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TMA Quiz Questions TMA: TMA1/GST101 Matric Number: NOU110156811 GST101 - Use of English and Communication Skills I MR.

Iyere T. O. (tiyere@nou.edu.ng) 1 A person capable of listening to anything said and possibly participate in what demand he hears is a

hearer listener speaker reader 2 The deaf listen via--

microphone tape-recorder audio tapes sign language 3 Two major parts of listening activities includes

Civil service listening Listening for specific purpose and for general or social settings listening listening to examinations and listening to lectures Listening for noise and listening for specific purpose 4 When you listen to gather information, for directions, you are listening for

academic purpose general purpose specific purpose social purpose 5 Which of these is not a purpose of listening to gather information?

Gathering points at a public lecture Evaluating what people are saying critically having a cold bath Telephone conversation 6 Active listening ability one should


a functioning eye money alexia concentration 7 One of these is not a barrier to effective listening...

a functioning ear noise lack of interest in the topic interruption 8 Listening is disabled when one

Notes important sign post encounters noise thinks anticipates 9 A good listener must participate . in the communication process

actively passively inactively unconsciously 10 One cannot be said to have listened when one does not.........

misunderstand comprehend hear interprete 11 Comprehension basically means...........

assistance hearing understanding development 12 All but one of these affects comprehension.......

unfamiliarity with the topic rate of breathing inability to think deeply lack of interest 13 When we listen to lectures or speeches and jot down important points, we are performing..........

note-taking note-making note-forming drafting 14 During study time, the activity of jotting down notes from textbooks, journals or study text is called........

note-writing note-usage note-making note-taking 15 Which of the following may not help the listener who is trying to take notes from a lecture.......?

use of abbreviations Putting down summary of main points Understanding what a speaker says use of passages 16 The art of receiving information from stored information in the multi-media system is called.........


adaptation storage reception 17 Vital information that reveal truth or reality are called...............

fiction facts fallacies assumptions 18 The sentence Kogi State is not ready for a change in government is an example of............

fact fable fallacy opinion 19 In listening comprehension, the most important thing a listener should determine is the......

Learning of everything mentioned main idea of the speech event Supporting detail of lectures. study of one's notes 20 The type of listening skills that can enable you to master what the speaker is saying is........

class listening Listening for specific information Listening for interpretation and critical evaluation general listening

TMA Quiz Questions TMA: TMA1/GST105 Matric Number: NOU110156811 GST105 - History and Philosophy of Science Dr. Sanusi Jari (jsanusi@nou.edu.ng) 1 knowledge of the world of nature is called

ecology science naturalist humanity 2 the following are all examples of Empirical sciences except

mathematics ecology botany zoology 3 when the body of science is systematic and deductive incharacter it is term as

empirical science social science formal science informal science 4 the scientist that observe and experiment in order to find out how things originate, grow, fuction and relate to each other is siad to be a

traditional scientist formal scientist social scientist empirical scientist 5 geography, sociology, anthropology, economics and archeology are all classified as

physical sciences social sciences biological sciences earth sciences

6 An example of a formal science is

medicine economics biology mathematics 7 knowledge that is subjective, unverifiable, nonfactual, not objectives, not systematic and not quantifiable is said to be

non sciences non natural sciences phenomenal 8 a knowledge that is objective, certain, systematic and supported by evidence is called

sciences non-oriental oriental non-science 9 the purposes of science include the following except

to explain predict to control empower 10 the first step of the scientific method is

hypothesis problem definition observation experimentation 11 an explanation about the causes of a broad range of related phenomena is called

hypothesis theory conclusion experimentation 12 the formation of possible solutions to a problem or possible explation of a phenomenon is called

creative thinking genelised thinking critical thinking method thinking 13 the testing and evaluation of the proposed solutions to a problem is term as

formal thinking genelised thinking methodical thinking critical thinking 14 explanation of how things are related or their common properties is reffered to as

hypothesis experimentation theory thinking 15 theories that have proved to be universally valid and have a high degree of probability are called

natural laws science laws social laws logical laws 16 theories enable us to peform all the following except

control phenomena

predict phenomena enforce phenomena explain phenomena 17 the progreesive change of living things through time is reffered to as

adaptation evolution revolution generation 18 all species, including human beings were descended from other species, this proposal was made by

Charles Darwin Georges-Louis Comte James Hutton Egyptians 19 the greatest contribution of Charles Darwin is laying the foundation for an

geological theory gradualistic theory evalutionary theory longitivity theory 20 when nature select the fit and reject the unfit leading to the modification in members of the species is term as

regressive selection negetive selection artificial selection natural selection

TMA Quiz Questions TMA: TMA1/GST107 Matric Number: NOU110156811 GST107 - Good Study Guide Ms. Onwumelu Nora (nonwumelu@nou.edu.ng) 1 Two of the four key processes of Kolb's reflective learning cycle are

winning and pricing reflecting and winning conceptualising and reflecting thinking and reflecting 2 A skill area can be reviewed when you

skimm through and pick ideas get general overview browse and chat concentrate and learn 3 One basic assignment you can use a word-processor in doing is

painting writing essay aeronautics photo-copy 4 An independent learner needs to be a .

good student reflective learner conservative learner free student 5 Identify two types/classifications of learners

Serialist vs holist and controlled vs impulsive Steady vs cultured and serialist vs monograph verbal vs non-verbal and spoken vs non-spoken

spatial vs foul and cultured vs impulsive 6 Available study time is classified into two; namely

low & complete quality study time low & mighty quality study time high & mighty quality study time high & low quality study time 7 The term ITC stands for

Information and Councelling Technology Infotech and Community Technology Information and Communications Technology Information and Communications Teaching 8 A successful student is a successful self manager by..

being there always being supportive and stressed being strategic and analytical being active and faithful 9 As a beginner with computers, it is always best to learn

hands off hands down hands up hands on 10 Students gain knowledge by reading, asking questions and

designing notes devicing own solutions paragraphing speeches summarizing passages

11 The Good Study Guide can be used by what category of students?

beginners experienced students professors all students 12 In the right order, itemize steps you can take while word processing

pull the cursor and create a document move the mouse and create a document create a document, name and save move the mouse, select and paste 13 Planning for studies will encourage

free movement strategic thinking growing up support effort 14 A simple but effective way to engage with your work is to

make a sequence start the work imagine the work make a to do list 15 Picking up knowledge, ideas and creativity are steps towards ..

being a mature student being a skilful student being an independent student being a compound student 16 The Good Study Guide will help you understand how you learn and

pass across the stages build capacity for independent study pass your examination build your student credit 17 The trick for an effective study parttern is to

take responsibility and control of your study take responsibility and pray take responsibility and work hard take responsibility and make notes 18 In word processing, what is the short cut to 'undo'

Ctrl + S Ctrl + V Ctrl + Z Ctrl + U 19 Name one example of a morale boost

exam anxiety structural obsession mid term blues personal growth 20 The best way to invest time in one's self is by .

investing in study time investing money in self investing in bonds and stock investing in family