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The project here is all about a optical fiber Based Communication. In this project we have planned to develop a optical fiber Based Stepper Motor Controller. The project will operate the stepper motor in almost all modes viz. clock, anticlockwise, speed .. At the same time Voice Communication is also achieved through the use of optical fibres.DC motor is slaos interfaced and its speed is varied with different levles that are displayed on 7 segment display. The optical fiber Based Stepper Motor Controller will be designed using a microcontroller of 8051 family. In this project we will demonstrate the immense use of optical fibre communication by doing three things.

1.Stepper Motor Control: Optical fibre is used to rotate stepper motor in

clockwise/anticlockwise direction and to increase/decrease its speed.

2.DC Motor Contol: DC motor will also be controlled by optical fibre communication. In this
we can increase the speed of the motor from numbers 1-9 by making use of the amplifier and optical fibre.

3.Voice Communication: We included further in this project voice communication through

optical fibres which is in demand these daysdue to the so many advantages of optical fibres.Here we have a mic on transmitter side and speaker on other side with optical channel in between.

List of figures
Fiber Optic Cable Magnetic rotation Stepper Motor D.C. Motor Magnetic Motion D.C. Motor Flemings Left Hand Rule D.C. Motor operation in various modes Audio Amplifier Mike DTMF Encoder DTMF Decoder Receiver circuit Diagram Stepper Motor Circuit Diagram D.C. Motor Circuit Diagram Pin Configurations Power Supply 3 5 7 18 19 22 25,26 29 33 38 41 42 45 47 57 65