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SPOS Assignment N0.

2(Unit -V & Unit -Vi)

Class: TE E&TC Date: 9/03/2012 Q-1) What is meant by fragmentation problem? How can it be controlled using Paging and Segmentation technique? Explain. Q-2) Describe the First Fit, Best Fit and Worst fit techniques of memory allocation and compare them with paging technique. Q-3) When do page fault occurs? Describe the action taken by operating system when a page fault occurs. Also explain the causes of thrashing. Q-4) What is paging? How is it implemented? What is the difference between paging and segmentation? Q-5) Explain the following with reference to segmentation. i) Hardware support ii) Working iii) Protection & sharing

Q-6) Describe the general objectives of the memory management system within an operating system. Q-7) What is meant by page replacement? Discuss different algorithms used for page replacement.Compare them. Q-8) Discuss the disk structure and describe the different disk scheduling algorithms. Compare them. Q-9) Discuss the secondary storage management with disk space management & free space management in detail. Q-10) Explain the concept of memeory mapped I/O,programmed I/O & interrupt driven I/O in detail. Q-11) Write short note on: a) Virtual Memory b) Demand Paging Q-12) Compare between: a) Static & Dynamic Memory allocation c) File System d) Device drivers e) TLB

b) Internal & External Fragmentation

Last Date of Submission: On or before 17th March 2012

Subject Incharge Mrs.V.S.Salunkhe