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Stimulating the North American Green Power market with TRCs

Monterrey, Mexico
April 2, 2004

Builds, owns and operates wind power plants Independent division of TransAlta, Canadas largest unregulated independent power provider Major Activities Exploration wind prospecting Development Production & Operation Product Marketing Major Products Green Energy Green Energy Tags

TRC Product Development

Customer Choice

Government Policy

TRCs & Customer Choice

Increases product options to resellers (utilities and competitive retailers) In turn increases product options to customers Value and price is based on market acceptance
Highest quality product = highest value

TRCs & Government Policy

Government support decreases premium required Verification and tracking support can come from regulators

TRC Benefits
Recognition of value related to Green Energy versus conventional sources Allows maximum value from the electricity production Opportunity to sell directly to customers without retail/electric bill access Ability to bundle TRC with other electricity products for the customer

TRC Challenges
What sources qualify as green energy? Calculation & Quantification of environmental attributes that are transferred with the TRC Increased accounting and internal processes Doesnt contract full kwh production therefore is not recognized by credit issuers for financing

TRC Market Challenges

Awareness and Understanding from utilities/resellers Awareness and Understanding from customers Limited niche market able to purchase at a premium

TRC Program Design

Renewable Energy Supply Education Promotion Recognition Tangibility

Customers buy TRCs today

TRC Opportunity for Stimulating the Green Power Market in North America
One more option to achieve revenue needed for green power development Maximum flexibility for market development

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