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Kill Light XLR250 (Green) Gun Mounted Night Hunting Light with Charger and Batteries by Elusive Wildlife Technologies
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Mounts to your scope or barrel Unbelievable 250 yard range Green LED lights On/off switch standard, pressure switch available upon request Read more

Product Description Kill Light Xtra Long Range tactical rifle light. If you're looking for a heavy-duty, affordable long distance tactical light system for your rifle then look no further! This high powered green LED light has an effective range of up to 250 yards at an unbelievably affordable price! Take out those hogs, predators, raccoons and varmints by turning your hunting rifle into a night time killing machine! This Kill Light XLR250 system comes standard with a scope mounting bracket with double extra rails pictured below and a standard barrel attachment in case you don't have a scope or rail mount on your gun. Also included is a dual station charger, 2 pack of 10 year lithium rechargeable batteries, tactical tail cap with coiled cord and on/off switch, normal push button tailcap to make your light into a long range flashlight, and complete instructions. The Kill Light XLR250 is only 7 inches long and only weighs approximately 9 ounces with the batteries. Be sure to check your local game laws for regulations or restrictions on hunting at night and/or using lights. Read more You May Also Like OFF SET TACTICAL Weapon Mount For Olight M20/M21/M30, Fenix TK11, TK12, TA21, JETBeam M1X/M2S/JET-III M/RRT-1/RRT-2 and many more 1" Diameter size Flashlight Surefire SF12-BB Box of 12 123A 3 Volt Lithium Batteries 12-Pack SF123A Nebo ProTec Universal Shotguns and Rifles Light Mount UAG AR15 AR-15 M4 CARBINE RIFLE QUAD 4-WEAVER/PICATINNY RAIL ALUMINUM HANDGUARD+ COVERS Foxpro Spitfire Digital High Performance Game call