraclloo cootrol StlMaJd/standaJd
PaIli've restraintl . driver and paslffiger front, side, knee
(driver only). and curta in cli rbags:
rear curtain airbags
prite: $35,500: Uml1ed, $41,820
type: !root-engine, 4-Mll'rI-drive; 5-0001 5-7-
passenger wagon
Interior I'Olume. F /M/R (eu It)
GJ rgo l'Olume, lI'ats up/maJ:imum (eu It) .
W"heeI OO Ie ..
10 42/94
Igs.4{75.2169.3 in
. . .39.0ft
.4550-4650 Ib
... 27/25
Length /Width/hl'i gh t
Tumin g cirde.

Fuel -tank cap.lcitY/lilnge .
l 3-liter DOHC 24-valve V-6. 209 hp. 2121b-ft + 167-hp. 247-Ib-ft
and 58- hp, 96-l b-f1 ell'Ctric motor aSIlSl (cOOl bined poI'Ier IiItin().
270 hpj; (()[ltinuous/y variable iJUto
f. indo coB anti -rol l bar
R indo cod cl nti-roI l oor
Srakes, FIR.. vented diSc/diS(
ABS . . standaJd
Stabilityltroctioo cootrol stlndaJd/standaJd
Paslive restraintl. driver and passenger front, side, knee
(dri ver only). and curtain airbags:
middle and rear curtain aimags
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Toyota Prius
In our hands, this new Prius returned an observed 42
rnpg, four better than the latest Honda Insight. Bm it' s no
fun to drive, and it seems intentional, what with aggressive
stability control that can't be turned off. Unless mileage is
everything 10 you, be sure to sample the Insight first.
Hi,hs: Engine remains silky at
max revs, rides like an old Town
Ca r. dead quiet at any speed.
Lows: No semblance of handl ing,
too much body roll, steering so
vague Y'lu'li forge! what day it is.
what'SlI!W: Redesigned for 2010.
lehlId l.tWIte!; At firS\.lhe
is charming because.
like Mel forme. it's velvety and
smooth in all its moves. After
about an hour, however, you
realize you're not part of the
driving experience,
",:1" 2010
Base price: II, $12,750; III , sn)5O; IV, S26,5SO;V, SZ8,Ol()
Vehide type: frolll-engi ne, trc nt-driVl.'; S-door S-passeng<Cr
Intl'lior 'IOIume, f 1R/c.Jfgo (eu It)
Wheelba'it' ..
Ll'Ilgthl .... idthlheigJt .
EPA eitylhwympg,
Fuel-tank eapiKitylranqe ..
. .... .. 1(l63 in
. , 175.6/f},.7/58.7 in
... 34,1-.l6,Ofl
.3050-3200 Ib
..... ... .51/48
. .. . 11,9gal/607mi
1,g-l iler OOHC 16-vclll'e inline-4, 98 hp, 105 1b-1t + 8O-hp elE(tri(
motor (cOOlbined Ill\'ler rallog. 134 hpj ; continuousJy variable
r .. ..... ind, SIMs, COi l >PI ings, anti-roll bar
. ind, trailing arms. roil springs R
Brakes, FIR , .. . vented (he/diS(
ASS.. . ... Slandard
Stclbnity/triKllOO wntrol standard/Slandard
P.r;sive restraints, .. dri'll'l and passenger side, knee
(dri'll'r only), and curtain airbags; fl'ar curtain airbags
Not all car dealerships are unscrupulous.
But there is a simple reason so many
people dread buying a new car: The
potential for ri p-off is astronomical, and
common practices have often j ustified
consumers' fears. If you catch a whi ff of
any of t he scams below, be on the alert.
This isn't really a trick, but awareness
here is important. During negotiations,
the salesperson may use a "foursquare"
worksheet to figure out the terms of the
deal, recording purchase price, down
payment. mont hly payments, and t rade-
in value. He wi ll fi ll in t he sheet as you
talk, working the deal like a shell game. If
you seem preoccupied with a fair trade-
in, he might give you a good price for
that and t hen nudge up the purchase
price. Focus on one item at a time and be
comfortable with each aspect.
Don't let a dealer tel l you that you are
getti ng a good deal because of a rebate;
rebates come from the maker and usually
apply regardless of the purchase price.
Negotiate as if there are no rebates. Also,
make sure rebates are deducted from t he
purchase price. If you allow a check to be
mai led to you after the sale, you pay tax
and interest on the rebate. Never let an
incentive like a low APR or a rebate rush
you into a purchase; if there's an incentive
on a car today, odds are there wi ll be
later, too.
A salesperson asks how much you are
wil ling to pay, and you t hrow out, say,
$450. He asks how much more you could
afford, and you tack on another 50 bucks.
In your mi nd, you were theorizing, but
to the salesman, you just committed
to a $500 minimum mont hly payment.
Instead, when asked how much you can
pay each month, say t hat you wil l not
discuss monthly payments and only want
to talk purchase price.
Delivery charges, t itling fees, and other
closing costs are inevitable extras.
But most fees or extra-cost items are
inflated or altogether unnecessary.
Negotiate fees down, or outright refuse
to pay them. Deny ext ras offered by
the finance and insurance manager;
particularly egregious are paint and
fa bric protection- essentially wax and
5cotchgard for which dealerships often
ch.:Hge hundreds of dollars.
You should always shop for finanCi ng
before you head to the dealership, Maybe
you'll get a better rate; maybe you'l l Just
get a better idea of what rate you qualify
fOLlt's not uncommon for the dealership
to secure financing for you at one APR
but offer you a rate one percentage poi nt
higher-and then pocket t he difference.
Never sign a bil l of sale with blanks
or terms that are'subject to bank
approval" or have similar wording. Some
dealerships will let you sign such a
document, only to call later to say that
t he loan fell through and you need to
return to sign new paperwork, which
just happens to cost you more than the
negotiated price. Never drive your car off
the lot unti l all the paperwork is fil led out
You'll negotiate a price, and the
salesman will leave to get approval from
t he sales manager, painti ng himsel f as
your ally and t he manager as a common
enemy, Be wary if asked for a check to
prove to the manager you are serious.
Sometimes your offer wil l be rejected,
but your check won't be returned right
away- it's been "misplaced" or some
similar nonsense. Now they have your
money, and you feel pressured to
concede to t heir terms. Remember t hat
you can always wal k away and cancel
t he check later,
In addition to shopping around for
finanCi ng, you should learn your credit
score before you go to a dealershi p.
Many of t he best offers to be had on
new cars are contingent on the buyer
having qualifying credit, and dealerships
have been occaSional ly known to lie to
customers about thei r credit scores and
t he financing for which they qualify.
If you are thinking of trading in your old
car when you buy a new one, someone
might borrow your keys to evaluate your
ri de. If negotiat ions stal l and you try to
leave, you might find that your keys have
been "misplaced"in order to prevent you
from leaving and entice you to make a
deal you aren't comfortable with, If you
bring two sets of keys with you, t his won't
be a problem,
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$286,400 11- 12117- 18' 20.5 50/ 18/7 39.4 185.9/75.0/50.4 4050
Auon Manin D89VoIanit $199,620 11- 13/17- 20 21.1 50/ 18/7 39.4 185.5173.8/50.0 4100--4200
Aston Martin Y-8 Vantage $1l6,SOO 12- 14119-20 21.1 52/NA/ll 36.5 172.4173.4/49.4 3800
Alldi A5I55 $42,825- $59,075 17- 23126-30 16.9- 17.1 52132111- 13 37.4 182.1m.0/54.4 3900--4250
AlldiTTfTT5 $41,625- $49,725 21129 14.5- 15.9 48INAl9 36.0 164.5- 165.3/7H/53.1-53.5 3350- 3450
Bentley Azure T $370,095 9/15 25.4 53/NA/11 40.4 212.6174.8f58) 6000
Bentley Continental GTC $207,795- $237,695 10/17 23.8 5413619 37.4 5600
BMWMl $69,025 13-14{20 16.6 5113319 38.4 181.Sn1.0{54.8 4150
BMWM6 $111,725 11/17 18.5 52130!11 41.0 191.81710{54.2 4400
BMWl4 $46,575- $52,475 17- 19124- 29
'4.5 SIINA/8 35.1 166.9170.5{SO.8 3300- 3550
BMW3-seri es $45,375- $51,525 13- 18110-27 16.1 5113319 36.1 180.6170.2f54.5 3800-4150
BMW6series $87,425 11- 15/17- 23 18.5 52130f11 - 12 37.4 190.21710/54.1 4300
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport $2,200,000 8/14 26.4 50INAf l 39.3 175.7178.7/45.1-47.4 4750
(IInro1et (orvette/Grand S])Ort $54,530- $59,530 15- 16125- 26 18.0 52fNAf8- 11 39.0 174.6-175.6172.6-75.91 3300
48.7- 49.0
Dodge Viper 5RTlO $89,000' 13m 16.0 48INAf7 40.5 175.6175.2/47.6 3450
Fenari California $197,350 13/19 20.6 52/23/8-12 NA 179.6174.9/51.5 4150
Ford Shelby GT500 553,175 14-18122- 26 16.0 53128110 37.7 1&8.2173.9/56.1 4000
Infinhi G37 $44,800' 16-17n4- 25 20.0 54/25110 36.1 183.3172.9/55.1 4100- 4150
JaguarXK/XKR $89,000- $102,000 15- 16/22 16.1 51/1917-10 35.8 1 &8.7174.5/52.3 3900- 4100
Lamborghinl Gallardo lP561H $226)00' 12- 13120 21.1 49INAf4 37.7 171. 1174.8/46.6 3800
lamborghini Murdelago lP640 $390,000' 9- 10/14-16 26.4 491NAf6 41.2 181.5181.0/44.7 4100
lexus 5(00 568380 16/23 19.8 50125/9 36.7 178.5172.0/53.1 39M
lolUS Elise $48,375- $56,115 20- 21n6-27 10.6 46INAf4 32.8 149.0167.7/44.0 2000- 2050
Maserati GranTurismo $150,OI:XI' 11/19' 19.8 51/29/6' NA 192.2175.4/513 4400
Mercedes-Benz sldass/Sl6J/Sl6S 5102,0I:XI- $2OO,OClO' 11- 13118- 21 21.1 51/NA/l0 37.9 178.5171.5/51.0 4250-4700
Mercedes-Benz slKdass/SlKSS $47,775- $67,525 14- 19122- 26 18.5 49/NA/ll 34.5 161.5170.4- 70.6/ 3250- 3500
50.7- 51.1
Ponelle Bonter 548,550- 558,950 19- 20{.16-19 16.9 48/N,lJl0 35.8 172.1/70.9/50.9 2950- 3050
Ponelle 91 1 CabrioletfTurbo Cabriolet 589,750- $144,750 15- 19124-27' 16.9- 17.7 4711614 36.0 17S1- 176Jfi1.2- 72.9/ 3300- 3750
511- 51.6
RolIsRoyce PI1antom Dropllead Coupe $.wg,ooo 11/18 21.1 54/40/11 43.0 220.8n8.2/62.2 5800
saab 9-J $45,500'-$48,500 19- 20m- 19 16.4 51/31/8- 12 39.0 181.4169.3/56.4 3550- 3900
Tesla Roadster $110,950- $130,450 NA 53 kWh 46IN,lJ4 36.7 155.4/68.0/44.4 2750
(hrysler Sebring $28,590- $35,445 16-20{.16-19 16.9 54/34- 35/13 36.5 193.8171.5/58.5 3750-4100
Ford Mustang $26,845- $33,845 14- 18122- 26 16.0 53/28110 33.4- 37.7 1&8. 1173.9/55.9 3550--4000
l.exus Is2SOC/Is3SCK $39,365- $44,815 18- 21{.15- 19 17.2 53/24/11 33.5 182.5170.9/55.7- 55.9 3850- 3900
Mazda MH Miata $13,560- $29,000 21 - 22/28 12.7 49--50/NA/5 30.8 157.3/67.7/49.0-49.4 2450- 2550
Mini Cooper $24,950- $34,700 24- 228/32- 36 13.2 4712516 35.1 145.6- 146.2166.3/55.4 2750- 2950
MitstJbishi Edipse spyder $28,519- $33,548 16-19{.14-26 17.7 5312315 40.0 180.4172.2/54.4- 54.7 3500- 3800
Himn 1701 18m 19.0 52/NA/4 32.8- 34.1' 167.1/7l.8/S1.l 3450-3500
Smart Fortwo 33141 8.7 451NAf8 28.7 106. 1161.4f60.7 1850
Volkswagen Eos 21- 22f29- 31 14.5 5012817- 11 35.8 173.6170.5f56.8 3550- 3600
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The Soul. A new way to roll.
8 MP3 I..,put O 'BluetOQth 50+ Accessories
a\ ....
au 31 MPG!HWV . ' . Front"l Cr,,"sh RlItlng $ 5tllrts under Sl<1k
ThorPow6 los...rprlse'
. ,
. , ,
j", 01 1
Fi nd mor e magazi nes at www. magazi nesdownl oad. com
Alfa Romeo 8e Spider
At $30 I ,600, it's ridiculously expensive, but it 's also
very beauti ful , very mre-just 500 will be made, wi th 35
coming to the U.S.- and very fast, wi th a top speed of 181
mph. The car has a 4.7-1iter V-8 that makes 444 horsepower
and one of the best and loudest exhaust notes on earth.
Aston Martin DBS Volante
In a feat we hardl y thought possible, Aston has made
the DBS coupe even more attractive by removing its roof.
Beauti ful ly detai led i nside and out, t he Volante oozes luxu-
ry and style and provides a thri lli ng experience on an wind-
ing road. One of the world' s greatest tanning salons.
Aston Martin DB9 Volante
Meant to be more of a sunny-day cruiser than the hardtop,
the gorgeous V- 12- powered DB9 Volante exudes class and
style second only to the more aggressive DBS Volante. It' s
not as much fun as some other topless supercars, but the
DB9 sounds great and will impress the neighbors.
_= __ 7
20 CARaoxlDRIVER,( om
Hi'j'hs: Subl ime looks, beautiful
interior, amazing engine nOise,
performance. handling. brakes.
Lows: It's really expensive;
jU5135 wi ll make it to the US
Wilt's nN: Introduced for 2010.
Be. ind tb whtel: The Fenari-
derive<:! engine makes a great
noise and moves the BC Spider
from Oto 60 mph in 4.4 Se<onds.
The aulomated manual gearbox
is very fast 10 swap gears, the
brakes are amazing. and the
handling is sensational.
Hi'j'hs: Stunningly beautifu l.
intoxicat ing soundtrack. standard
carbon-wamic brakes.
Lows: Sticker shock,laughable
back seats, heavier and less rigid
than the coupe, discreet.
Wh l's nf W: Introduced for 2010.
ae. ind tb whtd: Big V -12
thrust, prodigious stoppi ng
power. and sure-footed handling
are all on the docket. Yet the
DBsVolante won't lIeat you up.
since il goes down the road as
fantastically as it looks.
Hi'j'hs: St iff structure minimizes
shimmying. almost as sexy as
the OBS Volante. the sound of
Lows: Lose the top, and some
goes with it; back seat is a
joke. and trunk is hardly lienee
wb t's new: Introduce<:! fo r 2006;
2010 brings small equipment
Be. ind tbwhtd: This droptop
gets all the stares and make5 all
the right noises. but it doesn't
have the pace of its rivals,
',,:''' Z010
Base prl(e: $30!,600
Vehide type: fronHngine. rear-dnve; 2-door 2-paSSnge-r
Interior I'Olume, F Icargo (cu h)
Whl'eIOOI(' ..
.50/4 (est)
.104.1 in
172.5174.6153.9 in
. ..... tlA
.J700 lb
... 12-17(est)
Lengt h /Width/ht'i ght
Tuming Circle ..
Curb weight ..
EPA Citylhighway mpg
Fuel-tank capacity/lange .
. ............. . 23.8 gal/286mi (est)
4.7-li ter DOHC 3l-valve V-8, 444 hp, 354Ib-ft; 6-sp autorrnted
F . ioo, unequal-l l'Ilgth control springs. anti-roll bar
R . ioo, unequal-l l'Ilgth control cod springs. anti-roll bar
Brakes, FIR.. vrotf'd, cross-till ed disc!ventf'd .
cross-dril led disc
ABS standard
Stabilityltracuoo cootrol ..... .. . .. staooardlstandard
restraints. .. . .. Oi ver afld passenger tro nt iII1d
side airbags
',,:''' Z010
Base prl(e: $286,400
type: rear-drive; 2-doo r 2+2-pas'mger
Interior I'Olume, F fR/cargo (cu ft) .
WhfflOO:.e ..
. . .. 50/ 1817
..4050 Ib
11-12/17-18 (est)
.205 gal/226-146mi (est)
Length /Width/hl'i gh t
Tuming rn:Ie.
Curb weight ..
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel-tank capacity /r.nge
5.9-liter 001l( 48-valve V- 12, 5 to hp, 420 Ib-ft; 6-sp man, 6-sp
auto with manumatic shifting
F . ioo, unequal-l l'Ilgth control coil springs. . nti-roll bar
R . ioo, unequal- ll'Il gth co ntrot cod springs. anti -roll bar
Brakes, FIR ..
V(' nted, cross-drilled cerilmic disc!venrf'd ,
cross-drilled ceramic disc
sta rdardlstandard
.Oiver and passenger fro nt oi'l d
sir,. airbags
Stability/tractioo control
restra ints .
Base prl(t: $199,620
Vehide type: tront-l'Ilgine. rear-dri\'; Hoor 2+2-paSSnge-r
50/1817 Interior F fR/cargo (cu ft )
Whl'eIOOI(' ..
.108,1 in
185.5173.8/50,0 in
. .. 39,4h
4100--4lQO Ib
11 13/17 10
.............. 21.1 gal/m-274mi
Tuming Circle ..
Curb weight
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel-tank capacityllange ,
5.9-li ter OOHC 48-valvl' V-11, 470 hp, 443 Ib-h; 6-sp man, 6-sp
auto with manwnatic shihlllg
F, . . ioo, unequal- length controt cod antiroIl bar
R . ioo, unequal-l l'Ilgth control cod springs. anti-roll bar
Brakes, FIR ..... ,vented, grooved discfvemed. grooved disc
ABS .. standard
Slaoili ty/tractioo control .......... stardard/standard
Passive restra ints. .Oi\'r and passenger fro nt iII1d
sir,. alrbags
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Aston Martin V-8 Vantage
Removing the shapely roof oflhe Vantage detracts little
from it s stunning shape, while also allowing prying eyes to
see you behind the wheel. The aluminum-intensive roadster
is both Aston's cheapest and best convertible, and now with
more power, it' s the most rewarding to drive, too.
Audi AS/55
The ragtop A4 and S4 are no more, as they have been
repl aced by the fetchi ng andenticingA5 and S5 convert ibles.
The 55 uses the S4 sedan's supercharged V-6; the A5 gets
Audi's fuel-efficient, turbocharged four-cylinder engi ne.
Bot h are elegant and entertaining to drive.
Unlike the TI coupe, the ragtop TI is a two-seater. The
2. 0T is plenty strong, but for those with more money to
spend, the TIS is qui cker and olTers more direc t responses .
Structural rigidity is excellent, and the convertible offers a
baseball-glove-stitched interior that is beautiful to behold.
Hi,hs: Spectacular >tyling, deft
handling. thrilling exhaust note,
well-insulated top. no foldi ng
Lows: Low roof can rub heads and
has visibility issues, not as quick
as you might hope at this price.
whit'sleW: Introduced for 2008;
2010 brings a new grille and
various equipment updates.
Belriad liewi eel: Prff ise
steering, progressive brakes, and
a rigid chassis make for thril ling
top-down touring.
Hi'fhs: Fuel-efficient turbo four,
Slrong supercharged V-6, elegant
styling, interior quality, availa ble
all-wheel drive.
Lows: Small bad seat, 55 gets
expensive, porky curb weighl
Wh,t'SIeW: Int roduced for 2010.
Belriad Inwiefl: Sporty and
entertaini ng, these handsome
convert ibles drive like their coupe
counterpans, which is to SJy
that they are ve ry refined and
Germanic in their manners. 5peed
brokers should step up 10 the 55.
Hi'fhs: A design icon without the
iconic roofi ine, can't go wrong
with either engine, powerful
bra kes, interior.
Lows:Quatt ro version handles like
a fronl -drive car at the li mit. n01
as sporty as a Porsche Boxster,
What'snw: Re{!esigned for 2008,
TTS introduced for 21Xl9; V-f;
version is dead,
Belriad lie wi eel: Feels deft,
qUick, and small. The TT droptoD
is an interest ing, if no! as sporty,
alternative to the Porsche Boxster.
Base price: Sl36,800
Yehide type: front-erqine. rEar-drive; 2-door 2-pa5>e!l ger
Iml'fior lUIume, F/cargo (eu It). . ........ 52/11
Wheelbase ..
lengthlwic!t h/heiljlt
Tu rningcircle
Cu rb w ght
EPA City/highway mfXj ..
FlI('l-tank capacitylra nge ..
. ...... 102.4 in
.1 72.4/73.4/49.4 in
......... 36.5ft
J!JOO lb
. ..... 12-14/19-20
21.1 gal1253-295 mi
4.?-l lter DOH( v-a, 4:!O hp, 347 Ib-ft; 6-sp man, 6-sp
automated man
r ....... ind, uneqwl-Ierqth cootrol arms. COi l >j)"irq\. anti-roll iJa r
R . ind, uneqwl-Ie rqth cootrol arms, coi l >j)"irqs, anti-roll iJa r
r /R. . vented. di>c/I'ffited. groO'led disc
ASS. Slanda rd
Sta bility/tracnon control . standard/Slanda rd
Passive restraint> . . .......... driver and passtrlger front and
Side airbags
",: ''' 2010
Base prite: A52.m, $42,825; 2.0T Qu.Jttro, $44,925/55 Qu.Jt!ro,
Yehide type: from-engine, front- or 4-wheel-drive; 2-door
4-pas'it'nger cotlVl'lt ibie
Iml'fior lUIume, FIR/cargo (eu It). ..52/32111 13
Wheelba'it' 1(18 } in
If'll gthl ....idthlheiljlt . . . .. 182. 1/73.0/54.4 in
TurningCirci e ............. .37.4 ft
Cu rb wght Jo:o:J---4250 lb
EPACity/highwaymfXj. . .... 17-23/26-30
FLJeI-ta nk capacitylrange .......... 16,9-17.1 gaI/287- 393 mi
turbocharged and intercooled l ,(}- li ter OOHC inlill-4,
21 1 hp. 2S8l b-fI; supercharged and intftcooled 3.(}-li ter DOlte
24-vaIve V-6, m hp. m lb-ft;6-sp .!\Ito with manumall(shifting,
7-sp dual-dutch automated man, continuously variable auto with
manumclliC shifting
F .. indo multil irt, COi l anti-roll lJa r
R . ....... ind, multil irt, COi l SlXirqs, anti- roll tJa r
flrak(1, r /R, . ..... .. vented di>Uvented disc or disc
ASS. Slanda rd
Sta bdi ty/tracllon control . standard/Slanda rd
PasSive . ..... .. driver and pa\>e!l ger froot and
Side airbJgs
Base price: 11. $41,625; TIS, $49) 25
Yehide type: front -engine, 4-wheel-oove; l -dOOI 2-pa5>e!l ger
Iml'fior lUIu me, F/ca rgo (eu It). . ......... 48/9
Wheelbase.. . ....... 97,l in
lengthl ....idt hlheiljlt .......... 164.5-165.3/72.5/53. 1-53.5 in
Tu rningcircle ......... 36,Oft
Cu rb w ght J 3SQ-J450 Ib
EPA (ity/highway ........ . nm
FlI('l-tank capacitylrange .......... 14.5-15.9 gal/305- 334 mi
tu rbocharged and intercooled 2.0-liter OOHC 16-valve inline-4, 200
or 265 hp,107 or 258 Ib-ft; 6-sp dual-dutch automated man
F . ....... ind, struts. COi l SlXirqs, anti- roll tJa r
R . ind, multil irt, coi l >j)"irqs, anti-roll iJa r
flrak(1,f /R, . ..... .. vented di>Uvented disc or disc
ASS. Slanda rd
Stabni ty/tracllon control standard/Slanda rd
PasSi ve restraint> ....... dw and paSstrlgel Side, and
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Bentley Azure T
Bigger than life, the Azure is an ultraexclusive
convertible. Think Brooklands sans roof. Powered by an
ancient turbocharged V-8 that provides 50 more horsepower
for 20 I 0, the perfectly finished Azure is just the thing to
show that you can afford a $370,000 car.
Bentley Continental GTC
The open-air Continental gives up little to the GT
coupe in terms of style and performance, but it is the most
expensive member of the standard Continental line. Regular
GTCs have 552 horsepower; the new Speed model gets 600
horses and a sportier chassis that quickens its reflexes.
Boasting a folding aluminum roof, the new version of
BMW' s roadster offers traffic-stopping styling with the top
up or down. The interior is beautiful as well, and cabin
comfort and storage have greatly improved. Options will
quickly infl ate the price, but that's the cost of luxury.

22 CARaoxlORIVER.(om
Hi,hs: Yacht-like style. yacht-like
thrust, yacht-like appointments,
yacht -like presence.
Lows: Yacht -like fuel economy,
yacht -like handling. yacht-like
price, yacht- like pract ical ity
Wilt's new: Redes igned fOf 2007;
sails into 2010 with SO additional
Ifiind tit whetl: TheV-8 moans
but the giant Azure with
aplomb. Otherwise, the carfeels
huge. expensive, and a lot li ke
your grandfather's Bentley,
Hi,hs: The top goes down, looks
good, goes quite fast in Speed
guise, unabashedly de<adent.
Lows: Heavyweight moves, small
rear seat big-time price.
Wbt's new: Introduced for 2007;
Speed model is new for 2010.
ae"ind tbwhtd: A whale of a
car that moves quickly despite its
prodigious curb weight. Speed
version rides more harshly, but
the chassis is more wil ling to
play when the road tums twisty.
Structural rigidity is excellent.
Hi,hs: Handsome looks, silky-
smooth inline-six engines, year-
round practicality.
Lows: Trunk access limited with
the top down, brakes prone to
fade after repeate<l hard stops.
wbt's ntw: Redesigned for 2009;
unchanged for 2010
Bf"ind titwhtel: The turbo is
fantastic. but its cushy suspension
makes the Z4 more suited for
touring than the track. The
sDrive35i offers BMW's first dual-
dutch gearbox in a non-M car.
Base pri(e: mo,ws
Vehide type: fronH'ngifle. rear-dnve: 2-door 4-p.1SSllgtf
Imeriorl'Olume, F/RJcargo (cu h).
Whl'eIoo\e ..
53INNl l
. 122.7in
. 212.6f74.8/SS.7 in
. .. 4O.4h
.6000 Ib
......... 9/15
Length /Width/ht'i ght
Tuming Circle ..
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel -taok capacity/lange .
twin-turbocharQCd and imerrooled 6.8-hter 16-valve V-8,
SOO hp, 738I b-It :6-sp auto with manu malic lli lfilng
r. . ind, uneqLklI-lt"Ilgth control sprillgs, cl nti-roIl bar
R . ind, uneqLklI-l t"Ilgth control cod springs. ant i-roll bar
&rak6. fIR. . . ..... . Vt"llted disc/vented disc
ABS standard
Stability/tracuoo cootrol ..... ..... stardard/standard
restraintl. .. . .. oover afld passengl'f fro nt iIIld
si( airbags. rear aimags
Bast' pritt': GTe $207.795; GTe Speed, $237.695
li"ont- t"Ilg ine, 2-d(Xlf 4-pas\eflgl'f
Imerior I'Olume, F /RJcargo (cu h) .
W"heeIoo\e ..
. 54/36{9
. 108.t in
....... t89.tf75 .9/54.6-55.0in Lengt h/Width/hei ght
Tuming cirde

Cclp.l(ity/rclnge .
.. SWO lb
...... 10/17
twin-turbocha rged . nd intl'fcooled OOHC 6.0-1iter 48-valve W-12,
552 or 600 hp. 479 or 553 Ib -ft; 6-sp auto with milnumauc lli ihlng
&rakes.. fIR ..
Stabi li ty/tractioo control
P.,siV rest raints.
.ind, mult ilink. air sprillgs, cl nti-roIl bar
.ind, mult ilink. air springs. anti -rol l bar
..... .. vt"llted disc/vented disc
..... ..... stardard/standard
.OOVr afld passenger front iIIl d
, i( cl imag,
pritt': IDrive3Qj, $46,575; sDrive35i, $51,475
Vehide type: frool-t"Ilgille. rear-drive: 2-door 2-p.lSSnge-r
Interior I'Olume, F /cargo ((0 hl
Whl'eIoo\e ..
Ll'flgth/Width/he; ght
. . .35. t h
3300-3550 1b
17 19/14 29
.............. 14.5g.a1/247-276mi
Turn ing Circle ..
EPA city/highway mM
Fuel -laok capacitY/lange .
10-iiter OOHC 24-valve inline-6, 155 hp, 220 Ib-h; twin-
turbocharged and intercooled 3.0-liter OOHC inlin e-6, 300
hp, 300 Ib-It; 6-sp mao, 6-sp auto, 7-sp ooal-cl ut(h automated
. ind, coil springs. ant i-rol l bar
. ind, mul tilin k. coD springs. anti -rol l bar
&ra kes. FIR. . . .. . ...... Vt"llted disc/vented disc
ABS st"ndard
Stdbili ty/trclCtioo control stardard/standard
reltraintl. . .. ....... dri ver and p.ll\enger front
afld si( aimags
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BMW' -series
Based on a longtime CID favorite, the 3-series, the little
I-series also makes use of that model's inline six-cylinder
engines. II is, of course, fantastic to drive. TIle cloth roof
drops in jusl over 20 seconds, and the climate-control
system has a special setting for when you go topless.
BMW 3-series/M3
This convertible's folding hardtop provides top-up
refinement and outward visibility to go along with trademark
3-series dynamics, A 328i finished first in a comparo of five
luxury droptops, and no convertible combines practicality
and road-shredding ability as well as the M3 does.
BMW 6-series/M6
There's nothing really wrong with the way the 650i
drives- it just isn' t as good as some of the sponier
competitors from Mercedes, Porsche, and l aguar. The M6's
sell ing points are styli ng and presence, since the cheaper
M3 droptop outperforms the M6 and has a real back seat.
Hi,hs: 135i isfos{, steering feel is
impeccable. top can be operated
at speeds up 10 25 mph.
Lows: Dropping the top means
dropping serious cash versus a
1-series coupe, even lighter back
seal1han the coupe's.
whit'sleW: Introduced for 2008;
unchanged for 2010.
lelriad lie wi fel: Real ly wail ing
on the 1-series tends to get
the front end pushing. and the
convert ible top adds weight, but
this remains a very rewarding car.
Hi'fhs: supportiVl'
and comforlable seats, sil ken six-
cylinders, 335i is a rocket. M3's
V-8 power and exhaust note.
Lows:Quite heavy, steep bonom
line, small trunk with top down.
Whlfsuw: Re\lesigned for 2007,
M3 for '08; unchanged for 2010.
lellid Inw.eel; The
cars offer precise steeri ng and
brakes as well as enthusiast-
satisfying agi lity through the
Iwislies; the M3 is the world's
best droptop with four real seats,
Hi'fhs:Wonderful race-car
sounds, great handl ing, luxury
trimmings, polarizing styling.
Lows: M6's jerky sequemial-
manual. useless back seats, small
interior and Iru nk for a such a big
car, polarizi ng
what's JeW: Int roduced for 2004,
M6 reintroduced for lfiJ7; no
changes for 2010,
lellid t.ew.eel: The 650i is
built fo r cruising, but the M6's
high-strungV-10 begs to be
unleashe\l on back fwds.
Base price: ]lSi, $34,825; 135i, $40,975
Vehide type: front-erqine, rEar-drive; 2-door 4-pa5>e!l ger
Imerior lUIume, F/R/cargo (eu It).
Wheelba'it' ..
. ..... . 50/18/8
. ...... 1047 in
length/wiclt h/heiljlt
Tu rningcircle
Cu rb werght
EPA (ityfhighway mfXj ..
FlI('l-tank (apacitylra nge ..
,1 72.1158.8/55 ,6 in
........ .35, 1 ft
J500-3700 lb
. ..... 17-18/26-18
ItOgal123S-152 mi
Jo-Ilter OOfl( 14-va lve inlirf-6, 130 hp, 100 Ib-It; IWin-
ru rtOOMflJed and imercooled lo-l iter OOHC 14-vall'!' inline-{), 300
hp, 300 Ib-It: 6-sp ma n, 6-sp ilUto with manurnatiC sli ifting
.ind, Slruts, coi l ami-roll ba r
. .ind, multil iri, coi l ami- roll ba r
IR, ,vented dWvented disc
ASS. Slanda rd
Sta bility/tracnon control . standard/Slanda rd
Passive restraint> . . .......... dri ver and pa$>e!lger front and
IOBest Winner

prlte: 32&, $45,375; 335i, $51,525; M3, $69,025
Vehide type: from-engwoe, fl'ar- drive; 2-door 4-passenger
Imerior lUIume, F/R/cargo (CU It) . . .......... 51133 /9
Wheelba'it'.. . ...... lM.7 in
lenglh/Wldth/heiljlt 100.6- 181 .8/70.1-71 .0/545-54.8 in
Tu rningCirci e ........ 36,1 -3S.4 1t
Cu rb weight. . . . . . . ...... 3300-4150 Ib
EPA cityfhigliway mM 13-t8/20- 17
FlI('l-ta nk (apacity/rarH}E:' .......... 16,1-16.6 gal/216-290 mi
Jo-Ilter OOfl( 14-valve inlirf-6, 130 hp, 100 Ib-It; IWin-
turbocharged and intercooled 3.o- li ter OOHC 24-valve iolill-{),
300 hp, 300 Ib-It; 4.I)..U!er OOIl( 32-valve V-a. 414 hp. 295 Ib-ft :
6-sp man, 6-sp ilUtO WIth rrunurnatic shilting. 7-sp dua l-cl utch
ilUtomated man
.ind, struts, coi l anti-roll b.J r
.. indo multil iri, coi l anti-roll b.J r
\'eIlted. (foss- drilled diS( or \'eIlted di>d
vented, cross-drill ed (Ise or vented disc
ASS. startda rd
Sta bdi ty/tractron control . standard/standa rd
PasSive . ..... . driver and paSSEflgt1" Iront, Side.
and knee airbags
prite: 65Oi, S87,425; 1.16, S 111}25
Vehide type: front-engill, rEar-drive; 2-door 4-pa5>e!l ger
Imerior lUIu me, F/R/cargo (eu It). ..52/3011 1 12
Wheelba'it'.. .10'1.4- 109.5 in
lenglh/.,.,iclt hlheiljlt .......... 1'XJ,2-191.8/73.0/54.1-54.2 in
Tu rningcircle ... 37.4-41.0ft
Cu rb werght .4300-4400 lb
EPA cityihighway mM .11 15/ 17 13
FlI('l-tank capacitylrange. . 18.5 gaI!204-278 mi
4.8-l lter OOHC 32-valve V-8, 360 hp, 360 Ib-It; 50- liter OOHC 40-
valve V-10, 500 hp, 383 Ib-It; 6-sp man, 6-sp auto with rnanu mallc
shifting, 7-sp ilUtOOIated man
F. . ind, Slruts, coi l anti-roll b.J r
.ind, multil iri, coi l anti-ro ll b.J r R
. vented, cross- drilled disc or I'ffited ri>el
vented. cross-drill ed (Ise or vented disc
ASS. Slartda rd
Sta bni ty/tractlon wmrol standord!Slartda rd
PasSi ve restraint>. . . .... dri ver and paS'it'ngt1" Iront side,
and knee airbags
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Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport
Bugatti now offers a convertible version of the Veyron
that costs more than $2 million. The Grand Sport hits 253
mph with its clear plastic top, the same speed as the coupe;
the topless maximum speed is a "mere" 224 mph. With the
fabric "rain" top in place, 81 mph is the suggested li mi t.
Chevrolet Corvette/Grand Sport
There have been Corvette droptops si nce the beginning
in 1953, and continuous development has given it venerated
status among open sports cars. Fast, furious, and relatively
comfortable, although the chassis flexes more than those of
its competition, and the automatic is a bit slow to react.
Chrysler Sebring
Value and convertible-top packaging are the Sebring's
strong points, blll things can get expensive quickly. You'll
want to pass on the tepid four-cylinder and head straight
for a V-6 if you want to get anywhere soon. A new hood
aims to tone down the funky looks.
24 CARaoxlORIVER.(om
Hi,hs: So fast you won't know
what to do with iI,
performance. 1001 horsepower.
Lows: The price. Ferraris and
Lamborghinis sound better.
chintzy fab ric lop_
wilt's new: Introduced during
2009, no changes for 2010.
ae"tnd tIt whtd: The Veyron
convertible is every bit as fast and
every bit as overthe top as the
Surprisingly sharp
steering and responses from such
a heavy car.
Hi,hs: Ple ntifu l power, improved
seats, luggage capacity,lovely
exhaust note.
Lows: Electric push-bunon doors,
ease of ent ry and exit. some
interior plastics look cheap.
Wilt's nrw: Redes igned for 2005;
2010 models get la unch control
on manual models; Grand Sport
model replaces lSI package.
Bf.ind tbwktll: Heavy
low-speed steering, quick
and accurate otherwise. Eager
responses, outstanding brakes.
Hi,hs: Choice of power-lOp
materials, room for bad-seat
passengers, decent trunk space.
Lows: Hardtop ve rsion sta rts
above S3SK, Iac ks passion and
refinement, rental-fleet stalwart.
Wiat's ntw: Redes igned for 2008;
new hood offers smoother looks,
while revised gauges and act ive
fro nt headrests are also new.
Btkind tbwhtd: There is a
distinct lack of sport iness in this
comerllble, especially with the
wheezy four-cylinder.
Base pri(e: $2,100,(0)
Vehide type: mid-engine, 4-wheel -driYe ; 2-cIoor 2-p.1SSengtf
Imeriorl'Olume, F/cargo (cu h)
Wheeloo\e ..
.... 50/1
....... 175.7178.7/45.1-47.4in
. .. 39.3h
.4750 1b
......... 8/14
Length /Width/ht'i ght
Turn ing Circle ..
EPA City/highway rnpg
Fuel -tank capacity/lange .
quad-turOOcharged and intercooled 8.o-hter OOHC W-16,
1001 hp, 922Ib-It; 7 -sp mao with automated shihing and dutch
r. . ind, uneqLklI-l t"Ilgth control sprillgs, anti-roil bar
R . ind, uneqLklI-l t"Ilgth control cod springs. anti-roil bar
Bra kes, FIR .. ve nted. cross-drilled cerMTl ic disc/vemed,
UIlli-drilled ceramic disc
ABS. . standard
Stability/traction control ...... .... stardard/standard
Pas>iVl' Jl'Straints. . .. drlvl' r and passenger front aimags
Bast' pritt': $54,530: Grand $59,530
type: front -l'flgioe, rear-drive: 2-door 2-pa\\enger
Interior VOIIlllll', F /cargo (cu h)
W"heeIoose ..
52/8 11
. .. 105.7 in
t 74.6- t7S.6f72.6-75.9f48.7-49.0 in
.. 3300 lb
Lengt h/Width/hei ght
Tuming cirde

cap.l(ity/range .
. ......... tS.0g.a1/27Q-2S8mi
6.2-hter pushrod 16-valve V-8, 430 OJ 436 hp, 424 OJ 428 1trh: 6-sp
man, 6-sp auto WIth manumatic shlhing
r. . .. indo unequal -length control arms. leaf spring.
anti -rol l bar
... ind, unequal-length control arms. leaf spring.
anti-roil bar
Bra kes. F!R .. vented, cross-dril led disc OJ vented (jSC/
vented, uos,..(hlled diS( or '/('!lted disc
........ .. stardard/standard
.roVEr afld passenger ITont aod
siOe aimags
Stability/traction control
PasJjVE rest raints.
prite: LX, LX I. S29,950; limited, S35.445
Vehide type: front -l'flglle. front-Iii\'{'; 2-cIoo r 4-passenger
Interior F /R!cJfgo (cu h)
Wheeloo\e ..
193.8f71.5fSS.5 in
. .. 36.5h
375D-4100 Ib
16- 20/26 29
.............. 16.9g.a1127Q-338mi
Length /Width/hei ght
Turn ing Circle ..
EPA city/highway mpg
Fuel -rank capacitY/lange .
2.4-li ter OOHC 16-va lve inline-4, 173 hp, 166 ltrh: U-liter [)QHC
V-6, 186 hp, 191Ib-h: 3.5-liter SOHC V-6, m hp,
m Ib-It; 4-spauto,6-sp auto I'.ith manumatic shihing
Brakes, FIR ..
ABS ..
Stability/rractioo cootroi
Passive Jl'Straints.
ifld, cod springs. anti-roil bar
in d, multilin k, coil springs. ant i-roll bar
vented disc/disc
.. standard
........ opt iooal (seifft models)!
optioJldllseifft models)
.oover and passenger fro nt aod
side aimags
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Dodge Viper SRTlO
The Corvette Z06 is a better value and more civilized, but
it only comes as a coupe and has two fewer cylinders-and
if it' s a Viper you're after, "civilized'" likely isn't high on
your priority list. Available in more than 80 color combos,
there are few better ways to get noticed than th is snake.
Ferrari California
Until a 458 !tal ia Spider is created, the California is the
company's only convertible. It has FetTari 's first folding
hardtop and dual-clutch transmission, as well as a stunning
V-8 engine and great handling. The rear seat is best suited
for gol f bags or cases of villo.
Ford Mustang/Shelby GTSOO
The original pony car shows no signs of slowing down
as it rolls into its 46th year. A subtle freshening and V-S
power increases lead a list of 2010 tweaks. The ragtop's
chassis could use a little more starch, but this all-American
classic is stil l a treat, and the GT500 is a menac ing cruiser.
Hi,hs: POWl'r, sunshine. envy.
Lows: Gas-guzzler extraordinai re,
rough ride on poor roads, storage
spate is laughable, stretching
limbs is out of the question
whlt'suw: Redesigned for 2003;
Ia n leather inter ior and tan canvas
top are nevvly offered for 2010.
lehid lit witt!;
fasl and loud. the Viper can beat
almost anything from a stoplight.
You'll want to put the top down
to vent heat from the cabin-
and hear the glorious exhaust.
Hi'fhs: Snar ling V-8 engine,
superfast seven-speed tranny,
composed road manners.
lows: Folding hardtop forces
compromised rear -end
small rearseats, price.
Whlfsuw: Introduced during
2009; no changes for 2010,
lellid Inw.eel: With 453
horsepower, the Cal ifornia goes
from 0 to 60 mph in less than four
seconds. It stops wel l, too, but the
steering is very light at around-
town speeds.
Hi'fhs: Seduct ive rumble of
optionaIV-8s; looks great inside
and out, lOp up ortop down; a
retro classic done right.
lows: Live-axle rear suspension
i)elongs to an earlier era, cowl
shake, Shelby's price premium.
What'snw: Redesigned for 2010.
lellid In w.eel; Predictable
responses and good ride, but
don't expect a sports car. The
GT500 understeers in
hard cornering, but its straight -
line thrust is lii)erat ing.
Base price: S89,!XXl
Vehide type: front-erqine, rear-drive; 2-door 2-pa5>e!lger
Iml'fior lUIu me, F/ca rgo (cu It).
Wheelba'it' ..
length/wic!t h/heiljll
Tu rningcircle
Cu rb w ghl
EPA (ityfhighway mfXj ..
FlM'I-ta nk (apacitylra nge ..
. ......... 4817
. ....... 9a ,8 in
,175.6/75.2/47,6 in
......... 4O.5ft
3450 lb
. ............. 13122
. ... 16,Ogal/203 mi
B. 4-llter pushroo 2O-valve V-1 0, 600 hp, 560 Ib-It; 6-sp man
F ...... ind, unequa l-Ierqth (ootrol arms, roi l S(Xirqs, anti- roll ba r
R ...... indo unequa l-Ierqth cootrol arms, roi l Sl)"irq\, anti-roll lJa r
/R , diSc/vented disc
ASS. Slandard
Stability/tracnon control .... ..... not available/not available
Passive restraint> . . ....... driver and passeogl'f front airbags
prlte: $1 97.150
Companion Test
Vehide type: front-engine, redr-drive; 2-door 2+2-pa5>e!lger
Iml'fior lUIu me, FIR/cargo (eu It).
Wheelbase ..
len gth!wic!t h/heiljll
lu rningcircl e
Cu rb weight.
EPA (ityfhighway mfXj ..
r lIl-Mnk capacity/ra nge ..
. .. 52/23/8 11
. .......... 105,1 in
,179.6/74.9/51.5 in
....... ,4150 Ib
. ......... 13/19
2O,6gaI/268 mi
4,l-lner DOHC 3l-valve V-8, 453 hp. 358 Ib -It: 7-W dua l-clutch
automated man
r ....... ind, unequa l-Ierqth cootrol arms, roi l S(Xirqs, anti-roll OO r
R . . .ind, multil iri, coi l anti- ro ll ba r
F/R , vented, (erami( dischented,
ceramiC disc
ASS. Slartdard
Stabdi ty/tractlon control . standard/Slartdard
PasSive . ..... .. driver and PiJ\>e!l ger fronl and
Side airbags
prite: $26,845; 61 $33,845; 5he111)' 61500, $53,175
Vehide type: front-erqine, rear-drive; 2-door 4-pa5>e!lger
Iml'fior lUIu me, FIR/cargo (eu It).
Wheelba'it' ..
. ..... 53/18/1 0
. ...... 107,1 in
length/wic!t h/heiljll
Tu rningcircle
Cu rb w ght
....... 188, 1-188.2173.9/55.9-56,1 in
... 33.4-37.7 ft
.3550-4000 Ib
.14 18m 26 EPA cityfhighway
FlM'I-ta nk capacitylrange ..
16.0gal1224-288 mi
4.Q-lller SOHC 12-valve V-6,110 hp, 140 Ib-It; 4.6-lite r SOH( 24-
valve V-S, 315 hp, 325 1b-It; and SA-lite r
DOHe 32-valve V-B, 540 hp. 510 Ibft; 5- Gr 6-sp man, 5-sp auto
. ind, SlrutS. roi l anti-roll lJa r
ri i}d axle, roi l Sl)"irqs, anti-ro ll ba r
flrak(1,f /R , diSc/vented disc
ASS. Slartdard
Stability/tractlon control . standard/Slartdard
Passive restraint> ............ driver and pa$>e!lger front and
side airbags
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Infiniti 637
Given the success oflhe G37 and the existence of a con-
vertible Nissan Z-with which the G shares it s underpin-
nings-thi s convertible was an inevitability. It finall y ar-
rived last year, and if s a looker, with a three-piece folding
hardtop. Pack li ght. though, as the top ealS cargo space.
The handsome XK droptops continue a tradition of
highly desirable Jaguar convertibles dating back to the
1950s. An aluminum-intensive structure makes the XKs
both light and stiff, and new engines for 2010 do a good
job closing any power gap relative to the competition.
Lamborghini Gallardo
Thi s hedonisti c plaything may only make sense as a toy
for hedge-fund managers who haven' t been arrested yet,
but il does most everything right. This Italian sports car is
stylish, powerful , and reliabl e (thanks to German engineer-
ing). It ought to be; it costs as much as a decent house.
26 CARaoxlORI VER,(om
Hi'Jhs: Retains the (oupe's ,ery
shape and strong V-6, retractable
hardtop allows year-round use.
Lows: Compromised trunk spate,
fold ing metal roof ups weight
Wiat's nN: Introduced for 2009;
2010 models gel an updated
center console and gaugeduster.
ae"tnd tktwhtd: The droptop is
more of a grand tourer than the
sporty G coupe. BMW's 3-series
droplOp isn' t as good-looking,
but it retains more of its brand
identity and is more practical .
Hi,hs: Head-turning good look"
leather-linM qUiC K-
act ing tran5mi55 ion.
Lows: laughable rear seat,
nav control" not quite
the knockout of pa5t XK5, poor
rea rward visibility with top up,
Will's new: Redesigned for 2007;
new pair of S,O-liter engines
offers 385 or 510 hp for 2010.
Bf.ind tbwkttl: Excels at ooth
crui5ing and anacking back road5;
accurate 5tt'ering, 5upple ride, and
beautiful -sounding engines.
Hi,hs: Knockout styling avoids
Ol'i' rkill; enormOU5, thrilling
power; six-speed transmission
perfect at aggressive speeds.
Lows: The payment will compete
with your mortgage.
Wi. t'sJltw: Introduced for 2007;
'09 brought lPS60-4 5tatu5 and
extra power. No changes for '10.
Bf.ind titwhtd: The steer ing
i, racetrack heavy but loosens a,
speed increa5e5. There'5 enough
powerlO scare and thrill you. Only
a whiff of cowl shake detract>,
Base pri(e: S44.800 (est)
Vehide type: front-engine, rear-dri\'; Hoor 1+2-p.1SSngtf
Imeriorl'Olume, F/RJcargo (cu h),
Whl'eIOOI(' , ,
,112.2 in
183.3172.9/55, I in
.. J6,lh
4100-4150 1b
16-17124- 25
. ............ , 20,09.11/320- 34<l mi
Length /Width/ht'i ght
Tuming Cirde "
EPA city/highway mpg
Fuel -took cap.1city/Jange ,
17-li terDOOC14-valveV-6, m hp. 167 Ib-h; 6-sp man, 7-sp auto
with manumaticshihing
r, ,ind, unequal-l ength control springs. ant i-rol l bar
R ind, multil ink, cod springs. ant i-rol l bar
Brakes, FIR. . , , , , , .. vented disc/'lffited disc
ABS.. standard
Slabili ty/tractioo cOlltroi """ "" sta rdard/standard
PaIli've JNraims. ,driver and p.llsenger fioot. lide, ..., d
curta in aimags
Base pri(e: XI;. $89,OOO:XKR, $102,000
type: rear-drive; 2-door 2+2-p.l\scngl'f

Imerior I'Olume, F /RJcargo (cu h) .
YJheeI oo\e ..
51 /19/7 10
. 108.3 in
1&8.7(74.5/52.3 in
J58 h
3900- 4100 Ib
.... 15-16/22
...... .... 16.1 9.11/242-258 mi
Lengt h/Width/hei ght
Tuming circle

cap.lcity/range ,
S.o-hter OOHC 32-va lve 385 hp, 3&l lb-h; \lIpeKharged and
intercooled S,O-ilter DOOC 32-valve V-8, 510 hp, 461Ib-h: &- IIJ auto
with manumat icshihing
F, . ind, unequal- length co ntrol cod springs. ant i-rol l bar
R ind, unequal- length control coa springs. ant i-rol l bar
BrakesJ/R ..
Stabili ty/traction cOlltroi
PasJjve restra ints.
pri(e: S226,700 (est)
..... .. vented disc/'lffited disc
..... ..... Itl ooard/ltlndard
.OOver and p.1ssengtf front...,d
siOe airoags
Vehide type: mid-engine, 4-wheel -driYe ; 2-door 2-p.1ssengtf
Interior I'Olume, F /cargo (co h)
Whl'eIOOI(' ..
Length /Width/ht'i ght
Tuming Cirde ..
.... 49/4
. 100,8 in
171.t{74,8/46,6 in
...37.7 h
12 13m EPA city/highway mpg
Fuel -took Cap.lcity/Jange ,
. ............. 21.19.11/253-274 mi
S.2-li ter [X)HC 4O--valve V-to, 551 hp, 398 Ib-h; 6-sp man, 6-sp
man with automated Ihihing and clutch
F, . . ioo, unequal- length control cod spri ngs. ant iroI l bar
R . ioo, unequal-l ength cod springs. ant i-rol l bar
Brakes, FIR. . vented, UO'is-liilled disc or ceramic disc
(opt)lwnted, c(()'il-dJi ll ed disc or ceJilmic disc (opt)
ABS ..
Slabili ty/tractiOO cOlltroi
PasJjve JNraints.
. ..... .... \tardard/standard
.OO \'r .3nd p.lssengl'f front aIld
Ii&- almagl
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Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
With a bloodline that includes the Miura and the
Countach, it 's no surprise that the LP640 is one orlhe most
outrageous supercars ever built. The ragtop version has a
cheap-looking cloth roof, but owners are unlikely to care as
the rest of the car can make one weak in the knees.
Lexus IS2S0UIS3S0C
To battle BMW's 3-series, Lexus expands the IS lineup
with the IS C convertible. It s folding hardtop dives into the
trunk in 20 seconds, leaving room for a golf bag. Pickup is
leisurely with the base V-6, less so with the 3.5-liler. The IS
C is priced right, but the BMW is the driver' s choice.
Dating to 2002, this luxury convertible was once highly
original and avant garde but is now aged and selling in
Ferrari numbers. Dynamicall y, it's soft, vague, and jiggly
compared with the latest machinery, and a bit pricey. It is a
boulevard cruiser for dawdling sun+seekers,
Hiths: The V-l 2's song and
performance, exotic shape,
shrinks the faster it is driven,
Lows: Top looks like an
handbuilt build
quality. the price.
Wh,t'sJlew: Int roduced for 2005,
updated for 2009; no changes
for 2010.
lelriad liniee); Despite its
massive width, the LP feel s li ke a
big LolU5 Elise The magnificent
V-12 effort lessly propels the
Murcie into triple-digit spews.
Hiths: Twenty-second roof drop,
stil l leaves trunk space, Lexus fit
and fi nish, quiet wit h the top up.
Lows: Heavy and feels it, tlase
engine is 510001'1, rolls in comers.
What's lew: Introduced for 2010.
Belriad liewieel: To hel p quel l
st ructure shake, the springs
and shocks are set lOner, which
means it leans a bit but offers a
smooth ride, Quiet, composed,
and well finished, the IS (is a
fine boulevard cruiser, but get a
3- series droptop for thri lls.
Hiths: Sumpt uous interior, quick-
and-easy top, artsy styling. quiet
interior, Lexus refinement.
Lows: Stiff suspension and low-
profile ti res bring out the jiggles,
well past its sell-by date.
Wh,t'sJleW: Introduced for 2002;
updated interior electronics
onboard for 2010.
Belriad lie wieel: Bener suited
to slow roaming of the aVl'nues
than serious driving, the 5(430
shakes and bumps
and rolls in the twisties.
Base price: $390,00) (est)
Vehide type: mid-engi ne, 4-1'Ihe1-drive; 2-door 2-pa5>e!l ger
Interior lUiume, F/cargo (cu It) .
Wheelba'it' ..
length/wiclt h/heiljll
Tu rningcircle
EPA cityfhighway mfXj ..
FlI(' l-lank capacitylranqe ..
....... ... 49/6
. ...... 1()4,9in
,181.5/81.0/44.7 in
........ .41.2 ft
.4100 lb
. ....... 9-10/14- 16
26.4ga1!238-264 mi
6.5-l lter OOHC 4ll-valve V-Il, 631 lip. 4117 Ib-It; 6-sp rrnn, 6-sp
man with automated sllift ing and dutch
f ....... ind, uneqwl-Iength (Olltrol arm" COi l >j)"ing\, anti-roll iJa r
R . ind, uneqwl-Ie ngth cOIltroi anm, COi l >j)"ings, ami-roll iJa r
fiR, ..... I'('tlted, disc/vented,
cross-drill(1j disc
ASS.. . ... standard
Sta bility/tractiOll cGntrol standard/standard
PasSive restraint> , . . .. dri ver and pa,'it'ngf'r front airbags
price: 15250, $39J65; 153SO, $44,81 5
Vehide type: frolll-engine, rear-drive; 1-door 2+1-pas>e!l ger
IllIerior lUiu me, F/R/cJ!go (cu It).
Wheelbase ..
len gth/wiclt h/heiljll
lu rningcircl e
EPA cityfhighway mfXj ..
f lIl-Mnk capacity/range ..
......... .53/24/11
....... 107.5 in
182.5170.9/55.7-55,9 in
. .3850- 1900 Ib
. 18-21/25-29
17.2 gal/310-361 mi
1,5-lner OOHC 24-valve V-6, 204 hp. t85 Ib-It; 3.5-liter OOHC 24-
valve v-6, 306 hp, 277 lb-h; 6- sp ma n, 6-sp auto with manu rrntic
ind, cOIltroi aOllS, coi l ami- roll bo r
.. ind, multil iri, COi l ami- roll bo r
Brakes, fIR ventl'd dis(!vem(1j disc
ASS. Slandard
Sta bdity/lractlOll coolrol standard/Sianda rd
PasSiI' ......... drive r and passenger ftont
and Side airbags
Base price: S68,380
Vehide type: front-engine, rear-drive; 2-door 2+2-pa5>e!l ger
Interior lUiume, F/R/cargo (cu It).
Wheelba'it' ..
length/ ....iclt hlheiljll .
Tu rningcircle
EPA cityfhighway
FlI(' l-lank capacitylranqe ..
....... 50/25/9
. ...... 103. 1 in
. ,1 78.5172.0/511 in
......... 36.7ft
.1900 Ib
. ...... .. 16/23
.... 19,8gaI/317 mi
4.3-liter OOHC 32-valve V-8, 188 hp, 317 Ib-It; 6-sp <l\IIO with
manumali( sll ifting
F ....... ind, uneqwl-Ie ngth coolrol aOlls, COi l Sj"X ings, anti- roll bo r
R . ind, uneqwl-Ie ngth cOIltroi aOlls, COi l >j)"ings, ami-roll bo r
IR, vented disc/disc
ASS. standard
Stabnity/tractlOll (oolrol standord/standard
PasSiI' restraint>. . .dw and paS>erlger Side, and
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Lotus Elise
The purest driving experience on the road is essentially
unchanged for 20 I O-which is no bad thing, as it retains
the direct , race-car-like handling, supple ride, and excellent
performance we love. The trade-off, of course, is a lack of
weather protection or any creature comforts whatsoever.
Maserati GranTurismo
The drophead version of the GranTurismo is as equally
alluring as that coupe. There is just one model , fitted with
a 433-hp V-8 engine. The car uses a folding metal hardtop,
which alTects trunk space, but it looks great. and the rear
seats can fit humans, albeit small ones.
Mazda MX-S Miata
Sell everything and buy a Mi ata. The most popular
sports car in hi story is still lovable, and it embodies what
a traditional roadst er should be: li ght , tossabt e, and a con-
tinuous joy. There have been emulators of thi s Mazda but
no real competitors. A power hardtop is availabl e.
28 CARaoxlDRI VER,(om
Hi'Jhs: Looks like it's from
another planet. balanced
and chassis,
formidable track-day weapon.
Lows: Buuy Toyota engine.
difficult to get into and out of.
wilt's new: Introduced fo r 2005;
unchanged for 2010.
ae"tnd tktwhtd: Quick and
steering, balanced
and react il'f' handl ing, track-ready
but st ill entertaining on the streel
Supercharged version is smoother
but nOl much faste r.
Hi,hs: Pininfarina styling that's
as good as it gets, sonorous V-8
engine, it's exclusive
Lows: expensive,
heavy, the folding
hardtop impinge-:; on trunk space.
Wilt's nrw: Introduced for 2010.
ae"ind tbwhtd: This is a truly
special car, from the way it looks
10 the snarlingV-S. Because of its
bulk, however, it's not as fast as
one might expect-but that just
give-:; bystanders extra time to get
insanely jealous.
Hi,hs: No bener gnn generator
avai lable, 1015 of options, power
hardtop adds just 75 pounds and
doesn't cut into trunk sPJce at all.
Lows: Urn, we'll get back to you.
Wlal'suw: Redesigned for 2006;
gets a mild nose job and a slight
power boost for 2010.
Bflind tbwhtll: If you're not
totally charmed by the Miata's
deft handl ing, telepathic steering,
comfy seats, and two-finger (or
one-bunon) top operation, then
don't sel l your(amry.
Base pri(e: $48.375; sc. $56,115
Vehide typ4!: mid- engil1, 2-door 2-passengf torga
Interior vo lume, r/cargo (cu It) .... 4614
Wlu'eloo\e .. .. in
Lengthlwidthlheight 149,0/67.7/44,0 in
Tuming Circle .. . .. .32,8fr
Curb Weight. ,2OO}-2050 Ib
EPAcitylhighwoy mpg 20-21116-27
Fuel -took capacitylraflge , .... . . .......... 10.6 gall212-m mi
l 8-li ter DOHC 16-vol\'(' in li ne-4, 189 hp, 133 Ib-It; supercha rged
l 8-li ter DOff( 16-volve inhne-4, 118 hp, 156 lb-It; 6-sp rrnn
F, .. . . ioo, unequal- Iffigt h control a!TTIs. coil springs. ant i-rol l bar
R ind, unequal-Ienglh control arms. COi l spriog'i
!\rak6. r IR. . vent'd, cros,-Ii"ill ed disc/vented,
cross-dri lled disc
ABS.. standard
Stabili tyltraction control . . .. ......... not ava il ableloption.l l
Pas>ive Jl'\traints . . . . drl\rer and pa\\eIlgeI front aimags
Base prite: $l SO, OOO {est)
Vehide type: front-engine. rear-drive; 2-door 4-passngf
Interior vo lume, F /RJeargo (cu h) .
W'heeIoo\e ..
51/1916 (est)
192,2/75.4153.3 in
.. 4400 lb
11119 (est)
..... ..... 19,8gaI1218 mi {est)
Lengt h/Widthfhei ght
Tuming Circle
Curb weight.
EPA cityfhighway mpg
ruel-tank cap.lcitylrange ,
4.7-lner DOff( 32-va lve V-8, 433 hp, 361 Ib-h; 6-sp auto wi th
rrnllUrrnne sllIhing
f, . ioo, unequal-length control springs. .nt i-roI l bar
R . ioo, unequal-length co ntrol a!TTIS, coil springs. ont i-roI l oor
!\rakes, FIR ..
Stabi lityltraction control
p.,JjV restra ints.
.. ventt'd, uoss-Ii"ill ed disc/verut'd,
crO>s-dril led disc
..... ..... staooardlstandard
.rover and passengf ITont <Vld
siOe aimag,
IOBest Win .,

Base price: Spell, $23,560; Too ring, $25,900; Grand Tooring,
$27,160lf\:INer Retractable Ha rdtop louring,. $21,600; GraM
Tooring, S29.1:MXl
Vehide type: from- engine, rea r-drive; 2-door 2-passengl'r
Interior vo lume, r lcargo (cu It)
Whl'eioo\e ..
.. 91.7in
..... .. 157.3/67.7/49,0 49,4in
. .. 3O,8fr
.245O-- 2550 1b
... 21 2l}28
..... ..... t2.7gaI/267-279 mi
Length lwidthlhei ght
Tuming Circle ..

fuel-tank (apacitylrange ,
2.o-hter DOHC 16-valve inli ne -4, 158 or 167 hp, 140 Ib-fr; 5-or 6-sp
rrnn. 6-5p auto with manuntatiC shifring
F, . ioo, unequal- length control coil ant i-rol l bar
R ind, multili nk, cod springs. ant i-rol l bar
Srakes, FIR ..
ABS ..
Stobi lityltroction control
vented diSc/diS(
optional (Glilnd looring only)!
optional (Grand looring only)
.. .. . .. rover aM passengl'r front <Vld reltraints .
side aimags
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Mercedes-Benz SL-class/SL63 AMG/
After an extensive rework last year, Benz's retractable-
hardtop roadster soldiers into 20[0 unchanged. The pricey,
iconic two-seater continues to offer a blend of luxury and
sportiness that other carmakers can' t quite match. Twin-
turho V-12 versions are expensive but insanely quick.
Mercedes-Benz SLK-class/
A diminutive roadster with a power-retractable hardtop,
the SLK offers Mercedes levels of refinement and a sporty
and fun-to-drive nature that can approach that of the sports
cars from Porsche. A new and more powerful 3.5-liter V-6
arrived last year and spiced things up nicely.
Mini Cooper
For a car that emphasizes fun iiber alles, a droptop is a
natural derivation, and the lack of a roof only adds to the
whimsy. There's even a gauge called an "openomete(' that
records how long the top is down. The cloth top lowers
quickly, but it blocks rearward vision when down.
Hiyhs: Pace and grace, every
engine is a winner, SL63 has
launch control, elegam cabin,
draws envious stares from 50-
year-ol d men.
lows: Heavy, dear, draws
stares from 50-year-old men.
What's lew: Redesigned for 2009;
Black Series is dead,
lewd tiewieel: More refi ned
and heavierthan an all-out
sports car, the Sl stil l has the
performance 10 embarrass most,
and the luxury quotient is high.
m,hs: Mini-Mclaren styl ing,
great automatic,
retractable hardtop, menacing
look and sound ofSLK55.
Lows: Premi um pricing. non-AMG
versions are more dull than rivals.
what's JeW: Redesigned for 2005,
refreshed for 2009; unchanged
for 2010.
lewd tiewi eel: I('sa little
tight inside, but the SLK is a feisty
and fun-to-drive roadster, albeit
sl ightly less connected to the road
than a Porsche Boxster.
Hi,hs: Convenient power
top, Sdme Mi ni charisma and
performance as the coupe,
Lows: Not much luggage
space, options can qUickly
dri ve price above those of more
desirable convert ibles.
what's JeW: Redesigned for 2009;
208-hp John (ooperWorks
edition arrives for 2010,
lewd Ike wkeel: It's noticeably
fli msier than the hardtop but
retains the hard-wired controls
and del ightful handling.
Base price: SlSSO. $102,1))) {est!. Sl63 AMG, $14{l,00J {est!:
Sl600, S 144,000 {estl; Sl65 AMG, $200,000 {est!
Vehide type: front-l'rM]irle, rear-drrve: 2-000r 2-paslell9er road<;ter
InTerl(l( \QIlITlt. F/cargo ku ft l . ...... 51/10
Wllee!llase. 100.8 in
Lengtfllwitlthlhl'ighT 178,Sn1SISLOin
b ning cnc li! 37.9ft
Cumweig ht 4250-4700lb
EPA dtyftlghway mpg . 11-13118- 21
Fuel-tank (apacnyirange .. . . ..211 gaU232-274 mi
5S-liler OOHC 32-vall'e V-B, 382 hp, 391 Ib-ft; oon-turbocharge.j
and imercooled 55-liler sOlie V-12, 510 hp, 612 Ib-ft ; oon-
tutboctIJr9td and intercooled 6,Q-liter 'iOH( 36-vai'le V-Ii, 604 hp,
738 lb-ft ; 6,2-ltter [X)H( 32-var.t V-S. SIS hp, 4651b-ft: S- C( 7-sp
aUl 0wnh m<'lllLmlTkshift ing
F. iTld, mullillnk, coil ond hyd raull( spri f'Ol<;
R inti, multilink, coil am h)' drauli:: spri f'Ol<;
&akl"S, F/R , . . . . .. Vf'fl ted, oos-s-drilled or vroted di>C!
\'!:'flted, [loss-drilled or vroted diS(
ASS.. .. .. <;tancLl rd
Sta bility/traClion control stand. rd/<;tancLl rd
P.r;'iive restraints, .. drivl'T and paS'>l'Tlget side, and
Base price: SLK300, $47.775; 5LK3SO, $52.775; 5LKS5 AMG,
Yehide type: front-engine, rear-drive; 2-door 2-pa\Sf'fl ger
Intl'Tior 'IOIume,F lcargo (eu ft ) .49111
Wheelbase.. . ....... 95.7 in
Ll'flgthf ....idthlheig-.t ........... 161.5170.4-70.6150}-511 in
Tu rningcircle ........ J4.5ft
,3250- 3500 Ib
EPA citylhighway .. 14 19/22 26
FlI(' l-tank capacityira nge.. 18.5 galf259-m mi
3D-Iller OOHC 2halve V-6, 228 hp, m Ib-ft ; 35-liler DOHC 24-
V--6, 300 hp, 265 Ib-ft ; SA-liler SOHC V-B, m hp,
376 Ib-ft ; 6-sp man, 7-sp auto I'<ith manu mati( shifting
.ind, <;tTUt';, wi anti-roll ba r
. .ind, multil ir'l::, coi l anti- ro ll ba r
FIR , . . . . ... vl'flTed, cTOs-s-dnlled or vroted di>C!
vroted diS(
ASS. <;tancLl rd
Srability/trdClion wntrol standord/<;tancLl rd
P.r;'iive restraints, ..... . dri ver and passengl'T front, side,
and II\('(' airilags
Base price: $24,950: 5, $17,850; John Coo per Wo rk5, $14,700
Yehide type: front-engi ne, front-driYe ; 1-do<Jr 2+2-pasSf'flger
Intl'Tior 'IOIume, FIR/Cargo (eu ft ) . .
Wheelbase ..
.. .... . 47/2516
.. .... .. 97,1 in
Lf'fl gthf ....idt hlheigJt .
Tu rningcircle

EPA citylhighway
FlI(' l-tank capdCityira nge ..
145,6-146.2166.1155.4 in
........ J5,tft
. 14 28132 36
13.2 gaI/317-370 mi
1.6-lller DOH( inline-4, 118 hp, 114Ib-ft; turiloch.Jrged
and interwoled 16-liter OOH( 16-volve inline-4, 172 or 2()8 hp, 192
or ]fJ7Ib-ft; 6-,p mao, 6-sp auto with maoumat ic ,rifting
F. .ind, <;tTUt';, wi anti-roll ba r
.ind, multil ir'l::, coi l anti-ro ll ba r R
flrak(1,f IR, vented disc/diS(
ASS. <;tanda rd
Srabni ty/trd(tron control stand. rd/<;tartda rd
P.r;live restraifll> ............ driver aod p.lS'>l'Tlger front and
lide airilags
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Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder
The Eclipse Spyder offers lots of bang for the buck,
with styling unmatched at its price and a top that drops in
just 19 seconds. The growl ing V-6 and the slippery exterior
shape make sure its owners get noticed, and it is reasonably
quiet with the top up and draft-free with it down.
Nissan 370Z
Less chunky than its predecessor, the new Z convertible
is also quicker, more rigid, and better to drive. Li ke the
coupe, the convertible never feels light on its feet, and its
large V-6 sounds somewhat rough, but it's still a remark-
able, entertaining, and somewhat affordable roadster.
Porsche Boxster
The littlest Porsche offers sharp steeri ng, slick handling,
and sweet sounds and rotates around its mid-mounted
engine with a safecracker's precision. Others have more
luxury, but the line for drivers forms behi nd the Boxster,
and last year's revised styling hardened its looks a bit.
30 CARaoxlORIVER,(om
Hi,hs: Top stows tidily, torquey
and musical V-6 engine, seriously
assertive for the money.
Lows: Torque steer, some (owl
shake, no IDllover protection,
could afford to 5hed 50me weight
wilt's ntw: Redes igned for 2007;
manual transmissions are
dropped for 2010, and 5tability
control i5 standard.
Btkind Ib whtd: Not the
m05t 50phisticated performer
but hang5 on wel l in corners;
entertainingly qukk with theV-6.
HI,hs: Sol id feel, the way it looK5
with the top down, impressive
accelerat ion, excellent seven-
speed automatic
Lows: V-6 ca n sound unrefined,
dorky-looking with the
top up, heavy fet'1.
Wilt's ntw; Redes igned for 2010.
Btkind Ibwhttl: The latest Z
roodster is more 5Olid-fee ling
and quicKer than before, Hea'l)'
steering gives the car a leaden
feel, but the grip, brakes, and
accelerat ion are breathtaking
Hi,hs: Attainable performance,
steel-cut exhau5t5ounds, di re<1ly
connected 5teering, two trunK5,
Lows: OptiOn) ain't cheap (does
anyone need leather-lined
vent sl at5?),les5 money can buy
you more power.
Wilt's nnt: Redesigned for 2005;
unchanged for 2010.
Bekind Ib whed: A perfect
blend of bri5k power, athletic
suspension, mid-engine balance,
and marvelous brakes. Sits in the
highest echelon of dnvers' cars.
Base pri(e: GS, $28,519; GT. m ,541!
Vehide type: front-engine. front -drive; 2-door 2+2-p.1SSenge-r
Imeriorl'Olume, FlRJeargo (cu h).
Wheel oo \e ..
....... I80.417W54,4-54.7in
. .. 40,Oft
3500- 3IlOO I b
.............. 17.7gal!283-336mi
Length /Width/ht'i ght
Tuming Circle ..
EPA city/highway mpg
Fuel -tank capacity/lange ,
2.4-li ter SOHC 16--valYe inhne-4, 162 hp, 161Ib-ft ; 38-llter SOHC
24-va1Ye V-6, 265 hp. 2621b-h; 4- or 5-sp auto with manumatic
ind, cod ant i-rol l bar
,in d, mul tilink, coft bar
Brakes, FIR ..
AB$, .
Stabilit y/tractioo cootrol
P.lSsive restraims.
Base pri(e: $37.69:1
'Il'nted disclvemed disc or disc
...... .... staMard/standard
.oover and passenger front .o'l d
side aimags
',:''' Z010
Vehide type: front- engine, lear-drive: 2-door 2-p.lssenger
Interiorl'Olume, r /Cilrgo (cu ft)
Wheeloose ..
Length /Width/hl'i gh t
Tuming circle.
Curbwdght ..
EPA city/highway mpg
Fuel-tank capocity /range
.... 52/4
167.2/72.8/522 in
J1.8 34.1ft (est)
.34So-3SOO lb
... 18/25
H-liter OOIK24-valveY-<5, m hp. 270 Ib-ft;6-sp man, 7-1fl auto
with manumat icshifting
F, . ind, unequal- length control coD bilr
R . in d, multilin k, spring\, anti -roll bilr
Brakes, F/R ..
. . . . . ....... vented dis(/VI'Ilted disc
Stability/traction cootrol
Passive II'ltraints.
stJ ooard/standard
... driver and p.l\sengel front
and side airbags
Companson Tl!st
.. Winner
lOBes! Winner

Base pri(e: $48,550; 5, $58,950
Vehlde type: mid-engine, rear- dr il'l.'; 2-dw 2-p.lsserrger
Interior I'Olume, F Icargo ((U ft)
Wheeloose .
Length /Width/hf'i ght
Tuming Cirde.
EPA city/highway mpg
Fuel -tank cdp.lcitY/lilllge ,
95.1 in
172,1170,9/50,9 in
2950-3050 1b
.......... 16.9g<l11321 338 mi
2.9-li ter DOH( 24-valve fi at -<5, 255 hp, 214 Ib-ft; lA-liter OOHC
24-valYe fl at--6, 310 hp, lUi Ib-ft ; 6--sp rrnn, 7-1fl dua l dutch
automated man
Brakes, FIR ..
AB$, .
Stabili ty/traction cootrol
Passive restra ints.
. ind, struts, springs. anti-roll bal
ind, struts, coil springs. bar
.... I'ffited, cross-drill ed rj'l.i
I'I.'nted, cross- dril led disc
ItJ ooard/standard
... driver and paSserl\r r froot,
and curta in aimags
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Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet!
Turbo Cabriolet
Like its coupe counterpart, the 911 Carrera cabriolet can
be had with a variety of drivetrains. Whatever flavor you
choose-and despite it s "pansy 911'" rep---you'll find thi s
droptop is an indulgent thrill machine and a proper Porsche.
Choose the PDK duaklutch for etfortless cruising.
Rolls-Royce Phantom
Drophead Coupe
Somehow- and we're not quite sure how- the Rolls
Phantom convertible manages to be both ostentatious and
tastefuL Nothing quite spell s "money" like thi s 5800-
pound behemoth, yet the elegant interior and optional teak
decking are old-world craftsmanship at its finest.
Saab 9-3
The best parts oflhe 9-3 convertible are it s strong turbo
engine, cool interior design, and distinctive looks. But its
demeanor is pretty soft compared with that of its best rivals,
and it is quite pricey, too. Droptop customers don' t get the
option available on other 9 3s.
Hi,hs: Porsche handl ing,
awesome brakes, the rip of a flat-
six wit hout a roof to insulate it .
Lows: Some Potsche stiffness
traded for the removable roof.
whlt'sl!w: Redesigned for 2005;
Turbo is updated with a new
engine, opt ional PDK, tweaked
looks, and more fo r 2010
lelriad li ewiee): As with al l
Potsches, the 911 cab constantly
streams data to the driver, so you
can push it to theerlge while
enjoying the sunshi ne.
Hi,hs: Tradition, quality, luxury,
and all the best-things-that -
money-can-buy-type stuff that
its name re presents, including an
available stainless-steel "bonnet"
and teak decki ng.
Lows: Not exactly the right
statement in tough times.
whit'slew: Introduced for 2008;
no changes for 2010.
lelriad li ewiee): For a carofits
size and mass, motions are well
controlled. The re's plenty of power
for quick, if not spirited,
Hi,hs: xandinavian design,
excellent seats, strOllg turbo
engine, roomy rear seat.
Lows: Some torque Sleer, minor
turbo lag, gets as you
climb the lineup, cowl shake.
whit'SJIew: Refreshed for 2008;
the turbo V-6 engine is dropped
for 2010.
lelriad li ewiee): The 9-3 is
beginning to feel dated, and
although the engine is terrific, the
car's handling is merely avera ge,
with a low fun factor.
Base price: 539.750: 4, $96,050; 5, $ 100,750; 45, $ 107,OSOfTorbo.
Vehide type: fell r-engi ne, rear- 2-door 2+2-
po\senger convertible
F/f!Jcargo (cu It)
.925 in
.. 17S.2- 176.3fi l.2-72.9f51 .2-51 .6 in length/ width/heig ht
Turriog circle ..
EPA citylhighwllY mpg
FIJd-ta nk GlpJCny!rll nl)f
. .... 36.0ft
3300-3750 1b
...... 15-19/24-27(('$1)
16.9- 17.7 gal/254 336 mi (esl)
3.6- li ter OOHC 2H.ll'ef1ilt-{i. 345 hp, 28Sl b-ft; 3.S-liler DOHC24-
vdll'e fut-6, 385 hp, 310 Ib-ft: turboch.Jr()ed and intercooled 3.S- liter
24-valve Oal-6, 500 hp. 479 or 516 Ib-ft; 6-W man, 7-W dwl- dulch
.utomoted man
ind, \!Iur;, co il anti -rol l ba r
ind, multil irt, co il . nti-roI l ba r
Blakes. FIR . . ............. . Vl'flted. OW- drilled Ii>el
\'"!lted. cross-drilled di>e
ASS. Slandard
Sta bility!tracnon control . standard/Slanda rd
Passive restr.int> ....... dri'/('t and POS>l'rlgel lide, and
curtain airtlags
prlte: $448,1XXl
Vehide type: from-erqltle, rear-drive; 2-door 4-pa\\CIlger
Interior 'iOIu me, F!R/cargo (eu It) ..
Wheelbase ..

lu rniogcircle
Cu rtl weight.
EPA Cityfhighway mpg ..
r UI-Mnk copacity/range ..
. .... . 54/4<l!11
. ....... 130} in
.220.8/78.2/62.2 in
........ 5800 Ib
. ......... 11/18
21.tg.1/232 mi
6.8-lner DOHC 48-valve V-l], 453 hp. 531Ib-ft: 6-111 aUlO
r ..
... ird. omi-roll ba r
. .. ird, muhdink, ai r >j) irqs. ami-roll ba r
flrakt"S.f /R . . venled dWvenled di>e
ASS. Slartdard
Sta bdi ty!tracllon control . standard!Slartda rd
Paslive . ....... driver .od pd\\CIlger fronl and
lide Il irtlogs
prite: $45,sOO ({'It); Aero. $48.500
Vehide type: front-engi ne. front-dri ve; 2-door 4-po\\CIlger
Imerior 'iOIu me, F!R!cargo (eu It) ..
WheelbaIC ..
ll'flgthl ....idt hlheigJt .
Tu rniogcircle
Cu rtlwelght
EPA cityfhighway mpg
FUI-ta nk capacitylrange ..
. .. 51!31/812
. ...... 105.3 in
. .182.4/69.1/56.4 in
........ .39.0ft
,355O-3900 lb
. 19 20117 19
16.4ga1/11H28 mi
turbocharged and intercooled 20-liter OOHC 16-vaJve inline-4, 21 0
hp, ll1 lb-ft; 6-lp man, 5- 1J16-sp .UIO with II13numatic shifting
f .. . ....... ind, struts. wi >j) irKJs. anti-roll ba r
R . ind, multil irt, coi l >j)irqs, anti-roll ba r
flrakt"S.f /R . . ....... vented di>C!vented disc IJI disc
ASS. Slartdard
Stobni ty!tracllon wntrol slandord/Slartdard
Paslive restraint> ............ dri ver aod pa$>I'rlger froot and
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Smart Fortwo
Miniaturized motoring exemplified, the Smart Fortwo
fulfills the basic needs of urban commuters with two spa-
cious seats and enough cargo room to haul a few bags of
groceries. It's cheap, blll amacti ve inside, and the power
top can also open halfway to act as a sunroof.
Tesla Roadster
Proving that electric cars aren't just slow+moving cu-
bicles, the Tesla is a I 22+mph screamer powered by 6831
lithium-ion batteries. A two-seat roadster based on the sub-
lime Lotus Elise, it carries a Pentagon price tag and has
limited pract icality but kilowatts of eco-cachet.
Volkswagen Eos
An entertaining hardtop convertible that has a sol id, re-
fined feel and an attractive interior that its ri vals can't quite
match. The rear seat is smallish, and the cargo room shrinks
radically when the top goes down. Superb turbo four pro+
vides good power and returns respectable fue l economy.
32 CARaoxlDRIVER.( om
Hi,hs: Roll -cage-like safety
cell keeps it rigid. the (heape'll
in the U.S.
Lows: Top doesn' t stow ful ly
and omtru(ts rear view when
ret racted, same dim-witted
transmission as the coupe.
wb t's new: Introduced for 2008;
no majOr changes for 2010
Ifi ind lit wktll: Controls are
heavy for such a light car, which
gives it a sporty feel unt il you try
10 accelerate. Gear changes might
take longer than your commute.
Hi,hs: HummmmslO 60 mph in
about four seconds, range of up to
240 miles, starts as an El ise.
Lows: Moonshot
unproven powertrain, how long
wi ll Tesla be around?
Wilt's nrw: Introduced in 2008;
a revised interior and a harder-
edged Sport are new for 2010.
Bfl ind tit whtll: Slings you
forward like a rubber band off the
finger of God; the Tesla is fast and
darty. lt's not but it sounds
like a jel, which is cooler.
Hi,hs: Solid and refined feel.
clever lOp design, nicely furnished
and finished inside, attractive
base price.
Lows: Appears dumpy from some
angles, cargo capacily shrinks
with the lOp down, lacKs the
precise feel of other WI products.
Wiat'sntw: Introduced for 2007;
unchanged for 2010.
Btl ind titwhtll: A smooth
customer with nicely weighted
steering and a IOrquey engine,
but this isn't a sports car.
Base pri(e: S 17,635; Brabus, S21,635
Vehide type: mid-el1gine, rear-drive; l -door 2-p.1SSllgtf
Interior I'Olume, F /cargo (cu h)
Whl'eIoo\e ..
.... 45/8
106.1161.4/60.7 in
. .. 28.7h
.1850 1b
....... . 13/41
Lengt h /Width/ht'i ght
Tuming Circle ..
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel -tank capacity/lange .
8.7 g,lII287 mi
1.O-liter OOf( 12-valw inlioe-3, 70 hp, 68 lb-h; S-sp aU1l)mated
. indo sprillg>. anti-roll bar
de Dion rigid axle, cod sprillgs, anti-rol l bar
!\rak6.r/R.. disc/lium
ABS standard
Stability/tracuoo cootroi ..... ..... stlndard/standard
restraints. . .. . ..... driver and palsengedroot
and side aimags
Base prite: $110,950; Sport, $130,450
type: mid- engine, rear-driVl'; 2-door 2-passengl'l targa
Interior I'OllJIIle. F /cargo ((U hJ 46/4
Whl'eIoo\e.. .. 92.6in
Ll'Ilgth/Widthlhf'ight 155.4/68.0/44.4 io
Tumin g Circle. . . .36.7 h
Cllfbwdght .2750 1b
EPAcitylhighwoy mpg ...... NA
il.111et)' capacity/range 53kWh/240mi
AC petmanl'llt-mognet s)1lchroooo> ete<:triC motor,l4S 1)1" 288 hp,
m or 280 Ib-It; l -spdt1.'Ct drive
r. . ind, unequal-I etlgth (ontrol sprillg>. anti-rol l bar
R ind, unequal-I etlgth control sprillg>. anti-roll bar
!\rakes,r/R ..
Stilbili ty/tracuoo cootroi
PclSJjVl' restra ints.
....... vetlted disc/vented disc
......... l1Ot availa ble/standard
.driver and paenger front aimag,
prite: Komfurt, $3],740; $36)40
Vehide type: front -etlglle. froot-O-il't'; 2-cIoo r 4-passengtf
Interior I'OllJIIle, F /R!cJlI}O (cu h)
Whl'eIoo\e ..
. 101.5 in
. . .3S.8h
3SSo-3fiJO ib
21 22/19 31
.............. t4.5gaI/305-319mi
Tuming Circle ..
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel -tank capacity/lange .
turbocharged and intercooled 2.0-liler OOHC inline-4, 200
hp, Xillb-h; 6-sp man, 6-1P ooal-dutdl automated man
F ..
!\rakes, FIR ..
ABS ..
. .... indo struts" cod sprillgs, antiroIl bar
ind, mullilin k, cod sprillgs, anti-rol l bar
Staoili ty/tractioo cootrol
PclSliVl' restra ints.
ve!lted disc/disc
.......... stardard/standard
.OOVl' r and passeogl'l front aIld
curtain almags
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Volkswagen New Beetle
The New Beetl e convert ible is so cute it 's almost
ridiculous. The well-padded top is power operated and
folds itself neatly behind the rear seats- which, in truth,
aren't that spacious. There's just one engine, a 2.S-liter
inline-five, alli ed with a sli ck six-speed automat ic.
Hi,hs: Speedy power top.
impressive quality, solid chassis,
surprising interior room-did
we mention cuteness?
Lows: Pokey five-cylinder engine,
automat ic transmission only, one
trim level.
Volvo (70
whit'slew: Int roduced for 2003;
there are minor trim changes
forlhe 2010 model year.
Belriad tiewieel: Bui lt on a
previous-generation Golf chassis,
this ragtop feels Eurofirm-jusl
don't expect athlet ic responses.
Like most Volvos, the C70 is high on style but lacking
in driving excitement. The folding metal hardtop gives the
security of a coupe and year-round usability, but it lacks the
dri ver appeal of a BMW, Audi, or Infiniti convertible. For
2010, there's overhauled styling inside and out.
Hi'fhs: Folding metal roof
provides the security of a coupe
and the joy of a convertible,
handsome exterior st0ing.
Lows: Not much trunk space with
the top down, dull to drive.
WhIt'SUW: Re<lesigned for 2006;
refreshed intelior and exterior
for 2010.
'elriad liewieeJ: The turoo
engine is wi lling, and the six-
spee\! manual and five-speed
auto are sl ick, but the handling
isn't sport ing enough for us.
Now more than ever, people are
scrutinizing every cent they spend. As a
result. new-car sales have fallen off, but
now may actually be a good ti me to buy.
Here's why,
Whi le American automakers may be
getti ng the majority of the bad-news
coverage these days, it's no secret that
foreign carmakers are hurting as well.
Turn on your TV, and you'll see that
anyone sel ling cars has j uicy deals to lure
buyers into the showroom, including
thousands of dol lars off and cut-rate
financi ng- although be sure to read the
fine print, because that's often reserved
for the exclusive few with near-perfect
credit. Regardless, it's a buyers' market for
more than j ust houses.
From dependabi lity and longevity to
performance and fuel economy, today's
cars are the best we've ever seen.
Warranties last longer and cover more
miles because t he cars do. But with
pending legislat ion that could force
Base price: S16,91()
Vehide type: fronl-engi ne, front-drive; l -door 4-pa5>e!lger
Interior lUIume, F/R/wgo (eu It) ..
Wheelbase ..
length/wic!t h/heiljlt
EPA cityfhighway mfXj ..
FlM' I-tank capacitylranqe ..
. .... .. 49mI5
. .... ... 9a,g in
,161.1/67.9159,1 in
..... ... .35,8ft
.3250 Ib
. .... ......... 20/28
. .. . 14.5 9al/290 mi
IS-liter [X) HC lQ-valve inli ne-5, 1 SO hp, 170 Ib-It; 6-sp auto with
manumcllic sli ifiing
f ..
.... ind, SlrutS. COi l >j)"ings, anti-roll lJa r
ind, tra ili l"H] anm, coi l >j)"ings, anti-roll lJa r
FIR , vented ,j >e/di>e
ASS.. . ... Slandard
Stability/tractiOll cootrol . standardlSlandard
P.r;sive restraints, .. .. . . .. driver and passenger front and
Sidl' airbags
prlte: $40,850
Vehide type: front-engine, l -door 4-passenger
Interior lUIume, F/Rlwgo (eu It) ..
Wheelbase ..
len gth/wic!t h/heiljlt
Curb weight.
EPA cityfhighway mfXj . .
r lIEl-Mnk CJpacity/range . .
. .. SfJ/33/6 13
. ....... 103.9 in
,180.41723155,1 in
. .3800 }SSO Ib
. .... 19-20/28
16.4 gai/312-328 mi
rurOOdlarged and intercooled 2.5-l iter OOHC 2O-val ve inline-5, m
hp, 236 Ib-ft; 6-sp man, 5-sp auto with manumanc sli ihlng
f ..
.... ind, SIMS, COi l >j)" ings, anti-roll bJ r
. ind, multiliri, coi l anti- ro ll bJ r
FIR , ... vented o>e/di>e
ASS. Slandard
Stability/tractlOll wnt rol standard/Siandard
P.r;sive restraims, .. drivl'l" and passenger side, and
curtain airbags
rushed overhauls of entire product
lineups, we could be on the verge
of industry-wide corner- and cost-
cutting practices that result in a slow
deterioration of the modern car from its
current state.
Of course, there are plenty of reasons not
to buy a car now, too. It's unwise to get
in over your head on a loan, and now is
probably not the time to ra id the college
fund for a midl ife-crisis sports car. These
are uncertain t imes, and the appropriate
course of act ion is different for each of
us. But apprehension need not scare
customers away from the showroom.
Everybody needs a new car sooner or
later, and in today's market, sooner might
be smarter.
CARandORI VER.com 33
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inlerior volume
EPA fuel In"" front /rnr/cargo,
dtylhw)' mpg IiIIIHo ... , cubic ' H I
OVER $40,000
Aston Martin DBS 5266.350 11- 11117- 18 1ll 50118/7
Aston Martin D89 $186,12<1 11- B/17- M 21.1 50118/7
Aslon Martin Ont-n $1,750,000' lOllS' 21.1' Se/NAn'
Aston Martin V-8 Vantage $123,800 lH4/19- l{I 1ll 51lNMl l
AlldiR8 $117,500-$150,200 12-13f18- 2{I 23.8 49/NAl4
Bentley Brooklands $348,085 9/ 15 25.4 53{47{14
Bentley Continental GT $189,095-5273,195 10/17 21.8 54/36/13
BMWM) $59,975 14-18/20- 28 16.1- 16.6 51/37/11
BMWM6 $105,925 11- 15/17- 23 18.5 52/31/13
BMW6-s!!rt!!S $79,025 11- 15/17- 23 18.5 52/31/13
Bugattl V!!yron 16.4 $1,91)0,000 .14 26.4 SO/NA/l'
C"!!Vrol!!t Corvett!!/Grand Sport $49,&80- $SS,720 15-16125- 26 18.0 S1/NA/ll
C"!!Vrol!!t Corvett!! ZRl SI09,130 14120 18.0 SllNAlll
C"!!Vrol!!t (orvett!! ZG6 $7S,235 IS/14 18.0 S1/N,IJl2
Dodg!! Viper SRTlO Coup!!/ACR $90,000--$102,000 13m 16.0 48/NA/l$
Ferrari 4S81tatia $m,OOO' 13/17' 11.7 S1/N,lJS'
34 CARaoxlDRIVER.(om
eirel ..
f .. t
36.1- 38.7
37.4- 41,0
37.4- 41 ,0
lengthlwidth(height. curb weight.
Inchlli pounds
185.9fi5.0/SO.4 3BOO
185.5/73.8/50.0 4050- 4150
180.2n1.0'/48.2 3350
17l.4fi3.s/49.4 3600- 3700
174.5- 174.6/7S.0- 76.0f 3550- 3700
213.0n4.8/SlI.O 6000
189.1/77.4/54.3- 54.7 5400
180.&-181 .8/70.2- 71.0/ 3400- 3800
54.1 - 55.8
190J- 191.3filO/ 3850- 3950
190J- 191.8filO/ 3850- 3950
175.7/78.7/45.1- 47.4 4500
174.6-17S.6172.6-7S.9/ 3300- 3350
48.7- 49.0
176.1I7S.9/49.0 3350
175.6flS.9/49.0 3lOO
17S.6flS,2J47.6 3400- 3450
178.2176.3/47.8 llOO
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OVER $40,000 (continued)
Ferrari 599G1B Fiorano
Ferrari 612 xaglietti
Ford stJelby G1500
Lamborghini Gallardo LPS60-41LPSSG-2
Lamborgllini Murdelago lP640I
LP670-4 SV
LolUS Exlge S
Maserati GranTurismo
Mercedes-Benz (l-dass
Mertedes-Benz E-dass
Nlssan GT-R
Porsdle Cayman
Porsdle 911 Carrera/Targa
Porsthe 911 GT3/GT3 RS
Porsthe 911 Turbo
Rolls-Royce Phantom (oupe
Audl AS/SS
Audi 1T1TTS
BMW J-series
Infiniti 637
Nissan 370Z
$18,000- $25,000
(heVl"olet (amaro
Dodge Challenger/SRT8
Ford Mustang
Hand. Accord
Hyundal Genesis
Mini Cooper
Mini (ooperCiubman
Mitsubishi Edipse
Nissan A!lima
Volkswagen Golf/GTI
Volkswagen New Beetle
Volvo 00
UNDER $18,000
Chevrolet (obah/Cobah SS
Ford Fotus
Hand. CIYk/Clvtt51
Hyundai Aent
Kia Forte Koup
Saan t(
Smart Fortwo
Toyola Varis
5316,693- $326,730
$83,(1(X1- $96,ooo
$202,100- $223,900
$362,395- 5458,395
$66,81S- $76,120
$ 121,400- $125,400
$112,575- S211,045
548,925- 556,825
$52,350- $62,450
$113,150- 5133,595
$38,625- $46)25
$29,825- $36,675
536,575- $44,915
536,765- 539,565
m ,245- $32)40
$30,5OO- S40,5OO*
m,04O- 531,04O
$21,845- $28,845
$22,750- 530,250
519,500- $29,500
521,150- $31,700
$21,419- $29,128
$13,160- 530,310
$18,240- $24,239
524,950- Sl7,150
$15,710- $25,255
$17,570- 519,180
516,165- $22,765
510,690- $16,915
$17,290- $18,390
$12,635- $18,635
citylhwy mpg
14-18f22- 26
15- 16/22- 24
12- 14/20
8- 9113- 14
11- 14117- 21
15- 17123-26
19- 20/26- 29
18- 19f25- 27
14-Uf22- 30
17- 18!2S- 28
14- 1811{H8
17- 1811S- 26
16/22- 21
16-17fl4- 29
13- 17/19- 25
14- 18/22- 26
17- 21125- 31
17- 21f26- 30
24- 28f32- 36
18- 13f17- 31
21-l0f30- 42
20/28- 29
21129- 30
22- 25/30- 37
24/34- 35
21-26129- 36
27- 181l4- 36
22- 2SI31 - 34
20- 21n7- 29
interior volume
fuellllnk, front lru , /nrgo,
gallon. cubicf ... t
27.7 481NA/l l
28.5 53/3619
16.0 52- 53128- 31/10- 13
16.1 51124/10
23.8 491NA!4
26.4 491NA!6
10.6 41!NA!4
22.7 51/32/9
218 53- 55/37- 40114
17.4 52133110
19.5 53/1619
16.9 481NA! 14
16.9- 17.7 48/16f4
17.7- B.8 48!NA!20
17.7 48/1614
26.4 53/4Of11
16.6-17.2 5S137/12
14.5- 15.9 48126/13
14.0 49137/10
16.1-16.6 51137111
10.0 51 - 54131/7
15.9 50- 52/37/8
19.0 52!NA!7
19.0 5111611 1
18.0- 19.0 56138/16
16.0 52- 53/28- 31/10- 13
18.5 53- 56/36/11
17.2 57132110
10.6-13.2 47/29116
13.2 4713219
17.7 50-52/29/16
10.0 49- 53137/8
14.5 51142115
14.5 46/35/12
15.9 50138flO
110 50133/14
U.S 51143/14
13.2 50/32/11
11.9 51140/16
13J 54136/13
14.5 49/36/B
11.1 47/3719- 10
314- 37.7
35. 1
36.1- 38.7
36.1- 36.7
34. 1
37.5- 38.9
37.1 - 38.6
35. 1
34.7- 36.1
38. 1
34.2- 36.5
33.9- 35.4
inch ..
188.1- 188.2m .9/
54.5- 56.1
181.5- 185.1/81.0/44.7
1 99.4- 20CUm.7 155.8
183. 1n4.9/54.0
172.3nO.9/51.3- 51.4
175.8/71 .2- 72.91
164.5- 16S.1nl.51
53.0- 53.5
172.2/68.8/5 5.4- S6.0
180.6- 181.8170.2- 71.01
54.1- 55.8
181lfi18/54.7- 553
167. 1- 174.3/71.6/51.8
188.1- 188.2n19/
54.5- 56.1
155.0- 155.8166.3/
56.1- 56.4
180.4n2.2153.5- 51.8
57.9- 58.2
curb weight,.
4600- 5050
3800- 3950
2950- 3050
3200- 3400
3500- 3600
3600- 3950
3200- 3300
Boo- J400
3400- 3800
3650- 3850
3100- 3150
3850- 4100
3400- 3500
2550- 2750
3150- 3350
3000- 3100
2750- 3000
2700- 1800
16OO- l9IXl
2450- 1550
2750- 2950
2950- 31>00
2350- 2400
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Aston Martin DBS
The DBS is Aston's top-of-the-line supercar, next to the
very-limited-edition One-77. Essentially a DB9 with more
power and grip but less weight, it's highly capable and a
joy to listen to, but it 's not as focused as other 500-plus-hp
exotics from Italy and GelTllany.
Aston Martin DB9
The pricey, largely handmade, v- 12- propelled DB9 is a
beautifully detailed grand tourer that packs enough leather
trim, style, and performance to impress any enthusiast. [t
lacks the agility of a true sports car, and its back seat is
mostly for decoration, but ifs sti ll mighty elegant.
Aston Martin One-77
Limited 10 77 units worldwide and sporting a carbon
monocoque chass is, a 7.3- liter V-12 with at least 700 horse-
power, and a hand-formed aluminum body, the near-two-
million-dollar One-77 is what happens when an automaker
builds a car without ever saying "no" to its engineers.
36 CARaoxlDRIVER.(om
Hi'Jhs: Looks like James Bond's
caf should, fa st enough to escape
most baddies, seductive shape.
Lows: lighter than the OB9
but st ill feels heavy, power
upgrades to the DB9 shrink the
performance gap.
wbt'suw: Introduced for 2008;
six-speed automatic available as
of late 2009. mi nor trim changes
added for 2010.
ae"ind tit wheel: Composed
handling. great brakes, and a
hair-raising V-12 yowl.
Hi,hs: Gorgeous >tyling, V-12
power and sound, responsive
automatic transmission, a
bargain compared with the DBS,
incredible cabin.
Lows: Heavy, not as fun to drive
as other exotics, pricey, upstaged
by its v-a Vantage little brother.
Wilt'S new: Introduced for 2004;
changes for 2010 are limited to
minor equipment tweaks.
ae"ind litwhtd: The DB9
sounds great but has to bedriven
deliberately to be driven fast.
Hi,hs: Super high-tech,
beautiful ly finished everywhere,
impressive performance figures.
Lows: Super-duper, hyper-limited
avai lability; almost too ridiculous;
no! being able 10 see all oflhe
craftsmanship; good luck trying
10 gel on the lis! for one.
Wi.t'snfw: Introduced for 2010.
ae"ind Ibwhtel: Despite its
show-car body and
exquisite detailing, the Dne-77 is
a cutting-edge, ra cing-inspired
sporls car underneath.
Base pri(e: $266,350
Vehide type: front- engine, rear-drNe; 2-door 2- or 2+2-
passenger coop
Imeriofl'Olume, FlRJeargo (cu II) .
Wheeloo\e ..
. 107.9in
185.9175.0/50.4 in
. .. 39.41'1
.3IlOO Ib
Lengt h /Width/ht'i ght
Tuming Circle ..
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel -tank capacity/lange .
. ............. 21.1 9.11/212-253 mi
5.9-li ter DOHC 48-vaivl' V-1 2. 510 hp. 420 Ib-II; 6-W man, 6-W
auto ....ith manumat iC shilling
r. . iOO, unequal-lt"Ilgth control sprillgs, cl nti-roI l belr
R . ioo, unequal-lt"Ilgth control cod springs, anti-rol l belr
Brakes, F/R .. ve nted. cfOSs-dolied Cl'filrTl iC di;c!ventf'd.
cro;s-drilled Cetclmic disc
ABS standard
Siability/tracuoo cootroi ..... ..... stardard/standard
restraintl . .. . .. liiver and pas>enger fro nt iII1d
side aimags
Base prite: S 186, 120
type: rear-drive; 2-doo r l+2-pas\enger

Imeriorvo lume, FlRJeargo (cu II) .
W"heeIoo\e ..
SO/ 18/7
. .. . 108.t in
t85.5173.8/5O.0 in
4050- 4150 1b
Lengt h/Width/hei ght
Turn ing cirde

Cclp.l(ily/rallge .
. .... ..... 21.1 gal/232-274 mi
5.9-hter DOHC 48-vaivl' V-12, 470 hp, 443 Ib-II; 6-W man, 6-sp
amo with manumat iC
r. . ind, unequal-lt"Ilgth control sprillgs, cl nti-roI l bell
R . ioo, unequal- Iffigth control cod anti -rol l bar
Bra kes,f /R ..... . vented, grooved disc/Venlf'd. grooved disc
ABS standard
Stilbility/tracuoo comroi ..... ..... stardard/standard
PasJjV\' rest raints. .rover and passenger front iII1 d
, ide aimag,
',:''' Z010
prite: S 1)50'()(X) (est)
Vehide type: from- ffigine, rea r-drive; 2-door 2-pas\enger

Interior vo lume. r /cargo (cu It)
Length /Widthlhei gh t
Turn in g (irde.

Fuel-tank cclp.lcity /rclnge
..... ... t80.2n1.0 (est)/48.2 in
. . 39.01l(est)
.3350 Ib
lOllS (est)
21 .t gal (est)/l11 ml (est)
7.3-liter DOH( -IS-valve V-12. 700 hp (es!). 5161b-ft (est); 6-sp
au!Omiltf'd man
F. . ioo, unequal- Iffigth control cod springs. anti -rol l bar
R . ioo, unequal- ll"rlgth control amls. cod springs. anti roI l bar
Brakes, FIR.
ABS ..
ve nt!'\!, cross-drill!,\! CffMTl ic
cross-drilled ceramic disc
Stclbili ty/tractioo control
Passive restraints.
. .... ..... stardard/standard
driver cl nd passenger froot
and side almags
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Aston Martin V-8 Vantage
Although it' s the smallest and least-expensive car in the
Aston lineup, the Vantage is a true driver's car, not j ust a
beautifull y crafted one. When new, it lost to the Audi R8
and the Porsche 911 Turbo in a camparo, bur it now has
more power to back up is spine-tingling exhaust wail.
Audi AS/S5
Arguably the most beautiful models inAudi ' s lineup, the
AS and S5 serve up refinement and luxut)'. A new engi ne
is the bi g news for 2010. A fuel-effi cient and punchy turbo
four from the A4 is now availabl e in the AS, and the S5
soldiers on with the great-sounding 340-hp, 4.2-1iter V-S.
Practi cal for a supercar and beautiful to behold, the
R8 is a true-blue supercar that will thrill the driver and
passersby alike. The V-8 version offers enoug h for some,
but for about $30K more, the new V-I 0 offers a Ferrari- and
Lamborghini-grade driving experi ence and soundtrack.
Hi,hs: The most affordable and
best-driving Aston to date, exotic
look and feel, the solid wall of
sound bsuing from theV-S.
Lows: Heavy for a two-seater,
c05ts more than a Porsche 91 1
Wh,t'sJleW: Introduced for 2006;
a newsix-bar gr ille and small
equipment and trim updates are
Belriad liewieel: It wants to
bum brakes, drill sideways, and
I:Iomb down straights. Bener
connected than any Aston yet.
Hi,hs: Sexy body, luxurious
interior, handl ing nears sports-car
lewis, improved fuel economy,
Lows: Premium pricing, heavy,
tight back seat.
What's lew: Introduced for 2008;
for 201O,theV-6 is no longer
available with a manual, and a
2.0-literfour is new to the AS
Belriad IiI wi,,): A pleasing
compromise between sport iness
and luxury The S5 is seriously
quick, make51ustworthy noises,
and is a hoot to drive.
Hi,hs: St rong 4.2-literV-8,
monger S.2-literV-1O, just look
at it. comfortable enough for daily
use, gated manual shifter,
Lows: Audi badge does not have
as much cachet as an Italian
badge, clunky automate<! manual
what'SJleW: Introduced for 2008;
S2S-hp V-IO is new.
Belriad lie wieel: As easy to
operate as an M, the R8 is a
5upercar that can be driwn daily.
Both engi nes sing majestically,
Base price: sm,800
Vehide type: front-erqine, rear-drive; 3-door 2-pa5>e!lger
Interior lUIume, F/cargo (cu It).
Wheelba'it' ..
lengthlwic!t h/heiljlt
Tu rningcircle
Cu rb w ght
EPA (ityfhighway mfXj ..
FlM' I-tank (apacitylrange ..
. .... .... 52/11
. .... .. 102.4 in
,172.4/73.5/49.4 in
..... .. . .36.4 It
J600-3700 lb
. . .. .. 12-14/19-20
21.1 gaI/253-295 mi
4) -liter OOOC 32-val\'e V-8, 420 hp. 347 Ib-ft; 6-W man IJt 6-W
automated man
r ....... ind, uneqwl-Ie rqth control arms, COi l >j)"irq\, anti-roll iJa r
R . ind, uneqwl-Ie rqth control anm, coi l >j)"irqs, anti-roll iJa r
r IR , , vented. grOO\'ed di>cl\'ellted. grooved disc
ASS. standard
Stability/tracnon control . standard/standard
Passive restraint> . . .......... dri ver and pasSl'rlger front and
Side airbags
prlte:A5 2,0T. $36.825: A5 l2, $44.825; 55, $54,525
Vehide type: front-ffi gine. 4-wheel-oo\'e; 2-door 4-pa\>e!lger

Interior lUIume, F/R/cargo (eu It) . . ..... 55137/12
Wheelbase.. . ...... I08J in
If'llgthl ....ictthlheiljlt . . . . . 182. 1/73.0/54,0 in
lu rning circle J7.41t
Cu rb w ght J600-3950 Ib
EPA (ityfhighway mfXj . .. ... 14-22122-30
FlM' t-tank (opacity/range .......... 16,6-17.2 gal /m-378 mi
1\I rbocharged and intercooled 20-liter OOHC 16-valve inline-4, 211
hp, 2S8 lb-It; 3.2-li ter DOHC 14-va lve V-6, 165 hp. 243 Ib-It; 4,2-
liter DOlle 32-wJi ve V-8. 354 hp, 325 tb-It; 6-sp man, 6-sp auto with
IDilnumalic shifting
. . ind, multil iri, coi l anti- roll ba r
. .. . ... indo mutul iri, COi l IIXirqs, an!i- roll bar
Brakes, FIR Vl'flted lise/disc
ASS. standard
Stability/tractlon control . standard/standard
Passive restraint> . . . .... driver and paSSl'rlgel Side, and
curtain airbags; rear curtain air1Jags
Base price: 4,2 FSI, S 117,500; 5.2 FSI, S 1 50,200
Vehide type: mid-engi ne. 4-wheel-drive; 2-door 2-pa5>e!lger

Interior lUIume, F/cargo (cu It). . .... ..... 4914
Wheelba'it' .. . .... .. 1()43 in
lengthl ....ictthlheiljlt .......... 174.5-174.6/75.0-76.0/493 in
Tu rningcircle ........ .38.7 ft
Cu rb w ght J550-1700 lb
. 12 13118 10
FlM' I-tank (apacitylra nge. . 23.8 gall286- 309 mi
4.2-l lter OOHC 32-va1ve V-8. 420 hp, 317 Ib-It; 5.2-llter DOHC 40-
V-10, 525 hp, 391 Ib-It; 6-sp man, 6-sp automated man
F ....... ind, unequ.J l-terqth (ootrol anlls, COi l IIXirqs, anti- roll ba r
R . ind, uneqwl-Ie rqth control arms, coi l >j)"irqs, anti-roll ba r
llfakE'SJ/R, ...... vented, cross-dri lled discJvented,
cross-drilled disc
ASS. standard
St.3 bni ty/tractlon control standard/standard
PasSi \'e restraint>. . . .... driver and passeng('r front. side,
and knee airbags
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A design icon, the aluminum and steel IT is a sports car
that is easy to drive quickly. Base versions have a 200-hp,
2.0-li ter turbo engine that returns good fuel economy. The
TIS offers even more power and even sharper handling.
Both versions have tiny rear seats.
Bentley Brooklands
Named after an old racetrack in jolly old England, the
Brooklands is a coupe version of the Azure convertible.
It's rare and beautiful, and although it feels special and
expens ive, it also feels heavy and a bit old. The 6.S-liter,
turbo V-8 offers serious thrust and is seri ously thirsty.
Bentley Continental GT
The entry-level GT helped Bentley boost its sales to
newfound heights. TIle shape is sporty yet elegant, and the
twin-turbo W-12 has no trouble moving the heavy GT with
furious anger. Bent into comers, the GT proves willing, but
its massive weight conspires against it.
38 CARaoxlDRIVER.( om
Hi,hs: konic good looks, quic k-
shift ing dual -clutch gearbox.
trusty handling, feels light and
Lows: Tiny back behaves at
the li mit like a front-dri l'l' f. even
with AWD; ride can be harsh,
wbt's new: Redesigned for 2008,
ns int roduced for 2009;V-6
discontinued this year,
Bekind lit whtd: Sporty and
refined. Rear-dri ve competition
might be more satisfying on a
track, but the TT is st ill a jOy.
Hi,hs: Rare, leather-lined interior,
classic and clmy exterior, the
thrust of the big V-8 on boost.
Lows: Holy crap, this thing is big;
fuel thirst; cost s a fortune; you'l l
probably never see one, much
less drive one.
Will's new: Introduced for 2009;
unchanged for 2010.
Bflind titwhtll: TheV-8
doesn't make
pleasing sounds, but it moves the
Brooklands with authority; never
stops feel ing massive.
Hi,hs: Unmistakable Bentley
good looks,leathery interior,
Lows: A bit obese,tiny rear seat.
a touch hard to see out of, slightly
dull reflexes.
Wilt'S ntw: Introduced for 2004;
new Supersports model is lighter
and has 21 more hor5es than the
600-hp GT Speed.
Btlind titwhtd: Quick and
quiet,the GT i5 more about high-
5peed crui5i ng than back-road
bruising. The ride can be brinle.
Base pri(e: n, S38,625:TIS, $46,725
Vehide type: front- engine, 4-lI1leel-drive; 3-door 4-p.1SSengtf
Imeriorl'Olume, FlRJeargo ([u h).
Wheel oo \e ..
..97.2 in
.164.5-165.3172.5/53.0-53.5 in
. .. 36.0h
3200-3300 Ib
........ 21/29
......... 14.H5.9gal/305-334mi
Lengt h /Width/ht'i ght
Turn ing Circle ..
EPA City/highway rnpg
Fuel -tank capacity/lange .
rurbochargl'd and intercooled l.O-liter OOHC inline-4,200
(K 265 hp, or 258 Ib-h; 6- 1P ooill-cl utch automilled miln
. indo sprillg>. el nti-roIl belr
ind, rn ul tilin k, cod sprillgs, anti-rol l belr
!\rak6. r /R. . . vented di';(/vented diSc (K" disc
ABS standard
Siability/tracuoo cootrol ..... ..... stl ndard/standard
restraints . . . . . ..... driver and pa5l/'rlger !root .
and knee aimags
Base prite: $343,085
type: Irom-l'Ogioe, rear-drive: 2-door 4- pa\\engl'l

Interior vo lume, F IRJcargo (cu h) .
W"heeIoo\e ..
.. 6000 Ib
....... 9/15
Lengt h/Width/hei ght
Turn ing cirde

(elp.l(ity/relnge .
twin-turlxxho rged and interrooled 6.8-liter 16-va lve V-8,
530 hp, 774l b-h; 6-sp aUla with manumatic shihing
r. . ind, unequal-l l'Ogth control sprillg>. el nti-roI l belr
R . ind, uneq ual- ll'Ogth co ntrol cod anti -rol l bar
!\rakes.. r/R ..
Stilbility/tracuoo cootrol
P.,JjVE rest raints.
..... .. vl'Oted disc/vented disc
..... ..... stl ndard/stlndard
.roVEr and passenger fro nt <Vl d
side el irb3g>. reel r Jjde el imags
prite: Ci T, $t89,095: GT S!X'l'd. S213,995; SUpefSpOrtI,
Vehlde type: front -l'Ogioe. 2-door 2-4-
passenger coupe
.. lOS. 1
Interior vo lume, F IRJcargo (cu h) .
Vo'heeloo\e ..
Lengt h/Widthlh<i ght ......... 189. 1n7.4/54.3-54.7
Turn ing cirde

Fuel-tank Cil pacity/lange ..
368 h
.5400 Ib
... 10/17
twin-turbocho rged <Vl d intl'lcool l'd DOHC 6.o-llter
W- 12; 552, 600, Of 621 hp: 479, 553. Of 590 Iblt; 6-1P auw with
maoorn.ltic shihing
F ind, mult ilink, air sprillgs, anti-roll belr
.ind, multilink. air sprillgs, anti -rol l bar R
!\rakes, FIR. . . .. . ...... Vl'Oted disc/vented disc
ABS standard
Stabili ty/trelCliOO cootrol \tl rdard/stlndard
re\traints. . . dri ver and p.lssenger front side, <Vld
curtain aimags: rear curta in aimags
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BMW' -series
The I-series is essentially a shortened version of its
3-series big brother, a perennial Car and Driver IOBest
winner. There's less space than in a 3-series coupe, but the
1 has equally good road manners at a lower price. The 135i
is li ghtning fast, especially for the money.
BMW 3-series/M3
A IOBest winner many times over, the 3-series coupe
comes in three tasty flavors: the 328i, whi ch balances speed
and efficiency almost petfeclly; the 335i , whi ch offers
big-time petformance in a sleeperish package; and the
V-S- tolin' M3, which is perhaps the best car on the planet.
BMW 6-series/M6
More of a luxurious crui ser than a sports coupe, the 650i
offers a great engine note, a comfortable and quiet interior,
qui ck acceleration, and a bit of exclusivit y. The M6 stitTens
things up and adds quickness by way of a 500-hp V-10,
with its hi gher sti cker increasing the excl usivity level.
Hi,hs: Superb inli ne si x-cyli nder
engines, great steeri ng. fi ne ride
quality, 135i is incredi bly quick,
128i is a bargain for a BMW
Lows: Too much front -end
push at the limit, 135i can get
expensive incredi bly quickly.
whit'sleW: Introduced for 2008;
unchanged for 2010.
lelriad liewiffJ: The cabin is
si mple and straightforward, Just
like in the 3-series
balance and rewarding handling
complement smooth power.
Hi,hs: Stellar steering feel,
sports-car handling.. powerful
and quiet twin-tur oo six, fuel-
efficient base engine. basically
everything about the M3
Lows: Fully opt ioned examples
can tie pricey.
whlt'suw: Re<l esigned for 2007,
M3 for 2008; auto high-beams
are newly optional this year.
lehid tie wieel: Refined, quick,
and fun to drive every level of
3-series coupe offers a veritable
feast of enthusiast delighl5.
Hi,hs: Unique looks, mellifluous
V-8 or luxurious,
Lows: M6's jerky sequent ial
manual. not as involving to drive
as most BMWS, limited rear-seat
space, unique looks, porky,
Whit's!leW: Reintroduced for
1004, M6 reint roduced for 2006;
unchanged for 2010.
lehiad tiewieel: The 650i is
perfect fort he interstate but too
heavy to feel truly ni mble. The
M6 is more of a performer, but it's
outdone by the cheaper Ml
Base price: ]lSi, $29,825; 135i, $36,675
Vehide type: front-erqine, rEar-drive; 2-door 4-pa5>e!l ger

Interior lUIume, F/R/wgo (eu It). . .... . 49/37/10
Wheelba'it' ..
letlgth/wic!t h/heiljlt
. .... .. I()U in
EPA Cityfhighway mfXj ..
FlM' I-ta nk capacitylrange ..
171.2158.8/55.4-56,0 in
..... ... .35, 1 ft
.3300-3400 lb
. .... . 17-18115- 18
Jo-Ilter OOfl( 14-valve inlirf-6, 130 hp, 100 Ib-It; twin-
rurOOdlarged and imercooled lo-litl'f ooHC 14-vall'!' inline-{), 300
hp, 300 Ib-It; 6-sp ma n, 6-sp ilUto with manumatiC sli ifting
F. ind, SlIUl'i, coi l anti-roll ba r
. .ind, multiliri, coi l anti- roll ba r R
IR, ,l'eIlted diSdl'ellted disc
ASS . Slandard
Stability/tracnon control . standard/Slanda rd
Passive restraint> . . ..... dri'l('r and paS>I'Ilgel side, and
curtain airbags; rear curlain airbags
Comparison Test
... Wianer
IOBest Winner

Base price: llSi, $36.575; 328i !Drive. $38,475; 335i, $43,025;
335i $44,925; M3, $59,975
Yehlde type: IToot- f"rlgine, rear- or 4-wheel -dri ve; 2- door
4-passenger coupe
Interior lUIume, FIR/cargo (eu It)... . .... . 51137/11
WheelbaSE .. """ , ..... .. . .... .. 108.7 in
Ll'fl(ll hiWlc!th/heiljlt 100.6-181.8/70.2-71.0154. 1-55.8 in
Turning circle ... 36,1 38.7ft
Cu rb weighl. .. . .3400-3800 lb
EPA cityfhighwaymM 14-18/10-18
FlM' I-tank Glpacity/raf1ge ..... ..... 16,1 16.6 ga11232 190 mi
3.o-llter OOfl( 14-valve inlirf -6, 130 hp, 100 Ib-It; twin-
turOOdlarged and intercooled l O- li ter ooliC 24-vall'!' inline-{),
300 hp, 300 Ib-ft; 001-{ 32-valve V-8, 414 hp, 295 Ib-ft ;
6-sp man, 6-sp ilUtO WIth manumatic shilting. 7-sp duo l-clutch
au tomated man
Brakes, FIR
ASS ..
ind, SlIUl'i, coi l <wi-roll ba r
. .. . .. .. indo multiliri, roi l \PI ings, anti- roll ba r
vented, cross-dri ll ed disc or vented disc/vemed,
CMs-drill ed ascorl'ellted disc
Sta bilityftractioo control .
Passil'!' restraints
.. . .... Slilrlda rd
standardfSl ilrlda rd
.dri ver and p.lS'it'nger front, side,
and curtain Jirbags; reor curtain Jirba gs
Base price: 65Oi, $79,025; 1.16, $105,925
Yehide type: front-erqine, far-dril'; 2-door 4-pa5>e!l ger

Interior lUIume, F/R/wgo (eu It) . . .... . 52131/13
Wheelba'it'.. .1IJ'J.4- 109.5 in
ll'flgth/ ....idt hlheiljlt . ......... 1'X),2- 191.SI7l0/54.o-54, 1 in
Turningcircle ... 37,4-41.0ft
Curb weight .3850-3950 Ib
EPA cityfhighwaymM . 11 15/ 17 13
FlM' I-ta nk capacitylrange . . 18.5 galf204-278 mi
4.8-llter ooHC 32-valve V-8, 360 hp, 360 Ib-It; S.O- ll tl'f OOHC 40-
valve V-10, 400 hp, 383 Ib-It; 6-sp man, 6-sp auto with manutn.lIlC
shifting, 7-sp ilUtomated man
F. ind, SlIUl'i, coi l anti-roll ba r
.ind, multiliri, coi l anti-ro ll ba r R
BrakE'S, FIR, . I'ffited, cross-drilled disc or I'ffited Ii>el
vented. cross-drill ed asc or vented disc
ASS . SI<lIlda rd
Sta bni ty/tr(l(\lon control stand. rdfSl<lllda rd
Passive restraint> ..... dri l'l'f and p.lS'it'llge r side, knee,
and curtain . irbags; rear {urlain airbags
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Bugatti Veyron 16.4
The Veyron 16.4 is the car with the most of everything:
price tag, power, lOp speed (253 mph), and the quickest
acceleration. As befits a car with a sticker of $1.9 million,
the Veyron is exquisitely made and is super hightech, with
a quad-turbo W- 16 engine that produces 100 [ horsepower.
Chevrolet Camaro
Returning after an eight-year hiatus, Chevy's pony car
was inspired by its 1969 predecessor but isn't as slavi shly
retro as its competitors from Ford and Dodge. Thorough-
ly modern underpinnings yield sports-car responses, and
powertrain options include a 426-hp, 6.2-liter V-8.
Chevrolet Cobalt/Cobalt SS
Choices are limited in the compact market, where the
Cobalt coupe is more of a player than its sedan counterpart.
It 's even better in SS trim, where its big-ti me power and
razor-sharp handling make it a winner. The SS is coupe-
only for 2010; the Pontiac 05 twin is discont i nued.
4(1 CARaoxlDRIVER.(om
Hi'Jhs: El'i'rything-the PO'M'f,
the spee\!, the acceleration, and
the The interior sets
a new standard for all-around
opulence in supercdrs.
Lows: So expensive, ewn
dreaming about it will cost you
thirty bucks.
Wiat'sntw: Introduced for 2006;
there are no changes for 2010.
Btkind lit whtd:
doci le for 1001 horsepower, unti l
you hil1he gas and black out. The
grip and brakes are amazing, too.
HI,hs: Classic styling made
modern, excellent chassis, lots of
power available, approachable
Lows: Weighs in surprisingly
heavy and like it hard
seals,l imiled trunk space.
Wilt's nflii': Introduced for 2010.
Be.ind Ib whttl: Although il
fels big, and its steering tends
toward numb, the new Camaro is
quid on its feel, and the 426-hp
55 V-8 is an eyeball fialtener.
Prepare for Slart'S.
HI,hs: Better-looking than the
sedan, excellent st ructure, high
comfort quotient.
pricing. hot-rod 55 model.
Lows: Steering could be more
precise, four-speed auto.
Wbl's nt w: Introduced for 2005,
55 for 2008; Pontiac GS clone
killed, minor trim changes.
Bellnd Ib whttl: Thanks to solid
architeclUre, the standard Cobalt
coupes are competent and comfy.
Ti ghter tuning and a potent turbo
motor make the 55 a tiger
Base pri(e: S 1,0;0:),00)
Vehide type: mid-engine, 4-wheel -driYe : 2-cIoor 2-p.1SSengtf

Imenorl'Olume, F/cargo (cu It)
Whl'eIoo\e ..
.5011 (est)
.11)).7 in
..... .. 175.7178.7/45.1-47.4in
. .. 39.3 ft
.4500 lb
. .. . ..... 8/14
Length /Width/ht'i ght
Tuming Circle ..
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel -taok capacity/lange .
26.4 g.a1/211mi
quad-turOOcharged and imercooled 8.o-hter OOHC
1001 hp, 922Ib-It; 7 -sp dual -clutch ilutOOlated mao
r. . ind, unequal-l t"Ilgth control springs. clnt i-roI l belr
R . ind, unequal-l ength control cod springs. ant i-rol l belr
l\rclk6. f/R .. l'ented. cross-drilled cerni( disdl'erlted.
cross-drilled ceramic disc
ABS. . standard
Stilbilityltractioo cootrol . . .. ........... stardard/standard
Pmive restraints . . . . drlvl' r and passenger front aimags
Comparison T!!rt
... Winner
Base price: l5. $23,040; 55, $31 .040
',:''' Z010
Vehide type: front- engine, rear-drive: 2-door 4- p,]S';enger

Interiorl'Olurn e. r !Rfeargo (cu It).
WhfflOO\e ..
Length /Width/hl'i gh I
Turn ing circle.
Cllfbwdght ..
EPA cily!highway mpg
Fuel-tank cclpocily Irclnge
. 112.3 in
11}().4175.5/54.2 in
. . .37.7 ft
J800- 3950Ib
16- 18/24-29
t9.0g.a1/304-342 ml
l6-liter DOll( 24-valve 304 hp. 273 lb-ft; 6.2-liter pushrod 16-
V-8, 400 1)1" 426 hp. 410 or 420 Ib-It; 6-sp man. 6-sp cluta with
maoomallc shift ing
F .
. . . ird. strulS, springs, antiroI l bar
. indo mul tilin k. springs. clnt i-roI l bar
Brakes, FIR. . . .... .. disc/l'erlted disc
ABS. . . . standard
Stabili tyltractioo control . .............. stardard/standard
Passive restra ints. driver and passenger frool, -;ide, ...,d
curtoin almags: rear curtain almags
Base price: $15,710; IS, $16,390; Ll. 517,190; SS, Sl5,m
type: front -engine, frOOI-oove; 2-000r 5-passenger

Interior I'Olurne, F fRfcargo (cu It) .
WhfflOOse ..
Length /Width/hl'i gh I
Turning circle .
Curbwdght ..
EPA cily!highwclY mpg
Fuel-tank cclpocily Irtlnge
. . . SOt:l3/14
. 103.3 in
1803/67.9/55.7 in
.2750- 3OCJO Ib
22-25/30- 37
13.0g.a1f286-325 mi
2.2-liter DOIIC inline-4, 155 hp, ISO Ib-It; turbocharged
clnd intercoolro DOH( inli ne -4. 260 hp. 260 Ib-ft;
5-sp man, 4-sp cluta
F . . .. . ird. struts. coil spri ngs. anti-rol l bar
. indo trail ing springs. clnt i-roI l belr R
Brakes, FIR. . ve!lted disdwnted disc I}I" Gum
ABS. . .opttollcl l
Stcloili ty/trclctioo control ... stcl ndord {55 ooi)' l/optiallcl l
Passive rest raints. dri ver cl nd passertg1" front clnd ell/Min
ai!bags. rear curtain almags
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Chevrolet Corvette/Grand Sport
llle Corvette has been with us for 50-plus years, making
it the subject of an ongoing development program that few
cars can match. Perl'olTll ance is formidable in the basic coupe
and improves wit h the new Grand Spon option rackage. For
the money, there is no better blend of style and speed.
Chevrolet Corvette ZRl
Conceived before GM's financial implosion, t he ZR I
is perhaps the hottest production car ever made in the U.S.
Wi th a top speed of more than 200 mph, it's the fastest Cor-
vette ever; with a price topping $IOOK, it's al so the most
expensive. Buy now. Who knows how long it can persist?
Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Although the Z06 has lost its title as the fastest Corvette
to the mighty 638-hp ZR I, it is still the li ghtest with its
aluminu m frame and carbon-fiber bodywork. The Z06
might be a little hard-edged- and hard to tame- for some,
but it's an exceptional perfolTll ance buy.
m,hs: Exemplary chassis rigidity,
menacing good looks, decent
luggage space, awesomeV-8,
upgraded seats are welcome.
Lows: Imerior plastics still a bit
tacky, push-oottoo door handles.
What'snw: Redesigned for 2005;
Grand Sport package repl aces
Z51 and brings st iffer suspt'nsion,
larger brakes, and Z06 bodywork.
lellid Ike WItt!; The Corvette is
a prff ision instrument even more
so with the Grand Sport package.
Big power, race-strength brakes.
Hi,hs: supercharged
V-8 power, high-wattage envy
generator, certain to
collectible status,
Lows: Seats and interior materials
don't measure up to Sl00K price
Whlfsuw: Introduced for 2009;
new traction-management
system with laun(h control.
.elriad liniee); Vast power
is right -now instantaneous, but
chassis and suspension handle
it well; easier to drive and more
comfonable than the ZQ6,
Hi,hs: 7.0-l iterV-8 muscle, rigid
chassis, race-ready styl ing, huge
bang for the buck.
Lows: Interior plastics don't
measure up to price, suspension
tuning stiff on bumpy roads.
Whlt's!leW: Reintroduced for
2006; launch cont rol is standard
for 2010.
.elriad liewiee): The ZIXi is
all about low lap times on road
circuits. It's powerful, with race-
car reflexes, and requires skil l to
exploit its max performance.
Comparison Test
.... Winner
Bast! price: $49,880; Grond S55,no
Vehide type: fro nH'ngine, rea r-dnvt: 3-door l -passenger targa
Interior '/OIume, F/cargo (cu It) ...... . . ... ........ .52122
Wheelbase .. . . . ....... 105.7 in
Ll'flgthiWldthlheiijlt 174 .6-175.6/72.6-75.9/411J -49.0 in
Turning circl e ..... ... .39,01t
Curb weight. .. .. . .. .3300-3350 Ib
EPA Cltylhlghway mpg . 15-16125-26
fllel-lOni capacity/range. 18.0 gaI/llO-l811 mi
6,2-lner pushrod V-8, 430 or 436 hp, 424 or 418 Ib-ft; 6-sp
meln, 6-sp eluto with mel numatic shilting
F ..... .... ind, unequal-length control arms, uansverse leaf spri ng,
anti- roll ba r
... .... iM. unequell-Iength control elrms. Uel nsverse lEaf spri ng,
anti-roll bar
ASS ..
I'rmed, cross-drilled disc or I'rnJed ascI
vented, cross-drill ed asc or vented disc
..... standard
stelndcl rd/standa rd
.dri ver and passenger !rom and
(l)mrol .
Passive restraints
prlte: $109,130
Companion Test
Vehide type: !rolll-erqllle, rear-drive; 3-door l -passenger

Interior '/OIume, F/cargo (cu It) .
Wheelbase ..
ll'fl gth/widt h/heiijll
lurningcircl e
EPA citylhighway mpg . .
r lIel-Mn! CJpacity/ra nge . .
. .... .... 52/22
. ... .. . .... 105.7 in
,176.2175.9/49,0 in
.39 Oft
..... ... mO lb
. ......... 14120
18,09el1/252 mi
su percharged and intercooled 6.1-liler pusll roo V-8, 638
hp, 604 Ib-ft: 6-sp ma n
r ..... .... iM, unequal-length control elrms, Irel nsverse leaf spring,
anti- roll ba r
... .... ind, unequal-length control arms, transverse leaf spri ng,
anti- roll ba r
F/R , . .. . ..... vented, cross-dri lled disc/vented,
CfOSs-drilled disc
ASS. Slandard
Slabdity/tracllon (ootrol . slaodard/Siandard
Passive ........ driver elod passetlger frOilI and
side el irb.go;
prite: S75,m
type: iront-l'flljoe, reM-dri ve; 3-cIoor 2-passenger coupe
Interior '/OIume, r /cargo (eu It) . . .... .... 52122
Wheelbase.. . .... .. 105.7 in
Ll'flgth/ ....ldth/heiijlt , 175.6175.9/411.7 in
Turning cirde .. . ......... .39.0ft
Curb weight. ..... .. .3200 Ib
EPA citylhighway mpg 15/14
Fliel-tl ni capacity/range . 18,Ogal1270 mi
7.o-liter p\lSh rGd 16-va ll'e v-a, 505 hp, 470 Ib-It; 6-sp man
f. iM, unequcll-Iength control arms, transverse leaf spri ng,
anti- roll ba r
....... ind, uoequell-Iength comrot arms, transverse teaf spring,
anti-roll ba r
FIR, . . .... vented, cross-dri lled disc/vented,
cross-drilled disc
ASS. Slandard
Sl. bnity/rracllon control stand.rd/Siandard
Passive restraint> ............ driver aod passenger !root and
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Dodge Challenger/SRT8
Based on the Dodge Charger, this Tetro coupe embodies
the classic looks and tire-shredding power of the 1970&
ori ginal yet has modern-day sophisticat ion. While not as
dynamic as the Ford Mustang or the Chevrolet Camara, the
Challenger' s presence on the road is pure muscle car.
Dodge Viper SRT1 0 Coupe/ ACR
One of the most affordable paths to 600 horses, the rough,
cramped Viper is highly exhilarating yet not for the timid.
Little compares with the visceral rush of the 100cyl inder
engine hurtling you toward the horizon- but being shot out
of a cannon while tied to an angry bear comes close.
Ferrari 4S81talia
Replacing the F430 as Ferrari' s entry-level screamer,
the 458 has a new, direct-injected, 570-hp 4.5-liter V-8 and
a sultry bod shaped for better aero. The cockpit layout is
heavy on Fl style, and the seven-speed gearbox is paddl e-
shift only. Competitors? Only real, actual sex .
42 CARaoxlDRI VER.(om
Hi'Jhs: Drop-dead good looks,
5upportive wort bucket seats,
pistol-grip manual, most models
offer lots of bang forlhe buck.
Lows: Lots of mass, SR18's lofty
price, disappoint ing interior in
both design and quality.
wbt's new: Introduced for 2008;
interior tweaks and new Plum
Crazy SRT8 model for 2010.
Btkind litwhtel: Decent
responses in spite of its porcine
curb weight. The SRTS's power is
Hi,hs: Crazy power, shortlhronle
response, agile handling.
Lows: Noisy; not for the faint
of heart, as it lacks elect ronic
helpers; hot cockpit.
Wbt's new: Redesigned for
2(0); new exterior colors and
a premium tan-leather interior
package are new for 2010.
Bflind Ib whetl: Stellar power,
grip, braking, and suspension.
Updated chassis has smoothed
the ride slightly, but the loud,
stuffy cabin hampers livabi lity.
Hi,hs: The gold standard of
superws, intoxicating arias of
sound, unbel ievai)le levels of
Lows: Expensive, a mult iyear
wait, not for shy folk.
wbt's new: Introduced for 2010.
Bflind Ibwh.eel: You don't drive
a Ferrari, you plug into its socket
and brace for high voltage. The
air-rippling roar, the slashi ng
controls, the unbelievable grip,
and the pure Ferrari-ness of it all
make it well wonh the dough.
Base pri(e: SE, m,46O; RIT, $3 1,585; SRT8, $43)06
Vehide type: fronH'ngifle. rea r-dnve; 2-door 5-p.1SSllgtf

Imenorl'Olume, FlRJcargo (cu h) .
Whl'eIOOIe ..
. 116.0in
Lengt h /Width/ht'i ght
Tuming Circle ..
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel -tank Cap.1city/Jange .
...... 197.7-197.8175.7/57.1 in
J85D-4l()(l lb
. ........ 18.0--19.0 9.11/247- 31)6 mi
15-li terSOHC V-6, lSO hp, 150 Ib-h; 5.7 -li ter 16-
372 or 376 hp, 400 or 410 Ib-h; 6.1- li ter 425
hp, 420 Ib-h; 6-\1.1 man, 5-\1.1 auto with manumatic shihing
ind, multil ink, cod springs. ant i-rol l OOr
. in d, multil ink, coft springs. ant i-roH bar
Brakes. FIR .. . . venlf'd, grooved diS( (If vrotf'd (jsd
vented diSc (If diS(
ABS opllon.J1
Stabili ty/tracuoo coolJoi . . . . . . . . .. .optiooal/oplion.J1
restra ints. .. . .. oover and p.1ssenger ITo nt and
curtain airbags. rear curta in aimags
Base prite: $90,000 (est); AeR, $102,(0) (est)
type: from-engine, rea r-drive; 3-door 2-passeoger

Interior I'Olume, F /cargo (cu h)
W"heeIOO\e ..
... 48/15
.. 9S.8in
t75.6/75.2147.6 in Lengt h/Width/hei ght
luming cirde

c.pa(ity/range .
3400- 3500 lb
.. .... 13122
t6.09.1t /208 mi
8.4-hter pushrOO V-I0, 600 560 Ib-h; 6-\1.1 man
r. . iod, unequal-l ength co ntrol springs, ant i-rol l OOr
R ind, unequal-l ength control springs, ant i-rol l bar
Brakes, FIR.
ABS ..
St.bili ty/tractioo cOlltroi
PassJl' rest ra ints.
prite: sm,COO(est)
'(entf'd diS(/vrotf'd diS(
.... not ava il .ble/not .vail able
.driver and palSel"J9l front aimags
Vehide typ4!: mid-engil1. 2-door 2-p.1ssengtf coupe
Interior I'Olume. r Ic.rgo (cu It) .52/8 (est)
WhroOOIe. 1043 in
Length/Widthlheight .178.2/76.3/47.8 in
Tuming cude. . ..... NA
Cllfb Weight . ..3300 Ib
EPA city/highway mpg 13/17 (est)
Fuel -tank capa[itY/Jilnge . . ..... .... . 22.7 ga l/295 mi (est)
4.5-liter OOIK V-8, 570 hp, 540 Ib-It; 7-\1.1 dual-clutch
all!omatf'd man
F. .. . . iod, unequal- length control arms, coil springs, .nt i-roI l bar
R . iod, unequal- length control arms, cod springs. ant iroI l bar
Brakes, FIR .. ve nti'd. clOSs-drillf'd cerTl iC disdvrotf'd.
cross-drilled ceramic diS(
ABS standard
Stabili ty/tractioo cootrol ............... stardard/standard
restra ints . . .. driver and p.1ssertqer front aimags
Fi nd mor e magazi nes at www. magazi nesdownl oad. com
Ferrari S99GTB Fiorano
Ferrari's most powerful front-engined car ever, the
599GTB features aluminum construction, a fantastic V-12,
and a driving experience that makes the price seem almost
reasonable. TIle $30,095 HGTE (Handling Gran Turismo
Evoluzione) package further sharpens the handling.

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
Although the words "practical" and "Ferrari" aren't
usually synonymous, the Scaglietti is very usable, with a
decent trunk, space in back for reasonably sized humans,
and a wonderfully flexible V-12 engine. This may be one of
the last 12-cylinder Ferraris, too.
Ford Focus
Formal coupes are rare in the current compact segment,
and if the two-door Focus isn't quite as sexy as its few
rivals, it 's reasonably priced and offers lots of sophisticated
electronic extras, such as the Sync infotainment and
communi cations system. Do not expect excitement.
Hi,hs: You won't see many of
them, currently Ferrari's most
powerful car, driving it. Oh, and
it's reasonably practical, too.
Lows: (05tS as much asa
McMansion, not drivi ng it
Wh,t'sJlew: Int roduced for 2007;
the HGTE package is new for the
lelriad liniee): A nearly
flawless blend oftextbook road
manners, V-12 power, and driving
camfon that no other carmaker
on the planet can match.
Hi,hs: A fleet-footed four -seater
that alm05t seems worth the
price; still a head turner; they're
sticking in showrooms, so you
may t>e able to stri ke a deal.
Lows: Less attractive than other
Ferraris, getti ng a bit long in the
whit'sJlew: Int roduced for 2004;
unchanged for 2010.
lelriad lie wiee); Despite its
physical size, it drives like a
small, powerful. and lightweight
sports car,
Hi,hs: Long list of safety fealu res,
VQice-operated Sync, respectable
mileage, max headroom.
Lows: FOKjellable styling, lacks
hatchthlck u5efulness, aging
platform, low comfort quotient.
Wh,t'sJleW: Redesigned for 2008;
keyle5s ent ry and 5tabil ity cont rol
now come as standard features
on all models for 2010.
lelriad lie wiee): Competent,
quiet, and smooth, but soft in
its response5; the ideal driving
position i5 difficul t to find.
Base price: $3t6,693; Fl , $326,730
Yehide type: front-erqine, rear-drive; 2-door 2-pa5>e!lger

Iml'fior lUIume, F/ca rgo (eu It).
Wheelba'it' ..
length/wic!t h/heiljll
Tu rningeircle
EPA Cityfhighway mfXj ..
FlI(' l-tank capacitylrange ..
. ........ 411/11
. ...... 10IU in
,183.7177.2/52,6 in
......... 4O.4ft
,3950-4000 Ib
. ............ . 11/15
.. .. 27.7 gal/}()5 mi
6O--l lter OOHC 4ll-valve V-tl, 611 lip. 448 Ib-It; 6-sp rrno, 6-sp
automated man
r ....... ind, uneqwl-Ierqth control arms, COi l >j)"irq\, anti-roll iJa r
R . ind, uneqwl-Ie rqth control anm, COi l >j)"irqs, anti-roll iJa r
Blakes, FIR , vented, cross-drill ed cf'ramk dischented,
cross-drill'd ceramic disc
ASS. Slandard
Stability/rracnon control . standard/Slandard
Passive restraint> . . .......... dri ver and pa$strlger front and
prlte: $12O.D38
Yehide type: front-erqme, rear-drive; l -door 4-pas>e!l ger

Iml'fior lUIu me, FIR/cargo (eu It).
Wheelbase ..

lu rningcircl e
EPA Cityfhighway mfXj ..
r lIl-lank capacity/ra nge ..
. ..... . 53/36/9
. ...... 116,1 in
,1 93.0177.0/52,9 in
.. 4100- 4150 Ib
. .......... 9/16
28.5 9al/257 mi
5.7-lner OOHC 48-v.lve V-12, m hp, 414 Ib -ft; 6-sp automated

r ....... ind, uneqwl-Ierqth control arms, COi l >j) irqs, anti-roll bJr
R ...... ind, urteqwl-Ierqth control anns, (oi l anti- ro ll bJ r
FIR , vented, cross-drill ed cf'ramk dischented,
cross-drill 'd ceramiC disc
ASS. Slandard
Slabdi ty/tra(uon (ontrol . standard/Slanda rd
PasSive . ....... driver and pa\>e!lger fronl and
Side airbags
Base price: SE, S 17,570: SES, $19,180
Yehide type: front-engi ne, frOnl-drive; 2-door 5-pa5>e!lger

Iml'fior lUIu me, FIR/cargo (eu ft). . ..... 51/43/14
Wheelba'it' ..
length/ ....idt hlheiljlt .
Tu rningcircle
EPA (itylhighway
FlI(' l-tank capacitylrange ..
. ...... 102,9 in
. ,1 75.0/67.9/58,6 in
... 34, 2-36.5/t
.2100-2800 Ib
..... 24/34 35
. ... 13.5 gal/324 mi
In-liter OOHC 16-v.lve inhnr--4; 132, 140, or 143 hp; 1331)1136
Ib-/t; 5-sp rrnn, 4-sp auto
F . ....... ind, Slruts, COi l >j) ir9$, anti- roll bJ r
R . ind, multil iri, COi l >j)irqs, anti-roll ba r
flrak(1,f/ R, ,venteddi:.cbtum
ASS. Slandard
St.3 bni ty/rracuon wntrol stand.rd/Slanda rd
PasSive restraint> ....... dw and pa$strl9l'f Side, and
curtain airbags; rear curtain airbags
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Ford Mustang/Shelby GTSOO
America's pony car gets fresh sheetmetal, a ni cer interi-
or, and suspens ion tweaks for '10. Better materials inside
and sharper dynamics make the Mustang- V-6, GT, or
GT500-tons (literally) of fun. The Camara and the Chal-
lenger are morc sophi sticated but aren't as enjoyabl e.
Honda Accord
The distinction between Accord coupe and sedan be
came more pronounced wit h their 2008 redesign, and this
two-door acquired some tfuly sexy sheetmetal. With the
demise of the 52000, the V-6 Accord is the hottest Honda
going except for perhaps the Civic 5i .
Honda CiviC/Civic Si
The stylish Civic coupe comes in two flavors: standard
and the 197-hp Si. Build quality is excellent. reliability is
beyond reproach, and all models are nothing if not afford-
abl e. Though upstaged by hotties such as the Mazdaspeed
3, the Si is still one of our favorite pocket rockets.
44 CARaoxlDRIVER,( om
Hi'j'hs: Pony-car roar, fun, broad
model ra nge, 5equential turn
indicators are just plain (001,
GT500's supercharged power.
Lows: Lacks sophistication, sucks
fue l, small back seat
wilt's nrw: Redesigned for 2010.
aekind Ib whtd: More
confi dent and less fi oaty,the
2010 Mustang is imprO'led in
dynamics and fit and fi nish. The
Track pack iseven better, though
the ride suffers. The GT500 rides
hard but launches hard, too.
Hi,hs: Bigger and roomier
than its predecessor, stylish
and functional interior, potent
engines, first-rate fit and fi nish.
Lows: Pricey toward the top of the
range, four-cyl inder coul d use a
six-speed transmission.
Wlat'suw: Redesigned for 2008;
mi nor detail changes for 2010
aekind tb wkttl: It's not a
sports car, but this big (oupe is
exceptionally agi le by front-drive
standards. Six-speed manual and
V-6 add up to serious hustle.
Hi,hs: Artful exterior design,
sol id structure, bulletproof
rel iability, high comfort quot ient.
lOIS of fun for nOI much money.
Lows: Multilevel dash draws
mixed reviews, cramped back
seat. Si could use more power.
wbt's ntw: Redesigned for 2006;
unchanged for 2010
aekind tbwhtd: The slandard
Civic coupe is agile, but the $i
adds pace to the program as well
as decisive transient response. All
offer a way into inexpensive style.
Comparison Test
.. Winner
Base prite: V-6, $21,845; GT. $28,845; GTSOO. $48,175
Vehide type: fronHngifl. rear-drive; 2-door 4-p.1SSngt'l"

Interior I'OIWIl e. F /RJeargo (ru It)
'Nl"ll'f'l bil lt ..
..... .... 52 53/28 31110 13
. ..... 107,1 in
.188,1-188,2173.9/54.5-56,1 in
314-37.7 1t
3450- 3'nl lb
Lengt h /Width/hti ght
Tuming cirde
Curb weight. ..... .
EPA {ity/highway mpg
fuel-tank {apocity/range .
. ......... 16.0gal/224-288 mi
4.o-liter 50HC 1l-valve V-6, 210 hp, 240 Ib-It; 4.6-lller )()HC 24-
valve V-B, 315 hp, 325 Ib-It; superehilrgl'd and intercooll'd 5.4-liter
OOH( 32-va lw V-S, 540 hp, 5 to Ib-It; 5- OI 6-sp man. 5-sp auto
. ioo, coa anti -rol l bar
ri gid axle. coD anti -rol l bar
Brakes, F!R. . Vl'fl tl'd disc/ventl'd disc
AS5 standard
Stability/tractioo comrol ..... ..... staooaJd/standaJd
({'ltrainl, . . .. ... .... driver and pa,ltnger froot
aoo side airbags
10Besl Winne,

Base prke: LX-S, $23. 265: [ X, $24,590: [X-l, $26,790: [ X-l V-6,
type: front-l'flglle, froot-oove; 2-000r 5-paSSllgl'l

Interior I'OllIIll e. F /RJeargo (cu It) .
Yhil'f'lbillt ..
.. ... 107,9in
.m0-3550 1b
.......... 18.5gal/315-4(17mi
Length /Width/hl'i gh t
luming cirde
Curb weight ..
EPA {itylhighway mpg
fuel-tank capacity/range ,
H-Iller OOHC 16-v.11Ie inllnH, hp, 162Ib-It; 3. 5- liter SOOC
24-valll(' V-6, 271 hp, 251 or 254Ib-ft; 5- or 6-sp man, 5-sp auto
F . ioo, unl'qIJaI-I l'flgth co ntrol anti-rol l bilr
R ,ind, multilink, cod anti -rol l bar
Brakes. f /R. . ventl'd diSddisc
AB5 standaJd
5tability/tractioo cootrol ..... ..... staooaJd/standaJd
restraints . . ,dri ll('! and p.1sseoger froot >ide, iWl d
curtain airbags; Iar curtain airbags
Baseprice: OX, S16,165; LX, SIB,1 15; EX, SLD, 165; EH S21.715;
$i , $22,765
Vehide type: front-l'flglle. froot-o-iV{'; 2-0001 5-p.mengt'l"

Interiorl'Olume, F/RJeargo (cu It). ,SO/32!1l
Vlhl'f'lbil\e.. . 104.3 in
Lengt h/Widthlh<i ght 175.5/68,9/55,0 in
lumingcirde 35.4-35.61t

Fuel-lank {ap.1{ity/range ,. . ............. ll2 gal/277- 343 mi
l8-liter SOHC 16--valve inli fl-4, 140 lip. 128 Ib-ft; 2.0-1i ter OOOC
16-vallle inlinH, 197 hp, 139lb-/t; 5- or 6-sp man, 5-sp auto
Srakes. FIR ..
ABS ..
ioo, cod anti-rol l bilr
ind, multilink, coil anti-roll bilr
.. . . ....... veotl'd disc/diS( t)I (Jurn
5tabilityltractioo cootrol
.lIandard (selea models)!
standard (sel e!:t models)
. ,dri Vl' and p.1sseoger froot >ide, iWld reltraints .
curtain airbags: ({' ar curtain airbags
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Hyundai Accent
Thrifty three-door hat ches are rare, as most shoppers
prefer fi ve doors. Hyundai's Accent entry shoots for sporty
in SE guise, but the new-for-20ID Blue trim level with
revised gearing puts the emphasis on fuel economy. Not
powerful, the Accent is at least tossabl e and solidly built.
Hyundai Genesis
Hyundai breaks ground with an all -new, rear-drive fOUT-
seat sports coupe with shapely lines and ti ght handling.
Based on the Genesis sedan, the coupe comes with a 2.0-
liler turbo four or 3.g-l iter V-6, all for thousands less than a
Ni ssan 370Z. Thi nk Korean Mustang.
Infiniti G37
A Japanese alternative to a BMW 3-series, the fetching
G coupe costs less than the BMW and offers more standard
horsepower. The G37's handling is on par with that of the
3-series, but the big V-6 and balky manual shifter lack polish.
Available AWD allows for all -weather acceleration.
Hi,hs: La udable styling, useful
package, great sport-to-
dollar ratio, quick for its class,
socially acceptable.
Lows: a plebeian
commuter corpuscle.
Wh,t'sJleW: Introduced for 2007;
a Blue high-mileage model is the
big news for 2010
lelriad liewieeJ: It's fun!O drive
a slow car fast and the three-
door Accent-especially the
SE- prO'les it with lots of spirit if
not outright muscle.
Hi,ks: Rear-wheel drive, low
base price, manuals available on
all !Jims, Track pack has serious
equipment. a handsome devil.
Lows: Some cheapness inside,
slower than a 370Z, heavy clutch,
Track models' brutal ride.
wkit'sleW: Introduced for 2010.
lehid IbwieeJ: Natural
steering feel and solid grip mean
Hyundai nailed the handling. The
Genesis coupe may not be as fast
as a Nissan 370Z, but it's cheaper
and sounds manly.
Hi,ks: St rong engine, responsive
steering, sporty chassis, low base
price, attractive styling.
Lows: Grrtly engine sounds,
high-effort shifter, tight back seat,
weighs more than the G37 sedan.
Wh,t'sJleW: Redesigned for 2008;
minor trim changes for 2010
lelriad liewieeJ: Tacl ilesteering
and quick-willed handling make
the G37 fun to drive, but its coarse
engine and high-effort manual
shift er don't measure up 10 those
of its BMW rival.
Base price: Blllt', $10,690; GS. $14,165; SE. $16,915
Vehide type: front-engi ne. front-drive; 3-door 5-passenger
Iml'fior lUIume, F/R/wgo (eu Itl .
Wheelba'it' ..
letlgth/wic!t h/heiljlt
EPA Cityfhighway mfXj ..
Fllt'I-tank capacitylrange ..
. .... . 52/40/16
. .... ... 9Min
.1 59.3/66.7/57.9 in
..... ... .33. 1ft
.245O-1550 Ib
. .... . 27-28/34-16
11.9ga1/321-m mi
1.6-llter OOOC 16-valve 110 hp, 1()6 lb-ft; 5-sp rrun, 4-sp

f ..
..... indo Slruts, COi l >j)'ing\, anti-roll lJar
. ind, trailing arms. coil springs
Brakes, fiR ml\('d diS(/\hIm
ASS . I)ptiOlklI (standitd on SE)
Stability/tractiOll cOIl trol ......... not iJ'Iailable/not available
Passi ve restraint> .. . .... drivl'f and paS>/"rlgel si de. and
curtain airlJaqs; \('ar curtain airbago;
Base price: 2.0T, $22]SO; 2.0T Premium, $2S,00J: 2.0T Track,
m,5OO; 3.8, $25}5O; 18 Grand bJring. $28.250; 18 Track,
Vehide type: rear-drive; 1-door 4-pasSl'flger

intl'fior lUIume, FIR/cargo (eu Itl.
Turning Circle
Curb weight. ..
EPA cityfhighway mfXj
fllel-lOnk capacity/range.
. . ... ...... 57/32110
11 10 in
182.3/714/545 in
... ......... J7.4 ft
. . ... J400-3500 lb
17- 21/16-30
17.2 gaI/192-361 mi
turbocharged and intercooted 2.0-t itl'f OOIiC 16val ve intine-4, 21 0
m Ib-ft ; 18-liter OOHC 24-valV V--6, 306 hp, 266 Ib-ft; 6-sp
rrun, 5- or 6-sp aUla with manumatic shifting
F . .... ..... ind, SlrutS, COi l IIXings, anti- roll oor
R .. ind, mu\til iri:, COi l anti-roll oor
Brakes, FIR .vented disc/vented oS( or disc
ASS. Slandard
Stability/tractlOll cootrol . standard/Slandard
Passive restraint> ....... driver and paSSt'rlgel si de, and
curtain airoogo;; rear curtain airbal)'i
Base price: $36)65; .kJ umry, $37,515; Spon6MT, $37,865:G3h.
Vehide type: front-engine, tar-driv; 2-door 4-passenger

Iml'fior lUIume, FIR/cargo (cu Itl .
WheelbaSl' ..

lurningcircl e
EPA Cityfhighway mfXj ..
Filel-tank capacitylrange ..
. .. 51 54/31/7
. .. ........ 112.2 in
183. 1/71.8/54.7-55.3 in
. J650- 3850 Ib
. . 17-t8125-26
2O.0gal/HO-360 mi
J 7-lner OOHCl4-valve V-6, 330 hp, l7O Ib-ft; 6-sp man, 7 -Ill auto
.... ith manurrutic shifting
F. . ind, urteqUcl I-length cOlltroi anm, COi l \!Xings, ami-roll lJar
R . ind, multiliri:, coi l >j)'ings, ami-ro ll bar
F/R . . vented disc/vented diS(
ASS.. . ... Slandard
Stcl bility/tractiOll (l)ntrol . standard/Slandard
Passive restraints .drivl'f ond pa\Sl'flget frOOL side, and
curtain airooqs; rear curtain airbago;
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This is a handsome and elegant coupe that perfectly
blends luxury and sportiness. Interior trappings are first-rate,
and the ride is supple yet taut, Rear-seat space is a joke, but
the rest oflile XK is so well executed that it can be forgiven .
The XKR is a seri ously quick and competent sports coupe.
Kia Forte Koup
The company's first-ever coupe definitely continues the
trend of dramatic improvement from the Hyundai / Kiajug-
gernaut. With a positively stylish look, a well-laid-out in-
terior providing excellent back-seat space for its class, and
loads of standard features, this is an impressive new entry.
Lamborghini Gallardo LPS60-4/
Shocking in person and a bona fide supercar, the
LP560-4 wil l put it s driver into sensory overload. The all -
wheel-drive LP560-4 has 552 horsepower from its 5.2-liter
V-10. The new-for-20lO LP550-2 has 10 fewer ponies but
drives only the rear wheels to save wei ght.
46 CARaoxlDRI VER,(om
Hi'Jhs: Superb road manners,
supple ride. qUick-shifting
six-speed automatic. gorgeous
interior and exterior
Lows: uteriorstyl ing subt le by
Jaguar's breathtaking standards,
we'd like a manual transmission.
wbt's new: Redes igned for 2007;
all-new engine lineup seriously
boosts power for 2010.
Btkind lit whtd: Precise and
communicative steer ing. eager
responses, powerful brakes, and
gratifying thrust and sound.
Hi,hs: Standout good looks;
best -in-class performance; lots
of standard equipment including
stabil ity comrol, six ai rbags, and
an iPod hookup.
Lows: Excessively stiff suspension,
limited headroom,lOuchythronle
hampers smooth starts.
Will's new: Introduced for 2010.
Ifiind titwktel; Competent
dynamically, other than a too-stiff
ride, but it doesn't quite have the
Ol'l' ral l ride-and-handling polish
of a Honda or a Mazda 3.
Hi'Jhs: Looks like a Lambe,
sounds like a lombo, smel ls like
lombo, new rear-drive LP550-2 is
sport ier than the LP560-4.
Lows: Price, annoying brake feel,
the crowds it attracts.
Will's new: New in 2004, revised
in 2008; lPSSQ-2 is new
Ifiind tie wheel; With an
engine that sounds like Krakatoa,
the Gal lardo is sun: to draw a
crowd wherever it g0e5.lnsanely
QUid, but the ceramic brakes are
grabby and unrewarding.
Base pri(e: XK, S83,OOO:XKR, $96,000
Vehide type: front-engine, rear-dri\'; 3-door 2+2-p.1SSrlgtf
Interior I'Olume, F /RJ(argo ([u h) ,
Wheeloo\e , ,
.IOSJ in
.. .35,gh
3300-4000 Ib
.............. 16.19.111242-258 mi
Length /Width/ht'i ght
Tuming Circle "
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel -tank Cap.1(ity/range ,
5.0-1i ter OOHC V-8, 385 hp, 380 Ib-h; SlJpeKh.Jrged and
intef(ooled 5,0-li te r IX)flC 32-valve v-a, 510 hp, 461Ib-h; ti- Ill auto
with rnanumaticshihing
F . ind, unl'qIJilI-I l'ngth control cod ant i-rol l bar
R ind, unl'qIJilI- Il'ngth control coft springs, ant i-roH bar
!\rakes, r /R. . . .... .. vented diS(/vented diS(
ABS standard
Siabi litY/lra[UOO cootroi ..... ..... stardard/standard
restra ints . .. . .. Oiver and p.1ssengl'f front iII1d
side aimags
Base prite: [X, S17,l(I; SX, S 18J'Xl
Vehide type: fro nt-engine, froot -Ii'ive; 2-cIoo r 5-p.1ssengtf

Interior F /RJcJrgo ([u h) 54/36/13
YhIee1oo \e.. . ... . 104.3 in
Ll'flgth/Widthlheight 176.4/69.5/55,1 in
luming cirde 33.'1-- 35.4h
Curbwdght 2750-2950 1b
[PA City/highway mpg 22-25/11-34
Fuel -rank capacity/range,. . ... .......... ll 7 9.1I!lOI-141 mi
2.0-1i ter OOOC inline-4, 154 or 156 hp, 139 or 144 Ib-ft;
H-liter OOOC inlinH, 165 or 173 hp, 161 or 168 Ib-h;
5- or 6-sp man, 4-sp auto. 5-sp auro with manumatic shihing
ind, struls, springs, ant i-rol l bar
,ind, llili llng cod springs, ant i-rol l bar
!\rakes, r /R. . vented diSddisc
ABS standard
StdDi lity/rra[tioo (ootrol ..... ..... stardard/standard
restra ints . . ,dri\'el and p.1\\eIlger froot. side, iII1d
curtain airbags; Iar curta in aimags
Base prite: LP560-4, S201, 100; LP5 50-2, sm,':lOO
Vehide type: mid-engine, Iar- or 4-wheel-dri\'; 2-ooor 2-
p.1SSnger COO[lE
Interior F /cargo (cu h)
Wheeloo\e ..
Turn ing Circle ..
. 100,8 in
171.1f74,8/45,9 in
...37.7 h
,3350 1b
12 14/20 EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel -rank Cap.1(ity/range ,
.............. B.89.1tl286-mmi
5.1-li ter OOHC 4O-va lVl' V-IO, 541 or 552 hp, 398 Ib-h; 6-'11 man,
6-1Il autom.3ted rrnn
F, . . ioo, unl'qIJilI- length control cod spri ngs, ant iroI l bar
R . ioo, unl'qIJilI-I l'ngth control cod springs, ant i-rol l bar
Stakes. FIR.. ventl'd, cross-Ii'ill ed disc/lIl'fltl'd,
ClOSs-dri lled disc
ABS standard
Stdbi litY/lraclioo cOfltroi stardord/standard
II'ltraints . . .. ... Oi ver and p.1ssengl'f front iII1d
side aimags
Fi nd mor e magazi nes at www. magazi nesdownl oad. com
Lamborghini Murcielago LP6401
From the mellifluous sound of its 6.S-liter V-12 to its
much-copied scissor doors, the big Lambo never fail s to
draw attention. But it' s not all show: The LP640 and the new
LP 670-4 are refined, blisteringly quick, and entertaining
to drive. They're surprisingly easy to live with, too.
Lotus Exige S
Thi s track-ready mi ss ile shares its chassis and interior
with the Elise but has a fixed roof, different body panels,
and a rear wing to increase downforce. The S has 240
horsepower; the limited-edition 260 Sport gets 257. For
2010, there's a front-end refresh and revised wing.
Maserati GranTurismo/S
Too portly to be taken seriously as a sports car, this
elegant four-seat coupe delivers respectable performance
along with seductive Pininfarina styling and gorgeous interi-
or decor. Offered in regular form and a more potent S edi-
tion, these are pricey- but exclus ivity never comes cheap.
Hi,hs: Styling that makes you
weak in the knees, de<:adent
V-12, much more doci le to drive
that illooks.
Lows: Shocking price tag.
momma mia build quality
Wh,t'sJlew: Int roduced for 2002;
lighler and mote powerful LP670
$V is newfor 2010.
lelriad li n i ee!: Aside from its
high sleering effort this Lambo
is easy to drive
considering its immense power; it
looks more intimidat ing than it is,
Hi'fhs: Race-car reflexes; organic
sleering; monsler grip; head-
turning, aggressive looks.
lows: A loud and confined cabin,
minimal comforls, relatively
WhIt'S I!W: Int roduced for 2006;
there's a minor restyle for 2010,
l ellid luWietl Undil uted
driving at its best with fantastic
steering and brake feel, and
unstoppable on a racetrack Only
masochists would use this as a
dai ly driver.
Hi'fhs: Sensuous sheetmetat
l:Ieautiful interior craftsmanship,
lovely engine sounds, useful rear
seat rarity.
lows: Seats lack lateral support,
substantial mass, small trunk.
Wh,t'SJleW: Introduced for 2008;
no changes for 2010.
lelriad li e wiee!: Although the
steering is a bit numb and mass
is substantial, this seductil'i' and
exclu5ive coupe is 5ure-fOOled
and far from slow, particularly
with the 4.7-literV-8.
Base price: LP640, $362,395; lP 67!H SuperVdoce, $458,39S
Vehide type: mid-engi ne, 4-1'Ihe1-drive; 2-door 2-pa5>e!lger

Interior lUiume, F/cargo (cu It) ..
Wheelba'it' ..
Lengthlwiclt h/heiljll
Tu rningcircle
EPA Cityfhighway mfXj ..
FlI('l-tank capacitylranqe ..
. ...... ... 49/6
. ...... 1()4,9in
tSI.5-185.2/SI.0/44.7 in
......... mlt
J85Q-4050 Ib
. ........ 8-9/13-14
26.4 gaI/211-238 mi
6.5-l lter OOHC 48-vatve V-11, 631 or 661 hp, 487 Ib-It; 6-sp man,
6-spautomatt'd man
r ....... ind, uneqwl-Iength COIltroi arms, COi l >j)"ing\, anti-roll iJar
R . ind, uneqwl-Iength cOIltroi anm, coi l >j)"ings, ami-roll iJar
r /R , vented. cross-dril led ct1"ami( (opt) disc/vented,
cross-drill t'd ceramic (opt) disc
ASS.. . ... standard
Stability/tractiOll (Gntrol . standard/standard
PasSive restraint> .. . ..... driver and paS'it'ngf'r front airbags
prlce: S 240, $66,815; S 260 Sport, $76,120
Vehide type: mid-engine, rear-drive; 1-d!XJf COIJpt'
Interior lUiume,F lcargo (eu It) .41/4
Wheelba'it'.. . ....... 'Xl.5 in
Lengthl .... iclthlheiljlt . . .. 149.5/&8.0/45.6 in
Tu rningcircle ........ J2,8ft
Curbwght Jl00 lb
EPA cityihighway ......... 20/16
FlI('l-tank capacitylrarH}E:'. . .. 10,6 gal/212 mi
supercharged and inten:ooIed I.S-litt1" DOH( inline-4, 240
IX 157 hp, 170 or 174 Ib-It: 6-sp man
r ....... ind, uneqwl-Iength COIltroi arms, COi l anti-roll bJr
R ind, lIIlequal-length oont rol arms, coit springs
r /R , ..... ventt'd, cross-drillt'd disc/l'ented,
cross-drilled disc
ABS.. . ... standard
WllI rol . nO! clI'ailabie/opliOllal
PasSiI'e restraint> , .... dri ver and passengt1" front airbags
Base price: SI11,400; S, $115,400
V, hide type: front-engine, tEar-drive; 2-door 4-pa5>e!lger

Interior lUiume, FIR/cargo (cu It) ..
Wheelba'it' ..
Lengthl .... iclt hlheiljlt .
Tu rningcircle
EPA cityihighway
FlI(' t-tank capacitylranqe ..
. ...... 51/31/9
. ...... l1 S,8in
. , 192.2172.7/53J in
........ J5,tft
.4400 lb
......... 11/19
. ... 22.7 9al/272 mi
4.1-l lter OOHC 31-va1ve V-8, 405 hp, 340 Ib-It; 4.7-llt('[ DOHC 31-
V-8, 433 hp, 361Ib-It; 6-sp auto \11th manumatic shilting
F ....... ind, uneqwl-Iength (ootrol anlls, COi l \!Xings, anti- roll bJr
R . ind, uneqwl-Iength cOIltroi arms, coi l >j)"ings, anti-roll bJr
BrakE'S, F/R, . . .... ventt'd, cross-drilled disc/vented,
cross-drilled disc
ASS. standard
Stabnity/tractlOll wllIrol standard/standard
PasSive restraint> ....... dw and paS>l'flger Si de, and
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Mazda RX-8
The lone survivor of Mazda's rotary-engine program, the
lightweight RX-8 is a sweet-handli ng but odd two-plus-two
sports car. The pair of small half-doors helps access to the
rear seats but al so makes for an awkward roofl ine. Revised
styling and an R3 performance pack were new in 2009.
Mercedes-Benz (L-ciass/(L63 AMG/
A two-door version of the sumptuous S-class sedan,
the pricey Cl coupe offers four diffe rent engines and
personali ties. The Cl 550 comes with standard all-wheel
dri ve; the three other vers ions offer increas ing amounts of
horsepower culminat ing with the 604-hp Cl 65 AMG.
Mercedes-Benz E-class
Replacing the ClK, this is the fi rst E-class coupe si nce
1995, but it' s not exactl y a two-door E. It shares wme of
the new E-class sedan's foundat ions, but it' s smaller than
the four-door and al so uses C-cl ass bits. There's room for
four, though, and its styli ng stands out anywhere.
4tI CARaoxlDRI VER.(om
Hi,hs: Ugh! and hyper-agile, a
9CKXl-rpm redline. usable back
seats, <eeotric in a good way.
Lows: Guzzles both fuel and oi l.
down on torque and horsepower,
getting old, depreciates hard.
Wilt's new: Introduced for 2004;
unchanged for 2010.
ae"tnd tIt whtd: With fast
handling and a Hoover-vacuum
snore for a voice, the rotary RX-S
is one of driving's odd pleasures.
but low torque means there's not
much punch off the line.
HI,hs: All the luxury and high-
tech feawres one finds in the
S-class cars, refined manners. as
sporty as you want it to tie.
Lows: Expensive, heavy, and
perhaps too
sophisticated for its own good.
Wlat'SAtw: Re<lesigned for 2007;
a few interior tweaks, new audio
system, and redesigned mirrors.
aelind tbwhttl: Supple, fi eet,
and refi ned in regular guise.
ClWO and AMG versions are
wonderfully over -the-top.
Hi,hs: Handsome styli ng,
pillarless roof design, plenty of
room for four, beautiful interior
detailing, big trunk.
Lows: No AMG no
Bluetec diesel, no 4MATIC option.
numb steering,
Wlal'Sl\fw: Introduced for 2010,
Belind tbwhttl: in
V-6 and V-8 fiavors. the E-class
coupe is smoot h and responsive.
although not overtly sporty. The
ES50 sprints from 0 to 60 mph in
less than fi Vt' seconds.
Base pri(e: $27,245; GrandTouring, $31,710; R3, S32,74O
Vehide type: front -engine. rear-dri\'; 2+2-000r 4- p.1SSllget

Intenor I'Olume, F /RJcargo (ft).
WIIl'I'i OO Ie ..
50 52/37/8
. 11)),3 in
175,6/69} /52,8 in Length /Width/ht'i ght
Tuming Circle ..
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel -tank capacity/lange ,
.... 16/22-21
lJ-li ter 2-rQ!orW..., keI, 211 or m hp. 159Ib-ft; 6-sp rrnn, 6-sp
auto ....ith manumatiC shifting
r, . ind, unequal-length control ant i-rol l bar
R ind, multilin k, cod anti-rol l bar
Brakes. FIR ..
ASS ..
Stabili ty/traction control
PaIli've JeIIraints.
. .... .. I't'fltro disc/I't'fltro disc
..... \landard (seleo models)/
standard (select models)
,driver and passenger hoot. side ..., d
curtain aiJbags: rear curtain ailbags
Base prite: CLSSO 4MAIIC $ 112.57S; Cl6J .'.MG, S 148,67S: Cl600.
$158.275; Cl65 rl.MG, 5211.045
VeIlkle type: ftont-engi1t. rear- a- 4-wheei drill!'; 2-door 4-
Pill5enger clJUjle
Interior l'Oi umt, F fRfo:argo (cu ft J SJ-SSm- 40/14
Yihoooose............ ..... .. " .. " ... " ... 116.3in
ltngthfv,i dthfhelght 1994-lOCUm.7/SS.8io
lumingcirde........ .. " .... J8.1ft
Curbweiq hr. 4600--5050lb
EPA cnylflighwil)' mpg .. .. " .. 11-14/17-21
Fuel-tank 23,89JI/l62- 333 mi
55--t iter DOHC 32-vall'f' V-8, 382 hp, 39 11b-ft; twin-turbQcharQed
and intetcooll'd 5.S-liter SIliC V-12. S 10 hp, 612Ib-ft; 6.1-
li t('l' DOHC 32-val'll! V-8. 518 hp. 465 Ib-ft; twin-turbochcltljro and
imercoolro 6.0--l 111't SOHC V-12, 6()4 hp, 7J8 lb-ft ; S- or 7-sp
cl lJlowilh manumatic: shift in9
F.. .. ........ .. .. ind. multiJin k, cor1 spr ings, anti-rol l oor
R ind. multilink, cod springs, anti-rol l oor
Bra kes. FIR.. vernro, CMs-dril lro disc Ofvemro aid
I't'fltro disc
ASS.. standard
Stability/traction control ..... ..... sta rdard/standard
Passive JeIIraims. dril'('[ and passenger hoot. side, knee
(driver onl)') , and curtain alrbags:
rearsidl' and curtain ailbags
',;''' Z010
Base pri(e: 350, 548,925; 550, 556.825
Vehide type: from- engine. rear-drive: 2-door 4- passellgl't

Interiorl'Olume, r /RIcargo (cu ft ).
Yihoobole .
1(),IJ } in
Length /Width/hl'i gh t
Turn ing drde ..
CUrb weight .

Fuel-tank ,
.. ... J5.3ft
.3800-3950 Ib
IS-17123 - 26
...... .... 17.49'1/261 296mr
l S-li ter DOH( 24-va ll'e V-6. 268 hp, 258 Ib-ft ; 5.S-litet DOH( 32-
V-8, 382 hp, 391 Ib-ft ; 7 -sp auto with manumatic shift ing
,ind, strut. cod anti -mH bar
. ind, multilink, cod sprill9s, ant i-rol l bar
Bra kes. FIR.. vernro, uosl-drill ro disc/I't'fltro disc
ABS.. standard
Stabili ty/traction control ..... ..... stardard/standard
Passil' JeIIraints. dri l't'f and passenger hoot, ilie, ..., d
curtain rear (oP!) and curtain allbags
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Mini Cooper
Despite an appearance much like BMW's ori ginal
British revival , the Mini is actually in the middle of its
second generat ion. It's available as a Cooper, a Cooper
S, or a John Cooper Works; all are fun. A high degree of
customization means you can make yours unique.
Mini Cooper Clubman
A Mini Cooper with added length in the wheelbase,
extra legroom in the rear seats, and a half-door on the
passenger's side to ease ingress and egress to the back, the
Clubman has all the fun and cuteness of the smaller Mini
with a (s li ghtly) more hospitable rear seat.
Mitsubishi Eclipse
The futuristic-looking Eclipse comes with an agreeable
four-cylinder engine or a powerful V-6. Opt for the V-6 and
you get a large stake in torque steer, but the performance
for the money is impressive. Still, the Honda Accord and
Nissan Altima coupes are more refined.
Hi,hs: konic styling. novel
interi or decor, versat ile, good
performance and handling. easy
on gas, de<em price.
Lows: Little (argo room, cramped
rear seats. short wheelbase isn't
great for ride quality.
whit'sleW: Redesigned for 2007;
no major changes for lOW.
lelriad lini!!!: These cars
handle like go-kart>, shift like
BMWs, and get along DR'tty
briskly-especially the high-
performance versions.
Hi'fhs: Same cheeky Mini styling
and handling dynamks, more
cargo room than regular Cooper.
lows: No extra power from eithe r
engine to offset added hefL still
not comfortable in the back, 5illy
split rea r doors block rear view.
whifsJleW: Introduced fo r 2008;
no major changes for 1OlD.
'elriad liewieeJ: longer
wheelba5e lessens the
nervousness ofthe regular-
length Minis but maintains the
tOSS<lbi lity; manual is a del ight.
Hi'fhs: Spaceship style, meatyV-f,
power, amactive price,
lows: A bit thi rsty with the V-6,
a bit slow with the four, minimal
rear-seat space, why isn't it just
an E'IO coupe?
Wh,t'sJleW: Redesigned for 2006;
standard tract ion and stability
control added fo r 20lD_
.elriad tiewieel: Steering
is quick and accurate, though
turning circle is huge; overall, a
5mooth, qUiCK, and comfy-if a
bit dated choice.
Base price: S19,SOO; S, Sl3,(XlO; John CooperWork5, $::>9,500
Vehide type: fronl -engi ne, front-drive; 3-door 4-pa5>e!l ger
Iml'fior lUIu me, F/R/wgo (eu ft). . ..... 47m/16
Wheelba'it'.. . ....... 97,1 in
length/wic!t h/heiljll 145,6-146.2/66.3/55.4 in
Tu rningcircle ........ .35, 1 ft
Curhwght .255o-mOlb
EPA City/highway rnfXj.. . ..... 24-28/32-37
FlI('l-ta nk capacitylrange .......... lQ,6-13.2lf'.rm-317 mi
1,6-llter DOHC 16-valve inline-4, 118 hp, 114Ib-ft; turboch.Jrgl'd
and intefcool'd 1.6-liter OOH( 16-vdlve inline-4, 172 or 1()g hp, 192
Gr "JfJ7Ib-/t; 6-,p man, 6-'>P auto with maoumat ic ,rifting
.ind, SUUI'i, coi l anti-roll ba r
. .ind, multil iri, coi l anti-roll ba r
FIR, vented ,j>e/di>e
ASS.. . ... Slandard
Stability/traction wnt rol . lIaodardlSlanda rd
P.r;sive restraints, ... driver and pilssenger SIde, and
curtain airba gs
prlte: $21,150; S, $24)50; JohnCooperWcrks, $31)00
Vehide type: frolll-engi ne, froot-drive; 3+ I-door 4-pasSl'fl ger
Interior volu me, FIR/cargo (eu ft).
Wheelbase ..
. ...... 47/31/9
. ........ I00.1 io
len gth/wic!t h/heiljll
lu rningcircl e
EPA (ity/highway rnfXj ..
....... t55 ,0-155.8/66.3/56. 1-56.4 in
. .2750- l9OO lb
13.2 gaI/317-370 mi r UI-Mnk capacity/ra nge ..
1,b-lner DOHC 16-valve inline-4, 118 hp, 114Ib-ft; turboch.Jrged
and imer((Xlled 1,6-l iter DOH( inlin e-4, 172 or 208 hp, 192 or lJ7
Ib-It; 6-sp man, 6-sp auto with manumatic shifting
. .... ind, SltUl'i, coi l ami-roll ba r
. .ind, multil iri, coi l ami- roll ba r
F/R, ... vented o>e/di>e
ASS_ Slartda rd
Stability/tractlon cootrol standJrd/Slartdard
P.r;sive restraims , .. driver and passenger side, and
curtain airbags; rear curtain airbags
prite: GS, $21.419; Gl $::>9, 128
Vehide type: front-engi ne, fronl-drive; 3-door 4-pasSl'fl ger
Interior volu me, FIR/cargo (eu ft).
Wheelba'it' ..
. ...... 101.4 in
ll'flgth/ ....ic!t hlheiljlt .
Tu rningcircle
EPA city/highway
FlI('l-ta nk capacitylrange ..
180.4172.2/53.5-53.8 in
......... 4O,01t
33llO-3650 1b
. 16 ::>0/24 18
17.71f'./3S3-354 mi
H-I lter SOHC 16-vatve inline-4, 161 hp. 161 Ib-ft; l8-liter SQHC
14-vaM- V-6. 265 hp, 161 Ib-ft; 5- or 6-sp mon, 4- or 5-sp auto
....'th manUrn.ltK shifting
F. _ind, SlIUI'i, coi l ami-roll ba r
_ind, multil iri, coi l ami-roll ba r R
Brakes, FIR _vented discfveml'd ,jS( or di>e
ASS .. . ........ standard
Stability/traction control . . standard/standard
P.r;sive restraints _driver ond pilssenger side, and
curtain airbags; rear curtain airbags
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Nissa n Alti rna
A shortened and two-door version of the sporty Altima
sedan, the coupe has unique and attractive styling and
offers buyers a choice of a fuel-efficient four-cylinder or
a very powerful V-6. Predictably, the rear seal is small , but
the Alti ma does offer affordable style and performance.
Nissan GT-R
The GT-R is a successful attempt to create a Ferrari riva l
with a Porsche price tag. Its turbo V-6 is stunning, lhe grip
ridiculous, and its performance numbers are a match for
cars that cost twice as much. It can feel a bit massive, but
it's a supercar, and a surprisingly affordable one at that.
Nissan 370Z
Redes igned last year, the two-seat 370Z is a potent com-
bination of serious horsepower and a will ing and griptas-
tic chass is. It can occasionally feel like a really quick tank
(heavy and cramped), and the V-6 still groans unflatteringly.
The 350-hp NISMO Z turns the chassis tune 10 II .
50 CARaoxlDRIVER,(om
Hi,hs: PowerfuI V-6. unique
fuel-sipping four-cylinder
Lows: (ramIX'd rear seats,
shallow trunk. slight ly cheap-
fee ling texture to interior plastic.
V-6 overwhelms the front wheels.
wilt's new: Introduced for 2008;
no major changes for 2010.
ae"tnd tktwhtel: Not really
any different than the sedan. the
two-door retains the sporty feel
of the four-door The V-6 version
ol'erwhelms the front ti res; the
four-banger is a bit dul l.
Hi,hs: Serious thrust serious grip,
serious look, serious all-wheel-
drive system, serious curb appeal,
serious bargain,
Lows: small rear seats,
massive and heavy.
wilt's nrw: Imroduced for 2009;
fi ve horsepower for 2010,
ae.ind tb whtel: The GT-R is
fast, agi le, and
for a carl hal weighs
nearl y 400) pounds. The steering
is precise, grip is plenl iful; it's the
supercaryour mom could drive.
Hi,hs: Ult raman would drive one,
incredible gri p, powerful brakes,
quick acceleration, solid struct ure,
attractive base price.
Lows: V-6 can sound coarse,
seal ing position uncomfortable
for some, a bit loud and
wbt'suw: Redesigned for 2009;
unchanged for 2010.
If.ind Ib whetl: Solid, quick,
and ready for the track, the Z
can feel a bit too stiff, noisy, and
unrefined for daily use.
Base pri(e: 2.5S, m,I60; 3.SSR, $30,320
Vehide type: Wo nt-t'Ilglle, froot-t il'{'; 2-cIoo r 5-p.1SSengtf

Intenor I'Olume, F /RJcargo (cu It) ,
WheelOOIe, ,
49 53/37/8
, 105,3 in
Lengt h /Width/ht'i ght
Tuming Circle"
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel -tank capacity/lange ,
............. , 20,09.11/360-460 mi
2.5-liter OClHC inline-4, 1701)1" 175 hp, 175 1)1" 180 Ib-
It; 3.5-l iler OOf-K: V-6, 270 hp, 258 Ib-It; 6->p man,
contin uoosly variable auto
ind, cod anti-rol l OOr
,in d, multilin k, coft anti -roH bar
&rakes, FIR" vented diSddiIC
ABS.. standard
Stabili tyltractioo control sta ndardlsWldard
PaIli've Jell:ra intl . ,driver and passenger front, side, ..., d
curtain alrbags; rear curta in arrbags
Base prite: $81,7'1J
front- engine, 2-dlXJf 4-pa\sengl'f

Interior I'Olume, F /RJcargo (cu It) .
WheelOOIe ..
183. tI74,9/54,0 in
. J'nl lb
. ..... 16/21
19.5 gal1312 mi
Lengt h/Width/hei ght
luming circle

cap.lcity/range ,
twin-turlxxha rged and intercooled l8-liter OOHC 24-val\'e V-6,
485 hp, 434I b-ft; 6->p dual-clutch automated man
r, . ind, unequal-l t'Ilgth (Ontrol springs, anti-rol l OOr
R ,ind, multili nk, cod anti -rol l bar
&rakes, FIR.. .. vented, cross-till ed disc/vented,
cross-dril led disc
ASS st.3ndard
Stabili ty/tractioo control ........ .. srar"Ki ard /standard
PasJjve rest ra ints. ,dri \'el" and passenger fronl, Side, ..., d
curtain airbags; rear curta in airbags
Comparison Test
Base prite: $30.500 (f'St); NISMo. S40500 (est)
type: rear-drive; 3-door 2-passengl'f
Interior I'OllIIlle. F Icargo (cu It)
Yhu'elOOIe ..
Length /Width/ht'i ght
luming circle

r uel-tank cap.l(ily/range ,
.. ..... 5217
. .... loo,4in
...... 167. 1- 1743/72.6/51,8in
,33S()-3400 lb
..... 18/26
H-Iner OOHC 24-valve V-6, m OJ 350 hp. 270 or 176 Ib -ft: 6->p
man, 7 ->p auto with manumatiC shifting
F . ind, unequal-l ength anti-rol l OOr
R ,in d, multili nk, cod ant i-rol l bar
&r.3 kes, FIR. . '(['flted diIC/verued diIC
ABS.. standard
Siabili ty/tractioo control .......... standard/standard
I'osJjve rest ra ints. ,dri\'el" and p.lssenger fronl, side, ..., d
curta in airbags
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Porsche Cayman
Basically a Boxster with a helmet, the WBest-winning
Cayman offers track-rated poise with superb steering, deft
body control, and a pair of willing si x-cylinder engines. The
PDK transmi ssion is one of the best automated manuals,
but it' s hard to beat a traditional Porsche manual.
Porsche 911 CarrerafTarga
The 997-generation redesign restored much of the vi s-
ceral nature of earlier air .. cooled 911 s. Lots of engine and
drivetrain options are available, and all are different flavors
of delectabl e. We still prefer the manual , but the optional
PDK is one of the best dual .. clutch automated boxes.
Porsche 911 GT3/GT3 RS
After a one .. year hiatus, the GT3 is back and better than
ever. A larger and more powerful engine now revs to a gio ..
rious 8500 rpm. Active engine mounts are new, as is stabil ..
it y control, which can thankfull y be shut off completely.
The RS has a wider stance, more power, and less weight.
Hi,hs: Bener-Iooking than a
Boxster, st iff structure. laser-
precise handling.
Lows: Pricier than a Boxster and
the roof doesn't come down.
whlt'sl!w: Int roduced for 2006;
unchanged for 2010.
lehlId titwkeel; The power,
low weight, and terrific grip are
well balanced. It's a 91 1-rival ing
experience at a la rge discount
and the new engine') and dual-
clutch transmission added for
2009 only made it bener.
Hi'fhs: Sleeri ng perfection; ,tid,
10 comer,; mighly brake,; Targa
is like a convertible, bUl stiffer;
superb Iransmissions.
Lows: As common as carrolS,
bounds on short wheelbase, back
seat is for show only.
whifsJlew: Carrera redesigned
for 2004, Targa for 2007;
unchanged for 2010.
Belriad tiewieeJ: The fiat .. six is
fabulous at full wail, the steering
is subl ime, and grip is abundant
It's hard to top the experi ence.
Hi'fhs: A turnkey track monsler,
stil l manual -only, load5 of
high .. te<h louches, wild RS paint
schemes, downforce galore.
Lows: Far from subtle, factory roll
cage not offered in the States.
Whit's JleW: Reintroduced for' 1 O.
lehlId tltWletl; The Turbo may
look better on paper, but it's hard
10 match the feel and precision of
Potsche's naturally aspirated 911 "
especially considering the GT3's
newfound power. Fi nd a deserted
canyon rwd and enjoy.
lOBes! Winne,

Base price: S52,350; S, S62,4S0
Vehide type: mid-engine, rear-oove; 3-doo r 2-pa5>e!l ger
Iml'fior lUIume, F/cargo (cu It).
Wheelba'it' ..
. .... .... 48/14
. .... ... 95.1 in
letlgth/wic!t h/heiljlt
EPA cityfhighway mfXj ..
FlM' I-ta nk capacitylrange ..
172.3/70.9/5 1.3-51.4 in
..... .... 36.4ft
.295Q-3050 Ib
. .... . 19-20/26-29
16.9 gaI/321- 338 mi
19 .. llter DOHC 24-valve flat-6, 265 hp, 221 Ib-It; 3. 4- li ter OOHC
24-valve flat -{). 320 hp, 273 Ib-It; 6-sp man, 7-sp dua l-cl utch
automated manual
.ind, Slrul'i, coi l ami-roll ba r
. .... ind, Slrul'i, coi l ami- roll ba r
Brakes. FIR . . .... ..... . Vl'fl ted. cfOSs-drilied oi>C/
\'['flted, cfOSs-drilled disc
ASS.. . ... Slanda rd
Stability/traction [l)ntrol . ,tandard/Slanda rd
P.r;'iive restraims. . . . dri'll'f and SIde, and
curtain airbags
Bue pn<e: $78,750:4, $85.050:5, $89,750:45. $96.05OfTarga 4.
$93,050; largo 4S, S1 04,05O
Yehide type: rear-l'flgirte, rear- or 4-wheel-dlM>; 2-door 2+2-
passenger or 3-door 2+ 2 paS'>l'flger targo
Int('fior lUIume, F/Il,f cargo (eu ft). . .. . ........ 48/16/4
WheelbaSE. . . ..... .. 92.5 in
Ll'flgthlWlc!t h/heiljlt 1 75.8I71.l-72.9/51.1-51.6 in
Turningcircl e ..... .... 36.01t
Curb weight. . . . .. .3200-)400 Ib
EPA citylhighwoy mpg . 18- 19125-27
r U1"Mn! capacity/rJ ng ..... ..... 16.9-17.? gaI/304-32 1 mi
3.6 .. lner DOH( 24-valve flat-6, 345 hp, 188 Ib-It: 3.8-li ter OOH(
24-valve flat -6. 385 hp. 310 Ib-It; 6-sp man, 7-sp dua l-clutch
automated manual
. .... ind, strul'i, coi l anti- mil ba r
. . .. ind, multilirt, coi l \!Xings. anti- roll ba r
Blakes. FIR . . . . . ........... . Vl'fl ted. OW-drilled di >C!
\'['flted, cross-drilled diS(
ASS . standa rd
Stability/traction wntrol standard/Slanda rd
P.r;'iive restraims. . .dri'll'f and passenger side, and
curtain airbags
Base prite: G13, Sl1 3,IS0; G13 RS, S133,595
Yehide type: ta r- engillE. rear-drive; 2-door 2-passenger
Int('fior r /cargo {cu It). . .... ... . 48/20
Wheelba'it'.. . .... ... 92.7 in
Ll'flgthl ....lc!th/heiljlt .1 76.4/71.1150.4 in
Turningcircle ..... .... 36.0fi
Curb weight. ..... .. .3250 Ib
EPA cityfhighwoy mpg 14/21
FlM' I-Mnk capacity/range ..... ..... 17.7 23.8 ga1l248 333 mi
OOHC 24-valve Hat -{). 435 IX 450 hp. 317Ib-fi ; 6-sp man
Brakes. FIR .
ASS ..
. ind, Slrul'i, coi l anti-roll ba r
. . . .. ind, multilirt, coi l \!Xings. anti- roll ba r
.... I'f'rlted, cross-drilled disdvented,
cfOSs-drilled disc
.... Slanda rd
51andard/Slanda rd
.dri ver and p<lS'it'ngl'f front, sid!',
and curtain airbags
Stability/traction [l)ntrol .
P.r;sive restraints
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Porsche 911 Turbo
The vi sceral 911 Turbo gets some important mechanical
upgrades this year. A larger engine puts out 500 horsepower
and features active mounts. An available torque-vectoring
system and the dual -clutch PDK gearbox are new, too.
Visual updates bring the Turbo in line with other 911 s.
Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe
We're not quite sure why you'd buy a Phantom coupe.
other than for its elegant styling and the fact that it tells
everyone you've made it. The car is positioned as a sportier
ride than the sedan and convertible, but it"s still a fast cruis-
er mther than a back-road champion.

Scion tc
The te doesn't offer the level of performance hinted at
by it s sporty looks, but it' s respectable enough, with decent
if deliberate handling. Like other Scion offerings, the price
is right , and an impressive catalog of standard equipment
only adds to the value equation.
52 CARaoxlORIVER.(om
Hi,hs: Accelera tion of an F-14 on
a carrier catapult. drivable every
day, all -wheel drive, manual
option remains, PDK is one of the
best dual -clutch gearboxes.
Lows: Expensive, upstaged in
handling by the Audi R8, bounds
around on its short wheelbase.
Wiat'snew: Redesigned for 2007;
larger engine, new PDK gearbox,
and tweaked styling for '10.
Bt"ind tbwhetl: The world
blurs if you're enough to
floor it, but the ride is a bit britt le.
Hi,hs: Nothing says"ocher than
thou"like a Rolls, except a Rolls
with a brushed-steel hood and a
fiber -opt k "nighl sky' headliner.
Lows: If you want a driver's car
at this price, think Italian; if you
want a two-door Rolls-Royce,
why not get the convert ible?
Wilt'S new: Introduced for 2009;
unchanged for 2010.
Bt"ind tbwkttl: Suspension is
a lillie stiffer than other Rollers:
but sporty is Just a bUll word at
5OOO-plus pounds.
Hi,hs: Smooth good looks and a
handsome interior, lisl
of standard safety equipment and
comfort/convenience features.
Lows: limited cargo capacity,
has become a bil famil iar.
Wilt'S new: Introduced in 2005;
unchanged for 2010
Bt"ind tbwkttl: light and
direct steering, good body cont rol,
and adequate power; crisp
5hifting from the standard five-
5peed manual. It's a competitive
performer for the money.
Base pri(e: $133,595
Vehide type: rear-engine, 2-door 2+2-pa>sen-
Imerior I'Olume, F /RJ caI!1l (cu It) ..
Wheeloole ..
.48/ 16/4
..92.5 in
. .. 36.01t
3500-3(:{J(l lb
... 16IB(estl
.............. 17.7 gaI1283rni(est)
Length /Width/ht'i ght
Turning Orde ..
EPA City/highway rnpg
Fuel -tank capacity/lange .
twin-turbocharged and irItl'fcooled 3.8- litl'f OOHC 14-vall'l' Oat-6,
SOO hp. 479 or 516 Ib-It; 6-sp man, 7-sp dual-dutch automated
ind, cod ant i-mi l oor
. Ind, multili nk, coft bar
Brakes, FIR.. veOH'd, cross-otill ed discJverul'd.
cross-dri lll'd disc
ABS. . standard
Slability/tractioo cOrltmi .......... standard/standard
PasliV!' rNraims. . driver and p.lssenger froot. side, ..., d
curtain aimags
Base pri(e: $41 3,000
type: front-engine, rear-wheel -drive; 2-door 4-
passenger coupe
Interior I'Olume, F /RJcar!1l (cu h) .
W"heeIOOIe ..
. 2lO.9f78.2162.9 in
A30 1t
.. 5800 Ib
...... 11/18
26.4 gal/290 rni
Lengt h/Width/hei ght
luming cirde

capacity/range .
6.7 -hter DOH( 48-vallle V-U, 453 hp, 531 Ib-It; 6-sp aUlo
r. . .ind, uneqllal-Iength control arms. air springs, ant i-mit bar
R .ind, mult ili nk. air springs, ant i-mit bar
&rakes, r /R. . . ...... ventl'd disc/l'eIltl'd disc
ASS st.3ndard
Stability/traction ........ .. standard/standard
p.,JjI'l' rest ra ints. . dri l'el and p.lssenger front. Side . ...,d
curtain aimags; rear curt.3 in aimags
Base pri(e: $17,670
Vehide type: front-tnglle. froot -otive; 3-cIoor 5-passenge-r
Interior I'Olume, F /RJCJlgo
Wheeloole ..
. 11)).3 in
174.0/69.1155.7 in
. .. 36.1 It
195O-3000 lb
"fJ- n/17 19
.............. 14.5gal/29J-305mi
Length /Width/hf'i ght
Turning Orde ..
EPA citylhighway rnpg
Fuel -tank capacity/lange .
2.4-liter OOHC 16-valve inli ne-4, 161 hp, 161Ib-It; S-sp man, 4-sp
f ..
&rakes, FIR ..
ABS ..
. .... ind. struts, cod springs. ant imll bar
ind, multil ink, cod springs, ant i-mi l oor
vt'fltl'd disc/disc
.... l\Ot aVJ il able/not available
.. driver .3nd passenger frent Jjde.
knee (driVl'f only), and curtain almags;
Slability/tractioo cootrol
PasJjI'l' rest ra ints.
rear curtain almags
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Smart Fortwo
Longa fixtureon Euro roads, thi s diminutive and striking
Daimler product is sold here through Penske Automotive
Group. It is the smallest car on the U.S. market (nearly
40 inches shorter than a Mini Cooper), but that doesn't
translate to the smashing fuel economy you mi ght expect.
Toyota Yaris
Though Japanese, the Yaris is Euro funky with Euro-
thrifty fuel economy. Cargo is easily swallowed by thi s
hatchback, although the five-door is better suited to human
hauling. We still prefer the Honda Fit for driving excite-
ment , but the Yari s represents good valuc.
Volkswagen Golf/GTI
The sixth-gen Golf and GTI are basically mechanically
identical to the previous models, but upgraded interior ap-
pointment s and a new di esel option make them even better
than before. The three-door versions are slightly less prac-
ti cal that the five-doors but offer the same interior room.
Hi,hs: Works well in urban areas,
huge inside for two people, easy
to park, fairly nimble.
Lows:JlUery on the freeway,
laughable transmission, fuel
e<onomy should [)e [)etter
Wh,t'sJleW: Introduced for 2008;
an armrest for thedlive(s seat is
the only change for 2010
lelriad liniee): The rack -and-
pinion steering is precise and
give5 the vehicle a bit of sporty
flair, as does the st iff suspension,
but the Fortwo is slow.
Hi,hs: Mid-30s fuel economy, hip
looks, holds more than it should,
Lows: Vague steeli ng and numb
brakes, typicalToyota bland,
cemer speedo is dork)-
Wh,t'sJleW: Introduced for 2007;
traction and stability control are
standard for 2010.
lelriad liniee); Si lly center-
mounted gauges aside, the Yaris
commutes wi th effi Ciency if not
gripping excitement. Cheap,
reliable, and not much else.
Hi,hs: Luxury-grade interior,
solid feel, everyt hing about the
sporty GTI, frugal die5e1 option.
Lows: More expensive than some
rivals, e5pecially wit h options;
VWs still perceived as unrel iable;
five-cylinders okay but not great.
What'snw: RMe5igned for 2010.
lelriad liniee): The Goltis
among the lOp compacts to
dri ve, with sure-footM handling
and great steering. The perennial
10Be5t-winning GTI is one oft he
best cars to period.
Base price: Pure, S 11,635; $14,635: Brabm, $18,635
Yehide type: mid-engine, rear-oove; 3-doo r 2-passenger
Interior lUIume, F/cargo (cu It).
Wheelba'it' ..
length/wic!t h/heiljll
EPA cityfhighway mfXj ..
FlM' I-ta nk capacitylrange ..
. .... ..... 45/8
. .... ... ?l5 in
.1 06.1/6 t.4/60.7 in
..... .... 28.7ft
.18S0 1b
. .... ........ .33/41
. .. .. 8.7 9al/287 mi
lO--llter DOff( n -val\'!' in lme-3, 70 hp, 68 lb-ft; S-sp autOm.JtN
f ..
. ..... ind, strulS. COi l anti-roll ba r
de Dion oxil' , coi l >j)"ings, anti-roll ba r
/R. . .. di;.c/ihm
ASS. st<lllda rd
Sta bility/tracnon conlrol . standard/st<lll da rd
PasSive restraint> . . ............. drille r and passenger front
aooSide airbags
Base price: $13, 105
Yehide type: front-engi ne. front-dri \'!'; 3-door S-passenger
Interior 'iOIume, FIR/cargo ..
Wheelbase ..
len g!h/wicft h/heiljll
lurningcircl e
Curb weight.
EPA cityfhighway mfXj . .
r lIEl-Mn! capacity/range . .
. .. 47/37/9 10
. ....... 96.9 in
.1 50.6/66.7/60.0 in
. .2350- 2400 lb
. ..... 29/35-16
t1. t gal/322 mi
1.5-lner DOff( 16-vall'e inlirl'-4. 11)) hp, 103Ib-ft; 5-sp man, 4-sp

f ..
. .... ind, struts, COi l >!) ings. ami-roll bJ r
. ... ...... indo trailing arms, coil springs
F/R . .I'l'flted diIC/tum
ASS. SI<lIlda rd
Stability/traction control standard/SI<lIlda rd
PasSive restraints. . .... . dri ver and p.ls'it'nger front, side,
aM curtain airbags; rear curtaio airbags
'e:''' Z010
[ompanson Tnt
Base price: GoIf, $18,240; TDt, m ,939/GTI, $24.239
Yehide type: front-engi ne. front-drive; 3-door 5-passenger
Interior lUIume, FIR/cargo (eu ft ) . . .... . 51/42/15
Wheelba'it' .. . .... .. 101.5in
lengthl ....icft hiheiljlt . ... 165.4-165.9/70.0-70.1/57.9-58.2 in
Turningcircle ..... ... .1S.8ft
Curbwght .1000-3100 lb
EPA (ityihighway . 21 30/30 42
FlM' I-ta nk capacitylrange . . 14.5 gal1lO5-435 mi
turbochargro aM intercooled 2.0-liter OOHC 16-valve inline-4, 200
lJ7 Ib-ft; rurOOCfoJ rged and intercooled H}-liter DOHC
inlioe- 4, 140 lip, 236 Ib-ft; 2. 5- li ter DOll( lO-val\'!' iolioe-5.
170 lip, 177lb-It; 5- or 6-sp man, 6-sp dual-clutch automated man.
6-sp all10 with manumatic shift ing
. .... ind, struts, (oi l anti- roll oo r
. .... ind, multilir, COi l anti- roll ba r
Brakes, F/R . vented d;.c/di;.c
ASS.. . ... standa rd
Stability/traction control . standard/standa rd
restraints .driver ond passenger fronL side, and
curtain airoogs; rear curtain airbags
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Volkswagen New Beetle
The New Beetle was introduced so long ago it 's almost
an old Beetle. The cute shape and retro interior styling still
appeal, but the five-cylinder engine is a party pooper, and
the car isn't as entertaining as the shape suggests. Still, it's
quite practical, save for an oddly shaped trunk.
Volvo 00
The C30 isn't as good to drive as the Mini Cooper S, but
it's super-stylish to look at and has Volvo safety features
galore. It seats only four, and the trunk is relatively teeny.
We' d avoid the R-Design version, as its IS-inch wheel s and
tires put a serious cri mp on ride quality.
Hi'Jhs: Like the original, the
shape retains its appeal; lots of
head room; usable rear seat.
Lows: Droning five-cylinder
engine, limited powertrain
options. JUs! one trim level.
wilt's ntw: Introduced in 1998;
some refreshing in the interim;
minor changes for 2010.
Ifi ind litwktll; long dash
compromises vision. The
suspension yields a nice ride, but
responses and the engine afe so-
so. At least there's a stick shjft.
Hi,hs: Jaw-dropping slyle inside
and out,the turoo five makes
it fairly quick, Volvo safety at a
lower entry price,
Lows: Manual shifter feels floppy
and rubtlery, overall feeling isone
of numOOess.
Will's ntw: Introduced for 2008;
exterior face lift for 2010.
Bflind titwhttl: The (30 is
softer than hot hatches such as
the Mini Cooper 5 and WI GTL
This one is more aoout style and
comfort than sportiness,
Base pri(e: S19,m
Vehide type: Wont-t'Ilglle. froot-liil'{'; 3-cIoor 4-p.1SSengtf
Imeriorl'Olume, FlRJeargo ([u h) ..
Wheeloo\e ..
.. 98.8 in
161.1/67 .9/59,0 in Length /Width/ht'i ght
Turn ing Circle ..
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel -tank capacity/lange ,
. . .35.81'1
1900-3000 Ib
. .. . 20!2S- 29
14.5g.aI/290 mi
2.5-liter DOH( in line-5, 150 hp, 170 Ib-h; S-sp man, 6-sp
dUW \lith manumatiC shifting
. indo strutl. sprill9s. clnt i-roI l b.Jr
ind, troi lmg cod sprill9S. ont i-roI l b.Jr
Brakes, FIR ..
ABS ..
Slclbilit yltrclctiO!l cootrol
PaIli've Jeltraints.
vented disc/disc
...... .... sta rdclrdlstandard
.oover and passeogl'r front and
side aimags
Bast' pritt': 15, $24,950; T5 $27,150
type: front -l'ngine, froot-oove; 3-000r 4-passengl'r
Interior vo lllllle, FIR (cu ft l,
(argo volume, >l'ats up/malimum (CU ft l ..
Length fwi dth/hl'i gh t
Tuming circle ..
Curb weight ..
EPA cily/highwcly mpg
fuel-tclnk capacily/rafllJe ,
... 50/38
. . .... 13120
.103.9 in
167.4/70.2/57.0 in
. .. 38, 1 ft
15.9gat/334 mi
rurbochargl'd and intefcooll'd 15-li ter OOHC 1()-va lve inline-5, 127
hp, 236 lb-ft:6-sp man.5-:.p iI\IlO manumatiCshiftill9
F, ,ioo, cod sprill9s. anti -rol l bar
R . md, multilink, coa springs. anti -rol l bar
Brakes, FIR.. vented diSddis.::
ASS st.3ndard
Stobility/trclctioo cootrol Stlrd.3rd/standard
Passive Jeltraints. ,driver .3nd passenger froot. side, and
(urtlin aimags: f\'ar (urtain aimags
Look up a vehicle's invoice price in our
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of all-new or very popular cars, you
should be able to get a deal closer to
invoice than MSRP.
Better interest rates can often be had
from your local bank or credit union,
or you can present the rates you were
offered elsewhere to your salesperson
and ask him or her to match or beat
them. That being said, promotional rates
from the carmakers can be tough to beat.
Knowing your credit history will give
you a better idea of what to expect. You
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on a midweek morni ng when business
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Use the first visit to exami ne and test-
drive. Be clear that you will not be buying,
but watch what you say- especial ly if
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communicate that you are serious about
t his purchase and know what you are
doing. Also, your chances improve of
getting a straight-shooting salesperson
who knows you won't be easy fodder.
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At Falken, we believe a race is not just a race, It's a test bed.
Our nch motorsports expertise spans from Japan's Super
Taikyu endurance racing to Germany's 24 hours of Nurburgring
and now the prestigious American Le Mans Series. As a resutt,
ultrahigh performance products including the RT-615 are born.
Encompassing a fine balance of track dedicated performance,
with the characteristics of Road Gripping Power.
World CI
' .71L1Csn
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interior volume turning
fueilflnk, fro ntlrel r /UI', 0, drdo, i."'lhl .... ldthlt1 'ht,. ,,,.bwe.,ht.
b o price dwlhwymplI lIlI lonl cubic'" ,
I nches pounds
OVER $40,000
A(Ur;1 Rl $47,640 16/22 193 55/44/13 39.7 195.7/72.7/57.2 41 00- 4150
Mlon Manin Rapid. mo,ooo' 11/17' 219 SO/4fJ!26' 40.0' 197.6176.0' /515 4350
Alldi .1.6156 $46,025- $78,225 14-18119- 28 21.1 51145/16 39.0 193. 5/73 .1)-73 .4157 .0- 57.4 3900-4500
AudiA8 $75,375- $79,225 16123 23.8 53/48-54/15 41.0-41.7 199.3- 2D4.4/74.6/55.9- 58J 4350-4450
Bentley Continental Flying Spur S 183,895- $.!03,795 10117 23.8 53150/17 38.7 108Jfi7.8157.7- SS.1 5600
B."tl.y MulS<lnne $l70,OOO* 11115' 15J 52155/14' 43.0' ml.9fi5.8/60.1 600Q
BMWM3 SSS,67S 14- 23/20- 36 16,1- 16.6 51/41/11 36.1- 38) 178.8- 180.4/71.5/55.9- 57,0 3400- 3850
BMWMS $89,325 11- 18117- 28 18.5 54/45/14 37.5- 40.7 191 .1- 191 .5flV /57.8-58.3 3550-4050
BMW S-serifs $46,625- $61,m 11 - 18/17- 28 18.5 54/45/14 37.5- 40.7 191. 1- \ 91.5fl2.7 /57.8- 583 3550-4050
BMW1-serif s 582,280-5140,425 13-15/18- 22' 21.7 57- 58/49- 57/14 40.0- 41.7 199.8- 2053/74.9/583 4600- 5000
Cadillac CTS-V $62,845 12- 14118- 19 18.0 54144114 34.1-37.9 191.6172.5158.0 3800- 4300
Cadillac OT5 547,200- $64,000' 15122- 23 18.5 57- 58155- 66/19 42.0- 44.0 207.6-215.6/74.8157.6 4200-4450
Cadillac STS 547,670- $71, 160 15- 18/22- 27 175 56/48/14 37.7- 38.8 196JIn.6157.6 4000- 4350
Infiniti M3S/M45 546,665- $56,815 14- 17/20- 25 20.0 59/44-46115 36.1- 36.7 194.1- 1 94Jfl1.1/59. 4- 60.0 3900-4150
JaguarXF/XFR $52,000- $80,000 15- 16/21- 25 18.4 53145/18 37.7 195.3/73.9/57.5 4050_
JaguarXJ $67,000- $98,000' 15- 16/22- 25' 21.7 57/51- 57/18' 38.1- 39.5' 4050-4350
lfxlIS GSlSO/GS460 $45,000- $53,470 17- 19/24- 26 18.8 54/43/13 34.1- 35.4 190.0fl\.7/56.1- 56.5 3800- 3950
lfxlIs IS F $58,635 16-21/23- 29 16.9- 17.1 51- 54/34/13 33.5- 35.5 180.1- 183.5/70.9- 71.5/55.7- 56.7 3450- 3800
lfXIIS lS46M. $64,680- $73,750 16123-24 22.2 55/50- 52116-18 35.4- 38.8 198.0- 202.8fl3.8/57.7- 58.1 4350-4950
Uncoln MKS $41,695- $48,585 16-17123- 25 19.1)-20.0 56149119 39.7 204.1175.9161.6 4150-4350
Uncoln Town Car 547,470- $53, 140 16/24 19.0 57151-59/21 40.3- 41.5 l15.4- 221.4fiS.5159.0- 59.1 4350-4550
Mast'rati Qllattroportf 5124,150- $138, 100 11/17- 18 23.8 56/43/16 40.4 200.7174.2156.0-56.6 4400
Maybach landaul!!1 $2,075,0IXl 10/16 29.1 58/65/15 " .6 24U178.0/62.0 6350
Maybach 57/62 5366,000- $605,500 11- 12117 29.1 57- 58/57- 65/15 43.9- 48.6 225.5- 242.1 fiS.0/61J - 61.9 6100- 6350
Merci!dH-lIfnz ClS-class/ClS61 574,575-)101,425 12- 14118- 21 21.1 51/41/16 36.7 193.0173.7/54.7 4050-4250
Merci!dH-lIfnz E-dass/E61 $49,475- $88,075 13- 23/20- 32' 21.1 52/45/16 36.2 191.7- 192.4173.0-73.7/56.8- 57.7 4000- 4200
MfrcfdH-lIfnz S-dass/S61/S6S $92,475-)205,025 11- 15/17- 23 23.8 54/55/20 ".0 206.5!71J/58.0 4500- 5100
Rolis- Royc:e Ghost 5250,000" 12118" 21.8 58153/14 44.0 212.6176. 1/61.0 5450
Rolis-Royc:e Pflantom 5385,000- $455,000 11118 26.4 56/47- 59114 45.1- 47.9 229.7- 239.8178.1/64.6 5800- 5950
VolvoSSO $40,050- $52,350 15- 18/22- 27 18.5 53/44/15 36.7- 40.0 191.0173.3/58.8 3850- 4150
Fi nd mor e magazi nes at www. magazi nesdownl oad. com
$25,000- $40,000
A<ura Tl
Acura TSX
Audl A4/S4
BMW 3-series
Buick LaCroS5e
Buick Lucerne
Cadillac CTS
Chrysler 300I3OOC1SRT8
Dodge ChargerlSRT8
Ford Taurus/SHO
Hyundal Azera
Hyundal Genesis
Infinltl G37
Lexus ES350
lexus IS25011S350
lincoln MKI
Meedes-Benz C-daS5/C63
Mercury Grand Marquis
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
Mitsublshi Lancer Raliiart
Nissan Maxima
Saab 9-3
Toyota Avalon
Volkswagen CC
Volkswagen Passat
Volvo S40
Chevrolet Impala
Chevrolet Malibu
Chrysler Sebring
Dodgt Awngt r
Ford fusion
Honda Accord
Hyundai Sonata
Kia Optima
Mazda 6
Mercury Milan
Mlliubishl Galant
Nissan Altima
Subaru ImprezaJWRX
Subaru legacy
Suzuki Klzashl
Toyota Camry
Volkswagen Jetta
UNDER $18,000
Chevrolet Aveo
Chevrolet Cobalt
Ford focus
Honda Civic/Civic SI
Hyundai Accent
Hyundai Elantra
Kia Forte
Kia Rio
Mazda 3
Milsubishi Lancer
Nissan SentralSERlSER SPKV
Nissan Versa
Suzuki SX4
Toyota Corolla
Toyota Varis
bu. price
$30, lM- $35,(f,()
m,27S- $46,715
$28,010- $49,795
$25,140- $40,630
$33,800- $40,300
$32,72{l- $38,170
$34,310- $41,710
$31,180- $33,900
$28,695- Sl6,035
$28,300- $40,865
$27,05O- S32,2OO
$24,715- Slo,455
$22,545- 527,325
$22,855- $25,105
$M,970- $22,470
$21,765- $29,815
$ 19,4M- 527 ,270
$18,170- $22,820
$19,200- $29,140
m,26O- $28,880
$23,3 19- $24,719
$M,6M- $25,220
$18,16O- S27,69O
$M,69O- $28,690
$19,374- Sl7,434
$M,145- $29,795
$18,305- S25,000'
$15,710- 517,190
$16,690- $19,180
$16,365- $26,050
$ 14,865- 5 18,565
$14,39O- Si7,890
$15,795- $n,250
$ 15,510- $ 19,710
$16,140- $20,800
$ 10,6M- $ 16,820
$\3,994- $16,434
$16,100- $19,610
S13 865
'" city/hwympi
17- 18125- 26
18- 21/27- 30
18- 23/27- 30
14-23/l0- 36
15- 17122- 26
12- 14/18- 19
13- 18/19- 26
13- 18/19- 26
17- 18125- 28
17- 18/26
17- 18/25- 27
17- 18/25- 26
16-21123- 29
17- 18124- 27
12- 18/19- 26
21- W17- 30
21- W27- 30
17- 21/27- 31
17- W25- 31
19- 21/27- 31
17- 18/27- 29
17- 22I26-B
16-21/27- 30
16-21/27- 30
17- 23/24-34
19- 22129-31
19- 22129- 32
20- 22128- 32
17- 21/25- 30
17- 23/24- 34
20- 23/27- 32
18- 20124- 27
18- 23/25-31
20- 23/29- 31
19- W28- H
21-30130- 42
25- 27/34- 35
24- 25133-37
21-26/29- 36
27- 28134- 36
25- 26134- 35
22- 27131-36
27- 28/34- 36
21- 25/29- H
21- 22127- 30
21- 26128- 34
24- 28/31-34
23- 25/30- 33
22- 26/30- 35
29/35- 36
Interior volume
fuel tank, front /renlnrgo,
llons cublc, .. t
18.5 5S143{13
18.5 53/41/13
16.9- 17.1 53/41/12
16.1-16.6 51/4111l
18.4- 19.5 53/49/13
18.5 56151{17
18.0 54144/14
18.0-19.0 56/51- 58/16
18.0- 19.0 56/49/16
19.0 5S147/20
19.8 59148/17
19.3- 20.3 60/49/16
55- 57/41- 42/14
18.5 52- 53143115
16.9- 17.1 51- 54134113
16.5- 17.S 54/45/17
17.4 49/3911l
19.0 SS/50/21
15.3 51-53142/11- 12
15.3 51- 53142/11- 12
lQ.' 55/40/14
16.4 54/41/15
18.5 55/52/14
18.5 50143/13
18.5 51145/14
14.5- 15.9 51- 52{4(I/13
17.5 57/48/19
16.3 54144/15
16.9 52- 55/47114
16.9 52- 55/45/13
16.5- 17.5 54/46117
18.5 56- 59/45- 47/14
17.7 SS147/16
16.4 57147/15
18.5 54- 56/46/17
16.5- 17.5 54/46/17
17.7 55- 56/45/13
20.0 SS142/15
16.9 54- 56/39/11
18.5 53- 56/46/15
16.6 53/42/13
18.5 53- 54/47- 48/15
14.5 50140/16
11.9 50140/12
13.0 49138114
13.5 51/43/14
8.0- 13.2 50- 52/39/6- 12
11.9 52/40/12
14.0 56142/14
13.7 56142/15
11.9 52/40/12
14.5- 15.9 51- 52/42112
15.3 51-53/42/11- 12
14.5 57141/13
13.2 51- 52/42/14
13.2 51/39/16
13.2 50- 51/40/17
11.1 49/38113- 14
, .. t
36.7- 38.0
37.4- 37.7
42.3- 44.0
34.1 - 37.9
38.8- 38.9
35.4- 36.1
33.5- 35.5
35.6- 36.1
34.8- 35.4
34.8- 35.4
33.9- 35.4
32.7- 33.1
35.6- 36.3
I" ngth/widthlh" ight, curb weight,
inchu pounds
195.5/74.0/57.2 3750- 4000
186.1/72.4/56.7 3400-3700
185.2- 185.7171.9/55.4-56.2 3600-4050
178.8- 180.4171.5/55.9- 57.0 3400- 3850
197.0/73.1/59.2 3900- 4200
203.2/73.8/SS.0 3800- 4050
191.6/72.5/S8.0 3800-4300
196.8- 202.8/74.1/57.9- 58.4 3750- 4200
200.1/74.5157.7- 58.2 3750- 4300
202.9/76.2/60.7 4100- 4350
192.7/72.8/SS.7 3650
195.9/74.4/58.1- 58.3 3850-4150
187.0/69.8/57.2- 57.8 3600- 3800
191.1/71.7/57.1 3700
180.1- 183.5170.9- 71.5/55.7- 56. 3450- 3800
189.8172.2/56.9 3600- 3800
182.1/69.7/56.3- 57.0 3650-3750
211.1/78.3/SS.3 4150
180.0169.4/SS.7 2950- 3150
180.0/69.4/SS.7 2950-3150
190.6/73.2/57.8 3550-3600
182.5/69.0/56.4 3250-3850
197.2I72.8ISS.5 3550- 3650
188.9/73.0/55.8 BOO- 39OO
188.2m.7/SS.0 mo
176.2/69.7/57.2- 57.9 BOO--3550
200.4/72.9/SS.7 3600- 3700
191.8170.3/57. 1 3450- 3650
190.6/71.2/59.0 3350- 3600
19O.9/71.8ISS.9 3450-3600
189.0-190.6/72.2/56.9 BOO- 3850
194.1- 194.3/72.7/SS.1 3250- 3600
188.9/72.1/SS.0 BOO- 3500
189.0/71.1/SS.3 3200--3300
193.7/72.4/57.9 BOO--3600
189.0-190.6/72.2/56.9 BOO- 3850
191.0/72.4/57.9- 58.0 3400- 3450
190.7/70.7/57.9- 58.0 3200- 3400
180.3/68.5/SS.1 3100--3250
186.4/71.7/59.3 BOO--3600
183.1/71.7/51U 3250- 3500
189.2/71.7/57.9 HOO--3550
179.3/70.1/57.4 3250- 3350
169.7/67.3/59.3 2600
180.5/67.9/57.1 2800
175.0/67.8I5a.6 2750-2850
177.3/69.0/56.5 2650- 3000
168.5/66.7/57.9 2400- 2450
177.4/69.9/SS.3 2750- 2900
178.3/69.9/S7.5 2750-2950
166.9/66.7/57.9 2400-2450
180.7- 180.9/69.1/57.9 2900- 3050
180.0/69 .4/SS.7 2950- 3150
179.8-180.1/70.5/S9.5 2900-3000
176.0/66.7/60.4 2500-2750
177.6/68.1/60.8 2700--2750
178.7/69.3/$7.7 2750-3000
169.3/66.5/57.5 2350- 2400
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Acura RL
Descended from the original Legend sedan, the RL is
Acura's flagshi p. It has a V-6 in a class filled with potent
VoSs, but it's exceptionally smooth and quiet, loaded with
luxury features and beautifully appointed. Sharp steering
and standard AWD add a subdued fun-Io-drive factor.
Acura TL
The mid-size TL is Acura's most popular car and also
its honest. Its 2009 update included a front-end treatment
that won't get hearts beating fast, but the TL is one of the
more accomplished athletes in its class, particularly with
all-wheel drive and the 305-hp V-6 that goes with it.
Made over for '09, the TSX is based on the European
Honda Accord and therefore is narrower, shorter, and less
roomy than the U.S. Accord. This latest TSX is a little
heavier, but it's still a back-road sweet heart. Refined and
smooth, it offers lots of technology and a V-6 option.
58 CARaoxlDRIVER.( om
Hi,hs: Painstaking fi t and finish.
beautiful interior,
quiet, standard AWD, good crash
rat ings. many featu res.
Lows: Snug back smallish
trunk, V-S option would be nice
Wilt's new: Redesigned for 2009;
unchanged for 2010.
ae"tnd tIt whtd: Though its
straight-ahead performance is
50-SO, the RL is nimble, smooth.
and composed. If big power and
flashiness aren't important. its
luxury measures up 10 the best.
Hi,hs: Flawless assembly, high
interior qual ity, solid chassis,
techno gadgets galore, excellent
audio, terrific bucket seats.
Lows: Torquesteer in front-drive
versions, chromed beak up front,
center-console button overload.
Will's new: Redesigned for 2009;
six-speed manual gearoox
avai lable for 2010 AWD model.
Bf.ind tb wkttl: Ample power,
quick te5ponses, decent grip, and
strong braking ate dilute\! by
numb stering-but not much.
Hi,hs: First-rate fit and finish,
well appoimed within, sni(k-snick
six-speed manual gearoox, lots
of features.
Lows: Beakish nose, big forward
weight bias with 11- 6, no manual-
gearoox option with 11-6.
wbt's new: Re\!esigned for 2009;
3.5V-6 engine option for 2010.
Bf.ind Alt hough
power is low for this class, the
four-cylinder model is well -
balanced and a treat to drive; V-6
adds punch but also understeer.
Base pri(e: S47,MO
Vehide type: front- engine, 4-lI1leel-drive; 4-door 5-p.1SSengtf
Imenorl'Olume, FlRJcargo (cu h).
Whl'eI OOI(' ..
Lengt h /Width/ht'i ght
Tuming Circle ..
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel -taok capacity/lange .
. .. 39.7 1'1
........ 16/22
17-li ter SOHC 14-va lve V-6, 300 171 Ib-ft; 5-sp auto WIth
nldOUm.ltic shifting
r. . ind, uneq ual-l t"Ilgth control sprillgs, el nti-roI l belr
R ind, multilin k, cod sprillgs. anti-rol l belr
!\rak6. r IR. . . .... .. disc/vented disc
ABS standard
Stability/tracuoo cootroi ..... ..... stl ooard/standard
restraintl . . . dri lll' aod passenger froot side, iII1d
curtain airbags: rear curta in aimags
Base pri(e: 3.5, $35,915; SIl-AWD, $39,465
type: Iroot- CI 4-whoo-drtVl' ; 4-dOClf 5-
passenger sedan
Imeriorl'Olume, FlRJcargo (cu h).
W"heeI OO I(' ..
Lengt h/Widthlhei ght
Tuming cirde

. 109.3 in
195.5/74.0/57.2 in
.3750- 4000 Ib
celp.l(iry/relnge .
. ......... 18.5 g.a11315-333mi
15-hter SOIiC V-6, 280 hp, 154 Ib-f1; 3.7-lner SOHC 24-
305 hp.173 lb -ft; 6-'11 man, 5-sp amowith ma numatic
F. . ioo, uoeq ual- Iffigth co ntrol cod springs. anti -rol l bar
R . In d, mul tilin k. coa spri ngs. anti -rol l bar
!\rakes, r IR. . vented diSc/disc
ABS standard
Stabili ty/tractioo cootroi ..... ..... stl ooard/stlndard
PclSJj Vl' rest raints. . dri lll' el nd passenger lront. Side. iII1 d
curtain el irbags; reel r curtain el imags
Base pri(e: S30,l lO; V-fJ, m ,660
Vehide type: Wo nt-t"Ilg lle. Iroot-o-i\'{'; 4-cIoo r 5-passengtf
Interior F IRJcargo (cu h) 53/41/13
.11)).4in Whl'eI OOI(' ..
Lffi gth/Widthlhf'ight
Tuming Circle ..
EPA citylhi9hway mM
Fuel -taok capacity/lange .
36.H 8.0fl
3400-3700 lb
18 21 /27 30
.............. 18.5g.aIIH3-389 mi
2.4-li ter OOHC 16-va lVl' inl ine-4, 201 hp, 170 or 172 lb-f1; 3.5-hl['[
SOrl V-6, 280 hp. 154 Ib-ft; 6-'11 man, 5-sp auto Wllh
nldOUm.ltK shifting
F . ioo, uneq ual-l t"Il9th control cod sprillgs. anti-rol l belr
R In d, multilin k, coil spri llgs. anti-roi l belr
!\rakes. FIR.. vented diSc/disc
ABS standard
Stabili tyllrelctioo COlllroi stl ooardlstlndard
Jl' ltraints . . . dri Vl' aod passenger froot Side, iII1d
curtain aimags: rear curta in aimags
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Aston Martin Rapide
Aston's long-teased and low-slung Rapide is a quintes-
sential example of the "four-door coupe"' niche. Sharing
the DB9' s aluminum chassis, 5.9-liter V- 12, and Niirbur-
gring-tuned handling, it will carve down a mountain pass
as well as it will turn heads at the country club.
Audi M/S4
With sleek styling reminiscent of the AS coupe, the re-
fined and eminently pleasing A4 enters 2010 with only a
few changes. 11le V-6 option is dead, so all A4s have the
torquey turbo four. The S4 rejoins the lineup after a year
off, packing a 333-hp, supercharged 3.0-liter V-6.
Audi A6/S6
Base A6s get a ho-hum 265-hp V-6, but moving up to
the supercharged V-6 yields far more power and effonless
acceleration- so much so that the V-8 seems entirely
unnecessary. For those who want it all, the sporty $6 alTers
a Lamborghini-based y. [0 with 450 horsepower.
Hi,hs: Striking good looks with
four-door pract icality, classic
Aston prestige, sonorousV-12,
Lows: The price of excluSivity,
automat ic only, performance
likely overshadowed by that of
Porsche's Panamera.
whit'sleW: Introduced for 2010.
lehid llewleel; Essent ially a
four-door DB9, the stunningly
styled Rapide is a graceful, high
spee\! cruiser that wil l actually
hold four full-size occupants plus
some luggage,
Base price: SlSO,OOJ (est)
Vehide type: front-erqine, rear-drive; 5-door 4-pa5>e!lger
Iml'fior lUiume, F/R/cargo (eu It).
Wheelba'it' ..
letlgth/wic!t h/heiljlt
Tu rningcircle
EPA (ityfhighway mM ..
FlM' t-tank (apacitylrange ..
. SfJ/4D/26 (est)
.. ..... 11 7.7 in
t97,6f76,0 (estl/515 in
.... 4O.01t (est)
.4350 Ib
. ........ 11/17 (est)
.23.9 g.at1263 mi (est)
5.9-llter OQHC 4Il-valve v-n, 470 hp, 443 Ib-It; 6-sp auto with
manumatic sli ifiing
r ....... ind, uneqwl-Ierqth COIltroi arm" COi l >j)'irqs, anti-roll iJar
R . ind, uneqwl-Ierqth cOIltroi anm, coi l >j)'irqs, ami-roll iJar
IR, disc
ASS. standard
Stability/tracnon control . standard/standard
Passive restraint> ....... dri'/('r and paS>l'llgel' side, and
(urtain airbags; rear (urtain airba g>
Comp.nuon Ttsf
.- Winner
lOBe,! Winner

",:''' Z010
Hi,hs: Dynamically pleasing;
strong engines; the lOBest -
winning S4 dethrone\! the BMW
335i in a comparison test, but.
Lows: The A4 is no match for a
328i, can feel a bit grittier than
the competition, pricey.
whifsJleW: Redesigned for 2009;
3.2-literV-6 model is dead, S4 is
all-new for 2010.
lelriad Ile wlee); Solid,
responsive, and chuckable, the A4
delivers loads of luxury, and the
54, plenty of sport.
Hi,hs: Fetching inside and out,
light on its fee!. supercharged
V-6's thrust, 56's strong V-l 0
sounds fantastic.
Lows: Heavy, V-8 is a bit pointless,
56 has a rough ride.
Wh,t'sJlew: Redesigned for 2005;
revised 12-liter V-6 this year.
lelriad Ilewlee); The A6 is a
quiet and comfortable cruiser
when you want it to be, but when
driven more aggressively, it shines
with precise handling, good
brakes, and power to spare.
Bue prl(e: 2.01, $32,275: 2,OT Owttro, SH,175; S4 Quattro,
Vehide type: front-engme, front- or 4-wherl -dri'/c; 4-door 5-
Int('rio.- lUiume, FIR/cargo ((u It) . .. . ....... 53141/12
WheelbaSE.. . ...... 110.7 in
LetlgthiWlc!th/heiljlt .185.2-185} 171.9/55.4-56.2 in
Tu rningcirci e ... 37.4 37.71t
Cu rb weight. .. .... 3600-4()SO Ib
EPA cityfhighwJ)' mM . 18-23/27-30
r lIl-Mnk capacity/ra llg .......... 16,9-17.2 gaI/304--396 mi
and 2.0-t it('r ooHC 16-valve intine-4, 211
hp. 258 Ib-ft: supercharged and lQ-lit('r DOH(
V-6. m hp, 325 Ib-ft: cootinoousl)- auto, 6-sp mao, 6-sp
auto with manumallcsliilting. 7-sp dual-dutch man
. ... ind, muttil irt, COi l IIXirqs, anti- roll oor
. Ind. nt ultil irt, COi l anti-roll lJar
flrak(1,f IR, vented o:.::/disc
ASS. startdard
Stabdity/tractron control . standard/standard
Passive ... dri'ler clnd passenger froot side, and
curtain ail'bJgs; rear side (opt) artd curtain cl irba g>
Companson Tnt
.- Winntr
Base price: A6 12, $46,025; 10 Qual1ro, S51,0l5; 4,2 QWl1ro,
561 ,775/S6, $78,225
Vehide type: front-engine, front- or 4-' MlI;'eI-drive; 4-door
5-passeng('r sedan
Iml'fior lUiume, F/R/cargo (eu It).
'NneelbaSE ..
. ..... 51145/16
.t1t.9-112,1 in
ll'Jl gthi.,., lc!th/heiljlt
Tu rningcirci e
........ 193.5/7l0- 714157.0- 57.4 in
........ J9,01t
. .3900-4500 Ib
. 14-18/19-28
Cu rb weight. .
EPA (ityfhighway mM .
FlM' t-Mnk capacity/range ..
21.1 gaI/295 380 mi
supercharged and lQ-liter DOlI( 24-valve V-6, }()(l hp,
310 III-It; 12-liter DOHe 24-vdlve V-6, 165 hp, 243 III-It; 4,2-liter
001-( V-S, 350 hp, 325 Ib-ft; 5.2-li ter 001-( 4O-valveV-l0,
435 hp, 398lb-It; 6-sp auto .,.,ith manumatic sliift ing.
variable auto
. ind, multit irt, COi l anti-roll lJar
. ind, multit irt, COi l ami- ro ll bar
flrak(1, r IR, ....... disc/soli d or disc
ASS. startdard
St.3bnity/tractlon cootrol standard/startdard
Passive restraint> .... .... driv/'r and paS>l'llgel' side, and
curtain airbags; rear (opt) artd (urtain airba g>
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Now in its final year before a redesign, Audi ' s aluminum
flagship loses the W- 12 version and the sporty S8 for 2010.
An iconoclastic alternative to the more popular Mercedes
S-class, the AS is a refined and beautifully made luxu!), car
that can do a convincing impersonation of a sports sedan.
Bentley Continental
Flying Spur
A four-door version of the Continental GT coupe,
the amusingly named Flying Spur is available with 552
horsepower or an even 600 from a twin-turbo W-12. In
either guise, this sedan offers a ri diculous amount of luxury,
style, build quality, and straight-line petformance.
Bentley Mulsanne
The replacement for the aged Arnage, thi s is the new
top Bentley sedan; it rides on a new platform slightly wider
and longer than that of the Arnage. Comfort and refinement
abound, of course. Under the hood is a redes igned version
of Bentley's powerful turbocharged 6.7-liter V-So
60 CARaoxlDRIVER.( om
Hi,hs: Classy looks and fine
craftsmanshi p, comfortable
interior, athletic moves.
Lows: (an be a bit too sporty for
those seeking pure luxury
Wiat's nN: Rerlesigned for 2004;
S8 and W-12 models are both
dead, and short-wheelbase
versions get 19-inch wheel s_
Ifiind titwktll: Beginning
to feel a bit too familiar, the A8
remains luxurious and offers a
light and agile feel thaI is missing
in some of its compet ition.
HI,hs: Elegant design, the
sensory owriwd of the leather
interior, massi\'(' cabin spJce,
allractively priced versus other
Bentleys and some yachts.
Lows: Controls from thelfW
PhaelOn, curb weight rivals thai
of many SUVs.
Wial's ntw: Introduce<! for 2006;
minor trim changes for 2010.
aeiind Ibwhttl: Massively
powerful,the Spur feels big
when thrown into corners but is
willing to husl le.
Hi,hs: Rarity, powerfulV-8,
handsome exterior, handcrafle<l
look and feel.
Lows: Those odd headlights; Ihirsl
for fuel; if)'Ou have to ask how
much it (osts,)'Ou can't afford it.
wbl's new: Introduced for 2010.
aeiind Ibwkttl: 8ig and
classically brash, the new
Mulsanne should bequick on its
feet despite ils massive size. The
interior appoi ntments coddle
with beautifully turne<l out
leather and wood.
Base pri(e: $75.375; L $79,125
Vehide type: front- engine, 4-lI1leel-drive; 4-door 5-p.1SSengtf
Imenorl'Olume, FlRJcargo (cu h). 53/4a 54/15
.1 15.9- 121 .0io Whl'eI oo \e ..
Lengt h /Width/ht'i ght
Tuming Circle ..
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel -tank capacity/lange .
. 199.3-204.4/74.6/55 .9-58.3 in
........ 16/B
2l8g.a1/)81 mi
4.l-li ter DOOC V-8, 350 hp, 325 Ib-ft; 6-sp auto WI th
manu matic shifting
.ind, multilink. air sprillgs, anti-roll bar
.ind, unequal-length comrol aollS. air sprillgs, anti-rol l bar
!\rak6. r /R. . . ...... vemed disc/vented disc
ABS standard
Stability/tracuoo cootrol ..... ..... standard/standard
JeStraintl . .driver and pas\engef knee, iII1d
(urta in airbags: rear and curta in aimags
Base pri(e: S 183,395; 5!X'ed, $108,795
Vehide type: lrom- ffigine, 4-0001" 4 5-
passenger sedan
Interiorl'Olume. r/R/cargo (co It).
Whrooo\e .
......... lfJ8J i77.8/57.7 58.1
. ..... )8) ft
.. 5600 Ib
218 gal/238 ml
ll'ngth /Width/hei gh t
Turn ing Cirde.
EPA cily/highway mpg
Fuel -tank cdpacilY/lange .
twin-turbochJ rged and inter((loled 6.0- li ler DOlI( 4Svalve W-ll,
552 or 600 hp, 479 or 553 Ib-It; 6-sp auto with manumallc shifting
F ..
.ind, ail sprillgs, anti-roll bar
.ind, mult ilink. air sprillgs, anti-rol l bal
!\rakes, r /R. . . .... . . vented disc/vented disc
ABS standard
5labili ty/tracuoo cootrol ..... ..... standard/standard
PasJj V rest ra ints. . dri l'el and passenger fronl. Side. iII1 d
curta in aimags; rear Jjde and curta in aimags
Base pri(e:
Vehide type: lront-ffi gine. rear-dliV\'; 4- door 5-paSSllgtf
Interior F IRJcargo (cu ft ) 52/55/14 (est)
. 128.6io
.m9!75.8/({I.l in
.6000 Ib

Whl'eI oo \e ..
Length /Widthlhf'i ght
Tuming Circle ..
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel -tank capacity/lange .
. ............. . 25.1 ga l/278mi (est)
twin-turbocharged and intercooled 6.7-hter 16-valV V-8,
hp, 752Ib-ft ; 8-sp auto with manumatic shift ing
F. . . .ind, uneqIi<ll-lffigth comrol arms. air sprillgs, antiroIl bar
R .ind, unequal-length comrol arms. air sprillgs, anti-rol l bar
&rakes. FIR. . . . . . ...... Vffited disc/'I\'Ilted disc
ABS standard
5tabili ty/traclioo cootrol sta rdard/standald
reltraintl. . . dri ver and passenger Iiont side, iII1 d
(urta in ailbags: real and curta in aimags
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BMW 3-series/M3
The multiple- IOBest-winning 3-series sedan comes
with a choice of no fewer than three inline-sixes- natural1y
aspirated, (win-turbo, or turbo-diesel---or the M3's sweet
414-hp V-S. The benchmark for sports sedans, it blends
comfort, luxury, speed, and handling in a sublime way.
BMW S-series/MS
Although its styl ing is somewhat controversi al and there
are better values out there, the 5-series sedan is a fine car
to drive, especially in twin-turbo 535i trim. The rnaxed-out
M5 packs a 500-hp V-IO and is one of only a few bullet
sedans to offer a manual transmission.
BMW 7-series
Last year's 7-series redesign brought less-controversial
styling, improved ergonomics, and a vastly more intuitive
iDrive system. Oh, and it's still great to drive. Choose from
a pair of twin-turbo engines; a performance-oriented all-
wheel-drive system is optional on V-8 cars.
Hi,hs: First-rate fi t and fini sh.
decent fuel economy, twin-turbo
six is stupid fast, M3's high-
revvi ngV-8, torque-ti lled diesel
option. luxury amenities aoound.
Lows: Options add up qUickly.
Wh,t's JleW: Redesigned for
2006, M3 for '08; HD radio is
standard, and auto high-beams
are opt ional for 2010.
Belriad lie wiee): Great steering
feel. a perfecUy tuned chassis,
and powerful engines combine to
form the definitive SpOflS sedan.
Hi'fhs: Bri lliant steering, brakes,
and handling; a flawless engine
lineup; si mple, handsome interior.
lows: Styling is quirky,the older
iDrive is still annoying, the MS's
sequential manual is cl unky
Wh,t'sJlew: Redesigned for
2004, MS rein1Joduced for 2006;
unchanged this year.
Belriad liewieel: Non-M cars
are happiest with the sixes; the
S3Si is so quick as to render the
S50i ottsolete. The MS is stupid
fast and very stable.
Hi'fhs: Superb tWin-turbo
engines. al l-wheel -
excel lent handling, lOIs of
space in long-wheelbase car;.
lows: Still a technophobe's
nightmare, isn'l exactly light.
Wh,t'sJlew: Redesigned for 2009;
xDrive all -wheel drive andV-12
engine added for 2010
Belriad lie wiee): The 7 -series
has never shied away from
hustling down a back road, and
this new one is no different. It's
also a quiet, comfonable cruiser.
Companson Test
... Winnu
l OBes! Winner

Base price: 328i, $33,675; 328i illrM'. $35,675; 335i, }.II,125; 335i
x[)rM;>, }.I3,12S; md. $44,725; Ml, $55.675
Vehide type: flOll t-ero;rirJe, rNr- or 4-whed-driVl': 4door
Interior \Illume. F/RJwgo ku k) ..
Wtff'l ba\e.
.. 1()8}iI1
178,8-1&1.m 1.5/55.9-57.0 iii Leoglhi"Mdth fhei9'n
Turniro;rcirde . . ................. J6.HS.7ft
Curb IW'ighl
EPA city!1l i(jlway ntpg
Fuel-tord; r:op.l(ity/t' ro;re,
16, 1-16.6gJl/232-370 mi
llHter IJOH( 24-val'o\' iruirJe--6, 230 hp, 200 Ib-It; 10-lit N IJOH(
die\el inline--6, 265 hp, 425 Ib-ft , twin-tutlJoo;horgej otld
inlerr:ooled ll)-liler IJOH( 2haM'> ili line--6, 300 hp, 300 Ib-ft; 4,1)-
OOHC 32-valve V-S, 414 hp, 29S Ib-It; 6--sp man, 6--sp auto wit h
tTI.lIlu matl( shift ing. 7-sp dUilI-ootch out(;(TIoted mon
. ... ioo, Itom, spri/l9s, amiroIl tw
. .. ind, multili nl, amiroIl bor
fiR Vl'tlted, cross-drilled (i>cl
\'l'tlled. cross-drilled disc
ASS.. . ... standa rd
Sta bility/trdCItoo wnt rol slandardfltanda rd
PasSiI' restraints , rtiYer aod passeng'l" frOO1, >i de, and
curtain airbogs; rear curlain ilirbags
Base pri(e: 5281, $46,625; 5281 xDrNt, S48,925; 535i, 551,925:
535i $54,225; 55Oi, $61,225; M5, )89,325
Vehide type: !root l'tIgit1\', rear or 4 whed dri ve: 4 door

InteriOr FI R/cargo (cu II)
ll'tlgth/widlhlheight ..
lumi ng circle
Cu rb Weig ht ... . ..
EPA crty/hi ghway mill] .
foo-lank GlpacnylratlO]e
. 113.7 in
191.1-191.5172.7157,8-58.3 in
37.5-40] ft
..355<l-40SO lb
11- 18/17- 28
18.5 gal/204-m mi
3()-liter D()lC inline-6, 230 hp, 200 Ib-II; twin-
ru rtxxharged and intelcooled 3.0lner OOHC 24-vaive inli ne 6, 300
hp, 300 Ib-ft; 4,8-lil('l" OOHC 32-valve V-So 3W hp, 3W Ib-ft; 5,0-liler
DOHC V- 10, 500 hp, 383Ib-ft: 6-sp m.3 n, 6-sp auto With
manumauc shrfting, 7-sp.utomoted ma n
F. . ind, struts. spri n91, anlt-roIl ba r
. tod, spri ngs. Jntt-roIl bo r R
FIR I'nted, cross-drilled disc or \'ented dsc/
\'l'tlled, cross-drill ed (1)( or \'l'tlted disc
ASS .. . .. ..... ltanda rd
Sta bility/trdCItoo cootrol slandardlltanda rd
PasSiI' reslraints , .dri'l'l" and froot Side. and
cu rlain airbags; rear lopt) and curlain airbags
[ompanson Tnt
Base price: 7Si:X, 582,180; 750i xDrive, $85,5&1; 7SOU, $86,180:
7501.i $89,480; 7601. i, $140.425
Vehide type: frOllI-engine, rear- or 4-wheel-dri l'; 4- door 4-5-
passenger sedan
Interior'iOlume, FIRlcargo (eu It).
Wheelbase ..

lu rningcircl e
Cu rb 'M'lght.
EPA City/highway mpg ..
FlI!:'l-ta nk cap3(itylrange ..
57 58149- 57114
. ..... t1O,9-126.4 in
199,8-105.3174.9158.3 in
.. 4600- 5000 Ib
. .13-15118-21 (est)
21.7 gaI1282-326mi (est)
lwm-turboch.Jrged and inll'tcooled 4.4-ltll't OOHC 32-valve V-g,
400 hp, 450 Ib-ft:twin-turbocharged and inlt'tcool ed 6.0- liter DOll(
4ll-valve V-12, 535 Ib-It: 6- or 8-sp aulO with rnanurnalic
. .ind, multil iri, coi l anti- roll bo r
indo mukil ink, coi l or air \jlI irqs, anli- roll ba r
flrakes,f IR, ,\'l'tlled disc/\'l'tlted disc
ASS. Itanda rd
Sra bni ty/trdCItoo wnt rol slandordfltartda rd
Passi\'e restraints .. . dri'lt'l ard fronl, knee, and
curtain airba9S; rear curlain airbags
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Buick LaCrosse
The redesigned LaCrosse has a stunning interior, with
comfort and convenience features to match anything in its
class, and road manners that keep the driver interested. Its
exterior is a bit derivative, but that doesn' t change the fact
that this is the most interesting Buick in a long time.
Buick Lucerne
One of the last American luxury barges, the Lucerne
shares its architecture with the Cadillac DTS. [t is a plush
and pillowy car that, in V-8 Super trim, is also plenty pow-
erful. But even with the bigger engine, it is unlikel y to ap-
peal to anyone who has yet to receive an AARP mailing.
Cadillac CTS/CTS-V
The CTS is Cadillac' s rival to sports sedans from
Germany and Japan, and it impresses with its refinement,
back-seat space, interior qualit y, and ride and handling. A
two-time IOBest Cars winner, the lineup is crowned by the
burly and athl etic crs-V, a worthy M3 and M5 rival.
62 CARaoxlORIVER,(om
Hi,hs: Gorgeous interior,
handsome gauge cl uster, a back
seat spacious enough for anyone.
Lows: Sheetmetallooks a bit like
a Lexu}, has a littl e too much
chrome, sti ll a little cheapness to
the cabin materials.
wbt's new: Redesigned for 1010.
ae"tnd tkt whtd: No longer
a plodding sofa on wheels,
the laCrosse is competent and
displays some friskiness without
being so aggressive as 10 alienate
current Buid owners.
Hi,hs: Comfortable and serene
interior, clean design.
Lows: Plenty of other vehicles
offer this level of comfort at this
price without the complete lack
of involvement or fun.
Wilt's nrw: Introduced in 2006;
minor trim changes for 2010.
ae"ind tb whtel: Comfonable
and relaxed, the l ucerne is
unwil ling to be rushed. Don't
try to make anyt hing happen
fast, and you'l l arTi ve refreshed,
although mayi)e a li1lle bored.
Hi,hs: Germanic chassis, st rong
engi nes, di stinctive exterior
design, high- quality interior.
Lows: Slight ly overweight,
manual gearbox lacks
V model can i)e quite thirsty.
\ft1t'S ntw: Redesigned for 2008,
Vfor 2009; 270-hp, lO-liter
direct-injection V-f; is the new
base engine.
Bt"ind tbwhttl: Has a taut
and responsive chassis. Skip the
manual ; auto transmission is sl ick
and offers manual override.
N,:100 2010
Base pri(e: ex, S27,835; (XL, $30,395: (XL AWO, $32,570; as,
Vehide type: front-engill, front- Ct 4-wheel-driV; 4-door 5-
passenger sedan
Interior I'Olume, F /RJeargo (cu It) .
Whffl lJase ..
Length/Widthlh<i ght
. 111.7 in
197.0/73.1/59.2 in
388 1t
.1900-4200 Ib
.184- 195 gal/312-368 mi (est)
ClIIbweight ..
EPA Citylhighway mpg
Fuel-tank capacity/range
H-Iller DOIlC 16-vaive inline-4, 182 hp. m ilt-it; lO-l iter DOHC
24-vallll.'Vo{" 252 or 255 hp, 215 or 217Ib-It: 3.6-li ter 0011( 24-
valveV-{" 280 hp. 259 Ib-ft; 6-sp . uto with m.num01iC shilting
. ioo. coH ant i-rol l bar
. . ind, multili nk, cOil springs. antiroI l bar
!\rakes. r IR. . vented diS(/disc
ABS standard
Stabili ty/tracuoo cootrol .......... stl ooard/standard
JeStra ints. . . drilll' and passenger froot side, and
curtain airbags: rear curta in aimags
Base price: ex. $29,995; CXl, Sl3.495: CXl Special [ditiCtl,
$33,995; SUPl'f, $39,995
Vehid! type: from-englll, front -drive; 4-door
Interior I'OllIIIle, F fR/cargo (co It) . .. . 56/51117
. 115.6in
203. 2173.8/58.0in
42.3 44.01t
.3800-4050 Ib
..... ..... 18.5gaI/27S-315mi
Whfflb.J>e ..
Length /Width/hl'i gh t
Tumin g drde.
ClIIbweight ..
EPA citylhighwcly mpg
ruel-Iank capa city/range .
19-1iter push roo 12-vaNe V-fI, m hp, m Ib-It; 4.6-liter DOHC 32-
valve V-S, 292 hp, 288 Ib-ft ; 4-sp . uto
!\rakes, FIR ..
ABS ..
. ioo, cod springs, ant i-rol l bar
in d, multili nk, coa springs, ant i-rol l bar
Stabili ty/tracuoo cootrol
Vftlted disddil(
.standard (seloo models)1
p.,JjV rest ra ints. drilll' and passeogerfroot, Side. and
curtain airbags: rear curta in aimags
10Besl Winne,

Baseprice: CTS10, m,555; lOAWO, $40,755: 16, $44,650; 16
AWD, $46.550. OS-V, 562,845
Vehide type: front-engine, rea r- or 4-wheel-dlilll.'; 4-door
5-pas>enger sedan
Interior I'Olume, F /RJeargo (cu It) . .54/44/14
Wheelb.J>e .. . 113.4 in
Length/Widthlh<i ght 191.6172.5/58.0 in
Curbweiqht J 800-4300 lb
12-14/1S- 19
Fuel-tank capacity/range .. . . .. .......... IS.0 ga1l216-252 mi
lo-li ter DOH( 14-vallll.' V-6, 270 hp. m Ib-ft : 16-llter DOH( 24-
valve Vo{" 31)4 hp, 273 lit-it; supercharged and intercooled 6.2-liter
push roo 16-valve V-S. 556 hp. 551 Ib-It; 6-sp man, 6-sp auto ....ith
rTlaoo mancshlft ing
F. ioo, co ntrol coD springs, ant i-rol l bar
in d, multilin k, cod springs. antiroI l bar R
!\rakes, FIR. . . .. . ...... Vl:'flted diSC/V\'Ilted dil(
ABS standard
Stabili ty/lroctioo control stl ooard/stlndard
reltra ints. . . driVl' and passenger froot side, and
curtain aimags: rear curta in aimags
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Cadillac DTS
The DTS lingers in the Cadillac lineup because it still
sells in decent numbers, but this large, front-wheel-drive
sedan should be off to the ret irement home soon. Luxury
and safety features abound, and for even more rear-seat
space, a long-wheelbase DTS-L is ava il able.
Cadillac STS
It might not be the superstar in its segment, but the STS
offers an inviting interior, a handsome exterior, and decent
handling. The base V-6 engine gives up little in terms of
performance to the V-8 and gets better mileage. The STS- V
perl'ormance model quietly bit the dust this year.
Chevrolet Aveo
A basic-transponation car built for Chevrolet in Korea
by Daewoo, the Aveo's biggest st rength is bargain pricing
that includes a fair amount of standard equipment. Updates
for 2010 include a small power increase, but performance
still trails that of the subcompact segment leaders.
Hi,hs: V-8 power; voluminous
trunk and interior; soh seats, soft
ride, soft everything.
Lows: Slow-dawn-grandpa
handl ing. dated four-speed
automat ic, expensive.
Wh,t'SJleW: Redesigned for 2006;
no major changes for 1OlD.
lehid lit witel: Cadi llac's other
models subscribe to the German
idea of luxury, but the DTS slids
to the old American formula of
soh, large, Quiet, comfort able,
and total sensory deprivation,
Hi,hs: V-6 makes the regularV-8
a good qual ity interior,
all -wheel-drive option makes
sense for the Snowbelt.
Lows:Son seats; son base
suwension; big on the outside,
not so big inside.
whifsJleW: Introduced fo r 2004,
Ihe STS is unchanged
for 2010, although the Vis gone,
Belriad lie wiee): lt offers
decent ride and handling. bUI it's
tleginning to feel old The base
V-6 is will ing and able,
Hi,is: Not bad-looking. improved
fi t and finish, solid chassis, ample
room for fou r, priced to sell.
Lows: Dghl pass-Ihrough to the
trunk, four-s peed automatic,
curtain airbags
whit'sJleW: Redesigned for
1007; minor trim updates, engine
output increases by 2 hp_
Belriad liewiee): The Aveo
is a cheap-as-possible car bUI
slil l manages a decent ride and
competent responses, Overall
performance is merely adequate,
Base price: $47)00; Pla!inum, S60.395: L, SM,!XXl (est)
Vehide type: front-engine, front-dril'e; 4-door 5-6-pa5>e!lger
Iml'fior lUIu me, F/R/wgo (eu It).
Wheelba'it' ..
length/wic!t h/heiljlt
Tu rningcircle
EPA (ityfhighway mfXj ..
FlM' I-ta nk (apacitylrange ..
57 58/55 66119
.1l5,6-1116 in
207 ,6-115.6/74.B/57 ,6 in
... 42,Q-44,OIt
.4100-4450 Ib
. ......... 15/22-23
. ... 18.5 gal/278 mi
4.6-llter OOHC V-B, 175 or 191 hp, 195 or 188 lb-It; 4-sp

f ..
..... indo Slrut" COi l >j)"ing\, anti-roll lJa r
. ind, multil iri, coi l >j)"ings, anti-roll lJa r
/R , vented tisc/disc
ASS. standard
Stability/tracnon control . standard/standard
Passive restraint> . . ..... dri'lf"r and paS>l"llgel side, and
(urtain airbags; rear (urlain aimags
Bue price: Y-6, $47,670; Y-6 AWD, $49,%5: y.g, $57, 170:yg
AWD, S71 ,160
Yehide type: front -engiflt', rear- or 4-whoo-dri'/e; 4-door
5-passenger sedan
In\f"r ior lUIume, FIR/ca!ga ((u It).
WheelbaSE ..
Tu rningcircl e
Cu m weight. ..
EPA cityihighwJ)' mpg
r lIl-Mnk capacity/rJ Ilg ..
. ......... 56/43/14
. ...... 116.4 in
1%3/72_6/57.6 in
... 37.7 38,8ft
.... 4000-4350 Ib
. 15-18/22-27
17.5 giII/263-315 mi
16-lner OOHC 14-valve v-6, 302 hp, m Ib-It; 4,6- lner OOHC 32-
Y-B, 320 hp, 315Ib-ft; 6-)p outo with monumat iC , hiftin g
F ....... ind, unequal -Ierqth control arms, coi l anti- ro ll ba r
R . . .ind, multil iri, coi l anti- ro ll ba r
flrak(1,f /R , ,ventt'd dWvented disc
ASS_ standard
Stabdi ty/traalon control . standard/standard
Passil' restraints , . ..... . dri ver and paSSngf"r front, Side.
and curtain airbags; rear curtain aimogs
Base price: LS, $12,685; LT. S 14,820
Yehide type: fronr-engi ne, front-dri'/e; 4-door 5-pa5>e!lger
Iml'fior lUIume, FIR/cargo (cu It).
Wheelba'it' ..
ll'rlgth/ ....idt hlheiljlt .
Tu rningcircle
EPA cityihighway mpg
FlM' I-ta nk (apacityfrange ..
. ..... 50/40/11
. ..... .. 97,6 in
. ,1 69.7/67.1/59.1 in
........ J3.0ft
J600 lb
. 25 27/34 35
11.9gi11ma-l21 mi
1.6-llter OOOC 108 hp, 105Ib-ft; 5-sp rrun, 4-sp

. ....... ind, stMS. COi l \!Xings, anti- roll ba!
_ ind, trailing arms. coil spring,
flrak(1,f/R, ,venteddi:.cbtum
ASS_ _optional
Stobni tyltraalon wmrol not <lVaiiable/not available
Passive restraint> ............ driver and paI>I"Ilger froot and
side aimags
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Chevrolet Cobalt
The compact Cohalt family competes in a tough
segment, pitted against bestsellers like the Honda Civic
and Toyota Corolla. Offered in three trim levels for 20 I 0
(the four-door SS has been dropped), the Cobalt 's strengths
are a solid structure, lots of features, and good mil eage.
Chevrolet Impala
Although it' s approaching the automotive equivalent
of late middle age, Chevy's biggest sedan is essentially
unchanged for 2010. It gives something away to segment
leaders such as the HondaAccordand Toyota Camry in terms
of refinement but is roomy, with reasonable fuel economy.
Chevrolet Malibu
Once a mid-si ze al so-ran, the Mal ibu's makeover two
years ago made it a must-see for family- sedan shoppers.
Indeed, styli sh sheetmetal, an attracti ve interior, and
competent dynami cs make thi s domestic four-door a solid
alternative to the segment ' s Japanese bestsellers.
64 CARaoxlDRI VER.(om
Hi'Jhs: Sturdy architecture.
all-day seat comfort. Bluetooth
phone connectivity, radios with
iPod-compatible USB ports.
Lows: Forgettable styling. so-so
power, asthmatic exhaust note,
four-speed automatic.
wbt'suw: Introduced for 2005;
55 sedan droppe\l, trim tweaks.
Ifiind titwktll: The Cobalt's
unibody is stiffer than many.
yielding surprisingly good
handling and a pleasant ride.
Avoid the automatic option,
Hi,hs: Roomy and quiel within,
numerOU5 5afety features, decent
fue l economy.
Lows: Forgettable styling. needs
a better au!Omal ic transmission,
overdue for a major makeover, no
four -cylinder option.
Will's new: Redesigned for 2006;
Impala SS euthanized for 2010.
Bflind litwhtll: Alt hough
reasonably quiet and competent,
Impal as are 5noozemobiles. It'5 an
okay choice for a nonenthu5iast
who needs a lot of space.
Hi,hs: Spiffy styling, altraClive
interiors, lots of safety feawre5,
respectable engine lineup,
optional six-speed automatic.
Lows: Some interior trim 51 ill
looks cheap, dul l performance
with four-speed automatic.
Wilt's ntw: RedeSigned for 2008;
power lumbar 5upport repl ace5
manual, trim and color updale5.
Btlind titwhtll: A sturdy
cha55i5 gives the Malibu betler-
dynamic responses
as well as plea5ant ride quality.
Base pri(e: $15,710; 15, $16.3':10; L1, $17,1':10
Vehide type: Wont-t'Ilglle. froot -liil'{'; 4- cIoo r 5-p.1SSengtf
Imenorl'Olume, FlRJcargo (cu h). .49/38/14
. 103.3 in
180. 5/67.9/57.1 in
. . .37.41'1
.2800 Ib
Whl'eIoo\e ..
Length /Width/ht'i ght
Tuming Circle ..
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel -taok capacity/lange.
. ............. 11.0 gal/l1 2-125 mi
n li terOOHC in li ne-4, 155 hp, 150 Ib-ft; 5-sp mao, 4-sp
indo ,trutl. sprillgs, clnt i-roI l bar
ind, trai ling cod sprillgs. ant i-rol l bar
!\rak6. r /R. . . . . . . . . . .. . \'eIlt'd disc/lium
ABS optional
Stability/tracuoo cootroi ..... ... not ava il able/optional
JeStraintl . driver and pa,sengtf front and Cll/tain
airbags. rear curta in aimag,
Base prite: lS, S24,715; LT, $25.880: LIZ, $30,455
type: from-ellglllE' , front-dri\'e; 4-door 5-6-passengl'f
Interior I'OllIIIle, F IRJcargo (cu h) . .57/48/19
. ... . 110.5in W"heeI oo\e ..
Lengt h/Widthlhei ght
Jurning cirde

Cclpacity/rcl llge .
.200.4ln9/SB.7 in
laO-400 ft
3600- 3700 lb
. .... ..... 17.5gal/298-315 mi
15-hter pushrod 12-valve V-f" 207 hp. 215 Ib-h; 19-1iter pushrod
V-f" 230 hp,138 lb-h; 4-sp amo
f. indo sprillgs, clnt i-roI l bar
R ioo, cod springs. ant i-rol l bar
!\rakes, r /R. . vented diSc/disc
ABS standard
Stabili ty/tractioo cootroi ..... ..... stardard/standard
PclSJjV restra ints. . dri \'el cl nd passenger lront. Side. <Vld
curtain cl imags: recl r curta in cl imag,
prite: lS, S2l,545; LT, $23. 435: LIZ, m ,325
Vehide type: fro nt-tnglle. Iroot -O-il't'; 4- cIoo r 5-passengtf
Interior F IRJcJrgo (cu h) 54/44/15
.112.3 in
191.8170.3/57.1 in
. .. 40.41'1
345O-3650 1b
17 22/16 B
. ............. 16.3galf27H59mi
Whl'eIoo\e ..
Turn ing Circle ..
EPA citylhi9hway mpg
Fuel -taok capacity/lange .
2.4-li ter OOOC inlioe-4, 169 hp, 158 Ib-ft; 3.6-htl'f
OOH( V-6, 252 hp, 151 Ib-h; 4-sp auto. 6-sp auto wllh
manumatk shihillg
Srakes, FIR ..
ABS ..
Stclbili tyltractioo cootrol
PclSsi'VI' restra ints.
ioo, cod sprillgs. ant i-rol l bar
ind, rn ultili nk, coil sprillgs. ant i-roi l bar
vented diSUdis.::
dri ver and passenger from, side, <Vl d
curtain aimags: rear (urta in aimags
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Chrysler Sebring
The base Sebring has potential if you're on a budget,
but overall the car struggles to compete with other mid-size
sedans. New wheel designs and a smooth, strakc-less hood
might he1pcurb appeal, but we 'd rather our dollars go toward
a nicer interior and a better driving experience.
Chrysler 300/300USRT8
Despite years on the road, Chrysler's 300 51i Illooks good.
It is a classic rear-wheel-drive American sedan, with ample
interior space, lots of powertrain choices, and few
competitors for the price, particularly with the rleath of the
Pontiac GS. A new version is expected for 20t 1.
Dodge Avenger
Dodge's interpretation of the Chrysler Sebring sedan
represents good value and has added safety features for
20 10, yet it is dynamically and styli stically deficient, to
be kind. We're just hoping Chrysler's new Italian Fiat
overlords can engineer a decent replacement in a hurry.
Hi,hs: Wide choiceof engi nes
and optiom, includi ng a 30-gi9
hard storing music.
Lows: Much-criticized styl ing,
low-brow interior, qual ity
concerns ternan
Wh,t'SJleW: Introduced fo r 2007;
2010 changes include a smooth
hood des ign, new wheels, and
more standard safety equipment
Belriad liewieel: Quieter ride,
but wheezy inline-four and
sluggish responses remain. lags
far behind thecompet ition,
Hi'fhs: Opt ional Hemis, a lot of
car for the price, limo-like long-
wheelbase version, avail able
AWD, SRT8's glorious sound,
Lows:Getting long in the tooth,
5RT8's stiff ride, big engines mean
big thi rst, V-6s are tepid.
whifsJleW: Introduced fo r 2005;
only mi nor trim and equipment
updates for 2010,
Belriad lie wiee); Mercedes
genealogy lends good handl ing
and nice body control; power
from the Hemi V-8s is prodigious.
Hi'fhs: Lots of avail able gadgets,
cool -sounding name.
Lows: (oarse engines, subpar
performance, poor materials,
noncohesive styling.
Wh,t'SJleW: Introduced fo r 2008;
all 2010 models get a new
gauge cluster, active front head
restraints, and four-wheel anti-
lock disc brakes as standard.
Belriad liewieel: Dr iving thrills
are absent. thanks to lots of body
rol l and inert sleering, Check au!
an Accord or a Mazda 6 inslead,
Base price: Li rruted, $12,855; limitedV-6, $25, 105
Vehide type: front-engi ne, front-drive; 4-door 5-passenger
Iml'fior lUIume, F/R/wgo (eu It). ..52 55/47/14
Wheelbase ..
letlgth/wic!t h/heiljlt
Tu rningcircle
Cu rb w ght
EPA (ityfhighway mfXj ..
FlM' I-ta nk (apacitylra nge ..
. ...... 101!,9 in
,1 90.6/71.2159,0 in
......... 36.5ft
J 350-3600 lb
. ..... 16-21/27-10
H-Ilter DOIlC inllne-4, 173 hp, 166 Ib-It; J 5-liter
SOIl[ 24-valve V6, 235 hp, m Ib-It; 4-sp il\Jto, 6-sp auto with
manumati( shifting
F. .ind, SlIUl'i, coi l ami-roll ba r
. .ind, multilir'l::, coi l ami- roll ba r R
ilIakes.F/R, .. vented o>e/di>e
ASS.. . ... Slandard
Stability/tractiOO wntrol optional/optiooal
P.r;sive restraims, ..... . driver and passengl'f from, side,
and (urtain airbags; rear (urtain airbags
Base prite; 300 fouling, 528.010; fO\li ng AWO. 535,5(15; fouling
Signatuft, $32,635; Toofi ng Signature AWO, $34,700; Li mite\J, $36,675;
Umned $33.980: mUlive LWB, $42.Wl/3OC( $33,760; AWO,
$4O,800;mUlrve L'NIl, $49,795/300:: SRT8, 547.3 15
Vehide type: frooHngirJe, n'ar- or 4-v.tIl'tl-driw; 4-door
5 pilssengl'f serun
Intl'fiOl FIR/(argo (co It) 56/51- 58/16
Whl'tlbast. 120()-126.0in
l.ength/widthfhe;g,t . . ,196.8- 202,8/74,1/57.9-58.4 in
Tumingcifde 38.9ft
Cu rb weight 3750-4200 lb
8'Acity/hig,woympg . . ..... ... 13-18/ 19- 26
FoeI-tank capdCity/range 18.0-19.0gat/247- 324 mi
V--ti tel DOOC24-val'leV-<i, 178hp, 190 1b-ft; 3.5- litl'fSOHC 24-vat\1!
V-6, 250 hp, 250 tb-It; 5.7 -hter pushrod 16-v311'e V-a, 3W hp, 389
!b-It; 6,1 liter pushfod 16 val'ltV 8,425 hp, 420 Ib It; 4 spaUlo, 5-sp
auto with manumatic shifting
F.. ,i nd, multilink, coil springs, anti roIloo r
R . ,ind, multilink, coil springs, anti-rolt ba r
Brakes, r IR , . ..... .. vented di)()vented disc or disc
ASS. .optiOllal
Stabdi ty/tractloo {&ltrol .:.. ..... ,optional/optiooal
P.r;SlI' dnver and passengl'f front and curtain
airbags; rear curtain airbags
Base price: SXT, $20,970; RIT, $12,470
Vehide type: front-engi ne, front-drive; 4-door 5-passenger
Iml'fior lUIume, F/R/cargo (eu It). ..51 55/45/13
. ...... 101!,9 in Wheelbase ..
ll'flgthl ....idt hlheiljlt .
Tu rningcircle
Cu rb w ght
EPA cityfhighway mpg
FlM' I-ta nk (apacitylrange ..
. ,190.9/71.8/58.9 in
......... 36.5ft
J 4So-3600 lb
. 16 21/27 30
H-Ilter DOIlC inllne-4, 173 hp, 166 Ib-It; J 5-liter
SOHC 14-valve V-6, 135 hp, 132 Ib-It; 4-sp il\Jto, 6-sp auto with
manumati( shift ing
F. .ind, SlIUl'i, coi l ami-roll ba r
.ind, multilir'l::, coi l ami-ro ll ba r R
Brak(1,f IR , vented osc/disc
ASS. Slandard
Sta bni ty/tractloo {&ltrol .optiOll.lI (RnJ/optiOll.lI (RIT )
P.r;sil' restraint> ....... dw and paSS/"llgel side, and
(urtain airbags; rear (urtain airbags
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Dodge Charger/SRT8
While not as posh or elegant as it s mechanical twin, the
Chrysler 300, the Charger possesses the same powerful , rear-
wheel-drive attributes but at a lower cost. The menacing
and grin- inducing SRT8 model adds some extra spice, but
all vers ions are practical and entertaining family sedans.
Ford Focus
Ford's last Focus redesign prioritized the exterior and
added sophisticated electron ie content for a car in this class.
It doesn't rival the dynamics of segment leaders. such as
the Honda Civic, but it's qui et and attract ivel y priced, and
its Sync infotainment option is a strong selling point.
Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan
Reworked thi s year, the Fusion and the Milan are Ford
and Mercury' s mid- size sedans. Gas-electric versions
shake up the hybrid establi shment, bUl we can't say the
same for the conventional models. BUI a smooth ride, good
dynamics, and more power thi s year enhance their appeal.
66 CARaoxlDRIVER.(om
Hi,hs: Able brakes, a family
5edan wit h a personality.
available all-wheel drive,
Lows: Too big at times, suc ks gas,
mail -slot windoW), Chargers
should have two doors
wilt's new: Introduced for 2006;
2010 changes include body-color
sill cl addi ng. standard curtai n
airbags, and a revised gri lle for
SE models,
ar"ind Ibwhed: More willing
than you'd think for a big
car and quite fun.
Hi,hs: Attract il'f' base pr ice, quiet
and creamy ride, roomy interior,
Sync infotainment system
Lows: Not much to look at, not
very fun, agi ng architecture.
Wilt's new: Redesigned for 2008;
ABS, stability control, and keyless
entry are now standard,
ae"ind Ibwhtel: Though
compelent, with smooth ride
quality, this is nOI a chassis
that haste. Absence of
telescoping wheel limits drivi ng
position, l ow fun-to-drive factor.
Hi,hs: Creamy ride, supportive
front engines, good
ergonomics, instrument
Lows: Coarse graining on interior
plast ks, cheap-looking cloth
wilt's new: RedeSigned for 2010.
ar"ind Ibwhed: Steering is
accurate, power is respectable,
and si x-speed manual gearbox is
cri sp. But a soft suspension li mits
the fun-to-drive factor of these
FoMoCo sibl ings.
Base price: SE, m,14O; SXT, SXT AWn, $10,240; RfT,
$31,120; RfT AWD, $34,220;SRT8, $40,630
Vehide type: front-engine, rea r- or 4-wheel-dnve; 4-door
5-passeoger sedan
Interior I'Olume, F /RJeargo (cu h) .
WI\eeIiJase ..
.12()'O in
. ...... . ... 200. 1!74.5/57.7-SS.2 in Length lwidthlhl"i ght
Tumin g drde.
Curb wl"ight . ..... .
EPA citylhighvllay mpg
Fud-tank capacity/Jiloge ,
38 ,8 38 ,9h
.3750-4300 Ib
. ... . 18.0-19.09<111247 124 ml
2.7 -li ter OOOC 2h ltve V-6. 178 hp, 19:1 Ib-h; 15-li ter SOHC 24-
vaiveV-fJ, 250 hp, 250 Ib-h; 5.7-li ter pushrOO 16-valve H 368 or
m hp, 395 or 400 Ib-h; 6.1 -liter pushrod 16-votve V-8, 425 hp, 4lO
Ib-ft ; 4-sp 3utO, 5-sp auto mth ma num.t iC shihing
Brakes, FIR ..
ll d, multili nk, springs, anti-rol l bor
,in d, multili nk, springs, ant i-rol l bot
. . ventf'd, glooved diS( or ventf'd (jsd
vented diSc or diS(
ABS opnon.J1
Stabilityltracuoo coollol . . . . . . . . . . ,0ptiooal/optlon.J1
restraintl. driver and passenger front and ell/lain
airbagl, real curta in airbags
Base prite: S, S 16,690: S[, $17.570; SES, S 19. 1&:1: SEl, $19,180
type: fro nt-en911e, froot-oove; 4-OOor 5-passenger
Interior I'Olume, F /RJeargo (cu h) . ,51/43/14
. 102,9in
t75,0/67 ,8/58,6 in
W'I\eeIiJase ..
Lengt h/Widthlhl"i ght
luming drde

C3p.lcity/range ,
.2750- 2850 Ib
... 24/34-35
13.5ga1/324 mi
2.o-hter OOHC inline-4: m , 140, or 143 hp; 133 or 116
Ib -h; 5-sp ma n, 4-sp auto
r. . ind, springs, ant i-rol l bor
,ind, multili nk, cod springs, anti -rol l bor R
Brakes,r/R.. . ......... ,ventf'd disdaum
ABS st.ndard
Stabili tyltracuoo coollol ...... . . .. standardlstandard
p.,)jV rest ra ints. ,dri l'er and passenger front, >ide. <Vl d
curtain airbags; rear curt. in airbags
Base price: Fusioo S, $20.145; S[, $21,625; S[l, $25,055; Sp:Hl,
$26,905. SEL AWD. $2S,515; Sport AWD. $2S,755/Mil. n, $22.260;
Premier, $25,400; Premier AWD, $28,880
Vehide type: front-engine, front- or foor-whed-dJive: 4-door
5-passeoger sedan
Interiorl'Olume, r /RIwgo (cu It) .
W'I\eeIiJase ..
.54/46/ t7
. 107,4in
.... .. 189.0 190,6m,2156,9in Length lwidthlhl"i gh t
Tumin g drde.
ClI/bweight ..
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel-tank cap.lCity Ir.oge
.. J7,5h
.3300-3850 Ib
16.5- 17.59<11/281-403 ml
2.5-liter DOlI( 16-valve inline-4, 175 hp, 172 Ib-h; 10-l iter 0011(
24-v. lve V-6, 240 hp. m Ib-ft ; 3.5-liter OOfIC 24-va!veV-6, 263 hp.
249 Ib-h; 6-sp man, 6-sp auto WIt h manumatic shihin g
F, .. .. .. ind, uneqllill- Iength control cOil springs, antiroI l bor
R . in d, multilin k, cod springs, antiroI l bor
Br. kes, f/R.. vented diS<'/diS(
ABS st.ndard
Stabili tyltractioo coollol ..... .. . . . standardlstandard
reltraints. . ... ,driver and p.lsselJgel
and curtain airbag, ; rear curt. in airbags
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Ford Taurus/SHO
Ford's redesigned 2010 Taurus uses many of the same
rnechanicals as the outgoing model but adds handsome
new duds. It attempts to deliver a more involving driving
experience, especially the 365-hp, all-wheel-drive SHO
model, which uses Ford's twin-turbo EcoBoost V-6.
Honda Accord
OUT perennial favorite family sedan (23 lOBes! Cars
trophies in 27 years) eased over the dimensional boundary
into full-Size-car territory for the 2008 model year, increas-
ing interior volume without losing much in terms of agility.
The basic four-cylinder engine delivers plenty of punch.
Honda CiviC/Civic Si
Stylish and agile, Honda's small sedan is a cornpact-
class bestseller, year in and year OUl, and for good reason.
The interior has textbook ergonomics, the build quality
is above reproach, there is a wide range of trims, and it's
entertaining to drive, particularly the 197+hp Si version.
Hi,hs: Stylish newsheetrnetal.
nke and roomy, standard six-
spffil automatic.
Lows: EcoBoosI V-6 available
only in SHO performance variant,
tarnished Taurus name.
Wh,t'sJleW: Redesigned for 2010.
leMd Ilewleel; Al l Taurus
models fail to deliver dynamic
thril ls, with numb steering and
tame handl ing. But the car is
much more upscale than before,
and the EcoBoost engine is
worthy of the SHO nameplate.
W,hs: lots of room inside,
excellent engines run on regular-
grade fuel. greal road manners,
good fil and finish.
Lows: Styling lends loward
anonymity, six-speed gearbox
could benefil engine,
whlfsuw: Redesigned for 2008;
expanded Bluetooth
minor trim updales for 2010,
leMd llewleel: Despite its
increased size,the Accord's
sleering and responses are still
lOpS among its compet ition.
Hi,hs: Nifty styl ing. sol id
unibody, excellent fit and finish,
clever use of interior space,
excellent driver sightl ines.
Lows: Bi-Ievel instrumenl panel
not for everyone, stability conlrol
isn't standard, some may find the
base Civic a bit plain.
What'snw: Re<lesigned for 2006;
the Civic is unchanged for 2010.
lelriad Ike wkeel: The agile
and driver-friendly Civic metyes
small -car thrift wilh spons-sedan
fun, especially the Si.
Base price: SE. $25,995; SEL, $27,995; SEL AWD, $l9.845:
limited, $31.995; limited AWD, $33.845; SHQ, $37,995
Vehide type: front-engine, froot- or 4-...meel-drive; 4-door
S-pilllffi9er ledan
Imerior'iOlume, F/R/c.Jrgo (eu It).
WneelbaS ..

lu rningcircl e
Cu rb weight.
EPA (ityfhighway mpg ..
flJeI-lOnk c.Jpacity/raoge
. ..... 55/47110
. ...... 112,9 in
,X!2.9/76.2/6fJ.7 in
....... 41QO-4350 Ib
.. 17-18/25-28
19.0 gal!323- 342mi
3. 5-llter OOHC V-fJ, 263 hp, 249Ib-It; ""1n-twDocMrged
lS-liter 0011( V-6, 165 hp, 350 Ib-It; 6- 1P auto with
manumalic shifting
F . .... ind, struts, (oi l anti- roll oo r
R . ....... ind, multil irt, roi l IIXiogs, anti- roll oor
IR , vented tisc!disc
ASS. standard
Stability/tracnoo cootrol . Itandard/standard
Passive restraint> . . ..... dri'lf"f and pilSSIlgel side, and
(urtain airoogs; rear (urtain airbags
Comparison Test
... Winnel
lOBes! WiMer

Base prke: LX, $21,765; LX-P, $22,765; EX, $24,540; EX- L,
$26,740; [XV-fJ, $27,515; EX-l Y-6, $29.815
Vehide type; fronl-engi ne, frOnl-drive; 4-door 5-pil5S"1lger
Iml'fior 'iOIurne, F/R!wgo (eu It).
WheelooS ..
L"Il gth/widt h/heiljll
lu rningcircl e
Cu rb \Yelght.
EPA (ityfhigliway
r uel-ta ni (ap<xity/ra oge ..
56-59145 47/14
. ......... 110, 2 in
194,1-194.3172.7158,1 in
. J 25O-3600 Ib
. 19 21119 31
18.5 gaI!352-407 mi
2,4-lner OOHC 16-Vd1Ye inline-4, 177 or 190 hp, 161 or 162 Ib-It :
3. 5-llter SOH( Y-6, 271 hp, 2S4I b-ft; S-sp man, S-sp auto
r ....... indo uneqwl-Ieogth COOl rot arm" roi l >j)' iog\, anli-roll lJa r
R .ind, multil irt, roi l anti-roll oo r
8fakl'S.F!R , .. vented ti sc/diS(
ASS.. . ... stancLJrd
Sta bility/traclloo cootrol Itandardfstandard
Passive r03traiml, .. dri'll'f dnd pillSIlgel side, and
curtain airoogs; rear curtain airbags
Base price: DX, $16,365; DX-VP, $17,1tS; LX, $18,315; lX-5,
$18.915; EX, $2(), 165; EX-L, $21)15; 5i, $22.965; Gx, $26.050
Vehide type: fronl-engi ne, front-drive; 4-door 5-pil5S"1lger
Iml'fior'iOlume, F/R/c.Jrgo (eu It).
WheelooS ..

lu rningcircl e
Cu rb \Yelght.
EPA (ityfhighway mpg ..
Fuel-ta nk C.Jwitylraoge ..
50- 52/39/6 12
. .......... 106J in
,177.3169.015f! .5 in
34.8-35.4 ft
. .2650- 3000 Ib
8,0-13.2 gaI!192-343 mi
1.8-l ner SQHC 16-valve inline-4, 140 hp, 1l8 Ib-ft; 18-liter SOHC
16-valve natural gas inline-4, 113 hp, 109lb-It: 2,G-lill'f DOll( 16-
inline-4, 197 hp, 139Ib-ft; 5- or 6-sp man, 5-sp auto
llfakE'S.F/R ,
ASS ..
. ind, llruts, roi l >j)' iogl, anti-ro ll oo r
. .ind, multil irt, (oi l anti- roll oo r
. ........... ,I'ffited disc/disc or lium
Stability/tractloo cootrol
.... stancLJrd
standard (\elect mode ls)!
standard (\elect models)
Passive restraint> ....... driv/'r and pilSSIlgel side, and
curtain airoogs; rear curtain airbags
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Hyundai Accent
In its roomy and useful third generation, the Accent
sedan now comes in only GLS trim. Along with airbags
and features galore that are unusual in an economy car, the
Accent has a 36-mpg highway rating. Stability control is
not even an option on this cheap, non-thrilling ride.
Hyundai Azera
Due to be replaced in a year or so, Hyundai' s fonner
flagship (the current Genesis and fonhcoming Equus sedans
now carry that torch) remains a sleek-looking cruiser- if
soft and somewhat comer-clueless-for people shopping
Buicks and Toyota Avalons. Spirited drivers need not apply.
Hyundai Elantra
The fourth-generation Elantra pitches value and a
fabulous warranty against its arch rival, the Toyota Corolla.
A new-for-2010 Blue edition with a manual transmission
stretches highway mileage to 35 mpg. New fabrics and
trim improve on an already well -executed interior.
6tI CARaoxlDRIVER,(om
Hi,hs: Quiet runner, compliant
ride, plenty olsafelY features and
equipment, cheap and sturdy,
decent fuel economy.
Lows: Spartan interior, not a thril l
machine. Hondas and Toyotas wi ll
return more when you sell 'em.
wbt's new: Redes igned for 2006;
minor trim changes for 2010.
Ifiind litwkeel: A pleasam ride
for commuti ng but not a road
carver It does the job efficient ly
and quietly, though with a bit too
much roll and float.
Hi,hs: Prettier than an Avalon,
reasonably punchy in a straight
li ne, excel lent warranty, decem
luxury for a low price.
Lows: Rolls and gels confused in
corners, Korean for"l'm old."
Wbt'sntw: Introduced fo r 2006;
no changes for 2010
BelriAd Ike wheel: If you're
not pushing. the Azera cruises
quietly and with enough steering
precision to keep it between lin').
What to drive when the rental
agency is out ofToyotas.
Hi,hs: Big interior seats four
comfortably, lots of standard
featur'), comprehensive safety
equipment, high mpg.
Lows: Some engine noise at
highway speeds, lower resale, an
indistinct transpon unit.
wbt's ntw: Redesigned for 2007;
minortrim changes for 2010, plus
high-mpg Blue edition.
Ifiind litwkeel: Compared
with the (oral ia, it drives fine;
compared with everythi ng else, it
is soft, numb, and hardly thrilling,
Base pri(e: S 14,365
Vehide type: Wo nt-t'Ilglle. froot-liil'{'; 4- cIoo r 5-p.1SSengtf
Intenor I'Olume, F /RJcargo (cu h) . ,52/40/11
.. 98,4in
...33. 11'1
1400- 2450 1b
.............. 11.99.11/32I-m mi
Wheeloole ..
Length /Width/ht'i ght
Turn ing Circle ..
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel -tank capacity/lange,
16--li terOOHC 16-val\'e in line-4, 110 hp, l()'i Ib-h; 5-sp man, 4-sp
,ind, springs, .nt i-roI l bar
ind, tra ilin g arms, coi lllJriogs
l\rak6J/R.. .. .... .... ,l'Ilt'd disc/lium
ABS optional
Stability/tracuoo cootrol .... not ava il able/not ava il able
Je>traintl . . ,dri l'l' aod p.ll\ellger (root lide, iII1d
(urtain ai!bags: rear curta in aimags
Base pri(e: GLS, $25,745; Li mited, 530,345
Vehtde type: tro nt- englle, (root-iii V\'; 4-cIoor 5- paS\ell9er
""" Interior F /RJcgo (eu h) 59/48/17
.1I),H in Wheel OOIe ..
Length /Widthlhf'i gh t
Turn in g Circle .
Curb wf'ight .
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel -tank cdp.lcitY/lilnge ,
19Vf72,8/SS.7 in
.. ,37,41'1
. .3650 Ib
17 18/26
..... ..... 19.89.111337 356 mr
3,3-li ter DOH( 24-vall'e V-6, 234 hp, 226Ib-ft; 3.8-liter DOH( 24-
valve V-fi, 263 hp, 257 Ib -h; 5-sp auto with manumaHC shifti ng
F, .. .. ind, uneqllill- Iength (ontrol arms, cod springs, ant iroI l bar
R ind, rn ul tilin k, springs, .nt i-roI l bar
&rakes. FIR.. vented disddil(
ABS.. standard
Stability/traclloo cootrol stlndardlstaodard
Pas>ive Je>tra ints. ,driver and p.lssenger Iront, '>ide, iII1d
curta in aubilgs; rear side and curtain almags
Base pri(e: Blue, S 14,865; GLS, S 17 ,61 5; SE. S 18, 565
Vehide type: Wo nt-t'Ilglle. froot-liil'{'; 4- cIoo r 5-passengtf
Interior F /RJcgo (cu h) 56/42/14
. 104.3 in
177.4/69,9/SS.3 in
..,33.9 1'1
1750-29JO Ib
2'i 26/34 35
.............. 14.09.11/350-364 mi
Wheeloole ..
Length /Widthlhf'i ght
Turn ing Circle ..
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel -tank capacitY/lange,
2.0--1i ter DOOC 16-val\'e inlifll' -4, 132 or 138 hp, 133 or 136 Ib--It;
5-sp man, 4-sp auto
F ..
Srakes, FIR ..
ABS ..
. .... ind, struts, cod spri ngs. ant iroI l bar
ind, multilin k, cod springs, ant i-rol l bar
vented diSUdiS(
St.bility/tr.ctioo cootrol
. .. standard
standa rd (SE ooly)1
Slandard (Sf only)
. ,driver aod p.lS\ellger (root '>ide, iII1d reSlra ints .
(urtain aimags: rear curta in aimags
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Hyundai Genesis
Intended to carry Hyundai into a loftier (and Korean-
free) segment, the rear-wheel-drive Genesis is powered by
a V-6 or a V-8, and it has the high-class trappings of pricier
cars, including radar cruise control. Benz loyal ists may not
swap sides, but Lexus and Acura buyers might.
Hyundai Sonata
Dropped into a tough neighborhood owned by the Camry
and the Accord, the Sonata has the right dimensions and
specs, plus an outstanding wammty and a value-oriented
price. It trails its competitors in refinement, however. A
rakish, almost coupel ike redesign is due soon.
Infiniti G37
Aimed squarely at the BMW 3-series, the fetchirtg
G37 sedan is a near match in terms of its performance. Its
coarse V .. (i can't quite match the silken refinement of the
BMW, but the G has a more attractive base price, offers
more standard horsepower, and has a larger interior.
Hi,hs: XL cabin; quiet, strong
engines; interior a great
value-on paper,
Lows: The Hyundai badge, still
expensive, cheap-car gauges.
firm ride.
Wh,t'sJleW: Introduced for 2009;
radar cruise, touch-sctten nav,
and electronic parking brake new
for 2010.
Belriad tiewi eel: Co mposed and
quiet. the Genesis suffers only
from a stiff suspension, but fixes
are on the way.
Hiyhs: Sooth powertrains, sol id
road manners,
loaded wit h standard features.
Lows: Disappears in traffic; plays
in tough league with the Accord,
the Camry, and the Akima,
What'snw: Redesigned for 1006;
unchanged for 1010
IthUd tifwi eel: Hyundai has
made incremental improvements
to the Sonata, and the current
model is the best handler yet, but
the Accord and the Mazda 6 are
the fun choices.
Hiyhs: Unique style, impressive
interior fi t and finish, standard
horsepower, anractive pricing.
Lows: Big V-6lacks grace, high-
effort manualt ran5miS5ion.
WhI t'SUW: Redesigned for 2007;
the G gets a new grille and front
fascia for 2010
lehUd ti ewi eel: A solid feel
pervades the G,the st iff chassis is
sporty, the tactile steering precise,
and the interior comfortable 1t'5
let down by a coarseV-6 and a
recalcitrant manual shifter,
Base price: l8, m.soo;4.6, S40,300
Vehide type: front-erqine, rEar-drive; 4-door 5-pa5>e!lger
Iml'fior lUIu me, F/R/wgo (eu It) . . .... . ffJ/ 49!16
Wheelbase.. . .... .. 11 5,6in
length/wic!t h/heiljll 195.9/74.4/58.1-58.3 in
Turning circle ..... ... .36.0ft
Curb weight .3850-4150 Ib
EPA CityfhighwaymfXj .. . .... . 17-18125-27
FlI(' l-tank capacitylrange .......... 19J-20.3ga1/345-347 mi
H -I ller OOHC 14-valve V-6, 190 hp, 2M Ib-It; 4,6- 111(1" DOHC 32-
vaII'eV-8, 375 hp, m Ib-It; 6-sp autowith ma numati(shiltin g
f ..
. . indo multiliti, COi l Sj)"ing\, anti-roll lJa r
. ind, multiliti, COi l Sj)"ings, anti-roll lJa r
IR, vented osc/disc
ASS. standard
Sta bility/tracnon control . standard/standard
Passive restraint> ....... dri'/('f and paS>I"Ilgel side, and
curtain airoogs; rear curtain airbago;
Base price: 6L5, $19,420; SE, $22,770; SE V-fJ, $24,770; Li rrutl'd,
$25,270; limitl'd V-6, $27,270
Vehide type: from-engi ne, tra nt-drive; 4-OOor 5-pas>l"llger
Interior 'iOIume, FIR/cargo (eu It).
Wheelbase ..
len gth/wic!t h/heiljll
Turning circle
EPA cityihighway
r uel-Mnl capacity/range . .
. .... . 58/47/16
. ....... 107,4 in
,188.9/72. 1/58 ,0 in
..... ... J5,8ft
. .33OO- 3500 lb
. 19 22m 32
17.7 gaI/336-389 mi
l,4 .. lner DOHC 16-vall'e inline-4, 168 or 175 hp, 163 or 168 lb-It:
3J-lner DOrM: 14-vaM- V-fJ, 249 hp, 229 lb-It; 5-1Il man, 4- sp auto,
5-sp auto with manumatic shift ing
F. . ind, unequa l-length conlrcl antls, COi l anti-ro ll ba r
R . . .ind, multilir"l:: , COi l anti- ro ll bo r
.. ventedo>c/di>c
ASS.. . .... standard
Sta bility/tractlon control stand31d/standard
Passive restraints , .. dri'/er and paS\.e1lgel SIde, and
curtain airoogs; rear curtain airbago;
Base price: $34500 (est); Joumey, m,ooo (esl); Sport 6MT,
$35,500 (t"st): G35x, $37,000 (est)
Vehide type; fronl-t"Ilgi ne. rear- or 4-wheel -drive; 4-door
5-passenger sedan
Interior'iOlume, F/R/cargo (eu It).
Wheelbase ..
len gthlwic!t h/heiljll
EPA (ityihighwJ)' mfXj . .
Fuel-tank Glpacitylrange . .
55 57/41 42/14
. .. ........ 112,2 in
187.0/69.8/57.2-57,8 in
. .3600- 3800 Ib
. . 17-18125-26
2O.0gal/H0-l6O mi
J 7-l ner OOHCl4-valve V-6, 318 hp, 269 Ib-ft; 6-1Il man, 7 -sp aUIO
....ith manurn.ltic shilting
F. . ind, unequa l-length control antls, COi l Sj)"ings, anti-roll bo r
R . ind, multilir"l::, COi l SlXings, anti-ro ll ba r
flrak(1,f IR, ,I'eIlIl'd dWventl'd disc
ASS. standard
Slabni ty/tractlon wnt rol standard/standard
Passive restraint> ....... dw and paS>I"Ilgel side, and
(urtain airoogs; rear (urtain airbago;
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Infiniti M3S/M4S
The largest sedan in Infiniti 's stable, the M four-doors
are superb cars that are too often overlooked. Both versions
blend value, space, luxury, and performance together in a
way that escapes the German competit ion. A completely
redes igned M will go on sale in 20[0 as a 201 1.
A welcome break from Jaguar's preoccupation with
its styli stic past, the XF forfeit s nothing to the establi shed
German standards in this prestigious segment. A pair of
naturally aspi rated V+8s offers competitive power, while
the supercharged V-8 in the XFR is downright corrupt ive.
The new XJ is slightl y bigger than the outgoing car
and marries XF+li ke exterior design to a gorgeous interior.
There are three models, all with 5.D-liter V-8 engines; the
base model is naturally aspirated, whi le the two top trims
bolt on a supercharger to make serious horsepower.
70 CARaoxlORIVER.( om
Hi,hs: BuneryV-8, strong V-6,
sol id structure, WoCiOU5 interior,
anractiv pricing.
Lows: Sport package may be too
fi rm for some, the V-8 sounds
great but offers only a few more
horses than lheV-6.
wbt'suw: Redes igned for 2006;
unchanged for 2010, but the
2011 model will be completely
ae"ind titwhtd: Sporty, fi rm,
and powerful; the M
may be 100 aggressi ve for some.
Hi,hs: Muscular good looks,
outstanding chassis rigidity,
auractive interior, new R model
ru ns with the best supersedans.
Lows: Tight rear touch-
screen controls can be confusi ng,
Wbt'sntw: Introduced for 2009;
new engines and screaming XFR
model are adde<i for 2010,
Bekind tbwhftl: Combines
decisive handling and sharp
steering with a supple ride XFR
is ready 10 shred ti res and easy 10
control whil e doing so.
Hi'j'hs: Looks modern, quite
beautiful interior, plenty of
horsepower and features,
Lows: Contrived styli ng, Super
Sport model is pricey.
Wbl's new: Redesigned for 2010.
kkind tbwhttl: The 2010 uses
a modified version of the old car's
platform; but the engines are all
new. The new XJ addresses some
of the fiaws of other Jaguars,
namely an overly complex driver
interface. Superb ride-and-
handling balance.
Base price: M35, $46,665; M35x, $48.815: M45, $53,015; M45x,
Vehtde type: front-engine, rear- or 4-wheel-dlil'e; 4-door
5-passeoger sedan
Interior I'Olume, F /RJeargo (cu It) .
WhffllJa >e ..
Length/Widthlh<i ght
59/44 46/15
. . 114,2in
.194,1- 194,3/71 ,1/59,4-60,Oin
.3900-4150 Ib
14-17/20- 25
2tlO(j<lI/280-340 ml
ClIIbweight ..
EPA Citylhighway mpg
Fuel-tank capacity/range
15-lIter DOHC 14-va lve V-6, 303 hp, 261 Ib-ft ; 4.5-li ter DOfK
3l-va ll'l.' V-8, 325 hp, 336 Ib-ft; 5- or 7-sp auto with manlllJlatic
F. . ioo, unequal- length control coH <,prings, ant i-rol l bar
R ind, multili nk, cOil springs, antiroI l bar
l\rak6. r IR. . . .... .. vemed diS(/vented diS(
ABS standard
Stabi lity/tracuoo cootrol ..... ..... stl OOard/standard
JeStraintl . . ,dril'l' and paS\erlger Iroot side, and
curtain airbags: rear curtain aimags
Base price: XF Luxury, S52,!XXl; Premium Luxu ry, S57,1XXl;
Portfol io, $61,1XXl; Sup('[cha rged, $63,1)()(); XFR $8(),1XXl
Vehlde type: front- l'I1gill(', reJ r-dlll'(': 4-door 5-passeng('[
Interior I'OllIIJle, F /RJeargo (cu It) . ,53/45/18
. .. . 114.5 in
195 ,3/73.9/57.5 in
.. .l7.7 ft
4050- 4400 Ib
15 16f21 25
..... ..... 18.4(j<lt/276-294 mi
W'heeItJa>e ..
Lengt h/Width/hei ght
Turn ing erne .
Curb weight.
EPA citylhighway mpg
ruel -tank capacity/range,
4.l-li ter DOH( 32-va ll'f V-8, 300 hp. 303Ib-ft; 5.0-11ter DOH( 32-
valve V-8, 385 hp, 380 Ib-ft ; supercharged and int('[cooled 5.0-111('[
DOlI( 32-va lve V-a. 470 or 510 hp, 424 or 461 Ib-ft.; 6- sp auw With
marrumatic shift ing
F, . ioo, unequal- length control coa <,pri ngs, ant i-rol l bar
R. . .. ioo, unequal- ll'I1gth control springs, anti-rol l bar
&ra kes, FIR. . . ...... Vl'l1ted dis(/l'I'Ilted diS(
ABS.. standard
Stabilityltraclloo cOlltroi stlOOardlstandard
Pa,>ive restraints . ,driver and passenger front, '>ide, and
curtain almags; rear curtain almags
Base price: S67,OOO-$98,1XXl (est)
Vehide type: front-engine, rear-drive; 4-door 5-palsengl'l
Interior I'OllIIJle, F /RJcargo (co ft ) . .57/51- 57/ 18 (est)
,119.4- 124.3 in
201.7 -2()(j.6{74.6157.0 in
38. 1-39.5 ft (est)
15- 16122-25 (est)
.Jl ? gal/326-347 mi (est)
lMlffltJa>e ..
lertgth /Width/hl'i gh t
Turn ing cirde
CLUb weight ..
EPA eitylhighway mpg
Fuel-tank capacity /ronge
5.0-1i ter OOHC 31-va lve V-S, 385 hp. 3&l lb-It; supercharged aoo
intercooled 5,Q-liter OOHC 32-valve V-So 470 or 51 0 hp, 424 I)J 461
Ib-ft; 6-1P cl uto with manumaliC )/lift ing
F, .. iOO, arms, air springs, ant i-rol l bar
R .. iOO, arms. air springs. cl nt i-roI l bar
&rakes, FIR. . vented diS(ll'I'Ilted diS(
ABS.. standard
Stabili ty/traction control .. .. .......... stlOOard/standard
PasSive rest ra ints. ,dril'l' and pa'>lerlger lroot, '>ide. and
curtain almagl; rear curtain almags
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Kia Forte
This fine little sedan is a credible alternative to the Hon-
da Civic and the Toyota Corolla. The exterior lines look
sharp, the interior is well executed, and the level of stan-
dard equipment- including Bluetooth and Sirius satellite
radio-i s high. The prices are right. too.
Kia Optima
A 2009 face lift freshened Kia' s well-built and nicely
appointed mid-size sedan_ The base 2.4-liter offers decent
power, while the V-6 is a rare option in this size class. Li ke
its mechanical relative, the Hyundai Sonata, the Optima
impresses with its comfort, features, and low price.
Kia Rio
Now that the funky Kia Soul is here, the Ri o relies on
its bargain-basement, sub-$ 13,OOO price and mid-30s fuel
economy to sell itself. The 1.6-liter provides efficient and
slightly spirited commuting, and the trunk is big. Face-lift-
ed for' 10, the Rio drives well, especial ly at its li ght price.
Hi,hs: Great value. handsome,
lots of standard tech, nice interior
materials, two available engines.
Lows: Not as fun as the WI Golf
orthe Mazda 3, manual gearoox
is nOlc hy, SX ride is choppy
Wh,t'sJleW: Introduced for 2010.
leMd l.tWIte); Thrott le tip-in
is aggressive and the ride can be
harsh on Ihetop-spec SX, so we
prefer the base model with the
fou r-speed auto, bel ieve it or not
The Forte isn'11he !)est compact
10 drive, but il is very competent.
Hiyhs: Interior finish beats a
Camry, drives well and looks
clean, low base prices,
Lows: Spongy without the sport
suspension, Kia badge is slil l a
negative to some.
What'snw: Redesigned for
1006.5; unchanged for 2010
lehUd lie wieel: Refined and
relaxed, the Opt ima is a stress-
free transport unit with a high
state of fi nish inside, though
it lacks zest without the sport
suspension and tires.
Hiyhs: Al1raClive styling and
handling; swallows fi ve people
wilh stuff; low, low prices,
Lows: Loose shifter, feels low-
rent in places, Kia st ill not a
particularly respected brand,
Wh,t'sJleW: Redesigned for 2006;
mild for 2010.
lehUd liewieeJ: A good value
for budget buyers who want new,
the Rio looks sharp and steers
wi th above-average ent husiasm,
alt hough it exudes a tin-box feel
at times.
Base price: LX, EX, Sl6.4W; sx,
Vehide type; front-engi ne, front-drive; 4-door 5-passenger
Intl'fior lUIume, F/R/wgo (eu It).
Wheelba'it' ..
length/wic!t h/heiljlt
Tu rningcircle
EPA (ityfhighway mfXj ..
FlM' I-ta nk (apacitylrange ..
. ..... 56/42/15
. ...... 1()4Jin
,1 78.3/69.9/57.5 in
... 33.9-35.4 It
.275Q-1950 Ib
. ..... 22-27131-16
13.7 gal/301- 370 mi
l.Q-llter OOHC inlioe-4, 154 or 156 hp, 139 or 144Ib-It ;
H-Ilter DOHC inlioe-4, 165 or 173 hp, 161 or l&8 lb-It;
5- or 6-sp rn.ln, 4-IP auto, 5-sp auto I'oith manurn.lti( shifting
. ind, SIMS, coi l anti-roll ba r
,ind, traili ng aJlllS, coi l anti- roll ba r
IR, vented osc/disc
ASS. Slartda rd
Sta bility/tracn()fl (()fItrol . standard/Slartda rd
Passive restraint> ....... driv('r and paS>I'Ilgel side, and
(urtain airbags; rear (urtain airbags
Base jlfi(e: LX, $18,170; EX, $21,365: sx, $21.815; EX V..fJ,
)22,370; SX Y-6, $22,820
Vehide type; frolll-engi ne, fro nt- drive; 4-door 5-pas>l'llger
Intl'fior lUIu me, FIR/cargo (eu It).
Wheelbase ..
len gth/wic!t h/heiljlt
Turning circle
EPA cityfhighway
r lIl-Mnl (Opacity/range ..
. ..... 57/47/15
. ....... 107,1 in
,189.0171. 1/58.3 in
........ .35.5 fi
. JlOO- 3300 Ib
. 20 22/28 32
t6.4ga1/328-36t mi
l.4 .. lner OOHC 16val'le inl lne-4, 175 hp, 169 Ib-It; V- li ter
OOrK: 14valve Y6, 194 hp, 184 lb-It; 5-sp rn.ln, 5-sp auto with
manumati( shifting
. ind, SIMS, coi l anti-ro ll ba r
. .ind, multil iri, coi l anti- roll bo r
FIR , . . vented ol(/dil(
ASS.. . .... optiooal
Sta bility/tractl()fl (()fItrol optional/optional
P;r;sive restraints, .. driver and paS\.l'flgel Side, and
curtain airbogs; rear curtain airbags
Base prke: SI2, 145; LX, $13,875; SX, $14,675
Vehide type; frolll-engi ne, front-drive; 4-door 5-passenger
Intl'fior lUIu me, F/R/cargo (eu It).
Wheelba'it' ..
length/I'oidt hlheiljlt .
Tu rningcircle
EPA cityfhighway
FlM' I-tank (apacitylrange ..
. ..... 52/40/11
. ....... 98.4 in
. ,166.9/66.7/57.9 in
... 32,7-33. t ft
.24OQ-2450 Ib
. 17 28/34 36
11.9ga1/321-m mi
1.6-llter OOOC 110 hp, 107Ib-ft; 5-sp man, 4-sp
F . ....... ind, SIMS, coi l IIXif9s, anti- roll bo r
R . ind, trailing aJlll\, roil springs
flrak(1,f IR, . . . . . . . . . .. ,vented disc/disc or o-um
ASS. .opti()flal
Stabni ty/tractl()fl wnt rol not available/not available
Passive restraint> ....... driv/"r and paS>I'Ilgel side, and
(urtain airbags; rear (urtain airbags
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We took on the world', be,t-and made it better. It ,tarted with a direcfinjection V-6. Then we moved on land pmt
Lexus ES 350) with available features like reallime adoptive suspension that reads the road up to 500 tirres a
,econd, hard-drive-oo",d NAV/Entertainment SY"em' and dool rear-seat-mounted DVD manito,," But we're really
not into lists. Surpassing lexus? That's a different story. 2010 Buick laCrosse. The New Class of World Class.
' MDi1a;Ye,"9" '01 o>tliobiot" "_k; II co c:t v",)," l.toll<l. ' A.al!abla.""" 2009
C200Q Ge....al MoIoo .... _,..,1 &id
Fi nd mor e magazi nes at www. magazi nesdownl oad. com
Fi nd mor e magazi nes at www. magazi nesdownl oad. com
Lexus E5350
The Carmy-based ES350 puts the emphasi s on a plush
ride, a pampering interior, and impeccable reliability.
Perfect for real-estate agents, it glides the byways with a
bi g, luxurious interior but without any pretens ion. Look to
Acura or a German make if fun is a purchase priority.
Lexus 65350/65460
The medium-large Lexus sedan chases the BMW
5-series with it s rear- or all-wheel-drive layout, optional
4.6-liter V-R, and handling trickery such as adjustabl e
shocks, but it doesn't catch it. Too cold, too artificial, too
much like the cars one would expect from Lexus.
Lexus 15250/15350/15 F
Thi s Lexus aims for the BMW 3-series with a taut
suspension, a fine interior, and good power, at least in the
350 and F. Lexus hasn't fully decoded BMW' s formula yet,
so the controls are a little robotic and remote . The IS F is
hellacious but lacks the intimacy of the M3 and C63.
74 CARaoxlDRI VER.( om
Hi,hs: Fa ultless quality, quiet and
refined, relentlessly benign.
Lows: More than an
equally effective sleeping pill.
Wkat'sntw: Redes igned for 2007;
mi nor changes this year include a
redesigned nav system.
ae"tnd tbwktel: The ES3SO is
a stress-free choice for people
who want mild luxury without a
pushy brand image, overwrought
or a faLlX-5POrtS-W ride.
Soft. springy. and quiet, it's the
ult imate Buick.
Hi,hs: High-grade lubricity to the
conJrols and bunons, seamless
quality, V-8 is qUid.
Lows: Fartoo cushy and cold for
enthusiast drivers, expensive.
Wilt's nrw: Redesigned for 200{i;
small changes for '10 incl ude a
new nav system.
Be.ind litwhtel: Handles Ihe
twisties wilh composure and
loves a good freeway storm but
lacks the driver involvement
enthusiasts crave (and fi nd) in
ot her priced cars.
Hi,hs: Lexus reliability and dealer
service, quiet and refi ned, dapper
on base models, IS F's
fierce power and big grip.
Lows: Snug back competition
handles better, only the wimpy
2S00ffers a manual transmission.
wbt's new: RedeSigned for 2(()6,
IS F new for 2008; a new nav for
2010, plusa mechanical limited-
slip diff for the IS F.
Be.ind Ibwhtd: As thrilling as
l exus gets, with sharp steering
and buttoned-down dynamics.
Base pri(e: S34.800
Vehide type: Wont-t'Ilglle. froot-liil'{': 4- cIoo r 5-p.1SSengtf
Imenorl'Olume, FlRJcargo (cu h) . 52 53/43/15
. 11)1.3 in
191.1171.7/57.1 in
. .. 36.7 ft
.3700 Ib
. .. . .... 19127
18.5 g.a1/352 mi
Whl'eIOOI(' ..
Lengt h /Width/ht'i ght
Tuming Circle ..
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel -tank capacity/lange .
15-li ter DOOC V-6, m hp, 254 Ib-ft: 6-sp auto WIth
nldnum.ltic shift ing
. indo strutl. springs. cl nt i-roI l OOr
ind, cod ant i-rol l OOr
!\rak6. r /R. . vented di\(/disc
ABS standard
Stabili ty/tracuoo cootro! ..... ..... stl ndard/standard
restraints . .driver and paSl('flgef knee, iII1d
curtain airbags: rear curtain aimags
Base pri(e: GS350, S45,()(X); GS350 AWO, $46,950: GS460,
Vehlde type: front-engine, rear- or 4-wheet-dlil't'; 4-door
5-passenger sedan
Imeriorl'Olume, FlRJcargo (cu h).
W"heeIOO\e ..
. . 112.2 in
Lengt h/Widthlhei ght
Tuming erne.
EPA citylhighway mpg
Cclp.l(ity/rclnge .
..... .. I90.017l.7/56.1-56.5 in
34.H 5.4h
3800- 3950 Ib
17 19/24 26
. .... ..... tS.Sgal/320-357 mi
15-li ter OOHC 24-valve V-6, 303 hp, 274 Ib-h; 4.6- li ter OOOC
V-8, 342 hp, 339 Ib-h; 6- or 8-sp auto with manumatic
F . ind, co ntrol arms. coil springs, cl nt i-roI l OOr
R in d, multili nk. coa springs, ant i-rol l bar
!\rakes, F/R. . . ...... Vl:'flted dis(/l'I'Ilted diS(
ABS. . standard
Stabili tyltracuoo cOlltro! stl ooard/st.3ndard
Pas>ive restra ints . dri ver and passenger !root, side, knee.
and curtain almags; rear curtain almags
Baseprke: 15250, S32.7lO; 1S250AWO, $36,350; 15350, $38, 170;
IS F, $58,635
Vehide type: front-engine, rea r- or 4-dOOI
4 5-pasl('flgef sedan
Interior I'Olume, F IRJcargo (cu h) .
WheelOOI(' ..
51 54/34/13
. t07.5 in
180.1 183.5/70.9 71.5/55.7 56.? in
33.5 35.5 h
.3450-3800 Ib
16- 21/23 ;>9
. .... 16.9- 17.1 galme-359 ml
Length /Widthlhl'i gh t
Tumin g circle.
Cllfb Wl'ight .
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel -tank cap.lcitY/lilnge .
2.5-liter 00Il( 24-va lll(' V-6, 204 hp, t85 Ib-ft: 3.5-liter DOll( 24-
valve V-6. 306 hp, m Ib-ft; 5.()-liter DOHC 32-valve V-8, 416 hp,
m Ib-ft :6-sp ma n, 6-sp cl uto with manumatic shift ing. 8-sp cl uto
with manumatic shift ing
r. . ind, unequal-l ength control cod springs. cl nt i-roI l OOr
R . iIl d, springs. ant i-rol l 001
Stakes. FIR .. ventt'd, cross-dril lt'd diS( (I[ veott'd (j(J)
II(' nted, clOSs-dnlled diS(: vented diS(; IJr diS(
ABS st.3ndard
Stabili ty/trcl Ctioo cOlltroi stl ooardlstandard
[{'\tra ints . .driver and passenger knee, iII1 d
curtain aimags: rear curta in aimags
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Lexus LS460/L
Mildly restyled for 20 10, the biggest Lexus is precision
assembled and bristling with tech but blah to drive. Superbly
tranquil and voluminous, it serves buyers crdving lUxury
and serenity above all. The long-wheelbase LS provides
enough space to hold a Moose Lodge meeti ng.
Lincoln MKS
The MKS is Lincoln's full-size luxury sedan; it shares a
platform with other models, including the Ford Taurus. It's
handsome, decent to dri ve, and offers all of the tech you'd
expect for the price. The EcoBoost V-6 model offers V-8
power levels, courtesy of twin turbos.
Lincoln MKZ
The MKZ is the priciest and classiest among Ford"s
trio that also includes the Fusion and Mercury Milan. In
its version, Lincoln eschews hybrid and workaday four-
cylinder models, instead focusing on style, a quiet interior,
and V-6 power. All -wheel drive is a welcome option.
luxury fo r less than an S-class,
exempl ary fit and fini sh, V-8
power, re<lefi nes interior Quiet.
Lows: Bland styling, small ish
trunk. squishy ha ndling.
Wh,t'sJleW: Redesigned for 2007;
2010 sees a new gri lle and lights.
Il!hid lit wi tel; The Lexus
flagship is less about the drive
than the ride. Passengers love
the expansive space and luxury
amenit ies, but the driverwill
struggle to stay awake.
Hiyhs: Near-lexus-like ride,
decent styli ng, oplional EcoBoost
engine is smooth and powerful.
Lows: Fully loaded version pushes
55 gra nd, light back seat for such
a big car.
what'SJlew: Int roduced for 2009;
twin-turboV-6 model, retuned
suspension, and improved sound-
deadening arrive for 2010.
Il!lriad lie wi tel: Steering is
accurate and with sufficient feel
to prevent complete boredom on
back-count ry roads.
Hiyhs: For the money, it offers
an impressive list of standard
equipment; glitzy styling touches.
Lows: Not everyone wi ll like the
newtwin-grilleface, st ill some
cheap-feeling plastic inside.
Wh,t'sJleW: Introduced for 2006
as the Zephyr and renamed MKZ
for 2007; updated for 2010 with
new exterior and interior styl ing.
Belriad ti ewieel: Not the floaty
Uncoln of yesteryear, the MKZ is
taut, firmly sprung, and pleasanl
enough to
Base pri(e: S64,680; LS460 AWD, S68,105; LS460L, $70,215;
LS460L AWD. $73}5O
Vehide type: frOllI-engine. rear-or 4-wheel-dril'; 4-door 4-5-
pilS\eflger sedan
Interior'iOlume, F/R/c.Jrgo (eu It).
WneelbaS ..
55/50 51/16 18
.t I6.9-11I.7 in
..... .. 198.0-102.8/73.8/57.7-58.1 in len gth/widt
lurningcircl e 35.4-38.81t
..... .. m0-4950 Ib Curb weight.
EPA (ityfhighway mpg . .
flJel-lJ nk c.Jpacity/ra nge
. .. ...... 16/23-24
4.6-lller OOHC 357 or 380 hp. 344 or 367 Ib-It; 8-sp
auto with manu mati( shilting
F. ind, mLdtilink, coi l or alr (!)pt) anti-roll ba r
ind, mul nlink, coi l or alf (!)pt) anti- roll ba r R
/R. . dWvented disc
ASS. Slandard
Sta bility/tractlOll control . staodard/Slanda rd
Passive restraint> ...... driver and pas>l'rllJ' r Side, knel',
and (urtain airbags; 1I'ar (urlain airbags
Base prke: 3.7, $41,695; 3.7 AWD, $43,585; 3.5 AWD, $41!,585
Vehide type: lroot-eoginl', fronl- or 4-wheei -dri ve; 4- door 5-
paS\eflger sedan
Interior 'iOIume, F/R/wgo lcu It) .56/49/ 19
Wneelbase.. . .... .. 112.9 in
lengthl ....idthlhei1't . . .. 204.1/75.9/61.6 in
Turningcircle ...... .. .39.7 fi
Cu rb weight. . .41S0-43S0 Ib
. 16 17123 15
FIJeI-ta nk c.Jpacity/range ..... ..... 19.0 lO.Ogal/304 340mi
17 OOHC V--{i, 27S hp, 276 tb-ft; twin-turbocharged
15-lner OOHC V-6, 355 hp, 350 Ib-It; 6-sp aulO with
manumalic shilting
r .. . .... ind, SIMS, COi llj)" iogs, anti-roll bJr
.ind, multiliri::, COi l ami-roll bar R
ASS.. . .... Slandard
Stability/tractlon wntrol slandardfSlanda rd
Passi";e restraints . . .dri'ler and passenger SIde, and
curtalo airbags; 1I'ar curtain airba gs
Base prke: $34,965; AWD, $36,855
Vehide type: fronl-engine, froot- or 4-v.fleel -drive; 4-door
5-pasSoger sedan
Interior 'iOIume, F/Rfwgo (cu It) . . .... . 54/45/17
Wnel' lbase.. . .... .. 107.4 in
lengthl ....idthlheigJt . . .189.8172.2/56.9 in
Turningcircl e ..... ... .37.7 ft
Curbwerght J600-3!JOO lb
. 17 18/24 17
FIJeI\a nk (apacitylrange .......... 16.5-17.5 ga1f281-315 mi
15-liler DQHC V-6, 163 hp, 249 Ib-It; 6-sp aulO with
manumalie shifting
F ....... ind, unequ.Jl -teoglh (ootrot arms. COi llj)" iogs, anlHoll ba r
R .ind, multiliri, COi l ami-roll ba r
flrakes,f /R. ose/disc
ASS. Slandard
Sta bni ty/tractloo wntrol standordfSlandard
PasSive restraint> ....... driv/'r and paS>l'rlger Side, and
(urtain airbags; 1I'ar (urlain airbags
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Lincoln Town Car
A traditional rear-wheel-drive, V-8- powered, sIx-pas-
senger full-size sedan, thi s is a favorite of livery drivers
and retirees because of its space and creamy ride. Although
this Lincoln is obsolete by today' s luxury-car standards, it
remains a good value for the undiscerning.
Maserati Quattroporte
The Quamoporte isn' t for everyone because it doesn't
have the interior space or comfort of the leading luxury
sedans. But it's a fabulous car to drive and look at and a
stylish alternative to the best German competition. The
Sport GT S is even more hard-core, with 433 horsepower.
Maybach Landaulet
The Landaulet designation describes a sedan with a
convertible rear roof that leaves the chauffeu r covered but
gives rear passengers a fresh-air option. The Maybach is
one of the most opulent cars on sale but seems out of touch
with the current, straitened financial times.
76 CARaoxlDRIVER.(om
Hi'Jhs: Cushy ride, quiet at speed,
six-passenger seat ing. huge
trunk, may be the last traditional
American luxury barge,
Lows: Tepid V-8 engine, steering
too numb for our tastes, ancient
everything, bland enough to
make the menu at Applebee's.
Wiat'snew: Redesigned in the
early Paleozoic era (actually
1998); unchanged for 2010.
Bt"ind tit whttl: Big, soft, and
clumsy; bug the boss to upgrade
the fleet to Chrysler 300cs.
Ki,h: Seduct ive
sumptuous interior, lovelyV-8
exhaust rumble,
Lows: Ti ght rear-seat lf9room,
limited dealer/service locations.
Wiafsaew: Introduced for 2005;
a face lift was performed for
2tX9, no change-:; for 2010
Behiad the wHtI: This gorgeous
sedan is no wraith, bu! its stiff
chassis, tactile steering, and
excellent brakes conspire to
produce sports-car responses. Not
for el'f' ryone bu! soulful,
Hi'Jhs: Maybach opulence, vas!
rear cabin, massive power from
the twin-turbo V-12, exclusivity,
Lows: Expensive even by CEQ
s!andards-o!her than oil sheiks,
who might want one? Plus, it
looks slightly anonymous,
wbt's new: Introduced for 2009;
unchanged for 2010
Be"ind tit whetl: The torque
of the 6.0-l iter twin-turbo V-12
is smooth, as is the car's Ol'l' ral l
operation. But sitting in the back,
do you care?
Base pri(e: Slgflilture Li rrured, $47,470; SilJlature L, $53, 140
Vehide type: fronH'ngine, rear-dnve; 4-door 6-paSSllgtf
Imenorl'Olume, F/RJcargo (cu h). 57/51 59/21
,117.7 123.7 in Whl'eIOOI(' ..
Length /Width/ht'i ght
Tuming Circle ..
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel -tank capacity/lange ,
.2t5,4-221.4178.5/59,0-59,1 in
4350-4550 1b
........ 16/24
4.6-li terSOHC m hp, 187 Ib-h; 4-sp auto
F .. . . ioo, unequat- Iffigt h controt a!TTIs. coil springs. anti-roll bar
R ,rigid .!Ie, cOil or air springs. . nti-rolt OOr
!\rak6. r IR. . . ...... dis(/l'eIlled diS(
ABS standard
Siability/rracuoo cootrol ..... ... nor available/standard
JeStrainlS. . . . .. rover aM pas\eIlgl'f tro nt iII1d
side aimags
Base pri(e: $114,150; 5, Sl30,150; SponGl 5, S138, 100
Vehlde type; front-ffigine, rear-d';vt; 4-door 5-paw'ngl'f
""" Interior F /RJcdfgD (cu h) 56/43/16
.1l(),6in Whl'eIOOI(' ..
Lffi gth/Width/hf'i ght
Tunt in g Circle.
Curb wf'ight .
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel -rank capo city/lange ,
............ 2OQ.7/74,2{56,Q-56,6in
... 40,41'1
.. 4400 lb
11/17 18
2l8g.a1/262 mr
4.2-li ter OOHC V-8, 396 hp, 339 Ib-f1; V-li ler OOOC
V-8, 425 or m hp, 361 tb-h; &-sp aUlo with manlJfJlatic
slufiin g
r, . ind, unequal-l t'Ilgth control springs, . nti-rol t OOr
R . ioo, co ntrol a!TTIs, coil springs, . nti-roi l OOr
!\rakes. FIR. . . ...... dis(/'II'rlted diS(
ABS.. standard
Siobilitylrraclloo cootrol stlrdard/standard
Passive JeStra ints. ,driver and passenger front, '>ide, iII1 d
curtain almags; rear curtain almags
Base pri(e: $2,075,(0)
Vehide type: front-ffigi ne, rear-dnve; 4-door 4-paSSllgtf
Interior F /RJcdfgD (cu h)
Whl'eIOOI(' ..
Lffi gth/Width/hf'ight
Tunt ing Circle ..
EPA mpg
Fuel -tank capacity/lange ,
. 150.7in
,242.7 /7S,O/62,O in
. .. 48,61'1
.6350 1b
... 10/16
29. 1 g.at/291 mi
twin-turbocharged . nd imercooled 6.Q- liter SOfIC V-12.
604 hp, 738 lb-ft; 5-sp auto with manumatic shifting
F, . . .ind, unequal-tength control arms, air springs. . nti-roIl bar
R ind, multilink, air springs. onti-roi l OOr
!\rakes. FIR. . . .. . ...... dis(/'II'rlted diS(
ABS standard
Stability/rr.clioo c()lltroi stlrdard/stlndard
[{'\train1s. . . dri ver and passenger froot. '>ide, iII1d
curta in airbilgs: rear side and curtain aimags
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Maybach 57/62
Mercedes-Benz' s attempt to break into the ult raluxury
domain of Bentley and Roll s-Royce has met with mi xed
success. The standard (57) and long-wheelbase (62) models
are now available in even more exclusive, more powerful
Zeppeli n form, which offers 63 [ horsepower.
Mazda 3
Mazda s bestsel ler gets all -new sheetmetal for 201 0,
upgraded interior trim, and more power. Dimensions stay
stat ic, as does the athlet ic suspension, but power in the
available 2.0- and 2.5-liter engines ri ses. Option choi ces
also expand. It 's one of the most fun small cars out there.
Mazda 6
All-new in '09, the 6 grew and matured a lot, closely
shadowing the class leader, the Honda Accord. A sedan
onl y, the 6 offers tons of features and the choice of a V-6
or a four-cylinder. The sporty suspension tune makes it the
driver's pick in the mid-size-sedan segment.
Hi,hs: Pri ncely pal ace interiors,
meticul ous workmamhip. quiet at
any speed. silky-smooth power.
Lows: Princely palace pricing,
styling lacks prestige and
presence of a Rolls or a Bentley.
Wh,t'sJleW: Introduced for 2003;
the 631-hp Zeppel in models are
new for 2010
lelriad liewiffJ: These sedans
range from big to bigger, and
there's not a bad seat in the
house. Twin-turbol/-12) make
the mass feel light.
Hl,hs: Every day is enjoyable in a
3. high horsepower forthe class,
lots of options. fun and frugal.
Lows: Harderridi ng, more cabin
noise Ihan a (orol la. the new
Whlt'suw: Redesigned for 2010.
Behiad liewieel: Quick. darly.
and ready for a romp, the 3
more driving pleasure
than most in its class. What to
buy if you can't afford a BMW.
Lots of luxury items are
but they can drive up the price.
Hi,hs: More fun than the
competit ion, ample streich space,
refi nemenl,l otsoffealUres.
Lows: Large-ish dimensions.
trades some sportiness for cabin
isolation, makes a
ruckus at high rpm.
Whai'suw: Redesigned for 2009;
no major changes for lOW.
Behiad lie wieel: Lively steering.
solid brakes, and a coni rolled ride
are the 6's main attri butes. Only
the Nissan Al tima offers a si milar
level ofsponiness.
Base pri(e: 57, $366,(XX): 575, $40S,SOO; 57 Zeppelin, )455,500:
62, $417,000; 625, $456.500; 62 Zeppel in, $605.500
Yehide type: front-erqine. rear-drive; 4-door 4-palsenger
Imerior'iOlume, F/R/c.Jrgo (eu It). 57 58/57 65/15
.133.5-15O.7 in WneelbaS ..

Curb weight.
EPA cityfhighway mpg . .
flJeI-lOnk c.Jpacity/raoge
.... .. 225.5-242.7178.0/61.3-61.9 in
..... .. 6100-6350 Ib
.. . ...... 11-1 2/17
29. I gal/320 mi
""1n-turbochargl'd and intercooll'd 55-liter 50HC 36-valve V-12,
54} hp, 664 lb-It; twin-turbocl\arged aM intl'f(ooled 6.Q- litoC! SOIIC
3{i-valve V-12, 604 or 631 hp. 738 Ib-ft; 5-sp auto with manumati(
F .ind, unequal. length coot!Oi arms, ail IIXiogs, anti- lOll tJa r
R iM. multilink. air anti-roll tJa r
IR. . I'eIltl'd dWvented disc
ASS. Slandard
Sta bility/tracnoo control . standard/standa rd
Passive restraint> .. . ..... dri'/f"f and paS>eIlgel side. and
curtain airUags; rear and curtain aimags
lOBes! Winner
"e:''' Z010

Base price: I SV. $15}95; i SIxIrt, $16,725; I Touring. $18.250; l
Sport. S 19,49); I Grand louri ng, Sn250
Yehide type: from-engi ne, fro nt-drive; 4-door 5-passengoC!
Interior 'iOIume, r /RIwgo {eu It) . .. 51-52142/12
1039 in
1801-180.9/69. 1/57.9 in
........... ,34.2 1t
.. .... 2900-3050Ib
14.5-15.9ga1/334-363 mi

Turning circle
Curb weight. ...
EPA cityfhighll'ay mM
flJel-tl nk c.Jpacitylr.loge
2.Q-litoC! DOIf( 16-vall'e inlioe-4, 144 or 143 hp. 132 or 135l b-ft:
OOHC 16-Vcl ll'e inlioe-4, 165 or 167 hp. 167 or 168 lb-ft ;
5- or 6-sp man, 5-sp auto with manumatic shiltlng
r ..
.... ind, SlrutS, COi l .lnfi-roll tJa r
. indo multiliti, COi l SjlI' irql, anti-roll iJ.J r
Brakes, FIR vented rjsc/disc
ASS .. .. .. ..... Slanda rd
Sta bility/tractioo contlOl . . optior\:ll/optiooal
Passive restraint> . . .. dri'ler cl nd froot side. and
cunaln airtJags; rear curtain aimags
Base price: I SV, $19,200; i SPl}ft $20,070; I Too ri ng. $21,650;
iloorirq $24,500; I Grand Touring. $26,685; I Tou ring Plus. $27,200;
IGrandl:iuring, $29, 140
Yehide type: from-engi ne, front-drive; 4-door 5-passengoC!
Imerior 'iOIume, F/R/cargo (eu It).
WneelbaS ..

Turniog circle
Curb weight.
EPA cityfhighway mpg .
flJel-tl nk c.Jpacity/raoge.
. . . ... 54- 56/46/17
.. .... . 1(19 .8 in
1917/72.4/57.9 in
..... ... J 5.4ft
... ... BOO- 3600 Ib
.. . .. 17-21/25-30
18.5 gal/315-389 mi
2.5-liter OOIK 16-Vil ll'e inlioe-4, 168 or 170 hp. 166 or 167 Ibft:
17-liter DOlI( 24-wJive V-6, 272 hp. 269 Ib-ft; 6-sp man, S- or 6-sp
aula with manumatl( shift ing
F ..... .. iM, urtequ.J I-lerqth cO/mol arms, coi l anti- roll tJa r
R . . .... indo multiliti, COi l IIXiogs, anti- roll tJa r
flrak(1,f IR. vented disc/disc
ASS. Slandard
5t.lbni ty/tractloo control standard/Slartda rd
Passive restraint>. . . .... driver and p.lsSngf"f front side.
and curtain airtJags; rear curtain aimags
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Mercedes-Benz C -class/C63 AMG
A fresh, attractive, and solid sedan, the C-class can feel
a bit small and cheap inside. Available in Luxury or Sport
trim, the C-class can be configured to satisfy just about any
driver. The AMG-tuned C63 is a radical (0 to 60 mph in 3.9
seconds) and refreshing alternative to the BM\V M3.
Mercedes-Benz CLS-class/CLS63 AMG
Seductively styled and beautiful to behold, the CLS-class
is built upon the bones of the last-gen E-class. The interior
is as attractive as the exterior, but a smallish back seat may
turn off some potential buyers. Both versions are quick, but
the AMG version offers breathtaking acceleration.
Mercedes-Benz E-class/E63 AMG
New from headlights to taillights, the 2010 E-c1ass
has even higher levels of safety, refinement, and luxury.
From {he fuel-efficient diesel to the race-ready E63 AMG,
Mercedes-Benz makes an E-class for just about everyone-
everyone who can pay for it, that is.
78 CARaoxlORIVER.( om
Hi,hs: Solid cont rol feel; supple
ride of non-AMGs; AMG version is
quick, loud, and wonderful.
Lows: Tiny back seat, regular
versions are pricey and a bit dull,
em ride Qn tie oone jarring.
Wilt's new: Redesigned for 2008;
no changes for 2010.
ae"tnd tktwhtel: Although
sport ier than previous (-classes,
the basic cars lack the dynamic
grace of the BMW 3-sefie, The
(63 AMG isa powerful, loud, and
compell ing M3 compet itor.
Hi,hs: Avant-garde design inside
and out, stellar acceleration,
refined driving experience,
Lows: Tight rear-seat space,
commands a premium overlhe
already pricey E-class,
Wbt'sntw: Introduce\! for 2006;
unchanged for 2010.
Be.ind litwhttl: Goes as good
as it looks, with smooth steering,
5trong brakes, a compliant ride,
a sol id structure, and powerful
VoSs especially in AMG form.
The gearbox is good,too
Hi,hs: Safety and luxury galore,
comfortable and handsome
interior, AMG version offers
supercar performance,
Lows: Pricey, weak 35-literV-fJ,
non-AMG versions err on the side
of lUXury more than we'd like.
Wlat'sntw: Re\!esigne\! for 2010.
Be.ind lit wktll: Solid, refined,
quiet, isolate\!, and coddling, in
non-AMG guise, the E-class is
more luxury than sporl. AMG
version is fi rmer, louder, and is a
four-door performance superstar.
Base prite: 000 $34,475; 000 luxu ry, $34,685; 000
Spon4MATK: , $37,975; 000 Luxury4MATIC $38,175:050 Slllrt,
$40,625; (63 AMG, $60,325
Vehide type: front-engine, rear- or 4-wheel- dJive; 4-door
S-passeoger sedan
Interiorl'Olume, (cu It) .
lMleeltw.e ..
....... 182.3/69.7/56.3 57,Oin Length lwidthlhl'i ght
Tunt ing Circle ..
Curb weight .
capacity/range ,
,3650-3750 1b
12 18/19 26
..... ..... 17.4gal/109-313 mi
lo-li ter DOHC 14-val\'e Y-6, 228 hp, l2l lb-It: DOHC 24-
valve V-6. 268 hp, 158 Ib-It; 6.l-li ter DOHC 32-valve V-8, 451 hp,
443 Ib-lI; 6-,p man. 7 -;.p auto with manumatic shifting
ind, struts, springs. anti-rol l bor
,ln d, mul tilin k, springs. anti-rol l bot
Bra kes. F/R ..... , I'ffited, CJOSs-drili ed or vented disc!l'ffitf"d ,
cross drillf"d or \'eJltf"d diS(
ABS standard
Stability/traeuoo cootrol .......... star'dard/standard
restraints. . ,dri lll' and passenger (root side, and
curtain airbags: rear curtain aimags
Base pri(e: [L5550, 574,575/CLS63 AMG, S 101,425
Vehlde type: front- engine, rear-dJivt; 4-door 4-passeogl:'l"
""" Interior F fR!cdfgo ((U It)
'MIeeIb.Jse ..
Length lwidthlh('i gh t
Turn in g Circle .
Curb weight .
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fud-tank cdpaeitY/JilJlge ,
. 112,4in
193.0173.7/54.7 io
... 36.7ft
,405Q-4250 Ib
12 14/18 21
.......... 21 .1gal1253295mr
5.5-li ter DOH( 32-va l\'e V-8. 382 hp, 391Ib-It ; 6.2-l iter DOH( 32-
valve V-8, 507 hp, 465 Ib -It; 7-sp auto with manumaHe shifting
F, .. . .. ind, unequal-length control arms, air springs. anti roI l bor
R ,ind, multilink, air springs. cl nti-roI l bor
Bra kes, FIR ..... , vented, cJOSs-drill ed or vented disc!wotf"d,
cross-drill f"d or 'II'Iltf"d diS(
ABS.. standard
Stabilityltracuoo cootrol stlndard/st.lndard
Pas>ive restraints. driver and passenger frolll, side, knee
(driver only), and rurtain alrbags; rear rurtain alrbags
(ompuison Test
.. WiDner '<;'''2010
Base pri(e: mo, $49,475: B50 4MATIC. $51,975; E350 BIlJ('Tec.
$S2.1XXl (est) : [550, $57,125: E550 4MATI C S60,975/[63 MIG.
Vehide type: froot-englne, rear- or 4-wheel-dJive; 4-door
5-pasSEnget SEdan
IntE'fiOr volume, F /RIwgo (ru It) .52/45/16
WheelbaSE .. lB.lin
l.ength/widthfheight ... ,191.7- 192.4173.0-73.7/56,8- 57.7 in
Turning arde 36.2 It
Curb weight. . . . . .. ,4OO}-4200 Ib
EPA Ci tylhighway rnpg .13-23/20-32 (est)
fuel-tank capaaty/ra nge . 21.1 ga l/274- 485 mi (est)
rurbocha rgoo.M intl'fcoolf"d lO-litCf [)(lIe 24-val \'e diM V-6, 210
hp, 400 Ib-It; 3.5- lttCf OOHe 24-val \'e V.fJ, 268 hp, 258 Ib -It; 55-lItl:'l"
OCIHC 32 valve V 8. 382 hp, 3911b ft: 6. 2-IItE'f O(llC 32valve V 8,
518 hp, 465 Ib-ft; 7-sp auto with marllJmati( >/lifting
F, rnd, mukil ln!<;, (oi l or springs. anli rol l bar
R ind, ((Iii or air springs, .lnti- rol l bar
Bra kes. FIR ..... , vt'Ilted, CJOSsdrill ro or ventro disdl'!'lltf"d ,
cross-drill f"d or 'II'Iltf"d diS(
ASS standard
Stabilityftractioo cootrol Stlnd.lrd/standard
Pa\siV\' II'ltraint\. ,dri lll' aod passenger (root side, and
curta in aimags: rea! (opt) and curtain aimags
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Mercedes-Benz 5-dass/563 AMGJ
565 AMG
One of the world's most desirable sedans, the S-class is
M-8's flagship. The S-class lost its most recent comparison
test to the newer BMW 7-series, but that doesn' t mean the
Mere isn't wonderful to drive. A refresh for 20] 0 has added
loads of new safety gadgets as well as a hybrid version.
Mercury Grand Marquis
The Grand Marquis is a survivor from an earlier age
when big rear-drive sedans ruled U.S. roads. It delivers a
blend of smooth power, cushy ride, and serene driving that
mostly appeals to older drivers. Unchanged for 2010, the
Grand Marquis got its most recent face lift in 2003.
Mitsubishi Galant
Mitsubishi offers a mainstream sedan, but who knew?
The soft ride and roomy interior make it perfect for rental
fleets, but the Galant lacks the personality to attract attention
away from the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry.
Expect a mercy kill ing soon as Mitsu refocuses its lineup.
Hiyhs: Extraordinary comfort and
handsome exterior
design. AMGs are rocket ships.
lows: Prices that range into
heart-attack territory. numb
electric steering on some S550s_
WhIt'SUW; Redesigned for 2006;
20 1 0 sees a sl ight extenor refresh
plus a load of new tech gadgets
lelriad liniee); The 55S0 is
fast; the AMGs are stupid fast Al l
handle in a nimble manner that
I:telies their size yet have a supple,
comfonable ride quality.
Hi'fhs: Spacious interior front
and rear, vast trunk, quiet at all
spee\ls, solid durabil ity
lows; Looks dated inside and out,
hasn't been redesigned since the
Cli nton administ ration_
Whlfsuw; Redesigned for 1993;
unchanged for 2010.
lellid tuw"etl;
steering has been improved over
the years, but pi lot ing this car
is still like steppi ng into a time
warp; its dynamicS and overall
persona dateto the '50s.
Hi'fhs: Competitive ride, huge
back seat. stiff structure,
lows: Touches of cheapness
abound, rear seat doesn't fold,
needs to lose a few pounds
Whlfsuw: Redesigned for 2004;
the powerfulV-6 is dead for 2010,
and the four-cylinder is reworked
for a few more mpg_ Stabi lity
control is now standard,too,
lelriad tie wieel: The ride is
respectable and the steering
predictable, The four -cylinder is
acceptable but nothing more.
Base price; 5550, $92,475; 5550 4MAI IC $95,475; S63 AMG,
Sm.425;S600, SI53,575;S65 AMG, $205.025
Vehide type: fronl -etlgioe, rear- or 4-...meel -drive; 4-door
s..pilllenger sedan
Iml'rior 'IOIu me, F 1R/c.Jfgo (eu It) _ 54/55/20
Wheelbase.. . ....... 124.6 in
Ll'rHllh/wtdthl1leiijll lfJfJ5/717/58.0 in
Tu rningCircl e.. . ............ 4O,Oft
Cu rb wetgh!... .. 4500-5100 Ib
EPA eity/highwJ)' mpg .. 11-15/17-23
Fllel-Iank capacily/rarJ9('. . 23.8 gaI!262 357 mi
55-liter OOIiC V-a. 382 hp, 391Ib-ft; l ....in-lumocMTged
iIld inlercooed 55-IIIl'rSOHC V-12, 510 hp. 612l b-It; 6.2-
lill'r OOtl( V-8, 518 hp, 46S Ibft; twin-turbocharged iITld
imercooled 6.O-11Il'r SOOC V-1 2, 604 hp, 738Ib-It; 5- or
7-1P auro with manumatic shilting
r.. indo mullilink, cOi l or air (IJIl t) Sj)'ings, anti-roll iJa r
R . ind, multilink, cOi l or air (1JIl1) ami- mil bo r
Brakes, FIR , .. I'l'rlled, cross-drilled or I'l'rlled of>C/
vented, cross-dri lled or I'l'rlted diS(
ASS.. . ... stilTldard
$Iabdily/traaion wntrol . standardlstandard
P.r;'iive r03traims, .. dml'r and side,and
[unain airb.Jgs; red( iIld curlain ilirbags
Base prlte: $30,285
Vehide type: from-erqllle, rear-drive; 4-door 5-pasSl'Oger
Iml'rior 'iOIu me, FIR/cargo (eu It).
Wheelbase ..
Letl gth/wicft h/heiijll
lu rningeircl e
Cu rb weighl.
EPA CityihighwJ)' mpg ..
r uel-ta n! capacity/ra nge ..
. .... . 58/50/21
. ....... 114,6 in
,211. 1/78.3/58.3 in
....... .41S0 Ib
. ......... 16/24
t9,Ogal/304 mi
4,6-lner SOI-K 16--vdll'e V-8, 224 IX 239 hp, m IX 287Ib-It; 4-sp

r ....... ind, unequa l-Ierqrh control arms, COi l >j) irqs, anti-roll bJ r
R . Jigd axle, cOi l or air anti- mil bo r
flrakt'S,f IR , ,vented dWvenled disc
ASS _ Slilldard
Slabdi ty/traction wmml . nol
Passil' . ..... .. driver and pas\ell ger fronl and
side airbags
Base prite: ES, $23,319;SE, $24)19
Vehide type; fronr-engi ne, front-drive; 4-door 5-pas\eIlger
Iml'rior 'iOIu me, F/R/cargo (eu It). .. S5 56/4S/13
WheelbJse ..
Lffigth/ ....icft h/heiijlt .
Tu rningcircle
Cu rb w ghl
EPA cily/highway mpg
Fllel-tan! capacitylrarJ9(' ..
. ...... 10IUin
191 .1172.4/57.9-58,0 in
... 38,1 -4O.7 ft
J 400- J450 Ib
......... 21/30
. ... 17.7 9al/172 mi
2. 4-lller SOHC 1551Jf 160 hp, 155 or 157Ib-ft ;
4-Sj) aUlo with manumalie shiltltJg
F . ....... ind, SlrutS, COi l >j) ings, anti- roll bo r
R _ ind, multil iri, coi l >j)irqs, anti-roll ba r
flrakt'S,f IR , vented disc/disc
ASS_ Slilldard
Slabni tyltraalon wmml standord/Slilldard
P.r;sive restraint> ....... dw and paS'>l'rlger Side, and
curtain airbogs; rear curtain airbags
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Mitsubishi Lancer/Lancer Ralliart!
Lancer Evolution
Looking stubby and sexy, the Lancer is available In
three levels of aggression: base, Ralliart, and Evolution.
The base cars are comfortable, spacious, attractive, and
sporty commuters, while the turbocharged Ralliart and
Evolution are all-wheel -drive street terrors.
Nissan Altima
With a big back seat, a spotty and filTll chassis , and
handsome styl ing, the Altima has carved out a sizable
niche in the mid-size-sedan class. Interior quality is not its
strongest suit, but the engines are willing, the price is right,
and it isn't as dreary to drive as some of its rivals.
Nissan Maxima
Redesigned in 2009, the sevent h-gen Maxima now has
a muscular new body to better distinguish it from the lesser
Altima, with which it shares a platform. More nimble than
most cars at this price, the plush Maxima is a spirited alter-
native to a Toyota Avalon or a Lexus ES350.
80 CARaoxlDRIVER,(om
Hi,hs: Roomy interior, excellent
driving position, attractive prkt' -
to-performance ratio for base
cars, aggressive front-end styling.
Lows: Ra ll iar! lags behind the
competit ion. [vogels pricey fast.
Wlal'suw: Redesigned for 2008;
Evo MRTouring is new.
If.ind litwktel: All lancers
deliver an excellent combination
of balance and gr ip. The Ra lliar!
feels a bit heavy, so jump up to
the Evo if you can- it's an all-
weat her-capable delight.
Hi,hs: Fetching spacious
rear-seat area, firm and sporty
chassis, miserly four-cyli nder,
generous trunk space.
Lows: Standard eVT can annoy,
interior plastics not up to snuff,
V-6 may i)e too powerful.
Will's new: Redesigned for 2007;
manual transmission deleted.
Bflind Ib whtrl: This four-door
is among the sportiest fami ly
sedans_ It's a wheelspin-fi ll ed
mess with the V-6, but the Al tima
is sti ll a compelling choice.
Hi,hs: Arresting new shape,
Quick, 290 horsepower,
composed chassis.
Lows: (Vr automatic lessens the
sporty nature, basically Just an
"Altima plus,'
Will's ntw: Redesigned for 2009;
interior electronics upgrades for
the 2010 model year.
Bflind Ib Acceleratioo
is breezy and the handling sharp,
but the stiff suspension can tie
too crisp for some, especially on
bad roads.
Sue pri(e: DE, $1)510; ES, $17,710; GTS, $19,710; Rdlliort
527,9 10; EvolutiOn G5ft $34.3 10; Evol utiOn Mft 539,7 10; Evol utiOn
MR Touring, $41)10
Vl!hidl! lypl!: -drivt: 4-000r )-passerJger \eOOo
interior l'Qiume, F/R/ca rgo (cu fi l 51-53/42/11-1 2
WOO>Ib.Jse lO17 io
length/\\;dth/height . . 18(1,0/69.4/)8} io
Turni ngcircle 32_8ft
Curb weight.. 1950-31SO ib
EPA city/highway mpg . . .. 21-22127- 30
Fuel-tan k Cilpac it y/range _ 153 gal/32 1-337 mi
2.l)- lit('l OOHC 143 IJI lS2 hp. 143 1J1 146 ib-fi :
2.4-IIt('l OOHC inline-4, 168 hp. 167 Ib -ft; tLJbocharqtd and
rotercooled 2.0 li l('1 000C inline-4, mlJl 191 hp. 25} 1JI 300 lb ft:5
sp man, 6->p dll<l l-(i UI, h aUil)mdted mao, (I)OtinlJO\l\ly auto
F.. jod, ItruB, coil springs. ami rol l bar
R ind, multilink, cOil springs, anti-rol l bar
&rakes, F/R. . .vented di>eNented di >e, diS(, IJI Q-um
AB5.. . .......... .standard (selfft modl"l sl
Stabilil y/tractioo (Olltrol .......... ,tarxiard/standard
Passive restraims _ _driver aod side,
knee (driver onlyl, and curtaio ar!bags:
rear (urtain airbags
Bast' pritt': 2.5, $20,620; 2.55, $22,560; 3.5SR, $25,220
type: fro nt-l'n9Ile, froot-lii'/('; 4-OOor 5-passenger
""" Interior vo illflle, FIR/cargo (cu hi . ,58/42/15
. 109.3 in
. ... . .. I90.7!70.7/57,9-)8,Oin
W'heeI tw.e ..
ll'ngt h/Widthfhei ght
Tuming cirde

ruel -tank (clpacity/range ,
J 200- 3400 lb
. . . . ...... 20.0gal/400-460 mi
2.5-hter DOHC 16-val'le inline-4, 17001 175 hp, 175 or 180 lti-h;
15-liter OOHC 24-valvt V-6, 270 hp, 253 lti-ft; variable
cl UIO
,ioo, cod anti -rol l bar
. in d, mul tilin k, cod anti -rol l bar
&rakes, FIR.. vented disddi>e
ABS .. standard
Stclbilityltrclclloo c()Ilnoi sta rxiard/stclodard
Pas>ive restraints. ,driver and passenger front, side, ..., d
curtcl in airbags; rear curta in airbags
pritt': $31,180; SV, m,soo
Vehide type: fro nt-l'nQlle. froot-Q-ivt; 4- cIoo r 5-passeng('l
Interior vo illflle, F IR/ccligo (cu h) 55/40/14
. 101.3 in
190,6173.2157,8 in
.. 37,4ft
355O-3fiJO ib
... 19/26
lO.Ogal/380 mi
Wheel ba se ..
Lrogth/widthfhei ght
Tuming cirde ..
Curb wd9ht
EPA city/hi9hway mpg
Fuel -taok (apacity/lange ,
15-li ter [X}HC 24-Vcl lvtV-6, 290 hp. 2611b-ft; vcl riable
F .. . .. . . ioo, struts. cod sprin(js, anti roI l belr
ind, mul tilin k, cod springs. clnt i-roI l bar R
&rakes, FIR. . . .. . ...... diSC/'I\'Ilted di>e
AB5 stclodard
5tability/trclCtioo c()Illroi sta rxiard/staodard
J{'lIraints. . ,dri ver and pas\ellger (root side, and
(urtain airbags: rear curtain airbags
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Nissan Sentra/SE-R/SE-R Spec V
Nissan's smallest offering, the Sentm is overshadowed
by market leaders such as the HondaCivic. It 's quite roomy,
though, with good road manners and [ow starting prices .
Five Sentra variants cover the waterfront from thrifty to
thrilling, the spiciest being the two SERs.
Nissan Versa
Sales in the subcompact class went ballistic when fuel
prices were high, and one of the roomiesl entries is the
Versa. It's also a segment leader with 122 horses from its
optional 1.8-liter four. It's basic transport, but options can
raise this little Nissan to relatively epicurean heights.
Rolls-Royce Ghost
The newest Roll s is the Phantom' s baby brother, al-
though it's hardly little, at morc than 212 inches long.
Powered by a 563-hp turbocharged V-12 engine, Roll s is
predicting a O-to-60-mph time of about five seconds. The
car looks gorgeous, and the interior is a work of art.
Hi,hs: WarehouSE' interior
V{liume, smooth four-cylinder
engine, respectable mpg.
Lows: Tal l and unlovely styling,
sporty versiom not as fun as
rivals, (VT makes it buzzy
Wh,t'SJleW: Redesigned for 2007;
2010 sees new headlights,
taillights, and gri lle and upgraded
interior materials and content.
Belriad li ewieel: Smooth and
competent, the Sentra lacks the
passion of some Nissans, and the
SE-R fails 10 thrill like the Civic Si.
Hi,hs: Interior large enough to
park a blimp, cheap to own and
operate,two engine choices.
Lows: Not the prett iest face, front
sealS feel snug, optional CVT can
make it buzzy.
what'SJlew: Int roduced for 2007;
mild upgrades to styling and
safety equipment for 2010.
Belriad li ewieel: Not as feisty
as a Honda Fil,lheVersa trades
on its huge interior, low prices,
and thrift. Nocomplaints, but no
excitement either.
ru,hs: More elegant than
the Phantom, tremendous
performance, an interior that's
Lows: It's sti ll a big car, and
S2S0,(XX)-plus qualifies
Wh,fsuw: Introduced for 2010.
BeJriJ.d lie wi!fl: With a super-
smooth V-12 and an eight-speed
automat ic,the Ghost can really
Ijft i15 skirts. But it's also regal on
lhe highway, and il coddles in
ways that only a Rolls can.
Base price: 2.0, $t6, 140; 2.05, S17,gso; 2.05R, 517,830: 2.05L,
$19.280; SE-R, $20.300; $f-R Spec Y, $20.800
Vehide type: front-engi ne. from-drive; 4-door 5-pasS"Il ger
Imerior'iOlume, F/R/c.Jrgo (eu It).
WneelbaS ..
Len glh/widt
lu rniogcircle
Cu rb weight.
EPA (ityfhighway mpg ..
fllel-lOnk c.Jpacitylrange
. ..... 57141/13
. ....... 105.7 in
179.8-180. 1/70.5/S9.5 in
....... 2'XlO- 3000 I b
14.5 gaI/305-3?7 mi
l.O-lller OOHC 16-valve inline-4, 140 hp, 147 It.-It: 2.5-liler OOHC
16-valve inline-4, 177 or 200 hp. 172 or 100 tblt; 6-sp ma n,
OOI1linuously variable aulO
. ..... ind, SlflJ5, coi l ami- roll bo r
. .... ind. traili ng arms, roi l Sj"X iogs. an!i- roll bo r
/R . . . . . . . . . . .. .vented disc/disc or ihm
ASS. .optiOllal
Stability/tracnon control . . optiorlill/op1iooal
Passive restraint> ........... driver and passeng('r front side,
and (urtain airbogs; lI'ar (urtain airbags
Base price: aase $10,610; 1.6, $11)10; 5, S 13,820; 5l, 516,810
Vehide type: from-engi ne, fro nt- drive; 4-door S-pasSI:'Ilger
""'" Interior 'iOIu me, F/R/wgo leu It) 51-51/42/14
Wneelbo'il' ..
Length/ ....idthlheig-.t .
Tu rniogcircle
Cu rbweight.
EPA cityfhighway mpg
FLJeI-tl nk c.Jpacity/range .
. ...... 10204 in
. .. 176.0/fil.7/flJA in
........ .34. 2ft
. .25So-mOlb
. 14 28/31 34
l3.2ga1/317 370mi
OOHC 16-vatve inlill-4, 107 hp, 111 It.-ft; 1.8-1i!('r DOHC
16-valve inline-4, 122 hp, 1l7Ib-It; 5- or 6-sp man. 4-sp auto,
continuously variable auto
r ..
. .... ind, SIMS, roi l Sj"X iogs. anti-fOil bo r
indo nailing arms, coi l anti-fO il bo r
Blakes. F/R . . . vented disc/tum
ASS.. . .... optional
St.Jbility/tracllon control optiorlill/optional
P;r;'iive restraims. . .driv('r and pils>enger SIde, and
cuftaln airbogs; lI'ar curtain airbags
Base price: $250,(0) lest)
Vehide type: front-eoglne, rear-drive; 4-door 5-pasS"ll ger
Im('rior 'iOIume, FIR/cargo leu It). . .......... 58/53/14
Wneelbose ..

lu miog circle
Cu rb weight.
EPA (ityfhighway mpg
fLJeI-tlnk c.Jpacitylrange.
. ....... 129.7 in
112.6/76. 1/610 in
.44 Oft
............ 5450 Ib
....... 12118 (11)
11.89<11/261 mi (est)
twm-turbocharged aoo imercooled M- liter DOHC 48-vdlve Y-12.
563 hp. 575Ib-ft; S-sp .Juto
F ....... .ind, lUlequal-length control anti- mil bo r
R . . .. ioo, multilink,alr anti- roll bo r
Brakes. F/R vented disclvrnled disc
ASS.. . ... Slandilrd
Stability/traction control . . standardfSlandilrd
P;r;sive restraint> . . .dri-l('r and paS'><"IlgEr >ide. and
cuftaln airbogs; rear curtain airbags
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Rolls-Royce Phantom
The Phantom makes the ultimate statement about an
owner's wealth, especially since he or she will likely be
found in the luxurious rear seats. True plutocrats should
opt for the long-wheelbase model. Were the owner to drive
it , he (or she!) would be surpri sed by the car's handling.
Saab 9-3
The 9-3 has plenty in its favor: quirky styling, an
intelligently designed interior, a fine optional all-wheel-
drive system, and a fuel-efficient four-cylinder engine. But
iI' s stUlting to feel old, and it is significantly outgunned by
rivals from Japan, Germany, and (with Cadillac) the U.S.
Subaru ImprezaIWRX
After a raft of upgrades last year, Subaru has left the
lmpreza and WRX largely alone, save for some minor
trim changes_ The regular Impreza is a quirky alternative
to domestic and Japanese compacts, while the WRX is a
rally-bred legend with very few natural predators.
82 CARaoxlDRIVER.(om
Hi'Jhs: Universally recognized
as the vehicle used by very
important people. As refined at
speed as a car can be.
Lows: Hugely expemive,
huge. conspicuous
wilt's new: Introduced in 2003;
unchanged for 2010.
ae"tnd tktwhtel: This massive
sedan's ride is as placid as
it gets, and its power is certainly
"adequate; as Rolls is fond of
saying, DrNing it may well be the
very definition of living large.
Hi,hs: Scandinavian design
inside and out, strong turbo
engine, comfortable seats.
Lows: Hints oftorque steer, hints
of turbo lag, choppy ride, gets
pricey at the top of the lineup.
Wbt'snew: Refreshed for 2008;
theV-6 is dropped, and the Aero
'tWO gets a minor reworking.
Bekind tbwhtel: light steer ing,
a bit of torque steer, and a choppy
ride are mitigated by comfortable
sealS, powerful engines, and
Swedish style.
Hi,hs: Interior volume; standard
all-wheel drive; quick, accurate
steering; nice cabin materials;
powerfultuJoo engine.
Lows: Four-speed auto, which is
the only 2.5GT transmission.
wbt's new: Redesigned for 2008;
unchanged for this year
kkind tbwhtll: Solid comfort.
construct ion, and predictability.
We're thankful the WRX returned
to it) hooligan roots with the '09
updates. The 2.SGT is essentially
an auto-only 2008WRX.
Base pri(e: S385,COO; EWB, $455,(0)
Vehide type: fronHngifle. rear-dnve; 4- door 5-p.1SSllgtf
Imenorl'Olume, FlRJcargo (cu h). 56/47 59/1 4
.1 40.6- 15O.4in Whl'eIOO\e ..
Length /Width/ht'i ght
Tuming Circle ..
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel -tank Cap.1city/Jange .
..... . 229.7-239.8178.3/64.6in
5300-5950 1b
. .. . ... . 11 /18
26.4g.aI/290 mi
6.7 -li ter DOOC V-12. 453 hp. 531 Ib-h; 6-sp auto
F. . . . .. ind, unequal-length control arms. air springs. anti -rol l bar
R .ind. multilink. air springs. cl nti-roI l OOr
!\rakes. r IR. . . ...... diS(/I'ented diS(
ABS standard
Stability/tracuoo cootrol .......... stardardlstandard
JeStraintl. . . dri l'l' and passeoger froot side, and
curtain aiJbags: rear curta in aimags
Base price: S35,1XXl (est); "!.mD, S37,500: Aero, S41,1XXl (t'SI);
kill "!.mD. S43,1XXl It'SI)
Vehlde type: front-engine, frOllt- or 4-wheel- dri V\'; 4-door
5-passenger sedan
Imeriorl'Olume, FlRJcargo (cu h) .
W"heeIOO\e ..
. .. . lOS.3 in
182.5/69.0/56.4 in
.. J9.0h
J1SO- 3850 Ib
17 11/27 31
Lengt h/Width/hei ght
Tuming erne .
EPA mpg
Cclp.l(ity/rclnge .
. .... ..... 16.4g.a1/279-344 mi
turbocharged and imercooled 1.0-liler OOHC 110
hp, 2l1 Ib-h; 6-1P man, 5-or 6-1P amo wilh manurrnti<.
. indo springs. cl nti-roI l 001
in d, mullilin k, coil springs. cl nti-roI l OOr
!\rakes. FIR. . . '/\'nted d&ivented dis(lX diIC
ABS . . standard
StobilityltrJcUoo cootrol starx!ardlstondard
Pas>ive JeStraints . . driver and paS\ellget" from, '>ide, and
curtain almags; rear curtain almags
Base price: 2.5i, $18,160;WRX, SlS.690; 1.5GT, $17.690
Vehide type: front- engine. 4-lI1leel-drive; 4-door 5-p.1ssengtf
Interior F IRJCJlgo (cu h) 54-56/39/11
. 103. 1 in Whl'eIOO\e ..
Tuming Circle ..
EPA mpg
Fuel -tank Cap.lcity/Jange .
180.1163.5/)8.1 in
3100-3250 1b
18 20/24 27
. ............. 16.9g.a1/304-338 mi
2.5-liter SOOC 1131-4. 170 Ib-ft: turoowrgro and
intercooled 2.5-liter OOHC 1131-4.124 or 265 hp, 126 or 244
Ib-ft; S-sp man. 4-sp auto. 4-sp auto with manumatic shihing
ind, cod cl nti-roI l OOr
in d, mullilin k, coil springs. ont i-rol l OOr
!\rakes. FIR.. VI'Ilted diSddiIC
ABS stclndard
Slclbility/trclCtioo cootrol stardardlstandard
II'ltraints. . . dri ver and passeoger froot '>ide, and
curtain aimags: rear curta in aimags
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Subaru Legacy
In the past, Legacy buyers had to sacrifice fuel economy
and rear-seat space when choosing it over other mid-size
sedans. The redesigned 20 I 0 model addresses both of these
concems, making it a real competitor in the segment. Un-
fortunately, high fuel economy only comes with a CVT.
Suzuki Kizashi
Carried over from a series of uninhibited concept cars,
Kizashi means "something great is coming:' Greatness is
hard to see in this smalli sh mid-size sedan, the first home-
grown by Suzuki. But it's styli sh inside and out, dynami-
cally competent, and should be competitively priced.
Suzuki's small sedan gets a new 2.0-liter four for 2010
that bumps horsepower to 150. Just a couple of years old, the
interior is also being redesigned with better materials and a
new nav system. Tall, with a IS-cubic-foot trunk, the SX4 is
big inside and way more fun to pilot than a Corolla.
Hi,hs: Standard AWD. roomy
front and rear accommodations,
CVT rated at 26 mpg combined.
GT packs 265 horsepower.
Lows: Questionable styling.
sloppy manual shiher. base
engine is weak.
What'snw: Redesigned for 2010.
Belriad lifwieel: The eVT is still
a (VT. but this one is among the
ties! examples we have driven.
Despite a good amount of body
rol l. the turbocharged GT has a
sporty demeanor.
Hiyks: Snappy slyling, good-
looking inlerior, quiet at most
speeds, respectable standard
engine, all-wheel -drive opt ion.
Lows: Not as sporty as Suzuki
thinks, soggy (VT performance,
needs a V-6engine opt ion.
Whlfsuw: Introduced for 2010.
lehl.d Ik!wkeel; Suzuki lists
Nurburgring development on the
Ki zashi's cuniculum vitae; sharp
steering and good road manners
are the result. Optional (V1 is a
fun-Io-drive killJOY.
Hiyks: Aoove-average
horsepower in its class,
impressive interior materials and
fit, handles like a Honda.
Lows: Shape\ll ike a derby hat on
wheels, midpack fuel e<onomy,
lower resale value.
what's JeW: Int roduced for 2008;
new engine and interior for 2010.
lelriad tkewkeel: Sharp steering
and fieet-footed responses make
the SX4 a great alternat ive to
a Honda Civic. The new engine
pul ls hard,
",: ''' 2010
Base price: 2.5i, $:10,690; 16R $25,690; 61, $28,690
Vehide type: fr onHngine. 4-wheel-liive; 4-door 5-pasSt'llg<Cr
Intl'fior 'IOIu me, f 1R/c.Jfgo (cu It)
Wheelba'it' ..
Ll'flgthl ....idt hlheigJl .
Tu rningcircle
Cu rh w ght
EPA citylhighway
Fuel-ta nk capiKitylrange ..
53-56/415/ 15
. ...... 10IUin
. ,186.4/71.7/59.1 in
......... .l6,8f1
.3300- 3600 Ib
. 18 13125 31
18.5 galIl3H26 mi
2.5-l iler SOHC 16-vall'e nal-4. 170 hp, 170 Ib-It ; 3.6-liler DOHC
14-vaive flat-6, 156 hp, 247 Ib -It; turOOcharged and intl'fcool ed
2,5-lner DOHC 16-vaive Ilat-4, 265 hp, 158 Ib-ft; 6-Sj) man,
oonlinuously auto wilh manumalie shilt ing. 5-sp aUlo with
manumalic shitting
F . .... ind, struts, coi l anti- roll ba r
R .... ind, multil ir, coi l anti- roll bar
ilfaie-s, FIR , .. . vented (he/disc
ASS.. . ... standard
Stabnity/triKllon wntrol standard/standard
P.r;'iive restraint\, .. . drivl'f and pa\St'Ilger side, and
curtain airbags; rear curtain aimags
",: ''' Z010
Base price; S, $19,374; SE, $22.234; S AWD, m,484; GTS,
m.234; SE AWD, m.484; SlS, $25.134; GTS AWD, $25,584; 5LS
Vehide type; from-engine, front- or 4-wheel -drive; 4-door 5-
pas:.enger sedan
Inll'"l' iOl 'IOIu me, r IR/cargo (eu It).
Wheelba'it' ..
Ll'fl l)lhl ....ldthlheigJI
Turning circl e
Cu mweight.
EPA citylhighway
Fuel-tank capiKity/range ..
. ..... 53/42113
. ...... 1(l63 in
,1811/71.7/583 in
............ J6,Oft
. .32So-3500 Ib
lQ-23/19- 31
16.6ga1/m 382mi
2,4 liter DOIK 16-valve inl ine-4, 185 hp, 170 Ib-ft; 6-sp man,
wminuoully variable .!\Ito
. ....... ind, slruts, coi l \jlI irqs, anti- roll oor
.. indo multil ir, coi l ami-roll ba r
BrakE'l, FIR venled lisc/disc
ABS.. . ... standard
Stabilityltraction (O/ltrol . standard/slandard
P.r;Sive restraint> , . .. dri'll'"l' and paSSI'flger froot side, and
cu rtain airbags; rear and curtain aimago;
Base price; S 13,994; LE, S t5,384; SlXl n, S 16,434
Vehide type; front-engi ne, from-drive; 4-door 5-pasSt'llger
Iml'fior lUiume, F/R/cargo (cu It).
Wheelba'it' ..
Ll'flgthl ....idt hlheigJl .
Tu rningcircle
Cu rh w ght
EPA citylhighway
Fuel-ta nk capiKitylra nge ..
. ..... 51/39/16
. ....... 98.4 in
. , 177.6/fJJ. l /f1J ,8 in
........ J4.8 f1
. 13 25/30 33
13.2 gal/ID4-- :nO mi
l.Q-llter DOHC 16-valve inl ine-4, ISO hp, 140 Ib-It; 6-1P man,
oontinuoully variable .!\Ito
F ....... ind, siMS. coi l \jlI irqs, anti- roll oo r
ind, traili rH] anllS, coi l anti-roll oo r R
ilfakE'S, FIR,
ASS ..
........... ,mtteddi sc/discorlium
Stability/tractlon CO/l trol
.... standard
optiOll3I (SPlXt
oplional (Spon only)
restraint> ....... dri'll'r and paSSt'llgel froot side, and
curtain airbags; rear curtain aimago;
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Toyota Avalon
Little more than a plus-sizeCarnry, the Avalon lures lux-
ury aspirdnts with Toyota quality and Lexus-like serenity.
This slushy, golden-years chariot picks up where Camry
prices leave off and where Hyundai's rear-drive V-6 Gen-
es is starts giving you a morc exciting alternative.
Toyota Camry
Toyota's Camry became the people's car by excell ing
in quality and refinement. Whether it's a base model or a
deluxe XLE, the four-cylinder or V-6, the Carnry delivers
spacious comfort and a st ress-free ownership experience.
Still, the Honda Accord and the Mazda 6 drive better.
Toyota Corolla
A compl ete overhaul last year gave the Corolla new
sheet metal and two new four-cylinder engines. Slightly
larger than before and with styling cribbed from the Canny,
the Corolla still chases the mainstream and succeeds. More
fun can be found at Honda or Mazda dealers, however.
84 CARaoxlDRIVER.( om
Hi'Jhs: Toyota qual ity, whisper
quiet and mind-numbingly
refi ned, Unisom on wheels.
Lows: Rolling proof of AARP
membershi p; only optional,
fender-mounted machine guns
would make it excit ing.
Wlat'suw: Redesigned for 2006;
unchanged for 2010
Ifi ind lit wktll: Just an
overstuffed Camry, the
moves along smoothly and
serenely. (heCK out estate sales
for low-mile used examples.
Hi'Jhs: Spacious, reliable, a ra nge
of opt ions and trims, blends in.
Lows: Not exciting,
almost a big car now, some
fit-and-fin ish issues,
Wb t's u w: Redesigned for 2007;
2010 models get redesigned front
and rear fascias plus a larger and
more JXlwerful inline-four.
Bfi ind litwktll: Tu rn the key,
step on the gas, and go: The
Camry will do it for years without
complaint Soft sett ings mean
body wallow and numb steering.
Hi'Jhs: More space, refinement,
and standard features; new
windblown shape.
Lows: The Honda and the
Mazda 3 are still more fu n,
Wkat'Sft tw: Redesigned for 2009;
stability comrol is now standard.
Ifi ind lit whtd: With ext ra
power, four-wheel disc brakes,
17-inch wheels, and wider tires,
the XRS is the drive(s pid but
is pr icey. Base trims are less
entertaining but reward with
efficienl, reliable commuting,
Base pri(e: Xl. S28.695: XLS. S32,9':IS; limited, S36,035
Vehide type: fronHngine, froot-dri l'{'; 4-cIoo r 5-p.1SSenge-r
Intenor I'Olurne, F /RJcargo (cu h) . ,55/52/14
197,2172.8/58.5 in
Wheel oole ..
Lengt h /Width/ht'i ght
Turn ing Circle ..
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel -tank capacity/lange ,
. .. 36,91'1
3SSo-3650 1b
. .. . .... 19/28
18.5g.a1/352 mi
15-li ter DOOC V-6, 268 hp, 248 Ib-ft ; 6-sp auto WI th
nldnum.ltic shift ing
,ind, strutl, springs, el nti-roI l belr
ind, cod anti-rol l belr
Brakes, FIR.. vented diS(/disc
ABS .. standard
Stelbilityltrel ctioo cootrol stl ooarrJlstandarrJ
Pas>ive JeIl:raints. driver and p.r;senger front, side, knee
(dri ver only) , and curtain airbclgs:
rear curta in aimags
Base pri(e: $20, 145; LE, $21,600; 5[, $22,915; m, $26,675; LE
V--6, m,315; SEV-6, $165'Xl; XLEV--6, $19,795
Vehide type: fro nt-l'ngllc, froot-rove; 4-cIoor 5-passenge-r
Interior I'Olume, F fR/cargo (co It) . 53-54/47-48/15
. 109.3 in
189.2/71 1/S7.9in
. .. 36,1 ft
.nOO-3S50 Ib
..... ..... 18.5g.a1/35H(I7 mi
Wheeloole ..
Length /Width/hei gh t
Tumin g circle.
Curbwdght ..
EPA city/highwely mpg
fuel-tel nk Glpa cily/lafllJe ,
2.5-liter DOOC inline -4, 169 or 179 hp, 167 or 171 Io..lt;
15-li ter DOH( 24-valve V--6, 268 hp, 248 lb-ft ; 5-sp mel n. S- or 6-sp
auto with manumatiC shil'ling
. ioo, coa anti -rol l bar
,ind, mul tilin k, sprifllJs, anti-rol l bar
Brakes, FIR.. vented disc/disc
ABS .. standard
Stabili ty/trJclloo cootrol stl ooarrJ/standarrJ
Pas>ive JeIl:raints. driver and passenger front, side, knee
(driver only), and curtain eli rbags;
reell curtJ in el imags
Base pri(e: $16,100; S, $17,170; LE, $17,500; XlE, $18.400; XRS.
Vehide type: fro nt-l'nglle, [root-rove; 4-cIoor 5-passengl'f
Interiorl'Olume, f /RIwgo (cu It) . 50-5 1140/ 17
. 102,4in
1781/69J/S71 in
35,6 36,3 ft
.mo-3OCJO Ib
111g.a1/m-343 ml
Wheeioole ..
Length twidth/hei gh t
Tumin g circle.
Curbwdght ..
EPA city/highwelY mpg
Fuel-tank capacity IrafllJe
1.8-litl'f DOlI( inline-4, 132 hp, 128 10..11; lA-l iter DOlI(
16-vJI'Ie inlinH . 158 hp, 162 Ib-It; S-sp man. 4- 01 5-sp Juto
. ioo, coH anti -rol l bar
,ind, trail ing cOil sprifllJs, antiroI l bar
Brakes, FIR. .vented diS(/disc or .tum
ABS .. standard
Stabili ty/tractioo cootrol ............... sta ndard/standard
Pa\>iVl' JeIl:raint\. . dri \let and paS\eIlger Irool. side, and
cunain almags; rear curtain almags
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Toyota Yaris
A space-efficient body and a decent trunk make the
Yaris a practical if unexciting choice among little sedans.
It's more stylish (han most Toyotas, but that isn't exactly
saying much. llle 106-hp four should return mid-30s fuel
economy with either a manual or automatic transmi ss ion.
Volkswagen ((
Seductively styled, the CC is a poor man's Mercedes-
Benz CLS-class. It costs only slightly more than the Passat
upon which it is based, but the CC more than makes up for
it in style. Refined and beautiful, skip the V-6 for the excel-
lent and fuel -efficient, turbocharged four-cylinder engine.
Volkswagen Jetta
From the hybrid-rivaling, fuel-sipping diesel to the 200-
hp Wolfs burg that thinks it' s a race car, the lena lineup
offers something forevery driver. Five-cylinder versions are
neither fuel-efficient nor fun to drive, but they olTer good
value. All l euas deliver refined, Euro-bred road manners.
Hi,hs: Good dollar-per -mile-
per-gallon rat io, stands out some
in the sea ofToyota beige ness.
Lows: Vague controls. center-
mQunted gauge duster, need to
abuse it to keep pace with traffic
Wh,t'sJleW: Introduced for 2007;
traction and stabi lity control are
made standard for 2010
lelriad lini!!); The Yaris
trundles along with efficiency.
but its steering is asleep. Consider
the Honda Fit or the Suzuki SX4 if
ytIu actually enJoy
Hi'fhs: Sleek looks, Germanic
road manners, handsome
interior, punchy and fuel-sippi ng
turbocharged four-banger.
Lows:Only seats two in the back,
V-6 versions get expensive.
WhIt'SUW: Introduced for 2009;
automat ic transmission becomes
dual-clutch automated manual in
2.0T versions.
Belriad tiewieeJ: Offers a sol id,
refined, and quiet feel. The turtle
four is cheaper and returns bener
fuel economy than the V-6.
Hi'fhs: Quality interior, plenty of
powertrain choices, Germanic
solidity, fuel-miser turbo-diesel,
entertaining Wolfsburg turbo.
Lows: Short on rear-seat legroom,
noisy and unsatisfying five-
cylinder engine,
what's JeW: Redesignal for 2005;
Gli discontinued for 2010.
Belriad the whetl: Sol id structure,
precise steering, and a wil ling
chassis yield a sporty feel. Diesel
is very fuel efficient but suffers
from some turbo lag,
Base price: Sl3,86S
Vehide type: fronl-engi ne, front-drive; 4-door 5-pa5>e!lger
Iml'fior lUIu me, F/R/wgo (eu It).
Wheelba'it' ..
letlgth/wic!t h/heiljlt
Tu rningcircle
Cu rb w ght
EPA Cityfhighway mfXj ..
FlM'I-ta nk capacitylra nge ..
.. 49118113 14
. ...... 100.4 in
,169.3/66.5/57.5 in
........ 32,61t
.235O- 2400 lb
. ......... 29/35-16
. ... 11, lgaI/322 mi
l.5-l lter OOOC 16-valve 11)5 hp, 103Ib-It; 5-sp rrun, 4-sp

f ..
.... indo Slrut>, COi l >j)"ings, anti-roll lJa r
. ind, trailing arms, roil springs
Blakes, FIR, . vented dil(/lium
ASS.. . ... Slandard
Stability/tractiOll control standard/Slandard
Passive restraims, ..... . driver and paS'it' ng l'f from, side,
and curlain airbag;;
rear {urlain airba g;
Bue price: Srxlr!. $28,300; luxury, $33,530:VR6 Sport, $39}65:
VR6 4M01ION, S40,86S
Vehide type: from-engme, from- or 4-wheel -dme; 4-door 4-
pilllenger sedan
In\('[ior lUIume, FIR/ca!go (cu It).
Wheelba'it' ..
Tu rningcircl e
Cu rb weigh!. ..
EPA cityfhighwJ)' mpg
r UI-Mnk capacity/rJ Ilg ..
. . ........ 50/43/13
. ...... 106.7 in
138.91710/55.8 in
........ .35,8 11
... .3300-3900 Ib
. 17-22125-31
18.5 galI315-407 mi
rurlxxharged and intercooled 2,0-l il('[ OOHC 16-valve inline-4, 2O'J
hp,lJ7Ib-ft; 16-li t('[ OOOCV-6, 280 hp, 2651b-ft ; 6-\p man, 6-5p
auto with manumati( shift ing. 6-sp dua l-dutch automclted man
F . .... ind, struts, roi l anti- roll bo r
R . ... ind, multil irt, COi l IIXirqs, anti- mil tlol!
flrakt"S,f IR , vented o:.::/dil(
ASS . standard
Stabdi ty/tractlOll control . standard/standard
PasSive reltraints , . .. dm('[ clnd passenger froot Side, and
(urlain airbags; rear Side {opt) and curlain cl irba gs
Base price: S, $18.305: SE, $21 ,095: WolfsbJ rg EIiIiOll, $12}50:
101, $23,300: SEl, $23,980; IDI (up Street Edition, m ,iXXl (est)
Vehide type: front-engine, front-dri ve; 4-door 5-pas>e!lger
Iml'fior lUIu me, F/R/wgo (eu It).
Wheelba'it' ..
Len gth/ ....ldth/heiljlt
Tu rningcircl e
Cu rb weigh!. .
EPA Cityfhighway mfXj .
FlM'I-Mnk capacity/range ..
. ..... 50140/16
. ...... 101.5 in
,1 79.3170.1157.4 in
... 35,1 35,811
. .... 21-30/30-42
14.5 gaI/305 435 mi
lurbocharged and inleKooi ed 2.0-1il('[ DOI!C 16-val ve diesel ioline-
4, 140 hp, 236 Ib -It: 2.5-lnl'f OOHC lJ-valve inhne-S, 170 hp, 177
lb-ft; turbocharged and int('[cooled 2,0-liter DOH( 16-valve inline-
4, 200 hp, 2071b-It; 5- or 6-sp man, 6-sp auto ..... ilh maoumalic
Ihifting. 6-sp dual-dutm automated man
f ..
.... ind, SlrutS, COi l anti-rolllJar
.ind, multil irt, roi l anti- roll bo r
flrakt"S,f IR , vented di:.::/dil(
ASS. standard
Slabni ty/tractlOll control standard/standard
PasSi ve restraint> .... . ... dri';(>r and passenger froot Side, and
cu!tain airbags; rear (opt) and {u!lain airbags
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Volkswagen Passat
The roomy Passa! brings German sports-sedan road
manners to the mid-size-sedan arena. Interior materials
and build quality are fantastic, and the turbo engine is
well matched with the new dual-clutch transmiss ion. The
letdown? It costs more than its Japanese rivals.
Volvo 540
We'd definite ly say that less is more with the 540. The
sportierT5 may go faster, but it rides choppily; the base car
is a more balanced machine. And it 's a good one, too, with
a stylish interior, plenty of safety features, and a wi ll ing
engine. Don' t expect it to set your pulse racing, though.
Volvo 580
Volvo's top-of-the-line sedan has engine choices that
include a 3.2-liter inline-six, a turbo version of the si x, and
a 4.4- liter V-So Some might find it boring, but low-profile
suburbanites won't be disappointed, particularly if they opt
for the turbo. The V-8 is simply outclassed for the money.
86 CARaoxlORIVER.(om
Hi'Jhs: Smooth styling;
comfortable cabin with upscale
appointments; solid chassis;
2.0-liter, turbo four engine; slick
dual -clutch transmission.
Lows: uteriordesign aging a bit,
pricing high for this class.
wbt's new: Redes igned fOf 2006;
new dual -dutch transmission
and minor trim changes for 2010.
Bekind litwhtel: It's quick on
its feet, with precise steering and
good poWr, autobahn breeding
show; lOgood advantage,
Hi,hs: Interior and exterior
design,low base price, supple
ride,torquey five-cyl inder turbo.
Lows: T5 models ride harshly,
small bad seat lad of stowage
in cabin.
Wilt's nrw: Redesigned for 2005;
trim and package changes, and
manual transmissions return after
a one-year hiatus.
Bf.ind tb wktll: It's pleasing
rather than exciting. with decent
steering and wil ling engines, but
it's not extremely fun.
Hi,hs: Strong turoo six-cylinder,
handsome interior appointments,
lots of safety features, all-wheel -
drive option,
Lows: Isn't up to class ride-and-
handling standards, looks Just like
the last version, dul l to drive.
wbt's ntw: Redesigned for 2007;
interior and exterior tefreshed
for 2010,
Btkind tbwhtd: Comfy seats
and de<ent acceleration are
the highlights of an otherwise
disappointing driving experience,
Base pri(e: S27)45
Vehide type: Wo nt-t'Ilglle. froot -liil'{'; 4-cIoo r 5-p.1SSengtf
Imenorl'Olume, F/RJcargo (cu h). .51/45/14
1&8. 2171 .7/5s.o in
. . .35.8h
. ...... . 22131
Whl'eI OO\e ..
Length /Width/ht'i ght
Tuming Circle ..
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel -tank capacity/lange.
18.5 g.a1/407 mi
turbocha rgl'd and intercooled 2.0-liter OOHC inli ne-4,200
hp, automated man
. indo sprillg>. clnt i-roI l OOr
ind, multil ink, cod sprillgs. ant i-rol l OOr
Brakes. FIR.. vented disUdiS(
ABS. . standard
Stclbilityltrclctioo cootrol stlrdard/standard
Pas>ive JeIl:ra ints. . driver and passenger froot, side, ...,d
curtain ailWgS; rear (opt)
and curta in aimags
Base pri(e: 2.4i, $27,050; 15, $32,00); 15 AWO, $32,200
type: froot- CI 4-wheel-drtl'; 4-dw 5-
passenger sedan
Interior I'Olume, F /RJcargo (cu h) .
W'heeI OO\e ..
51 52/40/13
..... .. t76, 2169.7157,2-S7,9in
3300- 3550 Ib
..... t4.5-tS.9gaI/302-334 mi
Lengt h/Width/hei ght
luming cirde

Cclpacity/rcl nge ,
2.4-lner OOHC irlline- 5, 165 or 158 hp, 170 Ib-ft:
rurbochargl'd and intercooled 15-li ter OOHC inli ne-5, 127
hp, 236 lb-ft; 5- or 6-sp man. 5-sp auto wi th manUrn.JtiC shifting
,ioo, cod sprillgs. ant i-rol l bar
. ind, multili nk, coa springs. ant i-rol l bar
Brakes, r IR. . vented diSc/diS(
ASS st.3ndard
Stabilily/tractioo cootrol ..... ..... srardardlstlndard
p.,JjI' restra ints. ,dri ver cl nd passenger front, >ide. <Vld
curtain cl imags; recl r curt.3 in cl imags
pri(e: 12, $40,050; 16AWO, S43,800;V-SAWO, $52.350
Vehide type: front- or 4-wheet-dril'; 4-dOCJr 5-
passenger sedan
Interior I'Olume, F /RJCJJgo (cu h)
Whl'eIOO\e ..
Length /Width/hf'i ght
Turn ing Circle ..
EPA city/hi9hway rnp<]
Fuel -tank capacity/lange,
36.7- 40,Ofi
38SQ- 41S0 Ib
15 18m 27
. ............. 18.5 g.a11278- m mi
12-li ter OOOC 24-valve inline-6, ns or m hp. 221 or 136 1b-ft;
turbocha rgl'd and imercooled 3.0-liter OOHC inline-6, 281
hp,195 Ib-ft: 4.4- li ter 0011C 32-valve V8, 311 hp, m Ib-ft; 6-sp
auro ....ith manumatiC shifting
F . iOO, coil sprillgs. ant i-rol l OOr
,ind, multili nk, coD sprillgs. ant i-rol l bar R
Brakes. FIR. . . .. . ...... Vl:'flted diS(/'I\'Ilted diS(
ASS standard
Stabili ty/trclCtioo COOlrol stlrdard/stlndard
reltraintl . . ,dri ver and p.l\\erlger froot >ide, <Vld
curtain aimags: rear curta in aimags
Fi nd mor e magazi nes at www. magazi nesdownl oad. com
Audi A4 Avant $36,175 21/27 54/42 28/51 37.4 185.2/71.9/56.5 3800
Audi A6 Avant 18/26 21. 1 51/45 34164 39.0 194.2/73.0/58.2 4300
BMW S56.625 16123- 24 185 54/47 18/58 39.0 191.2172.7/58.7 4150
(adillac(TS Sport Wagon $40,655- $48,350 18/26-27 18.0 54142 IS/54 36.1 191.3{725/59.1 4150-4350
Chevrolet HHRlSS $19,440- $26,975 19- 22/29- 32 16.2 50147 25- 58163 36.0- 39.4 176,l - 176.Sf69.1I6H 3200- 3400
Chrysll!r PT Cruiser $18,995 19- 21/24- 26 15.0 50/49 22163 36.7- 42.0 168.9/67.1/63,1) 31oo- 3l50
Dodge Caliber S 17,500-$21,SOO' 21- 23/25- 31 13.6 52143 19148 35.6-37.2 173.8/68.8/60.4 3000- 3150
Honda Fit $15,610- $17,120 17- 28133- 35 10.6 51140 21/57 34.4 161.6/66.7/60.0 2501)-2650
Hyundai Elantra Touring 515,995- $18,995 23/30- 31 14.0 56/45 24/65 34.1- 35.8 176.1/69.5/59.8 2950- 3150
Infiniti EXlS $34,665- $38,265 16- 17/21-24 20.0 54-57f34- 35 19147 34.11-36.0 182.3n1.0/62.6 3800- 4000
KIa Rondo $18,145- $21,945 18- 20126-27 15.9 57!31 7- 32n4 35.4- 36.1 179.0171.7/65.0 3350- 3550
Kia Sflul 513,99$- Sl7,645 24- 26130-31 12.7 54149 191$3 34.4 161.6170.3/63.4 2700- 2500
Mazda 3/Mazdaspeed 3 $19,980- SB,945 18- 22/25- 29 15.9 51- 52142- 43 17143 35.8- 36.1 177.4- 177.6169.1- 69.71 2950- 3250
57.5- 57.7
Nissan Versa $13,870- $17,250 24- 28/31-34 13.2 51 - 52143 18150 34.2 169.1/66.7/ffJ.4 2700- 2800
Saab H Sport(ombi $36,500-$41,000' 17- 21/H- 31 16.4 54141 30m 39.0 183.2169 .4/ffJ.6 3350- 4000
SdonxB $16.420 22/28 14.0 53148 U170 34.'
167.3/69.3/64.7 3050- 3100
Subaru Impreza/Outback Sport $18,690- $28,190 17- 20/23- 27 16.9 54- 56139 19144 34.8 173.8/68.5158.1- 58.3 3100- 3200
Subaru Impreza WRXlWRX STI 526,190- $3S,69O 17- 18/B- 25 16.9 56/39 19144 35.4- 36.1 173.8/68.5- 70.7158.1 3100- 3400
Subaru Outback m,690- S28,69O 18- 22/25- 29 18.$ 54- 57/48 34m 36.' 188.2/71.7/63.9 3400-3700
Toyota Matrix 517,300- $21,520 20- 26126-32 13.2 50-52141- 42 20162 36.0- 38.1 171.9- 173.0/69.5/ 1900-3400
VolkswagenJetta SportWagen 519,96$- $2S,OlO 22- 30/30-42 14.5 50142 33/67 35.8 179.4/70.1/59.2 3250- 3300
Volkswagen Passat 529,145 22/31 18.5 51146 36162 35.8 188.0171.7/59.7 3350
Vol'IVSO 529,550- SH,9OO 19- 20126-31 14.5- 15.9 51 - 52/41 27/63 34.'
178.0/69.7/57.4-57.5 3350-3600
Vol'I V1O/XC70 $34,4OO- S43,65O 16- 18/ll- 27 18.$ 53- 54/44 33m 36.7- 37.7 189.9- 190.5173.3/ 3900- 4200
ffJ.6- 63. 1
AudlA3 528,095- $31,675 21- 30/28- 42 14.5 51/42 IS/55 35.1 169.0/69.5/56.0 3300- 3700
BMW 3-series 536,22$- $38,225 17- 18/25- 27 16.1 51142 16/49 36.1- 38.7 178.6171.5/55.8 3550- 3850
BMW 5-series GT $60,000-$67,000' 15- 161ll- 24* 18.5 59148 10160 40.0 196.8/74.8/61.4 4450- 4750
Chevrolet Avl'05 $12,685- S14,820 25- 27/34- 35 11.9 50/41 15/37 33.0 154.3/66.1/59.] 2550- 2600
Kia Rio5 513,975- $14,930 25- 27/32- 35 11.9 52140 16150 32.7- 33.1 158.1/66.7/57.9 2450- 2500
Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback 519,910- $28,310 17- 21125- 27 14.5- 15.5 54142 14147 31.8 180.0/69.4/58.7 3100- 3600
Nlssan Cube $15,000-$20,500' 24- 28/29- 30 13.2 55/43 11/58 33.4 156.7- 157.5/66.7/65.0 2800- 2900
Porsche Panamera $90,595- $133,395 15- 16/B- 24 21.1-26.4 48/38 15- 16144-45 39.3 195.7n6.0!55.8 4000- 4350
SdonxO 515,470 wn 11.1 47137 11/36 37.1 154.7/67.9/ffJ.0 2650- 1700
Suzuki SX4 516,499- $16,634 22- 23/29- 30 11.9-131 51/4 1 16154 35.4 162.8/69.1/63.2 2750- 3000
Toyota Varis $13,405 29/35- 36 11.1 47137 9- 10126 30.8 150.6166.7 !ffJ.O 2350- 2400
Volkswagen Golf/GTI 519,940- $24,839 21- 30/30- 42 14.5 51/42 15/55 35.8 165.4- 165.9170.0- 70.31 3000- 3100
57.9 58.2
*estimated h eats up/maximum
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Based on the same bones as the Acura MDX, the Hon-
da Pilot, and, yes, even the Honda Odyssey, the ZDX is a
convincing l UXUry cmiser. It represents the cushy end of
{he coupe-y wagon segment. It's more focused, with better
body control compared wit h the taller Honda Crosstour.
A fOlTll er IOBest win ner, the A3 is a handsome and
prdcti cal wagon wi th sporty road manners _ Buyers can
choose either a torquey fue l-efficient diesel or the spiri ted,
2.0-1 iter turbo four shared with the VW GTL Speaking of
the GTT, it' s pretty muc h the same car for less money.
Audi A4 Avant
Arguabl y more handsome than the A4 sedan, the Avant
("station wagon"' in Audi -speak) offers the same sporty
feel as the sedan but adds a major dose of practicality. It"s
otfered exclusively with Quattro all-wheel dri ve and the
responsive and fuel-efficient turbo four-cyli nder engine.
88 CARaoxlDRIVER.(om
Hi'j'hs: Sumptuous interior, most
attractive Acura on the market
Lows: Rear ingress is tight, tows
as liule as a CR-V. holds less cargo
tha n a Fit steering is nervous.
wb t's nN: Introduced for 2010.
Be. ind lit whtel: Optional
magnetorheological shocks gr.e
the ride a lapidary smoothness,
but the ZDX has steering that cal ls
out for more weight and feel.
Power from the 3.7-literV-6 is
ample, and shifts from the new
six-speed autobox are seamless.
Hi, hs: Avant-garde Audi design
inside and fun to drive,
punchy lurbo, a fuel -efficient
altemaliw to a small crossover.
Lows: upensive opt ions add
up diesel accelerates
fl{lm a stop
Will's new: Introduced for 2006;
l heV-6model isdead,anda
fuel-sipping. 140-hp turbo-diesel
engi ne is new.
aekind lit whtd: Refine\! and
Germanic,the A3 is fun 10drive,
especially with the gas engine.
Hi, hs: St rong and fuel-effi cient
turbo four, clean and unclunered
lines, carefully craned interior,
same sporty feel as the A4 sedan,
standard Quatt ro all -wheel drive.
Lows: Gets seriously expensive
wilh optional equipment.
wbt's ntw: Redesigned for 2009;
the Avant is unchanged for 2010
aekind Ib whtd: Comfortable,
soothing. and practical but
becomes a willi ng and sport y ally
when the road turns interest ing;
occasional engine coarseness.
',,:''' Z010
Base pritt': $,OOCI (f'S!)
Vehide type: front-engine, 4-lI1leel-drive; 5-door 5-p.1SSengtf
Interior I'Olume, FIR (cu It),
Ca rgol'Olume, >eaBup/mal:imum (eu ft).
WhffllJa>e ..
Lengt h/Widthlh<i ght
Tumin g rn:Ie.
ClIIbweight ..
EPA Citylhighway mpg
Fuel-tank capocity Irange
... 56/35
. .. 26/56
. 108.3 in
192.4178.5/62,8 in
. . .17,61t
.44SQ-4500 Ib
... 16122(est)
210 gil l/336mi (est)
H-liter SOIl( 24-valve V-6, 300 270 Ib-It; 6-s.p auto with
manumatk shifting
ind, cod ant i-roillJar
,in d, multili nk, coft ilnt i-roH bar
Bril kes, FIR.. vented disc/disc
ABS.. standard
Slabili ty/tractioo cootrol .......... standard/standard
PaIli've JNril ints . ,driver and possenger fioot. side, ..., d
curtain aimags: rear curta in aimags
Base prlte: 2,OT, $28.1)95; 2.0 TDI, $30,775; 2.OT Qu.lttro,
type: froot- engine, from- Of 4-whffl rove: 5-door
5-pasSffiger hatchback
Interior I'OIWIle, FIR (cu It) ,
Ca rgo I'Olume, sraB uplmilXlmum (cu ftl
Wht'f'ioo\e ..
luming circle
ClIIbweight. ..... .
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel-tank c3pocity Irange
... 51/42
. .. 101.5 in
.15.1 It
.nOO-3700 lb
14.5 g<l1/305-435 mi
I\lIbocha rgl:'d and inte rcooled 2,0- li te r 0011( 16-valve dit'le1 inline-
4, 140 hp. 236 Ib-ft; turbocharged iIld intercooled 2.Q- li tl't OOffC
16-val'112 in line-4. 200 207 Ib-It; 6-sp ma n, 6-sp dlkll- dutch
automcl1ed man
.... ind, cod springs. ant i-rolt oor
. ind, multili nk, coil springs. anti-rolt bar
Bra kes, FIR.. vented diSddis.::
ASS st.3ndard
Stobilityltroctioo cootrol stlndardlstilndard
Passive JNril ints . ,driver and passenger fioot. side, ..., d
curtlin aimags: rear curtain aimags
Base pri(e: $36, 175
Vehide type: front-engine. 4-lI1leel-drive; 5-door 5-possengtf
Interior FIR (eu It).
Ca rgol'Olume, >eaBup/mill:imum (eu ftl.
Wht'f'ioo\e ..
. .. 28/51
Lengt h/Widthlh<i ght
luming circle

Fuel-tank capacity/range , .
185,2171 ,9156,5 in
. .1800 Ib
... 21127
17.2g.a11361 mi
turbochil rgl'd ilnd imercooled 2.0-liter OOHC 16-vil lve inli ne-4, 21 1
hp, 258lb-It; 6-s.p auto ....ith manumatiC shilting
f in d, multili nk, cod springs. ont i-roIl oor
in d, multili nk, coil springs. onti-roll 001 R
Bra kes. FIR.. vented diSddis.::
ASS standard
Stabili tyltroctioo control stlndardls\ilndard
fl'lt ra intl. . ,dri ver and passenger frool, side, and
cllltain airbags: rear (opt) and curta in aimags
Fi nd mor e magazi nes at www. magazi nesdownl oad. com
Audi A6 Avant
The fetching wagon version oftheA6 comes exclusively
with a powerful, 300-hp supercharged V-6 and standard
all -wheel drive. Just as sporty and possibly more styli sh
than the A6 sedan, the Avant is a practical, fun-to-drive,
fuel-efficient alternative to an SUV or a crossover.
BMW 3-series
The most practical of the 3-series family delivers the
same dynamic excell ence as the sedan. The steering, poise,
and handling are nearly unparalleled in any vehicle, much
less other wagons. All-wheel drive is optional , but the twin-
turbo six and turbo-diesel unfortunately are not.
BMW 5-series
The 5-series wagon continues to cater to people who
eschew SUV ground clearance and instead seek a sporty,
fun-ta-drive vehicle with similar utility. It is available in
the U.S. only in 535xi guise, which means all -wheel dri ve
and a twin-turbo, 3.0- liter inlinc-s ix.
Hi,hs: Sleek and modern
design inside and standard
all-wheel drive, cargocapacity,
wong supercharged V-6.
Lows: Expensive options_
Whlfsuw: Refreshed for 2009;
unchanged for 2010.
lehlId tiewieel; This wagon's
rough ride was smoothe{[ out last
year, and the Avant now st rikes an
excellent compromise tletween
sportiness and luxury_ Quiet
and refined, the Avant devours
highway mi les.
W,hs: Superb to drive; great
handling; smooth, powerful, and
fuel-effic ient engine.
Lows:Only one engine_
Whlfsuw: Redesigned for 2006;
HD radio is now standard, and
auto high-beams are optional in
the 2010 model year.
lehiad t"e w"eel: High-quality
interior, comfortable but firm
ride, quiet and powerful engine
all add up to a better experience
than that provided by any cute
ute, BMW's own included.
Hi,hs: Big cargo hold, smooth
engine, slicK six-speed manua l
and automat ic transmissions,
standard all-wheel drive.
Lows: Expensive compared with
some SUVs, styling isn' t fo r
What'snw: Redesigned for 2006;
unchanged for 2010_
lehiad t"e w"eel: Load haulers
seldom handle this well or are
this much fun to drive It's too bad
more folks don't like wagons; this
one could change their minds.
Base price: S54,135
Vehide type: front -engine, 4-wheel-oove; S-dOOI 5-pa5>e!l ger
Interior lUIu me, FIR (cu ft) ..
Cargo \'dume, seatsup/maximum (cuft)
Wneelbase ..

lu rningcircl e
Curb weight.
EPA (ityfhighway mpg ..
fllet-lOnk (Opacity/ra nge
. ....... .51/45
......... 34/64
. ....... 11 1.9 in
. 194.2/73.0/S8.2 in
............ ,4300 Ib
. ........... . 18/26
21.1 gal/3SO mi
su percharged cl nd intercooled 10-liter DOlI( V-6, lOO hp,
,10 Ib-ft; 6-sp auto I'.ith manumatiC shifting
F. _ind, muttit iri, coi l anti-roll ba r
R .ind, multil iri, coi l anti- roll ba r
Brakes, FIR . vented ,j>e/di>e
ASS.. . ... Slandard
Stclbility/tractioo wntrol . ,tclndclrdlSlandard
P.r;'iive restraint,. . .. driver and Slde,and
(urtain airbags; rear (opt) and (urtain airbags
l OBes! Winner

Base price: 31&, S36,125; 328ixDrive, S38,125
Vehide type: froot-en gine, rea[- or 4-wlJeeI- drive; 5- door
5-pa,lenger hatchback
Interior lUIu me, FIR ((u ft) ..
Cargo \'dume, seats up/maxi mum (eu ft)
Tu rningcircle
EPA cityfhighway mpg
Fuel-tl nk (Opacity/range .
. ........... .51142
1()8} in
.178.6/71.5/55.8 in
... 36.H8.7ft
35So-J8S0 1b
. 17 18125 27
16.1 gaI!l74 290 mi
DOOC 24-Ycl lve inlill-6, 230 hp, 2OOlb-ft; 6-\p man, 6-:.p
aulO with manuma!lc shift ing
r .. .... ind, SlM" coi l Jnti-roll ba r
R . indo nt ultil iri, coi l >jlJ' ings, anti-roll ba r
Brakes, FIR . . vented disc/veJlled di>e
ASS .. . ...... Slandard
wntrol . stclndord/Slandard
P.r;si\'C restraiJllS _driver clnd [)cl5Sffiget and
curtain airbags; rear curtain airbags
Base price: SSIi,625
Vehide type: front -engine, 4-wheel-oove; S-dOOI 5-pa5>e!lger
Ifll erior lUIu me, fIR (cu ft)_
Cargo \'dume, seatsup/maximum (euft)
Wneelbase ..
......... 18/58
. .......... 11 1.6 in

lu rningcircle
EPA (ityfhighway mpg ..
Fuel-tank capacitylrange ..
. 191.2/72.7/S8) in
....... .4150 Ib
. . ....... 16/21-24
. ... 18.5 gal/296 mi
lWIn-turboch.Jrged clnd imercooled lo-bter OOHC inllne-
6, ,00hp, 300 Ib-ft;6-sp m.n;6-:.p auto with maoumaric shining
F. _ ind, SlJUI'i, coi l anti-roll ba r
_ ind, multit iri, coi l >jlJ' ings, anti-ro ll ba r R
Brakes, FIR . . vented disdvented di>e
ASS_ Slandard
Stclbni ty/tractlOO wntrol standord/Slandard
P.r;sive restraint> ........ driver and paSlffiger and
(urtain airbags; rear (opt) and (urtain airba gs
CARandORIVER.com 89
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BMW S-series GT
BMW has carved yet another niche from thin air with
the 5-series GT, a vehicle that melds luxury sedan and wag-
on. Its trick cargo mouth can be opened either as a conven-
tional trunk or a full hatchback. Legroom rivals that of the
larger 7-series, which donates much of its underpinnings.
Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon
If cars sold on looks alone, Caddy would have a mas-
sive hit on its hands with this handsome wagon. It also is
very practical , with a roomy load area, and has all the CTS
virtues: strong engines, excellent ride and handling, and a
well-crafted interior. The thinking person's SUV.
Chevrolet AveoS
A basic transportation appliance, the Ave05 trails its
subcompact competition in performance, but its pricing is
kind to tight budgets. Built by Daewoo in Korea, this small
Chevy is structurally solid and looks good. There"s also a
sedan model, but the hatchback is more versatile.
90 CARaoxlORIVER,(om
Hi'j'hs: rear-seat
accommodations.lhrusty twin-
turbo V-8, versat ility nearing that
of a real wagon.
Lows: Funkier-than-X6Iooks
may take a while to grow on
you, buying one validates BMW's
boundary-testing activities.
Wi.t'snrw: Introduced for 2010.
ae"ind titwhtd: A twin-turbo
V-8 and 7-serie) dynamics
can help you quickly forget
the questionable shape of this
segmem-bending experiment
HI,hs: Looks great, has a high-
quality interior, drives like a
German sport wagon,
Lows: The base 10-literV-6
engine makes good power, but
a high torque peak makes it feel
Wial's new: Introduced for 2010.
Btiind lit whtd: The CTS Sport
Wagon steers, stops, and goes
with the aplomb of its German
!ivals but offers more interior
space for less money. Did we
mention that illooks fantaslic?
Hi'Jhs: Attract ive styli ng. sol id
chassis, room for four adults,
five-door-ha1chback versatility,
bargain-basement pricing.
Lows: No curtain airbags, barely
adequate power, four-spee<i auto.
WlII'S new: Redesigned for 2007;
minor cosmet ic updates, engi ne
output increases by 2 hp for '10.
Beiind lit whtd: The word
' adequate' applies 10 most of
the Aveo's dynamics, although
ride quality edges toward "good'"
Avoid the aUlomalic gearbox,
Base price: 535i. $60,000 {est) ; 535xi, $62,000 (est) : 55Oi.
$65,(0) (esl); 55(b:i, S67,OOCI (f'St)
Vehide type: from-engine, tear-IX 4-whetl-mve: 5-dco" 4 5-
passenger hatchback
Interior vo ill/lle, FIR (CU II) , . 59/48 (est)
GJ rgo vo lume, >eaBup/maximum (eu ft ). . .. 10/60
Whl'eH:t.l >e . 1l01 in
Length/widthlheight 196,8/74,8/61.4 in
Tuming rn:Ie. . .. 4{),Oll
Curb weight 445()-4750 Ib
EPAcitylhighwoympg 15-16/22-24 (est!
Fuel -tankcdpacity/r.mge , ...... 18.5 gal1278 296 ml (est)
twin-turbocharged and int1"cooled 3.0-litef DOff( lhalve inlifl-
6, 300 hp, }(J() Ib-II, tl'-in-turbochall)ed and inl1"(ooIed 4.4-lit1"
OOH( 32-valve V-B, 400 hp, 450 Ib-ft; 8-sp auto with rrnnumatic
. ind, mul tilin k, coi springs. ont i-roIl bar
,ind, mult ilink, air springs. onti-roIl bat
Brakes, FIR. . . .... .. '(t'flted disc/'(t'flted disc
ABS .. standud
5tooili ty!tractioo cootrol ..... ..... stardard/standard
i'asJjI' rest raints. ,dri ver and passenger front, Side, and
cunain arrbags; reM curtain alrbags
lOBes! Winner
',:''' Z010

Base price: 3.0, S4{),6SS; 3.0 AWD, S41,SS5; l6, $46,450; 16
AWD, S48,3SO
Vehlde type: froot-engine, tear- Ct 4-whffl- drive; S- door 5-
passenger wagon
Interior vo ill/ll e, FIR (cu ft )
!:orga I'Olume, Sl'dB up/maXimum (eu ft )
YJl\fflb.Jl(> ..
. 113.4in
Length /widthlht'i ght
luming cirde
Cwbweight ..
EPA citylhighway mpg
r uel-tank copacity/range ,
191.3172.5/59,1 in
.4150--4350 Ib
18/26 27
lo-liter DOHC 14-vallle V-6, 270 hp, m Ib-ft: 16-lnel DOHC 14-
valve V-fi, 3.4 hp, 173 Ib-ft; 6-sp auto With manumat ic shilling
Brakes, FIR ..
ABS ..
Stobili ty/tractioo
PtlSsil' restraints.
,ind, onti-roIl bar
ind, mul tilin k, cod springs. ont i-roI l bar
. .... .. '(t'flted disc/vented disc
. .. stafldald
...... .. . . stardard/stdndard
driver and passenger from, side, ..., d
cunain arrbags; real curtain attbags
Base price: L5, S 1l,6I!5; LT, $14,820
Vehide type: fro nt-t"Il glle. froot-ri"iVt'; 5-cIoo r 5-passenge-r
Interiorvo lume,FIR (cuft), ... 50/41
GJ rgol'Olume, >eaBup/mal:imum (eu ft ). . .. 15/37
YJhfflb.J>e. . . . 97,6 in
Length/widthlhei gnt 154.1/66,1/59.1 in
lumingcirde J10ll
Cwbweiqht .2550-- 2ffiO lb
Fuel-tank capacity/lange ,. . ............. 11.9g.a1l29S-m mi
16-liter DOH( 16-vallle inline-4, lOB hp, 105 Ib-II; S-sp rrnn, 4-sp
F ind, cod springs. ont i-roI l bar
ird,troiling arms, coi l >p rings R
Brok6. r IR.. . . . . . .. ... ,vented di)(/lium
ABS opnotlal
Stdbili ty/troclioo COOlrol fIOt avai lobl e/not ova il able
II' slra ints. . .. . .. OOVt' r and passenger fro nt and
side aitbags
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Chevrolet HHRlSS
HHR stands for Heritage High Roof, inspired by early
Chevy Suburbans. You have to squi nt to see a Suburban in
this diminut ive design, but there's no denyi ng its distinctive
looks or its usefulness. The utility is good, especially in
panel-van trim, and the turbocharged SS adds fun.
Chrysler PT Cruiser
Chrysler's 1940s-esque retro wagon remains versatile
for it s size but is clearly outdated. A post-bankruptcy stay
of execution means the funky hatchback sees its I Dlh
birthday, but there are far better choices in the segment.
Unless you love the looks, shop elsewhere.
Dodge Caliber
The five-door Caliber is ungainly on the road, but
its hatchback body offers decent space and utility. The
turbocharged SRT4 was killed off for 20[0 as the lineup
focuses on a broader appeal wit h a revised, higher-quality
interior and new tuning for the SXT sport package.
Hi,hs: Util ity wrapped in nifty
sheet metal, spacious rear seal,
Panel and 55 add extra appeal.
Lows: Ergonomics (ould be beuer,
interi or materials ditto, no more
55 option for Panel model
Wh,t'sJlew: Int roduced for 2006;
side-cur!ain and seat-mounted
airbags standard on all models,
and Panel 55 killed.
Belriad li ewieel: Excessive body
motions and rubbery steering
dilute the fun -to-drive factor in
all but the spicy 55 edition.
Hiyhs: Recognizableshape, lots
of flexib le interior space.
lows:Old in nearly eYery way,
sealS not partic ularly comfY,
wide turning circle.
What's lew: Introduced fo r 2001;
amaZingly, it stil ilives
The lineup
is now reduced to a single model,
and the turbo engine is gone.
Belriad liniee); The PT Cruiser
is stable and planted, even as the
driver wobbles in an unsupportive
seat, but it most ly Just feels old.
And with no turbo, there's no fun.
Hiyhs: Good interior space
and functio nality, integrated
telematics with real-time traffic.
lows: Vague steeri ng, heavy ride,
slow wit h the base engine, poor
assembly quality.
Wh,t'sJleW: Introduced fo r 2007;
a reYised inlerior and upgraded
SXT sport package are new. SRT4
is diswntinued.
Belriad li e wieel: The re's little
JOy to be found in ils heavy and
clumsy moves. Test- dr ive a Mazda
3 or a Honda Civic first.
Base price: LS, $ 19,44ll: Pand lS, $19)50; LT, $::>0,440; Pand LT,
$::>O,7SO; SS $26,975
Vehide type: front- engill, S-doo r 2-S-passenger
Interior 'iOIume, FIR (cu rt) ..
(argo volume. SEatsup/ma)j mum (cu rt)
WheelbaSE ..
Len IJIhll'.1(fthlhei(jlt
Turning circle
CUrb weight.
EPA citylhighway mr-J
r lIl-tan! capacity/ra ll9 . .
. .... .... SO/47
..... 25-58/63
. ....... 10l6 in
176.2 176.5f69. 1/62.5 in
... 36.0-39.4 11
. .3200-3400 Ib
. 19 22m 31
16.2 gai/300-3S6 mi
l.2-llter OOH( inline- 4, 155 hp, 1SO Itrft: H -liter OOH(
16-valve inlill-4. 172 hp. 167 Ib-ft; turboct"IiJrged and int(f(ooled
2.o-liter DOHC 16-1'31\'12 inline-4, 250 or 260 hp, m or 260 Ib-ft;
5-sp man, 4-sp aUla
f ..
. ..... ind, struts, COi l anti-roll lJa r
.ind, traili ng arms, COi l anti- mil ba r
IR. . . . . . . . . . .. .l'ented disc/disc or chl m
ASS . standard
Stability/tracnon (onlml . standard/standard
Passive restraint> ..... . dri\'el and P<lSstnger front and curtain
aimags, rear curtain airba gs
Base price: $18,995
Vehide type: fronl-engi ne. 5-door 5-passenger
Interior 'iOIume, FIR (cu ft) .. . .... .... 50/49
(alga SEats up/maximum (eu fi)
WheeIIJaSE . .
.. ........... 22163
. ..... . 1010 in
Turningcirci e
Curb weight. . .
EPA citylhighway mpg
r lIl-ta n! capacity/ra ll9 . .
1611.9/67.1 /63.0 in
... 3fJ.7 42.01t
... .3100-3250 lb
. 19-21/24-26
15.0gal/28S-3t5 mi
H-Iner DOH( 16-valve inlifl' -4. 1SO hp, 165 Ib-ft; 5-sp man, 4-sp
a\lto with manumatiC shift ing
. .... ind, stJUII, coi l anti- mil ba r
.ind, traili ng arms, COi l anti- mil ba r
flrakes.f IR. . . . . . . . . . .. .l'ented disc/disc or chl m
ASS . .optional
Stabdi ty/tractloo (oolrol . not
PasSiI'e r5trainll . . ....... driver and passenger front and
Side airba gs
Base price: SE, $17,500 (est); SXT, $19,00) (est); RfT, $11,500 (est)
Vehide type: front-engi ne. front-dril'e; 5-door 5-passenger
Intl'l"i or 'iOIume, f /R (cu ft) .
Cargo mume, sealsup/maximum (cult)
WheelbaSE ..
..... ... . 19/48
. . . ........ 103.7 in
L"Il gthlwidt h/hei(jlt
lurningcirci e
CUrb \Yel ght.
EPA (itylhighway mpg . .
FlIl-tan! capacitylrall9 . .
.1 73.8/68.8/60.4 in
35.6-37.2 ft
. .3000- 3150 Ib
. . 11-21125-11
13.6ga1/2S6-m mi
l.o-Iner [X)H( 16-vall'e inline-4, 158 hp, 141 Itrft; H -li tl'l" [XlH(
16-valve inline-4, 172 hp, 165 Ib-It; S-sp man,
variatJle auto
BrakE'S. F/R.
ASS ..
. ind, llJUII, coi l Sj)"irqs. ilnti-mll ba r
. . ind, multiliri, coi l anti- mil ba r
. ........... . mtted disc/disc or lium
Stability/tractlOO wntrol
. stafldald (SXT and RII)
optional (SXI .nd RlI )1
optional (SXl and RIll
PasSive restraint> .... drim and pa\>en ger front, knee (driver
only), and (urtain airbags; rear (urtain ilirba gs
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Honda Fit
Redesigned for 2009, the Fit offers space IQf five people
and their stuff in an appealing subcompact package. The
plucky 1.5-liter four helps it claim the title of quickest in its
class. Some other cars have higher mpg ratings, but none
can top this nifty five-door for fun-to-drive.
Hyundai Elantra Touring
"Touring" means a small , five-door wagon in Hyundai -
ese. New in 2009, the Touring has 65 cubic feet of cargo
capacity, exceptional for its class. So is the freebie list,
which includes stabil ity control, ABS, and six airbags.
Prettier than the Toyota Matrix, this is the one to get.
Infiniti EX3S
Not quite big enough to be considered an SUV, the
EX35 is essentially a G37 sedan with a taller, shorter body.
Inside, the EX has a handsome interior that us.es high-qual-
ity materials. The back seat is tight, and there isn ' t a lot of
cargo space, but the EX is sporty and fun to drive.
92 CARaoxlORIVER,( om
Hi'j'hs: Astounding interior
volume for its size, clever cargo
and seat ing versatility, lot5 of
5rIlaii ca r fo r not much money.
Lows: Re\lesign gained weight,
no satel lite-radio option,
Wbt's new: Redesigned for 2009;
unchanged for 2010.
ae"ind lit whtd: The Rt's
remarkable usefulness is
augmented by eager handl ing,
precise steering. and respectable
fuel economy. It's equally adept at
commuting or cross- count ry runs.
Hi,hs: Roomy and hand,ome
imerior, loads of standard
equipment, good fit and fini sh,
great value quotient.
Lows: Suspension tran,mits noise
on rough roads,lesserstructural
rigidity makes it a bit flexy
Will's ntw: Introduced for 2009;
minor trim changes for '10.
Bflind titwhttl: Exceptional ly
quiet, adequately powered, and
reasonably discipl ined on the
road, it'san excellent choice for
small-wagon lovers.
Hi,hs: An anraclive, not-quite-
SUV shape; responsiveV-6
engine; stylish interior; has the
moves of the G37.
Lows: Tight cargo area and rear
seat, occasional coarse groans
from the bigV-6.
Wilt's ntw: Introduced in 2008;
unchanged for 2010
Bflind Much like
the G37, it has heavy, tactile
steering; a powerful engine; and
impress ive handl ing. TheV-6 can
occasionally sound a bit rough.
lOBes! Winner

Base price: $15,610; Sport, $17,120
Vehide type: front -t'Ilglle. frOO\ -O' ive; 5-cIoor 5-p.meng('l'
Interior I'OIWIle, FIR (ru It). .
CJ rgowlume, leu It).
'NtH't'ibos.e .
Length /Widthfhl'i gh t
Tuming Circle.
Curb Wf'ight. ..... .
EPA cityfhighwoy mpg
Fuel-tank CJp.lcily /ronge
. .. 51/40
. .. 21/57
9114 in
16 L6/fJj} IW,O in
.. 34.41t
.2500-2650 Ib
1O.6g<l1/286-197 mi
1.5-lit('l' SOlI( inline-4, 117 hp. 1 06 lb-It; S- \Il man, 5-sp
auto. 5-sp ou to with monumatic shift ing
F. . ioo, coa springs. anti -rol l bar
R. . ..... ind, trail ing anns, springs. antiroI l bar (Sport only)
Brakes, FIR. ventl'd disc/m
ABS.. standard
Staoili ty/tractioo cootrol . ............ optionailSpOlt ooly)1
P3S>ive restraints.
optiorlill (Sport only)
dril'f and p.lssenger front, We, ..., d
cunain altWgs; rear curtain altWgs
Base prite: GLS, $15,995; S[, $18,995
type: front -l'flglle, front-oove; 5-cIoor 5-p.lssenger
Interior I'OIWIle, FIR (cu It).
(argowlume, >l'dts up/malimum ku ft ).
Length fwidt hfhl'i gh t
Tumin g circle.
Curb Wf'ight ..
EPA citylhighwoy mpg
fuel-tonk copacity/range .
. .. 56/45
.. .... 24/65
. 11)5.3 in
1762/6951598 in
34.2 35.8 It
.29SQ- 3150 Ib
14.0gall322 mi
2.o-li ter DOHC inli ne-4, 138 hp, 136 Ib-It; 5-sp man, 4sp
. ioo, cod springs. anti roI l bar
. in d, multili nk, coa springs. anti roI l bar
Brakes, FIR.. vented diSddisc
ASS standard
Stobility/troction control stardardlstandard
Passive restraints. . driver and pa-;senger frOll!, side, ..., d
curtain airbogs: rear curta in airbogs
price: $34,fJj5; AWD, $36,065; Journey, $36,865 (est) ;
Journey AWD, $38,265
Vehide type: front-engine, rear- or 4-wheel-dril'; 5-door
S-p.lssenger wagon
Interior I'Olume, FIR (cu It).
(argowlume, >l'dts up/malimum lcu ft ).
Wheelb.J >I' ..
Length /Widthfhl'i gh t
Tumin g circle.
Curb Wf'ight ..
EPA Citylhighway mpg
Fuel-tank cop.lCily /range
54 57/34 35
. .. 19147
. 110.2 in
1823/71 .0/62.6in
34.8 36.01t
J800- 4OCJ(l Ib
20.0 g<l1/32()- 340 ml
l5-liter DOll( 24-vall'!' Y-6, m hp. 253 Ib-ft; 5-sp auto with
maoorn.ltic shift ing
F . ioo, unl'qIJilI-I l'flgth control coil springs. onti-rol l bar
R . ind, mullili nk, coD springs. anti rol l bar
Brak6, f/R.. venteddiS(ldisc
ASS standard
Stabili ty/trocrion (ontrol stardard/standard
reltraintl . . . dri ver and passenger froot side, ...,d
curtain aitWgs: rear curta in aitWgs
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Kia RioS
A mild refresh this year updates the look of Kia' s low-
price hatchback. TIle spirited handling and ample cargo
space remain, although it s cool factor is diminished now
that the rectilinear Kia Soul has hit showrooms. The RioS
is for efficient, Euro-style commuting at Walm<lrt prices.
Kia Rondo
Smartly styled and somewhat unusual, the Rondo has
acceptable handling, optional seven-passenger seating, and
tons of practicality. Its only real competitor, the Mazda 5, is
more fun, but agreeabl e prices and good build quality make
the Rondo a sol id choice for practicality seekers.
Kia Soul
The Soul should give the Scion xB and the Nissan
Cube a run for their money. We like the 142-hp 2.0-liter,
especially in the performance-tuned Sport tri m, although it
does get too vocal at times. The base l ,6-liter engine offers
the best fuel mileage, rated at 31 mpg on the highway.
Hi,hs: Feistier than some in thiS
class, big cargo capacity, Euro
styling, low price,
Lows: Feels a little chintzy, Soul
is so much cooler, Kia badge still
doesn't get props in this market
Wh,t'sJleW: Redesigned for 2006;
receives a face hft this year.
lehid Iuwleel; Seemingly
taken straight from the cube farm
ofEuro city traffi c, the RioS goes
and steers with a mild atti tude. If
Y'lu want a fun, mini at
used-car prices, this is it.
Hi,hs: Won' t break the bank,
highly practical, solid, wel l-bUilt,
way more zippy than most SUVs.
Lows: Resale value may be soggy,
toddler-size third row.
What'S lew: Introduced for 2007;
no changes for 2010.
lelriid Iuwieel: With a tall
roof and lots of glass, the smoot h,
efficient Rondo sways on its fairly
soft suspension, The four-cylinder
is the best choice; theV-6
offers only a marginal uptick in
performance, with worse mpg,
Hi,hs: Cheerful cabin, a practical
errand hopper, accurate steeri ng,
Lows: Engine thrash, not happy
on interstates, unruly manual
whit'sJleW: Introduced for 2010.
lellid Iuwleel; A well-
packaged oox that offers a better
driving experience than the Scion
xB or Nissan Cube. The rearseat is
very comfortable for two, and the
interior looks nice for the price.
Don't think about gett ing too
frisky, though it doesn't like it.
Base price: LX, $13,975; 5X, $14,930
Vehide type: front-engi ne, front-drive; 5-door 5-passenger
Iml'fior lUIu me, FIR (cu ft ) ..
Cargo \'dume, seatsup/maximum (cuft)
Wneelbase ..
len glh/widr
lu rningcircl e
Cu rb weight.
EPA (ityfhighway mpg ..
flJeI-lOnk cop<l(ity/range
. ........ 52/40
........ . 16/50
. ....... 98,4 in
,1 58. 1/66.7/57,9 in
327- 331ft
...... ,245Q-2500 lb
.. 25-27132-15
11.9ga1/198-321 mi
1,6-liter DOll( 16-valV(' inlirl:'-4, 110 hp, 107Ib-ft; 5-sp !Wn, 4-1P
o to
F. . ind, Slrur;, coi l ami-roll ba r
R . ......... ind, trailing arms, springs
IR, . .. .. .. .... ,vented disc/disc or ihm
ASS. .opliOllal
Sta biliry/tr<l(tJon control .... ..... not ilVailable/not available
Passive restraint> . . ..... dri'l('r and paS>I'rlgel side, and
(urtain airbags; rl' ar (urtain aimags
Base price: LX Base, $13,145: LX, $19,1 45: LX V-6, $20,145: EX,
$21,945; [XV-6, Sl2,945
Vehide type: front- engi rl:' , front-drive; 5-door 5-7-passenger
Int('rio.- lUIume, F/M/R (eu ft ) ..
Cargo volume, seats up/maximum (coft)

Tu rning(ircl e
EPA cityfhighway mpg
Fuel-tl nk cop<l(ity/range ..
.. ........ 57/51111
...... 7-32f74
,1 79.0171.7/65,0 in
..... 35,4-36.1 ft
.. mQ-3550 Ib
. 18-20126-27
15.9ga1/286- 318 mi
2,4-liler DOHC inline-4, 167 or 175 hp, 162 or 169I b-ft;
2.7 V-6, 192 hp, 184 lb-ft; 4- or 5-:.p auto
F . .... ind, strur;, coi l anti- ro ll ba r
R . ... ind, multil irt, coi l \]Xings, anti- roll ba r
flrak(1,f IR, vented o,,/disc
ASS. Slanda rd
Sta bdi ty/traalon control . standard/standa rd
Passil' . .. dri'ler cl nd passenger froot side, and
Cllflain aimags; middle and rl' cl r curtain cl imal)S
Base price: S 13,995; +, S 15,645; r. S 17,645; S!K)rt, $17,645
Vehide type: from-engi ne, fro nt-drive; 5-door 5-passenger
wcl gon
Interior lUIu me, r /R (cu ft l ..
Cargo volume, seats up/maximum (co ft)
Wneelbase ..
. ........ 54/49
........ . 19/53
.. ..... 100.4 in
lengthl ....idthfheig-.t .
Tu rningcircle

EPA ciryfhighway mpg
Fuel-tank capacitylrange ..
. . . 161.6/70.1/63,4 in
........ .34.4 fi
.2700-2950 Ib
.. 24 26/30 31
12.7 gaI/105-l3O mi
1.6-laer [X}H( 16-valve inline-4, 122 hp, 115 1b-ft; Lo-litl'r [X}H(
inline-4, 142 hp, 137Ib-ft; 5-sp man, 4-1P auto
F . ....... ind, SlIUr;, coi l \]Xings, anti- ro ll ba r
R . ind, trailing arms, coil springs
ilfakf'S, F/R , .. vented di sc/disc
ASS.. .. .. Slandard
Sta bility/traaion control standard/Slanda rd
Passive restraints .drivl'r and passenger front side, and
(urtain airbags; rl'ar (urtain aimags
CARandORI VER.com 93
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Mazda 3/Mazdaspeed 3
Mazda's bestselling model gets all-new sheetmetal this
year. Dimensions remain simi lar, as does the sharp han-
dling. A pl ushed-up interior, more luxury options, and
more power from the nonturbo engines are among the im-
provements. The Speed 3 remains an enthusiast's del ight.
Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback
A more practical version of Mitsubi shi's Lancer sedan,
the Sportback adds a hatchback and a couple of cubic feet
of cargo space. It' s ava ilable in GTS tTim or as a turbo-
charged Ralliart with an automated manual transmission
for the practically minded street hooligan.
Nissan Cube
The Cube is an economi cal ermnd hopper that needs at
least another 20 horses. It was designed for city use, and
that' s where it should stay. It may be too cartoon ish for its
own good. as it feel s less like a real adult car than its com-
petitors- the Honda Element, Kia Soul, and Scion xB,
94 CARaoxlDRIVER,(om
Hi,hs: Top-notch fit and finish;
sporty handling, especially in
Mazdaspeed trim; lots of options.
Lows: Firmer ride, add-ons get
expensive, polarizi ng smiley fact'.
wbt's ntw: Redesigned for 2010.
Bflind Ibwhtel: Tight stl't' ring
and good brakes make you
forget the tegul ar car has only
167 horsepower, The five-door
hatch the same fun as
the sedan but with incteased
and it's the only way to
gel a 3 in Mazdaspee\!trim.
Ki,hs: Aggressive Lancer fronl
end, high-tech dual-clutch
gearbox should be good for
bragging rights.
Lows: Ralliart isn't
with a regular manual and is
significantly slower than its major
competitor, the Subaru WRX,
Bflind Ibwhtd: The Ralliart
is firm and balance<l; it cuts a
sharper corner than theWRX. The
utility of the hatchback doesn't
mean performance sacrifice.
Ki,hs: Low entry price, effortless
steering, swift and fluid shifter,
Lows: Susceptible to crosswinds,
010 60 mph in forever, a platform
that feels too flexible
Wilt's nN: Introduced for 2009;
unchanged this year.
Bf.ind Ibwhtel: The light
steering isgreat in traffic but
feels artificial. Clutch takeup is
predictable, and outward visibility
is unsurpassed. But overall, the
(ui:le feels fragile, a little too
much like the toy it resembles.
lOBes! Winner
',:''' Z010

Base pri(e: l Spon, SI9,930; l Grand louri ng, S22.250; Mal-
daspeed 3, S23,945
Vehide type: front -ffig fl e, froot-oove; S-OOor S- p,lS';engl'l"
Interior \'Olume, r!R {cu II), 51-52142-43
. lO19 in
. 177. 4-177.6/69,1 -69.7/57.5-57,9 in
,2900- 3250 Ib
18 22/25 29
..... ..... 15.9g.Jt/286 350 mi
Co rgo I'I.llume, S('dIS up/maXImum {cu It)
W1IeeIw\e ..
Tuming Cirde .
Curb weight .
EPA citylhighwoy mpg
Fuel-tonk cap.lcitY/Jilflge ,
2.5-li ter OOOC inlill-4. 165 0/ 167 hp, 167 or 168 Ib-ft ;
turbocharged and intercooled B-li ter OOHC 16-va lve inline-4, 263
hp, 280 Ib-II; 6-sp fIliln, S- Ill auto with manumatic shifting
,ind, cod spring>. ant i-rol l wr
In d, mul tilink, spring>. anti-rol l wr
Brakes, FIR.. vented disc/disc
ABS.. standard
Slabililyltractioo cootrol ..... ..... sta ndardlstandard
!'a>sjve restra ints. ,driver and passenger front, >ide, and
curtain aIIDaq>; rear curtain aiIDaq>
Base pri(e: GTS, $19,910; Ralliarl. $28,310
Vehide type: frool-engifl' , ftoot- 0:.- 4-whed- drive; 5-door 5-
passenger hatchback
Interior \'Olume, r!R {cu II). . .. 54/42
Ca rgo vo lume, \ea!S up/maJ:imum (eu ft ). . . . 14/47
W1IeeIw\e .. . 1017 in
Lengthlwidthilleight 180,0/69.4/)8.7 in
Tuming Circle .. . . .32,811
Curbwdghl 3100-3(:i)(l lb
EPAcitylhighway mpg 17 21/15 27
Fuel -tank capacity/lange, . ........ 14.5-1 5.5 ga11247- 326 mi
turbochargl'd and imercooled to-liler OOHC 16-valve inline-4, 237
hp, 253 lb-lI; 2.4- li ler DOff( 16-vatve inline-4, 168 hp, 1671b-ft;
S-sp mao, 6-sp dual-clutch automated man, rontinU(MJ$l y variable
ind, coil spring>. anti-rol l wr
. . ind, mul tili nk, coil springs. antiroI l wr
Brakes, FIR ..
ABS ..
Stability/tractioo CO/llro1
Passive restra ints.
vented disUdi'iC
dri ver and p.lssenger from, side, and
curtlin aimags: rear curtain aiIDaq>
Base prke: $15,!XXl (est); S, S16,!XXl (est); SL, S18,!XXl (est);
Krom, $20.500 (est)
Vthldt type: fro nt-englle, froot-liillt'; 5-cIoor 5-p.menger
Interior vo lume, FIR (cu II), ... 55/43
. . . 11/58 Ca rgovolume, '>I'dts up/maJ:imum {cu ft).
Wheelw\e .. ..99,6in
156]-157.5/66]/65.0 in
. . .33. 411
.2800- 2'XIO Ib
111g.J1/317- 370 ml
Length twidthlhl'i gh 1
Tumin g Cirde.
ClIIbwdght ..
EPA Cityillighway mpg
Fuel-tank cap.lCily Irange
l 8-liter DOll 16-val\'!:' inline-4, 122 hp, 127 Ib -ft: 6-sp man,
cOlltin u(MJ$ly va ri able auto
F ind, struts, coil spring>. anti-rol l wr
,ind, Uilil lOg coD spring>. ant i-rol l wr R
Brakes. r /R. . . . . . . . . . .. ,VIlt 'd disUlium
ABS slandard
Stabilily/traCtioo CO/llro1 stlrdard/standard
fl' ltraints . . ,driver and passenger froot >ide, and
curtain aiIDags: rear curtain aiIDags
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Nissan Versa
Versa is short for "versati lity;' which this wagon version
exudes best. Oneofthe roomi est in its class, the Versa also
supplies good power in this category, as well as fuel thrift
and low prices. A six-speed manual gearbox and a load of
standard safety features are pos itives.
Porsche Panamera
Now they've done it! Porsche has a big, new five-door
hatchback, and purists are weeping. However, 5-class and
7-series owners may be defecting. The 5, 45, and Turbo are
high-tech, fast , spacious, practical, and competent both on
curves and autobahns. The base prices are right , too.
Saab 9-3 SportCombi/9-3X
SportCornbi is Saab-speak for wagon. This version of
the 9-3 offers greater utility and a unique style. All-wheel
drive is available, while front-wheel drive is standard. The
new 9-3X has a raised ride height and new bumpers to give
an SUV-like feel; it 's 5aab's Subaru Outback.
Hi,hs: Big cargo hold, rear-seal
room for three. good level of
safety equipment. numerous
upgrade options. cheap \0 own.
Lows: Narrow front seals. a face
only a mother could love.
Wh,t'sJleW: Introduced for 2007;
new headlights, taillights, and
safety features fo r 2010.
lelriad lini !!); With room
for lots of boxes, this box has
utility in greater proportion to its
fun quotient. Adequate but nOl
inspi ring handli ng and power.
ru,hs: Seats four adults, big
cargo area, inhales autobahns and
mountain roads, brand snobbery.
Lows: Expensive with options,
styling evokes a cheese puff,the
controls lad 911 -like precision.
Whafs.ew: Introduced for 2010.
lelriad tiewieel: Much heavier
than a 911, the steering is softer
and less kinetic, but this wide,
stable machine has huge grip.
The 4OO-hp Sand 4S are quick;
the Turbo is just plain insane. You
enJOY the weed from a fine cabin
Hi,hs: Comfortable seat s,
distinctive Swedish styling. strong
turbo engine, fun-to-drive,
station-wagon ut ility.
Lows: Hints of torque steer, hints
of turbo lag. occasionally jarring
suspension, pricey top models.
what'S JeW: Refreshed for 2008;
the 9-3X is new, and the turbo
V-6 is gone.
Belriad tiewieel: The 2.0-liter
turbo engine is wil ling and
responsive, but the chassis is
beginning to show its age.
Base price: 5, S 13.870; SL, S 17,250
Vehide type: fronl-engi ne, front-drive; 5-door 5-pa5>e!lger
Iml'fior lUIume, FIR (cu ft) ..
Cargo \'dume, seatsup/maximum (cu ft)
Wneelbase ..

lurning circle
Curb weight.
EPA (ityfhighway mpg . .
fuel-to nk (Opacity/range
. .... 51 52/43
..... .... 18/50
. ..... .. 102.4 in
.169.1/66.7/60.4 in
..... . .2700- 2800 Ib
13.2 gaI/317-370 mi
1.S-liter DOll( 16-villV(' inlirl:' -4. 122 hp, 127 Ib-ft; 6-sp !Wn. 4-1P
auto, continuously variable auto
.ind, strut';, coi l ami-roll ba r
.ind, tra ili ng aJlllS, coi l ami- roll ba r
IR . . vented di;.c/ihm
ASS. .opliOllal
Sta bility/tracnon control . . optional/op1iooal
Passive restraint> . . ..... dri'l('r and paS>I'rlger side, and
(urtain airbags; rear (urtain aimags
"o:''' Z010
Base price: S, $W,595;4S, S94,595; luroo, $133,395
Vehide type: front-engine, rear- or 4-wheel-drive; 5-door 4-
passenger hatchback
Intl'fior '/Illume, FIR ((u ft ) ..
Cargo '/Illume. SEalS up/maximum (cu ft l
Turning (irde
CU rb weight.
EPA cityfhigliway mf"]
Fuel-tl nk Glpacity/range ..... ..... 11. 1
. .. .......... 48fl8
. 15-16/44-45
115.0 in
.195.7176.0/55.8 in
.. . ......... J9J ft
.. 4000-4350Ib
26.4ga1/338 422mi
DOHC 400 hp, 369 Ib-ft; twin-turbochargf>d
iIld intl'fcooll'd 4.8-htl'f [)QH( 3l-valV(' v-a, SOO hp, 516 or 5&8 lb-
ft; 7-sp dua l-clutch automated mill
F. . . . . . . . . .. .ind. lIIlequal-leogth control arms. coil oX air springs.
ami-roll ba r
ind, mukil ink, coi l or cl lr ami-ro ll ba r
FIR . . vemed, grooved groCM'd disc
ASS.. . ... stilldard
control . Slcl ndord/stilldard
Passil' .driltf and pJssenger 1T000t, side. and
cu rtain cl irNgs; rear side iIld curtain aimaCjl
Base price: $36,500 (est); .,...3X AWO. S39,(m (est); Aero, $41,COO
Vehide type: fronl-engine, froot- oX 4-wheel-dril'; 5-door
5-pasl<'nger wclgOO
Iml'fior lUIume, FIR (cu ft) .. . .... ... . 54/41
Calgo volume. seats up/maximum (cu ft )
Wneelbal<' ..
.. . ......... .30m
. .... .. 105.3 in

Turning circle
Curb weight.
EPA (ityfhighway mf"] .
fuel-tlnk (Opacity/range.
183.1169.4/60.6 in
..... ... J9.0ft
... ... 3150--400) Ib
. . . .. 17-21/27-31
16.4 ga1 /179-344 mi
turbocharged and intercooled 2.0-l itl'f DOlI( l6-valve inline-4, 21 0
hp, 221 lb-ft: 6-sp man, 5- IJr 6-sp auto with !Wnumatic shifting
. ind, strut';, coi l anti-ro ll ba r
. .ind, multil ir"l:: , coi l anti- roll ba r
Blakes. FIR. .. . ....... ventl'd disdvented di>e or di>e
ASS. stilldard
Sta bni ty/tractlon control s!andord/stilldard
restraint> ....... dw and paS>I'rlger side, and
(urtain airbags; rear (urtain aimags
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Scion xB
Looking like a hot-roelded miniature UPS truck, the xB
easi ly accommodates five adults, and its cargo capacity is
among the best of anything at the small end of tile spectrum.
It' s hefty, not very handsome, and not particularly fun to
drive, but give the xB an A for all-around use fulness.
Scion xD
Sharing the same underpinnings as Toyota' s subcompact
Yaris, the Scion xD delivers five-door-hatchback flexibility
in a not-entirely-dorky-looking package. It feel s solid and
stable, but that does not translate to exciting handling. The
xD is a mobile fashi on accessory for the small budget.
Subaru Impreza/Outback Sport!
The base Impreza is aquirky but appealing alternative 10
compact sedans from mainstream makers, while the WRX
and WRX STI models are rally-race cars for the road. The
Outback Sport is a faux SUV with unbecoming two-tone
coloring; it' s our least favorite. All are very practical.
96 CARaoxlORI VER,( om
Hi,hs: Big utility in a small
package. commodious rear-seat
space, standard stabil ity control,
lOIS of upgrade opt ions.
Lows:Weighty, soft suspension,
fuel economy could be better.
wilt's new: Redes igned for 2008;
upgraded audio system for 2010.
ae"tnd tIt whtd:
quid in a st raight line, although
that's all the praise we'l l offer for
performance. Numb steering and
body roll wi ll have you cheding
your blood-alcohol level.
Hi,hs: Styled shee!metal , cool
interior design, surprising cargo
volume, six airbags,lotsof
standard features and opt ions,
Lows: 1he industry has moved
beyond four-speed automatics,
tight back seat for a five-door
Will's new: Introduced for 2008;
stabil ity control standard for '10,
Bfl ind lit whtrl; A powerful
engine and a satisfying manual
transmission, but who's going to
order that? Squishy suspension
keeps body wallowing in turns.
Hi,hs: Great storage space;
standard AWD at a low base price;
all are enjoyable, butWRX offers
biggest bang fort he buck.
Lows: The base 170-horseengine
is sluggish, 511 is very expensive.
Wilt's new: RedeSigned for 2008;
mi nor trim changes for 2010.
Bflind lit Comfortable
and competent on all roads and
in any weather, the Impreza is
a slightly offbeat but eminent ly
sensible choice. The WRX and 511
deliver turbocharged insanity.
Base pri(e: $16.4:10
Vehide type: Wont-t'Ilglle. froot-liil'{'; 5-cIoo r 5-p.1SSengtf
Interior I'Olume, FIR (cu It),
GJ rgo l'Olume, >eaB up/mal:imum (eu It).
WhffllJa >e ..
... 53/48
. .. 2l}70
. . . 102,4in
Lengt h/Wid!hlh<ight
ClIIbweight ..
EPA Citylhighway mpg
Fuel-tank capocity Irange
167.3/69.3/64.7 in
J()5Q- 3100 lb
... 22128
14.0(}lI/JOO ml
2.4-li ter DOIIC in li ne-4, 158 hp, 162Ib-It; 5-1P man, 4-sp
ind, cod springs. ant i-rol l bar
,ind, trail ing coft springs. bar
l\rak6. r IR. . vented diS(/diS(
ABS standard
Stabili ty/tracuoo ..... ..... stlooardlstandard
JeStrain!s . . ,dri\IeJ and possenger froot side, and
(urtain aiJbags: tear curtain aimags
Base prite: $15,470
type: front -l'ngine, froot-lii'/('; 5-cIoor 5-possengl'f
Interior I'Olume, FIR (cu It),
GJ rgo volume, >l'atsup/malimum (CU ft).
Whfflba >l' ..
... 47/37
.. .... 11/36
.. 96,9in
.. .17,1 It
.26SQ- 2700 lb
... 27/33
11.1 (}l1/JOO mi
Length /Wid!h/hl'i gh t
Tumin g cirde.
ClIIbweight ..
EPA citylhighwcly mpg
fuel-tank capocily/range ,
l 8-liter DOHC inli ne-4, 128 hp, 125 Ib-It; S-IP man, 4-1P
auto with manumatiC shilting
,ioo, cod springs, ant i-rol l bar
,ind, trailing coa springs, ant i-rol l bar
l\rakes, r/R.. . .... ..... ,vent'd disUaum
ABS standard
Stabili ty/tractioo ..... ..... ,optiooal/optlona l
p.,JjV rest ra ints. ,dri\IeJ and possenger front, Side. and
curtain aiJbags; rear curta in aimags
Impreza l.St SIS,690; Outback Sport,
WRX, Impreza 25GT, S28, 19O;WRX ST!, $35.690
Vehide type: lTont-l'ngine, 4-lI1leel-drive; 5-door 5-passeng1"
Interior I'Olume, FIR (cu It),
GJ rgovolume, >eaB up/maxi mum (cu ft).
Wheeiba >l' ..
54 56/39
. .. 19/44
,lm.l -103.3 in
17l8/&85-701/58.1-583 in
34,S 36,1 It
Length /Width/hl'i gh t
Tumin g circle.
ClIIbweight ..
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel-tank cawity/rdnge
J l00-3400 lb
17-20123- 27
16.9(}l1!287-338 ml
2.5-1ittf SOIIC 16-vatve fkl t-4, 170 tip, 170 Ib-ft; turb:lcharged and
irtercooled 2.5-1i!1" OOIIC 16-valve fl"-:-4, 224-305 tip, 226-2'Xl 1b-
It; 5-(l 6--sp man, 4-sp outo with manurrntic shilting
,ioo, coD springs, bar
. ind, multilin k, cod springs, antiroI l bar
l\rak6. r IR. . . \'ented diS(/vented diS(: 1)1 diS(
ABS standard
Stdbili tyltroctioo control stlooardlstlndard
restraints . . ,driver and passenger front Side, and
(urtain aimags: tear curtain aimags
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Subaru Outback
Now in its fourth generati on, the new Outback has more
interior room- particularl y in the back seat- and power.
The things that don' t increase are things you don' t need:
mass and overall length. The standard 2.S-li ter four is still
tepid, but the 256-hp, 3.6-1iter six lends welcome zip.
Suzuki "s small-box SX4 SportBack competes against
the Hortda Fit and the Ni ssan Versa with sporty handling
and above-average power. A "Crossover" version has all-
wheel dri ve. A loft y roof makes for lots of cargo space, and
the list of standard equipment includes six airbags.
Toyota Matrix
Behold the Coroll a wagon. This second-generat ion
Matrix is larger and more stylish then it s predecessor, and
all-wheel drive remains an option. The practicality factor
is hi gh and the handli ng inoffensi ve, but those who enj oy
driving should try the Mazda 3 fi rst before leapi ng.
Hiyks: Lots of room, quiet inside,
good mass management, quality
interior, 3.6R's muscle. standard
all -wheel drive.
Lows:Could use a six-speed auto,
chassis bUZl on washboard di rt
roads, tepid standard engi ne.
Wh,t'SIUW: Re\lesigned for 2010.
lehild litw"eel; like other
five-seat crossovers. the Outback
dislikes haste. but it's sure-footed,
predictable. and comfortable.
The (VT mostly avoids the drone
typical ofthal1Ype of gearbox.
Hi'fhs: Strong engine, refined
interior, available as the FWD
Sport back or AWD(r05sover.
lows: Only fair fuel economY,less
tossable than a Honda Fil or a WI
Golf, iffy resale values.
WhIt'SUW: Int roduced for 2007;
2.0-liter engi ne, interior, and FWD
' SporlBack' lrim are new for '10.
.elriad liewi eeJ: The HHiler is
lively, and handling is above PJr
fort he clas), with good steering.
(omider this before any Korean or
Toyola-made alternat ive).
Hi'fhs: Toyota reliabil ity, lots of
options, 62 cubic feet of cargo
space, available all-wheel drive.
lows: Less fun than m05t of Ihe
competit ion, x ions have more
perwnality, bumpy alien styling.
whlt'slUW: Redesigned for 2009;
slabil ity cont rol now standard.
'ehid lie WIe!); Toyota fixed
some of the goofy ergonomics
of the old Mat rix, but Iry one on
before buying. Quick with Ihe
big motor, but it's still no driving
thril l.
Base price: 2.5i, 23.690; 3.6R. $28.690
Vehide type: front-engine, 4-wheel-oove; 5-dOOI 5-passenger
Iml'fior 'iOIume, F/R (cu ft) ..
cargo seats up/maximum (cuft)
'Nneelbase ..
Turning circl e
Cu rb weight. . .
EPA cityihighwJ)' mpg
flJeI-lOnk capacity/range .
. .... 54 57/48
............ .34171
. ...... 107,9 in
131l.ll7l7/619 in
...... .. .36,8ft
.... .3400-3700 lb
. 13-22125-29
18.5 gai/33H07 mi
2.5-liter SOI l( 16-valve fLl H, 170 hp, 170 Ib-ft ; 3.6- li ter OOtK 24-
vall'(' fLlt-6, 256 hp, 247I b-ft; 6-sp man, variable auto
'Mth manumatic slufting. 5-sp auto with manu malic shifting
F . .......... ind, SIMS, wi lPI ings, anti- roll oo r
R . indo multil iti, wi anti-roll oo r
Brakes, fiR veml'd rise/disc
ASS . Slall(lard
Sta bility/trJ(tion control . . standard/SliJlda rd
Passive restraints ,. . .... drivl'f and paSS/"rlger side. and
curtain airoogs; rear curtain airtJags
prlte: Crosmer, $ 16.499: $16,634
Vehide type: from-engillr, from- or 4-wheel -drive; 5-dOOI 5-
p.,fSS'rl ger hatchoock
Iml'fior 'iOIu me, F/R (cu ft).. . ....... .51/41
cargo sears up/maximum (cu fi) ............ . 16/54
'Nneelbase.. . ....... 98.4 in
Ll'flglhiWldth/heiijlt 162.8/69.1/612 in
Tu rning circl e ........ .35.4 ft
Cu rb weight. .. ... .2750-3000 Ib
EPA citylhighwJ)' mpg . 22-23/29-30
r UI-ta nk capacity/ra ng .......... 11 ,9-13.2 gal/262-304 mi
l.()-Iner OOHC 16-valve inl ioe-4, 150 hp, 14<l Ib-ft ; 6sp man,
variable auto
F .... ind, SlrutS, coi l anti- mil oo r
,ind, traili ng arms, wi anti- mil oo r R
flrakt'S,f /R, ventl'd ose/disc
ASS . SliJldard
Stabdi ty/tractlon cootml . ,optio nal/optional
Passive . .. dri'ler and passenger froot side, and
curtain airoogs; rear curtain airtJags
prlte: $17,100; S, $19,210; S AWD, $21,510; XRS, $21.520
Vehide type: front-engine, froot- or 4-...meel -drive; 5-door
5-passenger wagoo
Iml'fior 'iOIume, F/R (cu ft ) ..
cargo \'dume, seats up/maximum (cuft)
'Nneeloose ..
. 50 52/41 41
......... 20/62
. ....... 102.4 in
L'Il glhiwidi h/heiijlt ...... 171.9-173.0/69.5/61.0-61 .4 in
Tu rning circl e
Cu rtJ \YeIght.
EPA cityihighway mpg
r UI-tank capacity/rang ..
... 36,O- 38,lft
.. 2900- 3400 lb
,13,21264-343 mi
l,g-llter OOHC 16-valve inlioe-4, 132 hp, 1281t.-ft: 2.4-litl'f OOHC
16-valve inli ne-4, 158 hp, 162 Ib-ft; 5-sp man, 4- or 5- sp auto
. ind, SIMS, wi lPIings, anti-roll oo r
.ind; oose: traili ng arms, SAWDand XRS:
uneqll<ll- lf'Il 9th cootrol arms; coil springs: anti- roll oo r
flrakt'S,f /R, ventl'd disc/disc
ASS. SliJldard
Sta bility/traction cootml . standard/SliJlda rd
Passive restraints ....... dw and paS>l'flger Side, and
curtain cl irbags; rear curtain airtJags
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Toyota Yaris
Not very inspiring to drive, the Yaris is a wholeheart-
edly practical offering to those who need maxi mum interi-
or space for a mini mum cash outlay. This five-door is the
most versatile and therefore the most practical of the Yaris
lineup. Those who enjoy driving should look elsewhere.
Volkswagen Golf/GTI
Redesigned thi s year, both the base model- which takes
back the Golf name after a few years as the Rabbit- and
the hotted-up GTI are roomy. practical , solid, and fun to
drive. Neither changed much mechanically, but the cabin
materials are even better, and there' s now a diesel option.
Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen
Versatile and styli sh, the SportWagen lends ext ra prac-
ticality to VW' s small sedan. It' s offered in three tri m lev-
els, with two engine choices, including a 2.0-l iter, direct-
inj ection turbo-diesel. Volkswagen' s quick-shifting DSG
automated manual is availabl e.
98 CARaoxlDRI VER.(om
Hi,hs: More style than most
budget five-door people haulers.
low weight, high fuel economy.
Lows: Center-mounted gauge
pod is an annoying cost-cutting
measure that distract) from the
road, nO( as fun to drive as a
Honda Fit.
Wiat'sntw: Introduced for 2009;
stabil ity and traction control are
made standard for 2010.
Btlind Ibwhtd: 11'5 frugal and
practical-with a chassis about
as communicative as a fence post.
Base pri(e: S13,4<l5
Vehide type: fi"o nt-t"Ilg lle. froot -liil'{'; 5-cIoo r 5-p.1SSenge-r
Interior I'Olume, FIR (cu It).
GJ rgol'Olume, >eaBup/mol:imum (eu ft ).
WhffllJa >e ..
. .. 47/37
9- 10/26
. ... 96.9in
150.6/66.7 M.O in
308 It
.mo-2400 lb
11.1 (}l1/3l2 ml
Length/Widthlh<i ght
ClIIbweight ..
EPA Citylhighway mpg
Fuel-took capocity /range
1.5-1iter OOliC in li ne-4, 106 hp. 103 Ib-It; 5-1P man, 4-sp
f ind, cod ant i-roi llJar
.... ird, troiling oJJJlI, coi llPring'i R
l\rak6,r/R.. . ......... . l'eJIt'd disc/lium
ABS standard
Siobili ty/tractioo cootrol ...... .... Stl rdoJd/stondard
rest. ra intl. . . dril'eJ and possenger froot side, and
(urtain airbags: rear curta in airbags
.., Winner
lOBes! Winner

',:''' Z010
HI,hs: built, high-mi leage
diesel engine, everything aoout
the GTI, great interior.
Lows: No manual with the five,
pricier than some rivals, can get
even pricier with opt ions.
Wid's ntw: Redesigned for 2010.
Btlind Ib whetl: Others outgun
the lOBest-winning GTI in the
power department, but the
original hot hatch is one of the
best cars to drive extant. The base
model offers responsive handling
and tactile steering, too
Hi,hs: Station-wagon versat ility,
sol id construct ion, quality
materials, excellent diesel option.
Lows: Snug rear-seat legroom,
engine note.
Wilt's new: Introduced for 2009;
new front-end styl ing for 2010.
Btiind Ib wktel: like its
sedan counterpart,the lena
SponWagen delivers the solid
feel and tactile steering thaI
distinguish it from non-German
cars. The diesel is a great
alternative to a hybrid.
Base price: Golf, $19,940; TOI. $23.539/GTI, $24.839
Vehide type: fi"o nt-t"Ilg lfl, frOOl-li"II'{'; 5-cIoor 5-passenge-r
Interior I'Olllfile. r!R (eu It).
GJ rgoWlume. >ealSup/mo!imum (eu ft).
Whl'l'iba>e ..
. .. 51/42
. .. 15/55
. 101 .5 in
Lengt h/Width/hei ght
Turn ing cirde.

ruel-tonk copJ(ity/range .
165.4- t65.9f70.0-70J/57 .9--)8.2 in
.. .35.81t
JIXXH100 lb
. ......... 14.5(}l1/305-435mi
rurbochorgl'd ond imercool'd 2.0- li ter OOHC 16-volve inli ne-4,200
hp, XJ 7Ib-It; turbocharged ond intercool'd 2.Q. li ter OOHC 16-volve
aesei inlill'-4, 140 hp, 236 Itrlt; 2.5-lller OOHC 2O-v.IVI' inlill'-5,
170 hp, 177 lb-ft: 6-sp mon, 6-sp dual-dmrn outomat'd man. 6-sp
auto with manumahc shilting
f. . ind. coB ant i-rol l bar
. ind, multili nk. cod ant i-roillJar R
l\ro kes, F/R. . vent'd disc/disc
ABS. . . . standard
Stabili ty/rractioo cootrol ............... stardard/standard
Passive rest. ro ints. driver ond pJssenger front, side, and
curtJin olrbags: teor curtain olrbags
Base pri(e: S, S 19,965; SE, $21,650; 101, S2S,OlO
Vehide type: fi"o nt-t"Ilg lle. froot-liil'{'; 5-cIoo r 5-posseoge-r
Interior I'Olume, FIR (cu It). . .. 50/42
GJ rgol'Olume, >eaBup/mol:imum (eu ft l. . .. 33/67
Whl'l'iba>e.. .101.5io
Length/Widthlh<i ght 179.4f70.1/59.2 in
cirde .358 It
Curbweiqht J25O-3300 lb
Fuel-rank capocity/range .. . ............. 14.5 (}l1/319--435 mi
rurbocho rgl'd .nd imercool'd 2.0-li ter SQH( 16-volve diesel inline-
4, 14{) hp, 236lb-It; IS-l iter OOIK 2O-va lve inline-5. 170 hp, 177
Ib-ft; 5- IX 6- 1P man, 6-sp man ....;rh automill'd shift ing and dutch.
6-sp auto with manumotic shifting
f. . ind. coD ant i-rol l bilr
. ind, multilin k, ant iroIl bilr R
l\rak6.F/R.. vent'ddiS<"/disc
ABS standaJd
Stabili ty/troctioo control StlrdoJd/stlndard
II'ltra ints. . . dri ver and possenger froot side, and
(lIItain airbags: rear (opt) and curta in airbags
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Volkswagen Passat
For anyone craving a reasonably priced holdal1 that
actually has good road manners and is fun to drive, the
Passat is much more pleasing than trendy, small crossover
SUVs. And it's even more appealing with a new dual-clutch
six-speed transmission to go with the turbo four.
Volvo VSO
Based on the S40 sedan, the V50 looks great, has a
roomy cargo area, and offers standard safety features such
as stabi lity control. It also has a surprisingly roomy cabin
and classically clean design throughout. Our favorite model
is the base 2.4i. But don't expect much in the way of fun.
Volvo V70IXC70
The V70 and its more macho .. looking cousin, the XC70,
aren't going to give a driver goose bumps, but they are very
practical, very safe, and styli sh in a low .. key Scandinavian
way. For 2010, the base 3.2 .. liter engine gains partial zero ..
emissions status but loses 10 horsepower in the process.
Hi,hs: Upscale interior; good
cargo ca pacity; att ractive styling;
Teutonic sol idity; respectable
power from 2.0-liter, turbo four,
Lows: A little bit prict')'.
whlt'sl!w: Redesigned for 2007;
there is a new dual -clutch
transmission as well as some
minor trim changes for 2010
lelriad li!wiffl: Like the Passa!
sedan, this wagon is blessed with
precise steering, quick reflexes, a
firm ri de, good power, and a high
fun-IO-drive index,
Hi'fhs: Comfortable seats, full
range of safety features, roomy
cargo bay, looks great inside and
out. avail able AWD model.
Lows: Top-spec TS is less fun than
the 24i, pricey for its size.
WhIt'SUW: Re\lesigned for 2005;
new standard six-spee\l manual
on TS AWO R-Oesign, mi nor trim
changes for 2010,
lelriad lie wiee): Decent
steering and performance. but
the handling is skewed more
toward sa fety than amusement.
Hi'fhs: Spacious cargo area,
comfy seats, XC70 styling. lots of
standard safelY features.
Lows: Not particularl y exciting
to drive. gulps more gasol ine
than you might can gel
What'snw: Re\lesigned for 2008;
there's a lower-horsepower, PZEV
12 .. liter engi ne and a restyled
grille for 2010.
lelriad iiewiee): Quiet and
refi ned al speed, with de<ent
steering and smoot h powert rains,
Base price: SN,14S
Vehide type: fronl-engi ne, front-drive; 5-door 5-pa5>e!l ger
Imerior lUIu me, FIR (cu ft ) .. . ........ 51/46
........ . 36/62 Cargo \'dume, seatsup/maximum (cuft)
Wneelbase .. . ....... lCi6 .7 in

lu rningcircl e
Cu rb weight.
EPA cityfhighway mpg ..
fuel-to nk (Opacity/range
.188.0171.7/59.7 in
............. 1350 Ib
. ............ 22/31
18.5 9al/407 mi
turbOChilfged aod interrooled 2.0-l iter 0011( 16-valve inline-4, 200
hp, 207I b-ft: 6-sp dua l-cl utch automated man
.ind, SlIUl'i, coi l ami-roll ba r
. .ind, multil iri, coi l ami- roll ba r
/R, vented tise/disc
ASS. Slartda rd
Sta bility/tracnon control . standard/Slartda rd
Passive restraint>. . .. . .. drivf'r and POS>l'rlgel side, and
cu rtain airbags; rear side (opt) and curtain airbags
prlte: 2,4j , $29,550; 15 AWD, m,900
Vehide type: from-eoginr, from- or 4-\'Iheri -dril'C; 5-door 5-
p..1SSemJff Welgon
Imerior lUIu me,F/R (cu ft).. . .... 51 52/41
Cargo seals up/maximum (cu fi) ............. 27/63
Wneelbase.. . ...... 103.9 in
178.0/691/57,4 -57.5 in
lurningcircl e ........ .34,9ft
Cu rb weight. .. ... .3350-3600 Ib
EPACitylhighwJ)' mpg .. 19-20/26-31
r uel-Mn! (Opacity/ra nge .......... 14.5- t5.9 gaI/290-318 mi
l.4 .. lner IXlHC 1O-vaive inhne-5, 165 or 1M hp, 170 Ib -ft: 1.5- li ter
OOHC 2O-vall' inline-5, 227 hp.136Ib-ft; 6-sp mao, 5-sp auto with
manumellic shifting
F . .... ind, SlIUl'i, coi l anti- roll ba r
R . ... ind, multil iri, coi l anli- roll oo r
flrak(1,f IR, vented ose/disc
ASS. Slartda rd
Sta bdi ty/tractroo control . standard/Slartda rd
Passil' . .. dri'ler el nd side, and
curtelin el irbags; reel r curtain el irbags
prite: V70 11, $34,400; 11 R-DesiIJl, $38,850: x(70 3.1
AWD. $38,800; T6AWD, $43,650
Vehide type: Iront-ell9ine. front - or 4-wherl -dri'le; 5-door 5-
p..1Sserlgel wagon
Imerior lUIu me, FIR (cu ft) .. . .... 53 54/44
............ .33f72 Cargo seals up/maximum (cuft)
Wneelbase .. . ...... 110,8 in

lurningcircl e
Cu rb weight.
EPA cityfhighway mpg .
fuel-Mnk (Opacity/range .
.189.9-1905/73.3/60.6---631 in
... 36.7 371ft
..... .3900-4200 Ib
. .... 16-18122-27
185 gaI/196-m mi
12-liter 24-valve iIlline-6, 225 Of B5 hp, 221 oX 236 Ibft:
turbocharged aod interrooled 3.O-l iter 0011( 24-valve inline-6, 281
hp, 295 lb-ft; 6-sp auto with manumatic shifting
F . .... ind, SlIUl'i, coi l anti- roll ba r
R . .... ind, multil iri, coi l anti- roll oo r
flrak(1,f IR, ,vented dWvented disc
ASS. Slartda rd
Stabni ty/tractloo control standord/Slartda rd
Passil'C restraint> ....... driv/"r and POS>l'rlgel Side, and
curtain airbags; rear curlain airbags
CARandORIVER.com 99
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, ..
'"1.,10. volume
tuming curb
cityl hwy tank, f,ont /mid/ ."art Ica.go, cird., length/width/height, weight,
bua p.leI
gallon' cubkfeet feet In,heli pounds
Cadillac Escalade ESV $66,050- $87,630 12/19 26.0- 31.0 61--M/S7!33- 46/109- 137 39.0- 410 lO2.S- 222.8179.0- 79.1n4J- 7S.4 5700--61SO
(II",oleISuburtJan $41,585- $56,575 12- 14/19- 20 31.5- 39.0 64/57/%/137 43.0- 453 222.4179.1/76.8- 77.2 56SI}-6500
Ford Expedilion El S39,535-SS 1,665 14no 28.0-33.5 $9-W157/43- 51/108- 131 40.8- 43.9 206.5- 221 JfiS.SI77.2-78J 5750- 6300
GMCYukon Xl $42,440- $59,700 11- 14/19- 20 31.5- 39.0 64/571461137 43.0- 45.3 m.4m.1176.8- 77.1 5650-6500
Audl Q7 S47,72S- S61,SlS 13- 17/18- 25 26.4 SS- 56/46- 49/29m 39.4 200Afi8.1168.4 S200- SSSO
Bula Endave $35,940- $41,105 16- 17m- H n.o 57-60151-5l/401115 40.4 lOl .Sfi9.0m.s 4900-5100
Cadillac Escalade $63,445- $85,075 W19 26.0- 31.0 63-64/57133- 46/109- 137 39.0- 43.0 2{l2.5- m.Sf79.0- 79.1fi4J- 75.4 5700-6150
(lI"role! Talloe $38,230- $54,565 13- 15120-21 26.0 64/57- 58/331109 39.0 202.0f79.0/75.9- 77.0 5300- 5850
Ford Expedition $36,010- $49,015 14/20 28.0- 33.5 59-60/57/43- 51/108- 131 40.8- 43.9 206.5- 221.3f78.8177.2- 783 5750-6300
Ford Flex $29,270- $4US5 1&-17/22- 24 18.6 58160/36183 40.7 101.sn5.9/68.0 4700- 5050
GM(Acadia $31,515- $41.360 1&- 17123 - 24 n.o 57-60/50-51/41/116 40.4 201. 1fi8.9/69.9 4850- 5050
GM(Yukon 13- 15/20-21 26.0 64/57- 58/331109 39.0 202.0f79.0/75.9-77.0 5300-S85O
Hummer HZ $64,000' NA 32.0 64/59123187 43.1 203.5181.2178.5- 79.2 6650
Infiniti QX56 $56,915- $60,015 12/17- 18 28.0 63/63/39/97 40.8 206.9fi8.8177.8- 78.7 5750- 6050
Land Ronr lR4 548,100- 557,665 12117 22.8 $9/55/36/90 37.6 190.9f75.4/74.5 5800
Land Ronr Range Rover 579,175- $95,125 12118 27.6 54/1UJ47/74 39.4 195.7m.0/74.9 5750- 5950
Land Rover Range Rover Sport $60,495- $74,195 12118 23.1 53/NA/49/71 17.7 188.5/75.9/71.5 5500- 5750
lexus lISlO $77,280 12118 24.6 58/48/36/83 38.7 196.5/71.6/75.6 6200
Uncoln MKT $44,995- $49,955 16-17/22- 23 18.6 'X>/55/30/76 40.7 207.6/76.0/67.4 4700- 4950
Uncoln NavIgator $55,325- 558,225 NA 28.0- 33.5 59/57/43- 51/104-128 4O.S- 43.9 208.4-223 .3fi8.8/78.1- 783 5900-6250
Mercedes-Benl Gdass $103,OOO- $ln,OOO' 11115 25.4 69/NAJ55/SO 43.5 185.6/71.3-73.1/76.0 5700- 5800
Mercedes-Benz Gl-dass $6O,825- $83,m 12- 17/17-23 26.4 55/55/38/83 39.7 200.6/75.4172.4- 75.6 5300-5450
Nissan Armada $38,010- $52,990 12118 28.0 64/63/39/97 40.8 207.7 f79.1177.2- 78.0 5400- 5850
Toyolaland Cruiser $65,770 13/18 24.6 S7!50/36/82 38.7 194.9/71.6/74.0 1700
Toyola Sequoi a 539,480- 559,S55 13- 14/18- 19 26.4 63- 65/53- 54/45- 48/ 39.0 105.1f79.9/74.6 5700- 6100
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(dillac SRX
Chevrolet Equinox
Chevrolet Trayerse
Dodge Journey
Ford Edge
Ford bplor
6M( Terrain
Honda Accord (rosstour
Hyundal Santa Fe
Hyundal Veraauz
Intin!t! FUS!FXSO
lup Commander
Jup Grand Cherokee (20ll)
Kia SOlTego
Lexus RnSO
lincoln MKX
Mercedes-Benz GLKdass
Mercedes-Benz Mdass/Ml63
Mercedes- Benz Rdass
Men:ury Mountalnl't!r
Mltsubishi Enduvor
Mitsubishi Outlander
Nissan Murano
Nissan Pathfinder
Nissan Item
POBme (;tyenne
Subaru Tribeca
Toyota FJ Cruiser
Toyota Highlander
Toyota Vellla
Toyota 4Runner
Volkswagen Touareg
Volvo X(90
A<ura RDX
Audi as
Dodge Nitro
ford Escape
Honda (RV
Nonda Element
Hyundai Tucson
Jeep (ompass
Jeep Uberty
Jeep Patriot
Jeep WranglerlUnlimited
Kia Sorento (2011)
Kia 5portage
Rover LRl
Mazda Tribute
Mer<ury Mariner
Nissan Rogue
Subaru Foreuer
Suzuki Grand Vitara
Toyota RAV4
Volkswagen Tiguan
Volvo X(60
billie price
$48,325- $86,225
$34,155- $48,365
$23,185- $30,540
$29,999- $40,760
$21,165- $28,870
$27,695- $36,545
$24,995- $29,945
$28,605- $39,355
$34,500- $42,500'
$23,000- $32,000'
528,895- $36,645
543,265- $59,265
534,355- $43,610
$32,000- $46,000'
$26,995- $40,745
$37,675- $39,075
$39,195- $41,045
SU,300- SH,635
$29,385- $34,795
$46,575- $91,925
$50,175- $51,675
S29,895- $38,'Xl5
$18,739- $32,239
$21,560- $29,970
528,850- $38,980
$28,240- $39,910
SB,250- $30,200
546,315- $127, 115
$31,250- $36,550
$16,505- $35,320
$27,025- $30,300
$18,355- $40,655
541,240- $44,760
$38,175- $49,675
$22,335- $25,640
$21,240- $27,745
m,lSS- $28,455
S21,235- $25,030
$19,000- $24,000'
$19,350- $25,765
$14,000- $29,480
$18,425- $25,180
$21,915- $32,800
$21,000- $27,000'
$17,370- $14,075
$20,840- $29,350
$23,760- $27,580
$11,14O- SB,930
520,990- $29,190
$19,364- $27,049
$22,300- S28,61O
$24,000- $34,015
SB 145- $38 050
cityn.wy tenk,
16/21 21.0
12- 19/17- 26 22.5
11-15/17- 10 n.5
15- 18/21- 25' 21.0
17-22/24- 31 18.8- 20.9
16- 17/23- 24 22.0
15- 19/23- 25 18.5- 21.1
17- 18/23- 25 19.0-20.0
13-15/19- 21 21.5
17- 22/24-32 18.8- 20.9
17- 18/25- 27 18.5
16- 17/22- 23 21.0
13-14/16-18 23.0
20- 22/26-27 19.8
16- 17122- 23 20.6
14- 16/20- 23 23.8
13- 15/19- 20 21.1
13- 16/19- 23 24.6
15- 17/20- 21 20.6
14/18' 24.0
18124- 25 19.2
17- 18m- 25 19.0- 10.0
17- 20/23- 28 16.4- 18.2
15- 16/21- 22 20.1
16/21 - 21 17.4
11- 18/15- 25 25.1
14- 18/19- 24 11.1
13- 15/19- 21 22.5
15/19- 21 21.4
18- 21/24- 27 15.8- 16.6
18/23 21.7
13-15/18- 21 21.1
15- 16120- 21 21.1
11 - 14/17- 20 26.4
16/21 16.9
15- 17/19- 22 19.0
17- 20/23- 27 19.2
18-21125- 29' 17.7
1712:2- 23 24.0
14- 18/19- 25 26.4
13- 15/19- 22 21.1
17- 19/22- 24 18.0
18m 19.8
16- 17/23- 24 17)
15- 16/20- 22 19.5
18- 21/23- 28 16.5
2112:7- 28 15.3
18- 20/23- 25 15.9
20/26' 17.2
21-23/24- 29 13.5- 13.6
15-16/21-22 19.5
20- 23/22- 29 13.5- 13.6
15119- 20 18.6- 22.5
19- 21/27- 29 18.0
18- 20m- 25 15.3-17.2
15/22 18.5
18- 22/23- 28 16.5
18- 22/23- 28 16.5
21-22/26-27 15.9
19-20/24- 27 16.9
17- 19/23- 26 17.4
19-22/26-28 15.9
18- 19/24- 26 16.8
16-18122- 17 18.5
Interlo. volume
',ontlmid/ rt/argo,
cubic feet
53- 55/47- 48125/75
57- 60/51/40-41/1 16
53- 55/43- 44/25/68
56/45- 46/51
58- 59/55/40/87
53- 54/N,lJ41-43/63
53- 56/NA/45- 47/59
53- 561NA/51/76
54-55/45- 49/27/73
58- 6O/NA/47-49/64- 65
59- 61/53/32/95
54- 55INM52I70
54- 55/42/31/89- 90
52- 551NM48f65
54-551N,lJ42- 44/66
53- 56/1W48f73
51- 54INM51/61
55m,IJ46-49/61- 87
54-551N,lJ42- 44/66
54-551N,lJ42- 44/66
54-56/NM41- 421SS
56- S8/NM46-49/63- 68
SI - 54/N,lJ43/67-69
55- 56/49/33/73
51 - 53INM44-46/67
40.0- 42.7
37.3- 37.6
34.9- 36.9
35.6- 37.2
34.8- 36.8
190.0- 191.1/76.1 - 78.5/69.4- 69.9
192.0178.1/66.3- 66.5
193.4-193.5/73.5- 73.7/72.8
190.9/78.5/71.0- 72.7
188.2- 189.4/76.3- 77.8171.5- 73.3
193.4-193.5173.5- 73.7172.8
192.3/72.8172.0- 72.7
188.8- 188.9175.9- 77.0/65.9- 66.9
183.9/75.0/71.3- 72.0
174.7- 175.1171.1/67.8- 70.2
169.9- 170.4171.6/69.5- 70.4
173.6/69. 1/65)
152.8- 173.4173.7- 73.9/70.8- 70.9
174.7- 175.1171.1/67.8- 70.2
174.7- 175.1171.1/67.8- 70.2
178.7- 181.9171.5/68.7-69.1
5050- 5350
4300- 4550
3950- 4400
4550- 5100
4300- 4450
4550- 5250
4500- 5250
4200- 4350
4400 __
3500- 4050
4950- 5100
4550- 5100
3400- 3800
4450- 5050
4150- 4500
5150- 5600
5100- 5350
4650- 5000
3750- 3950
4250- 4350
3350- 3650
3400- 3600
3500- 3650
3200- 3550
3100- 3350
4200- 4400
3150- 3350
3850- 4500
3700- 4150'
3250- 3550
3350- 3650
3300- 3550
3250- 3500
3500- 3900
3400- 3700
3400- 3650
4050- 4150
CARandORIVER.(om 101
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Already a class leader, Acura's sporty SUV flagship
gets several updates for 2010, including freshened styling,
engine refinements, a new transmission, and suspension
upgrades. Top-notch interior trimmings and AcurJ.'s clever
Super Handl ing AWD give the MDX an upscale feel.
Acura RDX
Freshened for 2010, Acura's styli sh, compact crossover
SUV marries a hard-working turbo four with a responsive
driving package that makes it more of a five-door sports car.
Ride quality has been civilized for 2010, there are loads of
features, and a front-drive option has been added.
The Q5 was a runaway winner in our most recent com-
parison test of $40K lUXUry utes. It is far more visceral and
connected than the Lexus RX350, although the latter is the
sales king in the segment. In addition to its refined, elegant
cockpit, the Q5 is composed, capable, and comfortable.
102 CAR.loxlORJVER,(om
Hi'Jhs: Roomy interior with firsl-
rate materials, excellent comfort
quotient, outstanding powertrain,
confident in all weat her.
Lows: Can gulp fuel, not exact ly
a bargain. and what's with that
wbt's new: Redesigned for 2007;
freshened styling and new six-
speed automatic for 2010.
Bekind tbwhtel: It's hard 10 call
a 46OO-pounder agile, but
50, this big Acura does manageto
be light on its feet.
Hi,hs: High-qual ily intelior
furnishings, supportive seats, lots
of high-tech features
Lows: Busy secondary cont rols
have too many bunons,
system can be a liUletricky.
Wilt's nrw: Introduced for
2007; new front and rear fascias,
wheels, front-drive option, and
upgraded brakes.
Bfkind tb whtel: Agile and
eager, the RDX is entertainif19 on
a windi ng road, and the turbo is
quick 10 respond.
Hi,hs: Composed in the hills, big-
time grip, Ritz-Carlton cabin.
Lows: Heavy steering at low
speeds, a fewergonomic issues.
Wbt'sntw: Introduced for 2009;
unchanged for 2010.
Bekind tb wheel: The steering
is at low speeds but
is perfect on the highway. The
chassis is informat il'f', solid, and
capable of big-time laleral gr ip.
And we'll forgive you for running
your hands over the classy
surfaces in the Gucci-esque cabin.
Base pri(e: S43,OOO lest!
Vehide type: front-engine. 4-lI1leel-drive; 5-door 7-p.1SSengtf
Interior I'Olume, F /M/R leu ft l
GJ rgol'Olume, >eaBup/mal:imum leu ft l.
Whffl ru>e ..
.. . 15/84
Length/Wid!hlh<i ght
ClIIbweight ..
EPA Citylhighway mpg
Fuel-tank capocity /range
191.6178.5/68.2 in
.17.6 1t
. ...... 4600 lb
... 16/21
nOg<l I/336 ml
l7-lner SOHC 14-valve V-6, 300 170 Ib-It; 6-sp auto WIth
manumatk shifting
ind, cod ant i-rol l rur
in d, mul tilink, coft bar
!\rak6. r /R. . vented diS(/disc
ABS standard
Stability/traction ..... ..... standard/standard
JeStraintl. . . dri l'l' and passenger front side, and
curtain airb39'i; middle and rear curta in aimags
Base pri(e: SH,330: AWD, $15,330
type: front- CI 4-lI1lffl-drtve; 5-door 5-
passenger wagon
Interior I'Olume, FIR (cu It).
GJ rgo volume, >eatsup/malimum (CU ft).
Whfflba >e ..
.. .... 28/61
18Qlf73.6/65 .2 in
.mo-3950 1b
.. ........ 18.0g<l1/306-342mi
Lertgth /Wid!h/hl'i gh t
Tuming cirde.
ClIIbweight ..
EPA citylhighwcly mpg
fuel-tank Glpocity/range .
rurbochargl'd and intercooled B-li ter OOHC 16-valve inlin e-4, 240
hp, 260 Ib-It: 5-sp auto "";th manu matH: shilting
. ind, cod springs, anti -rol l bar
in d, mul tilin k, coa springs, anti -rol l bar
!\rakes, r /R. . vented diSc/disc
ABS standard
Stabili ty/traction ..... ..... standard/standard
PasSi VE JeSt raints. . dri l'l' and passenger front, Side. and
curtain aimags: rear curtain aimags
Compilnson Test
.. Winner
Base Premium, S38, 175; Premium Pl UI, $42,215: Prestrge,
Vehide type: front-engine, 4-lI1leel-drive; 5-door 5-passengtf
Interior I'Ol ume, FIR (cu It).
GJ rgovolume, >edtsup/malimum (cu ft).
Wheelba>e ..
52 54/46 48
. 110.5 in
182.2/74.0/65.1 in Lertgth /Width/hl'i gh t
Tuming circle.
ClIIbweight ..
EPA Citylhighway mpg
Fuel-tank capocity /range
. .. 38. 1 ft
.4250-4150 Ib
...... I8/H
19.8g<l1/356 ml
l2-liter DOll( 24-valve Y-6, 270 hp. 243 Ib-ft; 6-sp auto with
f in d, mul tilink, coil springs, rur
R ind, mul tilink, coD spri ngs, bar
!\rakes, F/R.. vented diSc/disc
ABS standard
Stdbili ty/troCtion control sta rdard/standard
restraints. . . dri Vl' and passenger front Side, and
clIIta in aiIbags: rear (opt) and curta in aimags
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Built on a lengthened version of the VW TouaregJ
Porsche Cayenne platform, the Q7 offers seating for seven.
Audi styling inside and out sets it apart from it s brethren
and other SUVs. Frugal buyers may be interested in the
torquey and fuel-efficient turbo-diesel V6.
Its chassis is starting to show its age, but the X3 remains
a sharp driver among small SUVs, placing second in a
recent comparo of five entry-luxury utes. It' s tight inside
but offers all-weather capabi lity as well as BMW handling,
and this version rides far less harshly than earl ier models.
The X5 is BMW' s most conventional SUV, offering
carlike dynamics and space for up to seven. The six-cylinder
30i will be enough for most; there 's al soa V-8 and a thrifty
turbo-diesel. The new M model packs a 555-hp, twin-turbo
V-!!; sharper handling; and more aggressive styling.
Hi,hs: Looks like an Audi from
stem to stern, fuel-sippi ng diesel.
seats for seven, V-8 power.
Lows: Very heavy, cramped third-
row seats, rough ride with giant
wheels, overmatche\l gas V-6.
Whit's!leW: Refreshed exterior
styling and new wheel designs.
lehid Iuwleel; Sl uggish with
the gasV-6; nffils the torque
of the diesel or theY-8 to moVt'
smartly_ Feels heavy and handling
is del ii)erate, and the ride can feel
occasionally choppy.
Hi'fhs: Handles like a BMW,
powerful and qUick,
available manual transmission.
lows: A lack of interior space
makes this ute for small families
only, sti ll rides more stiffly than
many wee SUVs, pricey.
whifsJleW: Redesigned for 2()()7;
HD radio is standard for 2010.
.elriad li e wi eeJ: Basically feels
like a tall,tipsy 3-series wagon,
but the X3 still has neutral,
balanced handling. This $UV is
a JOY to steer.
Hi'fhs: Comfortable and spacious
interi or, handles and dri ves better
than many cars, M is plain nuts.
lows: ThirstyV-8 engines,t hird-
row space is a joke, can gel quite
with options.
Whai'SlI!w: Redesigned for 2007;
iDrive is much easier 10 use and
new M model added for 2010.
.elriad InwiefJ: ResponSive
steering, powerful engines, and
a taut chassis give the XS an
at hlet ic feel missi ng in most
sport-utility whicles.
Base price: 16, $47)25: 3.0TDI, $51,725; 4.2, $61,825
Vehide type: from-enl}ne, 4-wheel -aive; 5-door 7-passenger
Imerior 'iOIume, F/M/R (cu lt ) .. 55- 56/46- 49119
......... 11173 Cargo \'dume, ';eots up/m.Jximum (cu It)
Wneelbase .. . ...... 118.2 in
Ll'n gthl ....idthlheig-.t ..
Turningcirci e
CU rb weight. ..
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel-tl nk c.Jpacity/rofl9(' ..
. . . 2OOA/78. 1/&8.4 in
........ .39.4 11
. .5200-5550 Ib
. 13-1711 8-25
26.4ga1/m 449mi
turbocharged clnd intercool ed lQ-li t!;l OOHC 24-val'112 diesel V-6.
225 hp. 406 Ib-ft; l&-Uter 001-{ 14-valve V-6, 280 hp, 266 lb-It :
4.l -l ner OOHC 32-valve V-8, 350 hp. m Ib-It; 6-sp <l\Ito with
F. ind, un('1juol-length comrol arms, coil or air (!)pt on 4 2)
anti-roll ba r
....... indo multilink, coil or <lir (opt on 4.2) anti- mil OO r
IR. . vented diSc/vented disc
ASS . Slandard
Sta biliry/tracnon comml . standard/Slanda rd
Passive restraint>. . . . . .. driv('f and paS>I'rlgel side, and
curtain airbilgs; rear side (opt) and curtain airba gs
prlte: $39,575
Vehide type: 4-wheel-oove; 5-door 5-pasSl'flger
Imerior 'iOIu me, FIR (eu It) .. . ....... . 51/45
Cargo seatl up/m.Jximum (cu fi)
Wneelbase ..
............ .30171
. ...... 110.0 in
Turningcirci e
Cu rb weight. ..
EPA citylhighwJ)' mpg
179.9/73.0/65.9 in
........ .38.4 11
.... 405Q-4100 lb
. 16-17123-24
r U1-lcl n! c.JpOCity/ra ng ..
17.7 gal/28HOt mi
3.()-lner DOl-{ 14-valve 260 hp.12S 1b-11: &-sp miln. 6-sp
<l\Ito with mclnum.JtiC shift ing
. .... ind, struts, coi l anti- mil OO r
. . ind, multiliri, roi l anti- mil OO r
Bla!('\. FIR. . vented diSdvented diS(
ASS.. . .... standard
Sta bility/traction control standcl rd/standa rd
P;r;sive restraims. . .drivl'f and passengel SIde, and
curtclin airbags; rear side (1JPt)
and curtain cl irba l)S
price: xDrive3Oi . $48,325; xOri ve35d. $52,025; xDrtve4&,
$57.025; M, $86.225
Veh i de type: front -l'fI4ji ne, 4-....-hre -drive; 5-door 5 - 7 -passenger
InteriOr F/WR (eu It) ..
U!go'iOlume. seats up/maximum (eu It)
53- 55/47-48/25
115.5 in
.lW.{)- 191.1176.1- 78. 5/69.4-69.9 in
.42.0 It
.4950-5400 lb
.12-19/17- 26
22.5 gal/27{)-428 mi
length/lYldthlheiglu ..
Tumill9 circle
(urbwel(j ht
EPAcny/higtiwaympg . .
Foo-tank c.Jp.lcity/ra rlge
3.o-tit('f Dille 24-val'112 inline-6. 260 hp, 225 Ib-It; twin-
ru rbocr..rged ,md intl'fcooled 3.Q-li tl'f OClHC 24-volVl' diesel inline-
6, 265 hp. 425 Ib 4.8 liter OOHC 32 val'/!;' V 8, 350 hp, 350 Ib It;
twinturbocharged and int!;lcooled 4 4-litl'f DOff( 32-valve V-S. 555
hp. 500 Ib-ft : 6-sp aUlo with m.Jnumatk shifting
F. . . ... indo ullequol-iength wntrol arm:.. (oi l spn ngl. anti-roll OO r
R ind, mu ltlllnk, COIl 01 air spri ngs, anti-roil OO r
Bra!es, FIR. . vented disc/vented disc
ASS.. . ........ lIandard
Stobility/traction wnt rol . stclndcl rd/llandard
P;r;sive restraints .drivl'f cl nd passenger side, and
cunain airb.lgs; middle curtain airbags
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The X6 is an answer to a question no one will admit to
asking: It' s an X5-based SUV done up like a swoopy, five-
door pseudocoupe. The sloping roofline provides a unique
look, and rear headroom is still decent. It's fast, luxurious,
and drives very well , especially the new, 555-hp M.
Buick Enclave
A breakout vehicle for Buick, the eight-passenger En-
clave defibrillated Buick-s design department. Based on
the same platform as the Chevrolet Traverse and the GMC
Acadia, it is surpri si ngl y competent and relat ively fuel
effic ient for such a large, spacious vehicle.
Cadillac Escalade/ESV
Cadillac's full-si ze luxury sport-utility continues 10
impress with its strong V-B, extroverted appearance, and
posh interior. This old-fashioned body-on-frame SUV is
very capable and can lOW up 10 8300 pounds, but the trade-
off is ride quality that can get quite sloppy.
104 CAR.loxlDRJVER.(om
Hi'Jhs: Powerfulluroocharged
engines, menacing (if not
gorgeous) styl ing, handles bener
than an SUV has the righl1o.
Lows: Compromised
seats for only four, costly.
Will's new: Introduced for 2008;
iDrive is upgraded, and the M
model is new lor 2010.
Beiind titwhtd: Typical BMW
goodness. including great seats,
excellent steering, and plenty of
power-ewn in base form. Be
ready for lots of questions.
Hi,hs: Style you don' t have to
be ashamed of, space you don'l
have to squeeze inlO, and serenity
you will be surprised to find in
anything from GM.
Lows: Slil l pretty heavy for its
highest thlse price of
the triplets.
Wilt'S new: Introduced for 2008;
no major changes for 2010,
Bf.ind tbwkttl: This might be
one of Ihe quietest vehicles on
the road, and it handles well,loo
Stil l, comfort is priority one.
Hi,hs: Muscle-car -worthy V-B,
quiet at speed, handsome interior,
brash exterior styling. serious
capabi lities, sounds great.
Lows: Trudy weight and
handling. fuelthi rst,l ightthird
row in regular-length version.
wbt's ntw: RedeSigned for
2007; 2010 models get cylinder
deactivation for improved gas
mileage and fronlside airbags.
ae.ind tbwhttl: QuiCK and
handles pretty wel l for an old-
school body-on-frame ute.
Base pri(e: $57,125: xOrtve50i, S67,875; M, $89) 25
Vehlde type: ITont-l'Ilgine, 4-whetl- dri l'l.'; 5-dOOl 4-passenger
Interior FIR (eu It).
GJ rgol'Olume, >eaB up/mol:imum (eu ft l .
Vltu'!'I 00 >e ..
. .. 26/60
. ... 115.5 in
....... 192,0/78,1/56.1-56,5 in
12 15/1 7 20
.......... 22.5gal!270-338 mi
Length/Widthlh<i ght
luming cirde
Curb weight . .
EPAcitylhighwoy mpg
r uel-tank capacity/range ,
tw i n-turlxxha rged ond imercooled 3.0-1 iter OOHC 24-VoM i n I i fie -6,
100 hp, 300 Ib-It; twin-turlxxhorged ond intercooed 4.4-lner OOHC
32-val'112 V-B, 400 hp, 450 Ib-It; 6-sp auto with manumat iC shilting
F . ioo, uneqlJill-l l'Ilgth control coil spri ngs. ant i-rol l oor
R ,ind, multili nk, oir springs. ont i-rol l bilr
&rakes. FIR. . .. . ......... Vl'Ilted disc/'ll'flted disc
ABS, . standard
Stabili ty/traclioo cootrol stmjord/st.3ndard
PaIli've JNrointl. ,driver ond passenger fioot. side, ..., d
curtain aiJbags: rear curta in aimags
Base prite: ex, $35,940; Xl, $39, 105; CXAWfJ, S37,94O; Xl AWfJ,
$41, 105
Vehide type: from-engine, frOOl - I)[ 4-wheel -dri ve; 5-door 7- 8-
pas>enger wagon
Interior I'OllJIIle, F IM/ R (cu ftl . .
GJrgo l'Olume, (eu ftl.
W"heelbos.e .
. .23/115
. .. 4Q,41t
.4900-5100 Ib
16-1 7122-24
..... ..... n.Ogall152 174ml
Tuming Cirde.
Curb wl"ight .
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel -tonk c.3p.lcitY/Jilnge ,
16-li ter DOH( 24-val'112 V-6, 288 hp, 270 Ib-h; 6-sp auto with
maoumati( shift ing
. ioo, lOa springs. ont i-roI l bilr
,ind, multili nk, springs. anti-rol l bilr
&rakes, FIR. . . .. . ........ Vl'Ilted disc/'ll'flted diS(
ASS st.3ndard
Stabili ty/traclioo cootrol Stl rdord/stondard
Passive JNrointl. ,driver ond pJ'i\erlget fiool. side, ...,d
cur tain airbags; middle and rear curta in aimags
Base prite: S61.445 S6S,9':I5; luxury, S69,560- S7l.110;
Premium, $71 ,950--$74,500; Platinum Editioo, 582,575-$85.D75/
ESV, $66.050-S68.550; luxury, $72,165- $74.665; Premium,
S75,155 $77,655; Piotinum EditIOn, 585, 110- S87,630
Vehide type: fioot-engine, J1"or- I)[ 4-whetl-mve: S-docr 6- 8-
paW"\ger wagon
Interior I'OllJIIl e, F IM/R (eu ft l
GJ rgo l'Olume, >eoB up/mol:imum (eu ft l .
Wheei oo se ..
61-64/57/31 46
17- 46/109- 117
Tuming circle .
Curb weight .
EPA citylhighwoy mpg
Fuel -tonk cop.lcitY/Jilnge ,
201,5 m8{79.0 79,1/74.1 75,4in
N,0- 410 1t
,5700-6150 Ib
... 11/19
..... 26.0-11.0gaI1112 172 ml
6.2-liter pushrGd 16vaM v-a, 403 hp, 417 Ib-It; 6-sp auto with
mooumanc shlft ing
r, . ioo. uneqlJill-ll'Ilgth control ant i-rol l bill
R ri gid oxie, lOa springs.ont i-roI l bilr
&rakes. FIR.. vented diSddiS(
ASS standard
Stabili ty/tractioo COOlrol Stlrdord/stlndard
Jl' ltraintl . . ,dri ver and passenger froot side, and
curtain airbags; middle and rear curtain aimags
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Cadillac SRX
For 20 I 0, the SRX shrinks in size and price and moves
to the sub-$40K segment, where the Lexus RX350 is king.
If it's a practical Caddy you're after, try the base SRX first,
whose price undercuts most of its rivals'. Better stil l, sam-
ple Cadillac' s own crs wagon with the 3.6-1iter V-6.
Chevrolet Equinox
The 2010 Equinox represents a huge step forward from
its medi ocre predecessor. Quality cabin materials, more
advanced powertrains- all Equinoxes use six-speed auto-
matics and feature direct fuel injection- and upscale looks
make this one worth considering.
Chevrolet Suburban/GMC Yukon XL
These are GM's biggest ut ility wagons and the gold
standard in their class for decades. They offer a variety of
equipment and powertrain choices, also arguably the best
in their class. These big guys are thirsty, but their towing,
hauling, and passenger accommodat ions are tough to top.
Hi!hs: Spectacularly luxurious
cabin, Lexus-like fit and finish,
sturdy and stable platform.
Lows: Unacceptably heavy,
overwhelmed base V-6.
whifsJleW: Redesigned for 2010.
lellid Inw"eel; The cabin
is a total joy to inhabit, but the
SRX disappoints dynamically. It
weighs way too much, which
destroys acceleration. Moreover,
gears shift slowly, and the thronle
is incredibly nonl inear. Alas, the
SRX is mainly an interstate cruiser.
m!hs: Dapper new looks, mlKh-
improved interior, effi cient direct-
injection engines,lots of available
techno-goodies, very quiet cabin.
Lows: Weight hurts fuel economy.
steering feel is nonexistent.
What'snw: Redesigned for 1010.
lellid l"ew"eeJ: The drivi ng
experience is far more refi ned
than before, but there's litt le
fun to !:Ie had here-think
competence, not playfulness.
We prefer the more frugal four-
cylinder model.
Hi!hs: Solid structure, quiet
operation, attracti ve interiorS,lots
of space for pe\Jple or cargo, !:Iesl
range of powert rain choices.
Lows: NOll he handiest rig in a
crowdecl parking lot, not exactly
inexpensive to operate.
what's JeW: Redesignecl for 1007;
6.0-literwith variable valve
timing for 2500, revised opt ions.
lellid tkewkeeJ: Smoot h, quiet,
and competent for a vehicle in
this size class. Ponderous by any
other reckoni ng.
Base price: $34, 155; Lu'(IJry, $37,735; Luxury AWD. $40,230;
Performance, $42.t75; Pe rforma nce AWD, $45.820; f'rmiu m.
S44}20; Premium AWO. $48365
Vehide type: from-engine, fr om- or 4-wlJeeI -drive; 5-door 5-
pos:.enger wagon
Imerior\1llume, r IR (eu fi). . . .... .... 55/45
..... .... 29161 Cargo seatsup/maxi mum (ru ft)
'Nneelba:.e .. . .... .. 110.5 in
lengthlwidl h/heiljll .190.3/75.3165.7 in
..... .... 4O.0ft
. .4300-4550 Ib
. t5-t8/21-25(6t)
Turning circle
CU rb weight.
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel-ta nk capacity/range .
21.0 gal/31 5 378 mi (est)
3.Q--liler OOHC 2ha1v V--6, 265 hp, m Ib-It; lurbocharg'd oVl d
intefcool'd 2.8-liter DOOC 24-valveV6, 300 hp, 29S Ib-It; 6sp auto
....ith manumatic'illiiting
F . .... ind, struts, coi l anti- mil ba r
R . .... ind, struts, coi l anti- mil ba r
&akf'S. FIR . . veot'd dwveot'd diS(
ASS.. . ... stoVlcll rd
Stability/traalon wmml standard/stoVlda rd
P;r;sive restraints .driver and ])dssenqet" fronL and
curtain airbags; rear curtain airbags
BaSf price: LS, S23. 185; L1, $14,105; LS AWO, 514.935; LI AWD,
m ,855; LTZ. S28)'Xl; lTZ AWD, $30,540
Vehide type: Iront-erJ9ine, front- or 4-wheel -dri ve; 5- door S-
pa\\ffiger wagon
Iml'fior\1llume, FIR (eu ft). .53/47
Cargo seatsup/maxi mum (eu ftl .31/64
'Nneelbase.. . . . ....... 112.5 in
length/widt hlheiljll .187.8/72.5/663 in
lurningcircl e 40 0--421ft
CUrb werght. . J800-4OOJ Ib
EPA citylhighwaympg . 17 22114 32
r uel-ta nk capacity/range ..... ..... 18.8-20.9 gal/355-414 mi
H-Iner OOHC 16-val'le inline-4, 182 hp, 172 Ib-ft: lQ-li tl'f OOHC
24-va!ve V-6, 264 hp, 122 Ib-It; 6-sp auto with manumallc shifti ng
f .. ..... ind, strut" coi l anti-roll lJa r
. ind, multiliri, coi l anti-roll ba r R
&.kes, FIR . . vent'd disc/verll'd disc
ASS .. . . . .... standard
control . standord/stancll rd
P;r;si\'C restraints .driver . nd ])dlsenqet" fronL and
curtain airbags; rear curtain airbags
Base price: Suburban. $41,585 $56.575; Xl, $42,440
$51.305; Yukon Xl Denali, $56,6t5-$59}00
Vehide type: front-engine; rear-, rear/4-, or 4-wheel-dnve:
5-door 7 -9- passenger wagon
Interior\1llume, r IM/R (eu ftl . . . .... . fAI57 146
Cargo \'dume, seatsup/maximum (ru ft) ..... .. . 46/137
'Nneelbase .. . .... .. 130.0 in
lengthlwidl h/heiljll 222.4/79.1/76.8-77.2 in
Turning circle ... 410- 45.3ft
CUrb werght .5650-6500 Ib
EPA citylhighway mpg . 12-14/19-20
Fuel-ta nk capacity/range .... ...... 31 .5 39.0gal/378 461! mi
pu, hrod 16-valve V-B. 310 hp, 335 Ib-ft; 6.Q--liter pushrod
16-va!ve V8; 352 hp, 382 Ib-ft; 6.l-liter pushrod 16-valve V8, 403
417I bft: 6-sp aUlO with manumatic shift ing
F ..... . ind, unequallffi gth control arms, lorsron bars, anti- mil ba r
R .... . rigid axle; 1500: cdl spri ngs, 2500: leaf Sngs: anti- mil ba r
flrakf'S.f IR. . vent'd dWveot'd disc
ASS. stancll rd
Stabni ty/traalon wmml standard/standard
P;r;sive restraint>. . . .. driver and pasSffi9t'1 front and curtain
airbaq$. middle and rear curtain airbags
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Chevrolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon
The Tahoe and Yukon are full-size utility wagons with a
solid range of capabilities, powered by the best army of gas
V-Ss in the segment. They drive far better than their mass
would suggest, but buyers seeking a roomy third row may
want to look at the larger Suburban and Yukon XL
Chevrolet Traverse
Available with front- or all -wheel drive, the Traverse
is Chevy's version of GM's large crossover architecture,
shared with Buick and GMC. Attractive styling, competi-
tive pricing, a roomy interior, thoughtful accommodations,
and good road manners are its st rong suits.
Dodge Journey
Dodge's crossover entry has a clever interior and is
amactively priced. Based on the Avenger, it also offers a V-6
option (recommended) and all-wheel drive. The Journey is
okay to drive, but the cabin material s leave something to be
desired. A solid if wholly unsjJCctacular choice.
106 CAR.loxlDRJVER,(om
Ki,hs: Good mpg forthe das5,
fi ne build quality, impressive
sol idity, excellent v-a engines.
Lows: Crampe\l third-row seat,
headroom could !:Ie better,
wilt's new: Redes igned fOf 2007;
changes for 2010 include cam
phasing and E85 capability for
5.3-literV-8, USB ports for radios.
ae"ind tit whtd: Smooth ride
quality, quiet inside, and wong
engines, but not a great choice for
an mryday vehicle unless heavy
lowing is a frequent act ivity.
Hi,hs: Sol id underpinnings,
qUiet operation, roomy passenger
compartment,lots offamily
goodies and safety features.
Lows: A litt le heal'Y by class
standards, interior plastics and
trim look a tad cheap.
Will's ntw: Inlroduced for 2009;
all radios get a USB port for 2010,
Beiind titwhttl: Although
hefty,the Traverse is lighter than
traditionals such as the Tahoe
and drives smaller. Responses are
competent; ride quality is supple,
Hi'Jhs: Att ractive exterior that's
unmistakably Dodge, plenty
of clever interior features, solid
safety credent ials, priced to sel l.
Lows: Snug third-row tepid
performance with four-cylinder
engine and fou r-speerl automatic.
Wilt's ntw: Introduced fo r 2009;
2010 sees minor improvements
10 convenience and safety
equipment andV-fJ fuel economy.
Beiind titwhttl: The Journey
is boring yet dynamically
competent , library quiet, too.
Base price: Tahoe, $38.130- $54,565; Yukon, $38,970- $41,615;
iUkoo Denali, $53.950-$56,945
Vehide type: Iront-('Ilgine; rear-, rear/4-, or
5-door 7 9-pawc'nger wagoo
Interior I'Olume, F IM/R (eu ft)
CJ rgol'Olume, (eu ft).
Wheeloose ..
64/57 58m
. .17/109
. 116.0in
Length twidth/hl'i gh t
Tuming drde ..

Fuel-tank capacity Irange
XI2.0/79.0/75.9-77.0 in
. ...... .39,Oft
.5300-5850 Ib
5.3-liter pu>hrod 16-valve v-s, 320 hp. B5 lb-It; 6.0-liter pushrod
V-8. 352 hp. 382 1b-ft ; 6.2-liter pushrod V-8. 395
or 403 hp. 417Ib-It; 6-,p aUiO with manu matic slufting
F ioo, uneqllill- Il'rlgth control cOil antiroIlOOr
R ngid axle, springs. anti-roll 001
&rakes. r IR. . . ...... disc/vented disc
ABS standard
Stabilityltractioo cootrol ...... .... stlooardlstandard
Je>traintl. . ,dri l'ef and passenger front side, and
curtain airb39'i; mi ddle and rear curtain airbags
BaSt pri(f: LS, $19,999; LS AWD, $31,999; LT, m,52O; LT AWD,
$34.520; liZ, $38}60; LI Z AWD, $40,760
Vehide type: from -erqlne, froot - 1)1' 4-whed-drive; 5-door 7-8-
passenger wagon
Interiorl'Olume, F/MIR (cu ft) ..
CJ rgowlume, (eu ft).
W'hedoos.e .
. .. 40,4ft
.4750-4950 Ib
.......... 21.0gal/352 374mr
Length twidthlhl'i ght
Tuming drde.
Curb wl'ight.
EPA cilylhighway mpg
Fuel -tank cdp.lcitylJilnge ,
16-liter OOIK V--6, 281 or 238 hp. 256 or 270 Ib-ft ; 6-sp
auto with manumatiC shifting
. ioo, coa anti -rol ioor
,ind, multilin k, sprirqs, anti-rolioor
&rakes. r IR. . . ...... v('Ilted disc/vented disc
ABS standard
Stability/traction cootrol ...... .... stlooardlstlndard
p.,JjV rest raints. ,dri l'ef and passenger fronl, >ide. and
curtai n airbaqs; middle and rear curtain airbag,
Base priCt: SE, 2t,165; SXT, $24,465: SXT AWD, $26,955; RfT,
527,120; R/T AWD, $28.870
Vehide type: front -erqine, front - 1)1' 4-....t1ee1 -drive; 5-door 5-7-
passenger wagon
Interior I'Olume, F IM/R (eu ft )
CJ rgowlume, >eatsup/maximum (cu ft).
Wheeloose ..
53 55143 44/25
. .. t1-40/68
. 113,Sin
38,5 N,Oft
.3950-4400 Ib
18.5-21.1 gal/317- 390 ml
Length twidth/hl'i gh t
Tumin g circle.
Curb weight ..
EPA Citylhighway mpg
Fuel-tank capocity Irange
2.4-liter 0011( inline- 4, 173 hp. 166 Ib-ft; 3.5-lit['[
SOHC V-6, B5 hp. m Ib-It; 4-sp auto, 6-sp auto with
F. ,ioo, coD springs, anti -rol loor
. ind, multilin k, springs, anti roItOOr R
&ra kes, FIR.. vented diSc/disc
ABS standard
Stabi lity/traclioo control stlooard/stlndard
Jl'ltraints. . ,dri ver and passenger front >ide, and
curtain airbags: rear curtain airbags
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Dodge Nitro
Dodge's take on the Jeep Liberty compact SUV sports
a stout, 5000-pound towing capacity and enviable off-road
capability, but it could use some on-road manners . Also, the
cabin is extremely tight and has compromised sight lines,
and both engi nes have a large thirst for fuel.
Ford Edge
Although it's pretty heavy, the Edge remains a strong
player in the mid-size crossover SUY game, thanks to its
comfortable five-seat interior, carl ike driving dynamics,
and nifty styling. Minimal updates for 2010 include a small
mileage gain for both front- and all -wheel-drive editions.
Ford Escape/Mazda Tribute/
Mercury Mariner
Basically unchanged for 2010, this trio of compact
SUYs continues to deliver decent performance and
better-than-decent fuel economy. All three share truckish,
counterculture styling, and if their refinement trails some
competitors', thei r infotainment systems are cutting edge.
Hi,hs: Range of engines,
transmissions, and four-wheel-
brassy styling;
lowing and off-road capabilities.
Lows: Fuel economy. tight cabin,
clumsy on-road manners.
Wh,t'sJleW: Introduced for 2007;
updates for 2010 include revised
interior trim and an "efficient
Belriad lie wi eel: Torquey with
the 40-literV-6, but the cabin
is noisy and the ride stiff. It's not
much fun.
Hi'fhs: Spiffy roomy
interior, solid structure, quiet
operat ion, excellent fi t and finish.
lows: Surpr isingly hefty for
its size class,long stopping
distances, no third-row seats
WhIt'SUW: Introduced for 2008;
minor trim changes and updates
to theV-6 yield a combined
l-mpg gain for 2010.
Belriad lie wi ee); Substantial
curb weight limits go-power, but
the Edge delivers brisk responses
and a creamy ride.
Hi'fhs: AUractive pricing, truckl ike
styling, respectable power and
fuel economy, optional Sirius
Travel Link.
lows:(ould be more refi ned,
truckl ike styling. little difference
tletween the three models.
whlt'suw: Reclesigned for 2008;
programmable key fob, opt ional
rearview camera new this year.
lehiid llew"e! ); Merely
adequate in terms of responses
but has decent ride quality and
tletter-than-average powertrains
Base price:SE, Si2,335;SE 4wd, $23,995;SXT, $23.9&l;5X14wd,
Vehide type: front-engi ne, rear- or rear/4-wheel-dri ve; 5-door
5-pilllffiger wogoo
Imerior 'iOIu me, FIR (cu ft) .. . .... 51 55/48
........ .32165 cargo Satsup/maximum (cuft)
'NneelbaS .. . ...... I08,Sin

Tu rning circle
EPA cityfhighway mpg
flJeI-lOnk capacity/ra nge.
178.9/73. 1/69,9 in
. ............ .36Jft
. ..... 4000-4250 Ib
19.5 gal/193-312 mi
17-liter SOIl( 12-valve Y-6, 210 hp, 235 Ib-fl; 4,0- li te r SOIl( 24-
val'112 Y-6. 260 hp, 265 Ib-It; 4-sp auto. 5-sp auto with manumatic
F ind, unequa l-length (Clllrol arms, COi l \!Xings, anti- roll tJar
R ri gid 'lie, COi l anti-roll tJa r
/R, vented tisc/disc
ASS. lIartdard
Stability/tracnoo control . Itandard/llartdard
Passive restraint> ...... and Jl<lSlffiger front and curlOin
aimags, rear curtain airbags
price: S[, $27,695; S[L, $30,695; SL AWD, $12545:
Umited, $33,495; Sport, $34,695; Limited AWD, $35,345; Sport
AWD, $36,545
Vehide type: front-engine; front- or 4-\'iheel -drtve; 5- door
5-pas$('nger wogoo
Interior \1lIu me, r IR (cu ft). . . ........ 55/53
GJrgo \1lIume, seats up/maxi mum (cuft) .32/69
WheeltJase.. . ...... 111.1 in
,1 85.7/75.8/67.0 in
Tu rningcircle ........ .38.5ft
. .4200-4550 Ib
EPA citylhighwaympg . 17 18/23 25
Fuel-ta nk capacity/ra nge .......... 19,0 lO.Ogal/340 342mi
DOHC 24-valve Y-6. 265 hp, 250 Ib-It; 6-sp .uto
F . .... ind, IIIUts, COi l anti- mil tJar
R . ... ind, multil irt, COi l \!Xings, anti-mil tJa r
flrak(1,f /R, ,'/I2Ilted dWvented disc
ASS. lIartdard
Sla bdi ty/tractroo control . Itandard/llartdard
PasSiI' ... dri'ler .nd passenger froot Side, and
curt.in . irbags; rear curtain . irbags
Base price: [ICape, $21,140--$25,995; 4WD, $2l,W)-$1l,?45/
Tri bute, $m,840-$17,600; 4WD, $14,635-$19,3SO/M3riner,
$B,760-$25,810: 4WD, $25,51O-$27,SSO
Vehide type: front-engine, froot- or 4-....-heel -drive; 5-door
5-passenger wogoo
Interior 'iOIu me, F /R (cu ft). 54-55/42-44
....... .. l9IfiJ GJrgo \'dume, seatlup/maximum (cult)
WheeltJas .. . .......... 101. 1 in

lu rningcircl e
EPA Citylhighway mpg ..
....... t 74}-1 75. 1/71. 1/67.S-70.2 in
. J350- 3650 Ib
.. 18-22121-28
r Ll1-ta nk capacity/ra ng ..
I5-lller DOHC 16-valve iniinH, 171 hp, 171 Ib-It: 3.0-liter DOHC
24-vaIveV-6, 240hp, m or m Ib-fl: 5-sp ma n, 6-sp auto
. ind, llrut';, coi l anti-roll tJar
. ind, multil irt, coi l \lX"ingl, anti-mil bar
BraKes,F/R, ,l'l'tlteddiIC/otum
ASS .. . ...... lIartdard
control . st.nd.rd/llancla rd
PasSiI' restr.int> , .. dri'ler .nd passenger froot Side, and
curtain airbags; rear curtain aimags
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Ford Expedition/EL
Built on the old F-series pickup chassis, the Expedition
is a traditional full- size SUV that delivers quiet operation,
a supple ride, and attractive interior decor. Offered in two
sizes, standard and EL (for extended length), its S.4-liter
V-S delivers adequate punch plus flex -fuel capabili ty.
Ford Explorer/Mercury Mountaineer
Overshadowed by unit-bodied crossovers, these one-
time sales leaders are sti ll good choices for buyers who
want the durability and towing that go with a body-on-
frame SUv. Unchanged for 2010, Ford's mid-size clones
are quiet, comfortable, and provide three-row seating.
Ford Flex
Ford's styli shly rectilinear crossover picks up the pace
for 2010 with the addition of the corporation's new 262-
hp, 3.6- li ter twin-turbo V-6 to the option list. Essentially a
rebodied Taurus X (since deceased), the Flex offers a hand-
some interior with vast space for passengers and cargo,
108 CAR.loxlDRJVER.(om
Hi,hs: Quiet operation, refi ned
and roomy interior, tm OOdy
styles, 91OO-pound tow rati ng.
Lows: Hefty curb weights dilute
engine output and fuel economy,
Wilt's nrw: Redesigned for 2008;
trailer-sway cont rol standard,
ae"ind tbwhtel: "Agile"is not a
word that comes to mind in this
vehicle class, but the Expedition
is unusually responsive for its
size, with surprisingly accurate
steering and composed road
manners that bel ie its mass.
Hi,hs: Sol id assembly, quiet
operation, st rong towing
performance with optionalV-8,
great optional nav system.
Lows: Heavy by mid-size-class
standards, so-so fuel economy
wbt's nrw: Redesigned for 200{i;
updated nav system with voice
act ivation; Mountaineer Premier
model gets standard sunroof.
Bf"ind tbwktll: Though a
bit ponderous, these corporate
cousi ns are quiet, competent, and
Hi,hs: Defiantly of1beat styl ing,
vast interior space, supple ride,
quiet on- road demeanor,lots of
safety features,
Lows: Porky curb weights, most
models lean toward pricey.
Whlt'saew: Imroduced for 2009;
twin-turbo, 15-liter V-6 and
automatic parking opt ion are new.
Bf"ind tbwktd: The Fl ex is
heavy, so it is sluggish with the
standardV-6 engine. New turbo
V-6 adds thrust, but steer ing is
numb, and handling is deliberate,
Base pri te: ExpeditiOll XLT, 36,0lQ-$38,910; Eddie Bauer,
$41,815 $44,715; Li mited, $43,5S5 $46,485; King Ranch,
S46, 115-$49,OI5/El XL!, $39.535-$41,435; Eddie Baul'f,
$44,00)-$46,895; Limited, $46,135-$49,135; King Ranch,
$4I!,765 $51,565
Vehide type: rear- 1)1' rear/4-wheel-oove; 5-door
5-8-p,menger wagoo
Interior vo lume, F /M/R (cu ft) 59- 60/57/43 51
Ca rgo vo lume, seal'i up/maXImum (cu ft)
Whffl ru>e ..
luming cirde
Curb weight. ..... .
EPA Cityihighway mpg
Fuel-tank cap.lcity/range
. . .... 206.5- 221J17S,8f77.2-78.3 in
,5750-6300 Ib
14/20 (2WD onty)
28.0-315 g<l1/392 ml (1WD only)
SA-li ter SOIl( 24-valve V-B, 310 hp, 365 Ib-ft; 6-sp auto
r, . ind, uneqLklI-I l'flgth control cod springs. anti-rol t rur
R ind, multilin k, cOil springs. antiroI t bar
&rakes, r /R. . . .... . . vl'flted disc/\'eIlted disc
ABS, . standard
Stabili ty/traction control ..... ..... stl rdard/stlndard
JeStraints. . ,dri ver and p.l\\erlger froo1.\ide, and
curt. in airbags; middle and rear curtclin airbags
Base prite: Explorer XLI. $29,695-$32.015; Eddie Bauer,
$33,695-$36,015; Li mited, $36,695-$39,OIS/Mountainre- V-6,
Vehide type: front -l'flgine; rear-, rear/4-, 0:.- 4-\'Iheel -oove;
5-door 5-7 -passenger wagoo
Interiorvo llll1le, r /M/R (eu ft) .58/49/39
. 113.7 in
.. 19H-193.5173.5-73.7172,8in
. .. 36,gft
.4550-5100 Ib
13 15/19 21
.......... 21.5gal/193338 ml
Ca rgo vo lume, seats up/maXImum (cu ft)
Wheeloo>e ..
Turn ing Circle ..
Curb weight .
EPA cityihighway mpg
Fuel -tank cdp.lcitY/Jilnge ,
4.Q-liter SOH( ll-vcl lveV--6, 210 hp, 154Ib-ft; 4.6-liter SOH( 14-
valve V-S, 192 hp, 315 Ib -ft; 5- 1)1' 6-sp amo
F,. . .. irK!, uneqLkl I- Il'flgth control springs. anti-rol l bar
R . ind, uneqLklI-I l'flgth control cod springs. anti-rol l bar
&rakes, r /R. . vented diSc/disc
ASS standard
Stabili ty/traction control ..... ..... stl rdard/stlndard
PasSi ve JeSt raints. ,dri ver and p.l\\erlger front, \ide, and
curt.1n airbags; middle and rear curtclin airbags
Base prite: 5E, $19)70; SEl, $32,045; SEL AWD, $B.895
$36,890; limited, $37,940; limited AWD; $39,790-$42,785
Vehide type: front -erqioe, front - 1)1' 4-wheel -dri\'; 5-door 6-7-
p.lssenger wagon
Imeriorvo lume, F/M/R (cu ft)
GJ rgovolume, >eal'iup/maximum (eu ft).
Wheeloo>e ..
Tumin g cirde.
Curb weight ..
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel-tank cap.l(ity /range
. .. lO/83
. t17,9in
2OL8i759/680 in
. .. 40.711
.4700-5050 Ib
18.6gal/m-316 ml
15-liter 0011( V--6, 262 hp, 248 Ib-ft: twin-turro::harged
and intercot)ed 3.5-liter 0011( 24-va lve V--6, m hp, 350 Ib-II; 6-sp
auto, 6-sp auto with manuma!lc shift ing
F. ,irK! , coD anti -rol l bar
. in d, multilin k, cod springs. antiroI l bar R
&rakes, F/R.. vented diSc/disc
ABS stclndard
Stabili ty/traction control stl rdard/stlndard
reltraints. . ,dri ver and p.l\\erlger frOll1.\ide, and
curtain airbi!9S; middle and rear curta in airbag\
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The Acadia is GMC' s fi rst crossover SUV, sharing
it s platform with the Buick Enclave and the Chevrolet
Traverse. It has a large interior that seats up to eight and is
very practical. Base Acadias are front-wheel drive, with all -
wheel drive on the options list.
The Terrain uses the same platform as the Chevrolet
Equinox but has blockier styling. The GMC is a front-dr ive,
five- seat crossover SUV, with an optional all -wheel-drive
system and a choice of 2.4-liter four-cylinder and 3.0-l iter
V-6 engines, There's a raft of available luxury features.
Honda Accord Crosstour
A late arrival to Honda' s 20 10 lineup, the Crosstour
adds yet another new face to the growing crowd of cross-
over SUVs that look like hatchback sedans . Based on Hon-
da Accord architecture, the Crosstour will employ Accord
engines but will also offer the option of all-wheel drive.
Hi,hs: Handsome inside and out,
plenty of room, lolsof comfort -
and-convenience features.
Lows: Modest accelerat ion.
mode'll towing. big turning ci rcle.
whlt'sl!w: Int roduced for 2007;
changes for 2010 aff minor.
lehlId tiewkeel; Unusually
agi le for a large vehicle wit hout
compromising comfort. but we'd
like a bit more precision to the
controls, and lheV-6 needs more
power. The ful l-size Acadia drives
much smaller than it really is.
Hi!hs: Lots of avail able goodies,
decent handl ing and ride, stylish
inside, good gas mileage from
base engine.
lows: but the base engine
can get out of its own way,
options can get expensive, slyling
is certainly polarizing.
What'snw: Introduced for 2010_
IthUd tifwieel: The Terrain
handles nicely, but the 2.4 is
slow off the mark The V-6 has
more pep and a much higher tow
rating, at 3500 pounds.
Hi!hs: Accord underpinnings;
Accord powenrains; Honda fit,
finish, durability, and ingenious
storage solutions; AWD opt ion.
Lows: Not everyone is sminen
with the overinflated sedan look,
bloated Accord weight.
What'snw: Introduced for 2010_
lehUd tiewieel: The Accord
(rosstour drives well and feels
more like a large wagon than a
crossover, It's like an Accord sedan
but with taller tires, more mass,
and slower steering.
Base prke: 'iL, $32,515; SL AWD, $34,515; '>lE, $35,090; SLE
AWD. $37,09J;SLT, $39,360; SlT AWD, $41.360
Yehlde type: front-engill, front- or 4-wheel-dril'e; 5-do<lr 7-8-
pilS\eflger wagon
Interior'iOlume, F/M/R (cu ll ) ..
cargo SJtsup/maximum (culll
'NneelbaS ..
57- 60/50- 51/41
........ 24/116
. ...... 118,9 in

1urningcircl e
EPA cityfhighway mpg
fllel-lOnk capacity/ra nge _
2Ql1/78.9/69.9 in
.............. 40.4 11
. ..... 485Q-S050 Ib
16-1 7/23- 24
nOgal/3S2- 374mi
l 6-liter DOlI( V-6, 288 hp, 270 Ib-II; 6- \Il auto with
manumatic shilling
F . .... ind, struts, (oi l ami- roll ba r
R . ....... ind, multil irt, coi l anti- roll bar
,venlf"d disdvenled diS(
ASS.. . ... Slandard
Stability/tractioo control stand.rd/standard
P.r;'iive restraints, .. driver and pas>enger side, and
curlain airbags: middle and
rear curtain aimago;
',:''' Z010
Base price: SLE $24,995; 5LE AWD, $26,745; SLT. $28,195;)1.1
AWD, $29.945
Yehide type: Iront-ell9ine, front - or 4-...meel -drive; S-door 5-

Interior 'iOIume, F/R (eu II) .. . ..... . . . 53/47
cargo vejume, '<'alsup/maximum (cuft )
'NneelbaS ..
............. .32164
. ...... 112.5 in
185.1/72_8/663 in
... 40,0- 42.711
....... 3300-4000 Ib
.... 17-22124-32
18.8-20_9ga1/355-414 mi

1urningcircl e

EPA Cityfhighway mpg
fllel-tank capacity/ra nge _
2.4-lner DOIIC inline-4, 182 hp, 172 1b-ft: 3.l)..liter DOll(
24-vaive V-<j, 264 hp. 222 1b-1I: 6-sp auto with manumalic shifting
_ ind, struts, coi l "nti-roll ba r
. .ind, multil irt, (oi l anti- roll bo r
Blakl'S.F/R, ,ventf"d disc/vented diS(
ASS_ Slandard
5tability/tractloo control
Passive r5lraint> .. ..... driver and pas>tngel side, and
curtain airbogo;; rear curtain aimago;
',:''' Z010
Base price: D: , $30300; EX-L, S3 4)3O
Vehide type: front-ell9ine, fr ont- or 4-wheel -drive; 5-door 5-
pas>tngel wagOll
Int(fior 'iOIume, r /R (eu fll ..
(.]rgo seats up/maximum (cuftl
'Nneelbose ..
. .... 56/45-46
. ...... 110,1 in
Ll'flgthl .... .
Tu rningcircle
Cu mw ght
EPA (ityfhighway mpg
FlI('l-tank capacitylra nge ..
. ,1%.8/74.7/65.7 in
......... 40,2ft
J 9(lJ-4100 lb
. 17 18/25 27
18.5ga1/315-333 mi
15-1iter SOH( 24-valve V-6, 271 hp, 254I b-ft; 5-\Il auto
F ....... ind, unequa l-length cootro( arms, coi l anti- roll bo r
R . . .... ind, multil irt, coi l anti- roll bo r
F/R , Vl'fltOO ,jS(/diS(
ASS.. . ... .... Slaodard
Stabdi ty/t ractioo (l)nt rol . \tandard/Slanc!ard
P.r;'iive restraints _driver and passenger frOOL and
curtain airbogs; rear curtain aimago;
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Honda CR-V
Although it 's neither the most powerful nor the most
spacious, Honda's compact four-cylinder soft-roader tops
the small- SUV sales chans thanks to solid construction and
bulletproof reliability. Updates for 2010 include cosmetic
revisions inside and out, plus upgraded electronics.
Honda Element
Honda updated the Element last year to look more
modern, with a lower ride height, bigger wheels, and body-
color bumpers. Its brickish shape imparts ex.cellent cargo
versatility, although its back seats are less than comfortable,
Thi s is a quirky car in search of quirky customers.
Honda Pilot
Honda's 2009 redesign of its class-leading Pilot cross-
over stretched the wheelbase, expanding interior vol ume,
and gave the ex.terior a blockier SUY look that seems to
resonate with buyers , A 250-hp, 3.5-liter V-6 delivers re-
spectable power, and cyli nder deactivat ion enhances mpg.
110 CAR.loxlDRJVER,(om
Hi'Jhs: Top-notch tluild quality,
clever stowage solutions,
excellent ergonomics. high
comfort quotient.
Lows: Hard to call it pretty, no
manual transmission, power
hungry must seek elsewhere.
wbt's new: Redes igned for 2007;
freshened looKs, tiny power
Bekind litwhtel: The CR-V
is an agil ity leader in class
and manages this with no
compromise in ride quality.
Hi,hs: Lots of cargo space, four-
cyl inder engine pulls hard for its
size, gooo pricing.
Lows: Seats just four, rear-hi nged
half-doors make gelling into
the back a chore, still 1001<5 like a
washing machine,
Will's new: Introduced for 2003;
a dog-friendly package is the
notable addition for 2010,
Bf.ind Ib wktll: low front
seats mean a catlike driving
position, and it basically handles
like a Civic wearing a TV box,
Hi,hs: Smooth, quiet, and
mannerly; efficient interior
design; top safety credent ials; lots
of features; built to endure,
Lows: Third-row seat snug
compared with some, towing
adequate in FWD trim,
wbt's ntw: RedeSigned for 2009;
unchanged for 2010
Bf.ind lit (risp steering
and a sturdy unibody make for
competent handling and smooth
ride quality on pavement or off;
cyl inder deactivation is seamless,
Base price: LX, $12,155; LX 4wd, m,sos: EX, $24,555; EX 400,
$25,805; EX-l. $27,205: EX-l4wd, $28.455
Vehlde type: front -el1gifle, front - or 4-wheel-driV; 5-door
5-passeoger wagon
Interior I'Olume, FIR (cu It),
CJ rgol'Olume, (eu It),
WheellJase, ,
53 56/48
.. ,36m
, 103.1 in
Length twidth/hl'i gh t
Tuming drde"
ClIIbweight.. .... ,
EPAcitylhighw<l'( mpg
Fuel-tank capacity/range
179J/716/fjj 1 in
....... J7,SIt
.1400-3600 Ib
H-liter DOll( inline-4, 180 hp. 161Ib-/t; 5-sp auto
ind, cod ant i-roi llJar
,in d, mul tilink, coft
l\rak6, r fR, , vented diS<'fdisc
ABS standard
Stability/traction "", ..... stlndard/standard
JeStraint\, . .. ,driVr and iJ<l1serJger
and (urtain aimags: rear curta in aimags
Base prite: lX, $21,235-$22.485: [X, SB,345-$24.595: SC,
Vehide type: front-engine, from- or 4-wheel-drive: 3+2-door
4-passeoger wagon
Interior I'OllIIIle, F /R (cu It) ..
CJrgol'Olume, (eu It),

.. .... 59/45
.. ,25[75
, 169,9 170.4!71 ,6/69.5 7O,4in
3500-3650 Ib
...... .... 15.9 g<l1/286 318mi
Length twidthlhl'i ght
Tuming drde,
Curb weight ,
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel -tank cdpacitY/Jilnge ,
2.4-liter DOH( in line-4, 166 hp, t61Ib-It; 5-sp man, 5-sp
l\rakes,rfR ..
. ind, coa ant i-rni llJar
,ind, mul tilin k, spril1gs, anti-rni llJar
vented diSc/disc
"", ..... stlndard/stlndard
dliver and pa\Sertger fro nt Jjde
and curtain aimags: rear curtain aimags
p.,JjV rest raints,
Base prite: lX, $28#)5; LX 4'M1, $30,205; EX, $31,455; EX 4wd,
$33,055; EX-l. $34,555; EX-l 4wd, $36.155: Touring. $37}55;
Tooting 4wd, $39.355
Vehide type: from-engiJle, from- or foor-wheel-drive: 5-door
8-passenger wagon
Interiorl'OllIIJle, F/MfR(cuft) ,
CJ rgol'Olume, (eu It),
W'hl't'ilJase .
.. , 18/87
109.2 in
...... . 190,9fi8.5!71 ,0 lUin
.. ,)8,6ft
,435O--4600 lb
16-1 7/22-23
21.0g<lIIB6-357 ml
Length twidthlhl'i gh t
Tuming Cirde,

Fuel-tank capacity/range
15-liter SOIl( 24-valve V-f" 250 hp, 251 lb-ft; 5-sp auto
f . ind, coil
,ind, mul tilink, coD R
&ra kes, FIR" vented diSddisc
ABS standard
Stabili ty/traction control stlndard/stlndard
reltraints, . ,dri ver and passenger front. >ide, and
curtain airbi!9S; middle and rear curta in aimags
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Based on GM's previous generation of full- size SUVs,
the H2 is suitably massive. The brand has been sold, and
production will resume now that a buyer has been found.
Used for climbing mountains, the H2 will impress, but if
your only climbing is social, it' [I be an expensive ascent.
Sprung from GM's small pickups, the H3 is the
relatively smaller and more practical brother of the H2, but
it retains serious off-road abilities. The five-cylinder model
gets decent mileage but is slow in a straight line. The
V+8- powered Alpha goes wit h more gusto but slurps fuel.
Hyundai Santa Fe
Pitched at the Honda Pilot and the Toyota Highlander,
the Santa Fe now offers a choice of four-cylinder or V-6
power and a relativel y spacious interior with an optional
fold-Ilat third row. Receiving its midcycle freshening for
2010, the Sante Fe retains it s core sell ing point: value.
Hi,hs: Genuine off-road abi lity,
6.1-liler is Dowerful.looks really
Lows: Fuel goes slurp. parking
it sometimes requires Vaseline,
small inside for such a behemoth.
Wh,t'sJleW: Introduced for 2003;
production was suspended in
1009 and wi ll resume in 1010.
lelriad lie wifel: Street driving
is like square-dancing with a fat
person; don't expect miracles. It's
fast for its size, but handling is
reluctant at best.
Hi'fhs: Base models are the
American Land Rover with a
small engine, a big fuel tank, and
amazing rock-crawling ability.
Lows: Heavy, ride is bouncy and
tuned for rocks not avenues.
Whlfsuw: Introduced for 2006;
for 20lO,the V-8 engine get s
variable valve timing and E85
flex-fuel capability.
B!lriad lie wi!e): A lumbering
dri ve corn pared with a Jeep Grand
(helDkee or a Nissan Xterra Gun-
slit windows hamper vision.
Hi'fhs: Low base plice, roomy
interior, tons of equipment,
standard stabil ity control, new
base four-cylinder option,
Lows: Sl ightly slower and heavier
than competitors, more risk in the
resale-value department.
What'snw: Redesigned for 2007;
new base lA-liter four and
interior and exterior tweaks.
Belriad liewiee): Quiet and
smooth, the Sante Fe offers
competit ive dynamics. Rlur-
banger is for folks not in a hurry.
Base price: S64,!XXl
Vehide type: front-engine, 4-wheel-drive; 5-door 5-7-
passenger wclgon
Iml'fior lUIume, F/M/R (eu h) ..
Cargo \'dume, seatsup/maximum (eu h)
Wneelbase ..

Curb weight.
EPA (ityfhighway mpg . .
flJeI-lOnk (Opacity/range
. .... . M/59/23
..... .... 4fJ/87
. ..... .. 122.8 in
203.5/81.2/78.5-79.2 in
..... ........ M50 Ib
. .. ............ . NA
.32.0 ga llNA
6.2-llter pJ >hrod V-8, 393 hp. 415 Io..ft 6-sp auto with
manumati( >h ifting
F. ind, unl'Qwl-length wntrol arms. torsion rurs, anti-roll ba r
R Jigd axle, coi l or air anti- roll ba r
IR , diSc/vented disc
ASS. standard
Sta bility/tracnon control . standard/standa rd
Passive restraint> .. . .. . and passtoger front and curta in
air!laqs, middle and rear (urtain airbags
prlte: $34,500 (est); Alpha, $42,500 (est)
Vehide type: 4-wheel-oo\'!'; 5-door 5-passenger
Interior lUIume, FIR (eu ft) ..
Cargo seats up/maximum (cu fi)
Wneelbase . .

Curb weight. . .
EPA citylhighwJ)' mpg
r UI-Mn! (Opocity/range . .
. 53 54/41 43
.. ........... 25/63
. ..... . 111,9 in
..... ... .37, l ft
. ... 47C1O-4900 lb
. 13- t4/16-18
23.0gal/299-m mi
3.7-lner DOHC Jl-vaM- inline-5, B9 hp.241Ib-fi ; 53-liter
V-8. 300 hp. 320 Io..fi ; 5-sp meln , 4-sp auto
F ind, uneqwl-Iength control arms. torsion anti- ro ll ba r
R ri gid anti- ro ll ba r
flrak(1,f IR , vented o;..::/disc
ASS. standard
Sta bdi ty/traclfon control . standard/standa rd
PasSiI' and passenger front and curta in
airbags, reelr curtain el irbags
pri te: GLS, SB,(XXl (est); GlS 4wd, $16,500 (est); SE,
$26,500 (est); Sf 4wd. $l8,tXXl (est); $30,500 (est) :
Umited 4wd. $32,tXXl (est)
Vehide type: front-engine, front- or 4-wheel -dril'; 5-door 5 7-
passenger wagon
Intfior lUIume, r /M/R (cu It) ..
Cargo seats up/maximum (eu h)
Wneelbase ..

Turning (ircle
EPA cityfhighway mpg
FlI(' l-tan! capocitylrange ..
. .... . 59/49/33
..... 10- 34178
. ..... .. 1(l6.3 in
,184.1/74.4/67,9 in
. . .......... .35.4 fi
. J700-4150Ib
. 20- 22126-27
19.8ga1/J96-436 mi
DOHC 16-vaM- inline-4. t75 hp. 169 Ib-fi; 3. 5-li ter
OOHC 24-va l\'e V-6, 276 hp. 243 Ib-It: 6-sp man, 6-sp auto with
manum.nic shifting
f ..
..... ind, struts, coi l anti-roll ba r
. . ind, multil iri, coi l anti- ro ll ba r
flrak(1,f IR , di;..::/disc
ASS. standard
Sta bni ty/tractlon wnt rol standord/standard
PasSi\'!' restraint> ....... dw and paS>erlger Side, and
(urtain el irbags; rear (urtain airbags
CARandORI VER.com 111
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Hyundai Tucson
Redesigned for 2010 with a new, aggressive face and
a handsome, sporty interior, the Tucson remains a Honda
CR-V competitor as a five-passenger crossover sport-
utility. Europe will get a diesel engine, but initial U.S.
versions will have only a 2A-liter, gasol ine four-cylinder.
Hyundai Veracruz
The refined and content-ri ch Veracruz is more Lexus
than Hyundai in all but price, Limited models feature
epicurean comforts such as leather seats, a power liftgate,
and a cooled center console. The seven-passenger 'Cruz is
one smooth cruiser and one of Hyundai's best.
Infiniti FX3S/FXSO
Now in its second generation, the FX is an unabashedly
sporty SUY. Attractive and luxurious inside and out, the
FX manages to retain some of the sporty moves of its M
and G sports-sedan stablemates. Powerful in 303-hp FX35
guise, the FX50 is sports-car quick with its 390-hp V-So
112 CAR.loxlDRJVER,(om
Hi'Jhs: Urbane styling, sporty
interior, price, relined
manners, standard equipment.
Lows: Won', be quick, Honda and
Toyota trump it on resale value
wilt's nN: Rerlesigned for 2010.
Be.ind litwhtel: Aiming fOf
compact-Cdr nimbleness in
a crossover, the Tucson hasn't
wowed us. The 2010 is sure to be
beuer, but we hadn't yet driVl'n
it when this guide went to press
Ched CARandDRIVERcom for our
latest impressions.
Hi,hs: Smooth ride, whisper-
quiet powert rain, lots of bang for
fewer bucks than a Lexus.
Lows: Slight ly oafish in the SUV
fashion, thi rd row of seats is a
prison for Hobbits
Wilt's nrw: Introduced for 2007;
mi nor trim changes for 2010.
ae.ind tbwhtel: The roly-poly
Veracruz won't get you excited
to bomb down a mountain road,
but it does float over road blight
with a quiet and wel l-controlled
Hi,hs: All the electronic gizmos
you can imagine; dri ves like a
sports (3[, or dS dose as SUVs get.
Lows: FXSO sucks down the gas,
electronic warning device') verge
on annoying, styling is not for
wbt's ntw: RedeSigned for 2009;
unchanged for 2010
Be.ind tbwhttl: The FX
offers Porsche Cayenne-like
performance for far less money
It's shockingly carlike, but the ride
might be too st iff for some.
Base pri(e: GLS, S 19,(00 (est); limited, $24,(XXl (est)
Vehide type: fronl-el1gine, frOllt- 01 4-wheel-dril'; 5-door
5-passenger wagon
Inreriorl'Olume,FIR(cuft), ", 54/48
GJ rgol'Olume, >eaBup/mal:imum (eu ft ). 25165 (est)
WheellJa>e .. ,10l9 in
Lengt h/Widthlh<ight 173.2171.7/65 ,2 in
cirde .NA
ClIIbweight. . J200-3550 1b
EPA Citylhighway mpg ... 20126 (est)
Fuel-tank capacity/range 17.2 gil l/344 mi (est)
H-Iller OOH( inline-4, 175 hp. 169 Ib-ft; 6-111 man, 6-111
au!O with manumatiC shifting
f ind, cod ant i-rol l bar
,in d. mul tilink, coft ilnti -roH bar R
!\rakes. r IR. . vented diS(/disc
ABS standard
Stability/trilctioo cootroi .......... stlndardlstilndard
JeStraintl. . .. ,driver and iJ<l11eflgel
and (urtain aimags: rear curtain aimags
Base prite: GLS, $28,895; GlS 4wd, $30,795; li mited, $34,945;
limited 4wd, $36,&45
Vehide type: from-englll!', frOllt- 01 4-wheel-drive; 5-door
7-passeoger wagon
Interior I'OllIIIle, F IM/R (cu ft ) . .
GJ rgowlume, leu It).
WheellJas.e .
.. .13/87
lerlgth /Widthlhl'i ght
Tuming Cirde .
Curb wl'ight .
EPA citylhighw.y mpg
Fuel -tank cdpa(ity/Jilnge ,
19(),6176,6171 ,1 in
... 36.7ft
.4300-4450 Ib
..... ..... 20.6gaIIBo-350mi
3.8-li ter DOH( 24-valve V-6, 260 hp. 257 Ib-ft; 6-sp auto with
lTIdoumati( shift ing
. ind, coa ilnti -roI l bar
,ind, multilin k, springs, anti-rol l bar
!\rakes, r IR. . vented diSc/disc
ABS standard
Stilbi lily/traction cootroi .......... stlndardlstlndard
p.,JjI' rest raints. ,dri ver .nd passenger front, >ide, <Vl d
curtain .imags: re.r curtain .imags
Base prite: m5, S43.265: FX35 AWD, $44)15; mo, $59,265
Vehide type: froot -engine, reJ r- or 4-wheel -drive; 5-door 5-
passenger wagon
Imeriorl'OllIIIl!',FIR(cuft), .58/44
GJ rgol'Olume, >eaB up/mill:imum (eu ft l . . .. 25/62
Whl'f'ioose .. . 113.6 io
Lengt h/Widthlh<ight 191.3175 ,9/66,1 in
cirde .36.7 ft
Curbweiqht ,4100-4600 lb
Fuel-tankcopacity/Jange , .. . .. .......... B.8gallH3-381 mi
15-li tet [lQH( V-6, 303 hp, 262 Ib-ft: S.D-Ilter [lQH( 32-
Villve VS, 390 hp. 369 Ib-ft; 7-sp au!O with manumatiC shift ing
F . ind, control cod anti-rol l bar
R in d, multilin k, coil ant i-roi l bar
!\rakes. FIR.. . .. .. ..... vented disc/'l\'llted disc
ABS standard
Stabi lity/tr.ction control stlndard/stlndard
restraints. . ,dri Vl' and passenger floot. side, <Vl d
(ultain aimags: rear curtain aimags
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Infiniti QXS6
The gigantic QX56 is Infiniti 's version of the Nissan
Armada. As a traditional body-on-frame design, it is
seriously heavy, but it has a handsome, spacious interior
and a quiet demeanor. And yet, for a traditional SUY, the
powerful QX is surpri s ingly sporty and quick on its feet.
Jeep Commander
The bi ggest Jeep isn't as refined as many of its car-based
competitors, but it' s adept off-road, seats up to seven, and
will tow a heavy load with the optional Hemi V-So Its fuel
economy is unimpressi ve and its handling is clumsy, but it
does have class ic Jeep styling.
Jeep Compass
Based on the Dodge Caliber, the Compass is strictly an
on-road machine. The optional all-wheel drive supplies all-
weather capability but won't get you far on the Rubicon.
The RAV4 and the CR-V are the targets, but the Compass
fall s short in the refinement department.
Hi,hs: Giant second row, good
third row, lots of standard luxo
features, handsome cabin, strong
V-8, decent to
Lows: Lacks the bling quotient
of the Escal ade, thirstyV-8, heavy.
Wh,t'sJleW: Introduced for 2004,
thoroughly refreshed for 2008,
unchanged for 2010.
lelriad li e wiee!: Responsive
steering and a wil ling chassis give
the QX a surprisi ngly nimble feel
in the giant-SUV Quiet
and luxUlious on the highway.
Hi,hs: Driving position; retm
styling; lots of safety features; not
Jeep's holiest sel ler, so discounts
should be plentiful.
Lows: Slow with the V-fl, dismal
mileage, cramped third-row seat,
numb steering.
whit'sJleW: Introduced for 2006;
the 4.7 -liter V-8 has been
dropped for 2010, and the lineup
is down to Just two trim levels.
lelriad lie wieel: It drives very
trucklike, a downer in today's
world of refine<! crossovers.
Hi,hs: continuously
variable transmission makes the
most of small power.
Lows: Small cargo spate for its
class, styling is confused and
Wh,t'slI!W: Introduced for 2007;
newly avai lable five-speed
manual/LO- liter combo improves
highway mi leage by 1 mpg.
lelriad li e wifel: The Compass
drives like a car but one that's
inexpensive and crude. k always
feels theap and sloppy.
Base price: S56,915; 4wd, S60.015
Vehide type: front-engi ne, re.J r- or re.Jr/4--wheel-dri V; 5-door
7-8-p_menger wagon
Iml'fior lUIu me, F/MIR (cuh) ..
Cargo \'dume, seats up/maximum (cuh)
Wneelbase ..
. ..... 63163/39
......... 20/97
.. ..... 1212 in
len gth/widr
lu rningcircle
Curb weight.
EPA Cityihighway mpg ..
fllel-to nk (Opacity/ra nge
...... .575Q-W50 Ib
.. ....... 12117-18
28.0ga1/336 mi
5.6-llter DOHC V-S, 320 hp, 393 lit-it; 5- sp auto with
manumatic shifting
F. . ind, urtequol-Iength c001l0l anm, coi l ami-roll ba r
R ...... ind, urtequol-Ie ngth c001l0l arms, coi l ami- roll ba r
,venlf'd disdventf'd diS(
ASS.. .. .. Slandard
Stability/tractioo control standard/Slanda rd
P.r;'iiV restraims , ...... driver and passengl'f ftom, side,
and curtain aiJbags: middl e and
rear curtain aimago;
Base pri(e: Sport, $34,355: Sport 4\\\1, $34,355; li mitf'd, $43,610:
Umited 41111, S43,610
Vehide type: frolll-engln e, rear- or 4-wheel-dri ve; 5-door 5-7-
passenger wagon
Inti"fior lUIume, F/MIR (cu ft) .. .. ........ (i)/49/34
...... 8-36/69 cargo volume, seatsup/maximum (cuft)
Wneelbase 1095 in
,188.5174.8/72,1 in
.......... .38.7ft
. .4550-5250 Ib
. 13-15/19-20
ll'fl gth/l'.1(fth/hei(jl1
Tu rning circle
EPA cityihighway mpg
Fuel-tonk (Opacity/range ..
21.1ga1/274317 mi
3.7-l ilerSOOC 12-valveV-6, 210hp, m Ib-It; S.7-li terpushrod 16-
V--8, 357 hp, 339lb-11; 5-sp auto with manumatiC shihing
F ...... ind, urtequol-Ie ngth c001l0l arms, coi l anti- mil bo r
R ri gid axle, coi l IIXings, anti- roll bo r
flrakt'S,f IR, vented o:.::/diS(
ASS. Slandard
Sta bdi ty/tractloo control . standard/standard
P.r;Sive driver and passenger front and curtain
ai!baqs, middle and rear curtain aimago;
Base price: S!X) rt, S 19,350; S!X)rt 4wd, S21, 100; Li rruted, $24.01 5:
Umited 41111, S25,765
Vehide type: fronl-engine, froot- or 4-...meel-drive; 5-door
5-passenger wogoo
Iml'fior lUIu me, FIR (cu ft) .. . ........ 52/49
cargo volume, seals up/maximum (cuft)
'Nneelbase ..
............ . 23/54
.. ..... 103.7 in
1714/69.3/65.2 in
... 35,6- 37,2ft
..... .3100-3350 Ib
. .... 21-23124-29
1J5-13.6ga1I284-313 mi

Tu rning circl e
Curb weight.
EPA cityihighway mpg .
fllel-to nk (Opacity/range.
2,Q-liter DOlI( inline-4, 158 hp, 1411b-ft: lA-lill'f DOll(
16-vaive in1i0('-4, 172 hp, 165 Ib-It; 5-sp man,

. .... ind, struts, coi l anti- roll bo r
. .... ind, multil it, coi l IIXings, anti- roll bo r
flrakt'S,f IR, . .. .. . .. ... ,vented diS(/diS( or t um
ASS. Slandard
St.3 bni ty/tractIOll control standard/Sianda rd
P.r;Sive restraint> ... driver and iJ<lSsenger front, (opt), and
curtain airbogs; rear curtain aimago;
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c c
32 2828 31 FUEL
HWV 600 428445,468
( Ro\Sti
REAR SEAT 3!!1,9" 38.S":38.r:3S.6

Jeep Grand
The 20 [ I Grand
Cherokee arrives early,
featuring a Mercedes
ML-derived unibody
and air suspension with
the choice of a new,
more-efficient V-6 or
Hemi power. The new
model will go on sale by midyear; 20 lOs
will be available until that time in Sport,
Limited, or SRT8 trim.
Hi,hs: New interior
promises bener materials,

Jeep capability with increased refinement.
HemiV-8 pacb plenty of power, Merce{ies bloodlines
lows: SRT8 model is gone at least for now .
what'SJlew: Redesigned for 2011 .
.elriad l. ew. uJ: The new Sele<-Terrain system
adjust s different ials, transfer case, throule, and
suwension for one of five programs: sand/mud,
sport, auto, snow, or IQ{k
Jeep's Liberty harkens
back to the iconic
Cherokee, otl"ering
tenacious off-road ability
in the small-SUV class.
Redesigned for '08, the
latest Uberty has a more
chiseled exterior, but it
drives much like the unrefined original.
An optional sliding canvas roof is an
m,hs: Serious off-road credentials,
vaultlike platform, tows up to S!XXl pounds.
lows: (ramped seats and footwells,
overweight, unrefined road manners.
what'SJlew: Redesigned for 2008; standard air
fi ltration added for 2010 as well as revise<! seat fabric
and larger floor mats.
lelriad I.!w.ul: Soft springs,
a 50ft brake pedal, and a crude engine mean
the liberty isn't very happy on-road .
BaH! pri(f: UreOO. S32.00J-S34.00J (est): S4O.00J-
542,OOJ (l'St); OverIaoo, 542,500 546,OOJ (l'St)
Vehide type: from-enqiae; rear-, rear/4-, or 4-wheel -drivt; 5-
door 5-paSSffiIjef wagon
Interior vcju me. FIR (cu ft l.
Ca rgo 'IOIume, >eal3 (cu ft)
Length/width/heighl ..
Turning circle ..
Curb weiqht
EPA dly/highway rn pg.
fuel-tank cap.l (ity/ral1ge ..
114.8 in
189,8/76.3/69.4 in
37. 1 ft
4500 5250 lb
13 16119 n
. ... 24,6 gaI/320-394 mi
16-li ter DOH( 24-valvt V-6, 280 hp, 2W Ib-It; 5.7-liter pushrod 16-
valve V-g, 3W hp, 3'.10 Ib-It; S-sp auto with manufllJtie shifting
f, .... ,ioo. oontrol ams, spriogs. anti-roll bar
R . . . .. .ioo, multili nk, spring\ anti-roll bar
l\rak6. r /R. . vented diSddisc
ABS.. standard
Stabili ty/tra[tion control ..... ..... stardard/standard
restraints. ,driver and passenger front, side, and
curtain airbags: rear curta in airbags
Base price: Sport, 524,000; Sport 4wd, S25,610; Limited, S27,870;
limited 4wd, S29,480
Vehlde type: front -engine; re. r-, rear/4-, I)'
5-door 5-passerlger l'Iagoo
Interior vo llUlle, FIR (eu It).
Ca rgo vo lurne, >eal3 up/mal.'imum (eu It).
WheelbJ >e ..
Length /Width/hti ght
Turn ing drde ..
Curb weight . .
EPA mpg
Fuel-tank eap.leity /r.nge
52 54/51
. .. 25/61
. 11)5,1 in
176, 1!73. 1!71,3 in
. .. .. 355 1t
.4200- 4400 Ib
1959<11/293-312 ml
17 -liter SOIl( 12-valve V-6. 210 hp, 235 Ib-It; 6-sp flIJn, 4-sp auto
F . ioo, control coi .nt i-roI l bar
R rig id axle, .nt i-roI l bor
l\rakes. r/R.. venteddisc!disc
ABS.. standard
Stabili ty/traction control ..... ..... stardard/standard
restraintl . . .. . .tiver and passenger fro nt and
cumin airbag\, rear curta in airbags
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A5 SHOWN. $28.190.'
2 l
Fi nd mor e magazi nes at www. magazi nesdownl oad. com
Jeep Patriot
Like the Compass, the Patriot shares a platform with
the Dodge Caliber. The boxier Patriot is more Jeep-like,
however, with a macho look and at least some off-road
ability endowed by two available all-wheel-drive systems.
At heart, though, the Patriot is still a cute-ute in disguise.
Jeep Wrangler/Unlimited
Even after it s most recent modernization in 2007, the
Wrangler remains the quintessential rugged Jeep. It is
highly capable in either two-door or Unlimited guise, the
latter offering the only four-door/convertible-top combo on
the market. Primitive but lots of fun, especially off-road.
Kia Borrego
A Ford Explorer alternative, the big, body-on-frame
Borrego offers seven-passenger capacity, a choice ofV-6 or
DOHC V-g, and up to 7500 pounds of towing capacity_ A
multilink rear suspension sharpens on-road manners, while
luxury amenities are on the options sheet.
11 6 CAR.loxlDRJVER.(om
Hi,hs: Looks like a Jeep, low
price, comforta ble seat ing
position, decent fuel e<onomy.
Lows: Smaller inside than
competitors, tedious mooing from
the optional cont inuously variable
transmission, plasl icky interior.
wbt's new: Introduced for 2007;
20-liter avai lable with five-speed
manual for 2010. providing
l -mpg highway-mi leage boost.
ae"ind tit whtd: Steps light ly
and steers lively like a car, but
road noise is a killJOY.
Hi,hs: Mountain-goat off-road
5ki115; can be a cheap
an RV tow-behind, or a 5eriou5
off-roader depending on model,
Lows: Poor fuel economy; on-
road trait5 are lacking; noi5Y at
speed; unrefined, gut less engine.
Will's new: Redesigned for 2007;
new colors and wheels, an
improved walop, and more
standard fealUresadded for 2010.
aekind tit whtd: 11'5 bouncy,
noi5Y, and slow but somehow fun
(for a few hours) anyway.
Hi,hs: Nicely trimmed and
spacious interior, strongV-8,
independent rear suspension,
old-fashioned SUV utility.
Lows: Heavy iron, a fuel tippler,
stiff ride, a niche player in the age
of more street-friendly
wbt's ntw: Introduced for 2009;
no changes this year.
aekind A less costly
alternative to some domestic
SUVs, the Borrego drive5 well
but suffers from an stiff
Base price: S 18.425; Sport 4wd, S20, 175: li mited, m,430;
4wd, $25,180
Vehide type: front -el1gine, frOllt- or 4-wheel-driV; 5-door
5-passenger wagon
Interior I'Olume, FIR (cu It),
CJ rgol'Olume. (eu ft).
Wheeloose ..
... 53/49
.. .23/54
. 103. 7 in
Length twidth/hl'i gh t
Tuming drde ..
ClIIbweight.. .....
Fuel-tank capacity/range
173.6/69,1/65.7 in
. ...... 35.6ft
J1SQ-mO lb
2.0-1iter DOlI( 16-va1Vl:' inline-4, 15S hp. 141 Ib-It; 2.4-l itel DOlI(
16-val'112 inli ne-4. 172 hp, 165 Ib-It; 5-sp ma n, oontinuous!y
variable auto
F .
. .... ind, cOil anti-rolioor
,in d, mullilin k, anti-rol ioor
l\rak6. r /R. . . ..... vented di>C!di)( or aum
ABS standard
Stability/tracuoo cOllnoi ..... ..... stlndard/standard
Je>traints. .dJi'll2r and passenger fro nt, (opt).
and curtain aimags: rear curtain ailbags
Base price: Wraogll'r Sport, $21,915; Sa ha!a, $27,005; RubKOO,
$19.515/ lInlimited Sport, S17, 160-$25335; Saliara, S28.4SO-
$29.355; Rubicoo, $32,800
Vehide type: from-engrJll', rear- or rea r/4-wheel- drive; 2- I}[
4-door 4-5-passengel wagoo
Intenorl'OllI/Ile, r!R (eu ft). 55/46-49
,95.4 116,Oin
152,S-17l4!73.7-73.9170,8-70,9 in
CJ rgo I'Olume, up/maXImum (eu It)
Whl'!'ib.Jse ..
Lffi gthtwidthlheight
Turn ing Cirde ..
Curb Wl'ight.
Fuel -taok cdp.lcitY/Jilnge ,
,3850-4500 Ib
15/19 20
..... 18.6-21.5g<l11279338 mr
l8-li ter pushrod 12-va lV V-6, liS hp. 240 Ib-ft; 6->p man. 4-sp
F ..
I\rakes,r/R ..
axle. spril1gs, anti-rolioor
rigid axle, cod spril1gs, anti-rolioor
Stilbi li ty/tracuoo cOllnoi
PasJjV restra ints.
vented diSddisc
...... .... stlndard/stlndard
.rover and passenger front and
, idl' (lJIlt ) aimag,
Base price: lX, $26,995; D, $28,745: LX 4wd, $19,045; EX 4wd,
$30,745; D v-s, $31,745: LX V-8 4wd, $31}45: EX v-s 4wd,
$33,745;V-Slimited, $3S,745;V-Slimited M , $40,745
Vehide type: front-ffigine, rear- or rea r/4-wheel-oii'le; 5-door
7-passenger wagon
Interiorvo lll/lle, F/MfR(cuft) .
CJ rgol'Olume. (eu ft).
Length twidthlhl'i gh t
Turn ing Cirde.

Fuel-tank capacity/range
... 12198
192. 1175.4I71.3in
.. J6.5ft
,425Q-4650 Ib
20_6 g<l1/309-- 350 ml
l8-liter DOll( 24-val\'e V-6, 276 hp. 267I b-ft: 4.6-lill'r DOll( 32-
valveV-8, m hp, m Ib-ft; 5-spJuto, 6-sp auto
F. ind, co ntrol coD anti -rol loor
. in d, mul tilin k. spril1gs, anti -rolioor R
l\rak6.r/R.. venteddiS<'/disc
ABS SI.3ndard
Stdbilily/traclioo COOlrol stlndard/stlnda!d
reltraints. . ,dri ver and passenger froot. side, and
CUI lain airbi!9S; middle and rear curtain ailbags
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Kia Sorento
All-new for' II, the Sorento forsakes its predecessor's
body-on-frame SUV formula and heads for the land of the
crossovers. With unibody construction, good manners, and
a high level of standard and available technology, thi s Kia
gives the class leaders a run for their money.
Kia Sportage
One of Kia's first models, the "Sport-idgc" has grown
up, with an optional V-6 and modern lines that were face-
lifted in 2009. It tackles switchbacks without fear, has a
well-finished interior, and comes with a generous warranty.
!tjust lacks the blue-chip reputation of the Honda CR-V.
Land Rover LR2
Despite its size, the LR2 is still very much a Land Rover,
which means it can go farther off-road than most will ever
venture. But the off-road prowess comes at a price; it's
heavier than its rivals, and it isn' t as much fun to drive. The
3.2-l iter six is weak and struggles to move the LR2.
Hi,hs: High of standard
equipment, good- looking inside
and ample cargo room.
Lows: Four -cylinder fuel economy
is barely better than theV-6's,
optional thiRl row is tight and
scarfs up hauling space.
whit'sleW: Redesigned for 2011 .
lehid lu w"eel: The Sorento
is refined and boasts a roomy,
comfortable cabin. Get theV-6 if
you can; has a lot more power
and sacrifices only 1 mpg in both
the city and highway ratings.
Hi'fhs: Well-executed interior,
competent handling, compliant
ride, friendly price, long warranty
lows: The seats make our butts
tired, not much engine verve, the
auto gearbox is lazy.
Wh,t'SIeW: Reintroduced for
2005; no major changes for 2010.
lehild luw"eel; Even wit h
theV-6, it's no firebal l; but for
those not in a hurry, the Sportage
offers cute-ute looks and good
pract icality for not much coin.
Compare it against a CR-Y.
Hi'fhs: Land Rover ,tyling, off-
road prowess, equipped.
lows: Weak engine, dismal fuel
economy, heavy, dull to drive,
premium pricing, annoying
recessed key slot.
Wh,t'SJleW: Introduced for 2008;
no major changes for 2010_
l!hiId li !wi !!I: The LR2 seems
to be more at home bounding
over field, filled with sheep or on
off-road trai ls, but the lR2 feels
slow-wined, dull, and bori ng in
the real world.
prlte: $21 ,000-$27,00.1 (est)
Vehide type: front- engill. front- or 4-wheel-dnve; 5-do()r 5- 7-

Iml'fior 'iOIume, F/M/ R (cu lt) .. . .... . 56/50/34
........... 9-37!73 cargo volume. seatsup/maximum (cult )
'Nneelbase .. . ...... 11)6.3 in

Turningcirci e
Cu rb weigh!. .....
EPA Ci tylhlghwJY mpg
fuel-tank capacity/range .
184.4/74.1/673 in
........ J6.71t
.. 3700-4150 Ib (est)
. 19-21/27-29
18.0 gal 1342- 378 mi
2.4-lner DOHC 16-valve inl rne-4, 172 hp, 166 Ib-It; 3. 5- li ter
DOl-( 24-val l'l2 V-6, m hp. 247 Ib-It; 6-sp man. 6-sp aula wilh
manumatic shifting
F . .... ind, struts, coi l ami- roll bo r
R . ....... ind, multil irt, coi l \jlI ings. anti- roll bo r
Brakes, fiR Vl'Iltoo ri >e/di>e
ASS. standa rd
Sta baity/tractlOll c&ltrol . standard/standard
PasSive reslraint; . . . .. dri'll'f and paS>/'flger Side, and
cll/tain airbags; middle and rear curtain airbJgs
price: LX, $17,370; LX 4wd, $20,870; LXV-6, $21,370; LX
V-6 4wd, Sll,670; EXV-64wd, $24,075
Vehide typt! : froot-engine, froot- or 4-1'/h['(' I-drive; 5-door
5-pilssenger wogoo
Interior 'iOIume,F/R (eu ft). . .. . .......... 56/48
cargo volume, sealsup/maximum (cuft) ........ . 24/67
Wneelbase 1015 in
,1 713/70.9/66 .7 in
Tu rningeirci e .......... .35.4 It
CU rb weigh!. . .3250-3550 Ib
EPA citylhighwJY mpg . 18-20123-25
Fuel-ta nk capacity/range .......... 15,3 11.2 gal/306- 31O mi
2,Q-liler DOH( 16-valve inl inH. t40 hp, 136 Ib-It; 2.7- li ter
DOl-( 24-val l'l2 V-6, 173 hp. t78 Ib-It; 5-sp man. 4-sp aula wilh
manumatic shifting
. ...... ind, struts, coi l \jlI ings, anti- roll bo r
. . indo multil irt, coi l anti-roll lJa r
flI'akes,f IR , Vl'Iltoo o;..::/di>e
ASS_ standard
Sta bdi ty/tractloo c&ltrol . standard/standard
PasSiI' . .. dri'ler and pilssenger froot Side, and
curtain airbags; rear curtain airbags
price: $36,350
Vehide type: front-engine, 4-wheel-ool'; 5-dOOl 5-passetlger
Intl'fior 'iOIu me, fIR (cu It)_
cargo volume, seals up/maximum (cu It)
Wneelbase ..
......... 17159
. .......... 11)4.7 in

lu rningcirci e
CU rb \Yelght.
EPA (itylhighway mpg ..
Fuel-ta nk (.Jpacitylra nge ..
,177.1 /75. 1/69.5 in
37.1 ft
....... .4300 Ib
. . ........... 15122
. ... 18.5 9al/278 mi
J2-l ner DOHC 24-vall'l2 inline--6, 230 hp, 234 lb-It; 6-sp aUla with
manumatic shifting
BrakE'S, FIR,
ASS ..
_ ind, strut'i, coi l anti-roll bo r
_ ind, strut'i, coi l \jlI' ings, anti-ro ll bo r
,ventt'd diSd\lllted diS{
. ... .... standard
Stability/tractloo cootrol
Passive restraints _driver and passengl'f from, side,
knee (driver roly), and (urtain airbag;;
rear (urtain airbags
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Land Rover LR4
Formerly known as the LR3, the rejuvenated LR4
enters 2010 with more power, a revised chassis, and a
restyled interior. Acceleration is much improved, handling
is less clumsy, and the LR4 is an altogether more luxurious
propos ition. It's still heavy, so fuel economy is still poor.
Land Rover Range Rover
A peerless blend of luxury sedan and off-road SUV,
the Range Rover has more powerful engines for 2010,
a refreshed and more beautiful interior, and a revised
chassis. It's quicker than before, but its classy demeanor
and luxurious appoint ments remain untouched.
Land Rover Range Rover Sport
Heavi ly revised for 2010, the body-on-frame Sport
has new, more powerful engines; a sportier chassis; larger
brakes; and an Aston Mart in- like interior. It retains its off-
road prowess and now accelerates and drives in a more
sport ing manner, but its peers are st ill better to drive.
118 CAR.loxlDRJVER.( om
Hi'Jhs: Powerful newV-8, off-
road prowess, improve\! ha ndling.
high seating poSition, rich interior
Lows: Big-time curb
thirsty V-8, questionable
reliability record.
wbt's new: Introduced for 2005;
more powerfuIV-8, improved
chassis, refreshed exterior and
interior, and new badge for 2010.
ae"ind titwhtd: It's less clumsy
than before; the newV-S offers
much-improved acceleration.
Hi,hs: More power from baseV-8
and supercharged V-8, luxurious
interior, classic styling, refined
011 - and off-road.
Lows: Heavy, pricey, thirsty for
fuel, not as sporty as some ri vals.
wilt's nrw: Redesigned for 2003;
the 2010 Range Rover gels more
powerful engi nes, a refreshed
interior, and a revised chassis,
Bf.ind tbwktll: New engines
give some much needed verve to
the Range Rover; revised chassis
rides bener. Still a threat off-road.
Hi,hs: Looks like the more
expensive Range Rover, upscale
interior, strong brakes, newfound
power from both v-as.
Lows: Thirst for fuel, more
ponderous than some
big-time curb weight.
wbt's ntw: Introduced for 2006;
tW{l more powerful engines, a
new interior, and a revise<! chassis
are the (hanges for 2010.
Btllid thtwhtel: It's sport ier,
with much-i mproved acceleration,
bUI il stil l feels massi vely hea'iy,
Base pri(e: SE, St'l, lOO; HSE, $51,750; LUX, $57,665
Vehide type: froot-engine, 4-wheel -dri ve; 5-cIoor 5- or 7-
passenger wagon
Interior I'Olume, F IM/R (eu ft )
GJ rgol'Olume, >eaB up/mal:imum (eu ft ).
WheellJa >e ..
. .. 10/90
. 113,6in
Length/Widthlh<i ght
ClIIbweight ..
EPA Citylhighway mpg
Fuel-tank capacity Irange
190,9175.4174.5 in
. .. . ... 5800 Ib
... 12117
5.().. hter DOfl( 31-va lve V-8, m hp. 375 Ib-ft; 6-sp auto WI th
manumatk shift ing
F .ind, control anm, air springs. anti-roi llJar
R ind, unequal-length control arms, air springs. anti -roH bar
Bra kes. F/R ..
. .. . ........ vented diS(/VI'I'Ited diS(
Stabi lity/tractioo cootrol
Passive Jeltraints .
stl ooard/stan(\ard
,driver and pas'X'flgef \ide,
and curtain airba gs; middle
curtain airbags
Base prite: IIS[ , $79.175; SuperChilrged, $95,125
front- engine, 5-d(Xlf 5-passengl'l"
Interior I'Olume, FIR (cu ft ),
GJ rgovolume, >l'atsup/malimum (CU ft ).
Wheelba >l' ..
Length /Width/hl'i gh t
Tumin g cirde.
ClIIbweight ..
EPA citylhighway mpg
fuel-tank capacity/range ,
... 54/47
. . ... . 19174
. 113.4 in
1951/770/74.9 in
.. J9,4ft
.575Q-5950 Ib
... 12118
27.69<11/33 1 mi
5M ter OOHC 31-valve 375 hp. 375 Ib-ft; '>lIlX'fChilrged and
intffCooled 5,0-liter OOHC 32-valve V-8, 510 hp, 461Ib-ft; 6-Sjl auto
with manumati( shift ing
F, ,ind, struts, air spri ngs. anti -rol l bar
R. . ... ind, unequal-length control arms, air springs. anti -rol l bar
Brakes. F/R. . . ...... vented diS(/VI'I'It ed diS(
ABS, . standard
Stabi lity/tracllOO cootrol stl ooard/stao(\ard
Passive Jeltraints. driver and passenger front, side, knee
(driver only) , and curta in airbags;
rear curtain airbags
prite: HSE, $60.495; Su perdtarged, S74, 195
Vehide type: front- engine. 4-lI1leel-drive; 5-d(Xlf 5-passenge-r
Interior I'Olume, FIR (cu ft ),
GJ rgol'Olume, >eaB up/mal:imum (eu ft ).
Wheelba>l' ..
Length/Widthlh<i ght

Fuel-tank capacity/range , .
... 53/49
. .. 34/71
1&8.5175 ,9171 ,5 in
.37.7 ft
,5500-5750 Ib
... 12/18
B.3 9<11/280 mi
5.D-li ter OOHC 31-valve V-S, 375 hp, 375Ib-ft; SlJlX'fChilrged and
intt'rcooled S,O-li ter OOIK 32-valve v-a, 510 hp, 461Ib-ft: 6-sp auto
with manumaticshift ing
F .ind, unequal-length control arms, air springs. ant i-rol l bar
R .. ind, unequal-length control arms, air springs. anti -rol l bar
Brakes. r /R. . . ...... vemed diS(/VI'I'Ited diS(
ABS standard
Stabi lity/traCtioo COOlrol stl ooard/stlndard
Jl'ltraintl. . ,dri ver and passenger front side, and
curtain airbags: rear curtain airbags
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Lexus leaves no market seam uncaulked, and the GX460
fills the "full-size SUV sharing a body-on-frame platform
with the cheaper Toyota 4Runner"' niche. Redesigned for
20 10, it offers optional third-row seating, has big-truck
towing capacity, and costs way less than the LX570.
Lexus LXS70
Badged a Lexlls, the LX570 is actually the planet-
pounding Toyota Land Cruiser underneath. Back-country
trips are aided by an adjustable suspension and full-time
four-wheel drive with "crawl control;' a sort of off-road
cruise control, but the ma ll is this machine' s mai n habitat.
Lexus RX3S0
A strong sell er since its incept ion, Lexus didn't take
many chances in redesigning the RX350 for 2010. Thi s
latest RX features new- but familiar- bodywork, a more
luxurious interior, and a more refined driving experience.
What it lacks in sport iness it makes up for in luxury.
Hi,hs: A Lews above, a Toyota
truck below-what could be
better fo r resale (or Toyota's
Lows: Ride is sacrificed to the
crude architecture, why not just
buy a 4Runner?
whit'sleW: Redesigned for 2010.
lehl.d llew'eel; A 2010 model
wasn't available to drive before
deadl ine, but it wi ll share its
rough-and-tumble truck bits with
the 4Runner while offering V-8
power and Lexus lUXury.
Hi,hs: Stout as a baobab tree,
more power, one of the poshest
ways to get fi lthy
Lows: Fuel vanishes the high
price, a monster to park.
what's lew: Redesigned for 2008;
it has new nav and rear-seat
entertainment systems for 2010.
lehild llew'etl: Tonsof
road-hugging mass and an air
suspension this powerful,
luxuriou5 bus a very smooth ride.
suited to pheasant hunts
and Nordstrom'5 sales.
ru,hs: Smooth ride, quiet and
refined switchgear, Lexus fit and
Lows:GelS with al l the
desirable extras, no third row,
boring to look at and drive
Whlfsuw: Redesigned for 2010.
I!hild llewi!f): Quiet in it5
operat ion, the RX's handling
reminds more of a than
a car. This new version is heavier
than before, so theV-f, now has
to work ha rder to get the RX
moving briskly.
",: ''' 2010
Base price: SSO,!XXl
Vehide type: fronl-engine. 4-wheel-drive; 5-door 5-8-
passenger Welgon
Intl'fior lUIu me, F/M/R (cuh) ..
Cargo \'dume, seats up/maximum (cuh)
Wneelbase ..

lu rniogcirci e
Cu rb weight.
EPA (ityfhighway mpg ..
fllet-lOnk cop<l(ity/rartge
. 54/42/31 (est)
.. 9- 47190 (est)
. ...... 109.8 in
t9l0!75.8!7l.5 in (est)
37.4 ft(est)
............ .4900 Ib
. .... 14/18 (es!)
24.09<ll/336mi (est)
4.6-llter DOHC 32-valve V-8, 310 hp, 327 lb-h; 6-sp aUio
r ....... indo uneqwl-Iength COIltrol elrm" COi l >j)"ings. anti-roll iJa r
R rigid axle, air >j)"iogs, anti-roll iJa r
IR . diSdl'ellted disc
ASS. Slandard
Stability/tr<l(non cootrol . standard/Slandard
Passive restraint> .. . dri'lt'l ard passenger front, knee, and
(lIItain airbags: middle and rear (urtain aimags
Base prlte: $77,2I'JJ
Vehide type: 4-wheel-oove; 5-door 8-passenger
Intl'fior lUIu me, F/M/R (cu h) ..
Cargo seats up/maximum (eu fi)
Wneelbase ..

Tu rniogcircie
Cu rb weight. ..
EPA citylhighwJ)' mpg
r lIl-Mn! copOCity/rJrtge ..
. .... . S8/41!/36
............ . 16183
. ...... 112.2 in
1%.5/77.6/75.6 in
........ Ja.7h
.......... 6200 Ib
......... 12/18
5.7-lner DOHC 32-valve V- 8, 383 hp. 403 Ib-fl ; 6-sp aulO with
F ind, uneqwl-tength cc.moi arms, coi l anti- ro ll bo r
R COi l anti- ro ll bo r
BraIt'S. FIR . . verued dwvented diS(
AS5. . . .... Slandard
Stobility/tr<l(\IOIl cootrol standelrd/Slanda rd
Passive restraints. driver and passenger SIde, knee,
el nd curtelin airbags; middle side Jnd
curtelin el irbags; reelr curtain el imogs
"':''' 2010
Base prlte: $37,675; 4wd, $39.075
Vehide type: fronl-engine, frOllt- or 4-'MlI;'eI-drive; 5-door
5-passet"H]ff w3g00
Intl'fior lUIu me, FIR (eu ft) .. . ........ 57/46
Cargo seats up/maximum (eu fi)
'Nneelbase ..
............. 40/80
. ...... 107.9 in

Tu rniogcircie
Cu rb weight. . .
EPA cityfhighwJ)' mpg
fllt-lOnk cop<l(ityirartge.
187.8/74.1/663 in
......... 4O.0h
..... 4200-4350 Ib
..... t8/24-25
19.2 ga1/346 mi
lS-liter DOlI( 24-valve V-6, 275 hp. 257 Ib-ft; 6- \Il auto with
ITIiInumatie >h ifiiog
.ind, SIMS, COi l anti-roll bo r
. ....... ind, muttit irt, COi l >j)" irqs. anti- roll bo r
flr"a k(1.f IR . vented (hc/disc
ASS.. . ... Slatldard
Stability/tr<l(\IOIl cootrol . standard/Slandard
Passive restraint> . . . dri ver and pa$>l'nge r side, knee,
el OO curtelin el irbags; reelr curtain el imags
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Lincoln MKT
Lincoln' s MKT crossover is based on the Ford Flex
and is one of the first vehicles to use FoMoCo's twin-turbo
EcoBoost V-6, here rated at 355 horsepower. While its ex-
terior beauty may be in the eye oflhe beholder, the inside is
attractive, quiet, comfotlable, and well appointed.
Lincoln MKX
Lincoln' s version of the Ford Edge, the MKX, is a
handsome, five-passenger unibody crossover that boasts
more carlike ride and handling than traditional SUVs.
Propelled by a 3.5-1iter V-6 engine and coupled to a six-
speed automatic, the MKX returns decent fuel economy.
Lincoln Navigator/L
Lincoln' s version oflhe Ford Expedition is di stingui shed
by its massive chrome grille and more luxury-laden interior.
Like the Ford, it has an independent rear suspension for
improved dynamics, but it's no match for refined unibody
competitors such as the Mercedes GL and the Audi Q7.
120 CAR.loxlDRJVER.(om
Hi'j'hs: Quickerthan it looks with
EcoBoostV-6, whisper-quiet and
well-fi nished cabin.
Lows: Baleen-whale gril le, funky
butt, headroom limited in thi rd
row, aspirational pricing.
Wilt's nrw: Introduced for 2010.
aekind Ibwhtd: Smooth turoo
power from EcoBoost V-6, but
weak brakes sap confidence for
spirited Although
handling and steer ing are decent
for a big coddling fol ks
is what the MKT does best.
Hi'j'hs: Stylish exterior; lOIS of
safety equipment; comfortable,
carl ike ride.
Lows: Interior isn't as well done as
a Lexu> RX350's, value is lacking
versus its Ford Edge sibl ing.
wb t's nrw: Introduced for 2007;
standard blind-s)XJt moniloring
and new Sync features for 2010.
Bfkind tb whtll:
experience is identical to that
of the Edge; combines high-up
sealing with the feel and fuel
('(onomy of a mid-size car.
Hi'j'hs: Roomy interior, beller
third-row seat than in Escalade,
abundant safety features, L adds
lots of llSablecargo space.
Lows: Enough chrome 10 be
visible from orbit, curb
weight. weak engine output.
wbt's ntw: RedeSigned for 2007;
trailer-sway cont rol and power-
retractable running boards made
standard for 2010.
aekind Ib whtd: With its up-
high driver's perch, it rolls down
the road in isolated splendor.
Base pn(e: $44,995; AWD, $46,9'Xi; [coBoost $49,995
Vehide type: front -engine, front - 1)1' 4-...moo-drive; 5-door &-7-
passenger wagon
Interior I'OIWIle, F IM/R (cu ft )
ca rgo\'Olume, lI'atsup/malimum (CU ft ).
WhffllJa:.e ..
. ....... 18/76
. 117.9in
2076/760/674 in
. .. 4lJ) ft
16-1 7/22-23
18.6 gat/ ]9lJ- 316 mi
Lengrh /Width/hl'i gh t
Tuming circle.
CLUb Wl'ight ..
EPA ciry/highw.y mpg
Fuel-tank cJp.3(iry Irtlnge
l7 -liter OOHC 14-valve V-fJ, 168 hp, 267 Ib-ft: twin-turboch.J rged
and inten:ooled 15-li ter OOOC 24-vJ lve V--6, 355 hp, 35(1I b-ft; 6-sp
auto with mJnumJtiC shifling
F. . ind, coD springs, ant i-rol l bar
. . In d, multilin k, coil springs, antiroI l bar R
Brakes, FIR. . Vl'fl ted disc/Vl'flted disc
ASS standard
Stabili tyltractioo cootrol .......... stlndaJd/standaJd
",ltraintl. . dri l'l'l and passenger froot Side, and
cun.in airbaqs; middle .nd re.r curtJ in .irbags
Base pn(e: $39, 195; AWD, $41,045
type: front -engine, front- or 4-wheel-dri ve; 5-door
5-passenger wagon
Interior I'OIWIle, fIR (cu 1'1).
ca rgo volume, \l'atsup/malimum (CU It).
. .. 55/53
. ..... 32/69
186.5/75.8/673 in
. . .l8.5f!
.4400-4600 Ib
17- 18/23-25
. .... 19.0-20.0gaI/340-342 mi
Lertgrh fwidth/hl'i gh t
Tumin g circle.
CLUb Wl'ight ..
EPA city/highw.y mpg
fuel-t.nk c.pacily/rafllJe .
15-liter OOfK 24-valve V-fJ, 265 hp, 250 Ib-f1; 6-sp auto
. ind, springs, .nt i-roI l bar
. ind, multili nk, cod springs, anti -rol l bar
Brakes, fIR. . V(>[lled diSc/disc
ASS stJndaJd
Stilbili ty/tractioo cootrol .......... stlndaJd/stlndard
re\t ra ints. . dri l'l'l .nd passenger front, Side, and
curtain .irbags; re.r curtJ in .irbags
Base pn(e: $55,325; 4WD, $SS,2l5/l $57,490; L 4WD, $W,39O
Vehide type: Irool-engioe, re.r- 1)1' 4-wheel-oove; 5-cIOO' 7-8-
passenger wagon
Interiorl'Olume,F/M/R(cuft) 59/57/43 51
ca rgol'Olume, \l'aB up/malimum (cu It). 18- 43/ 104 130
Wheel bJII' . . .119.0-131.0 in
Lertgth/Widthlh<i gnt .208.4-223.3178.8178.1-78.3 in
CurbWl'iqht .595O-6350 1b
14120 (2WD only)
Fuel-tank capacity/range .. . ..... 28.0-33.5 gal/392 (2WD only)
5.4-li ter SOH( 1halw V-8, 310 hp, 365 Ib-f!; 6--sp auto
F. . . ind, unequal- ll"Ilgth control a!llls, cod springs. antiroI l bar
R ind, multili nk, cod springs, anti-rol l bar
Srakes, FIR ..
ABS ..
. .. . ........ Vl'Ilted diSC/'ll'flled disc
SlObili tyltraction control
P.,sive re\traintl.
driver and
and cu rtain airbags; middte
and rear curta in airbags
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Mazda eX-7
A stylish suburban wagon that helped pioneer the recent
direction of crossover SUVs, the CX-7 is for smal l families
want ing street handl ing more than off-road prowess. Two
engines are offered for ' 10, including a 2.S-liter four and a
2.3-l iter turbo-four. Nissan' s Murano is its nemesis.
Mazda eX-9
Looki ng a bit li ke an ups ized CX-7, the larger, seven-
passenger CX-g actually rides on a different platform
shared wi th Ford. Slill, in Mazda fashion, it outhandles
ot hers matching its girt h and delivers some real fun- to-
drive sizzle in what is ult imately a snoozer of a segment.
Mercedes-Benz G-class
Designed for military use over 30 years ago, the G-class
is a seriously overbuil t lUXUry truck that has serious off-road
chops. From the way the doors click shU{ to the ridiculous
performance of the supercharged AMG version, the
G-class is a uni que SUV in a sometimes boring segment.
Hi,hs: A stylish niche pioneer,
smart throttle,
AWO spacious interior.
Lows: Pricey. turbo sucks fuel.
nonturbo is pokey, five seats.
whlt'suw: Introduced fo r 2007;
2010 model has a nonturbo
option and freshened styl ing.
lehid lit witt!; More
lightfooted and lithe than most
SUVs, the eX-7 is happy being
tossed into turns. But you have
to keep your right foot pinned,
especially with the base engine,
Hi'fhs: Great handl ing in the
Junior -bovine class, lots of space
for kids and stuff, nice interior
lows: Large means heavy, options
get pricey, gas disappears.
What's lew: Introduced fo r 2007;
a face lift and interior upgrades
arrive for 2010.
lellid tnw"eel; The eX-9
laps up curves better than any
non-BMW SUV, thanks to good
steering and eager responses.
Roomy and comfortable, this
Mazda is one of our favorites.
Hi'fhs: Old-school Benz build
Quality, strong V-Ss, go-anywhere
abi lity, timeless looks.
lows: Slow steering gives it a
heavy feel, ride can feel rough,
small ish back seat, fuel thirsty.
Wh,t'sJleW: Introduced to U.s. in
1002; unchanged for 2010
lellid t"fw"ef); You sit high,
the steering is slow, the structure
is sol id, and there is a heavy and
top-heavy feel, but the G-class's
manners and brashness never fa il
10 impress.
Sase prke: ISV, $22J OO; ISport sm:l'XI; s TOUling, S26.5SO; 4wd
s Toorillij, $28150; s (,r,nd foo ri llij, 531,935: 4wd s (,r,nd Tou ri llij,
m ,635
Yehide type: froot-engine, froot- or 4-1'I'hed- drive: 5-door
5-pa'iseoger w'gorl
Interim Itliume, F /R (ru It) 53-56/45-47
cargo \!:l lume, seatl up/maximum (ru It), ",30/59
iMleeItme. I08J in
length twidthfheight 184.0173.7/64.8 in
fuming cird ... 37.4 ft
Curb weight 3500 4050 Ib
[PAcitylhighwaymM. 17- 20/23-28
Fuel-Tanl:: capaciTy/range , .. 16,4-18.2 gal!3C1'.l-328 mi
[)(JHC 16-valve 25-liter inline-4, 161 hp, 161Ib-ft; turbocharged
and intfcooll'd 2J-li ter OOHC 16-valve inline-4, 244 hp, 2581b-ft;
5- or 6-sp .uto with rnanumatic >hift ing
F. . . ... ind, \trutl, cod springs, anti-roil ba t
R . . jnd, muitilinl::. ;pri ngs, antiroi l ba r
IR , ,l'fIted diSdl'flted disc
ASS. standard
Stability/tractJoo cootrol . standard/standard
Passive restraint> . . ..... dri'/f"I and paS>I'Ilgel side, and
curtain airbags; rear {urrain aimago;
price: $29,385; Sport 4wd, $30) 85; louring, $31 .305:
louring 4wd, $32,745; Grand louri ng. $33,395; Grand lo uring 4wd,
Yehide type: from-engine, froot- or 4-., .. heel -drtve; 5- door
7-pa\Ienger wogoo
Interiorl1)lume, r /MIR (cu it) ..
Cargo volume, Ieats up/maximum (cu ft)
Wheelbale . .
.. 54-56153/35
.1 7/101
...... . 11 11 in
Lrn gthlwidthlheiljlt
Tu rningcircle
CU m weight.
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel-ta nk capacitylrange . .
,NlJ.2176.2IM.0 in
........ .37.4 It
. .4350-4550 Ib
. 15 16121 22
lO. 1 gal /301 m mi
DOHC V--6, m hp, 270 Ib-II; 6-sp auto with
manumatic shillillij
. ...... ind, \truts, COi l \!Xings, anti- mil ba r
.. ind, multil irt, COi l anti-roll ba r
Ilrak'\.F/R, ,ventl"d disclventl"d diS(
ASS. startdard
Stability/tracllOO cootrol standard/standard
Passive r03traints, .. dri'/er and paS>I'Ilgel side, and
{lI/tain ai!bagl: middle and rear (urrain aimags
price: G5SO, S103,lXXl (est); GS5 AMG, sm,!XXl (03t)
Vehide type: front-engine, 4--wheel-oove; 5-door 5-pa\setlger
Interiorltliume, f /R (cu It).
Cargo volume, seats up/maximum (cu II )
Wheelbase ..
...... ... 45/80
.. ......... 112, 2 in
185.6/71.3-73.1176,0 in
.. 5700 5800 Ib
len gthlwidt h/heiljlt
lu rningcircle
CU m'M'lght.
EPA {itylhighway mpg ..
Fuel-tank capacitylra nge ..
.. ........... 11/15
.. .. 25,4gal!279mi
55-l ner OOHC 31-valve V-8, 381 hp, 391 Ib-It; supercha rged artd
intercooled 5.4-liter SOi l 14-valve V-8, 500 hp. 5 16Ibft; 5- or 7-sp
au to with manu matic shift ing
rii}d oxle, coi l anti-ro ll ba r
,rigid axle, coil springs
Blakes, F/R , .. . ....... ventl"d disc/vented diS( or diS(
ASS. standard
St.3bni ty/trJ(1tOO wlllrol standard/startdard
Passive restraint> ..... . driver and P<lSSffigt'l front and curtain
aimago;, rear {urrain aimago;
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Mercedes-Benz GL-class
One of our favori te large SUVs, the refined and luxurious
GL seats seven, offers good towing capaci ty, and drives
like a far smaller vehi cle. Buyers can choose between a
fuel -sipping diesel, a strong 4.7-1itcr V-8, and an even more
powerful 55-liter V-So We'd take the di esel.
Mercedes-Benz GLK-class
Perhaps the toughest-looking of all the small luxury
sport-utes, the GlK is loosely based on thecompaci C-c1ass
sedan and shares its 3.5-liter V-6. Sli ghtly less caTli ke than
its ri vals, the GlK is still comfortable, handsome, and a bit
of a bargain in its segment. Rear-wheel dri ve is standard.
Mercedes-Benz M-ciass/ML63 AMG
Bui lt upon a unibody platform, the all-wheel-dri ve ML
is luxurious, refined, and comfortable. There are no less
than fi ve engi ne choices: a fuel-sipping di esel, Benz' s
ubiquitous V-6, a 382-hp V-8, the 503-hp AMG version,
and the ML450H (detail ed in the hybrid section),
122 CAR.loxlORJVER.(om
Hi,hs: Relat ively small outside,
gi ant inside, supple ride, qui ck
V-Bs, parsimonious diesel.
Lows: Squishy brake-pedal feel ,
second row can feel cramped, not
much room behi nd the third row
Wilt'S ntw: Introduced for 2007;
diesel changes its naming
number, but that's it for 2010.
Ifiind titwkttl: Has a supple
ride and secure handling. V-8
accel erat ion is ample; the diesel is
sluggish off the line but
once under way.
Hi,hs: Tough, angular styli ng;
airy cabin; extensive options list;
attractive base price.
Lows: Tight rear seat, affordabil ity
goes poof! if you're not carfful
with options, mOrf truckli ke than
its competition,
Will's ntw: Introduced for 2010.
ae"ind tit whtel: Slightly numb
steering and a tall feel make the
GlK seem mOrf trucklike than
its peers. The V-6 offers excellent
accelerat ion, and the ride is
supple. Road noise can get loud,
Hi,hs: An engine for everyone,
roomy interior, refi ned, fuel-
sipping diesel. ML63 is glorious
Lows: Premium pricing, SQccer-
mom lOOKS,
Wilt'S Mtw: Redesigned for 2006;
unchanged for 2010
aeiind tbwhttl: Aside from
a squishy brake pedal, the ML
pours itself down the road with a
refined and luxur ious demeanor.
The ML63 is insanely quick, and
not Just for an SUV.
pr\u: GUSO BtueTeo:. S60,825: Gl4SO, S61,825; G155O,
Vehide type: froot erJgirll.' , 4 wiled dril't; S-door 7 passenger
ImeOOrl'Oi ume, FIMIR (cult)
GJrgo volume, seoll up/moximum (cu It)
Whoobase, .
LeJl(jth/'M!lth fheig ht
nipg : .
Fud tonk copil(1)'/r<JrJge, .
.. ,14183
.. 121.1 in
?iXl.6flSAf72A- 75.6 io
12-17117- 23
26.4gol/317-449 mr
rurbochdrged 000 imercooled Hl lilel OOOC 24 diNt V6, 210
hp. 400 Ib-It: 4.7- li tel OOOC V-8, 335 hp, 339 Ib-It; S.5--t iTer
OCij( 32-vall't V-8, 382 hp, 39 1 Ib-It; 7-sp auto with manumatic
F ind, uneqlJill-length wmrol arms, air spriJl(js, anti-rol l bar
R iJld, multll lnk, 'lir spriogs, 'lmi-rol l bar
Brakes, FIR. . . ...... l't'Jltro disc/\'eruro disc
ASS , . standard
Stclb ili ty/tractioo cootrol .......... stardard/standard
l'assjve rest raints. ,driver and passenger fro nt sj de,
curtain, and knee (driver ooly) airb.J gs; middle sjde <i'l d
(urtain airb.Jgs: rear curtain airb.Jgs
Base pri(e: $35,475; 4MATIC $37.475
froot-englne, rea r- or 4-whoo-dfM'; 5-dOO" s-
passenger wagon
Interior vo lume, FIR (cu It) , ... 53/45
.. .... 23155
. 108.5 in
. .. 37.7 It
.405Q--4250 Ib
17.4gal/278 mi
ca rgo volume, >l'Jtsuplmalimum (CU It).
Length fwidthfhl'i gh t
Tumin g circle.
Curb weight ..
EPA city/highway mpg
fuel-tank capa(ily/ralllJe ,
15-liter DOH( 24-valve V-6, 268 hp. 258 Ib-It; 7-sp auto with
IlldlWJrnati( shifr iJl(j
F. ,ioo, cod spriogs, anti -rol l bar
. md, multilin k, coa spriogs, anti -rol l bar R
&rakes, fiR. . . ...... disc/l't'Jlled disc
ASS standard
Stabilityltraction cootrol .......... srarK!ardlsrandard
Passjve rest ra ints. ,driver and passenger front, Side, <i'l d
curtain airb.Jgs; rear curtain airb.Jgs
BaH' price: Ml3SO, % ,575; Ml3SO 4MATI( , $49,075; M1350
BiueTe<, $50,575; ML5SO, S57,675; ML63 AMG, $91,925
VehIcle type: frOilt-elllJine, rear- or 5-door 5-
InteliOrllllume,FIR(cufr). . 58155
GJ rgo vol ume, seats up/maximum (ru It) 29172
W'rieelbase . 114.7 in
lerlgthJwidth/height ... ,188.2-189.4/76J-77.8171.5- nJ io
Jurmogarde 37.91t
Curb weight. . . . . . . . .. .4900-5200 Ib
tPAmyfhighwaympg 11-18/15- 25
FlId-rank capacitylrange. 25. 1 ga l/276-452 mi
turbocha rgro aM intelcoolro 10-litel DOOC 24-vall't' diesel V--6,21O
hp,39S lb U .5 IitelDOHC24 valveV--6,268hp,258 lb ft;5.5 li tel
DOHC 32-vaIveV-8, 382 hp, 391 Ib-It; 6.2-htel DOOC 32-valveV-8,
S03 hp. 465 1b It; 7 sp auto with marllJma!ic IhiltiJlg
F, . ind, uoeqlJill-IeJlgth control arm), cOi l or air (!)pt) Springl,
anti rol l bar
ind, muttilink, cOil or air (opt) spriogs, anti- rol l bar
&rakes, fiR.. venteddiScldisc
ASS standard
Stability/trac\ioo cootrol srarK!ard/standard
reltrainrs. . .... ,driver and ]l<llsenqet front
arK! (urtain airbag\: real sjde arK! curtain airb.Jgs
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Mercedes-Benz R-class
Looking like some sort of alien craft, the R-class is
Mercedes' attempt at building a minivan-like people hauler.
Slow sales killed the V-8 versions, but the V-6 and the fuel-
sipping diesel remain. The R-class is a luxurious, if sli ghtly
weird, way to move seven people comfortably.
Mitsubishi Endeavor
A product of Mitsubishi's California design studio, the
Endeavor rides on a modi fied front-drive, unibody platform
it shares with the Galant sedan and Ecl ipse coupe. It' s now
six year!> old, and much about thi s SUY's engineering feel!>
old-fashioned, but the styling never will.
Mitsubishi Outlander
Based on the Lancer small-car platform, the Outl ander
is a unique and spacious little crossover that prioritizes
on-road handling over off-roadability, which is fine. With
abundant features and clever touches, it is often a showroom
also-ran that doesn't deserve to be overlooked.
Hi,hs: Lots of seats, luxury-car
interior, ample cargo room, fuel-
efficient diesel option.
Lows: Unappealing to look at,
pricey when wel l opt ioned.
whlt'suw: Introduced fo r 2006;
unchanged for 2010.
leMd l.tWIte!; sporty
nor carlike, the long R-class drives
like the psuedo-minivan that it
is. On the plus side, the ride is
Euro fi rm, the steering is accurate,
and theV-6s offer a comfortable
amount of acceleration.
Hi'fhs: High-qual ity interior
materials feel luxurious, interior is
styled as well as the outside.
lows: Big on Ihe outside but nO!
on the inside, big engine without
big power, four-speed automatic
Whlfs u w: Introduced for 2004;
new liftgate and grille for 2010.
l ellid Inw"eel: It's quick and
agreeably agile on dry pavement
but less so in snow or slush,
where a light tapon the thf{lnle
can make it unstable. Not as
smooth as others in its segment
Hi'fhs: Aggressive new
carl ike ride and handling, nifty
shift paddles, reclining second
row, gadgets galore,
lows: Less ground clearance than
competitors, bLlZZY engine.
Wh,t'SJleW: Redesigned for 2007;
1010 brings new styl ing, an
upgraded interior, and GT $-AWC
lellid t"ew"eel: With sporty
on-road tires, you can feel the
Lancer connection. Trick Super
All-Wheel Control system like the
Lancer Evo's is now available.
Base price: R3S0, S50, 175; R350 BlueTt'{, $51 ,675
Vehide type: front -erqll)(', 4-wheel -dri \\'; 5-000r 6-7-
Intl'fior'lOlume, f/M/R (cu lt )
cargo volume, SEatsup/maximum (cult)
Wneeloose ..
......... IS/85
. ...... 116,6 in
lfJ101775/6S.l in
........... 40.71t
.495Q-SlOO lb

Tu rningcircl e ..
Cu rb \'NIghL
EPA City/highway mpg
Fuel-tank capacity/range ..
.. 14-18/19-24
11.1 gal 1295 380 mi
rurt:OOlJrged and intl'fcooled lo-liler DOHC 14-vallle diesel V-f"
110 hp, 400 Ib-It; 15-hler OOrl l h atl'e V-6, 1&8 hp. 158I b-lt;
7-Sj! auto with manumatic shifting
F. . . . . ind, unequal- length (ootrol arms, coil or
air (ijpl) anti- roll oo r
iM, mul tilink, (Oi l or air (ijpt) anti-roll oor R
F/R , vented oi' sc/disc
ABS.. . ... standard
Stabdi ty/tractioo (ootrol . standard/standard
PasSiI' restraint> , . .. dri'ler and paS>ttlger Side, and
curtain airbags: rrudd le and
rear Side and curtain airbags
prlte: LS. $28,739; S[, $W,739; S[ 4wd, $32,239
Vehide type: front-engine, frOOI- IX 4-l'/heel-dri'/r; 5-door
5-p3SS<' l"H] ff wagoo
Intl'fior 'iOIu me, F/R (cu ft ) ..
calgo SEats up/maximum (cu fi)
WneelooSE ..
. .... 53 56/51
............. 41/76
. ...... I08.3 in

Tu rnil"H]circi e
Cu rb weight. ..
EPA citylhighwJ)' mpg
r UI-ta n! capOCity/ra ng ..
190.8/716/67.3 in
........ .38.4 1t
.... 4000-4250 Ib
..... tS/19-21
21, 4gal/32t mi
3.8-lner SOrl 14-vall' V-f" 125 hp. 255 Ib -ft: 4-sp auto with
. .... ind, struts, cOi l anti- roll oo r
,ind, rraili l"H] arms, coi l anti- roll oo r
flrakes,f /R , vented oi';..:: /dil(
ASS. standard
Stabdi ty/tractroo (oolrol . standard/standard
PasSiI' restraints , . .. dri'ler and passenger Si de, and
curtain airoogs; rear curtain airbags
prite: 5, $11,560; ES 4wd, $12.960: S[ m,l60; SE 4wd,
S14.66O; XLS, $25,710: XLS4wd. $27}IO:GT S-AWC. $19,970
Vehide type: from- engine, from- or 4-wheel-dri\\'; S-do<lr 5-7-
p3S>ttl get'
Intl'fior'iOlume, F/M/R (cu h) .. 54 55/45 49/27
......... 15-36/73
. ...... 105,1 in
1817170.9/66.1 in
........ .34,8 1t
.. . .. .3400-)800 Ib
.. ... 18-21/24-27
15.8-16.6ga1/184- 349 mi
cargo SEatsup/maximum (cult)
'NneelooSE ..

Tu rniogcircl e
Cu rb weight.
EPA cityfhighway mpg .
fUl-ta nk capacity/ra nge .
H-liter [)(lll( 16-vallle inline-4, 161 or 1&8 hp. 161 or 167Iblt :
lo-liter SOIIC 24-vatl'e V--6, 230 hp. 215Ib-ft; continuously variable
auto, 6-Sj! auto with manlJlllati( shift mg
. .... ind, struts, cOi l anti- roll oo r
. .... ind, multil ir, coi l lPI iogs, anti- roll oor
Blakes, F/R, . . vented (h(/diS(
ASS. standard
Stabni ty/rractloo (oolrol standard/standard
PasSi ve restraint> ....... dw and paS>t'llgei Side, and
curtain airoogs; rear curtain airbags
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Nissan Armada
This big, traditional SUV is built upon the bones of the
Titan pickup and packs a powerful V-8 engine. Its three
rows of seating are remarkably spacious, it drives smaller
than it actually is, and it is well-suited to lOwing. The
optional luxuries make the Infiniti QX56 a bit redundant.
Nissan Murano
Overhauled for 2009, the Murano is a highly stylized
and spony crossover with a rich interior. It rates tops in the
genre, outclassing rivals with sharp handling, stout power,
and tons of rear-seat and cargo space. A continuously vari-
able automatic is combined with front- or all -wheel drive.
Nissan Pathfinder
Bolted to the same stout frame as the huge Armada,
the Pathfinder has been somewhat forgotten in the surge
of crossover options but remains an exceptionall y rugged
SUV with a V-S option that gives it ample towing capacity.
An independent rear suspens ion smooths hi ghway ride,
124 CAR.loxlDRIVER.( om
Hi,hs: Performance. refi nement,
and handling afe exceptional for a
vehicle this size; comfortable and
spacious inside,
Lows: Third-row access, thirst for
fue l, massive dimensions.
Wilt's new: Introduced for 2004;
no major upgrades for 2010.
ae"tnd tIt whtd: The steering
is light and responsive, the ride
is fi rm. and the engine provides
plenty of power. The Armada
has a agil e feel for a
full-size spon -utility vehicle.
Hi,hs: PunchyV-6, quiel cabin,
improved quality, upgraded
interior materi als
Lows: looks are tlest describe\! as
quirky, torque steer, some boom
from suspension impacts.
Wilt's nrw: Redesigned for 2009;
no major changes for 2010.
ae"ind tbwhtel: This latest
version SCOOIS to :() mph quicker
than rivals and is smooth all
around It's an unusuallyfun
steer for a crossover, and it is
comfortable and practical 10 boot.
Hi,hs: AV-8 if you need it 1015
of cargo and passenger fl eXibility,
sol id WQrk ethic, roomy interior.
Lows: Slyling is forgenable, V-8 is
a fuel sponge, upstage\! by new
unibody crossovers.
\ft1t'S ntw: Redesigned for 2005;
mi nor electronics upgrades for
the 2010 model year.
ae"ind tbwhtd: Traditional
full-frame SUVs are passe, but
the Pal hfinders fully independent
suspension good agility
and smoothness.
Base prite: )E, $38,010; Ti taniu m, $42,940; SE 4wd, $43,610;
Titaniu m 4W{i, $45,740; Platinum, $5 1, 190; PlaMum 4l1l:I,
Vehide type: fro nt-ffigifle, rear- or rea r/4-wheel -oti'le; 5-door
7 8-pilllenger wagon
Interiorl'Olume, r /M/ R (cu II ).
ca rgo l'Olume, seatsup/ma!imum (eu II) ,
WhroNse .
... 2fJ197
123.2 in
Lffi gthlw1dthlheight
Tuming Cirde.
Curb weight
.... ......... 2fJ7.7f79.3f77. 2-78.0 in
5400- 5850 Ib
28.0g.a1/336 mi
EPA citylhigrrway mpg
Fuel -tank capa{ity/range ..
5.6-li ter OOOC 32-valve V-8, 317 hp, 385Ib-lI; 5-sp auto
F. . ioo, unequal- Iffigth control coH springs. anti -rol l bar
R ioo, unequal- Iffigth control arms. cOil springs. anti roI l bar
Bra kes. F/R ..
ABS ..
Stability/traction control
Passive Jeltraints .
vented disUdiS(
stl ooard/standard
.driver and passenger >i de,
and {urtain airbags; middle and
rear curta in aimags
Base price: S, $28,850; Sl $30,400; S 411\J , $30,450; SL 4wd,
S32,1XXl; LE, S37J80; LE 411\J, S38,980
Vehide type: front- IX 4-wheel-dri l'l'; 5-door 5-
passenger wagon
Interior I'Olume, F fR (tu It) ..
ca rgol'Olume, seatsup/malimum leu It).
WhroNse .
. 32164---{i5
11!8.5174.1/67.0 in
.. lB.H 9.4f1
.3900- 4150 Ib
... 18/23
21.7 <}<l1/391 mi
length lwidthlhei ght
Tuming Cirde.
Curb weight .
EPA Cilylhigrrway mpg
Fuel -tank cdpacitY/Jilnge .
15-li ter OOH( 24-valVl' V-6, 265 hp. 248 Ib-ft; variable
. ioo, coa spri ngs. ami -rol l bar
. ind, mul tilin k, springs, anti -rol l bar
Brakes. r /R. . . .... .. vt'Oted di)(/Vl'Illed diS(
ASS standard
Stability/traction control ..... .... . stl ooard/standard
PasJjI'l' rest raints. . dri l'er and passenger fronl, >ide, and
curtain aimags; rear curtain aimags
Base price: S FE+, S28,240; S 4wd, $30,240; SE, $31.410; 5E 411\J,
$33,41 0; LE, $37}10; LE 411\J, $39,910
Vehide type: front-ffigifl, rear- 1)1' rear /4-wheel-o-iVl'; 5-door
7-passenger wagon
Interior I'Olume, F /M/R (cu It)
GJ rgol'Olume, seats up/maximum (eu fI).
WheellJase ..
.. .17/79
. 11 2.2 in
19.2 19.5 ft
.SQ-5050 Ib
21.1 g<l11274-31? mi
length lwidthlhl'i gh t
Tumin g circle.
Curb weight ..
EPA Cilylhighway mpg
Fuel-tank capacity /rdnge
4.i)..liter 0011( 24-va ll'e V-6, 2&6 hp. 288 lb-ft: 5.6-liter OOI\( 32-
Vill ve V-8, 310 hp. 388 lb -ft; 5-sp duto with manumati( shift ing
F . ioo, unequal-I ffigth comrol arms. coil springs. anti-rol l bar
R ioo, unequal- Iffigth co mrol coD springs. anti -rol l bar
Brakes, FIR ..
ABS ..
. . . . . ....... vl'I11ed dis(/'II'fIled diS(
Stability/traction control
PassiV!' Jeltraints.
stl ooard/standard
driver and si de,
and {urtain airbags; middle and
rear curta in aimags
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Nissan Rogue
Nissan's first stab at a small crossover is a cute and
useful errand runner with spry, carl ike handling. Based on
the mid-size Altima, the Rogue has above-average agility
and acceleration for its class and a spacious, practical cabin.
With this Nissan, you'll spend less and smile morc.
Nissan Xterra
In the shrinking class of cheapie SUVs with rcal off-
road ability, the Xterra stands OUI with excellent on-road
handling, fl exible interior space, and great vi sibility.
OITered in rear- and four-wheel-drive editions, the line
cons ists of four models, all built on the Frontier chassis.
Porsche Cayenne
Controversial existence and shared VW platform aside,
the Cayenne has a level of capability rare among SUVs,
offering a selection of high-powered VoSs that keeps it
on the prowl for other sporty SUVs. The grocery-getting
Porsche also makes the perfect tow vehicle for your GT3,
Hi,hs: Goes and steers with
verve, roomy rear seat and cargo
hold,low prices,
Lows: No manual transmission
option, noV-6 engine available,
rear visibility hampered.
Wh,t'sJlew: Int roduced for 2008;
no major changes for 2010,
bhl.d Iuwleel: Agile and
fleet -footed, the Rogue is more
fun 10 drive than most mini
crossovers. The CVT fUfl( tions
well, although it makes the 2.5-
literwor\: hard on occasion.
Hi,hs: Low-priced mudsl inger
that's happy on all surfaces,
rugged construction, well
designed for off-road use.
Lows: Mushy brakes, cabi n noise
levels inverse to its price.
Wh,t'suw: Redesigned for 2005;
2010 sees just minor shuffl ing of
packages and equipment.
.ehl.td li ewi eel: Tall and
narrow, the Xterra has excellent
sight lines, a ne<essity for off-road
handl ing, plus tacti le sleering and
on-road agi lity.
Hi,hs: Genuine Porsche feel and
details, down to the Le Mans-
style ignition placement Turbo
and Turbo S are seriously qUid.
Lows: Poor fuel economy,
tight rear quarters, not enough
utility, unsatisfying manual
transmission, meager V-6.
What'snw: Introduced for 2003;
GTS-based S Transsyberia limited
edit ion added for 2010.
lehl.td Iuwieel: Real Porsche
sights, sounds, and sensat ions
from a higher altitude.
Base price: S, $11, t40; S 4wd, $21,340; SL, snno; Sl 4wd,
Vehide type: frontengine, frOOI or 4...meeldrive; 5door
5-pil\lffi9er wogoo
Imerior 'iOIu me, FIR (eu ft) ..
cargo Salsup/maxi mum (euft)
'NneelbaS ..

Tu rningcircie
EPA cityfhighway mpg
flJeI-lOnk capacity/ra nge .
. 54 56/41 42
......... 29158
. ...... 105,9 in
182.9170.91653 in
. ............ .37.4 ft
. ..... nQO-3550 Ib
15.9 gal1334-350 mi
2.5-liter DOll( inline-4, 167 or 170 hp, 170 or 175l b-ft :
OOI1linuously aulO
F . .... ind, struts, coi l ami roll ba r
R . ....... ind, multil irt, coi l IIXings, an!i- roll ba r
IR , dWvented disc
ASS. standard
Stability/tracnoo cootrol . standard/standard
Passive restraint> . . ..... dri'/('[ and pilS>l'llgel side, and
curlain airbags; rear curtain aimags
price: X, m250: X 4W\J, $25,300; S, $26,220; S 4wd,
$28,270: SE, $29, 150: Off-Ro.ld 4wd, $30,000;5 4wd, $30) 00
Vehide type: !rom-engi ne, rear- or rear/4-whecl-drivl'; H oor
5-pil\\enger wogoo
Int('[ior 'iOIume, FIR (cu ft) ..
cargo Salsup/maximum (euft)

Tu rningcirci e
EPA cityfhighway mpg
FIJeIta nk capacity/rarl9l' ..
. ........... .57143
........ .35/66
1063 in
,1 78.7172.8174,9 in
. .... 37,3-37.6ft
.,415Q-45OO lb
. 15-16120-21
2UgaI/317 338mi
4,Q-liler DOHC 24-va!v V-6. 26t hp. 281 Ib-ft ; 6-sp man, 5-sp aUlo
\lith manu maliC shifting
F ...... ind, unequa l-length co.-mol arms, coi l anti ro ll bo r
R ri gid aile, leaf IIXings, anti- roll bo r
Blak('S,FIR , . .
ASS. . . .... standard
Stability/tracllOfl cootrol standard/Slandard
Pas'ii'le restraim\, ..... . driver and passeng('[ from, side,
and curtain airbags;
rear curtain aimago;
Base price: $46,315: S. 561,515: S Tran"ybaia. 571.615; GTS,
$73,215: Turoo $100,71 5; Turbo), 5127, 11 5
Vehlde type: fi ont-l'flgine, 4-whee1--drive; 4- door 5-pa,senger
.""" InI('[iQl (eu Itl- .57/49
cargoroume, seats up/maximum (cultl . . .19/63
i.ength/width/he;ljlt . 188.8-188 ,9175 ,9-77.0165.9- 66.9 in
Tuming cirde 39.0ft
Cu rbweighl. ... ... . ......... 51SQ-SWJ lb
EI'1Ici1)' /hiljlw.ymM. . ........ 11-14117-20
capacity/range 26.4 9<11/290-370 mi
J6-li!el DOHC 24-vatl'eV--6, 290 hp, 273lb-It; 4.8-liter DOOC
V-S, 385 or 405 hp, 369 1b-ft; twin-turbo<harged and intercooled 4.8-
Uter DOOC 32-valvt V- B, SOO 01 ,SO hp, 516 01 553 Ib-It; 6-sp m.n,
6-,p auto with manumati( \hifti"9
f. iIld, unequa l-length arms, cOil or air
ind, mli tili lll:., coil or air springs, anI i-loti ba l R
Blak('S, F/R , disdvented di>c
ASS. standard
Sra bni ty/tractlOfl cootrol slandard/standard
Passive restraint> ....... dw and pilS>I'Ilgel side, and
curlain airbags; rear curtain cimags
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Subaru Forester
This is the third generation of Subaru's small-scale
SUY. Based on the Impreza platform, the latest Forester is
bigger in every dimension, with more room for rear seaters,
more suspension travel, and more ground clearance. But it
isn't as much fun to drive as the old vehicle.
Subaru Tribeca
The Tribeca is an appealing crossover SUY that offers
exceptional ride quality and decent grunt off the line. The
optional third row expands seating accommodations from
five to seven. OUf only big reservation is pricing that's
above class favorites such as the excell ent Honda Pilot.
Suzuki Grand Vitara
New, more lusty engines in 2(X)9 helped move Suzuki's
small SUY closer to it s formidable competition, but it
remains a virtual unknown in a crowded market. It's more
of a truck in a segment of car-based SUVs, but it' s more
than decent to drive and a bit of an oflbeat choice.
126 CAR.loxlDRJVER.(om
Hi'Jhs: Improved rear-seat
leg-and headroom, solid safety
cre<lentials, increased ground
Lows: No manual transmission
for the turbo model, higher curb
Wilt'S new: Re<lesigned for 2009;
mi nor Irim changes for 2010.
Ifiind lit wktll: The Ihird-gen
Foresler is designed to delil'i'r
more uti lity, including improl'i'd
off-road usefulness. k also
delivers a tletler ride.
Hi'Jhs: Quiet, good build qual ity,
fu ll ra nge of family-infotai nment
features, available third row of
seats, quirky das h styling.
Lows: Quirky dash >tyl ing, tight
second-and thi rd-row seat ing,
ambitious pricing.
Will's new: Introduced for 2006;
2010 models are unchanged.
Bfiind Ibwhlll: The Tritl('ca's
power is on par wilh that
of Honda's latest Pilot Road
manners are quite good, but don't
expect lots of guslo.
Hi'Jhs: BMW-like longit udinal
engine configuration, decent
cabin design and materials.
Lows: A bit less refi ned than it s
competition, lacks blue-chip
resale values of some CUVs.
Will's ntw: Redesigned for 2006;
nav is standard for 2010
Bfiind Ibwhlll: The helm is
a little sluggish compared wit h
the RAV4 and Honda CR-V, but it
moves down the road profiCiently
enough. A tougher off-lOader
than mosl in thedass.
Base price: 2.5X. $10,9'Xl; 1.5X Pfffilium, l.5X li mited,
2.5XT, $27. 19); 2.5XT limited. $29.19)
Vehide type: Wont- engine, 4-lItieel-dri ve; 5-door 5-p.meng1'
Interior I'Olume, FIR (cu It). 56- 58146 49
3H 4163-{i8
CJ rgol'Olume. (eu It).
Wheeloose ..
Length twidth/hl'i gh t
Tuming drde ..
(lIIbweight. ..... .
Fuel-tank c.p.lcity /range
179.5/70.1/65.9-66.9 in
. ....... 34.4ft
.1250--3500 Ib
16.9g<l1/311-338 ml
2.5-lit1' SOIl( 16-valve tlaH. 170 tip, 170 tb-It: turOO(l\arged and
intercooled 2.5-li t1' OOf( 16-valve ficlt-4. 224 hp, 226 tb-ft ; 5-sp
man, 4-sp auto WIth manumatic shiftin g
F .
. .... ind, cOil antiroIlOOr
. in d, mul tilin k, anti-rol l 001
&rak6. r IR. . vented diS(ldisc
ABS staO(lard
Stability/tracuoo control ..... ..... standard/standard
restraintl . . . dri lll' and p.ll\ellger froot lide, iII1d
(urtain airbags: rear curta in airbagl
Base price: $31,250: limited, $33,250; Touring $36,550
type: 4-1Itil'!'I-drive; 5-000r 5-7-
p.lssrnger wagon
Imeriorl'OllIIIl e, F/M/R (eu It)
CJ rgo 'lOlume, (CU It).
Wheeloo>l' ..
.. .8-38n4
. 108.2 in
191.5173.9166.4 in
,41SQ--4250 Ib
... 16/21
Length fwidth/hl'i gh t
Tumin g circle.
(lIIbweight ..
EPA city/highway mpg
fuel-tank cap.l (ity/range .
16-liter DOHC 14-valve flat-(), 256 hp, 147 Ib -It; 5-sp auto wi th
mafWJ mati( shift ing
F. . ind, cod ami -rol l bar
. md, mul tilin k, coa ami -rol ioor R
&ra kes, r IR. . . .... .. vl'Ilted disc/vented disc
ABS standard
Stabili ty/tracuoo control ..... ..... standard/standard
PasJjve rest raints . . dri lll' and p.l\\ellger front, >ide. iII1 d
curtain airbags; rear curtain airbags
prite: SI9.364; Premium, $19,649; Premium 411,j, $21,009:
$2l.4'f9; XSport Hi, $23,749; XSport 4wd, $24, 149: LlOOJ ry,
$23,999: luxllY V-fJ. 525.299; llOOJ ry 4111J, S25,649: XSport V-6 4111J.
$2),4'f9; LuxllYV 6 4wd, S27,()49
VeI1ide [)'pe: &oot-ffi4jine, reor- Qf rear/4-wheel-drivf; S-door
S-p.lsseoger wagon
Interior l'Qi ume, F/R {eu It). 51-54/43
cargo volume, Iecltsuplmaxi mum (eu ft ) 24/67- 69
Wheel base 1019in
l.e!l(j thlv.idth/height . . . . 177.1171.31(>6} in
Tuming cirde .. 36.7 It
Curbwei:Jht 3500--3900lb
EPA cny/highwaympg .. . 17-19/23-26
FiJeI-tonk Cil paOtylra!l(je 17.49011296--33 t mi
2A-l iter DOH( 1(>6 hp, 162 Ib-It; 32-ltter DOHC
24-vall'e V-fl. 230 hp. m Ib-ft: 5-sp man. 4- Qf 5-sp auto v.ith
rmnumotk shiltl!l(j
F. . . .ind, struts, (oil springs. il nti rol l bar
R ind, mu1tihn k, (oit spr ings. anti-rol l bar
&rak6. r IR. . . ..... . Vl'Il ted disc/vented disc
ABS standard
Stabili ty/trclCtioo cootrol sta ndard/standard
reltrainrs. . . dri Vl' and p.ll\ellger froot \ide, iII1d
(urtain airbagl: rear curta in airbagl
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Toyota FJ Cruiser
A modern reboot ofthe original Land Crui ser, the FJ is a
capable and styli sh off-roader with tough-guy looks. It has
two conventi onal doors and two rear-hinged mini-doors.
Base prices are low, but the bucking on-road dynamics of
this rough-and-tumbl e five-seater are the compromise.
Toyota Highlander
Based on the Camry, thi s popular crossover is a segment
benchmark with carlike handling and a pillowy ride. Interior
acreage is vast, and the seating is fl exible. A foldaway third
row bumps capacity to seven and is j ust one option on a
long li st. It's a great choice for fa mil ies on the go.
Toyota Land Cruiser
Over mountains, across deserts, through your neighboros
compost heap----the fuel-swilling lUXUry Land Cruiser will
go about anywhere. The ultratough, full y boxed frame is
Toyota"s most durable. Seven-person seat ing and all-wheel
drive are standard for just under 66 large, as is the V-So
Hi,hs: Mudslinging fun. high
ground clearance. hose-out
interior, unusual reno styling.
Lows:(ra mped back seat; heavy;
a fuel addict; delivers a humpy,
bumpy ride
Wh,t'sJleW: Introduced for 2007;
engine upgrades and a 5pe1:ial
Edition off-road pack for 201 O.
lelriad liewiffJ: It feels huge
and Hummer-like but has decent
maneuverability thanks to its
Tacoma-base<! chassis. More fun
off-road than on.
Hi'fhs: Lots of options, smoot h
and quiet, AWD gives all-weather
capability, reliable.
lows: Numb steering, quickly
gets expensive, SUVs such as this
have replace\! minivans as the
whifsJleW: Redesigned for 2()()8;
sunroof and backup monitor are
Belriad lie wiee): Four -banger
is frugal, and V -6 is strong. It's a
tall wagon with a soft suspension
and a high sealing position.
Hi'fhs: Wi ll go anywhere, wil l lOW
almost anythi ng, luxury interior,
off-road "crui se control."
lows: Approaches three tons, is
expensive, requires a plati num
fuel card,
Whit's JleW: Redesigned for 2()()8;
gets some interior elect ronics
enhancements for 2010.
Belriad liewiee): The few not
consigned to mall duly can
shimmy over rocks with the same
capabilit y as thei r ancestors
just watch the running troards.
Base price: $24,480; 4wd, m ,660
Vehide tylW: froot-engine; feJr-, rear/4-. or 4- wheel-drive;
3+ 2-cIoor 5-passenger
Intl'fior lUIume, FIR (cu ft) ..
Cargo \'dume, seatsup/maximum (cu ft)
Wneelbase ..

lurniog circle
Curb weight.
EPA (ityfhighway mpg . .
fuel-to nk (Opacityfrange
. .... .... 58/39
..... .... 28/67
. .... .. 105.9 in
183.9/75.017 1.3-72.0 in
..... .. 4050-4300 lb
. . 15- 17/19-22
4.o-llter DOHC 24-valve V-6, 259 hp, 270 Ib-ft; 6-sp man, 5-sp auto
....ith manumatic shifting
F. . ind, urtequol-Ieogth cootrol anm, coi l anti-roll ba r
R . . .... ri l}d coi l anti- roll ba r
/R. vented oscfdisc
ASS . Slartda rd
Stability/tracnon conlrol . standard/Slartda rd
Passive restraint> . . ..... dri'l('r and paS>l'llgel side, and
(urtain airbags; rear (urtain aimags
Bue pri(e: $26.505: V-6. $28,400; V-6 4wd. $29,850: )port,
$30,850; Spon 4wd, $12,300; limited, $33,915: limited 4wd,
Vehide type: front-engine, fre nt- or 4-wheel -do'/\'; S-dGor 5-7-
pils\engel wagon
Intl'rior lUIume, FIR (cu ft).
Cargo seats up/rTlilxi mum (cu ft )
Wneelbase ..
. . ... ..... 10-42195
. .... ....... 109,8 in

Turning Circle
Curb weight. .. . .
EPA cityfhigliway mM
Fuel-ta nk capacity/range .
188A/7S.l/611.1 -693 in
. . . ......... J8.7 ft
. .. ... 3850-4350 Ib
17- XJIl3-17
19.2 galf326-384 mi
l.7-l lter OOHC 16-valve inline-4, 187 hp, 186 Ib-ft; 15-li tl'r OOHC
24-valve V-6. 270 tip. 243 Ib-ft ; 5- I)" 6-sp aUlo
. ind, SIMS. coi l anti-roll ba r
..... ind, SIMS, coi l ami-roll ba r
Blak('S, F/R , . . vented osc/diS(
ASS. . . .... Slanda rd
St.3bility/tractlon control standardfSlartda rd
P;r;si';e restraints, . dri'll'r and pas>l'llgel SIde, knee
Base price: S65,770
(driver ooly), and curlain airbagl;
middle and rear curtain aim.3 g1
Vehide type: front-engine, 4-wheel-oove; 5-dOOI a-passenger
Intl'rior lUIume, f IMi R (cu ft ) .57/50136
..... ... . 16/82 Cargo \'dume, seatsup/maximum (ru ft)
Wneelbase .. . .......... 112.2 in

EPA (ityfhighway mpg . .
Fuel-tank capacitylrange . .
,1 94.9177.6/74,0 in
..... .. .5700 Ib
. .. .......... 13118
. .. . 24,6gaI/320 mi
5.?-lner OOHC 32-valve V-8, 381 hp, 401 Ib-ft; 6--sp <l\I to with
manumatic shifting
F. ind, uIIl'Qwl-length control arms,torsion bars, anti-roll ba r
R ri i}d coi l Sj)'iogs, anti-ro ll ba r
BrakE'S, FIR, ,ventt'd dW\IlIted diS(
ASS .. . ... .... Slandard
Sta bility/tractlon wntrol standardfSlartda rd
P;r;sive restraints dri'll'r and passenge r !root, side, knee,
and curtain airbags; middle side and
curtain airbags; rear curtain aimags
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Toyota RAV4
No longer Toyota's little SUV, the last redesign punched
out the dimensions, added an available third-row seat, and
put a big 3.5-liter V-6 on the options list. It's a Honda Pilot
chall enger now, with tons of space and sports-sedan power.
Go easy on options, and the price is reasonab le.
Toyota Sequoia
The Tundra-based, eight-passenger ute has up to IO,OCH)
pounds of towing capacity and a model range that extends
from basic SR5 to the epicurean Platinum edition. 2010
brings iPod connectivity, front-seat knee airbags, an im-
proved base V-8 engine, and more. Oh, and it 's sti ll huge.
Toyota Venza
Like most Toyota crossovers, the Venza is based on
Carnry underpinnings. It offers the closest modern approxi-
mation to a Camry wagon and is more practical than a four-
door, but some utility is sacrificed for the looks . Optional
20-inch whee ls are pretty but spoil the comfortable ride.
128 CAR.loxlORJVER,(om
Hi,hs: Toyota dependability, lols
of space for people and things.
punchy with the V-6,
Lows: li kes its fuel. leisurely with
the four, not very thril ling.
Wiat's nN: Redesigned for 200{i;
changes to trim and packages
for 2010,
ae"ind tbwhtel: Fined with the
V-6, it swift ly and handles
proficiently but drinks fuel. The
four works hard to keep pace,
is smooth and not noisy, and
supplies bener economy.
Hi,hs: Toyota quality, huge-SUV
capabi lities, drives
given its pickup-truck roots.
Lows: Gets pricey with options,
plasticky interior, hard 10 park.
Wbt's new: Redesigned for 2008;
many changes for 2010, the most
major being a 4,6-literV-8 in
place of the old 4.7.
Bf"ind tbwhtel: Large and
lumbering, the Sequoia is a big
hauler even by Paul Bunyan's
standards. It'll tow a seriously big
l(KId, too, lust like B<ibe.
Hi,hs: Styl ish for a Toyota, fOUf-
banger option is economical ,
Lows: Larger and
a comparable station wagon,
expensive with opt ions
wb t's nrw: Introduced for 2009;
Bluetooth and iPod/USB
connect ivity standard for 2010.
Bf"ind tbwhtel: The 3.5-liter
is smooth and makes
good POWt'f. TheVenza's interior is
attractive although not CJI'l'JnOus.
It drives like a Camry wagon
would, so it's not very exciting,
Base pri(e: S22,300- $15,lW; 4wd, $13.700- $16,680; V-6,
$24,335-$27,210; V-6 411d. $25}35-$28.610
Vehtde type: front -engine, front - 1)1" 4-....'hoo-dri\'; 5-door 5-7-
passenger wagon
Interior I'Olume, F /M/R (eu ft )
CJ rgol'Olume. (eu ft).
WheellJase ..
55 56/49/B
. 104.7 in
Length twidth/hl'i gh t
Tuming drde ..

Fuel-tank capacity/range
178.7-18L9/71.5I68.7-69.1 in
.3400-3700 Ib
19-22/16- 28
15.9 g.-lI!301- 350 ml
2.5-liter DOlI( 16-valve inline-4, 179 hp, 172 1b-ft; 3.5-l iter 0011(
24-val'112 V-6. 269 hp, 246lb-ft; 4- or 5-sp auto
F, . ioo, coH anti -roll bar
R ioo, unl'\1 l1i1l- ll'rlgth control cOil anti roIl bar
Brakes, FIR ..
ASS ..
Stabili ty/tractioo control
Passjl' rest raints.
vented disddisc
.......... stardard/standard
,driver and passenger front sjde,
and eunaln air!Jags; middle and
rear curta in aimags
Base pike: SRS, $39,480-$43,330; limited, $49,590-$52,815;
Platinum, $56,630-$59,855
Vehide type: front-l'Jlgine, rear- IX rea r/4-wheel-oo'll2; 5-door
a-passenger wagon
Interior vo lume, F/MI R (cu tt) ............ 63-65153-54145-48
CJ rgovolume, (eu tt). 19/1 20-121
W'hl't'ibose. 1ll.0in
Lengthtwidthihl'ight ,205, 1/79,9/74,6 in
Turn ing drde. .. J9,Oft
Curb weight. ,5700-6100 Ib
EPAcityihighw.ympg 13-14118-19
Fuel -tank cdpacitylJilnge , .......... 16.4 gal/343 370 mi
V-li ter 0011( 32-va l'112 V-a. 310 hp, 327Ib-ft; 5}-liter DOH( 32-
valveV-S, 381 hp, 401 Ib-ft; 6-sp auto with manumatiC )/lift ing
F, . ioo, unl'\1 l1i1l- Il'Jl9th control coa anti -rol l bar
R. . ........ ind, unequal-ll'Jlgth control a!llls, or air springs,
anti-roll bar
&rakes, FIR. . . .. . ........ vl'Jlted disc/l't'flted diS(
ASS standard
Stability/tractioo control stardard/standard
Passjl' restra ints. ,driver and passenger froot, side, knee, and
curtain airbag$; middle and rear (urtain aimags
Base pri(e: $17,015; 4'Ml, $18.475; v.6, $18,850; V--6 4wd,
Vehtde type: front-l'Jlgill. front- Ct 4-wheel-dri\'; 5-door 5-
passenger wagon
Interior I'Olume, FIR (cu ft ),
CJ rgovolume, >eats up/maximum (cu ft).
WheellJase ..
54 55/51
.. J4fiO
Length twidth/hl'i gh t
Turn in g circle.
Curb weight ..
EPA Cityihighway mpg
Fuel-rank capacity/range
189.0/75.0/63.4 in
.38oo-4050 Ib
18-21125-29 (est)
171 gal/319-371ml (est)
H-liter DOlI( 16-valve inline-4, 182 hp, 182 1b-ft; 3.5-l iter 0011(
24-valve V-6, 268 hp, 248lb-ft; 6-sp auto with manurTlilt iC shifting
. ioo, cOil anti-rol l bar
,ind, mul tilink, coD anti -rol l bar
Brakes, FIR.. I'l'fl!ed disddi'l
ASS.. standard
Stabili ty/tractioo control .......... stardard/standard
Passjl' rest raints. driver and pa'>Sellger /root, side, knee
(dril'ff only), and curtain JlrWgs;
rear curtain almags
Fi nd mor e magazi nes at www. magazi nesdownl oad. com
Toyota 4Runner
Redesi gned for 2010, Toyota' s original SUV is return-
ing to its roots as a pickup-based mudslinger that is also
comfortable on the street. Think four-door FJ Crui ser. The
V-8 is gone, leaving the choi ce of a 4.0-liter V-6 or a four-
cylinder, with a more rugged face and lower pr ices.
Volkswagen Tiguan
Although the Ti guan was late to the small-SUV party,
it"s a fine piece, with a lovely interior, great build quality,
and good driving dynamics. We al so like the turbocharged
four-cylinder. What we don', love, however, is VW' s pric-
ing. which is expensive for thi s class of baby ute.
Volkswagen Touareg
For 2010, VW has dropped one of the best reasons for
buyi ng a Touareg: the optional 4.2-1iter, V-8 engine. The
standard V-6 is sluggish if relat ively fuel effi cient , but a
new 225-hp, 3.0-liter V-6 di esel-comi ng thi s spring-
looks to be the better powertrain choi ce.
Hi,hs: Lower base pr i{f's, off-
road abil ity and towing capacity,
likely to be reliable.
Lows: Full -framed and heavy,
crossovers have more interior
space, four-banger will i)e slow
Wh,t'sJleW: Redesigned for 2010.
lehlId Ilewleel; like the retro-
funky FJ Crui ser, this reworke<l
4Runner has body-on-frame
const ruction wit h a solid rear
axle, which means an old-
fashioned truck ride but lots of
Hi,hs: Sliding second-row seat
increa5es versatility of spacious
interi or, hi-res nav/i nfo display,
one of our favorite engines.
Lows: Having 10 explain the
name tothe neighbors, leila
SportWagen offers equal space
and more pow-ertrain options.
whit'slew: Introduced for 2009;
no major changes for 2010.
lelriad Ile wleel: A stable
chass is keeps it fiat through
comers, and weighty steering
keeps your confidence.
Hi,hs: Superior struct ural rigidity,
spiffy cabin design and execut ion,
excellent mi leage from diesel.
Lows: Sluggish with V-6, limited
cargo room, we still don't know
who came up wit h that name.
Wh,t'sJleW: Introduced for 2004;
for 2010, V-8 engine dropped,
new diesel, some trim changes.
lehlId Ilewiee): Though hefty,
the Touareg's solid chassis delivers
a nice blend of smooth highway
ride and ready response, plus
serious off-rwd credentials.
",: ''' 2010
Base pri(e: SR5. $28,355; SRS V-6, $30,030; SRS V-6 4wd,
$31,770; Trail V-fj 4wd, 36,555; limited H, $38,610: Li mitl'dV-fj
4wd, $40,655
Vehide type: !root-engi ne: ",ar-, ",ar/4-, or 4-whed-dri ve:
5-door 57-passenger wagon
Intfior \1lIume, r IM/R (co It) . . . . 54-55142131
... 947189 90
'Nneelbase.. . .... .. I09,8in
Leogth/wl(ft hlheiljlt ,1 89.9/75.8/70,1 in
lurningcircie ..... ... .37.4ft
CUrb weight. . .4300-4850 Ib
[PA City/highwaympg ........ 17122-23
Fuel-ta nk capacity/rarl9!'. . 24,0 gal/400 mi
OOHC 16-valve inlill-4, 157 hp, 178 1b-ft : 4.Q-1i1f DOHC
24-valve V-fj, 270 hp,178 Ib-ft: 4- (X' 5-1Il auto
r ..... .. indo uneqwl-Iength (OIllroi arms, COi l anti-roll ba r
R . Jigidaxle, (oi l or air ami- mil tla r
IR, ,l'eIlled diSdl'ellted disc
ASS . Slanda rd
Stability/tracnoo (ontml . standard/Slanda rd
Passive restraint> .. . ..... dri'/('r and paS>l'nget side, and
clIItain airl!ags: middle and rear curtain airbags
prite: S, $24,OCIO; S[ $27,950; S[ AW[), $29,900; SEL,
S3l,065: SEL AW[), $34,015
Vehide type: front-engine, front- or 4-whro-dri'/e; 5-door 5-
pilssenget wagon
Int('rior volume, F/M/R (cu ft) ..
Cargo SEats up/maximum (co ftl
Leo gth/l'.1(fth/heiljlt
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel-ta nk capacity/rarl9!' . .
.. ........... 51144
...... ... 24/56
1025 in
174.3/71.2/66.3 66.4 in
. ......... .39.4ft
. .3400-3650 Ib
. 18-19/24-26
16.8ga1/302 319mi
turbocharged and inten:ooled 2,Q-lit('r OOHC 16-valve inline-4, 200
hp, 1J7 lb-ft : 6-sp ma n, 6-sp auto with manumatiC sIl ift ing
F . .... ind, SlrutS, COi l anti- mil tla r
R . . .. ind, multilirt, COi l \!Xings, anti- roll tla r
flrak(1,f IR, vented o;..::/disc
ASS . Slartda rd
Stabdi ty/traclioo (ontrol . standard/Slanda rd
Passil' . .. dri'lf and side, and
(urtain airbags; rear side (opt) artd curtain airbags
Base price: $4l,24O; IDI S44.7W
Vehide type: from-engine, 4-wheel-oove: 5-door 5-passengl'f
Imerior volume, FIR (cu ft) ..
Cargo volume, seats up/maximum (co ft)
WneelbaSE ..
Leo gth/l'.1(fth/heiljlt
CUrb weight.
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel-ta nk capacity/rarl9!' . .
. .... .... 53/45
..... .... 31/71
. .... .. 112.4 in
, 187.lI7S.9/f}J ,Q in
. . ... ... .38,111
. .5100-5350 Ib
. 14 18/ 19 25
26.4ga1/370 47S mi
turbocharged and inlercooled lQ-li tl'r OO/\( 24-va ll'e diesel V-6,
221 hp. 407 Ib-ft; l6-Uter 001-{ 24-valve V-6, 280 hp, 265 lb-lI:
6-sp aUlo with manumat ic shift ing
ind, unequal- length (ootrol coB or
air anti-roll tla r
indo (oi l or air anti-roll tla r
Blakes, FIR, ,l'eIlted dWl'eIlted disc
ASS . Slartda rd
Stabni ty/tractloo (ontml standord/Slartda rd
Passive restraint> ....... dw and paS>l'nget side, and
curtain airtlags; rear curtain airbags
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Volvo joined the growing premium-small-utility game
with this nifty and attractive five-door. All-wheel drive is
standard, performance is brisk with a 281 -hp turbo six, and
there are, of course, plenty of safety features, including an
automatic braking system that operates at lower speeds.
Hi,hs: Attract il'f' inside and out,
sol id structure, high comfort
quotient, quiet operation, best-
in-class sofety features.
Lows: Not as sporty as some,
expen}ive with all options. gulps
plenty of fuel .
wbt's new: Introduced for 2010;
the base 32-lile( was a late add
Ifiind titwktll: Not as Quid
on its feet as a BMW X3 or an
Audi as, but the steering is
tactile, ride quality is comfy, and
the turbo six has of punch.
It's beginning to feel its age, but the XC90 is a decent
luxury soft-roader. The base engine is best avoided because
it struggles to move the heavy XC90; the V-8 sounds great
and offers much more performance. We li ke the neat
folding third row and the excellent seats.
Hi,hs: A ton of standard safety
equipment, outstanding seats,
powerfuIV-8, surprising agi lity.
Lows: Weakling base engine,less
refined than some of its rivals,
poor fuel economy.
Wilt's nrw: Introduced for 2003;
mi nor trim changes for 2010, and
theV-8 R-Oesign dies.
Bflind tbwhtll: It's quiet
and comfortable bul offers an
anodyne driving experience.
However,lheV-8 version sounds
good, and it rides well ,
Do a t horough walkaround, paying
attention to t hings like pJssenger
and cargo room and fit and finish,
Take stock of how well the primary
controls are laid out. Ergonomics
can make or break a good car,
As k to take the vehicle home
overnight to get comfortable with
it. see if it fits in your garage. and to
observe headlight performance and
interior illuminat ion.
Because certain options and
powertrains can greatly al ter the
feel of a vehicle. it's important to
drive the specific model and t rim
level you intend to purchase.
130 CAR.loxlORIVER,(om
Be sure to drive the vehicl e on
multiple road surfaces at varying
speeds. See if it has enough power
to merge with hi ghway traffic and
find a good place to safely test the
brake performance and feel.
Don't forget to check the cl imate-
control system and how effectively it
pumps out hot and cold ai r,
Drive your potential candidates
back to back on the same day.
Bring a CD or your iPod along to
check how good the stereo sounds,
along wi th how easy it is to control.
If the car has a nav system or other
gadgets. you'l l want to try those, too.
N,:100 2010
Base pri(e: 3.2, SB.l45; 3.2 AWD, $35.245;T6 AWD, $38,050
Vehide type: froot- engine, front- I)' 4-wheel-driV; 5-d(l(f 5-
passenger wagon
Interior I'Olume, FIR (cu It), 51 53/44 46
.., 31/67
182,2/74.4f67,4 in
.4OSQ-4250 Ib
185(j<l1/:!96----333 ml
GJ rgol'Olume, >eaB up/mal:imum (eu ft) ..
WheellJa >e, ,
Lengt h/Widthlh<ight
ClIIbweight , ,
EPA Citylhighway mpg
Fuel-tank capacity Irange
ll-Iner DOH( inline -6, 215 or 135 hp, 221 or 136 1t.-ft,
l\ubochargl'd and intercooll'd 3,O-li ter 0011C 24-va ll'l.' inlin e-6, 281
hp, 295 Ib-It; 6-sp au!O -Mlh manumatic shifting
F. . ,ioo, coH <,prings, ant i-rol l bar
. . ind, multilin k, cOil springs, antiroI l bar R
!\rakes, r IR. . . ...... veml'd disc/vented diS(
ABS standard
Stability/tracuoo cootrol .......... stlooardlslandard
restraints. . ,dri l'l' and paS\eIlger front side, and
(urtain airbags: rear curtain aimags
Base pn<e: 3.2. $38550: 3.2 R-Design, $40,350: 3.2 AWD,
$40.550; 3.2 AWD R-Design, S42.35O; V-8 AWD, $4ll,'XJ(l
type: front- engine. front- Cl4-wheel-dri Vl' ; 5-d(l(f 7-
p.ls>enger wagon
Interior I'OllIITle, F IM/R (cu ft) . .
Co rgol'Olume, (eu ft) . .
.. .55/44132
189.3/74.7/70.2 in
,465Q-SOOO lb
..... ..... 21.1 9011274- 317 mi
Length /Widthlhl'i ght
Tuming Cirde ..
Curb wl'ight . .
EPA cilylhighw.y mpg
Fuel -tank cdp.lcity/r.lIIge ,
12-li ter DOIK 24-v. lve inline-6, m hp, 236 1b--It; 4,4-liter DOHC
3l-Yall'e V-8, 3 t 1 hp, 325 lb-It; 6-sp au!O with m.numatiC shifting
. ioo, coa <,prings, ant i-rol l bar
,ind, multilin k, springs, anti-rol l bar
!\rakes, r IR. . . ...... vented disc/vented disc
ABS standard
Stability/tracuoo cootrol .......... stlooardlstlndard
p.,JjV rest raints. ,dri l'el and pa\\ellger fronl, \ide, and
curtain airbaqs; middle and rear curtain aimag,
Try parking the vehicle, Are there
large blind spots? Is t here an optional
pJrking camera or sensor system?
Listen to sound levels for excessive
droning or wind noise. Drive with
the wi ndows open and closed.
The salesperson knows to pounce
when you ret urn from a test drive,
when the new-car smell is stil l fresh
in your nose. But don't be swayed
into returning to his or her desk.
Instead, see what t he rest of the
dealership is li ke, including the parts
and service areas, Check the prices
for basic services. At t his time, you
also should review your prospective
vehicle's maintenance schedule.
Fi nd mor e magazi nes at www. magazi nesdownl oad. com
interior volume
EPA fuel t.nk, front/r r ,nt.
basepri.e dtythwy mpg gallons cubic leel
(adillat Es<alade EXT 562,370- 569,950 11119 310 64/56
Chevrolet Avalanche $36,675- $49,815 14120 31.5 64/59
Chevrolet Silverado $21,845- $42,770 12- 15/19- 22 26.0--34.0 64- 65/60
Chevrolet Silverado HO 528,460-544,915
26.0--l4.0 64- 65/51- 60
Dodge Ram 1500 521,510- $43,550 13- 14/18- 20 26.0--32.0 63- 64/52- 61
Dodge Ram 250013S00 $28,165- $51,595
34.0--35.0 63- 64/0- 69
Ford F1S0ISVT Raptor Sll,355- 546,495 13- \5/17- 21' 26.0-36.0 65/51- 67
Ford F2S0/F3S0/F-.4S0 526,275-)63,785
30.5- 38.0 67/48- 68
IiMC Skorra $21,845- $47,430 12- 15/19- 22 26.0-Y\.0 64- 65/60
IiMC Sierra HD 528,460- 545,330
26.0-34.0 64- 65/51- 60
Hummer H2 SUT 562,500' NA 32.0 64/59
Nissan Titan m,l1o-S39,920 11- 13117- 18 28.0-37.0 65/48- 61
Toyota Tundra $24,105- $40,570 13- 15117- 20 26.4 66/51- 65
Dodge Dakota m,49S- m,nO 14-15/18- 20 22.0 55- 56/39- 47
Ford bplorer Sport Tra( 518,615- 539,335 13- 15119- 21 22.5 58148
Honda Ridgetine $29,160- $35,140 15/20 22.0 57- 60/51
HummtrH3T $31,500--$37,000' 13- 14/16- 18 26.9 53- S4/40- 42
Nissan frontier 518,340- 530,610 14- 19119- 21 11.1 57/31- 44
Suzuki Equator $17,995- $31,375 15- 20119- 21 21.1 57137-44
Toyota Ta<oma $15,970- $27,875 14- 20/18- 26 21.0 55- 56133- 43
Chevrolet Colorado $17,765- $28,175 14-18/19- 25 19.6 57- 58/29- 44
Ford Ranger $18,160- $26,290 14- 19/18- 24 17.1HM 52/11
IiMCCanyon $17,765- $30,615 14- 18/19- 25 19.6 57- 58129- 44
39.7- 51.2
45.3- 55.1
39.3- 45.5
45.1- 591
4\.1- 523
46.1- 58.5
39.7- 51.2
45.3- 55.1
43.3- 43.6
205.6- 249.2179.9/
224.7- 158.7/80.0--95.9/
lO9.0--231.0n9.4/74.4- 7S.7
73.3- 783
213.1 - 250.3/78.9- 86.3171.5- 78.4
205.6- 249.2179.9/
224.7- 258.7/80.0-95.91
2015/81.21785- 79.2
224.6-144.li79.SI74.4- 76.7
209.8- 247.6179.9/
218 5/71.7 - 7 6.4/68.6-68.7
207.0{77 1.170.3-71.2
105.5- 219.4/71.8/68.7- 70. 1
206.6-220.1171.8/68.7- 70. 1
190.4-221.3/71.2- 74.6/
65.2- 70.1
66.2- 67.7
5600- 5750
mO- 7400
4750- 5850
5000- 5650
4600- 5700
4300- 4850
4700- 4950
4550- 4600
3700- 4650
3700- 4550
3400- 4250
3050- 3700
CARandORIVER.com 131
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Cadillac Escalade EXT
The EXT is Cadillac's versi on of the Chevy Avalanche
pickup, which means it has the fold-down Midgate that can
extend the cargo bed into the passenger compartment. The
Caddy tows less than the Chevy and doesn't have as much
passenger space as an Escalade SUV. We don't get it.
Chevrolet Avalanche
A blend of full- size pickup and SUV, the Avalanche
delivers exceptional versatility. Unique to GM, the
innovative Midgate feature provides a pass-through
between the rear cabin and the short cargo box, increasing
capacity. It 's a civi li zed ride that's not afraid of hard work.
Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon
These identical corporate cousins were also-rans tn
a comparison test, but they're capable and competent,
offering a wide variety of body styles, load rdtings, and
powertrain choices. A 5.3-liter V-8 engine option lends
urgency, and there's a new high-mi leage edition for 2010.
132 CAR.loxlDRJVER.(om
Hi'j'hs: Pickup-truck bed with
Midgate. powerfuIV-8, posh
interior, is fiashier and
bener than its predecessor.
Lows: Heavy, hard to maneuver,
horrendous gas mi leage, a
Cadillac pickup truck?
Whit'S new: Redesigned for 2006;
2010 changes include cylinder
deactivat ion and standard side
airbags in from.
ifmd lie wh.ed: Quiet and
composed al speed but fee ls la rge
and heavy around town.
Hi,hs: Adaptable to
tasb, respectable towing. quiet
operation, attractive interior
treatment, lots of features.
Lows: A litt le snug in bad, tepid
accelerat ion, size makes for
marginal maneuverability.
Will's new: Redes igned for 2007;
USB audio inputs added and the
6.0-liter V-8 dropped for 2010,
Bf.ind tbwkttl: Smooth
ride qua lity, decent steering
and brake-pedal feel, but its
responses are ponderous.
Hi,hs: Affordable pricing, snappy
credentials, V-8 engine opt ion.
Lows: Perhaps the cheapest
interior around, flimsy front seats,
cramped rear seat in extended-
cab models, thrashy base engine.
Wiat'sJlew: Introduced for 2004;
XFE model ra ises mileage ratings,
V-8 gets variable valve timing.
If.ind tb Chassis flex
and numb steering limit handling
responses. Standard four-cylinder
engine kills 0-10-60 time and fun.
Base pri(e: S61,370; Luxury, $67,560; Premium, $69,950
Vehide type: front-engine, 4-lI1leel-drive; 5-door 5-p.1SSengtf
Intenor I'Ol ume, FIR (cu It),
Ca rgo OO;! lengthlwidth/dl'pth
WhffllJa >e ..
Length/Widthlh<i ght
ClIIbweight ..
EPA Citylhighway mpg
Fuel-tank capocity /range
... 64/56
. ...... 6050 Ib
... 12/19
6.2-liter pusllrGd 16-valve V-8, 403 hp, 41 7 Ib-It; 6-sp auto with
manumatk shilting
F . ind, unl'qIJaI-l ength control cod anti-rol l bar
R Ji gid axle. coft bar
!\rak6, r /R. . vented diS<'/disc
ABS standard
Stability/tracuoo .......... stardard/standard
JeStraintl. . .. ,driver and iJ<l11eflger
and (urtain aiJbags: rear curta in aimagl
Base prire: LS, $36,675: lS 4wd, $39,725: LT, $39,780; IT 4wd,
$42,830; LIZ, $46,765; LI Z 4wd, $49,81 5
Vehide type: lTont-engirle, rrar- IX rrar/4-wheel-mve; 5-door
5- 6-plllenger truck
Interior I'Olume, FIR {cu It).
Ca rgo OO;! length/width/depth
WhffllJase .
. .. 64/59
........ . 63.3-98,2/50,0/25,0 in
.. AlOft
,5600-5750 Ib
... 14/20
Length /Widthlhl'i ght
Tuming Cirde.
Curb wl'ight .
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel -tank cdpocity/Jilnge ,
5.3-li ter pushrGd 16-valve V-8, 310 hp, 335 Ib-It: 6-sp auto with
manumatic shift ing
F, . ind, control coa anti -rol l bar
R ligid springs, anti -rol l bar
!\rakes, r /R. . . ...... vented disc/vented disc
ABS st.3ndard
Stilbility/tracuoo .......... stardard/standard
PasJjV rest ra ints. dri ver and possenger front and curtain
airbags, rear curta in airoags
Base prlte: $17,765-$28,175; Canyon, $17,765-
Vehide type: from-engine; rear- IX rear/4-wheel-drrve; 2-, 2+2,
IX 4-door 2-6-passenger truck
Intenor I'Olume, FIR (cu It),
Ca rgo OO;! Imgthlwidth/depth
'MleeIbilse ..
57 58/29 44
61.1-72.8/572/18.6 in
19}, 4- 207.1/67 ,6- 68,6/64,9- 67 ,9 in
.3400-4250 Ib
14 18/19 25
19.6/274-353 ml
Length /Widthlhl'i gh t
lurn in g cirde
Curb weight .
EPA mpg
Fuel-tank cawily Irange
2.9-liter DOlI( 16-valve inline-4, 185 hp, 190 Ib-ft; 3.7-l iter 0011(
2O-val l' inhnr-5, 242 hp, 241Ib-It; 5.3-liter P'Jshrod 16-valve V-8,
300 hp, 320 Ib-ft : 5-sp ma n, 4-sp auto
F . ind; uoo:Jual-lmgth control atllls; rwd COIl spri ngs,
4wd: Torsion bars, ant i-rol l bill
............... .rigid aile, leaf splings
!\rakesJ/R.. . ......... ,\'Ilteddisc/lium
ABS.. standard
Stabilily/tractioo cootrol .......... stardardlstandard
II'straints. . ..... oover and passenger lTo nt and
cumin airbags, rear curtain aimags
Fi nd mor e magazi nes at www. magazi nesdownl oad. com
Chevrolet SilveradolGMC Sierra
OM's full- size pickup trucks together outsell the Ford
F-seri es, and they continue to be a class act in thi s hi ghly
competitive arena. Although they've been upstaged by
newer trucks from Dodge and Ford, they still offer an
outstanding engine choice and features galore.
Chevrolet Silverado HDI
GMC Sierra HD
OM's heavy haulers resemble their half-ton counterparts
but have sturdier underpinnings and a bigger work ethic.
Gross combined weight ratings range up to 18,500 pounds
on gas V-S models, and lowing capabiliti es lOp out at 13,000
pounds. Engine and body-style choi ces are numerous,
Dodge Dakota
The Dakota is one of the more aggressi ve compact
pickups, with unique looks and a tow rating of up to 7250
pounds. Extended-cab and four-door crew-cab body styles
are available, as is a 4.7-liter V-So Ride and handling are
improved for 2010 with new shocks and springs.
Hi,hs: Best-in-dass range of
engines, respectable interiors,
huge range of models and
features, solid lOwi ng,
Lows: Four-speM auto, chassis
rigidity trails newer trucks'.
Wh,t'sJlew: Redesigned for 2007;
cam phasing and E85 capability
for gas V-8s, standard curtain and
side airbags on all models,
Belriad li ewieel: Not as agile as
the Dodge Ram but competent
and smooth on all surfaces, with
good steering and brake feel.
Hi,hs: Excellent range of engine
options, luxury interior options
wi th Bose stereo, huge payload
and towing capabi lities,
Lows: Little visual distinction
from half-ton models, big-job
appet ite includes appetite for fuel.
whifsJleW: Introduced for 2007;
changes for 2010 limited to new
colors and USB inputs.
Belriad li n i !el: Though they
dri ve big. GM's HD trucks are
surprisingly smooth and quiet
and make chil d's play of lowing.
Hi,hs: Spry workhorse, greatV-8
exhaust note, towi ng capacity.
Lows: High curb weight saps the
V-S's power, poor fuel economy,
lots of hard plastic inside.
Wh, t'suw: Redesigned for 2005;
revised shock> and springs and
three exterior colo15 are new for
the 2010 model year.
Belriad li e wieel: The Dakota
was impressive through our
lane-change test, but its braking
performance was n01.1t
not a truck,
BaSI! prlel!: Silverado 1500, 1500,
$21,845- $43, 270; Sierra Dffiali, $44,280-$47,430
Vehide type: trom' e!1,lint: rear , rearl4, IX 4wheti driVe:
2, 2+2, or 4(\00( 2---6passenger IroO:.
FIR (cu hi. 64-651f:1
f:f) o3- 97.7ISO.6121.0
.. 119,1)- 157.5
(argo i)ed lenqthl"';dthldepth.
'Mu.'tlba>e .
Le!1,lthlwidthlhl'il,ilr .205.6-249 ,2179,91716- 719
. 39,l-5Uft
TumirlCJ eirde .
Cu rb\\tight .....
EPA eit)' lhil,ilway mpg
Fuel ..
. 26,1)-34.09<lt1312-476 mi
4Jhter pushrod V6, 195 hp, 2W Iblt; 4,8-li ter pushroo
V-g, 302 hp, 305 Ib h: 503 liter pushroo 16v. I'II.' Vg, 315
hp, 335 1blt; 6,2-li ter pushroo 16valve V8, 403 hp, 417 Ib lt; 4sp
auto. 6'\1> auto with manumatlC shift wg
F. illd, uneq uallength ((II1troi arms, cOil springs, Nt
R rioJid axle, leaf
.. .. . .. ... ,vented diIC!disc or tum
ASS. Slanda rd
Sta bility/traction control . . . optior\:lt/optional
P.r;'ii\'e restraints, ..... .. driver and passenger front and
curtlin atrWgs, rear curtain aimago;
Base pri,,: 2500, $28,4W-S44,400; 3500, 528,680-
544,91 S/Sierra 2500, $28,460-$44,900; 3500, $28,680-$45,330
Vehidl! type: tro nt-l"Il9lne: rear-or rearl4-whetl -otive; 2-, 2+ 2,
or 4-dOOY 2---6'p<lseoget truck
Interi(H" \Illume, FIR (cu h) ,
CarlJQ i)ed Il'tlgth/widthfileprh.
WhecllJase .
leogth lwidth lheight ..
.... 64---65/51--flO
781-97.6150.6/210 in
1330-167.0 in
. 224.7-258.7/80,1)-95.9n6.o-77.1 in
45.3-55,1 ft
5350-7400 Ib
26.0 34.0ga11NA
Turning eirde
Curb weight
EPA cityfhighway mpg .
Fuel-tank capadt)'/range
HI- liter pushrod 16-valve Va. 322 or 3W hp, 330 Ib-fl; turbo-
charged and intl'fcoolt'd 6.6- liler p!Jstvod 32,val 'lt' oiesl'i Vg, 365
hp, 660 Ib-h; 6-sp Juto
F. . ind, unequal-l ength control anm, tOl)ioo ba rs, anti-roll bJ r
R ri gcd .3x1 e, leaf springs
flrakes,f IR, ,ventro dWvenled disc
ASS. Slanda rd
Sta bdi ty/traGroo coolrol .... ..... not ilYailable/not available
PasSive restraints , . .... dri ver and paSSEnger front aimago;
BaSI! pri{l!: ool'ndedcab, $23,495 $24,69O; croo cab, $26,045
$30,920; etletlded ca b 4wd, $28,080-$28,940; crew cab 4wd,
Vehide type: from- l'n9ine, rea r C( rea r/4-wheel- drive; 2+2 or
4-door 4 6- passenger truck
Iml"fi O! 'IOIume, FIR (cu ft) ..
(argo bed length/widt h/depth ..
Wneelb.J"it' .
. ..... 55-56139-47
64.9-78.8159.6/17,6 in
1313 in
........ 218.5171.7 76.4168.6- 58.7 in
............. 44,OIt
. ..... 431Xl-4S50 Ib
14-15/1 8-10
Turning Circl e
(umweight. ....
EPA cityfhigliway ntM
fuel-tl nk capacitylr.3 1l1JC
n Ogoll308-330 mi
17-liter SOIl( 12-valve V-6, 210 hp. m Ibft; V- li te r SOil 16-
vall'e V-ll, 302 hp, 319lb-ft; 6-sp man, 4- or 5sp auto
F ind, urtequ.J I-leogth cC(lIroi a!lllS, coi l anti roll oo r
R .rigi d axJ e, leaf springs
flrakes,fIR, ,YeIl ted di:.c/itum
ASS. .rear standard, 4-wheel optional
Sr.3 bni ty/rractlon wnt rol not available/not avail.lble
Passive restraifllS. . . .. dri'll.'( and ]l<lS1ffigt'f front and curtl in
(opt) aimags, rNr curtain (o pt) aimago;
CARandORIVER.com 133
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Dodge Ram 1500
Al though you might think that its coil-sprung rear axle
impart s commendable ride and handling at the expense
of burliness, the Ram maintains great cargo and towing
abilit ies. Three engine, cab, and bed choices are available,
and the Ram's styli ng remai ns brash and unmistakable.
Dodge Ram 2500/3500 HD
Redes igned to match the latest Ram 1500, heavy-duty
Rams now have more luxurious interiors, along with the
ability to carry up 10 511 0 pounds and tow up to 18,500. A
383-hp Hemi V-8 complements the burl y Cummins di esel,
and the Power Wagon returns for off- road enthusiasts.
Ford Explorer Sport Trac
The Sport Trac is an Explorer SUV that substitutes an
abbreviated pickUp bed for the normal cargo area. The bed
is just over four feet long, which limits ut ilit y, but it does
have a waterti ght, lockable tonneau. All-wheel drive is
avail able, and the V-8 yields strong lowing credentials.
134 CAR.loxlDRJVER,(om
Hi'Jhs: Nicecabin, in-bed storage
boxes, DowerfuIV-8, ride-:; well
Lows: Fuel economy up to 20
percent better than previous
truc k's but sti ll not great
Wiat's nN: Redes igned fOf 2009;
2010 Rams see more efficient
engine tuning and further interior
refinements. The max tow rating
grows to 10,450 pounds, too.
Bekind litwhtel: A
nice-riding and controllable
workhorse. The gutsy HemiV-8
sounds fantast ic.
Hi,hs: Improved interior, new
crew-cab configuration, powerful
engines, immensely capable.
Lows: Workhorse abil ities don't
always equal livability,
Wbt's new: Redes igned for 2010.
aekind Ib whtd: 201 0 heavy-
duty Rams incorporate many of
the latest Ram lSOO's
but the HDs have a stronger,
leaf-sprung rear axle the
half-ton's COil -Wrung rear. A
turbo-diesel and a Hemi V-Sare
the only engines offere<!,
Hi,hs: list of standard
safety features, quiet operation,
numerous clever storage fealures,
lockable cargo-bed
Lows: Long stopping distances,
chassis flex, lepid J) rformance
with V-6, tends to be thirsty,
wbt's ntw: Redesigned for 2007;
new voice-activate\! nav option,
trailer-sway control standard,
aekind Ibwhtd: Deliberate
responses and modest V-f; power
limtt factor to near
zero. Opt ional V-S nxommended.
... Winner
Base price: regular Glb, $21,51(H26,605: regular Gl b 4WO,
$15,965-)30)55; Quad !:db. $15565-$37.780; O\Jad !:db 4WO,
$29,975-$41,395; (Jf'W cab, $29,410-$39,935; CrlW cab 4WO,
Vehide type: lTont-engill; rear-, rear/4-...meel, C( 4-wheel-
(five: 2- C( 4-door 2- 6-passenger tlUd;
Interior I'OllJIIl e, F fA (eu It) 63--{i4/52--{; 1
ca rgo bed length/width/depth .... 67.4-983166.4/20.0-20.2 in
Wheelb.J se ..... .. . 120.5-140.5 in
Length/Widthlhf>ight .209,0-231.0179.4174,4-75 .7 in
Tuming mle . ... . . 39J 45,5 It
CUrb weight ....... .4750-5850 1b
EPAdtyfhighwaympg 13 14/18 20
Fuel-tank capacity/range 26.0--31.0 (j<l1/H8- 448 ml
17-li ter SOHC 21 5 hp. 135 Ib-It; U-I lter SOHC 16-
V-8, 310 hp. 330 Ib-It; 5.7- li ter pushrGd V-8, 390 hp.
407Ib-It; 4- or 5-sp auto With manumatic shiltlng
F, . ioo, uneqlJal- length co ntrol cod anti -roH bar
R ........... ngid axle, anti-roll b.Jr
Brakes, FIR ..
AB$, .
Slabilit y/tractiOil cOiltroi
Passive JeSJ:ra ints.
vented disc/disc
...... .... staooardlstandard
.oover and passenger front and
curta in ai!bags, rear curta in aimags
Base price: 2500, $28,165-$44,100; 3500, $35.630-$51,595;
PowerW.J90 n, $45,780
type: froot- ertl ine, rear- or re.3r/4-...meel-dJi ve; 2- or 4-
0001 2----6- passenger trL(
Interior I'OllJIIl e, FIR (cu It), ,63- 64/0-69
(orga bed, length/widthJdepth 674-96J/664/l{) 0-lQ 2 in
Wheel base.. ,1 40.0-169,4in
Lffi gth/wldthihf>ight . 231.0-2S9A178,9-79,1!73.H8Jin
cirde 45.t-49.2 It
Curb weight. . . . . . . ,S800-7950 Ib
[PA Cityihighwaympg ......... NA
Fuel-tank capacity/range 34.0-35.0 gallNA
5.7 -liter pushrod V8, 383 hp. 400 Ib-It; tu rbocharl" ' M
intercooled 6.7-lrter piJshrod 24-vatlle inline-6 di M, 350 p, 650
Ib-ft; 6-sp man, 5- or 6-sp a\lto with manumatiC shift ing
F . rwd: ind, unequal-length rontrol arms; 4wd: axle;
cod sprill9s. anti-roll bar
R .rigd axle, leaf sp rings
Brakes, r/R ..
Stability/traction cormol
p.,JjV rest raints.
vented diSddisc
.... not ava il able
.00ver and passenger ITom and
curtain ai!bags, rear curtain aimags
Base price: XLI $28,625; XL! 4WO, $31, 150; Umlled, SB,480;
V-S, $34)90; limited 4WO. $36.005; limited V-8 4WO.
$37,315; Umited V-S AWD. $39,335
Vehidt type: front-engine; reor-, rear/4-, C( 4-wheel-dJi V; 4-
OOC( 5-passenger truck
Interior I'OllJIIle, FIR (cu It) ..
ca rgo bed length/Width/depth
Wheelb.Jse .
Length twidthfhei gh t
Tuming Cirde.

Fuel-tank capacity/range
. .. 58/48
,49,6/6t ,4/2t ,2 in
130.5 in
,210,2/73.7/7l ,5in
. .. 36,81t
,4700-4950 Ib
lL5(j<l1/293-338 ml
4.G-liter SOIl( 210 hp. 254Ib-It; 4.6-liter SOIl( 24-
V-B, 291 hp, 315 Ib-ft; 5- or 6-sp auto
F, . ioo, uneqlJal- length co ntrol coD spri ngs. anti -rol l bar
R . ioo, unequal- length control amls. sprill9s. antiroIl bar
Brakes. FIR.. vented diSc/disc
ABS standard
Stability/tractioo c()lltrol stl ooard/stlnriard
reltraints . . ,driver and passenger froot side, and
(urtain aimags: rear curta in aimags
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Ford F-1 SO/SVT Raptor
Extensively reworked for 2009, Ford' s ever-popular
pickup is unchanged for 2010, save for the addition of the
F-JSO SVT Raptor. Tuned for high-speed off-road use, the
Raptor features long-travel suspension. In the middle of
2010, a 41 l -hp 6.2-1iter will be optional on the RaptaL
Ford F-2S0/F-3S0/F-4S0
These are Ford' s big-job trucks, with lots of choices
for heavy-duty hauling and/or towing. The foundations are
massive, and ride quality is surprisingly supple. Interior
treatments range from spartan to luxurious, but these big
boys aren't an appropriate choice for everyday casual use.
Ford Ranger
The smallest Ford pickup continues to hold its share of
the mid-size-pickup market, thanks to bargain pricing and
decent fuel economy. Power and load-carrying capabilities
are modest, but it is affordable and lough. The four-banger
is thrifty, but we recommend the V-6.
Hi,hs: Long list of models
and features. classy interior,
outstanding chassis, Raplor eats
off-road obstacles for lunch.
Lows: Heavier than some of its
competitors, can be thi rsty, could
use more mU5(le.
whit'sleW: Redesigned for 2009;
SVT Raptor added for 2010.
lelriad li ewi ffJ: With one
of the toughest frames in the
business, the F-1SO is smooth
and quiet on-road or off Modest
power di lutes driving experience.
Hi'fhs: Rugged underpinnings;
Slrong powertrains, including
muscular turbo-dieseIV-8; solid
worK ethic and fi t and finish.
Lows: Big, thirsty, and ponderous;
not designed as grocery runners.
WhIt'SUW: Redesigned for 2008;
factory spray-on bed liner and
newCabela's trim opt ions,
.elriad li ewi eeJ: With curb
weights starting north of three
tom, progress is deliberate. But
ride quality is smooth, and the
diesel tows spectacularly.
Hi'fhs: Attractive priCing versus
the competition, good-looking
trim packages,low cost of
ownership, dlXent four-cyli nder
fuel economy.
Lows: Underpowered, not much
passenger space, no crew-cab
option, date<! architecture.
What'snw: Re<!esigned for 1001;
the Ranger's cousin,lhe Mazda
B-series is dead for 2010.
lelriad lini!!): A rubbery
chassis and tepid engines make it
strictly a ut ility appl iance.
",:''' Z010
BaSI! pri(t!' ; XL S22JSS- SH,850; STX. SlSJeo- S31, 125; XlT,
S26SSQ-S35,775; FX2, S31,855- S534,515; LariaL 534, 180-
539,985: FX4, $J6,1)65-538,725: m Raptor, $38,995; King
541,175- 544,620; Pl atinum, $43,05O-S4M95
Vehide type: from-engine: re3r- or 2-,
2+2 ,or 4-dOOf 3-6p.lI\erlgtrtrud
mterionolume, FIR (w Itl. .. 65151-67
67 ()-97 A/50.0/22A in
213.1- 250.3178,9-86.3171 .5- 78.4
41.7-51.3 ft
47$()- 58)() lb
13-1511 7- 21 (e;t)
26.{)-}6.0gaI133&-540 mi (e;t)
Cargo bed lffi9\ hmdthldepth.
Whl'tlba\e .
l.ength/width/he;rjl1 .
Tuming elrde
Curb weight .. .. .

4.6-liter )(JlC 16-valveV-8, 248 hp, 194 1b-It; 4.6-liter)()HC
V-8, 192 hp, 320 Ib--It; 54--1rter SOHC 24-valvt V-8, 310 hp, 365 Ib-It:
6,2--liter S!Ji( 16-valve v-a. 411 hp. 434Ib-It: 4- or 6-<.p auTO
F. ind, unequal-length control arml, coil5prings, anti-roll ba r
R . . .. ril,l id axle, leaf springs
IR , dWvented disc
ASS. lIandard
Stability/tracnon control . Itaodard/llandard
Passive restraint> . . ..... dri'l f"l and paS>I'Ilgel frOOL side, and
curtain airbags: r/'ilr curtain aimago;
Bue prite: F-250, $26,275-$58,445; F-35O, $26,995- $59,095:
F-450, 545, 11O-S63.785
Vehide type: from-engi ne, rear- otrear/4-whel'i -dri'/e; 2-, 1+2,
or 4-door 2-6-pollffi9e1 truck
Imelior 'iOIu me, FIR (co ft).. . .... 67148- 68
(.]rgo bed, length/width/depth .81.8-9Il.O/5O.9/20.0-1O.1 in
WheelbaSl'.. . .... t37.{)-172,4 in
Lffigthlv.idt hlhei!jtt .... 227.0-262.4/79.9-95.7175.9-81.0 in
lu rningcirde 46.1- 58.51t
Cu m weight. .. .. . .. .... 5300-8600 Ib
EPA (ityihighway mpg . .. ............ .. NA
fuel-tank c.3par:iry/ra nge . 305-38.0 ga l/NA
5.4-liter SOI l V-8, 300 hp, 365 Ib-It; tv.in-turbochilrged
and irltelcooled 6A-liter pulhrod 32-va1ve dieICl V-8. 325 or 350 hp,
600 or 650 Ib-ft; 6,S-ll ter SOHC V-tO, 362 hp. 457Ib-ft;
6-sp man, 5-sp auto
r.. rwd: ind, uneqoJJI-length (ootrd .rm" cOi l
antiroll bar; 4wd: ri gid axle, leaf IIXings, anri- roll ba r
rigid axle, leaf S]Xings. anti-ro ll ba r
BrakE'l, fiR disc/lrnted disc
ABS.. .. .. lIandard
control . nOl cl'Iailabiefopliooal
Passil' resTraint> , .... driver and POSlengtf front aimJgs
Base prite: $18, 160 $1 9,855;XLT. $19.300- mOlo:
Sport, $22,645-$26,290
Vehide type: front -engine, rear- or rearf4-lITlffl -drive; 2- or
. ..... ... 52/1 1
1+2-00013 5-pill>I'Ilgel truck
Imerior 'iOIume, FIR (co ft) ..
Ca!go bed lengthfwidth/depth ..
WheelbaSl' ..
Ll'flljlhiWldth/hei!jtt .
Tu rningcirde
72}-84.614O.5116.5 in
189 4-lQ3.6I69J - 71J/66.l-671 in
... 37.7 HOlt
..... .305{)-3700 lb
.. ... 14-19118-24
17.0- 2O.0 gal /173-380 mi
Cu m weight.
EPA (ityihighway mpg .
fuel-tank c.3par:iry/ra nge .
B-liter 0011( 16-valve inli ne -4, 143 hp, 154 Ib-ft: 4.0-liter SOIIC
12-valve V-6,107 hp. 238Ib-ft: 5-sp man, 5-<.p auto
F. ind: UfIeQua l-Il'flljlh comrol arms: rwd: cOi l springs,
4wd: troJan ba rl: anti- roll ba r
. ri gid leaf spri ngs. anti- ro ll ba r (4wd only)
Brakes, fiR disclrhim
ASS. lIartdard
StabilityftractiOO control . . standardfllaoda rd
Passive !t'Straints. . drivf"l and palS/"fIger f100t and Side airbags
CARandORI VERcom 135
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Honda Ridgeline
Based on the Pil ot crossover, the Ridgeline expands the
mid-size-pickup playbook with unibody construction and
a nifty waterproof, lockable trunk in its shorty cargo bed.
Towing is modest by class standards, but the Ridgeline's
versatility and rugged construction are tough to top.
Hummer H2 SUT
The SUT is the beefcake 1-1 2 with a back porch, in this
case a short, 34.7-inch cargo box that expands to 72.8
inches by opening the Midgate hatch at the rear of the cab
and f1 ipping the rear seatbacks fl at. Like the H2 SUV, it's a
bi ll y goat off-road, a fue l-guzzling leviathan on.
The second pickup from Hummer, the sma Her H3T is
far more prdctical than the gargantuan 1-1 2 SUT. The bed is
longer than the 1-12 SUT' s, but it's still significantly short er
than those of most other trucks on the market. The H3T
excels in the boonies but rides roughly on the blacktop.
136 CAR.loxlDRtVER.(om
Hi,hs: Smooth operator on
all surfaces,lWmy interior,
clever storage oox in cargo bed,
outstanding safety credentials.
Lows: Styling sti ll polarizes its
intended audience. pricey in
a segment awash with cheap
Wiat'sntw: Introduced for 2006;
unchanged for 2010.
Btkind lit whttl: Exemplary ride
and handl ing by mid-size-pickup
standards, capable
when the pavement ends.
Hi,hs: Able to haul small
quant ities of gravel and sod to the
furthest reaches of the Outback.
Lows: Bed is too smal l for a
practical pickup, cramped cabin,
sucks fuel, a mighty answer to a
question nobrxly dared ask.
Will's new: Introduced for 2005;
2009 saw a hiatus as GM slOpped
product ion. It is set to resume in
2010 under newownership,
Btkind titwhtd: langUid
handling. but its 393-hpV-8 at
least makes it quick for its size,
Hi,hs: A bigger pickup box than
on the H2 SUT, optionalV-8
makes it less slow.
Lows: Not fuel efficient with
either engine, V-8 hamstrung by
archaic four-speerl auto. extra
length adds over 200 pounds,
wbt's new: Introduced for 2009;
V-8 gains variable valve timing
and E85 flex-fuel capabi lity.
Btkind titwhtel: Extra il1{hes
in the wheelbase calm the ride
somewhat at speed, but it's sti(]
out of place on pavement.
Base pri(e: RI, S29, l60; RTS, $32,265; RTL, $35, 140
Vehide type: front-engine, 4-lI1leel-drive; 4-door 5-p.1SSengtf
Intenor I'Olume, FIR (cu It),
Ca rgo OO;! lengthlwidth/dl'pth
WhffllJa >e ..
Length/Widthlh<i ght
ClIIbweight ..
EPA Citylhighway mpg
Fuel-tank capocity /range
57- 60/51
........ 60,0/49.5/16,0 11,5in
.. m.Oin
....... 207,0177.8170.1-71.2in
.4550-4600 Ib
... 15/20
ll.O(}lI/330 ml
l5-1iter SOIl( 24-valve V-6. 250 hp, 247 lb-It; 5-sp auto
,ind, springs, cl nti-roIl bar
ind, multilink, cod springs, ant i-roll bar
!\rak6, r IR. . vented diS<'/disc
ABS standard
Stability/tracuoo coonol ..... ..... stlndard/standard
restraintl. . ,dri ver and polseoger froot lide, and
(urtain airbags: rear curtain aimagl
Base prite: $62,500 (est)
type: front- engine, 5-door 5-posseogl'l
Interior I'OllIIIle, FIR (cu It) ,
Ca rgo OO;! length/width/depth ..
Length /Width/hl'i gh t
Tuming cirde.
ClIIbweight ..
EPA cilylhighwcly mpg
fuel-tclok Glpocily/range ,
... 64/59
203.5/81 .1f78.5-79.2 in
. . .43.3 It
. .... 6650 Ib
...... NA
.32,0 gclliNA
6.1-liter pulhrod 16-valve V-8, 393 hp, 415 Ib-It; 6-sp auto wuh
IlldfWJllldti( shift ing
F, ind, unequol-Iength cootrol arms, bars, anti -rol l bar
R ,rtgid axle, coil or air spri ngs, anti -rol l bar
!\rakes, r IR. . . ...... vented disc/I'etlted disc
ABS st"ndard
Stilbi lity/tracuoo coonol ..... ..... stlndard/stlndard
PclSJjV restraints. driver clod possenger front clnd Clll1ain
airbags, recl r curtain clirbags
Base prite: S31,500 (est); Alpha, S37,!XXl (5t)
Vehide type: front-engine. 4-l'Aleet-drive; 4-door 5-possengtf
Interior FIR (eu It). 53-54/40-41
Ca rgo OO;!,length/widthidepth ,59.3/44,1/19,4 in
Whl'f'iIJa>e.. . B4J in
Length/Widthlh<i ght ,111.7 174} /72.1 in
.43.6 1t
Curbweiqht .495()-5100 lb
Fuel-tankc<lpacity/range , ............... 26.9g.a1/350-377 mi
17 -litl'l DOH( 2O-vcllve inline-5, 239 hp. 14t lb-ft; 5J-liter plllhrod
16-vallll.' V-8, 300 hp, 320 Ib-It; 5-W man, 4-IP auto
F ind, unequol-Iength cootrQl arms, bars, ant i-rol l bar
R ri gid springs, ant i-roll bar
!\rakes, FIR.. vented diSddisc
ABS st"ndard
Stabi lity/trclCtioo control stlooard/standard
restraints. driver and p.llsengl'l front and ClIItl in
airbags, rear curtain aimagl
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Nissan Frontier
One of our favorite mid-size pickups, the Frontier is a
solid body-an-frame truck that offers a powerful V-6, has
handsome styli ng, and is actually fun to drive. Base four-
cylinder models trade power for fuel economy. It's also sold
as the Suzuki Equator, which offers a longer warranty.
Nissan Titan
Nissan's first fu ll -s ize pickup changes little for 20 I 0, its
sixth year of production. Newer entries from the four other
big players in this segment render it long it in the toot h.
Still , the Ti tan's strong V-8 keeps it in the performance
game, and the chass is is rock steady,
Suzuki Equator
To beef up its showroom offerings, Suzuki turned to
Nissan to supply a rebadged Frontier. The Equator shares
cab configurations, bed di mensions, and powetlrains with
that Nissan. The Equator has different interior tri m and a
Suzuki-designed face, but that's about it.
Hi,hs: A sol id. tradit ional pickup
in a smart size; excellentV-6;
refined; good handling.
Lows: Four-door is short on bed
size and interior room, optional
roof rack whistles aoove 40 mph.
is shon on power.
whit'sleW: Redesigned for 2005;
unchanged for 2010.
lelriad liewiffJ: React ive
steering, a firm chassis. and a
solid fee l give the Frontier a fun -
la-drive feel. Shockingly refined
for a pickup, and the V-6 is qUid.
Hi'fhs: Competitive load ratings,
thumpyV-S, roomy rear seats,
attractive pricing.
lows: Interior is outdated and
cheapish compared with the
competit ion, excessively truckish
ride, noV-6 option, a fuel guzzler.
whifsJleW: Introduced for 2004;
Value Truck pack is new for 2010.
.elriad linieeJ: A player when
new in '04, it st ill offer; a stiff
backbone and V-8 muscle steered
by a good chassis, but it's aging as
others refresh and redesign.
Hi'fhs: The right size for today's
nascent small-pickup market,
available 6SOO-pound towi ng
capacity and spray-on bed li ner.
Lows: Back seat is small, short
bed on four- door has limited
What'snw: Introduced for 2009;
no changes for 2010.
.elriad liewieeJ: With Nissan
DNA, the Equator has decent
nimbleness and stout throttle
response but a typical piCKUP ride,
Still, it's good to drive.
BaSt prk.: King Gl b XL $18,340: 51:. 520.440-S23,94O: LE,
$2S,llO-Si8,420; f'RO-4X, $2S,81o-m,%()!u!'W cab SE,
m-S26.59); f'RO-4X, S27.1 60-529,860; LE. S27,420-
Vehld, Iype: front-engirl, rea r- or rear!4-whoo-drive; 2+2- or
4- door 4-S-p.lssenger trlld::
In teriOr F /R (cu ft).
Cargo bed len9th/widl h/depl h ..

Cu rb weighl... . ..
EPAcit ylfughway mM
capJ(ity!rafl9 ..
. . .57/31-44
. . S9.H3.3/44, 4/18.0 in
2OS.5- 219.4172.S/6S,7- 70.1 in
.43. 3-41611
3700-4650 lb
. .. ,11.1 gal/295----401 mi
2,S-hter DOOC 16 inlinH, 152 hp, 111 1b It; 4.o-liter [IOOC 24-
valve V-li, 261 hp, 181Ib-It; S- 01 6-s p man, 5-sp auto
F. ind, unequal-length (()ntrol al ms, cOi l spr ings, anti--loll bo r
R . . . .rigid axle, leafspring" .Inti roll bo r
ASS ..
Stability/trdCIlOll wnt rol
,ventf"d disdventf"d diS(
.... lIandard
stondard (select roode ls)!
lIand.Jrd (select mooel,)
Passive restraint> ....... dri'lf"r and pa$>I"rl gel side, and
curtain airbags; rear curtain aimags
Base price: Kifl(] (ilb n , $17,1 20; Sf, $19,t1O: XE
4wd, $19,970; SE 4wd, 531,970; PR0--4X, $34,850/
(Jew Cob XE, $19,670; 51:. $31.320; XE 4wd, $32,520; SE 4wd,
S34, t70; PR0--4X 4wd, S37,050; LE. S37.120: LE 4wd, S39,920
Vehid, typ,: from-ffi(j irJe, rcar- 01 2+2 or
4 door 5-6 pi!1Il"ngl'l truck
InteriOr volume, F!R (cu It),
Cargo bed lenglh/widthldeprh.
Whee!bilse ,
lumi ng orcle

Foo tankcap.lmy/ril nge,
.67.3-98.8/63.8/19.9 in
.139.8- 159.5 in
214.6-244.1/79.5fl4.4-761 in
.. 500)-5650 Ib
t1-13It7- tS
28,()-37.0/336-619 mi
5.6-litl'l OOHC V-S, 317 hp, 385Ib-l1; 5->p auto
F. . . .. ind, unequallffi(jlh cootrol orlTl'i, coi l ann roll bo r
R JkJid.xle, lcafsprifl(]'
ilIak('S, F/R, .. 'Il'Illf"d oS(/diS(
ASS.. . .... lIandard
Stobility/tr.J(\IOII control standard!lIandard
P;r;'ii';e restraint" .driver aoo passen\r r front, side (opt),
and curtain (opt) airbilqs;
re.r curtOin (opt) . imoql
Base prke: Eit (ab, 5 t7,995; Com'OIl 51 9,200; f'rffi'i um,
'i\Xlrt m,670; V.fJ 4wd, Cab V-6, 513,985; V-f, 5p;lrt
m ,l SO; V-f, Sport Mil, Sl'i,SOO; V-f, Sport 4wd twO, 51B,095; H RMi' -4,
519,315; RMZ-4 'i\Xlrt Sll ,m
Vehide type: frOlIHngllle, rM- (il 1l',jr/4-wheel-driYe; 1+1- 0I 4-m
4 5,%Sffifjl'f tl1.ld:

CarOF bed,leo9h/wtdthldepth

FueI-t.)llk cap.l{l)'lr' nge
........ S9.5-7JJ/SS.B/lB.Oin
tlS.9-1J9.9 in
.2C\S,6- 220. 1J72,B/68) 10. 1 in
311)H550 lb
.............. t5-1O/19-13
.......... 111g,jI/3t7--411 rr i
25, lrt<'l" [lOIK
V-6,16t 5-Sjl man, S--Sjl.:ou\() with rr. anumat( sh i lilg
F. irtd, uJ\f!iual-ltngth arms, (!oil spriIgs. ,mi-I!)I bar
BrakE'S, F!R,
ASS ..
Stability/trdCIlOll wntrol
,ventt'd disd\lllted diS(
.... lIandard
optional (select roode ls)!
optional (select mooels)
Passive restraint> ....... drivl'r and pa$>I"rlgel side, and
curtain airbags; rear curtain cimaql
CARandORIVERcom 137
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Toyota Tacoma
Toyota's mid-size pickup holds its ground in a segment
hit hard by a lack of buyer interest and industry investment.
There are three cabs, two box sizes, and two engines, plus
numerous tri m and driveline choices. If you can't option a
Tacoma to fit your needs, you need a bigger truck.
Toyota Tundra
The huge Tundra offers a sensible V-6 and the choice of
two V-8s: a new 4.6-liter orthe powerful 5.7-l iter. For those
who need a half-ton, lhe Tundra has all the requisite cab
and box choices, plus towing capabili ty to spare. A new
Work Truck package is as bare and cheap as possible.
Hi,hs: Toyota quality and
rel iability without the ooring,
drives well with a good ride, you
can get ilthe way you like it
Lows: Flexy frame, full-size price
with options. V-6's fuel economy
is more Tundra than Prius.
wbt'suw: Redes igned for 2005;
unchanged for 2010
Ifiind titwktll: The Tacoma
drives for
its trucK guts, but it isn't as carlike
dSlhe Honda Ridgeli"e; 11-6
models afe happy to tow,
Hi,hs: MajorV-8 muscle, (omfy
seals, off-road ability, choices.
Lows: low-hanging tow hooks,
thtrsty S.7 -liter, understeer, acres
of dashboard mean long reaches,
Wbt's new: Redesigned for 2007;
4.6-literV-8 replaces4.7, more
airbags, new opt ions for 2010.
ae.ind tb wheel: The big
interior is dominated by a big
dash. The S.7 -liler V-8 gets up,
goes, and tows with aplomb. Slill,
the Tundra isn'l as good
as the Dodge Ram.
Base price: SlS,970 $19,930; Acc!'S\ Cab, $20,005 $25,395;
Double Cab, )24,300-$27,875
Vehide type: rEar-Ct rearf4-wheel-dril'; 2-, 2+ 2-,
Ct 4-door 3 5-passeogertruli
Interior I'Olurne, FIR (cu It),
ca rgo bed lengthfwidthfd<'!lth
WheellJase ..
55 56/33 43
........ 60.1- 73.5/41.5/18.0in
, 1(]).4-140,6 in
Length twidth/hl'i gh t
Turning drde ..
ClI/bweight. ..... .
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel-tank capacity fraoge
1':(1.4-2113/721-74.6/65.2-70.1 in
.. )6,0-44,01t
.3300-4200 Ib
21.0g<l1f294-41O ml
2.7-liter DOlI( 16-va1Vl:' inline-4, 159 hp, 180 Ib-It; 4,O-l iter 0011(
24-vall' V-6. 236 hp, 2(1; Ib-It; 5- or 6-sp man. 4- or 5-sp auto
F, . ioo, unequal- length control coM springs. bar
R .rigd axle, leaf springs
!\rakes.r/R.. . ........ . ,l'erIt'ddisc/lium
ABS standard
Stabi lityltractioo ..... ..... stlooardlstandard
JeStraints. driver and passenger front and cll/tain
airbags, rear curtain aimags
Base pn<e: regular cab. $24, 105-$29,685; Double Cab, $26,445-
$40,570; (rewMax, $32,540-535,385
type: fro nt-l'flgine; rea r- Ct rear/4-whecl-dri';e; 2-,
2+2-, Of 4-door 2 6- passengmruck
Interior I'OllIIIIe, FIR {cu It). .. 66/51---65
........ (I;}-97,6/5(J,Om,2in
.m,s 247,6/79,9/75,8 76,2in
,4600-5700 Ib
..... ..... 26.4g<l11343 3%rni
cargo bed lengt h/width/dept h
W'hl't'ibose .
Length twidthlhl'i ght
Tuming drde ..
Curb weight ..
EPA citylhighway mpg
Fuel -tank capacitylJiloge ,
4.Q-liter 0011( 24-vall' V-6. 236 hp, 266lb-ft: 4.6-liler DOHC 32-
V-S, 310 hp, m Ib-ft; 5.7-li ter DOHC 3halve V-So 381 hp,
401Ib-It; 5- or 6-sp auto with rna nurnatic shiltlng
F,. . .. ioo, unequal- Il'flgth control springs. anti -rol l bar
R .......... .rigd axle, leaf springs
!\rakes. r IR. . . .... .. vented diSC/l'erll'd disc
ABS standard
Stabi li tyltraction ..... ..... stlooardlstlndard
P.,Jjve restra ints. ,dri l'ef and passenger front, Side. <Vld
curtain aimags: rEar curtain aimags
With more t han 400 new-vehi cle choices, how do you pi ck
the ri ght one? Here are a few questions to ask yourself that
should get you started.
Start small- larger doesn't mean safer. The safest coll ision is
one you avoid, Lighter cars are typical ly more agi le, giving
you a better chance of avoiding a crash in the first place.
Also, consider t hat small cars don't have to be smal l inside,
Probably not AWD is seen as a safety feature in wint ry climes,
but the average driver will only notice the added traction
when accelerat ing- AWD doesn' t help a vehicle stop or
turn. Instead, consider a set of winter tires. They are cheaper
t han upgrading to an AWD car and won't have the year-
round impact on mpg t hat comes wit h drivi ng four wheels
al l the t ime.
138 CAR.lndDRlVERcom
Few people ever use ful l throttle. Towing and haul ing require
lots of power, but t he average car buyer doesn't need more t han
what feels comfortable on a test drive. The practice of getting
t he bigger engine but never using more than hal f-t hrottle is li ke
bui lding a four-story house but leaving the two top floors vacant
Hybrids tend to use less fuel in town, when low speeds and
frequent braking keep t hem using battery power longer, Diesels
see t heir greatest benefits on t he highway, although t hey are
more effiCient than gasol ine cars at low speeds, too.
For our top choices in every segment, see our Editors'Choice
picks (www.caranddriver.com/editorschoice).Orseeourannual
1 OBest list for outstanding cars from all segment s. t he 20 1 0
members of which are called out in this guide.
201() GUIDE
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ford (-series $26,230- $35,565 NA 35.0- U/64{67162-iil/55
GMC Savana $2S,635- $34,900 11 - 15'/ 31.0 66153153/50-58
15- 10'
ChryslerTown & Country m,995- $3S,&80 16- 17/
13- 25
20. 1 55-59153- 54140-411
Dodge Grand (aravan $23,995-$27,300 16-171 20.1 55- 59/53- 54/40-48
B- 2S
ford Transit Cooned $21,475- $23,045 nm 15.1 65167
$27,515- $41,%5 1&-17/
13- 15
21.0 58- 61/SS/Sl
$21,995- $28,495 17/23 21.1 62/56--1il /40-44
Mazda 5 $18,745-$23,755 21- 22/ 15.9 51-S3/44-45131
27- 18
Toyota Sienna Sl5,l4O- $39,&45 16- 17/
20.0 62-66/57-60/51
Volkswagen Routan $26,700-$37,300 16-17/
23- 25
20.5 55/53- 54/43- 51
*estimated heat area as appli(able tseats up/maximum
9-271f212- 271 48.6-60.1 216.7- 261.1179.4- 94.91 4351)-
64SO 80,0- 85.0
18/231* 43.4- 54.5 114.1- 244.1/79.41 4850-
OlSO 81.6- 82.0
3lI140- 144 39.1 202.5/76.91 4450-
68.9 4700
32/140-144 39.1 202.5/76.91 4451)-
1351135 39.0 180.6fiO.71 3500
38/147 36.7 202.1177.1/ 4400-
68.8- 70.0 46SO
13- 32/121 - 141 38.2-39.6 189.4-202.0178.1/ 4400-
693 46SO
12189 34.8 181.5/69.01 3451)-
64.2 3500
44/149 36.8 201.0177.4/ 4300-
68.' 4SSO
32/140-144 38.0 202.5176.9/ 4550-
68.' 46SO
CARandORIVER.com 139
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Chevrolet Express/GMC Savana
GM"s full -si ze vans have long toil ed in the shadow of
Ford's E-seri es, but a broad range of powertrain choices
and equip-la-sui t cargo accessories keep them in the
hunt. Primarily designed for commercial use, they' re al so
available in passenger capacities ranging from 8 to 15.
Dodge Grand Caravan/
Chrysler Town & Country
While interior qual ity and dynami c perfomlance-we
much prefer the Honda Odyssey to drive-lag behind the
competition, these mobile living rooms are hard to beat for
their overall versatility, For 20 10, these vans have updated
technologies to keep the brood safer and more comfortable,
Ford E-series
Ford's E-series has been the full-size-van gold standard
for decades and the bestseller for 28 years . Offered in
commercial and passenger versions, these are rugged vans
adaptable to a wide range of jobs. New high-tech features
such as nav and Internet access enhance usefulness.
140 CAR.loxlORJVER,( om
Hi,hs: Broad ra nge of powertrai n
choices. clever accessories for
tradesmen, plenty of room, good
lowing ca JXI bil ities.
Lows: Chassis rigidity stil l trai ls
Ford E-series: high thirst for fuel.
so-so braking performall(e.
wbt'suw: Redes igned for 2003;
2010 sees six-spee\! auto for
2500 and 3500 models, femme
start, and EaS-capable v-Ss.
ae"ind tit whtd: Every move is
deliberate, and maneuverability is
low on the absolute scale.
Hi,hs: Incredibly versatile seat ing
and interior; entertainment
choices galore, including TV
Lows: Boxy styling, subpar
interior materials, can't match the
Honda Odyssey dynamically
Wilt's nrw: Introduced for 2008;
2010 versions add active front-
seat head restraints and available
three-zone climate cont rol .
Bf.ind tbwktll: It's a minivan.
And a rather cl umsy one attha!.
At least the 40-liter option offers
Hi,hs: Rugged chassis, lots of
space, plenty of configurations,
lots of engine options.
Lows: A litt le too big for light-
utility appl icatiom, (an be thirsty_
Will'snew: Revised for 200g;
optional nav system, in-dash
computer with Internet access,
wider rear-door openings
Bf.ind titwktd: Big vans are
ponderous vehicles, but these
vans are as competent as any,
with steering much improved
over that of earli er generations.
BaH' pri(t; bpres), 525.635- 534,900; S,WJ IIiI: 525,635- 534,900
Vehicle rype: from -fflglfle, rear- or 4-wheel dri ve; 4-(I' 4+ 2-door
1-15 passerJ(j('lViln
F/Ml/M2/R (wft ) ,
GJ rgo seats up/maximu m (eu ft)
Wrleelbase _
.. 66/53/53/SO- 58
18/237 (est)
135_0-155_0 10
.. 224. 1-244. 1/79.4181 .6-82.0 in
43.4- 54.5 It
4850-6350 lb
11-15/15-20 (est)
. 31.0ga l/341- 465 mi (est)
lurnif19 arde
Curb weight
EPA dty/hig hway mpy
Fuel-tank .:o paCi ty/range ..
4.3 lirer 12 vil lve V 6, 195 hp, 2fIJ Ib ft: 4.S lirer pushrod
16-valve v-s, 280 hp, 2% Ib-ft; 5J-lttl'l pushrod 16-vall'l:' V-a.
310 hp, 334 Ib -ft; 6.0--1ner pWirod 16-val ve V-8, m hp, 373 Ib-ft:
turbocha rged and inrerroolt'd 6.6- li ter pWitOO 32-val'le diM V-8,
2SO hp, 460 Ib-ft ; 4-1)1' auto
F. ind, onequal-lefl9th cootrol arms, cOil springs. anti-rol l bar
R .rigtd axle,
!\rakes. F /R. . . .... .. vemt'd disc/venred diS(
ABS standard
Stabilityltra[uoo [ootrol ..... ..... stlooardlstandard
JeStraints . driver and front.nd (urtain
ai.wgs, stCond- aod third-row cortain airbagl
Base price: Grand (aravan S[ , $23,995: SXT, $27, lCMO\'.ll &
Cou nt ry LX, m ,995; louri ng. $:19,245; Li mtted, 535,880
Vehide type: froot -engi ne, from-drive; 5-d(Xll 7 -pa,\ffigman
Imeriorvo lume,F/MlR(eu ft ) .......... 55 59/53 54/40 48
GJ rgo volume, >l'atsup/malimum (CU ft). .32/140-144
Wheelbase.. . 121.2 in
Lengthfwidthlheight X!2 .5f76.9/68 .9 in
Tumin g drde. . . .19. 1 ft
Curb weight. .4450-4700 Ib
EPAcity/highway mpg 16-17/23-25
fuel-rankcapa city/range . . ......... 20. 1 gal/m-342 mi
l 3-litl'l plllhmd 12-valve V-fj, 175 hp, 205 Ib-It; l 8-liter push.oo
12-va1Ye V-6, 197 hp, 230 Ib-It; 4.0-liter SOHC24-vaIYe V--6, 251 hp,
259Ib-ft; 4-sp auto, 6-sp auto wi rh manu matic shift ing
. ioo, coa anti -rol l bilr
..... ioo,trailing COi l \Il rings
!\rakes, FIR. . vented diSc/disc
ABS standard
Stilbility/rra[uoo cootrol ..... ..... stl ooardlstlndard
Passjve rest ra ints. .rover afld ITom <Vl d
cu rtain airbags, middle and rear cortain airbags
Base price: E- l SO, 526,230-$31,145; E-2SO, $27)30- $30,975;
E-350, 519,920-$35,565; E-4SO, $:19,ID--$:19,770
Vehide rype: froot -engne, rear-drive; 4-door

Imeriorvo lume, F/ M1/M2/M3/ R (cu It) . .. . fM64I67/6H3/55
GJ rgovolume, seatsup/malimum (eu ft). 9-2711212-271
Whl'!'lbase .. .138.0- 176.0in
Lengthfwidth/height 216.7 261.1(79.4 94.9/80.0 a5.0in
drde.. 48.6-WJ ft

fuel-rank capa city/range . 35.0-55.0 gal /NA
4.6-htl'l 50HC 16-valve v-a, 225 hp, 2&i Ib-It; 5.4-lttl'l SOHC 16-
V-S, 255 hp, 350 Ib-ft; turbocharged and intercooled 6.Q-lirer
pushroo 12-valve diesel V-S, 235 hp, 440 Ib-ft: 6.8-liter SOlie 20-
valve V-lO, 305 hp, 420 Ib-It; 4- or auto
f. . ind, unequal-length control ant i-rol l bat
R .......... .rigd aile, leaf \Il rings
!\rakes. FIR ..
Stdhilitylrractioo c()Illroi
PasSive JeStraints .
. .. .. ..... Vf:'fl tt'd disc/'l\'f1tt'd diS(
_standard (seloo models)/
optionil l
... drtver and pas\ellgef front airbags
Fi nd mor e magazi nes at www. magazi nesdownl oad. com
Ford Transit Connect
Familiar to Europeans since 2003 but new to the U. S.,
the front-drive Transit is designed for commercial use.
Power, delivered by a I 36-hp, 2.0-liter four paired with a
four- speed auto, is modest, but the wheelbase, 80 percent of
a regular-l ength Dodge Sprinter's, is ideal for urban users.
Honda Odyssey
Fun-to-drive isn't normally associated with minivans,
but the Odyssey can deliver on that front. Not only is it nim-
ble, it' s not very mini ; there' s room for up to eight and/or
lots of cargo. Loads of features, ample 3.5-liter V-6 punch,
exceptional build quality, and great resale keep it on top.
Kia Sedona
Families that pine for a traditional sliding-door minivan
can rely on the Kia kiddy-hauler for a long li st of standard
features and options, all at economical prices. A 3.S-liter
V-6 with a fi ve-speed automati c is the onl y eng ine option,
and you can choose between short and long wheelbases.
Hi,hs: Loads of cargo space, lots
of configurations, plenty of job-
spe<ific accessories available from
Ford, handy size in city traffic,
1600-pound capacjty.
Lows: May be a tad sluggish by
U.S. standards, could use more
forward gears, no diesel option,
what'SJlew: Int roduced for 2010.
lelriad liewiffJ: This van is nO!
designed fOf dri ver grat ification;
it's all business. As an urban
commercial hauler, it's great and
even a linle bit dist inctive.
Hi'fhs: Excel lent ergonomics,
clever use of interior space, quiet
operat ion, plenty of room, fuel-
saving cyl inder deactivation.
Lows: Pricing can exceed S40K.
don't look for big discounts
Whlfsuw: Re<lesigned for 2005;
aside from colors, there are no
other changes for 2010.
.elriad tiewieeJ: High chassis
rigidity, a firm suspension, and
very precise steering give this
people packer responses that are
unique among minivans.
Hi'fhs: Cut-buck pricing. long (i>t
of standard gear, wel l and
has all the minivan comforts.
Lows: Slushy resale values, heavy,
some cheapness inside.
Whlfsuw: Re<lesigned for 2006;
no major changes for 2010.
'ehlId tlewleel: Al l the
minivan prerequisites: a smooth
and punchy engine, comfort,
space, par king-lot nimbleness,
and that "mommy-at -the-wheel"
look. The Sedona is more practical
than any SUv.
Base prite: Xl. $11,475; WilgOO Xl,S21,830; XLI m.535; Wil{pn
XU, m,G45
Yehide type: front- engill, front-drive; S-door 2-5-passenger
"" Interior 'iOIume, FIR (cu rt) . . . .... .... 65/67
..... .. 1351135 (argo seatsup/maximum (cu rt)
'Nneelbase .. . .... .. 114.6 in

Turning circle
EPA cityfhighwilY mp!]
flJeI-lOnk c.3pacitylrilnge.
130.6/70.7/793 in
..... ........ J9,Oft
. .. ........ .3500 Ib
2.O-liter DOIIC 16-va!ve inli ne-4, 136 hp, 128 Ib-It; 4-1P auw
ind, SIMS. coi l spri ngs ilnti-roll ba r
. .... ilnti- roll bo r
ilfake-s, F/R , . ,venteddiIC/lium
ASS .. . ... ..... standard
(l)ntrol .... . optional (standard on Wagon)/
OJ,lIOllill (stlnd.Jrd on Wilgon)
..... .. dri ver il nd passenger front ilnd
sid/' ilirbags
prke: lX, $2751 5; [X. $30,615; [X-L, $34,115; TOOring,
Yehide type: front- engill, front-drive; 5-door 7-8-passenger
"" Inti"fior 'iOIume, F/M/R (cuft) ..
cargo seats up/maximum (cu ft)

Turning circle
CU rbll'f'ight.
EPA cityfhighway mpg
FIJeI-tlnk c.3pacity/rilrl9!' . .
. . .... 58-01/58152
...... . .381147
118.1 in
lO2. 1i77.1/1iIl.8 70,Oin
.......... .3o.7ft
.. 4400-4650 Ib
. 16-17/23-25
21.0 gal/330- 357 mi
IS-liter SOH( V-{i, 244 hp. 240 or 24S lb-ft; 5-1P auto
F . .... ind, Slruts, (oi l ilnti- ro ll bo r
. .ind, multilir"l:: , roi l ilnti- ro ll bo r R
flrake-s,f /R , vented o:.::/disc
ASS. Slandard
Stilbdi ty/tractlOll (ootrol . stilndilrd/Slandard
Passive restraints , . .. drwi"f and passenger froot side, and
curtain airbags; middle and rear curtain airbags
price: $21,995; LX Iwb, S24,995: D Iwb, $28,495
Yehide type: !Tont-engine. front-drive; 5-oocw 7 -passenger Viln
Interior 'iOIume, r /M/R (cu It) . . 62f56-{i2/40-44
(argoroume,seiltsup/maximum(cu lt) 13 311121 142
'Nneelbose.. .1118 118,9 in
. 189,4-102.0/78.1/69J in
Turningcircle ... 38,2-39,6ft
CUrbwerght .4400-4650 Ib
EPA (ityfhighwilY mp!] ..... .... 17/23
FIJeI-tank capacitylrange . . .. . . 21,1 9al/359 mi
18-llter DOHe V..fJ, 250 hp, 253 Ib-It; 5-sp il\Ito with
manumiltic shifti ng
F . ....... ind, struts. roi l \lXings, anli- roll bo r
R .ind, multilir"l::, roi l ilnti-roll bo r
flrakes,f /R , vented di:.:: /disc
ASS. Slandard
St.3bni ty/tractlOll cootrol stilndord/Slandard
Passive restraint> ........ dw and pas>enger froot Side, and
curtain airbags; middle and rear curtain airbags
CARandORIVER.com ' 4'
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Cialis" L E V I T R ~
P(opedil, Valtrex, Xenic.al and more.,.
......... ""., .........
An American Exotic that outperforms -
the FerMiri Enzo for under 5100,000.
The GT Malan is unlike any other Supercar
in the world combining head turning good
looks with jawdropping perlormance ... all
while being reasonably priced. It OU1perlorms
Fenari s and Lamborghinis while oorrvnanding
attention simply slanding still. Whether it is on
the road or fool ing up, prepare yoursett for Ihe
crowd thaI galhers everywhere you go.
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Fi nd mor e magazi nes at www. magazi nesdownl oad. com
Mazda 5
Here's a perfect family car besmirched only by its mini-
van-like looks. Even if rnorn fears being seen as a morn, she
and the kids will love the twin sliding doors, si x seats, and
ample cargo space on a light and thrifty car platform with
joyous handling, The 2,3-1iter four is also easy on gas,
Toyota Sienna
The Sienna has Camry. li ke driving manners and huge
flexibility with its seating and cargo arrangements. h 's get-
ting a bit long in the tooth in its current iteration, but it still
offers the big-ticket options of its main competitors, the
Honda Odyssey and the Chrys ler Town & Country.
Volkswagen Routan
Manufactured for VW, thi s is a Dodge Grand Caravan
with VW front and rear styli ng, better road manners, and a
far-classier interior. The Routan borrows the Dodge' s top
two engines, but it doesn't get any of the trick seating solu-
tions such as the fold-down Stow 'n Go second row.
144 CAR.loxlDRJVER.(om
Hi'Jhs: Stupendous practicality.
good fuel economy, nowasted
space, offered with a manual
Lows: Looks like a mini -minivan
(ugh!) , can be hard to find at
some dealerships.
wbt's new: Introduced for 2006;
it's unchange\! for 2010
Ifiind litwktll: A taut ride
with more cabin noise is a
trade-off for stellar handling for a
minivan. Th ere's no bener comoo
of fun and practicality.
Hi,hs: A full menu of opt ions,
cushy ride, no-surpriSe') handling.
flexible sealing, comfy
Lows: Gets expensive, especially
with all-wheel drive.
Wbt's new: Redesigned for 2004;
unchanged for 2010.
aekind Ib whtd: The big V-6
keeps things moving and handles
traffic chores ha ppi ly. A minivan
thai is ha rdly mini, it can be
challenging to squeeze into mall
parking spots. Perfect for Camry
owners who need more room.
Hi,hs: Prese rves much of the
Grand quality
materials in the cabin, decent
fo r a minivan.
Lows: No Stow 'n Go seats, still
just a Chrysler at heart.
wbt's ntw: Introduced for 2009;
minor trim change') for 2010.
Bflind tbwhtel: li ke the Grand
Caravan, the Routan is competent
and has adequale power. The
uniqueVW chassis tuning makes
il more engaging, bUI it's not as
good to drive as Ihe Odyssey.
Base price: Spell, $18)45; Too ri ng, S22,I:XXl; Grand Tooring,
Vehlde typ4!: froot -engill, front-driYe; 5-door 6-pa\setlger
Intenorl'Olume,F/MIRleuft) 51 53/44 45/31
Ca rgol'Olume, >eaBup/mol:imum leu ft ). . . . 1lJ89
WhffllJa>e.. . .. 108.3 in
Lengthlwidthlh<i ght 181.5/69.0/64.2 in
cirde 34.8 ft
ClIIb weight. . .1450-3500 Ib
[PACitylhighwaympg 21-22127-28
Fuel-tonk capacity/range 15.9 (j<l1/334- 350 ml
2J-hter OOHC inli ne-4, 153 hp, 148 lb-ft; 5-111 man, 5-111
auw with manumat iC shifting
f ind, cod anti-rol l bar
. in d, multili nk, coft ant i-roH bar R
Bra kes. FIR.. vented disUdisc
ABS . . standard
Stability/tractioo cootrol stlndard/standard
Pas>ive JeIl:roints. . driver and passenger !root, side, ..., d
curtain airbags; midde..., d
rear curta in aimags
BaSt pritt: n, $25,340: L[, $26,865: l[ AWD, $30,035; XLE,
$30,515; XLE AWD, $33,185; XLE li mited, $37,460; xu: limited
AWD, $39,845
Vthide type: frnm-erqlroe, froot- Of 4-whed-drive; 5- door 7 g..
passenger van
Interiorl'OllI/Ile, r IWR (cu fr) 62-66/57-60/51
.. 119.3 in
... 36.gft
.4300-4550 Ib
16- 17/21 B
Ca rgo I'Olume, seats up/moXlmum (eu fr)
WhedlJa>e ..
Length lwidthlhei ght
Tuming cirde ..
Curb weight.
EPA cityihighway mpg
Fuel -tank capacity/Jilnge .
. ......... 2O.0 (j<l1/31(}-340 mr
15-li ter OOOC 24-vcl ll'e V-6, 265 hp, 245Ib-ft; 5-sp auto
. ind, coa ant i-rol l bar
. ind, trail ing springs, anti-rol l bar
Brakes.. r IR. . vented diSc/disc
ASS st.3ndard
Stabilily/tractioo cOfmoi .......... stlndardlstlndard
P.,Jjve JeIl: ra ints. . dri l'er and passenger front, >ide . ..., d
curtain airbaqs; middle and rear curta in aimags
Base pritt: S, $26,700; SE, $31,300; SEl, $37.300
Vehide typ4!: Iroot -engine, front -driYe; 5-door 7 -passetlger van
Interior I'OllI/Ile, r IWR (eu fr) 55/53-54/43-51
Ca rgol'Olume, seaBup/moXimum (cu ft ) 31/140--144
WheelIJa>e.. .121.2 in
Lengthlwidthlheight . 202.5f76.9/68.9 in
Tuming Circle.. . .. 58.0ft
Curb weight 4550-4650 Ib
16- 17/23 25
Fuel -tank capacity/range . . ............. 20.5 (j<l1/328- 349 mi
l8-li ter pushrod 11-voll't' V-6, 197 hp, 230 Ib-ft; 40-lite r SOOC 14-
valve V-6, 153 hp, 262 Ib-ft; 6-sp auto with monumatK shift ing
f .. . .... ind, struts, cod springs, antiroIl bar
ind, trail ing cod anti-rol l bar R
Bra kes, FIR.. vented diSddisc
ASS st.3ndard
Stabili ty/tractioo cootrol stl ndard/stoodard
Jl'ltraintl. driver and p.lssenger front and Cllltl in
airbags. middle and rear curta in aimags
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Intrcx:lucing the bigger. better all-new 2010 Legacy. A I'l"Iid-SiZe sedan Wltn Symmetrical
A11-'NheeI Drive to giP the road. A SUBARU BOXER8 engine gives you a ON center
of gravrty for unmatched balcnce. Add 31 mpg: and you get one U1iqJ8 sense of
satisfaction. Feel the love. Love. n ' s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.
Fi nd mor e magazi nes at www. magazi nesdownl oad. com
Fi nd mor e magazi nes at www. magazi nesdownl oad. com
Fi nd mor e magazi nes at www. magazi nesdownl oad. com