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Architecture Educational Building of Dalian Preschool by Debbas Architecture

Dalian Preschool is in processing by Debbas Architecture. This is educational building located in Dalian, China. State of the Art Pre-school design based on the latest international models and standards for early childhood care. Pods like flower pods spreading their seeds to the winds, fanned to optimize access to southern light and heat. The concrete structure is also designed to redirect cold winds always from outside playgrounds. Pods are clad with Green resin fiberboard instead of wood, minimizing maintenance and weathering.

Drawing from the most successful examples of kindergartens worldwide, this unique project benefits from the collaborative expertise and design criteria from two early childcare professionals: the International Child Resource Institute (ICRI) based in the United States and Kinderland based in Singapore. Combining the highest standards in the world with the complex local requirements of China, the program and resulting architecture offers children one of the most unique and comprehensive environments for learning and subsequently flourishing as individuals. Conceptually, the design establishes a dynamic, fluid language that responds to both climatic conditions as well as progressive educational goals. The design endeavors to provide a unique, youthful and stimulating environment that marks a significant, independent shift from existing kindergarten models. Overall, our concept was to create a fluid and spiritual environment distant from the more mechanistic, rigid and prosaic late-modern designs that have come before it. We want to allow the architecture to invigorate a childs sense of wonder and generate unique memories without resorting to theatrical stage design or applied nostalgic detailing.